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FF : Post wedding part 19 updtd pg 94 last part (Page 94)

drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Fantastic update Varsha, loved the baby's name Myesha, it's beautiful. Vicky & Rajji's love story will be progressing soon thanks to Maaneet playing cupid.
Loved it Clap waiting for the next update, please update soon Smile

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GurruKiDeewani- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
when will you update? update soon

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dreamy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 November 2011 at 5:09am | IP Logged
awsome ... next update waiting ...

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Thank you guys for all the love and support and ll be updating the last part in few minutes...

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sakshi.ekansh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
varshu di aap end kar rahe ho????

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Sorry guys for the delay and Thank you guys for all the love and support and loved reading your comments...Heart felt thanks to you guys..
Part 19: Amritsar
Maan Geet and their daughter myesha and rajji and Vicky reach Amritsar.
At airport:

Geet ' Maan, hum kahaan rukne waale hai ?

Maan ' Farmhouse par geet'kuch hi door ek farmhouse hai

Geet ' Babaji, yeh kya kiya aapne..baaki duniya ke saath hotel mein rukthey'lekin nahi..inhe toh

Maan ' Geet..tumne kuch kaha..

Geet ' nahi toh..

Geet and rajji together with myesha and maan and Vicky together

Geet ' maan bhi na'farmhouse par rukenge'

Rajji ' didi'yeh pakka Vicky ka idea hoga

Geet ' badi aaiyee..vicky ka idea bolne waali'waise ho sakta hai'dono bhai ek jaise..


They all start moving towards their farmhouse in car. On their way, they come to know that because of landslide the way to their farmhouse is blocked and they then decide to stay in a resort. They call dadima and inform her about the change in their plans.

Finally they reach the resort. 3 rooms have been booked.

Maan singh khuraana, Vicky singh khuraana and Rajji

All of them check in their rooms. As its nite and all are tired, they decide to eat dinner in their respective rooms and go to bed. They all decide their next day schedule and bid adieu to each other.

Next  day morning'

Dadima calls up geet.

Dadima ' hello gud morning geet betey.

Geet ' good morning dadima.

Dadima ' geet betey, maine aapko yeh yaad dilaane ke liye phone kiya hai ki aaj surya graham hai..isliye aaj shyam ke 6 bajeh ke baad bahar jaayega..

Geet ' surya graham'thanks dadima'aapne baatha diya..lekin hum hotel mein kya karenge..

Dadima ' uski fikaar aap math kijiye betey'uska intezzam kar diya hai humne..all the best betey..

Dadima hungs the call and geet keeps thinking intezzam kar diya hai and all the best..then she calls maan

Geet ' maan'aaj din bhar ka schedule cancel karna padega

Maan ' kyu kya hua geet'myesha theek hai na..kahin usko toh

Geet ' sab theek hai maan'woh dadima ka phone aaya tha..unhone bola aaj surya grahan hai

Maan ' kya grahan..

Geet ' oh ho maan'solar eclipse'isliye aaj humein poora din resort mein beethana padega'

Meanwhile rajji joins in'geet and rajji are ready. They are wearing chuddidhar as they had planned to go to the Golden Amritsar Temple and they take care of myesha. Geet informs her about the change in plan'maan goes to Vicky s room.


All of them have breakfast'while having breakfast myesha shifts from one person to another person. While taking myesha from Vicky, vicky drops juice in rajji s dress.

Rajji ' koi baath nahi'main change karke aathi hoon' geet and rajji were wearing chuddhidhar as they planned to go to the Golden Amritsar Temple..rajji says she will change and come..geet also says that she will also change as whole day they have to stay at resort. They leave maan vicky and myesha and go to change.

Geet wears three forth jeans and top and a shawl around her and rajji wears a sleeveless top and skirt. They return to the restaurant.

Maan ' geet, acchi dikh rahi ho aur saali sahiba aap bhi..

They all get settled. They were thinking what to do now. Meanwhile one of the management members of the resort comes and tells them that todays schedule has been planned for them.

Maan ' (shocked)'what

Mgmt ' Mrs. Savitri Khurana has planned. You guys need to follow the instructions.

Geet ' dadima ne plan kiya hai..ab samajh mein aaya dadima ne all the best kyu kaha.

The mgmt member asks them to get ready and settle at the reception area. Dadima sends a nani for myesha so that myesha doesn't gets bored. myesha is with nani.

Mgmt team ' sir and madam..u have a game to play. Its treasure hunt and the game will be within the resort and I ll tell you guys the rules.

There will be 2 teams. Both the teams will have to cross 4 stages and the final stage will lead to the treasure. Each stage will have the clues which will help you guys to go to the next clue.

Maan geet rajji and vicky nod their heads.

Team 1: Maan singh khurana and geet singh khurana

Team 2: vicky and rajji

Rajji ' jiii'

Vicky ' blushing'.

Mgmt team'I have been told to team you guys up like this'its an order from Mrs. Savitri Khurana. Also, there will be two camera persons who will be following you guys so that any fraudulent activities can be noticed. No time limit and the team to arrive first will be the winner. The mgmt team shows them the envelope which has the clue. He hands over the first clue to respective team.

Mgmt team gives envelopes to maan n vicky respectively.


1st CLUE:

Maan and geet s 1st clue ' ji laal chaaye raha na jaaye'.

Vicky and rajji s 1st clue ' Daag acche hai..


Maan and geet s 1st clue ' ji laal chaaye raha na jaaye'.

Geet ' alpenlibee'..chocolate

Maan ' geet..yahan pe home made chocolates ka shop hai'chalo chalthey hai'they go to the chocolate shop at the resort.

They dont find any clue there..
Maan ' ji laal chaaye raha na jaaye'restaurant'aur kya'

Maan and geet run to the restaurant area of the resort and their guess was right. There on the middle of the restaurant where there is a cake..they find the second clue.


Vicky and rajji s 1st clue ' Daag acche hai..

Vicky ' daag acchey hai'..bathroom

Rajji ' (weird face) bathroom'you wierdoo'.kuch toh dhanka socho'

Vicky leaves rajji behind and goes to check on the rest room which is in the entrance

Rajji ' babaji'

Vicky ' (comes from the rest room) tumhe kya lag raha tha..maine bathroom socha'mujhe restroom use karna tha..islilye gaaya'kuch bhi sochthi ho..

Rajji ' ulta chor kothwal ko sunaye..ab socho answer kya hai..

Rajji ' resort mein daag type kya hoga'suddenly it strikes her'laundry'mil gaaya laundry.

Vicky and rajji rush to laundry and there they find the second clue on the laundry desk.


2nd CLUE:

Maan and geets 2nd clue:  (5*6) + (20*10)+(13*12)/3+(11*3)

Vicky and rajji s 2nd clue : 20th alphabet + 18th alphabet + 1st alphabet + 22nd alphabet+5th alphabet+12th alphabet''''''''''''''.. space''''''.4th alphabet + 5th alphabet + 19th alphabet + 11th alphabet'..


Maan and geets 2nd clue:  (5*6) + (20*10)+(13*12)/3+(11*3)

Maan and geet solve their mathematical problem and rajji and vicky solve their alphabet problem.

Geet  ' 315'.

Both thinking what this number is'then they realize its their room..both of them rush to their room and there they find the third clue..which is on the lamp.


Vicky and rajji s 2nd clue : 20th alphabet + 18th alphabet + 1st alphabet + 22nd alphabet+5th alphabet+12th alphabet''''''''''''''.. space''''''.4th alphabet + 5th alphabet + 19th alphabet + 11th alphabet'..

 Rajji  ' TRAVEL DESK'.They both run to travel desk area and there the travel desk girl gives them their third clue'


Third clue:

Maan s and geets 3rd clue ' upar neechey aagey peechey up and down round and round..

Geet -  yeh toh kissi surf excel ya phir koi detergent ka ad hai..its laundry'laundry'

Maan ' wah geet..tum toh kaafi hoshiyar nikli'

Geet ' hoshiyarpur ki jo hoon main..

Both maan and geet rush to laundry and find their 4th clue on the rack of clothes.


Vicky and rajji s 3rd clue ' Khaane waale ko khaane ka baahana chahiye'

Rajji ' diary milk'chocolate corner..

Vicky ' restaurant'

Rajji ' chocolate corner

Vicky ' restaurant'

Rajji ' theek hai'main jaa rahi hoon chocolate corner'

Vicky ' and me restaurant

The camera person ' main kahaan jaau'

Rajji and vicky ' bhad mein'

Camera person ' agar aisa hua toh aapki team disqualified ho jaayegi'

Vicky ' theek hai..chocolate corner

Both of them go to chocolate corner and no clue'

Vicky ' restaurant chaley'

Rajji ' (doesn't looks at vicky) hmmm'

Both go and find their clue over there in that restaurant which is lying in the dining area of the restaurant.


4th clue:

Maan and geet s clue ' 16th alphabet + 15th alphabet + 15th alphabet +12th alphabet''..SPACE'.1st alphabet + 18th alphabet + 5th alphabet + 1st alphabet

Rajji and Vicky s clue ' [(5*6) + (20*10)+(13*12)/3+(11*3)]-1

Maan and geet s clue ' 16th alphabet + 15th alphabet + 15th alphabet +12th alphabet''..SPACE'.1st alphabet + 18th alphabet + 5th alphabet + 1st alphabet

Maan ' geet'tum solve karo yeh'.yeh sab kam mere employees karte hai..main nahi..

Geet ' toh ek kam karti hoon main maan'mein aapke employees ke saat hi khel lethi hoon'ah'

Maan ' paatha nahi'aisa tedha jawaab kahaan se sikha hai isne

Geet ' lo maine kar diya'POOL AREA

Maan ' kya'pool'phir se check karo geet

Geet ' (talking to herself) kudh ko samajhthey kya hai..

Maan ' (cross checks it and finds it right) POOL AREA'.

Geet ' swimming pool maan aur kya..kitna chalna padega humein'babaji..

Maan lifts his geet and they both go towards the swimming pool'geet giggles..They reach there and some person instructs them.


Rajji and Vicky s clue ' [(5*6) + (20*10)+(13*12)/3+(11*3)]-1

Rajji ' alphabet waala maine solve kiya..isliye maths waala

Vicky ' accha hai..last time jaise stuck nahi hona chahtha hoon'chocolate corner

Rajji ' kudh ko Einstein samajthey hai'

Vicky ' (takes his mobile and calculates)  314'room number hoga..

Rajji ' aur bhi toh kuch ho sakta hai na..

Vicky ' last time tumhare hissab se gaaye they aur '.waise'yeh kiska room ho saktha hai'they rush and go to the room'

314 is neither rajji s, vicky s nor maan and geet s room..

They knock on the room 314'A newly wed couple are staying in the room..

Vicky ' humara clue kahaan hai..

Newly weds- kaun ho tum aur kya clue..

Before rajji and vicky can explain..

Newlywed ' aap dono ki bhi naayee naayee shaadi huye hai'

Vicky and rajji staring at each other'jiii'..nahi'they both run off from there.

Newlywed ' hye..kitne sharmeele couple hain'

Rajji ' bola tha maine'314 kuch aur bhi ho sakta hai'lekin nahi..

Vicky ' toh..314 kya hai..

Rajji ' room service number''

They go to the reception area and dial the number 314 and say they are vicky and rajji'. The room service person comes and tells them to wait in the ball room.


Both maan and geet and rajji and vicky reach the ball room'rajji and vicky reach first'

In the ball room..they find Mrs. Savitri khurana'.myesha and nani are also in the ball room

Their treasure was Mrs. Savitri Khurana'rajji jumps and says yeh'.jeeth gaaye..

Dadima ' humein paatha hai betey..congratulations rajji and vicky..

Mgmt member brings bouquet for rajji and vicky and asks them to dance'

Rajji and vicky hesitate but as dadima maan and geet tell them to dance..they dance..Dadima tells maan and geet about rajji and vicky s relationship..she says them that she wants them to get married and geet and maan tell her that both of them were thinking the same.

Maan says he has a plan'

Rajji and vicky both dance and vicky apologises to her and says that it was fun being her partner in the treasure hunt and he enjoyed the game very much because of her and rajji feels shy but nods to vicky. Vicky senses that rajji likes him and is glad to know that.

Music stops but still rajji and vicky are dancing and both of them are lost in each other. They dance dance and dance. Looking at them..dadima maan and geet smile.  Suddenly rajji and vicky feel uncomfortable and they realize what is happening'.they both leave each other and stand embarrassed.

Maan ' vicky, saali sahiba ka haath tham le..

Geet ' rajji, mera devar kaisa laaga..

Dadima ' ab toh izhaar karlo ek doosre se'

Rajji rushes towards geet and vicky towards maan.

Dadima ' geet aur maan ko milane ke liye jo papaad belna pada humein'.uff ho..rajji aur vicky..humein toh kab se paatha tha bachu..aap dono ke beech mein kya chal raha hai'

Geet -  ab toh meri devrani aa jaaye'

Maan ' shaddi ki taiyaari karey ???

Vicky ' wo..bro'

Maan ' nahi..theek hai phir..main rajji ke liye koi aur

Vicky ' nahi bro..

Dadima ' maan betey..bas bhi kijiye'.

Rajji and vicky both tell that they are ready to live their live with each other.

Next day all visit to the golden temple and leave to Amritsar. Rajji and vicky s wedding date arrives and they both get married.

Thank you guys..I hope you guys enjoyed reading the treasure hunt part...Thanks once again..

Ended my FF'Thanks for all the support and love'


Edited by bharkha - 26 December 2011 at 4:10am

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshi.ekansh

varshu di aap end kar rahe ho????
yes sakshi...i ended it..
let me know how it is..

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
wow fabulous End
loved it
mujeh laga kuch missing hai
ek aur update banta hai.

Edited by kahkashansakina - 26 December 2011 at 4:34am

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