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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Dial M for Murder!!

GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged

Dial M for Murder.

And that's not just on the show.Anyone reading this will sure want to murder me.
Reason? You know what they say about intuitions. I had one a couple of minutes ago and logged into type it out before it escapes my mind.
Speaking of escaping, my obsession with GHSP will someday get me in trouble at work. Tch Tch!
The way things are shaping up, its common knowledge now that, Geet is aware of Nayantara's threat and Maan is hunting down Brij viciously but ofcourse not vice versa.
So in their own rights, both are kind of prepared for the shocker and/or a face off.
Geet being shot at is definitely Maan's nightmare. While the audience is being led to believe that its Geet and her baby who are at peril, I think otherwise now.
I happened to stare at the logo of the show, the original one, that of Geet in that yellow salwar kameez.
Geet has been far too much trouble already since the inception of the show and especially in the last dozen episodes.  That the show is about her journey is a different story altogether.
So, CV shall go contrary to public opinion and bring in the most unexpected twist. Maan is leaving no stone unturned to ensure Geet's safety and we assume Maan to be well next to God if not the almighty himself.
(He played Lord Shri Ram before, dint he. lol)
In between all the drama, Maan ko bachane wala kaun hai? Koi nahi?
He is the vulnerable one.
Geet and the baby will be fine but its Maan who will head to the ICU and stay in coma. Dev left GHSP at a juncture where he promises dadi ma to track down Nayantara and ensure the troublemaker is tamed.
So, Dev will be back on the show. Maan in coma. Dev at Khurana mansion. Remember Geet was not only married to him ( yes one can argue that as per hindu marriage act, pehli biwi ke hote hui second shaadi is null and void) but also is the bearer of Dev's child.
Audience chahe jitna bhi hone wale bacche ko Maan aur Geet ka samjhe, sacchai toh yehi hai ki , baby ke papa toh Dev hi hai na.
Aur agar CV , Maan ka ticket sach mein katwa denge toh, it will make for Geet and Dev to be back together, not out of love but out of responsibility to the baby.
Aakhir bacche ko apne asli papa ka naam milna chahiye. There are 1000's of Dev-Geet fans out there and CV can revive that angle. Well they do make a handsome couple.
Dev is genuinely sorry for his actions, Geet is in a state of shock as Maan either dies or is in coma, but with time dadima will encourage the two to think in that direction.
Picture this:
Dadima to Geet: Beta, aapki poori zindagi aapke samne hai. Apne baare mein na sahi lekin apne bacche ki khatir toh sochiye.
Dadima to Dev: Beta, aaj Geet jin mushkilo  aur haalaton se guzar rahi hai uske liye aapko zindagi bhar prayschit karna hoga. Is bacche ki taraf aapki bhi zimmedari banti hai.
Slowly steadily the two will resolve their differences and agree to be a couple for the baby's sake.
This track will ensure atleast 50 -100 episodes for GHSP. Uske baad tadka hoga, Maan coma se jaag uthenge. Aur dekhenge Maan ki Geet, majboori mein hi sahi, Dev ke saath khush hai,Dev bhi sacche mann se galti sudhaar raha hai, Geet ka utna hi khayal rakhta hai jitna ki woh khud, and to top it all they have dadima's approval.
Toh woh sochenge, har baar khushiyaan Geet ke darwaaze tak aate aate laut jaati hai. Agar mere wapas aane se phir se Geet ki zindagi mein toofan aa jaaye mujhe ye bardasht nahi hoga.
Is tarah woh apne pyaar ki qurbaani de denge aur amar premiyo ke itihaas mein apna naam swarn aksharo mein likh jayenge.
Pehle Sameera. Phir Geet.
Doosri baar Maan ka dil toot jaata hai aur phir se audience will have the angriest young man on TV ever- The return of Maan Singh Khurana!!!
Geet and the show will live upto the name....
Pehle Geet apne family se Parayi hui.
Dev ko Nayantara aur Khurana parivaar se paraya kiya.
Maan ko hi Khurana parivaar se paraya kar degi.
Lekin Geet jab Maan ke tyaag ke sach se rubaru hogi woh apne bacche ko lekar sab kuch picche chod kar chali jayegi , aur is tarah Khurana parivaar se parayi ho jayegi.
Kya baat , Kya baat , Kya baat!!!!
P.S: This post is already part of another thread.  Reposting as new topic so that the GHSP future can be scripted.

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Dev and Geet Dead Dead Dead thanks I guarantee a majority of the viewers will quit the show if they even think of this track. I will be one of them. The think that keeps this show alive and brings them the ratings is Maaneet track. If they even mess with the couple - their TRPs will be down in the dumps. Angry

Plus it will not hurt them to remember that their TRPs stabilized only once Maan entered the show and people saw the fabulous chemistry between the lead pair. Until then there was even talk to the show going off the air. It was Maaneet and their chemistry that saved the show.

I will say this - they are playing with fire. There is no comparison between Maan and Dev. Dev is a rapist in the eyes of many including me. So what message are they trying to send. That rapists should be forgiven if they seek forgiveness and turn to do some good. I will quit the show for sure if this happens and so will a lot of the Maaneet fans. If that is not true how do you explain the high TRPs whenever Maaneet scenes are shown and the drop when other couples come on screen.

Plus the actor who plays Dev is wooden in his expressions. They want us to take him instead of GC who emotes fabulously. I say close the show with Maaneet marraige and they lived happily ever after.

Yeah they can keep the show running with the Dev and Geet fans for a few months maybe but by then the damage will have been done and this show will have to shut shop. There are a lot of viewers who are just hanging in there because of the Maaneet chemistry. One more thing, I want Star One and the PH to recall the last time TRPs went for a toss - when they tried to separate Maan and Geet. If they do it again the same thing will happen.

Maaneet together makes the show work and not Maan and Geet separately.

If they want to give Dev a starring role go right ahead but be ready for your fans to leave and your TRPs to hit rock bottom because all the fans who are hanging in there will just get disgusted and leave.

Good luck Star One if you take this track.

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Amiiish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged
I dont get the topic is GC leaving kya??

I recently wrote an Deveet OS, but never thought it would be for realShocked
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Dear Liv2Laugh,
That was quick and bang on. You nailed it.Phew! some display of emotions that.
This is but an fictional take on what can possibly be going in CV's mind for the show's future. I am merely testing the waters and taking into account all possible public reactions.
I have been with IF for little over a week now and barely venture beyond GHSP related discussions. And each of my login has been to add to my previous thread.
Disclaimer:Excuse my ignorance. I had no inkling of the kind of passion the members of this forum/topic have towards GHSP. I have followed GHSP on and off via IF until my recent addiction. So the possibility of missing out on some episodes/crucial scenes/defining moments are quite high.
Through the thread I would want the audience to piece it all together and bring out all facets of the characters so we can look forward to GHSP becoming a landmark show.
If CV had to ask me, I would say, please wrap up the story in next 25 episodes and not let the story and the show go astray. The going has been so great that one wrong step at this crucial juncture will prove disastrous.
Bring the fairytale to an end with Maan & Geet's happily ever after.
Its said, best of things come in small packages. Therefore, though the show is hugely popular, the lead pair's real claim to fame, its in best interest that the show signs off on a high note.
The audience will be thankful for that and even if Star one does a repeat of the show after some timelag I am sure it will have a successful run.
Hoping no idiot at CV is proposing a 500 episode mark.
GodHelpUs Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2011
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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged


Knew it!! Ye shaadi toh ab teen episode aur chalegi..aur us par bhi pata nahi hogi bhi ki nahi.
Aaj ka episode pe toh Nayatara ka grahan lag gaya.
The only saving grace was Maan sneaking into meet Geet and be the first one to apply haldi to her.Their little adventure there was oh- so adorableSmile!
Maan ka chupte chupaate 'uptan bana le jaana,
Phir khidki se entry lena,
Geet ka Maan ke sar pe vase de marna,
phir ice lagana,
phir ladna....
Hai rabba!!!!!!!!!!!!! SaucyWink!!!
' Aapne ek aur baar shaadi wale din shaadi cancel karne ki baat ki toh.....seedha action hoga..'
Maan ( with a to-die-for-expression)
" Accha...action hoga??? kis action ki baat kar rahi ho Geet..."
And the two looked ravishingEmbarrassed!!
Their respective haldi ceremony were perfunctory.
Arjun is far too principled to abet with Nayantara's intentions and that came across loud and clear. Its also evident that he doesnt know ( read hasnt asked ) how or why has his sis been wronged by the Khurana's. 
Agar pooch leta, ya kam se kam Annie se hi pata chal jata hai toh apni clinically depressed behan ko bewakoofi karne se rok sakta hai.
Ab aisa ho, toh kal ke episode mein Annie aur Arjun ko baat karni hogi aur exactly explain karna hoga ki aisa kya dariya hai beech mein jo ye do kinare nahi mil sakte. Aur humein in dono ke track to jhelna padega .
Aur phir Brij jis bil mein chupa baitha hai, usko bhi Khurana mansion tak le aana hai...
With that eating into air time, kal bhi shaadi hone se rahi. Ab toh saturday ko hi shaadi hote hote reh jaani hai aur Maan ne "kasam" uthani hai.
CV walo tumhari khair nahiDead.Ye bahut galat kar rahe ho.
Kaisa chirkut bhai hai Arjun, bina asal wajah jaane badla lene aa gaya hai?Confused Itna hi samjahdaar hai toh apne jija ji ke baare mein ek baar nahi pucha? Behan aur jija ji ke beech sulah karane ki koshish toh door sochi bhi nahi? Nayantara ko bina bataye, man-to-man talk kyu nahi kar liya usne.
Ab koi bhi rational banda itna toh karega hi ki samasya batcheet se hi hal ho jaaye.Phir bhi baat na bane toh aagey dekha jayega. Par nahi, prove jo karna hai Nayantara ke bhai ki akal uske ghutno mein hai. Ekdum fit jodi hai, jaisa wh khud vaisi Annie , upari manzil khaali.
Why hasnt Maan ensured that the security staff know what Nayantara looks like alongside Brij? How did she make it in there?
How did she get hold of Geet's cell number? How does she even know Geet has one?
If that freaking woman is the one who has bailed that Brij out she would have been in India for quite sometime and no one tells that to Maan and his aides.So, basically all the money being spent by Maan on security is down the drain.
Anyways, this aint bloopers time. I am super irked that CV aint doing justice to the audienceAngry as promised.
P.S: Episode se zyada maza toh SBS ke segments mein aaya tha. Even the precap for tomorrow dint stir interest.
GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
This thread is exclusively dedicated to the proposed future of the show by us audience.
What does the forum think about a 5-10-15-20 year leap to the story? I know I am being hopelessly futuristic here, but whats one got to loose. Besides, there are many interesting tangents to look forward to that way.
For now, Geet and Maan wed despite odds.
(Geet and Maan want to be husband and wife and spend the rest of their lives together like all fairytale lovebirds do.
How? When? what? where? is irrelevant to them as long as they are a together.
The real dream is to be a couple.Mrs and Mr Khurana. And they would care two hoots if their wedding does not turn out to be grandest ceremony ever.Dream wedding is for titillating audience sentiments afterall.)
Scenario 1
Brij and Nayantara if not dead will be out of the jail.
The baby would be a teenager.And one fine day will want to know who the real father is (Nayantara's handiwork ofcourse). And will gang up with Nayantara against Maan.
That would cause some upheavel in Khurana household.
Geet and Maan would have a kid of their own too by then. The sibling rivalry angle can be exploited. Dev's child accusing Maan of pretending to be a good father only because he is in love with the mother.
Scenario 2
Geet and Maan have wed. The child is born. Geet cannot be a mother ever again. (ye toh hona hi tha, pehle hi itni mushkilo se guzari hai ki doosre ki gunjaish hi nahi chodi).
Nayantara/Brij kidnaps the child. Despite his best efforts Maan cannot find the child. Nayantara/Brij ofcourse make it seem like Maan's negligence. Geet will loose her mind and go into a state of shock. Years later, a young man/ girl joins Khurana constructions. Its Geet and Maan's child but raised by Nayantara as her own child, and tutored to bring misery to the Khurana's. He/She will win Maan's confidence.Slowly and steadily takes over Khurana constructions to avenge Nayantara's humiliation.
A challenge to Maan Singh Khurana. While finding a way to get out of the mess, Maan will discover that its their own long lost child. Maan will confront the child and reveal the truth ,exposing Nayantara crime.
Geet will be revived with the reunion of her son/daughter.
And the Khurana's shall live happily ever after.
GodHelpUs Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2011
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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Busy day and couldn't catch up with IF for updates. 
Read a thread on Geet or Maan gorging on jail ki hawa in the coming episodes. Rumor or not that piqued my curiosity.

We all want a wedding and it shall happen. CV has promised that dreams to come true it and it will albeit with a twist.
Agar CV walo ne is baar shaadi nahi rachayi na, phir se expensive set, costumes, wedding related sequences ka kharcha uthana padega. Khurana construction ka toh pata nahi lekin CV ka diwala nikal jayega.

Rahi baat ki jail ki....

a.toh Geet ko uski  'nazuk halat' mein toh jail nahi bhejenge  aur na hi Maan aisa hone dega

b. nayantara aur brij dono geet ko jail kyu bhejenge, woh toh uska permanent pack up karvane ki taaq mein baithe hai. Geet tak pahunchne ke liye Maan ko raaste se hatana hai...isliye Maan hi jail jayega.

c. Arjun kanooni daav pech se khuranas par vaar karega.. Kal ke episode mein usne kaha na ki woh kuch nahi bhula hai aur woh badla bhi lega lekin galat tarike se nahi. 

Ab Maan jail jayega toh Nayantara Khurana mansion mein wapas aa jayegi. Agar uski saanth gaanth Brij ke saath hui hai th woh Geet ko brij ke hawale kar degi..dono ki mansha poori ho jayegi.

Arjun ko uski galti aur pyaar dono ka ehsaas hoga aur woh Annie ke saath milkar Maan ko chudvane ki koshish karenge.

Suna hai Maan , serial se thoda time off chahate hai apni personal life ko thoda waqt dene ke liye. Toh Maan ka gayab hone ke liye ye perfect excuse hai...

For once CV show mein Maan-Geet romance ke alava bhi kahin aur concentrate kar payenge. Mana ki the show is because of the romance, and jitna zyada zulm Maan ke absence mein hoga Geet/ Khurana's par utna zyada audience will wait with excitement for Maan to return and bash up all the baddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, its a very positive development!!!

GodHelpUs Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 9:48am | IP Logged

Super proud of CV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant! Master stroke!

They have done what none on this forum could collectively even remotely second guess.
Classic "Tees Maar Khan" job!!!!
One roller coaster episode that has redefined all dimensions of the story.
Great attention to details retaining logic and all built in elements of suspense and drama.
Nayantara flicking Maan's phone to make the call
Luring Geet into a face off
Maan and co learning of Nayantara's presence at home.
Arjun 's change of heart and confessing his love to Annie.
Arjun being informed of Nayantara being at Khurana mansion.
Geet boldly and squarely showing the ugly face of truth to Nayantara.
Maan rescuing Geet and subsequently attempting to save Nayantara.
Arjun arriving at the inopportune moment to witness Nayantara's near fatal fall.
Arjun holding Maan responsible for letting go and not making an effort to save Nayantara.
Nayantara slipping into coma.
Khurana clans explanation for the accident.
Arjun now has a grudge and vendetta against the Khurana's and Maan to be specific.
With his intentions being made clear, the rumors making the rounds on SBS, of Maan making his way to jail shall materialise.
The wedding shall take place and Arjun shall file a FIR against Mann for the attempt to murder of Nayantara. And from  'saat phere' Mann shall make the long journey to 'chakki pisna'. Until Nayantara regains consciouness police will have to wait for her statement. Ofcourse Maan will be out on bail but he will be missing for some episodes to say the very least.
So the actor stating in an interview that he is taking personal time off has coincided perfectly with the show's dramatic course of events.
Brij will be around to give us some more fireworks. Lekin woh thehra dimaag se paidal. Whatever he is planning will boomerang thanks to Maan's being on the alert than ever before.
Even if he doesnt get caught, he will be lurking in the shadows to get at Geet during Maan's absence.
All bases covered CV!!! 
Your creative dept just won me over with such an interesting plot. Check and mate!!
I'll sit back, put my feet, relax and enjoy the wedding. This cant get better!!!

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