Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

SS - My Kismat ~ COMPLETED!! (Page 10)

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Shot 5

Prem stepped out of the car. Light flashed as the reporters are catching every moments of the biggest project launch in the city. Anurag, Prerna and Preet are waiting to receive them. Prem turned and stretched his hands to Heer. Heer held his hand got out of the car. Anurag and Prerna noticed fresh smile on her face. her eyes reflected the happiness as Prem put his hand around her waist. With teary eyes Prerna looked at Anurag 'our beti got her happiness.' Anurag put his hand around her shoulder and shook his head with tears of joy. Preet stood behind them 'mom, they look cute together.' They watched as Prem and Heer came towards them.

Heer took blessing from Anurag and Prerna. They touched her head and blessed her. Preet stood surprised by the way his sister face glowing in happiness.  Everyone went in. through out the proceedings, Prem holding Heer hand. elders were happy to see them like that. Preet and Meher continuously teased them which made Heer burry her face into Prem's chest several time. In the party they danced as the entire crowd watched them with out blinking their eyes.

Preet 'Meher, why Ash is still in your house?' Meher 'even if her parents are here she always stays in our house and sticking around bhiaya. Now her parents went to US. Surely she will be here for next one year.' Preet shocked 'what?' Meher is confused 'why are you getting shock?' Preet 'send her out.' Meher 'not possible. Bhaiya is very close to her. she even has ma's support. Sometime I fear that she will stand between bhaiya and bhabi.' Preet looked at Meher with a thought.


Heer is enjoying every moment with Prem. for the first time after their marriage, Prem is staying closer to Heer. She forgot everything. When he moves away from her she felt uncomfortable. Prem on the other hand tried his level best to stay with Heer so that Anurag won't get any doubt. At the same time he is happy that Heer completely believed his drama and wants his presence. He too enjoyed touching her as he got some pleasure which is new to him.


Everyone returned home. All headed towards their room as they where very tired. Prem decided to check Ash before going to his room. As he climbed stairs checking his mobile, he saw a message from Ash 'Prem, I'm staying with our friends Harman and Maya. They are in leaving to London t'row morning.' Prem went to his room thinking 'okay she won't be tensed thinking about me and Heer.'


Maya 'you are such a stupid Ash.' Ash 'what else you want me do?' Harman 'how you allowed him to marry her?' Ash 'Prem loves me and he doesn't want to loose me.' Maya 'even then marrying another girl to save you is a stupid idea.' Harman 'she looks beautiful and Prem will surely fall for her.' Maya 'they are sleeping in the same room. no man can stand a beautiful girl for long.' Ash 'he won't. he never behaved with me like that.' Harman 'you both grew up together. Naturally he won't get that feeling with you.' Ash 'not sleeping in the same bed.' Harman 'one small seductive move it make him fall for her. keeping fire near cotton is dangerous.' Maya 'I watched them in the news. The way he is holding her looks like he is already.' Ash interrupted 'no. he can't.' Harman 'want to see.' he switched on the business news channel. Basu and Juneja's new project is the talk of that channel. They repeatedly showing the family members especially Prem and Heer.

Ash got shock when she saw Heer literally on Prem's chest. Maya 'what are you thinking now? do you still believe that they didn't have anything between them. See the way he is holding her.' Ash is shocked to see Prem's hands on Heer's bare waist in a very intimate way. he is whispering something which makes her blush. Harman 'he don't even bothered that they are standing in front of the camera.' Ash 'he is putting a drama to make Anurag to believe that he is in deep love with Heer.' Maya 'it looks like he is taking advantage and enjoying her.' Ash holding her head 'I'm really confused now.'

Maya 'now you can't do anything until that girl breath her last.' Harman 'first you keep them away.' Maya 'don't show hate towards her in front of Prem. that will make Prem fall for her. At any time Prem should not get sympathy on her.' Ash shook her head. Harman 'you try to be with Prem all the time.'


Prem saw Heer removing her jewels. He straight away went to washroom to change. He came out and sat in the window frame looking outside. He is tensed about his individual decision about last night. He is not sure whether Ash will accept this or not. But his heart said surely Ash is going to kill him for his stupidity. He thought 'I should have asked Ash once.' He ran fingers through his hair to come to some conclusion.

Heer came out of the washroom wearing sleeveless tops with front opening and knee length skirt. There are few undid buttons. Prem is surprised to Heer in this suit. 'how come she changed suddenly? Till y'day she behaved very traditional. What happened today?' he felt her hand touching his. She moved forward and put her hand around his neck. Their faces are inch apart. Her sweet smell made him go weak. She seductively kissed his cheeks. His hands moved around her waist to steady himself as she started rubbing her face on his. She bite his ear lovingly. 'ummm' she  breathed in his throat.

As she is kissing him 'Prem, can I ask you one promise.' Prem 'ummm.' Heer 'I know I won't live for more than 284 days now.' Prem thought 'good you are calculating number of days properly.' Heer 'I want to spend every night like this.' Prem thought 'I don't have problem. even I like this few minutes pleasure.' He 'as you wish Heer.' He sensed her shirt lifted a bit exposing her soft skin in the waist. His hand started caressing her waist. She pulled him up from the window and walking backward which made him follow her. She tilted her head. His lips moved automatically on her collar bone. As he is busy kissing her she moved backwards. His hands moved through her loose shirt to reach her chest. He fell back on the bed pulling him along with her. She unbuttoned her shirt. Prem couldn't control himself.

His mobile rings. Prem without looking at the flashing name switched off the mobile. Heer 'why you' Prem interrupted 'only you and me now.' he started kissing her. Remaining night filled with moaning and whispering love to each other.


Prem came from outside and saw Meher and Heer playing video games like kids. Prem stood silently admiring Heer. she shouting and jumping like a kid. Meher 'bahbi, this is not fair. Have mercy on me.' Heer 'okay.' Prem admired the bondage they are sharing. He didn't notice Ash staring at him with anger. Prem stepped towards Heer. Ash got up angrily in front of him. Prem came to sense. He looked away from Heer.

Ash whispered 'Prem' Prem managed 'Meher is still a kid.' Ash is relieved. Meher looked at Prem 'bhaiya come and join us.' Prem sat between Meher and Heer. Heer moved a bit so that she can sit closer. Ash watched Heer moving closer to Prem. Ash quickly walked to Prem 'Prem, I want to goto library. Please drop me.' Prem looked at Ash. Ash signaled him to come out with her. Prem got up 'okay. I too have a job on that side.' He went out with Ash. Heer started loosing as her mind only thought about Prem and Ash having good time alone.

Heer ran to her room. Meher got confused. She ran behind 'bhabi. What happened?' Heer 'nothing. Leave me alone.' she closed the door and fell on the bed.


Ash tugged her hand in Prem and walked along the sea shore. 'just few more days then we live happily together.' Prem smiled. Ash 'all these days I missed you Prem.' Prem 'new international project. That is why? Now I'm free.' Ash 'you are always staying inside with Heer. what are you both doing?' Prem didn't like the way Ash asked this question even then 'I'll be working in my laptop. Who cares about her.' Ashe is happy to hear this. Ash 'Prem, we'll have to spent a day out to enjoy.' Prem 'no. not now. I don't want to take any risk. Till now everything going fine.'

Ash leaned forward to kiss Prem. Prem back off immediately 'Ash, we are outside.' Ash 'so what? Its private place.' Prem looked around to see is there anyone knows them. Its behind their house. so there is no one around. As he is looking around his eyes fell on the two girls palying in the sand.

Prem freezed for a second 'Heer' Ash 'where?' Prem noticed Meher with Heer. Ash quickly released her hand from Prem and stepped back. Heer waved her hand 'Premmmm.' Prem silently walking to Heer. Ash followed. Meher 'bhaiya, is there any library opened here?' Prem and Ash rolled their eyes like theif. Heer pulled Prem down 'come on Prem. we'll play.' She gathered sand to build castle.

Prem knelt beside her. Ash got angry and sat few steps away. Heer rubbed her hand on her face. her face pasted with sand. Prem saw her struggling to push strand of hair away from her face. Prem tugged the strand behind her ear. Heer 'thanks.' she continued her mission while Prem sat next to her very close.

Meher pulled Ash 'come we'll play in the water.' Ash half heartedly went with Meher. Prem 'not playing in the water.' Heer 'no. I'm scared.' Prem 'come on Heer.' he put his hand around her waist and dragged her to water. Heer screamed 'Prem no.' Ash is happy that Prem is up to something.

Heer holding Prem screamed in fear. Prem dropped her down. She fell in the water and fully got soaked. Ash wanted to jump looking at Heer's face. next second she pulled Prem and he fell on top of her. In the next wave both got wet. Both laughed as they started pushing and falling on each other in water. Ash is confused 'whether Prem is trying to hurt her or playing with her.'

Suddenly Heer screamed holding her leg. She tired to get up and fell down. Prem holding her tried to bring her out of water. Finally Prem carried her in his hand. Heer proudly put her hand around his neck and gave a victory smile to Meher. Ash got tensed.

Prem walking towards house carrying Heer 'Heer, how do you know that we are here?' Heer 'i don't know until Meher brought me here.' Prem 'are you doubting me?' Heer 'no why should i? I know that I won't be withyou after 280 days.' Prem 'why are you always telling the number of days.' Heer 'so that I won't forget my final day in the earth.' Prem became silent.

Prem is sitting in the bed working in his laptop. Heer is standing in the balcony playing in rain water. Ash came in with a magazine. Her eyes burned in anger. 'Prem' she threw the magazine on Prem. Prem 'Ash, what is this? Can't you see. I'm working.' Ash 'first you see the magazine.' Prem 'Ash, I don't have time for that.' He kept the magazine aside without moving his eyes from the screen.

Ash picked up the magazine 'Prem, see its about you and your business.' Prem took it from her hand. Prem, Heer and Preet picture on the cover. He stared at the picture. He himself admired the way he is standing closer to Heer with his hand protectively around her waist. Ash 'you are acting too much Prem.' Prem looked at her. Ash 'see how closely you are standing with her.' Prem 'it just happened. I didn't do it purposefully. When they asked us to move closer to fit into frame.' Ash 'even then' Heer interrupted 'he has to act for another 280 days.'

Ash saw Heer leaning on the balcony door standing with a smile. Heer 'after that even he wants.' She paused 'I won't be with him.' Prem looked at Heer blankly. His heart felt pain. Ash shook Prem 'she is trying to blackmail you emotionally.' Heer smiled 'what is the use Ash?' she sat in the couch 'I'm his wife and granted a boom to die after one year. In that only 280 days are remaining.' Tears threatened to come out of her eyes but she managed to swallow the sorrow. She doesn't want to show her weakness in front of Ash.

Prem looked down. Ash 'Prem, I want you to be careful.' Prem 'Ash, I'm not interested in discussing this matter. I don't have time for that.' Heer 'Prem, today you sleep in the bed.' she took a pillow and lyed down in the couch without caring about Ash. Prem looked at Heer. he can't allow her to sleep in the couch now. he wants her now. Prem looked at Ash 'Ash, we'll talk about this t'row. I have work now.' Ash silently moved out of the room.

Prem waited until he heard Ash room door closing sound. He closed the laptop and placed it aside. He got up and closed the door. He walked to the couch and looked at Heer who is lying with her eyes closed. He bent down 'are you sleeping?' Heer without opening her eyes 'you have work.' Prem 'don't want my help.' Heer 'I'm not interested in moving from here. Your would be wife spoiled my mood.' Prem 'I'll make it correct.' He scooped her in his arms. Heer put her hands around his neck kissed his cheek. He placed her on the bed. 'you are looking beautiful when you get angry.' He sat next to her. Heer 'is it? then I'll always be angry.' Prem 'Heer, can I ask you one thing.' Heer shook her head. Prem 'are you not scared?' he paused 'about your death.' Heer shook her head negatively 'is that going to change my final date?' she took his hand. 'I'll will die thinking the seconds I spent with you.' she entwine his fingers with hers 'I love you for giving this wonderful opportunity to be with you.' tears came out of her eyes. She quickly tilted her head sideways to hide her tears.

Prem leaned closer to her face and sucked her tears 'I'm sorry Heer.' Heer looked at him. Prem 'I love Ash more than my life.' she closed his mouth with her palm 'please prem, when we are alone. don't talk about Ash. I want to be yours only yours.' Prem shook his head thinking 'this is the only happiness I can give to Heer.' he kissed her 'I'll do everything you wanted to do.' Heer giggled 'now its time for' she put her hand around his neck and pulled him on to her.

Prem lyed flat after making love to Heer. Heer kept her head on his chest and kissed him. after few kisses she drifted into sleep. Prem stroked her hair 'she made me fall for her now. I couldn't resist myself when she appears before me. I'm blindly promising her. am I in love?' he got confused. 'no. I'm not. I love only Ash. I'm just fulfilling her last wishes.' He hugged her tight and drifted into sleep.


Heer and Meher are playing chess. Ash is watching something in the TV. Lalit and Gay3 is gone out. Prem sat next to Ash 'what movie Ash?' Ash 'Chalte Chalte' Prem 'not a bad movie.' Just then SRK divide into the lake to find coin for Rani. Ash shouted 'Prem, will you do this for me?' Meher interrupted 'why should he do that for you?' she looked at Prem 'will do it for bhabi. Don't you bhaiya?' Prem smiled. Heer looked at Ash face then she looked at the chess board 'Prem, help me.  I'm in danger.' Meher 'come and save your princess.' Prem looked at the chess board.

He got from his place and sat next to Heer. 'ummm. You move this here.' he moved a coin. Meher 'bhaiya. You created problem for me.' Prem 'you only asked me to help my princess. I saved my prinicess now. call your prince for help.' Heer happily 'thanks Prem.' she kissed his cheek. Ash got angry and went away from there.

Prem ran behind Ash. Meher is about to stop him but Heer 'leave them Meher.' They concentrated on the game.


Ash angrily ran into her room. Prem shouting 'Ash' Ash 'Prem, I didn't like the way you are sticking around her.' Prem got angry 'I didn't want to marry her. you are the one who came with this idea.' Ash 'I didn't tell you to romance with her.' Prem 'just I'm trying to act normal in front of Meher.' Ash 'no. you are avoiding me.' Prem 'no Ash.' Ash 'then now you take me out.' Prem 'okay. I'll do anything that makes you happy.' Ash 'okay. Come we'll go.' Prem 'wait. If we go out together now, Meher will get doubt.' Ash looked at him. Prem 'you go out first and wait for me.' he described his plan. 'I'll join you there in few minutes.' Ash agreed. Heer who listened there conversation from outside walked to her room with a smile.


Prem entered the room and saw Heer lying on the bed reading a book. She changed into night suit. her elbow resting on the bed. Her legs swinging in air because of that her leg above knees is visible. Her night suit is loose. Her shoulder is visible. Prem stood silently admiring Heer. Heer didn't pay any attention to Prem and pretending to be reading the book. Her heart is ticking fast thinking her plan.

Prem closed the door behind. When she heard he locking the door felt happy and thought 'first step cleared.' Now she is very much sure he will come to her. in slow step Prem walked to Heer. he sat next to her 'Heer' Heer without lifting her eyes from the book 'ha Prem.' Prem 'I have work. I'm going out.' Heer lyed flat. Her night dress is untied in the front. When she rolled flat it exposed her stomach. 'okay Prem. when will you back?' she noticed his eyes focused on her stomach.

She took his hand and kept on her chest and played with his fingers. 'okay.' She rolled near to Prem. when she just did that Prem scooped her in one hand and started kissing her. she giggled that made him go for deeper kisses. He hugged her tightly kissing her and removed her dress. She hugged him tight and noticed his mobile on the bed in her reach. As he is showering kisses on her, she took the mobile and switched it off. She decided to hold him with her for next few hours so that he won't go out with Ash.


After several hours Prem and Heer came out of the room. Prem totally forgot about Ash and sat with his parents and Meher to chat. In the evening, Ash returned and saw Prem having good time with his parents. She wanted fight but Lalit's presence in the house made her to be quiet.

Heer several times played the same trick to keep Prem with her. Prem just forgets Ash whenever Heer showers love on him. he started kissing even in front of Ash.

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Shot 6

Next day, after the dinner Prem and  Lalit discussing about some business matter. Meher, Gay3, Heer and Ash are chatting about random things. Meher 'bhabi, why can't we watch movie tonight?' Heer 'what movie?' Ash 'some love story.' Meher 'nice idea. I'll call the shop to get one movie' she dialed 'bhabi, English or Hindi.' Heer 'English.' Meher moved away 'okay' she called someone.

Ash is very excited. The TV room is wonderfully created one in Junjea mansion. Ash just dreamed watching a romantic love story with Prem. She know Meher will immerse in the movie. She can sit with Prem to do some romance. Heer 'we'll make some popcorn' Gay3 and Lalit 'have nice time kids.' They went to sleep. Prem 'suddenly you got nice idea.' He followed Heer and Ash to the kitchen. Ash and Prem leaned on the counter watched as Heer took the popcorn from the shelf. As she lifted her body little up to reach the upper shelf, Prem eyes fell on her exposed stomach. He felt urgency to touch her but controlled as Ash is standing with him. he quickly opened the fridge 'I'll take coke.' He started picking up some cans. He gave to Ash 'you take this.' He continued searching for something else to eat. Ash went to room keep the things.

Prem looked out to make Ash disappeared from the kitchen. He quickly placed his hand on Heer' stomach and kissed her back. Heer 'Premmm.' Prem 'its night now.' she playfully hit before talking popcorn out of the oven. She placed it on the tray and headed towards the room. he followed her.

Ash inserted the CD. Meher pointed a couch behind everything 'bhaiya you sit with bhabi there.' Ash is turned to see the place. Its behind all the couch and it can accommodate only two. Meher 'Ash, we'll sit here.' she sat pulling Ash with them. Heer placed popcorn and coke in front of them. Prem took one cup and coke 'we'll share this.' He settled next to Heer. they were sitting tightly fitting into the couch. As the movie started Meher switched off the light. Ash 'why you?' Meher 'will be interesting.' Ash from her position is not even to turn back to see Prem.

Prem slipped his hand around her waist started playing his hands on Heer. only about 30 minutes of movie played,  Prem and Heer slipped out of the room to their bedroom.

As soon as they entered the room, Prem closed the door and started undress her. Heer is happy that Prem is fulfilling her promise as they made love.


Premeer heard loud bang on the door. Heer jumped up from the bed and looked at the clock 'its 9'O clock'. Prem pulled her back 'its okay. Today Sunday.' Ash knocked the door 'Prem open the door.' Prem jumped out of the bed grapping his trouser. He wore that in hurry. Heer decided to play the game now. She understood that Prem can't resist her small part of exposed skin. She got of the bed without a single cloth. Prem who is about to turn towards the washroom stopped. Heer ran into him and started kissing him. even though Ash is continuously banging the door, Prem didn't hear anything. He started kissing her back hungrily. He took her to washroom with him.

They spent an hour inside the bath tub kissing and hugging. Then another one hour to get dressed. Even then Prem is not willing to leave Heer. Heer pleaded 'Prem, I'm hungry.' Prem came to sense and thought 'I should not turn devdas after her death.' Heer cleared the room before they step put of the room so that Ash won't get any doubt. She is very much sure Prem won't tell anything to Ash about his intimacy with her. So she decided to play this game until her last breath.

Around 12 they came out of the room. Ash is sitting in the living room with anger. Lalit and Meher are playing chess. Gay3 is reading a magazine. Prem sat in the couch picking up the news paper. Heer looked at Ash and thought 'even after my death you won't get my Prem. he will live with my memory.' She smiled and moved to her next mission. Ash is in anger on Prem so she didn't notice Heer's smile.

Heer took a plate and served some food. She walked to Prem 'not hungry.' Gay3 looked at Heer as she sat next to Prem with plateful of food. She didn't say anything. Heer took handful of food and fed Prem. Prem is also hungry forgot that Ash is watching him. he ate from her hand as he read the newspaper. She too ate as he asked her to eat also. Heer got up with victory smile and went to wash her hand.

Meher 'bhaiya, why can't you both go for honeymoon.' Prem 'just now we launched the project. We have lot of work to do.' Lalit 'Preet and Anurag will take care of that. I'm also here. so you both out atleast for a week.' Heer placed her hand his shoulder and sat next to him like almost tugging herself into him. Prem 'okay dad.' He looked at Heer 'where do you want to go?' Heer 'anywhere.' She whispered 'i want a less crowded place.' Prem shook his head 'we'll select a place.'

Ash angrily got up from her seat and went to her room. Prem wanted run behind her. Sensing that Heer took Prem's hand started rubbing it with hers.


Prem and Heer went to their room and saw Ash standing with anger. Prem 'Ash what are you doing here?' Heer 'I'll wait outside.' She turned to leave. Ash 'what are you thinking in your mind Heer?' Prem 'Ash, you go to your room.' Heer looked at her 'nothing.' Ash 'you are trying to trap Prem.' Prem 'Ashhh.' Ash 'I'm not talking to you Prem. I want answer from her now.' Heer 'what do you want know?' Ash 'why are you always sticking with Prem?' Heer calmly 'I'm his wife.' Ash 'he only loves me.' Prem hit his head and sat in the couch 'Ash, will you stop it now?' Ash 'Prem you shut up.' she looked at Heer 'he is mine.'

Heer 'listen Ash. Until I leave this world, I'm his wife. You can't change that title.' She lifted her mangalsutra 'this he wore and' pointing sindoor on her maang 'he is the owner of this sindoor.' Ash 'that doesn't says that he loves you.' Heer 'that is not your problem. no one asked you whether he loves me or not. Just stay away from him. you don't have any right on him now.' Ash got angry and raised her hand to slap Heer.

Ash is shocked when Prem held his hand and gave a tight slap on her face. he shouted 'are you mad Ash? How dare you raise hands against Heer?' Ash with tears 'Prem, she is' Prem angrily 'ha. she is my wife. She is giving her life for you. you must be thankful to her.' Ash angrily 'She' Prem interrupted 'I want to keep her happy.' He turned when he heard some sound.

Heer fell in the couch. Prem ran to her 'Heer' she fainted. Prem pat her cheek 'Heer, open your eyes.' He shouted her name several time. Ash smiled 'as soon as he said she is his wife. Poor girl died.' She is happy. Prem ran to the door and shouted 'ma dad Meher.' Hearing his panic voice Lalit, Gay3 and Meher came to room. Prem picked up Heer and placed her on the bed.


Gay3 'what happened?' she sat next to Heer  'Meher bring water.' A servant ran down. Ash as if she is watching a movie standing in the edge of the bed. Prem confusingly 'ma what happened to Heer?' he sat next to her 'Heer open your eyes.' He shook her. Gay3 'Premm, she is alright. Prem with tears 'ma woh.' Gay3 placed her hand on his shoulder so that he won't spil out any truth now to make Lalit suspicious. Gay3 looked at a servant 'call Suji ma.'

Few minutes later an elderly lady Suji ma came in. she looked at Prem. 'beta, nothing.' She pat his shoulder. She checked Heer's pulse. She smiled. She looked at Prem and whispered 'you are going to be father. Your wife is pregnant.' Prem jumped from the bed and hugged his mother and father 'I'm papa.' Meher jumped 'I'm bua.' She ordered a servant to bring sweet. Ash is shocked. Prem's behavior made her more angry. She thought 'why this stupid is jumping like this?' Heer slowly opened the eyes.

Entire mansion is in happy mood. Lalit picked up his mobile to announce the good news to Anurag. Gay3 'okay, all come out.' she dragged Ash out of the room.

Prem sat next to Heer and kissed her forehead 'Congrats. We are going to be papa mamma soon.' Heer smiled. He hugged her face and kissed several times in excitement 'thanks Heer. I love you.' Heer is silent. Prem looked at her face 'are you not happy Heer?' Heer sat on the bed with tears 'Prem, for the first time I'm feeling sad.' Prem 'why Heer?' Heer 'I won't be able to see my baby.' She cried. Prem hugged her tightly 'I'm sorry Heer.' both cried.


Ash angrily 'Aunti, she is cheating Prem? this won't be Prem's child. He didn't touch her.' Gay3 'how do you know?' Ash 'why not we expose Heer to the world.' Gay3 looked at her angrily 'listen Ash. I agreed to bring Heer into Prem's life to save your life. Now She is carrying this Juneja parivar's varis.' Ash 'are you going to give Juneja title to her child?' Gay3 'I don't have any doubt.' Ash 'Prem won't accept this.'

Prem entered Gay3 room and found Ash arguing with his mother. As soon as Ash saw Prem 'Prem, see aunti wants to give your title to Heer's illegal child.' Prem in anger clenched his fist. Ash 'I said you won't accept that. After Heer's death ' Prem angrily interrupted 'Ash, you are talking too much.' He looked at her with a clear look 'my baby will be with me as the symbol of love and sacrifice of Heer.' with that he walked out of the room.

Ash ran behind him 'Prem, listen.' Prem looked at her angrily. Gay3 looked at Ash 'Ash, you better go to your house. I don't want to create problem here.' Ash is confused. Gay3 'can I ask Lalit to book the ticket.' Ash without any other option shook her head.

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Shot 7

Heer is sleeping. Prem is admiring her face. he felt sad 'she is really a loving girl. She showed me love.' she opened her eyes and saw him caressing her cheek 'Prem, what are you doing?' Prem smiled 'looking at my angel.' Heer shyly 'I'm not angel now.' excitingly 'soon I'll turn into angel and be with you always.' With tears 'Prem, will you allow me to be with you after my death.' Prem hugged her and cried.

Heer 'Prem, will you be with me until my death.' She cupped his face 'I want to die in your hand.' he shook his head with tears. 'I'll be with you always.' He wiped her tears. Prem 'Heer, I give you divorce.' Heer shocked 'why Prem? do you want me to send out of your life so that you can marry.' Prem closed her mouth 'no Heer. I found this the only way to save you life.' Heer looked at him confusingly. Prem 'Heer, Pandit said I should stay with my wife 365 days. divorce will separate us. You will be saved.' Heer shook her head negatively 'I want to be with you until I deliver our baby. I want to remember every second I spend with you. I'm not worried about my death. I'm happy that I'm leaving our love to you.' Prem 'Heer, I want you to' Heer interrupted 'Prem, I'm happy to die as your wife.'

As he promised, Prem stayed with Heer all the time. She slept in his lap. He gave her bath. He took care of her as the way she wanted.


Heer opened her eyes and looked the clock. Ash already told her that she will die exactly at the time she married Prem. She thought 'I have only five more hours to live in this house.' she looked at Prem who is sleeping next to her. His hand on her stomach and other hand under her head. her face near to hers. She touched her stomach 'what will happen to my baby? I thought she will be out of me before my death. But' she felt slight pain in her stomach.

Sensing her movement under his hand Prem opened his eyes. He looked at Heer's face. she is trying to hide her pain. he got up 'Heer, is pain started?' Heer 'ha.' Prem 'wait. I'll call ma.' Heer held his hand 'Prem, you forgot.' Prem confusingly 'what Heer?' Heer 'today our wedding anniversary.' Prem gently rubbing her forehead 'happy wedding anniversary Heer.' he bent down kissed on her cheek 'rest I'll give you after the delivery.' Heer 'Prem, I want it now.' Prem 'now?' Heer 'Prem, I wont' be alive to receive your gift.' Prem covered her mouth. He couldn't control his tears. He pressed his forehead on hers 'I love you Heer. I love you.' he took her hand and kissed several time.

Heer pain increased. Prem shouted 'ma.' he picked up his mobile to call his father. Soon Lalit and Gay3 came to their room. Prem 'we'll take her to the hospital.' Lalit 'okay beta. I'll bring the car near to the door. you bring Heer down.' Gay3 picked up necessary things for Heer. Prem carried Heer to the car. Gay3 shouted 'Meher, inform Prerna.' Meher dialing Basu house number ran behind them.


In front of the labour room, Juneja's and Basu's are waiting to see their angel. Doctor came out. Nurse 'who is her husband?' Prem went forward. 'you have to sign this paper.' Prem confusingly looked at her. Doctor 'there is a complication Mr. Prem Juneja. Either one will survive.' She walked away. Prem with a shock standing there. Anurag trying to give strength to Prerna.

Ash 'thank God. I was waiting for this opportunity.' Gay3 'Ash, you go home.' Ash walked to Prem 'Prem, I'm back. Come we'll go home. let them finish her funeral.' Lalit, Anurag, Prerna, Meher and Preet looked at her confusingly. Prem turned his face away. Ash 'Prem, Heer is no more.' She felt a hard slap on her face. She saw angry Prerna 'how dare you tell my daughter is no more.' Ash got angry 'I'm telling the truth.' Lalit 'don't you have heart?' Ash 'uncle, you don't know the truth.' As Ash spilled the truth Lalit sat on the bench holding his head. Meher tried to hold him. Prerna fainted. Preet rushed to hold her.

Anurag pulled Prem who is sitting on the floor covering his face. he slapped him twice 'you' Ash shouted 'why are you beating him?' Anurag 'I'll kill you. if something happens to my daughter then I'll surely burn you alive with her.' he threw him down and sat on the floor holding his head and cried. Gay3 stood silently leaning on the wall with closed eyes.


Doctor 'its difficult to save both. You have to select one. Either Heer or baby.' Ash with a smile looked at Prem and others. Before other could react Prem shouted 'Heer. I want my Heer.' joining hands in front of him, he pleaded 'doctor please save my Heer. I want my Heer. She will more that dozen children for me.' Doctor shook her head.

Ash 'Prem, are you mad? We are waiting for this day.' Prem slapped her 'don't you have heart?' Ash 'you are blaming me now. you agreed when I told you.' Prem interrupted 'that time I was madly love on you. but you loved your life more than me.' he cried 'but Heer. she readily accepted this death. She loved me. her love is no where equivalent to yours. You are just selfish girl. I hate you. I love only me Heer.' Gay3 touched his shoulder. He cried on her shoulder. Ash 'Aunti you.' Gay3 interrupted 'you better leave Prem now.' Ash with anger ran out of the place.

Others were silent. After few seconds Nurse came out with a bundle. Prem rushed to her 'how is my Heer?' Nurse 'she is fine.' Prem then only looked at his girl and took it from her hand. He kissed her forehead. He handed his girl to Prerna. Prem looked at Anurag 'papa, I'm sorry. I married Heer to save Ash but I started loving her when I saw her unconditional love even after knowing my intention.' Anurag believed his words and touched his shoulder 'I'm sorry Prem. I h' Prem interrupted 'no papa. I deserve it.' they hugged.


Heer opened her eyes and saw Prem sitting in the edge of her bed talking to baby. Heer blinked twice to make sure that she is alive. She lifted her hand. Prem noticed Heer. he smiled 'mamma, opened her eyes.' He moved to Heer and showed their baby titling slightly 'Heer, see our angel.' Heer 'Prem Prem I' Prem 'ha Heer, want anything.' he got up and placed the baby in the cradle.

He sat next to her and put his hand around her. She tried to get up. He made her sit on the bed leaning on him. Heer 'Prem, I'm alive.' Prem kissed her forehead 'ha. You are alive. My Heer is alive.' He pressed his lips on her cheek deeply 'ummmm. I love you Heer.' Heer 'Prem Prem how it is possible.' Prem shook his head negatively 'all His game.' Heer 'may be I die in two or three days.' Prem 'no. I won't allow you to die so soon. You have to pay everything back.' Heer 'pay what?' Prem 'I was sitting with you all the time. now its your turn to come to office and sit with me.' Both laughed.


Ash got angry. She asked a Pandit 'one Pandit told a person will die in a year after her marriage. but she didn't. how?' Pandit 'days starts from the day they consummate.' Ash is happy. Now she is sure that Prem must have slept with her only after their project. She recollected some events and came to conclusion that the day must be the day before the launch. She called Heer and told what Pandit told.

Heer is feeding Chahat. Prem waited until she finish feeding her. after that Prem picked up sleeping Chahat and placed her in the cradle. He kissed her cheek 'good night beta. Sleep well. Don't disturb mamma.' Heer smiled.

Prem walked back to Heer 'why are you laughing?' Heer 'you are giving lecture to her as if she can understand everything.' Prem 'our daughter is clever. Understands everything.' He hugged her tightly. Heer struggled 'Prem' he rocked her 'I'm happy dear. Don't you remember this day.' Heer thought 'how will I forget this day. last year this day we became one soul.  After today I won't be with you.' Prem shook her 'are you dreaming?' Heer shook her head 'just thinking about that night.' Prem 'want to' he nuzzled her cheek with his lips. Heer 'I love you Prem.' Prem 'I love you too.' He brushed his lips on hers.

Clock struck 12. Heer jerked and hugged him tight. Prem is confused 'what happened Heer?' Heer hugging him tightly 'Prem, I don't want to die.' Prem 'Heer, what are you talking about?' Heer 'today is the last day.' Prem 'who told you?' Heer 'Ash,' Prem 'she tried to threatened you.' Heer 'no Prem. 365 days starts only after our consummation.' Prem 'no Heer. its not like that.' Heer 'Prem Prem, please.' She shivered. Prem hugged her 'Heer, listen. i don't' have anything like that in my kundali.' Heer looked at him. Prem shook his head in acceptance. He kissed her forehead 'I came to know that only today.'



DJ and Ash came to Gay3 on the day Lalit and Prem left to Mumbai to sign the partnership with Anurag. Gay3 is excited to know that Prem and Ash are in love. Ash spent most of the time in Juneja mansion from her childhood days. Prem and Ash realized their love for each other. Ash told this to DJ to give Prem surprise after he joins the new venture.

DJ asked for Prem's Kundali as Gay3 to felt to give Lalit a surprise. DJ took the Kundali to a Pandit to match with Ash. Pandit said that Prem's kundali has problem and Ash will die in one year if she marries him first. Prem's first wife will have this fate. DJ is shocked. Ash too decided to stepped back from the idea of marrying Prem.

Gay3 is shocked to hear this. Ash 'Aunti, I don't want to die so soon.' Gay3 doesn't want to spoil Ash life. But Gay3 thought 'girl who said I can't live without Prem is now not willing to marry him. what will happen to my Prem.' She is worried about Prem and her dream to see grand children. Gay3 decided to recheck Prem's Kundali. She took it to a pandit.

Pandit checked thoroughly 'ma ji, your son's kundali has problem. his first wife will die on 365th day.' Gay3 is shocked 'I know. Is there any remedy.' Pandit calculated something 'have to find a girl to match his kundali.' Gay3 didn't understand 'ma ji, there are few things which will match with his. That girl will not die on 365th day.' Gay3 'but how will find that girl.' Pandit 'you don't have to do anything ji. They will meet soon.' Gay3 is relieved.


When Lalit suggested Heer as their DIL, Prem called Ash to inform his dad's decision. Ash asked him to agree to marry Heer. She also told about the problem in his kundali. Prem asked his mother about this. Gay3 doesn't want to spoil Heer's life. she onesdei felt may Heer is the girl who live with Prem for long. She decided to support Prem in this.

Gay3 liked Heer. She wanted to check the kundali before fixing the date for them. Gay3 took Heer's kundali and went to a Pandit. Pandit 'she is a perfect match for him but they should not consummate for first 30 days.' Gay3 thought 'Prem is marrying Heer under Ash's completion. So definitely he won't touch her atleast for 30 days.' at the same time, she wanted to protect Heer from Ash. She decided to act as she is supporting Ash. So that she will know her every move.

As expected Prem didn't move closer with Heer. After 30 days Gay3 searched for the opportunity to make Prem fall for Heer. she tried many way but nothing worked out. then it happen. Sona told about the incident in her area. Gay3 is not interested in that story but she saw Prem standing in the stairs listening to their conversation. Gay3 digged Sona until she tell those words. Gay3 is confused until Prem asked about that again. Gay3 went to sleep with the hope that today to save Ash he will consummate his marriage with Heer.

Next morning, Gay3 saw glow in Heer's face indicated that her mission succeeded. Day by day Gay3 noticed Prem's closeness increasing towards Heer. she waited for the opputunity to chase Ash out of Prem's life. then the day came when Heer got pregnant. Prem openly told Ash to stay away from Heer. Using this Gay3 sent Ash back to her home.

Even then Gay3 didn't reveal the truth to Prem because she didn't get full picture what Prem thinks about Heer. Gaya3 met the doctor. Gay3 asked the doctor to announce to Prem that Heer's life is in danger. Prem's silence when Anurag blasted him in the hospital and Prem pleading to save Heer to doctor in front of everyone gave Gay3 confidence that Prem accepted Heer as his wife and started loving her.


Prem kissed her cheek 'you will be with me forever.' Heer 'I thought ma is with Ash.' Prem 'she acted to save our marriage.'

Heer  sadly 'I always get the second chance. I lost my parents. then I got papa and ma. my brother too died with my parents. I got Preet as my brother. You loved Ash. Now you I got your love. Prem shook his head. you are first in one thing.' Heer confused. Prem 'I saw you in papa's office for the first time. I just forgot myself. You are the first one to attract me.' Heer 'you loved only Ash.' Prem 'we grew up together. Suddenly one day Ash proposed me and I agreed her love. I won't say she attracted me.' he hugged her 'you are the first one whom I touched with love and passion.' She looked at him. Prem fearfully 'no Heer, I didn't . I'm not a bad man to sleep with someone else.' Heer kissed his cheek 'I trust you.'

Heer 'Prem, knowing that you are not able to control yourself in front of me.' she paused 'I tried to keep you with me when ever you decided to spend time with Ash. Sor' He closed her mouth. 'don't feel sorry Heer. You are my wife and its your right. I'm the one needed time to understand it. I never say its wrong. Because of that I understood your love.' Heer 'I'm happy that you saw me beautiful.' Prem 'for every husband his wife is beautiful.' He tickled her stomach. She giggled.

Heer thought 'Prem is written in my Kismat. His love is written in my Kismat.' Prem hugged her tight 'you are my love Heer. my Kismat.' Heer kissed his chest 'you are my Kismat.'


Prem found his true love for Heer. Heer's unconditional love changed Prem.

Prem is Heer's Kismat. Heer is Prem's Kismat.

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged
wht an update selvy yar....luved it...!!! cnt tell u hw much happy i m..!!!!! thnkgod nuthin happen 2 our heer....Smile i jst luved the way prem slapped ash..!!
prem undrstd his mistake n accepted heer as his wife...!!! luved the update thx for da update luved it...!! sorry i m busy wid xamz so cnt comment...!!! by i took out time n commentd via cell...!!!

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Heerbeauty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged

wow awesome ss.......
thank god prem understood heer's love Big smileand kick out that witch ash
i just hate can she say that heer's baby is not prem's baby............Angry
i was very much sure that heer will get pregnant soon as prem and heer was doing so much romance.............LOL
but selvy you should put some more masala to this ss like preet and megher lovestory.........and obviously ash's death or ash was the girl whom the guy raped in Sona's slum. so we had have more fun..........ha ha ha ha haLOL
anyway thanks for this lovely ss
but you didn't pm meUnhappy
like more ss like this...........i'll be waiting for your writings


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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged

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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged

awesomeeeeeee too loved it immenselyyyyyyyyyy very nice part



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Preeti.xo IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged

Lovud the last 3 parts...they were awsome.
Meher pushin Premeer towards each other n other people tryin to seperate em buh nt being able to succeed.
Glad tht Prem finally truely fell for Heer...n u got rid of this Ash who was a kabab mein
Yipeeee Heer got pregnant n every one told Ash to stay away from Heer...n finally Chahat came.
Glad nothing happened to Heer...luv u 4 tht!!!
The FB woz awsome...Prem tellin Heer the truth bout the Kundali...pleased to hear tht Gay3 supported Heer in this nt Ash.

Thnx for the wonderful woz a pleasure reading it.
Do write more like this with Premeer-ahat.

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