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lovely os...cant wait to read more...cont soon

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superb duperb part luv it thnxs for the PM n plz plz plz plz plz do cont sooon eagerly w8ting cont sooon plz part was awesumClap

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Originally posted by mars14

Monaya os
       I love u...unconditionaly.
part b
Sanaya get up due to doorbell.she wipe the tearz n saw the was 6o clock..she goes n open door n find a boquet n a card..she was surprisd.she took it inside n open card havng smile.she too couldnt help in smiling.she read the card..
I want to take u to prom n8 as my partner n i know u wl nt refusd i wl pick u up at sharp 7..
She wonderd who z it??she opens the pack n find red long frok with strips havng silvery shiny embriodery seems an expensve dress having matching jewlary,bag n shoe.she doesnt knw but it seems some1 realy loves her as red dress,flowerz heart shapd card all thngs indicatd it but who???
Kya huwa agar mjhe mera pyar nahn mil saka par kise aur ka dil torney ka haq mjhe nahn hai..with this thought she got up n get ready.she weared the dress.wearz diamond necklace the heart shapd long ear rings,diamond bracelt,silvery bangles n her motherz silver watch which she never take off.she put on blush on,maskara makng her eyelashes more prominent n big,eyeshade,lip gloss then applied nail polish 4 the v.first tym...she alowd her silky shiny long hairz fall at back...she weard high heels tied its straps..she stand up putting handz on dresng as had experincd 4 first tym heels,while she was usd of jogerz n shoez..she lookd at herslf find herself in a total new girly look...she blushd lightly seing mohit starng at her through miror..mohit came closer to her back.she shiverd as his handz move on her neck removng hairz.he whisperd in her earz.
U r an angel the most beautiful n gorgeous. She blushd n lookd up to see him but no1 was there .it was her imagnatn.a tear fall.she wipd it hearng horn.she came down n saw her age felow on sportz red bike.he was wearng red shrt dark blakish mahroon coat n black pent.4 a moment sanaya 4get to breath.his face was hidden behind helmet.seeing her he get down of bike n remove the upper slip of helmet n sanya stared at his dark brown shiny she can forgot these eyes which had made him fall 4 him in his love.he removed his helmet n sanaya had tearz seeing his face..she rushed in his armz..huging him tight..making herself belve that it was him.HER MOHITT.he was expectng ths hug but didnt hug her back
M.sanaya jee.she broke hug n hit his chest n again hugd him
S.kya sanaya jee har waqt lagae rakhtey ho?tm..before she continued..
M.sanaya jee mein chahta hon k yeh 2 ghantey mein apk 7 guzaron takey india ja k in paloon ko yaad kar sakon..she broke hug in surprize.wiped her tearz..dekhein apko bura to nahn laga mein sirf dost ban kar..she cut him off..
S.nahn.mjhe bura nahn laga.chalein party k lea late ho raha hai..mohit smiled a bit..
M.jee chalein..apko bike pe...??
S.itzz okk..chaley ga..for the very first tym she sit on bike having legs on same side n that too behind some1 otherwise always drive herself better say she had won bike races always.where it was 4 mohit too first tym to drive a bike with a girl at back that too most beautiful miss.universe... She put arm around his waist n boths heart beat bike runing on road cool wind blowng their felng cold she clutchd his coat tightly 4m back..she wants the tym to stop.he stared at her face hidng behind her flewng hairz.she putng them at back again n again ..they reachd at colege..they get down.after parking..they entre in entrd every1s eyes struck on both.they were just lookng perfect with each other...sanaya smild seing every1 lost in them..she become closer by putting arm in his as she wants to feel every moment with him she knows she had no right to stop mohit from going or being selfish for her love..she can live with his meemories she was the one who knows how to to accept the she had been living alone sincee soo long after her parents they came in...sanayas friends came to them...anie,dia,shena,arjun,rohit,neil,rati...every1 shocked to see both of them...
m:hi...sanaya smiles as seeing their shocked facess...
a:yeh tu hai mohitt...
m:i think so kuin sanaya jee
s:mohit...plzz na sanaya jee nahn acha dekho tm ja rahe ho last wish mang sakte hon tmsey kya aik dost k lea
s:yahe k do ghantey jo hum sath mein guzarein gey tm mjhey sanaya jee nahn sanaya bolaoo gey ya phir kuch aur par no jee aur no app...okkk...plzzz
m:okk...sanaya...sanaya smiles widellyyy while mohit blushed lightlyy...sanaya was like to pull his cheeks...but cant as evey1 there staring at them
s:so arjun tmharey sath kon hai aur neil rohitt??
rati:yeh tu tmharey intezar mein ankhein bechaye behtey they...
s:mtlb??arjun rohit neil aur u madd??u know mein mohit k elawa kise k sath nahn ate tu phirr...
a:ya hum bhool gaye the k mohit bhe aney wala
m:reallyy agar acha nahn laga tu wapis chala jaon 
r:shut up mohit
s:rohit mind ur language
m:sanaya log lar kuin rahey ho yaar...chalo na dance floor hmara wait kar raha haii...
a:ya rati will u??
r:sure...they went on while neil rohit asked dia aniee...n left...while now sanaya shena n mohit were left behind
s:hey hii sheenaa...
sh:hi...kasey ho mohit...sanaya was like to kill she was staring at her mohit...
m:kasa dikh raha hoon
sh:kafii handsomee...
s:thanks for the compliment shena ...will u excuse us for a moment...mohit zara merey sath chalna...she pulls him to a croner
m;sanaya j...sanaya galred him...sanaya..ab tkeh haii
m:sanaya yeh tm kasey baat kar rahe the shena sey usko bura laga ho ga
s:tmhey uskey burey lagney k bohaat fikar hai 
m:sanaya yeh tm kya ajeeb batein kar rahe ho aj 
s:ufff mera damag bohat karab hai is lea...she tried to leave but it was dark now n she felt sacred but soon two arms encircled her waist n pull her near...n spot light were on them...sanaya saw mohit v near to her...she kept on staring at him n being lost in him...he too staring back at her...they danced...he trwil her n she landed in his arms...after a dance they both moves to a corner..still her hand in his hand...n both were stared n remove it...they kept stealing glances...they both were unaware of everything...after few seconds mohit relized its geting late...
s:han...she looks at him n both stared
s:bolo na mohit kya huwa
m:wo late ho raha hai mjhey jana hai flight ka tym ho gya haii...sanaya was at the edge of crying...mohits heart pinched...mein chalta hon...sanaya noded...she was numb...she wasnt able to think as a thought...will he leave her?why he cant see her love for him???she was unable to stop her heart crying
m:bye sanaya apna khayal rakhna..kbhe mil sakey dubara tu zaror yaad rakhna 
s:jab milna he hai tu becharna lazmi haii
m:bichara na jaye tu mila kasey jaye ga...bye...thanks har mushkil mor par madad karney k lea aur zindage ko itna koabsorat bananey k lea...
s:mohit aik last wish
s:can u hug me for the last tym...she had tears in her eyes...she want to feel in his arm...mohit huggs her for the very first tym himselff...n she hugs him back tighltyy never leaving him...after some mins...she slowly departed n kisses his cheeks...
s:thanks...mohit blushes,,sanaya smiles...with tears n wipe the corner of eyes
m:ap chorney nahn chalo ge air port tak
s:nahn...soory..mein good bye nahn keh sakte
m:koi baat nahn thanks mjhey meri dost hmesha yaad rahe ge...sanaya smiled n noded...he waved n turned to go...he leaves n sanaya were standing stilll there seeing her life moving away from her...she stops her tears to fall form her eyes but they rooled down over cheeks...she closed her eyes tightllyy...n she sees a girl irritaing a boy snatching his books..glasses making up with him spending tym with him...she rembers his gifts on bdays,diwalilii every oossacion his help during exams studies with coofee late night outing just for her...
mein mohit k bina nahn reh sakte i love him mein usey nahn janey dey sakte...
r:tu phir janey kuin dey rahe ho sanaya...she open eyes find her friends
sh:han sanaya wo tmsey pyar karta haii
a:han sanaya he is perfect for u...
r:hm galt the wo bohaat acha haii 
n:wo tmhey hmesha kush rakhey ga
a:sanaya goo usey rukoo
d:go sanaya teell him how much u love him
r:he will never refusee u trusts me...
a:sanaya belives me ...wo tmhey chor k ja he nahn sakta wo tmsey apna pyar chuapaae nahn chuapa sakta 
s:arjun wo...
all:goo sanaya or it will be late...sanaya smiles widelyy n hugs them 
s:thanks guyss...every one smiels n pushes her...they smiles they know they are made for each other...
sanaya runs outsides she reaches in parking ...she didnt see any1...she called out his name
s:mohittt.mohit...but no sign...she moves where their bike was standing but there was nothing except a sign of moving left with red chalk...she follows the sign it was wriitten i first met u made me fall for u...she blushed n the next sign having a rose n written ur eyes made me to forget every pain...she smiles...then move n another sign...ur inner beauty such that i cant ressist myself for being attracted to u...she smiles widely as another sign was wriitten u r the angel which made me feel to live fully...u made me laugh...u filll colours in my life...u r the wonderful person...u r the one my best friend...n lastly i want to say u something...n sanaya moves in the open door it was lighted whollyy with candels,ballons,roses...n in between a table set for two people...a candel night dinner...sanaya was totally shocked...surprised she wants to know the one who had done it that too for her or not????had she come wrong??where is mohit??...she saw a shadow coming having a scarf...she rembers it was the hers..the one which get lost before vacations when mohit had to left for a week to those days she had relized the love for him...she had tears of he comes smiling n puts that around her n pulls her near that she puts arms around his neck n his arms around her waist...
m:i love u sanaya...both had tears...mohit wipe her tears...mein tmsey wada karta hon sanaya mein tmhara trust tmhare dosti tmhara pyar kbhe bhe tmhey chor k nahn jaae ga...sanaya hugs him
s;i love u too mjhey chor k nahn jao gey na plzz...mein tmharey bina nahn jee paon ge marr...mohit broke hug n stops her from saying n she could see deep warm love for her which was hidden in his eyes before from many yearsss...
m;i promise i wil never...she smiles n blushes...mohit smiles too seeing her blush...mohit take out a ring from his pocket...n sanaya smiles with tears as he asked for her hand
m:will u be mine??
sanaya noded with joy...
s:i will...forever...he smiles n slid it into her finger...n wipe her tears n kises her forehead...
m:i wil be urs forever...dinneer???he smiles..she too but rember that his flight
s:tmhare flight??she was again at the edge of crying..mohit smiles..n whispers in her ears
m:kal sbha...her colour of face fades n smile had lost again...but it lits up as he completes...tmhey sath le k...she looked at him in shock...chalo ge na??mom dad tmsey mil k bohat kush hon gey...i promise tmhey kbhe bhe apney mom dad k kami ko mehsos nahn honey don tmsey milney k lea bohat bechain hain... ko pata hai ...
s:mohit...she blushes...mohit smiles n hugs her
m:han pata hai aur unhey apni bahu bohat pasand hai...sanaya blushes hard...n hugs him tightlyy
s:i love u mohit...
m:i love u too sanaya jeee...sanaya broke hug n galres him
s:no sanaya jee...asey lagta hai jasey mein tmsey dus saall bari hon
m:wo tu ho...sanaya was surprsied of his new look...
s:mohit tm par mera itni asar kab huwa??mohit smiles
m:jab sey ap sey pyar huwa janab...she blushed n lower her face...mohit smiles widely n lift her chin...
m:oey hoey yeh sharmana.tu meri jaan le ley ga...sanaya hits his chest lightlyy n blushes more 
s:dinner karien??mohit noded...n both seettled...n sanaya smiles widelyy seeing all indian food...
s:tmney banaya hai??
mohit smiles n noded...she smield widelly n start eating quickly...mohit smiles...
s:waoo its aweseomeee...chalo na bhe...mohit smiles n eat himself was really gud he thought
s:shadi k bad mohit tm he banana waoo kitna maza aye ga na rozana itna acha khana khaney ka...mohit smiles...whre sanaya thought he will be angry but no signs
m:tekh haii...she was surprised...
m:kya huwa itna surprsie kuin ho rahe ho
s:tmhey bura nahn laga k tm banao gey sey kya mein tmhare face pe yeh smile dekhney k lea tu rozana khana bana sakta hon aur wasey bhe is mein kya mushkil...sanaya had tears in her eyes...she held his hand...
s:mohit u r the best...i love u...she smiles n mohit too held her hand
m:i love u too sanaya...both smiles n continues their dinner with chit chatt...
it was mumbai airport...
sanaya was nervous for the very first tym she was going to meet his parents...n that too so suddeen she was like having beautful dreamm mohit smiles at her nervesousness..n clutched her hand...she looked at him
m:mein hon na...u will love mom dad...she smiles...n noded..her nervousness flew away when he was here with her...
mohit spotted his family n the walks to them...sanaya was surprised as his mom hugs her...n after hug she pulled mohits ear
mm:batmiz tu ney tu kha tha meri bhau sirf bohatt pyarii...yeh tjhey sirf bohat pyari dekhte haii...sanaya was alll surprised...she looked at mohit in light fear as seh was tootaly confused...
mm:yeh bohaat pyarri nahn bohhhaaattt pyariii smiles n kisses sanayas forehead...sanaya blushes...
s:thanks smiles n pulls lightly her ear
mm:aunti nahn mom...aj sey mein tmhare mom hoon...smjhee
sanaya smiles with tears n huggs mm...n looks at mohit with thanks look..mohit smiles,,,,,,,my pleasure...their heart talks to each other...the uncondional love makes the life of two people heaven...the two people smiles at each other as they came out along their familyy...mohit slowly held hers hand...she looks at him...n he smiles n she too smiles...foreverrr...
hey guys sooory for kept u waiting n i dotn know how it was...i just say do comment tell me its bad or good...thank u guys for their support appreciation...thanksss a lottt
with love 

nice awesumSmile luv it Clap

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awsome start i love it
samrat is to cute i loved how u described his persnolity made me fall in love with him once again <3
do cont soon cant wait for gunjan's entry

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i just love it new sajan OS

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lovely os
continue soon

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sooo sweet
lovely os 
Happy Friendship Day Smile

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