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garima22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 12:06am | IP Logged
           shahid new ad dr rohit...

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ZoobiDoobi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 September 2011 at 3:05pm | IP Logged


Kareena, A God Sent Angel!

September 21st

 An angel was born, Kareena Kapoor

She is known for her incredible acting skills, mesmerizing looks, amazing fashion sense and a lot more. She is also said to be a gem of a person and all that makes her the heartthrob of the nation.

Kareena FC team has organized a Birthday Thread.

Would like all of you to come wish her. Enjoy the party and have fun with us.


PM By: Zeenat .

jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Thanks for the video!!

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jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Everlasting love

Bollywood's latest offering, 'Mausam', isn't about fickle-minded lovers and frivolous relationships. It seems to be an honest attempt by first-time director Pankaj Kapur to prove that 'happily ever after' does exist, says Rajiv Vijayakar

Mausam is the most-awaited film of the season and the reasons are multiple ' Shahid Kapoor's star-power being one because it's been a long time since the hero, with such a strong fan base, has had a hit. 

Two, it marks the debut of his father, the iconic Pankaj Kapur, as a film writer, director and even singer. 

Third, he is directing his son for the first time and the film will be an amalgamation of Shahid's mainstream romantic sensibilities and Pankaj Kapur's parallel cinema approach. There are other reasons too. 

The storyline is intriguing ' a love story that begins in a Punjabi village and comes to fruition ten years later, overseas. The music is being appreciated and Shahid and Sonam Kapoor, as a pair, look interesting on-screen.

Mausam is about a Punjabi boy, Harry (Shahid Kapoor), and a Kashmiri girl, Aayat (Sonam Kapoor), who fall in love in Punjab. After they are separated owing to pressure from Aayat's family, Harry becomes an Air Force officer, but waits for his lady love to come back. "We made a great team, Shahid and I," chirps Sonam Kapoor. "There was great chemistry off the screen too because we are great pals and I can talk to him about anything, which translates to our wonderful on-screen chemistry."

Aayat, her screen name, means a 'holy couplet' just as the title of the movie, Mausam, denotes four seasons. "Mausam is a journey of all-encompassing love and hope. This is what people in love need to have. I play a Kashmiri Muslim girl dedicated to the love of her life, who strives hard and becomes a ballet dancer just to get close to her love interest."

Having gone through several acting workshops for most of her earlier films, Sonam says that the sessions held with both her co-star and director were extremely helpful. "I believe that the best way to prepare for a role is be spontaneous. Spontaneity in acting goes a long way in making the role we essay believable."

Terming Pankaj Kapur as a great person to work with, she also calls him "a lovely human being who is very patient and knows how to connect with the audience. With Mausam, he is telling a different story and he will keep the audience entertained, just like he does through his performances." She has no song in the film. Why is that so? "What you are actually saying is that I do not lip-synch a song and that there is no female solo. But, just like Masakali from Delhi-6 and Saawariya's title-track were mine, you need to watch out for my songs in this film too."

Shahid Kapoor has always followed a two or three films at a time principle, but when he signed this film, he solely focused on the project to work on his look and role. "My father gifted this film to me on my birthday," he had stated last year. "It's something special and I cannot divert my attention from it. I have been waiting for him to make a film for many years now."

Talking about the film, Pankaj Kapur says, "Shahid has always be in the loop about the subject. The idea behind Mausam was to present Shahid in a new light. So far, the body of work that Shahid has done has largely been limited to similar roles ' that of a young lover boy. Shikhar, Kaminey and Fida apart, the characters he has played are pretty much similar to his real life persona.

He is capable of handling greater responsibilities as an actor. If given a chance, he can do so much more to prove his acting prowess. And, Shahid follows what is close to his heart, just the way I do. I'm very proud of him as a father."

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jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Season of love
Pankaj Kapur and Shahid Kapoor tell t2 about the pleasures and pains of making Mausam, 'A love story beyond romance'
Pankaj Kapur with son Shahid Kapoor

Could the one-week delay have been avoided by any means?

Shahid: Yes, this could have been avoided if things would have happened differently. Let me explain to you what exactly happened. We needed two things to release the film ' one, the NOC from the Indian Air Force and two, the censor certificate from the Censor Board of Film Certification.

Now, the IAF wanted a couple of minor changes in an aircraft action sequence in the film, which lasts for about 30 seconds. That's quite a minor thing, given that almost one hour of the film has the Air Force as the backdrop. This sequence was a computer graphic scene and that change could have only been achieved on the final print of the film. So we sent that print to IAF and they were very happy with it and they approved everything.

Next, we sent the print for censor. They gave us a 'U' certificate but then the next day, strangely, they asked for another review. Now you can't argue with this procedure but in the process everything got delayed. We have to send the prints for the international release at least three days before the release date because almost all the foreign countries have their own certifications. They would only re-censor it if the film has the censor certificate of the original country attached. So we couldn't have sent the prints without the CBFC certificate.

So there came a situation where we could have had a clean domestic release of the film on September 16 but we would have had to release at 40-50 per cent of our international theatres next week. But if we came on September 23, we would not only release everywhere together but given the state of other films that have released before us, we would get 200 theatres more than the 1,600 screens we were originally targeting. We evaluated the pros and cons of delaying the release and looking at the bigger picture went ahead with September 23. Of course, I can't deny that after two years of such hard work, that took a lot out of us... this delay has been emotionally taxing.

Pankajji, do you feel the delay will hurt or help your film?

Pankaj: I have given three-and-a-half years of my life to this. So, that way one more week really doesn't matter. If the delay benefits the film and a larger number of people get to see the film, I really do not have any issue at all.

For many of us growing up watching Pankaj Kapur the actor, we never imagined that you would direct a film, which seems so mainstream...

Pankaj: I think one needs to understand how I think about the whole thing. See, filmmaking is a combination of art and commerce. Neither of the two elements can be overlooked. What we have tried here is to make a film which has a meaning. It cannot be detrimental to the film if it reaches out to people, if it has a larger reach. I wanted everyone to relate to what I wanted to say and hence the canvas is large. We needed a certain amount of money for this film, a certain amount of time. What we are trying to give to the audience is entertainment and relatability.

Shahid, there were all these reports before Mausambegan that you weren't happy with the script and didn't want to do the film, despite it being made by your father. Would you like to clarify what exactly happened?

Shahid: (Laughs out loud.) In fact, I ran after Dad for three years, urging him to make a film with me. You know, he had written these eight-10 scripts, which are there in his house and I had read them and they were fantastic. So I told him that people need to see these scripts on the screen. He told me: "Beta, it's a big decision... because I need to take a break from everything while I make the film." But I kept telling him to take the decision. Because, besides it giving a great opportunity to me the actor, I really felt that the world needed to see this side of him.

After two-three years of chatting and discussing, we decided that Mausam was the right subject for me and we started working on it. But Dad told me at the very outset that 'you have to believe in the project as much as I do'. And to give the time and energy the film needed. Now, that delayed the start of the movie because I wanted to work only onMausam. I wanted to finish all other assignments before I started work on this one. At that time, I was shooting for Badmaash Company. I had to finish that first because of the commitment I had made.

So this was a pre-requisite for Mausam, to give it the time it deserved. I gave one-and-a-half years of my life to it and now that I watch the film, I think I took the right decision.

Would you have given the same kind of effort and time to a film not directed by your father?

Shahid: (Chuckles.) It would have taken somebody else a lot more effort for sure (to convince me). But you know what, I loved the script and the actor in me got greedy. There were so many nuances in the script to work on, which itself was so fresh. I just gave the the script what it needed.

Pankajji, if you can tell our readers in your own words what Mausam is about...

Pankaj: Mausam is a love story that spans 10 years. And here "mausam" is not June, July, August, September... it is the seasons of love that we see in the lives of two people. It is also larger than that with everything that happens around them, which I don't want to reveal now and would rather want you to go and check it out for yourself. It's a lot more than two people in love and that's why we are calling Mausam "a love story beyond romance".

How was it working with your son?

Pankaj: I would like to say that I was rather fortunate that Shahid is my son. He completely submitted himself to me as an actor. For a first-time director like myself, what else can I ask for? It was really a blessing that your main protagonist completely gave himself to you. That is the kind of attitude you expect from all your actors. Also, as an actor Shahid would contribute creatively as and when needed. But he was more than just an actor. He was also a wonderful support during this whole journey.

Shahid, you have worked with the best of directors. What did you think of Pankaj Kapur the director? Can you be unbiased?

Shahid: (Laughs softly.) It's true that I have worked with some of the best directors in the country like Sooraj Barjatya (Vivah), Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met), Vishal Bhardwaj (Kaminey) and even Abbas-Mustan (36 China Town) who have been around for so long. But what I loved about Dad is that for him nothing is larger than the story of the film. It's how he chooses to tell the story that makes it unique, that makes everyone relate to the film. He thinks like a common man. He thinks for the common man. Everybody can associate with the issues shown in the film. Also, his understanding of characters is so fresh.

Pankajji will you direct more films?

Pankaj: It's been a tough experience, honestly. Also, I have missed being an actor. I wouldn't say direction will be a closed chapter for me. But having made such a huge film, I suppose the next one would not be earlier than a year from now. Direction kept me away from my first love, which is acting. Now I want to refresh myself with acting. And then maybe go back to direction. Because the mind is still fertile. But not in the immediate future, no.

Finally Shahid, how important is Mausam to you?

Shahid: It is an important film. My father gave it more than three years, I gave it one-and-a-half years. And no matter how professional I want to be or I want to sound here, I cannot deny the emotional quotient of the film, given that my father has directed it. But you know what, in the last three-four years whenever my gut has felt good about a certain film, it has turned out really well. And I am very happy with Mausam, very proud of the film. Now I am curious to find out how much the audience likes it. If they do, it will reinstate the faith I have in my gut feeling.

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jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
I am a hotblooded Punjabi Boy - Shahid Kapoor

By Guneet Wadera - Filmicafe.com, 20 September 2011, Filmicafe.com
Oh Captain My Captain... is the first fleeting thought that comes to mind as Shahid Kapoor - a perfectly coiffed moustache, dressed in an Air Force uniform, swagger intact walks across the screen.

Mausam is more than just another film for Shahid. He's immersed himself in playing Harry, absolved himself of taking on any work while Mausam was in the making and as the time gone on his attachment to it has only increased multifolds. Filmicafe exclusively caught up with Shahid on the journey of Mausam as it nears culmination.

I did Mausam to learn as an actor
The whole approach and idea behind doing Mausam was to learn as an actor. I've never been trained in acting and on this film I had the best to learn from. So I got to do something and learn something I hadn't done or known before.

There's a journey of ten years for my character and that's when I really turned to and counted on dad as an actor. He always says on the big screen there's just more to it. It's not about making a hundred expressions - It's about feeling the scene and being honest.

I remember Sonam as a chubby-podgy kid
When I was performing in Amsterdam for a function about seven years back, I remember Sonam as a chubby-podgy kid shopping all over the place and since then we've kind of bumped into each other a lot more.

We spent a year and half together working on this film. I would say she's a good friend, she's someone I get along with and she's somebody who is really special to me because she's a part of Mausam which is an extremely special film for me.

Tera mera hona to hai, Tere mere hone se
The songs represent the entire journey of love between Harry and Ayaat.

There's a line in one of the songs called Poore Se Zara Sa Kam Hain which goes 'Tera mera hona to hai, Tere mere hone se' which is a beautiful line that speaks for itself.

The same line said twice says everything about love, unconditional love between two people who are soulmates or made for each other and are meant to spend their lives together. Just them being in this world is the reason why they are meant to be and for me that's Harry and Ayaat.

Mauja Hi Mauja and Nagada to Mallo Malli and Sajh Dhajke
I am a hot-blooded Punjabi boy and an equally hot-blooded Muslim boy so I've got those two inside me and both are in competition (laughs).

I love dancing and I'm very happy doing these Bhangra songs. Bhangra is probably the happiest type of dance and also the most imperfect one, you don't have to worry about doing anything perfectly. It's about thoroughly enjoying yourself and having fun.

Mausam is the most special role of my career
It's a huge compliment first of all that my father thought me worthy of it and wrote the film with me in mind, although I did run after for a couple of years which drove him crazy (laughs).

I feel it's a decision he took not for any other reason but because he felt that I had already been seen as an actor in my 15 or so films. So instead of going ahead with any script he might have written that was not right for me, he felt it was better to write something that takes me forward as an actor from what people have seen from me till now.

In many ways I feel Mausam is definitely the most special role of my career

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jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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-Rinki- IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks for the pictures :) he looks great!

omg I went to watch the movie yesterday..the shows freaking got cancelled. UGHH. Stern Smile Apparently, there were some censor issues. =/ I hope it just releases soon :(
did anyone watch mausam here?

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