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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

SS - My Kismat ~ COMPLETED!!

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'My Kismat' is dedicated to my friend Sia. She encouraged me to write this SS.

Many other friends are also reading and giving support to my FFs and SS. Hope you all enjoy this SS too.

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 Shot 1 & 2 (1)   Shot 3 & 4 (6)   Shot 5, 6 & 7 (10)
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newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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My Kismat
Shot 1

In Mumbai, Prem Juneja got out of the car in front of Basu group of Companies. He is CEO of Juneja hotels. His father Lalit Juneja is a well known business man India. His dream was to do business with his childhood friend Anurag Basu. His dream became true when Anurag Basu invited him for partnership in his new business in India. Anurag Basu, NRI. He is a leading International business man. He returned to India from US to establish his business here.

Prem stepped into the newly built Basu building standing tall in that area with modern architecture. He admired the perfection in everything. A girl behind the reception desk greeted 'good morning sir. What can I do for you sir?' Prem 'I'm Prem juneja.' Girl 'welcome sir. Mr. Preet Basu is waiting for you.' she turned to her left and called a man in uniform. 'take him to Mr. Basu.' Man politely shook his head looked at Prem 'this way sir.'

Preet Basu, Elder son of Anurag Basu. He received a call from the Reception informing about Prem's arrival. He came out of the cabin to greet Prem 'I'm Preet Basu.' Both shook hands. Preet took him to his father's cabin. Prem walked behind him. His eyes fell on the picture on the wall. Prem looked at the couple for a while. Preet 'my papa and mom.' Prem smiled thinking 'like my dad and ma they too looking cute together.' Preet 'like to have coffee.' Prem 'no thanks.' he just stood looking around without sitting when Preet asked him to sit. Preet 'everything mom's work.' Prem 'its really nice.'

His eyes through the glass fell on the tall figure approaching their cabin. Preet 'papa has come.' Just then a girl in her early twenties appeared behind Anurag. Prem forgot for a second to breath. She gently pushed her hair aside and tugged her hand into Anurag's hand as he is said something. Preet just watched Prem staring at that girl. As Anurag approached their cabin girl entered another which is before this cabin. Prem turned away to look at Preet who is watching his eyes. Prem felt embarrassing and looked down rubbing his back of the head. Preet smiled and looked at the cabin door.


Anuag entered the cabin with a wide smile. He came to Preet. Prem and Anurag greeted each other. Anurag 'where is Lalit?' Prem 'dad is on the way.' he looked outside the cabin and saw Lalit coming with a smile 'here he is.' Anurag opened the cabin door and with a wide open arms greeted 'wow Lalit.' Both hugged. Lalit 'still you are looking handsome man.' He hit Anurag's chest. Anurag teased 'you too but little hair flew away from your head.' both laughed.

As they settled in the office exchanging general talks, Lalit 'we always dreamed of working together. But you both settled in US and we didn't get any opportunity. BTW how is Balraj? Atleast he got the chance to work with you.' Anurag became sad and looked down. 'he is not with us. He and Teji babhi died in an accident which happened 14 years back.' Lalit too became sad 'I thought I'll get a chance to meet him.' Anurag looked up 'yes we are going to be together only.' Lalit looked at him confusingly. Anurag smiled 'just we are going to sign the contract. Our kids going to be work in that.' Lalit 'I know Preet and Prem are going to work in that contract but Balraj?' he looked at Anurag with confusion. Anurag 'Balraj's daughter is with us only.' Lalit 'is it? where is she?' Anurag 'one minute.' He took the phone 'beta come to my cabin.'


Prem who is sitting with Preet listening to elders conversation looked at the door when it opened. Heer stepped in with a smile. She quickly went to Lalit 'Chachu, how are you?' she bent down and touched his feet. Lalit with tears touched her head 'long live beti.' He hugged her 'remembers this Chachu.' Heer shook her head 'but you forgot me and Preet.' Lalit sadly 'you all went to abroad leaving this Chachu here.' Heer 'you are not ready to leave this country.'

Anurag 'beta, he is Prem. Lalit's elder son.' Heer shook hands with Prem. Preet mobile rang. He took the mobile 'I think its mom. Reminding the good time.' Lalit smiled 'Prerna didn't change even after leaving this country.' Anurag shook his head 'she says because of her pooja I'm growing like this.' Heer tugged her hand into his 'papa, you too believe that then why are you not accepting it?' Anurag 'I thought it is her love which gives me success.' Lalit 'ha Prerna will do anything for Anurag.'  Preet 'papa, we'll finish the dealing before ma call again.' Anurag 'She strictly instructed me when I started from the house. don't forget the good time in talking with your friend.' Lalit laughed. At the same time, A girl announced 'sir they are waiting sir.'


Anurag and Lalit walked ahead. Prem, Preet and Heer walked behind them. In the conference hall, they signed the partnership deal and posed for media and reporters. As Anurag and Lalit answered the reporters, children stood behind them.

After that, anurag 'Lalit, when are you shifting to Mumbai?' Lalit 'almost done. Today Gay3 and Meher will come in 3'o clock flight.' He looked at the watch 'OMG. Its 2.30.' anurag 'don't worry. won't take much time from here.' Prem 'dad, I'll go and pick up ma and Meher.' Lalit 'okay go fast. Otherwise your ma will make me into pieces.' Prem with a smile left from there. Preet and Heer went to their respective cabin to concentrate on their job.

Lalit looked at Anurag 'who is Heer's guardian now? I want to meet that person.' Anurag 'me and Prerna. We brought her as our own daughter.' Lalit is happy 'I like to come to your house tonight before the party.' Anurag 'you are welcome Lalit. Its your home.'


Evening in Basu house. Anurag, Heer and Preet are discussing about the new business sitting in the living room. Prerna came there 'till now you are talking about business.' she started murmuring 'now you too joined with your papa and Preet.' She shouted 'get up Heer. its enough.' Preet 'ma, we are discussing about the business.' Prerna angrily 'all the time business. forgets other things.'  She handed a cover to Heer 'beta, you wear this dress.'

Preet interfered and pulled the cover out of Prerna's hand. Heer 'for me.' she tried to get it.' Preet moved to few feets away and opened the cover. 'another dress.' he looked at Prerna 'mom, now you started buying traditional dresses for Heer.' Prerna 'ha. She is going to get married soon. After marriage she has to wear Indian dresses not the jeans and shirt.' Heer 'mom, who told you I'm getting married.' Prerna 'you are 23 now.' Preet shook his head 'never thinks about her age always thinks she is a baby.' Heer hit him 'shut up.' Preet  seriously 'mom after marriage Heer will go to her MIL place right.' Heer gave him angry look 'I'm not going anywhere.' Heer to get Anurag help sat next to him 'papa, see Ma and Preet are trying to chase me out of this house. I'm not going anywhere. And not interested in marriage.'

Anurag closed the laptop 'no beta. Even after you marriage you belongs to this house. we always love you. but every girl has to go to her MIL house after marriage.' Heer 'no. tell him to come and stay here.' Preet 'oh no. I'll do strike.' Heer looked at him 'why?' Preet 'then I have to leave this house with my wife.' Anurag smiled 'you will understand that when the time comes. We are not in hurry now. don't worry.' Prerna touched Heer head 'beta, if we find a good person then we won't delay.' Heer 'mom please. I want to learn something in business.' Anurag 'that you can do even after marriage. I'll find a business tycoon for you.' Preet 'careful Heer. You will be carried away by tycoon.' He laughed. Prerna give him loving angry look. She pat Heer back 'get ready beta'.

Heer got up 'give my dress.' She looked at the dress 'mom, this is beautiful.' Preet 'don't take hours to get ready.' Heer showed her tongue out. Prerna 'no one in this house is punctual.' Anurag and Preet went to get ready. Heer 'mom, this dress seems to be very grand.' Prerna 'its your party today beta.' Heer is confused. Prerna pat her cheek 'you will know soon.'


In Anurag room, 'Prerna, you are looking very happy today.' Prerna 'I'm feeling so.' anurag 'that is what I'm asking.' Prerna 'can't you guess.' Anurag sadly shook his head as he saw himself in the mirror. Prerna adjusted his tie 'today, Lalit bhaiya will ask Heer hand for his son.' Anurag 'how do you know that? Did Gaya3 bhabi told anything about that?' Prerna shook her head negatively 'then.' Prerna 'I felt so.' Anurag 'you are unnecessarily building up dreams. Prerna 'then tell me why he wants to come here before the party.' Anurag 'may be he thought we are meeting after many years. So he wants to go to the party hall together.' Prerna smiled 'is it? we'll see' she walked out of the room. Anurag blankly looked at her.


Lalit, Gay3, Prem and Meher entered the house. Anurag greeted them with Prerna and Preet. Lalit 'where is Heer?' Prerna went to stairs and called out for Heer. Heer came down adjusting her bangles 'coming mom.' She came down and stood near Preet. Lalit looked at Gay3 and asked something to her with his eyes. Gay3 smiled. Meher hit Prem 'bhaiya, she looks like princess.' Prem looked down.

Prerna 'go beta.' Heer smiled and touched Gay3's feet. Meher jumped up from her seat and hugged Heer. 'I'm Meher. Chand ki beti.' Heer confusingly 'Chand?' Meher pointed Lalit 'his name is Chand.' Heer managed to hide her lauch while Lalit gave a look to Meher 'nice introduction.'

Prerna served them drinks and settled next to Anurag. Gay3 moved a bit and gave place to Heer. Prem is sitting in the side looked at Heer through the edge of his eyes. Meher sat next to Prem and gently hit him 'what are you thinking?' Prem shook his head negatively 'nothing.'

Lalit looked at Prem once and turned to Anurag. 'Anurag, I like to ask your daughter Heer for my son.' Anurag looked at Prerna with a surprise. Prerna with her eyes 'how is my guess?' Anurag with a smile looked at Heer. Heer looked at Anurag. She looked down with a shy smile. anurag understood. 'I'm happy agreeing.' Lalit, Gay3 and Meher are happy. Prerna quickly ran to get sweets. Lalit and Anurag hugged. Preet got up an dhugged Prem 'come PB. You are really great.' He pat his back. Prem confusingly looked at him.

Preet 'just few minutes back she was refusing for marriage. but you have some magic.' Preet put his hand around Prem shoulder and looked at Heer 'Heer am I right?' Heer with a shy smile looked down. Preet hugged Heer 'congrats.' Heer shyly hit his chest. Prerna served sweets to everyone. 'Heer beta, take blessing from your FIL and MIL.' Heer touched Lalit and Gay3 feets. Gay3 hugged Heer 'not MIL. I'll love her as my daughter. I'll be your ma.' she kissed Heer forehead. Prem touched Anurag and Prerna feet.  Prem and Meher hugged 'congrats bhaiya.'


Partnership party is in full swing. Anurag and Lalit busy with guest. Prerna and Gay3 had their own way mingling with guests. Preet and Heer is standing in the middle confused. Preet is helping his father for past one year. But for Heer she just stepped into business and everything is new. Preet knowing that Heer will feel uncomfortable in the new environment holding her hand and moving around. Prem is mingling with the crowd nicely. Meher dragged Prem out of a gang 'Bhaiya, see bhabi is looking around like lost child.' Prem 'Preet is with her.' Meher 'even then.  You go and talk to her.' Prem 'Meher, please don't.' Meher whispered into his ears 'Bhaiya, she is going to be your wife. You show your style to her. you have to impress her.' Prem confusingly 'impress?' Meher 'bhaiya, she should know that you are not les than her father.' Prem 'I'm not interested in that.' Meher 'bhaiyaaa.'

Prem and Meher looked at the center stage when Lalit voice pulled their attention. 'Ladies and Gentleman. I have very happy announcement. It was my dream that I have to do business with Anurag. That came true today. I have one more dream.' He looked around for Prem. 'Prem, come here.' he signed his wife and Meher to join him. on the other side Anurag, Heer and Preet joined him.

Lalit 'I'm happy to announce the engagement of my son Prem with Anurag's daughter Heer.' crowd cheered. Heer looked down. Prem smiled. Gay3 opened a small box 'wear in her finger.' Prerna 'go beta.' Heer stepped forward. Prem took her hand and slipped the ring into her finger. As Prerna handed a ring. Heer put that in Prem's finger.

Someone shouted 'music.' Crowd gave way for the couple to dance floor. Prem took Heer hand and went to dance floor. Others soon joined them. Meher looked at Preet who is admiring Heer walking with Prem. Meher showed her hand in front of him 'dance.' Preet for a second admired her boldness. He accepted her request.

Prem slipped his hand around her waist. Their fingers entwined. She placed her one hand on his shoulder. Their body moved to the music. She didn't look at his face. Prem pulled her closer and whispered into her ears so that other couple won't hear their conversation. 'are you happy about our marriage?' Heer shook her head still her eyes focused down. Prem 'then why are you avoiding me.' Heer 'no. I'm not.' Prem 'then look at me.' Heer shook her head negatively with a shy smile. Prem 'then I'll make you look at me.' Heer silent with a smile. Prem leaned forward to her face. their face were inch apart 'I thought you are from US. But behaving like Indian'. He placed his index finger under her chin and lifted her face. She closed her eyes as she felt his breath near her face. he moved closer. She sensed his lips closer to her cheek.

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Shot 2

Prem and Heer jerked away when a girl jumped next to them with loud 'Congrats Prem.' Prem and Heer pulled away. Others stopped dancing and looked at the girl. Prem with a wide smile 'Ash.' He looked at Heer who is standing with confusion 'she is Ashlesha. My childhood friend.' Heer smiled. Ash hit Prem chest 'you engaged to her without me.' Prem rubbed his back of the head 'we too don't know. It was a surprise to us.' Ash teased 'already started talking on behalf of her.' Prem proudly 'my would-be wife.'Ash 'that's great man.'

Gay3 interfered 'Ash, when did you came?' Ash 'just now aunty.' Gay3 took her away so that Prem and Heer can continue their dance. Prem with a smiled looked at Heer 'sorry.' Heer 'its okay.' They danced for a while but Heer heart is little tensed about Ash's entry.

Prerna 'Anurag, who is that girl?' Anurag 'may his friend.' Prerna 'even then.' Anurag 'don't think negatively.' Prerna looked unconvinced and kept an eye on Ash. Preet looked at Meher 'why she is behaving like that?' Meher 'she is always like that. She tries to get attention of everyone.' Preet 'he don't have manners.' Meher 'I too don't like her. but bhaiya is very close to her. He never does anything without her knowledge. I don't how he forgot to inform this to her.' Preet 'then how she came here?' Meher 'don't know.' Preet 'he must informed her. I'm doubting her.'' Meher 'don't worry she lives in Delhi and we are going to be here.' Preet looked unconvinced. Meher 'come on forget her.'

Guest started leaving. Its time for Lalit and Anurag family to leave. Lalit and Anuarag hugged. Lalit 'soon we'll be in your house with the perfect date.' Anurag shook his head. Prerna and Gay3 talking about some rituals. Preet is busy fighting with Meher. Meher 'why are you calling my bhaiya PB?' Preet 'i'm lazy to call him Prem Bhaiya. PB looks short and sweet.' he lifted his collar 'how is it?' Meher 'very bad.' Preet grinned. Ash got bored and watched them with a uninterested way. Prem pulled Heer to the back of the pillar. He pinned her on the pillar. Heer 'Premmm.' Prem 'at last I heard your voice.' Heer shyly smiled. Prem 'I thought you became dump hearing the happy news.' She gave a playful angry look. Prem leaned forward. Heer tried to push him back 'Prem, what are you doing?' Prem 'just trying to kiss my fiance.' Heer 'all are here.' Prem 'they are busy.' Prem and Heer face were a inch apart

Ash cleared her throat. Prem lifted his head. Heer hide behind Prem holding his coat. Ash smiled 'Prem, I thought she is bold.' She shook her head 'she is not. Very country.' Prem 'Ash.' Ash 'teach her some boldness.' She teasingly smiled. Prem turned to Heer 'Heer is bold.' Isn't it?' as he put his hand around her waist she buried her face into his chest keeping her palm on his chest. Prem 'we are perfect right?' Ash '100%. Perfect Jodi.'


Everything happened in a wink of an eye as they got a good date for the marriage. Heer now married to Prem ready to say bye to her parents. Heer took blessing from Anurag and Prerna. All are in tears. Preet hugged Heer and cried. Heer throw rice back of her head. Preet stood behind her with tears. Heer left to her MIL.

In the Juneja mansion, Prem and Heer stood in the entrance. Gay3 took arti. Meher placed the plate in front of her. Heer dipped her feet into it to print the color of happiness in the house. Gay3 took her to mandir to lit the light. After few rituals, Meher took Heer to Prem room. Meher did some teasing. 'don't worry bhabi. I won't stop bhaiya outside and won't demand anything.' she covered Heer face with the duppata and ran out closing the door behind.

Heer sitting on the bed waiting for Prem. She didn't get enough time to dream. Everything moved very fast. Only a week before she met Prem now she is his wife. She smiled. When she heard the door opening her heart started beating fast. 'he is here. my Prem is here.' she clinched her fingers together to control herself.

Ash laughed 'waiting for your husband?' Heer looked through the duppata with a shock. Ash and Gaya3 with a smile standing in front of her. Heer got out of the bed. 'ma.' Ash 'Aunti, how can she call you ma when Prem didn't accept her as his wife.' Gay3 smiled. Heer is shocked. Ash hit her head 'oh I'm sorry. You didn't know the actual story right?' Ash sat on the bed. looked at the decoration 'these are waste. Prem is not going to come here to sleep with you.' Heer confusingly looked at Gay3 who is sitting in the couch with a smile.

Ash 'Heer listen carefully. I can't repeat it again. Prem loves me lot. We are in love from when we were kids.' Heer 'Prem loves me.' Ash shook her head negatively 'he just acted like that.' She got up and rounded Heer once 'now you got doubt why he married you doing such a romantic acting. right?' Heer looked at her with 'yes' expression. Ash 'Prem has problem in his kundali. His wife will die exactly on 365th day. that is 1 year.' Heer is shocked. Ash 'now you understood almost 99%.' Heer with tears looked at Ash. Ash 'you are right. Now you are his wife and will die next year, same time, same day.' she walked happily and sat on the bed 'then I'll enter in his life as his wife and live happily in this room. until then its yours.' She got up and placed her index finger on Heer's forehead and pressed hard 'only yours. Prem won't come here for next one year.' Heer looked at Gay3 and Ash. Ash 'every one knows this. So you won't get any help from them.' She pat Heer cheek 'good night.' She walked out. Gay3 too followed her with a smile.

Heer felt earth under her feet moving away. She fell on the floor covering her mouth. Tears like a river came out of her eyes. She doesn't know how to digest this fact. She cried silently. she thought 'I never had kismat in my life. I was just 10 when my parents died. Then I thought I got everything back when I got papa, ma and Preet love. I was in air when I married to Prem. but now.' she couldn't believe what she heard few minutes back.

Heer prayed it should be a dream but its not.
Its true that Prem married her to save his love Ash life.

Heer hugged her knees and cried

'Its written in my kismat'.
To Be Continued....
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awesomeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap.


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awsum update luved it..!!!
shot 1:-luved it..!!!! prem n heer blushin...!!! nyc 1..!!
shot 2:- prem married heer coz to marry ash???? he luvs ash?/// nnoooo...!!!! i feel sad for heer..!! hope she deserves a rite person...!!!
meher n lalit doesnt noe nythin????

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as usual nice one
eagerly waiting for th next update

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superb selvy....Clapgr8 start....plz pm me next tym wen u update the next part...

u r  a fabulous ur ssz and ffzThumbs Up

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awasome yar ssoooooooo sad....................plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon soon..................and try to update all pats...........

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