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Dear IF fans of GHSP,

It was with much regret that I noted the vicious verbal assault launched on CV and the actors of the show by a certain section of the audience.

And am incited almost provoked into writing this post.Whilst I am a relatively new add on to the forum, I was taken aback by the razor edged criticism and sheer negative talks doing the rounds by long standing GHSP followers.

With due respects to their sentiments, I am unable to fathom the furore over yesterday's episode and the turn of events for the show.

It's a fictional story. A daily soap. In our adoration for the show/ actors and characters, there seem to be a disconnect with reality. 

If GC is indeed taking personal time off and CV has worked around the story to accommodate the actor's request, as audience can we not let our love for the show to extend to individuals and see reason in it?

Maan is the character.
GC the actor. 
The actor a human being. 
Like you and I.

Bear with me as I outline a little bit about myself.

I am a working professional and been a part of the corporate world for 7 long years. My experience spanning from small firms, MNC's, BPO's and the likes through the highs and lows of economics in various capacities and traveled the world over.

Barring medical leaves I have never been on a vacation or break from work in a decade now. That was a personal choice. My idea of recharging my batteries, that periodically die out of exhaustion and work pressures, is writing, reading, spending time with family and I am content to buzz off to work  each Monday with the same zest that I started off my first day of work with.

Now, why am I harping on that? 

I have been a workaholic by choice, averaging 12-14 hrs each day for & years. All around me colleagues, periodically took time out to let the steam off elsewhere, anywhere but the work place ranging from a day or two to a week. And they come back rejuvenated, ready to take on the daily grind.

Thats their idea of recharging. Just because my way of balancing work and life is different from theirs,it does not make them any wrong or me any correct.

In the corporate world, backing up for one another at work place is called, the business continuity plan ( BCP). 
You are out sick.
You have a pressing situation in your personal life.
You have a nervous breakdown. Reason could be any.
So you have people pitching in to help one another to ensure work is not affected and no client/ stakeholder is complaining due to such an absence of workforce.

How is Gurmeet Choudhary any different from one of us then?
He is not entitled to make room for his personal life because is a wildly, widely popular actor? 
And CV is wrong in making room for its cast and crew by acknowledging that they have a life beyond the show?

I read up articles on and interviews by the actor. He has struggled and worked his way up the hard way to get where we see him now. Do his fans and detractors alike not realize the competition and pressures of being in show biz as also in the public eye for as long as he has? Does Gurmeet himself not know how difficult the journey has been? Surely,he must value it enough. So, why are people jumping in the bandwagon by the droves in condemning GC?

On this forum and on FB, GC has been singled out for being unprofessional.
When my colleagues take off to spend time with family to beat the stress, that does not automatically spell  unprofessional ism.
Likewise, when I am in need for a day or two away from work out of pure saturation,  am not labelled unprofessional. We put in few more hours and go to some troubles to keep the business up and running without complaining. OK, we do crib but thats all talk.Don't mean it.

Because, your team, the company, the management, the internal and external stakeholders see your value and acknowledge your abilities.

Not long ago, I was part of a transition team that worked on setting up a business model. That required us team of 5 to put in 18 hours a day for 6 excruciatingly long months in health and in sickness. There were times when at least 2 of us worked through the night in raging fever. Eventually it all worked out. The success we saw and the appreciation that followed made it all seem worth it.

Is this kind of stress and effort any different for actors of entertainment industry? I came across GC's blog and learnt he was taken ill  few months ago and during his absence the show suffered to some extent with the TRP's plummeting. GC wasn't exactly on a vacation, was he? And if then CV had to put together in haste a plan of action, why the outrage?

That resolved, what's with the hard time being dealt to CV?

All of us at the forum, discussing and venting frustration in strong words, needn't be as unreasonable and quick in being dismissive of way CV is handling the story.
We all have dedicated threads to what should happen next and we are second guessing based on rumors, news leaks, SBS and other sources with each passing minute.
Why? Because of our love for the show. For the actors/ characters.Thats perfectly understandable and rational. What the heck, so am I?

But, we feel cheated when things do not turn out as we wish it to be or when the episode doesn't live up to our expectations.
If thats not juvenile, what is? Why are we letting our ideas of how the show should progress cloud our sense of judgement and fairness.

No one at CV held us at gun point to watch the show and likewise they aren't asking anyone to continue if they do not like the show anymore.We can agree to disagree, can't we?

There is no need to get personal here. Be it Maan, Annie, Arjun, Nayantara , the script writers, creative team of GHSP. Airing dissent is one thing and trashing someone in a public forum like this is entirely different thing. And there is a thin line of distinction there.

In a short span of time I have turned into a GHSP addict. My obsession for the show however doesn't prevent me from seeing the actors as just another individual doing their job and earning their living.
But thats just me.

Now, the story of GHSP. 

Its a fact and for a given- one which we have resigned ourselves to is -that the show has a million flaws : logical and technical ones. 
And now those of casting too. 
Nikunj as Annie has received such backlash that drives the final nail in the coffin as far as her acting abilities are concerned.
Agreed, If CV had to bring in a new character as Maan's sister, they should have used a seasoned actor or an adept newcomer. But we all make mistakes, don't we.

How many of us are aware that Nikunj is highly educated and intelligent enough to make it to IIM Ahmedabad for a doctoral program. That she wished to venture into telly world and try her hands at acting is such a grave sin that folks on FB and IF are writing hate mails to CV?

If CV dont give her enough airtime on the show how will the audience ever connect?Acceptance wont happen overnight, right?GHSP cant run with 30 minutes of Geet and Maan only. They need supporting cast. And they need to be accepted just as the lead pair even if with a pinch of salt.

She is the possibly the worst actor on GHSP as of now and the weakest link. So?? She will learn with the passage of time. Give her that leeway. Are we trying to say here that every actor in telly world and the big screen was brilliant from day one?
No .They all learn, evolve, mature. Those who don't are weeded out eventually. The not so good ones get sieved out in the process. If she doesn't get better she will be on her way out soon. Simple.

The story is at a juncture where CV has promised us a dream.Painted a picture so beautiful for us that we refuse to wish beyond this make believe.
We are so passionately cheering for Geet and Maan that every single twist in the plot that takes away from the lead pair is being interpreted as hurting our sentiments.

CV has to further the story of its most popular show. They cannot afford to or even dream of putting its prospects in jeopardy , would they? Their writers must be tearing their hair apart in desperation as well. CV has been in business of entertainment for long enough to know that.

We are the all powerful audience but do we have the know how of the way the industry functions?The economics and tactics needed to survive there in? The cut throat competition, the TRP rat race, logistics involved in 24/7 shooting, talent management and not to mention the finances?

The greater the tragedies in a love story the better. Why? Because they make history. Why is that Romeo-Julient, Heer Ranjha, Sohni-Mahiwal have stood the test of time? Why don't all the love birds on earth get such due? Is their love any less? They sentiments any shallow? NO.

Its human psyche to root for the underdog. To perceive that greater the battles fought make for greater glory.

So if Maan is out of the story as of now for whatever prison time, the troubles for Khurana's will increase manifold. CV can explore and sketch a whole new side to Maan's character. As an actor it would be great for GC to flex his muscles. 
Now,thats perfect recipe for a comeback, isn't it? A return the audience will wait with tense moments.In the meantime there are lots of loose ends in the story that CV has to tie up. Its a win win for all!!

So why jump the guns? Put your thinking caps on. Hold you horses.CV will work back its way to Geet-Maan love story. They don't have a choice with that. Instead of berating the course of events and relegating GHSP to yet another run of the mill, Ekta Kapoor  standards for daily soap, why not look at a radical spin to the ongoings. And on a positive note.

God forbid, CV's do not come up with better solutions and get their act together in times to come, they will have no one but themselves to blame.
Whats worse for a daily soap than to be pulled off air forcibly because the audience interest has dwindled?

Here wishing GHSP doesn't end up there. Amen!

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Live2laugh has brought the best emotions of fans in a daring display of 'one voice' and I am one in that voice that hails this 2 stunning, superb actors G+M.  When we have watched GEET HSP as far back as the first episode in April 2010, we have grown to love, live with , and hate characters because it brought so much die-or-live instances.  True - entry Maan via his aggressive best at the mela and his first encounter with Geet there and as a savior in the deep waters has clinched top ratings for the show.  I myself exclaimed 'who is this hunk' who expresses thru his eyes and facial muscles where no dialogues were required, and his smile could drown a thousand hearts to gasps and heaves !! 
If for a paranoid instance Dev is brought back to live happily after, I would to no end crucify this character in my heart and diligently drown in my ocean of tears and stop watching the show.  Rather have Geet fighting the battle of justice, truth and honor alone than have this sadistic and greedy man live peacefully.  If Geet has made her life and ideals to live true in our hearts, then we would fight tooth and nail to have her justice given, by posting it vagrantly in the IF. 
After all, IF is a huge democracy that works and lives giving character, expression and liberty to its fans to drive the serial  and steer it because they love MAAN and GEET to be one unified and strong force in love and war.
 Suu, I love the way you have expressed the fatal blow to MSK, if he does not get his break by a simple comparison of screen life to your taxing yet rewarding work and just as much, it would do good for fans to read that block.
You have great potential to script stories to aid the CVs; and ur simple and pun-intended mesasge about the CVs, the storyline, and most of all the concept itself with its bloops and blunders screened with clarity and softness, I tip my hat off to you. 
But don't be hasty with your assumptions and conclusions of episodes to follow, becuse the best of intuitions have often found imaginative waste-lands to duck their head in, because CVs dish out the most unexpected quicky brief episodes and unparalled weak story lines at times that irks us fans.
Cheers luv.LOL

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A day spent visiting hospital

and chasing the docs,

oh! The crowd out there.

few had viral, and

some caught the pox.

thanks to flu ,and ,

winter blue (s).

See that rhymes!!

And in between those laboriously long waiting minutes that stretch to hours, got into a retrospective mode.

 Mmm?Just maybe, I have been looking at it all from one end of the polygon only. Oflate,too much thought and effort went into pre supposing every scene, every move, every expression, and every dialog in the last 12 episodes.

We not only dissected each episode with disdain but also went wild with predictions on the forthcoming ones. 

There have been several threads dedicated to a lot of questions that went unanswered on the show and several potentially good segments that could have evolved in GHSP. 

I am trying to put it all together to the best of my knowledge, comprehensive and exhaustive.

While I am aware of such discussion having been made earlier, I haven't read through them all. Anyone reading this is free to correct, disagree or advise me so in future I don't speak out of half baked knowledge.
(Yes .We know that's worse than no knowledge). 

I have been brooding all day long so this will turn really long.You may wanna grab a cuppa coffeeWink

Hence I will be sharing my ramblings, part by part.

 Part A

Aspect 1
Exit of characters.

Its common knowledge GC and DD are the spine of GHSP. They make it work. Like Sachin Tendulkar, A one man army battling it to the end.

Together, the magical -talented duo, they see through shoddy scripting, bloopers et al.
That settled. What about the others?
Characters are free to breeze in and out at the drop of a hat on the whims and fancies of CV?  

Tasha has quit GHSP. We never saw a closure to that.

Isn't  she Munim jis daughter? The same Munim ji who was assisting Maan at Hoshiyarpur with the land deal?  

Dev quit GHSP. (or in the process of it)

Last I checked, Dev left Delhi to track his wife down. So , he aint imprisoned?If he is scot free and keeping tabs on Nayantara, why dint he follow her to Khurana mansion and prevent all the needless drama. 

Meera too was planning on quitting. Why?

Because there was no proper sketch for Dev's role. So she is packed off to wherever she came from. Logical? Duh-huh!

 That's three loose ends.

Should audience wait forever, with uncertainty,to know if they will pop out of nowhere in the near future should the CV not come up with right 'masala' for their script?

 Aspect 2

Entry of characters.

Between 50-200 episodes take a count of the new characters introduced on the show. The show is about the mainstay Geet and Maan , yes, but the supporting cast is dynamic. Which has, in my opinion, diluted the essence of the show.

 All new faces are demands of the script but every time CV introduce new characters the audience will take time building a rapport. Its like Ekta's K series.Keep adding characters to the kitty and swell the size of the big fat happy family.One can never be sure of that, can we?

 Pari, Jay Bhanushali's character, Manisha, Pandey ji, Romeo , Pindi Queen, D'Mello's and leading the worst of the pack are "Annie and Arjun".

Aspect 3 

Ghost characters 

Who is Sameera? 

Geet comes clean about her past to Maan. So when will Maan do the same?  Maan claims the foundation of their relation are Truth and trust, doesn't he? Is he waiting for Geet to ask or his past to show up or whichever happens first? 

Or maybe when CV exhaust all their ideas, that will be an excuse for Sameera making a sudden entry as the blast from the past and Geet's 'souten'.Whether it will be negative or positive, that will send the TRP's soaring. 

So that's CV's trump card for times when they hit the doldrums creativity wise? That bad eh?

And this was rumored as of August last year.

 How long should audience wait so we can understand what made MSK -The terror tick? The tyrant personified that he was before meeting Geet?

 Who is Vicky?

Infact, someone please put things in perspective. Share a thread or info on the Khurana family tree. Are Maan and Dev/Annie/Vicky/Kamya step siblings?
Not once is there a mention of the parents of any of the third generation.What happened to them? Why is the family not together? 

At this rate, tomorrow if a fifth sister or brother of Maan are introduced to the show, we audience will have to accept them just as Annie. That's the best way CV can think of accommodating a twist eh? 

Here's ending part 1 which primarily deals with the 'people' on the show.Part 2 will throw light on the 'meandering story/script of GHSP.

 May I request, those reading this post to not see this as an attempt to malign CV.I am seeking an explanation so as a rational individual I can see and make sense of the proceedings. 

If series/episode director had to make a " Kahani Geet ki" they would have sought employment at Balaji telefilms. Since that's clearly not the case and Star One has proved that they are better off making youth oriented, fun filled daily soap, I trust in GHSP to not lose sight of their vision and switch lanes with Saas-bahu-saazish style soaps for the sake of TRPs. 

Remix, DMG, MJHT,PKYEK,MDLH are examples that Star one doesn't kowtow to Ekta's school of thought for Television.

 That's brings me to just one last question before I sign off. 

Today whilst flipping channels , when Koffee with Karan took ad breaks, I came across Telly awards ceremony. And couple of days ago there was a show with ensemble cast performing presumably for new year. A coup of sorts. Why is that none of the actors of  Star One shows feature in them? I have never read/seen/heard in any form of media StarOne actors or the shows winning awards? Is StarOne not part of Star fraternity? Or is there an exclusive award?

Excuse my ignorance but I haven't followed TV much. Infact never. Not until GHSP. So IF members could enlighten me.


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Sorely missed each minute of the timeout from IF...Its been 2 days!!!
As if being taken ill wasn't bad enough the network glitches ensured I had no access to all the fun at IF.

Nevertheless, here I am bursting at the seams with so many thoughts on the turn of events for the last 2-3 days on GHSP.

It's a shrewd marketing/ publicity move on CV's part on how they shoot and air promo's that leads the audience to presume one thing 
but is miles away from what is to actually transpire.Its evident from the pre cap that more tense moments are to follow.

Possibility 1
Unless the Maan doc conversation about aborting the kid is a post wedding scene,Maan can never be at peace with that kind of knowledge and enjoy the wedding.
Geet too is not in the best of health and the wedding just might not take place.
Therefore, the rumor of Maan taking " kasam" to wed in 12 days might hold some water.

Possibility 2
Even if the two tie the knot per the muhurat and Maan is presented with the dilemma to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea ,
we know he has a promise to keep , Maan Junior over Mrs Maan.
However, if the scene is before the varmaala, a Maan Geet intense face off is on the cards. Maan will convey the doctors opinion or Geet will
overhear the same. She will then tell Maan that even in her wildest dream she cannot envisgae a life without her baby.And if that spells death knell for her, so be it.
She has been truly blessed to have found her soulmate in Maan and that she can leave the world in peace knowing that her baby will have the worlds best dad in Maan.

Maan will eventually relent and see reason in Geet's wishes. Afterall, he had been selfish once before and knows by experience that the love they share is selfless.
Both know that choosing their baby over each other is the truest testimony of their love. Of course CV shall continue dangling sword over Geets head time and again but what the heck its a love story and cliche shall prevail.

None of the reel world doc's are doing the real medical fraternity any good.Sigh! Wonder why no medical association has bothered suing the makers of tv serials for outraging its community and showing it in bad light.If I were a doc I would take offense and file a PIL just for the kicks.

The mom's unconscious not dead. She will come around eventually.And a mother always has the first right to decide about her baby. 
There cannot be a decision made without consulting the mother in question.

This brings me to the lecture on women empowerment and emancipation in yesterdays episode. 
That a Geet-Brij conforntaion is on the anvil was no secret as also the promo with Geet being shot at by Brij was a figment of someone's cruel idea of a joke at CV's creative team.
With that being an air tight alibi , CV decides to toe the line of social responsibility to add some pizzazz to the protagonist's characterization.

A small town girl, struggling to gain foothold in a big bad world, a chequered past to make peace with, a guardian angel to her rescue albeit disguised as a detractor, 
coming to terms with reality, discovering a sense of individuality and independence and carving her unique identity
and the road to discovering self is the kind of stuff legends are made of.
(Remember how PC's portrayal of a small town girl making it big in the world of fashion in Mumbai, the great heights she scaled, the greater fall she had...all made Fashion a runaway hit? PC even picked a national award for it...that says something, doesn't it?)

Time and again Geet's character has shown promise of going beyond the adorably clumsy and naive girl Maan falls in love with. 
In the episode where just before Nayantara falls to near death on her own, a heated exhange of words ensue. Geet instead of being cowed down by circumstances  puts up a brave front,asserts herself  and the truth. For once, I was glad and relieved,she dint turn into a cry baby needing a mouthpiece or outside help.

Geet and Maan are yet to celebrate their first valentine's and CV cannot kill the chemistry between its love birds.So all ruffled feathers will be smoothed over in time.

Back to the episode, its a marvel of sorts that Brij makes it to Khurana Mansion/Outhouse despite the CCTV's and bolstered security measures.
He doesnt even need a disguise despite the police having launched a massive manhunt to ensare him. Why Maan is footing all the costs over security remains an enigma when clearly all the baddies are having a free run on his home turf.

The bluetooth bit in the story gave us some happy moments and then as the savior ,was the hero. In the moments intervening Brij chasing Geet downstairs and Maan rushing to her rescue  there is not a soul around. 

I may not be aware of how things work at a Punjabi wedding but a bride being left all alone in a near empty house is stupid beyond imagination.
There are about a dozen people at the door to welcome the baraat. Where are all the security personnel, janitors, cooks? Any human being at all who would have heard Geet's shrieks.

Not before Maan lands couple of punches do the other make their way to the hall. The menfolk comprising- Adi sir, romeo, pandeyji, manisha are shown coming down the stairs.
How did they get up there? Werent they right behind Maan at the door? And with so much commotion why dint a single security personnel show up, not until more blows rain on Brij?

The brother sister verbal duel was sufficiently canned with high doses of drama wrenching out every bit of emotion from the audience.
It still remains a fact that two of Khurana's worst adversaries do not know the truth - Brij and Arjun.

Brij doesnt know about Dev being Maan's brother. At a later date ,maybe he would have a change of heart on being told of the truth and actually apaologise to Maan.
Ditto with Arjun. He is unaware of his sisters wrongful deeds in the first place. It would be too late before he realises that. He would lose out on Annie love and the trust of Khurana's by then.
And viewers can squirm with nervousness if Nayantara wil speak the truth upon regaining consciousness. Should she do that, GHSP can call it curtains and sign off in style.
Arjun, Nayantara, Brij will all kiss and make up. Sameera amd Vicky can stay put at their godforsaken places. Hope CV lets the sleeping dogs lie amd wrap up the show instead of digging out skeletons from the closet and make a khichdi out of the story.

Eventually, the 'ma da ladla/ papa ki pari' shall come into the world, safe in her mothers arms and the two together in daddy's warm embrace.

Makes for one happy family!!!
Chota parivaar Sukhi parivaar.
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Ok!!! In my newfound capacity, as a Groupbie, I begin my first post with a personal anecdote.

It ain't hilarious but worth a mention all the same.In fact I was meaning to state that in one my write ups earlier on but it dint fit into the rhythm or context and is long winding as you will discover.

How many of you remember the episode where Geet and Maan are stuck in a conference room overnight. They had to work on an important project and Geet had closed the door. But there was some problem with the door as it could be opened only from the outside.

I found that supremely laughable yet adorable.The dialogs and acting bit were unlike anything I had seen before. Geet is calling out to the watchmen 8 floors below, " Oye Raam laal, Oye Shaam lal,....Oye khhote, Koi toh suno...and then shrieks her lungs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Not to mention Maans million dollar expressions throughout.

Something on those lines happened to me, and a group of us say about 2 years ago. Just the getting stuck in a conference bit that is.

At our firm we have an ad hoc creative team that meets each month to plan fun activities for the entire dept. B'days of all employees within the month are celebrated,games are conducted, fun quizzes, thambola ..blah blah....yeah, you get the drift? Each month's organizing team is chosen by picking chits.

And that month I was in it along with 6 others. I remember accepting a meeting invite for 2:30 PM but most of us were held up and it was not until 3:10 that we all assembled together. By then however, the reservation of the conference room was up and was occupied by someone else.

So we scouted around the floor for a spare conference room. And none were vacant. We get back to our zone/bay and chuck the interns out. It was recession time and management had turned a conference room into makeshift work stations for the interns, about 8-9 of them. 

Its easier to just bully them and ask them to step out for half hour so we could discuss a top secret. We troop in and start discussing on how to go about, what activities to plan and whats the budget allocated.

One of colleague who had committed offline to come up with some games hadn't turned up. But before we could call her after noting her absence she walks past the conf room. Btw, two sides of the conf room has floor to ceiling glass panels so basically its a see through.We weren't in the conf room mentioned in the meeting invite so she had gone in search of us. And then she saw all the interns standing out and figured it must be us.

So we wave at her and she comes over.When all of us had walked in the last one hadn't closed the door then. Not completely. But this Punjabi kudi, khubsurat and tandurust, bursts through the door and bangs the door shut. And we carry on with our discussion.Its 3:35 now. 

Most of us are itching to get back to work. Close time is 5:30 and all of us had a lot to finish for the day. We decide to meet up first thing tomorrow and wrap up all the planing bit and go ahead with execution as we had just 3 more days to put it all together.

So we get going to stream out. My friend and I were deciding on who would go shopping for the gifts , for the winners of the games. We couldn't ask the office boy to do that as they were to only help us with decoration and bringing in the snacks. Its a strict policy out here ,we cant ask them to run errands for us, nothing personal I mean. But then informally , whether its dropping a cheque or picking up a bouquet at the last minute they are our face saviors! Cheers to themSmile!

Ok. Focus. 
The first two tried couldn't open the door. Girls. It wouldn't budge. There were 3 guys in there. And they try but in vain.  And then we all stop mid way in our conversations and realize we are stuck as theres some problem with the door. It wasn't that we dint know the door had a problem. The interns were given the conf room at one extreme corner. It was a makeshift arrangement for them so there were no intercom or telnets as we call them.

Anyone using the room, prior to the conf room being given to the interns, would never close the door completely shut as the door had a problem. We were in middle of the discussion earlier and hence dint take note when Ruchi, thats the punjabi kudi, had banged it shut.

Since the conf room is in a far end, the network and signals are usually pretty weak.Also, we had recently moved into the new facility and were facing network issues on most days and the IT support team was working 24/7 to fix it. We were only couple of aisles away from our work station and hence not everyone was carrying there mobile phones. I dint. Mine was left to charge at my deskLOL

2 of them had theirs and they tried calling but the reception was poor. So we wait for someone to pass by to ask for help. The conf room of course was sound proof. We banged on the other two sides of the false walls hoping people occupying the adjoining room would hear us. As it turns out there weren't anyone there that day. Weird huh!

Its 4:10 now and we are beginning to panic. We had asked the interns to not stand out in groups lest some manager spot them and take us to task. We, no, I sent them on a break. Finally a colleague walks by and we start gesticulating wildly and point to the door. He does know that the door had a problem so he tries opening it from the outside. After couple of attempts he ask one of us to try again from the inside.

Madame Ruchi, decides to test her muscle power and bingo, the door knob comes loose and breaks free. She must have pulled with all her might cause the impact had her stagger and fall back. Well she put us in the trouble first and now kicked us real deep in itWink.

We are aghast,stunned into silence one minute and in the next we all burst out laughing uncontrollably. The dude outside makes some action about getting help and runs away. We all get back to our chit chatting and teasing ,basically TP'ing. The dude is back with the security bhaiyya on duty and that champu must have came only to take a look. Clearly he dint get the keys along. So he barks into his walkie talkie and another one comes running with a bunch of keys.

Its 4:25 now and the entire staff starts slowly gathering around to witness the drama. we are like celebrities at Big Brother. We wave, fly kisses around, pose for the shutterbugs. After 10 more minutes , its evident the keys are of no help.

So they have to arrange for someone with a grill machine if not a proper locksmith. The office building was pretty new and at different levels work was still on. Our respective managers were freaking out on the loss of man hours and demanded we be rescued immediately. But oh boy! were we having fun in there with all that attention.

But there was a downside. I had taken a late lunch and guzzled about half litre of water , in fact I had carried the water bottle along and sipped all through the time we were there.And I just had to go to the washroom. And so did 2 more gals. From that point on it was no longer funny for meConfused.

Its 4:50 almost and a rugged looking middle aged heavyset man come by with some equipments. They try unscrewing the whole lock out of its place and I don't remember why but they couldn't. So they drill holes at 4 corners and cut through.

We are finally rescued at 5:10 PM.Star And the heroes welcome we got once outside was unbelievable. Ruchi and I are more of the pranksters at work so we became the butt of most of the jokes that day. Just for kicks folks whistled so hard that people from across the bay heard all the commotion and further crowd us. I was almost in tears , no not the emotional drama queen ones, I couldn't hold on any more and remember just fumbling off to the restroom.

Once I was back at my bay with my team I started laughing and the next 15 minutes I dint stop. CryI laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face prompting people to ask skeptically if i was indeed laughing.

It was 5:40 Pm and I had missed my bus back home (company transport) and the next one would be at 7:30 PM. The office was in a Tech park which is a little faraway from the city.

I had loads to do anyways. So I go back to the restroom, wash my face, go into the pantry,make myself a cup of hot chocolate, refill the water bottle and get back to my desk. Most of them had left for the day barring the ones who had their own transport. One of my team member shares a sandwich with me before leaving for the day. Asks if I need a drop to some common point. I decline and all falls quiet. Next 1 and half hour I had no clue how time flew byShocked.

The outlook pops a reminder about a con call  at 7:30 that I was supposed to attend. And it was important.Fabulous!Icing on the cake.Just what I neededOuch.

 I had planned to leave early and take that call from home. The reminder was for 5 minutes before the call. I had to pack and leave in the next 5 minutes to make it to the 7:30 shuttle.If I missed that I would have to call a taxi service and they charge crazy as the Tech park was on the outskirts.
I call my  manager, explain my predicament. He says he will dial me in on my mobile phone. Thats 2 minutes downDead.

The next 3 minutes I am nothing short of a lightening. Packed up in a jiffy and ran to the lobby. None of the four lifts are at level 3 and I cant wait. So I dash to the fire exit stairways and ran as if my life depended on it.

Some stroke of luck that the fire exit opened directly to the parking lot where the shuttle was all set to leave.I had never taken that stairway before so it was a discovery. I hop onto the bus and about 15 people look at me as if they had seen a ghost. I was huffing and puffing and grunting and out of breath. The huge tote bag, the laptop, couple of documentations that I was juggling with must have made a funny sight indeed. I don't blame them.

I crashed onto a seat, far back of the bus , when my phone rang. I bundled all my stuff together, pulled them closer and took two deep breath before saying, " Hi everyone, Good evening......

In my head: "What the *%($%^ is good about this eveningAngry?

End of storyClap
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Congratulations CV! 

You evoke my interest. 
You get me addicted. 
You make that an obsession. 
You kept me guessing.
You dictate my mood swings every now and then.
You keep me on tenterhooks. 
I am on the edge now. 
Don't push me.

What?? Are your afflicted with the Peter Pan syndromeOuch
You want the wise men from " Gift of Magi" descending from the heavens above complete with their  satiny robes, snow whitey ruffled feathers and silvery wands to drive home a point to you? 
The point being " Curiosity killed the crow.Dead"

Is that what it will take? Fine! Consider me one then.

Have you had your fill of seeing us audience like frogs in a well? All of us are trying to get out and see what's on the outside but we ain't going anywhere.Definitely not to any place worthwhile.
And what do you do? Kick in some sand on our faces for good measure.

Episode 176: An official confirmation on the show about the wedding.
Last I checked you aired 217th. My rational mind cant fathom any logic therein to speak of that explains the time lag in giving us a wedding. More so in the wake of your tall claims of a dream wedding.

At the expense of repeating myself...What have you gotten yourself into? A freaking time warp?

13th Jan is way past us.

The planet spun in its own axis 7 times over.
An earthquake crippled a nation.
Flash flood grounded another.
The Australian Open kicked off.
These were some of the happenings of the real world.
So as a messenger from planet Earth, its my duty to inform you folks at La La land about the daily grind of us mere mortals.

Your protagonists are deservedly the Princess Charming and his beloved the " Pari"Star. And we are chuffed to bits that they are living out a fantasy for usHeart. They are doing their bit, how about you getting off your ass and getting on with the show?

We ain't no kids mister to be handed down candies when the 3 tier Raspberry cake is nowhere in sight, also out of bound. I rebel. I refuse to cave in. Give us what we want and keep the shenanigans out. Give us the wedding and then carry on with all freaks on your showThumbs Up.

Thus spake MAGG 's recent survey reports.
Btw, MAGG = Medical Association Governing Geet 

"Its been a long wait and testing our patience can be detrimental to your TRP."
Rx: The wedding has to be executed with immediate effect for collective relief.

I have no grouse with the episode today. Went down as smooth as... for lack of imagination...ummmm..lemme think ..A smoothie. 
I reserve my rights to creativity. You at CV not having have any doesn't imply I could flaunt. No sir, I refuse to give you any further ideas. Why should I give my best when you dish out half baked Shepherd pie'sWacko? No offense vegans I am a pure veggie myself.

If you having trouble following, let me explain it in Hindi..

Ye kaun se namuraad station pe aake dono ki prem ki rail gaadi rok rakhi hai aapne? Baksh do! Chewing gum ki tarah kheench kheench kar kahani ko taar taar kar dala hai.Broken Heart Sigh!
Jo hua so hua, par baaki ka tamasha shaadi ke baad karwa lena, kisne roka hai?
Pinky, Adi, Dadi, Romeo , Tasha vagerah milkar laakh koshish kar le baat toh wahin aadhi adhuri reh gayi na.
Par ab bas. Aur nahi.. Its "jaago grahak jaago" morcha now.
"CV ki taanashahi aur dimaag se paidal harkatein nahi chalengi"

I cant think of any other naarebaazi in Hindi so plagiarizing blatantlyWink.

Ok, so I have beaten you to a pulp now and the matter to death.
Would it be of any help if I say you actually got couple of things right, up and going for you in todays episode.

I loved the bit on Maan comforting Geet over her daddy er ..ahem...the Handa issues. Now, thats a gentleman. And we don't have to look at his shoes for it,which by the way are in real danger of being stolen by his chirpy saalis tomorrow.
We can see this gentleman from miles away. How? The eyes. That speak volumes and the language of love for his Misthi.

Thats the oxford dictionary meaning for 'sizzle' and 'chemistry'. How about getting Annie and Arjun to leaf through the same..maybe then they stand a chance. Annie and Arjun define 'fizzle' and 'physics'.
Newton's law at work: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The two idiots deserve each otherLOL.
Note: I am not saying Nikunj and Piyush. So, no personal attack.

Moving on the other bit which was your saving grace-Maan and Geet letting the world know in no uncertain terms their thoughts on one another.

Geet stuck to her predictable dialogs.... Prince on a white horse on a rescue mission...the damsel in distress galloping off to lands beyond the azure skies where no trouble or evil can even exist.

Maan's declaration of how the make believe world of angels have now come to mean everything to him...the larger than life becoming the life....for he has the honor of a Pari gracing his throne, ruling his heart and mind.

I was hoping there was more chutzpah to the dialogs there...something packed with a knockout punch. But you are pardoned on the following grounds.

1. Your actors rose above the shoddy script and predictable dialogs.
2. The chemistry that was built over time. For old times sake only.

While Annie and Arjun are immensely forgettable by a large part of us audience we get the sinking feeling that they are integral to your godforsaken plot and its sadist twists. And hence you wont do away with them. We are trying to make peace with that. And that's harder to do than you think.

I am off GHSP till Monday due to a tricky situation at my end.And in  all probability wont have access to internet and TV. If things work out of course I will have my say without being asked forTongue

Yet I would appreciate if you hold off the wedding till I am back. Well!! You have for so long. Another 2 days wont kill you. It sure dint kill us and we have been waiting for over 3 weeks now. That's the wisdom gained from experience speakingSmile

Do oblige.


P.S: CV, You really should see the inherent sarcasm. My IF id you nimrod!
Drop me a line with "Dear God, Help Us......" it will be construed as a plea. It's all your's for the askingWink
Question is, " Will you reach for it?"
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged

Caught the rerun.

Even before I could rue missing it initally, I could see I wouldnt have missed much anyways. The SBB segment earlier on the day pretty much outlined what was worth looking forward to.

Yesterdays episode hinted at ' joote do paise lo ' sequence and Adi - Pinky naughty act hitting it off to a start was endearing. 

Geet and Maan as always lit up the screen and our hearts with their air time. The two never had eyes for anyone but themselves but hey who's complaining.

Daar ji's bang on time for kanyadaan bit was leaked on SBB and the novelty had worn off. I had always hoped CV unite Geet and her family and they pull off the act to coincide with the wedding. Neat!

We all have come to be so fond of Geet that we are rooting for Maan to bring her every dream/wish/whims/fancies (also adding some of ours in the process) to materialise them.

Finally, Annie and Arjun.

I think they have been lamblasted enough already. Not only for their acting skills but also the air time they had come to consume. CV's strategy is best known to them.
In today's episode, they twosome beat the 'awesome' by miles to the.....well, you know what I mean, dont you.

 Their whirlwind romance ( pre and post Arjun's character turning negative) defies logic. Not unexpected though. CV has a rich history of being on the erring side of logic and common sense.  

The story was otherwise brewing to a boiling point and CV adds an undesirable concoction. As if picking a rookie wasn't bad enough they stoop to a new low- borrowing plot from 'K' series.

What started off as a family drama, meant to highlight social issues and a girl's fight for justice is slowly steadily sinking into a revenge saga.

First Nayantara. Brij comes next, and now Arjun.
Geet commanded, nay, demanded that audience relate to her. Her spirits to battle all odds, in face of numerous adversities and bring her unborn child into this big world connected with the audience. 

Teens and adults alike reasoned that the wronged should claim her life back with dignity and self respect intact and the perpetrators of the crime be out behind bars.

That's a social responsibility with each of us and CV struck the right chords there. Maan's character was the perfect foil and despite a million rationality being tossed around carelessly, the character's righteousness ensured wecome to love the lead pair. 

Today the two have come a long way on the show and the characters are etched on our minds forever.  And then CV rocks the boat and is in for a free fall.  

The dead rising from the ashes, marital disharmony, revenge-avenge plot,extra marital affairs, children outside of wedlock, way ward brothers and sisters, general lack of morality, betrayal, in law horror, evil daughter in law, pregnancies from all plausible reasons ranging from rape, consensual to raging hormones? 

Sounds familiar? They are the chief elements in most or all of the shows that run daily across 100's of channel. Take a look at each in singularity and I demand to  know why GHSP should be any different? 

The answer probably lies in the treatment of these elements and blending it into the story without any of them sticking out like an eye sore. And then things change and it's been such a let down.

Annie making out with Arjun under the same roof as her brother's wedding is unacceptable. It's a new low for CV. We understand dramatics. Bringing in Brij and Nayantara right when the wedding bells toll was theatrical enough. A la Parineeta act was entirely expendable. 

I recall the scene from one of the earliest episode when Geet sneaks out of her home to meet Maan and asks him for the agent's contact number who sold the plot to him. Maan was condescending to her and alludes to her presence in his house at that hour in a very bad light. Geet nearly slaps him but restrains herself and says , " you were right about not using force / strike a blow to the helpless.And something about?aapki soch bhi utni hi choti hai?."

For a man as principled as Maan, CV deemed fit that Arjun delivers the blow where it hurts the most. And so, they contrive the story to portray a man taking advantage of a woman to put his plan through. 

Now those of you raising an eyebrow at the word ' advantage' can rest easy. CV actually has a social message in there. We need to read between the lines.

Annie is educated, loved by her family and like any other teen given to whims and fancies. That could be any one of the million teens out there. But CV takes it a step further to paint a picture of stupidity beyond belief.

So if a girl like Annie can fall to charming deception, shed her inhibitions along with clothes, it could happen to be just about anyone in real world.

I do believe in love at first sight. And if we dint believe in love we wouldn't be following GHSP today. Yet, Annie-Arjun's romance is unacceptable to us


Because it is running parallel to the all important wedding track?

Because it is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds in comparison to the snail paced wedding and consuming equal if not more air time on the show?

Because we are deeply passionate about the impact of it on Maan-Geet track?


Because, it's beyond our sensibilities to see a man-woman fall in love in a matter of days?

Because, they compromise on social norms and indulge in promiscuous behavior?

Because, Annie's character is portrayed as one with 'easy' virtues?

Aforementioned are 2 set of reasoning. One from the story PoV and the other from a social PoV. Do put your thinking caps on and reconsider why GHSP appeals to you. 

I don't want to sound like a saint or be preachy but I was sold to the concept that the show was addressing a social evil. It was being done in an immensely appealing fashion, targeted the youth, oozed innocence and simplicity, did not resort of shenanigans or exaggerations, kept the fun factor intact, had lead actors working their magic on us and we fell to these charms despite a wayward storyline.  

It has increasingly, overwhelmingly and obsessively boiled down to Geet and Maan today.No offense to all Geet-Maan fans. They are the reason I am still watching the show. I am merely thinking aloud.

 Why was Chak De India, Rang de basanti, Fashion such big hits? Only because they had good performances? I highly doubt that. All 3 were youth oriented movies and they held a message there in?  

Even "Paheli" has stupenduous performances and even nominated in a category for the Oscars. It was a major dud despite the stars. Why? Because one din't connect to it? 

Its time we look at the big picture and draw conclusions than to go with the flow of widespread emotions. 

Long after the show wraps up on Star One I want to remember the story as a fairytale. Not as a show that had a sister getting cosy and comprising her own moral values as also putting the household honor at stake. 

Now that's a double edged sword. 'Honor'. Define it. 

Why is that when Geet's family ask her to abort the child and keep mum over the betrayal for the sake of family honor we find Geet's rebellion righteous.Because Geet believes  it is right? She has been wronged and she wants to keep the baby and wage a lone battle against social prejudices governed by a male dominated society. Therefore, Geet is actually exercising her free will. Geet conceived as a result of a con job. She din't know she was part of a bigger plan.

 Now let's consider Annie.

She is a spoilt, rich brat, used to getting things her way and like most teenagers with a very dismissive attitude to speak of. Along comes a man she feels is a perfect match to her. She doesn't wait to be asked and is the new age woman making the first move. She believes she is right in choosing her partner and exercise her will.


She isn't the first woman on planet to be duped by charms of a man.

She isn't the first woman to give into raging hormones.

She isn't the first woman to lie about her love escapades.

She isn't the first woman to prioritize love over family.

She isn't the first human being who is just plain stupid.

But she is branded stupid? Too forward? And to use words used in other threads on this forum?badtameez, naalayak, chaalooo , fast?so on and so forth.On the show it's a complete circle. Annie will pretty much land in same situationas Geet was at the beginning of the show.

 Today we are tolerant of live in's, divorces, bigamy, consummating prior to tying the knot?and we label this as personal freedom and free will. I for one will respect a choice and can live with that. But there is no need for me to measure it up against my set of values and ethics. To each his own.

The reactions on the thread devoted to Annie and Arjun is vicious purely from the story PoV. I was hoping to see someone look at the issue in totality beyond just the story. 

If I needed to preach I would have turned a social activist or worse still join hands with National Commission for Woman and actually do something than write posts on a forum dedicated to the entertainment industry. 

Valid point. However, the motive here was to draw on the thought process of the common man. You and I. We are the audience. We are part of the society. The same mass that CV is trying to cater by way of entertainment. We are part of that society which unites to give Jessica Lal case a retrial. We united to express solidarity to an earthquake or a flash flood in the same breath as we were outraged over a powerful nation flattening another, for rhyme and reason best known to them, as if it owned the world. 

Yes I watch the show to escape from the reality of it all. Commercial formula based movies are a run away hit and its poorer cousin from "art house" meet with debacles at the BO. A perfectly good show is taking on unwarranted burdens upon itself and ruining the essence of it. That's my grouse.

Yes, you can ask me to shut up with my lecture and take it elsewhere. Well. I would. For now. It's late. And if you are still reading this you know it's a long post.  It's been a long day. I will try and leave my brain out of this in future and stick to cutesy posts.

Good night!
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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Its been a while...since my last post and every time I am back  after a self imposed exile from IF I come across a veritable feast of topics discussed through various threads. Some are interesting, some pique my curiosity, some are downright malicious....

During my time away most of the topics that occurred to me have been discussed and ripped apart with clinical precision.So there would be no value add through this post. However, I write to put pen to paper ( not literally) few of the fleeting thoughts in the intervening time lag.

I have been caught up with an awful lot of tangents at work place. After 3 years I'm back to doing what I love most-"Change". So, one hectic day after another, I come home to a doting family that  loves to crib over how little they get to see of me. And I settle down to catch GHSP as discreetly as possible.

And I read through threads that are spiteful of body doubles, GC and DD's personal life being discussed in not so colorful words. They are in entertainment industry and hence it some how gives us audience a right to opine on their privacy. Interesting. Most of IF members are students and/or working professionals who have an eventful day and await each evening to catch up with a 22-22 minute show. The actors of the show work 14-16 hours of their own eventful day to bring us that magic each evening. 

If the reel life hasn't exhausted them already, they too have to get back to a real life, with real people in it ,who probably love complaining as much as my family does.And like any of us, they too would want to run away from it all for some time. Like my colleagues cover for me during my absence, body doubles step in to relieve the pressure off the actors.

But somehow, the whole issue, which seems very normal to me, gets blown out of proportion.Because, we live in a consumerist era and there the consumer , a.k.a, audience is the king??

And IF turns into a self styled ombudsman forum. 

Being as much a fan of the show as any of the member here the use of body doubles, the absence of actors, the alterations to the story line and screenplay to accommodate the two isn't exactly finding favors with me but I think I can relate at some logical level to forgive.

I have some interests out of work place and they demand a large chunk of my precious little personal time. Thank god I have worked out a agreeable format at work and family, and yes both nag endlessly.

So when I read about the Valentine day's special show with GC and DD too performing in it,they making time for rehearsals, I can empathize with them largely.

My these very other interests will be have me missing out the entire Valentine weekend. And I don't even want to get started on it. I sure am miserable as hellCry. But then what's IF for. I can catch up at a later date and it will all feel like I was never gone.

As far as the story is concerned, I cant help but wonder why creative team can only think of a fight followed by kiss and make up in the name of twist. The sensitive issue could have been handled altogether differently. There wasn't a need for harsh words and extreme measures. In MSK's own words, Geet understands him better than he knows himself. A heart to heart talk is all that was needed.  But then CV knows better. I am sure their  script writers are paid well enough for it.

And with the doctor not telling Geet about the complications and the impending need for abortion, the door is left wide open for some more drama. Time will tell.

Finally, the surprise element was Annie. The Arjun Annie track actually tugged at my heart strings. And no its still not the actors who are responsible for it. With Arjun letting the cat out of the bag and having laid out all his cards, I am expecting CV to pack a punch with Annie's stand on the fiasco.

I am hoping it redefines the social standing for a woman who has been dealt with such a cruel hand. A thundering slap on the faces of all those who think women are mere pawns in their hand. After Arjun's revelation of his true intentions, there is no need for Annie to grieve endlessly. She is young to get over the heartbreak and the proximity that held a world of promises too shall be soon forgotten.

By shedding tears and mourning a loss that she never owned in the first place she needn't play right into Arjun's hands. May her choices, shatter into smithereens the notion that a victimized woman has to take cover of silence and live with the wrongs. May she take a leaf out of Geet's journals and live with the consequences of her choices and happily so, with or without a man by her side.

The most idiotic theory on the planet is that a woman needs to have a man by her side, that marriage is a be all end all and that motherhood completes her. Now, no one is arguing the sanctity of these institutions but certain notions are arguable.

Loosing virginity /making out with a wrong man is traumatic indeed but one needn't feel victimized over it. My opinion purely and I do wish GHSP makes a bold statement with the current storyline.

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