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My "Thank You" Post *Finished* (Page 19)

ruexangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Oh thanks so much for including me Embarrassed
love ya MJHT and the forum... for giving me soo much! Hug

----- Goldie

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yulZ

Apart from my section this bit was kinda imp. to reply on Stern Smile yahaan? LOL 
The song I think of when I see her is... " O O O Adhoore Tum Adhoore Hum.. Bin Tumhare!" and the wordings are completely true. I am adhoora without my deepika and she is also adhoori without me ROFLBig smile erm i am offended YET AGAIN ya know chotu Stern Smile my heart is getting hurt for some reason Stern Smile In short, thank you for all that you have done Deepika and because of all of this you are so close to me. Embarrassed Hug ermmm Stern SmileLOL
chup yahin pe sab kehdoge kya EmbarrassedLOL 
@Munni- wow i knew abt ur profession but i know it more in detail now as u mentioned it in ur reply ROFL did I? totally forgot about this part lol. oye i'm sure i told you though Embarrassed and i can see my name on the list of cherring me up.. awwwww Embarrassed of course you know how much you mean to me so Embarrassed i am glad that i was able to bring a smile on ur face too munni and that realli means alot to me :D waise bhi ab toh its my duty to make sure u are smiling everytime and make each and every moment special Heart and you are doing that in every moment of my life Heart can't tell you how happy i know it's raining really hard here and i'm totally in the mood EmbarrassedLOL bas waiting for you to log on tonight, i left you a msg in your scraps Embarrassed for ur smile i am even ready to spam 24/7 ROFLROFL but ermm thoda risky hai Stern SmileROFL i wouldn't let you do that though..unless you are talking about spamming my scrapbook LOL and lol u were in search of ur siddharth ?? i guess thats over haina Wink dekh deepika aur siddarth ka toh you i just said ainvayi i didn't know ki.. Embarrassed oo and last but not the least i am SOOO GLAD that we didnt accepted to be a bro-sis Stern SmileROFL  i think we were meant to be isiliye ahem ahem.. rab ne bana di jodi CoolROFL and ya u are right.. mera uncountable behnein's are enough for me so u can be a special one for me HeartROFL i know right..otherwise LOL
like Munni told ya that my eye scanner doesnt miss anything there was not even a single 0.000000001% of chance that i would miss this so ya the reply u guys were waiting ages ago finally i am coming there Stern SmileROFL
i know you never miss anything, and well especially when it's related to me EmbarrassedLOL
Originally posted by MJHT4life

Munni k line i can understand but wats up with urs chotu ?:O:O:O:O saale munni se bhi bada badnaami tu kar raha hai mera ROFL eventhough she doesnt mean that way u are giving more ideas to the viewers Stern Smile ab tu daffa ho ja ROFL well we are the badnaamis anyway so humara koi kya kar sakta hai (; ROFL ofcourse she is bhaiEmbarrassed and so are you for me Heart  iske baare mein tujhe baad mein bataunga if u are interested Stern SmileLOL chotu she is thanking me as a friend Stern Smile we two are not bhai and behen like u two Stern Smile i wanna come hug you real tight Hug  i AM included but not in the list of bhais samjha Wink itna samajhne ki itna time lagadiya tune Stern Smile of course not in the list of bhais Stern SmileLOL
Originally posted by -Aish129-

Okay I can't be s-t-u-f-f-e-d quoting put up with this for now LOL I'm sort of replying to your reply LOL  this is my Munni LOL and you are MY munna Embarrassed
1) When I said Sid doesn't count as my bhai I meant it ...but by the way...That does not ultimately equal Sid ki badnaami  ROFL u two stop talking abt my badnaami now Stern SmileROFL i had enough in this thread LOL Who the heck gave you that idea Shocked I just don't see him as my bhai... isme badnaami kahaan se aa gayi.. LOL Sid badnaam huwa darling tere liye ROFL hayyee main toh kabki badnaam ho chuki tere liye Embarrassed And alag hone ki bhi baat nahi aati :| wat alag ?? did i miss sth Stern Smile i don't even remember anymore ROFL
4) Can I not thank a guy without having to display a bhai-behen relationship with him?? What the heck is wrong in that? ROFL i was thinking the same ROFL And decide kar liya...I just can't get my head around bhai-behen relationships in that sense..even with Sid.. LOL oyee hoyeee WinkLOL shh stop making me blush..whenever you say that I.. Embarrassed
Originally posted by MJHT4life

 Oh ho.. is there something elseShocked Big smileBig smile crap you're gonna kill me for this one ROFL i would have killed u too but abhi the situation is different so u are safe Smile chal you are right Embarrassed
and anyways long distance relationship wouldn't work ROFL who said so Stern Smile it does stupid Cool its abt trust, love and understanding and if this is in it then no worries Big smile everything works out the BEST !! samjha LOL i know they do, and you're absolutely correct Embarrassed goshh i'm amazed how well you understand me but then after all EmbarrassedLOL 
Originally posted by -Aish129-

Well I can only hope that Sid only laughs...if he gets angry then... though I've never seen it happen..but be ready for another daatofying lesson from me AND him Angry ROFL lol ya like chotu said i could only laugh but along with laughing i think i am blushing too LOL there's no way i would get angry aur iss baat mein toh no way !! thanx chotu for this.. eventhough u dont know the reason but its a secret so thanx :D oye don't blush LOL abhi yahin maar daloge Embarrassed well i did get angry over it but woh toh tab tha..i guess ab kya LOL 
By the way...I just remembered you mentioned that long distance relationships don't work...they do, so you can't generalise LOL haina munni ?? i was telling him the same WinkMy cousin and my jeeju are the perfect example Approve oo so the generation is repeating now Wink chup..LOL I guess sort of, if us two count as the next generation ErmmLOL
And now if you even DARE get a diff meaning from this, and you-know-what that is, then tumhari khair nahi Angry Munni this is my 1st time seeing u getting angry.. u look more pretty when u are angry Big smileROFLachha so even you want daant from me then? LOL i can never do that no matter what though you know why Embarrassed 
that aqua and this colour look perfect together EmbarrassedHeart

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yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MJHT4life

Time for my HUGE reply in green! LOL Time to spam! CoolROFL with my bhai Embarrassed ok then i am blueeeeeeeee !!CoolROFL

Nahin nahin see I have cited her LOL That was later nah *hmph* Theek hai will ignore just for you ROFL good and make sure u keep ignoring my grammatical mistakesROFL coz right now i am all emotional and excited to reply to this post and u know when u r excited ur nerves brains and stuff and all those reflex action n all Stern Smile i dont care if it doesnt make sense or doesnt make any link with this topic Stern SmileROFLTheek hai.. hai hai topic se no link? SleepyROFLchup kar  i already knew that ROFL Badey, plagiarism kabhi tha hi nahin ROFL tere liye nahi tha par mere liye toh tha naROFL oo we can make a new show.. called "tere liye aur mere liye ROFL"

Yea most people already read it, sirf tu hi reh gaya ROFL i know i know par tujhe pata nahi hero hamesha last pe entry marta hai CoolROFLAcha pehli EVERYONE needs to get something - so many people credit me for the awards when they shouldn't be.. its faltu credit LOL [Oh side note: You know the first epi of FillumBaazi I watched with Nidhi? u watched WITH nidhi ?? Stern Smile wats up with this one now ?? is she ur relative or sth kya ?Stern Smile ya u have completely fell for her Stern SmileROFL She was talking about a new upcoming movie F.A.L.T.U. so this made me think of that. ROFL Sorry random note ROFL] gawwd tujhe har ek baat par usse lana he parta hai haina ROFLYea so I was saying that when I made the page with the suggestion, Shruti said the mods were already planning it, so I just sort of reinforced it and sped up the process. BUT the idea was not mine it was the Dev Team Wink oo ok then i take all the appreciation backSmileROFL 

chal as this time has been gone longgg back how was ur eggjam chotu ?LOLTheek i guess Dead erm i am getting a bad feeling from ur emotion Stern Smile jyada Rati kii daydream toh nahi kiya hoga nah that had made u stop studying Stern SmileHow did you know? ShockedROFLu know that i guess ROFL coz i have nth to say LOL  ya sheila oo i mean sheena ki chaddi ki fashion show yaad kiya ?Stern SmileROFLOf course yaad kiya ROFLi thought so tera dil ka rajkumari bangayi hai woh toh BY GAWD !! ROFL

chal abhi aata hoon *comes back with a jooti*Evil SmileROFL Arey don't worry this part doesn't really apply to you ROFL i know that it was just a part of my nautanki ROFL Haan toh its nice na? Vaise agar I were to redo this post it would change a LOT because through this some people on the top I became REALLY good friends with so they would be moved more toward the bottom Wink i knew that Big smile i dont mind if u redo it as long as my name is at the bottom SmileROFL Note: There are some people on my list that I don't really know but I will try to write something about you] Actually change of plan. The following people are on my buddy list and are very cool and nice people [duh because they are on my list ROFL] Stern SmileStern SmileStern Smile Aankh teri kyun pat gayi? :/ Sahi bola na? ROFL Stern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile Dekh ab toh double fatgayi hai ROFL
as soon as Sid hears the line "Gunjan's biggest lover" sid's reaction is Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked is this a birth of my another rival AngryCry hey zaleem bhaggu ROFLGosh ek number ka character hai tu ROFL i know haina Cool are u proud of ur dramabaaz bhai CoolROFL u better say yes Stern SmileROFL I know him as a funny, unique, creative, caring, and awesome older bhai. wat ?? u know that person ?? and u are even complimenting him ?? my rival ? Shocked tum mera chotu hohii nahi saktay CryDramebaaz ROFL thankyouu jee thankyouROFLItni nautanki bhi achi nahin lagti ROFL chup kar aur nautanki dekh.. dont comment *hmph*ROFL   to be honest when i read this post for the 1st time i thought u would never mention me as niks and dolly's name were already up and i never thought i was gonna be up there coz yarr we didnt used to have enough chats like u did with niks and dollu.WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Angry FREAK YOU'RE THE BEST!!! :).Chotu i am serious well i know we are all equally imp to ya buti thought i was blahhh i dont know wat to say but now its clear so cut this topic off LOL  You gotta know that when I create posts like this you will be included :) hamesha and forever :) *hamesha and foreverr* starts singing LOL Arey tujhe pata hai hai yeh ladkiyaan bohot jokerbaaz hai *gives evil eye* ROFL jokerbaaz ??ROFLROFL i think i shd burrow my jooti to them for a bit SmileROFL People like Laiba di [who didnt know about our existance] would do aisi chaalbaazi ROFL hmm.... interesting ROFL afterall u were meant to be my bhai stalking to is in our heredity chotu CoolROFLI know its in our genes CoolROFL yup and we are proud of it haina Cool ERM that makes it more suspicious chotu Stern SmileROFL and that coz i have experinced this same situation with mohit Stern SmileROFL Oh no should I erase? ROFL whatever these ladkiyaan will always be like that ROFL ya tere liye toh nahi par mere hissay par aur badgaya Stern SmileROFL.thanx for all those compliments bhai but if someone is good in sth than he himself is also bad in sth and is not totalli perfect.. dekh if i am good in that then u are also gr8 in encouraging ppl chotu.. eventhough i am older than ya but u are much more creative and talented  than me and i just appreciate it whole heartedly Clap Clapthanks but I don't agree Big smile i dont care Big smileROFLI know :/ Don't worry you're here now.. we will start spamming up this forum again :) ROFLoie pehle see he dont let teh msds know abt our intention shhhhROFL
Its all Pari's fault ROFL I like Nidhi better ROFL hey bhaggu u and ur NidhiStern Smile Yes you should take offense. then you will do something abt it ROFL ITS WORKING ROFL as i know ur plan i am not taking it seriously Cool tera plan gaya vaad mein Stern SmileROFL Haan haan pehle main mummy ki halat sudharoon phir bhai pe aaonga ROFL Mummy... main aara ha hoon *gives ambitious look* ROFL tab toh u will never succeed and that i am 10000000% sure ROFLROFL
erm i am offended YET AGAIN ya know chotu Stern Smile my heart is getting hurt for some reason Stern SmileKyun? Tere ko bhi yeh gaana dedicate karoon? ROFL This was me and Aish's daily mantra! ROFL chup kar ab ye daily mantra belongs to meTongueLOL
Yes Badey she missed you A lot.. but I did more LOL aray theek hai theek hai ab ye competition bandh kar LOL Lekin see Aish you listening? I told you something was wrong :/ Kahan hai mera shart jitne ka inaam? CoolROFL main dunga tujhe inaam Big smile *gives my jooti* made in japan Big smileROFL mera joota hai japani blah blah ROFLAww what a cute... what should I call it? :/ Friendship? LOL Kuch aur bolunga toh Aish mujhe vapiz daat ne lage gi ROFL Okay not saying anything okay? LOL no its more than friendship Smile n now even munni will agree to it Smile tera bhabhi ka list change karle beta SmileROFL  OMG what is going on :OO Kuch samaj main nahin aa raha hai personal matter lagta hai toh gonna back out ROFL tujhe baadh mein bataunga so dil thamke bethnaROFL  Oh okay I get it Big smile Bacha hoon na, toh thoda sa slow ROFL Cant forget Mayank's line to Benji @ begining episodes - "Jab do badhe baat kar rahe ho, toh choton ko beech main nahin aana chahiye" ROFL Now will follow this rule ROFL abhi tak toh bolraha tha.. last line pe aake ye bolta hai Stern SmileROFL
I know I know I already got a lecture about this from her LOL good LOL Btw, who are the viewers? ShockedConfused aray dumbo ofcourse our MJHT members are the viewers ROFLAww OuchOuch Sorry can't.. this is my thread and I have to monitor it WinkLOL *thinks "YES I have a reason to stay!* ROFL i know tera thread hai but its BASED on us nah toh we have the right to say that too TongueROFL*thinks* i too have a reason now ROFLI am very interested cause mujhe puri situation samaj main nahin aara hi hai Confused chal chodh go through our scrap aur tujhe sab mallum parjayega Wink Thank you Hug Arey ab decide karde ke Sid bhi included hai na? ShockedConfused i AM included but not in the list of bhais samjha Wink itna samajhne ki itna time lagadiya tune Stern SmileIts still processing  kyun ki connection clear nahin aa rahaROFL that just means that u are a dumbo Stern SmileROFL
 Cmon guys this is a post to thnk everyone not ruin everyone :/ ROFL but u are doing that mere bhai Stern SmileROFL jks tha.. lol preeti ki sab pole khulgaya CoolROFL She thinks so. . I dont know how I did pol kholving :/ ROFLaksar ppl dont realise wat they are doing Big smileROFL now the one who thought u are a strict mod will be regretting hard time muahaha ROFL for some reason i am soo happy for this ROFLDekhna abhi aake teri jhooti hi leke TUJHE marenge ROFL  i dont let ppl burrom my jooti for free samjha ROFL
Yaar this is not the only thing.. Pari was also badnamming you just trying to stand up for you ROFL what ?? :O:O:OROFL i And im guessing the darling is Sanaya WinkLOL Agar koi aur hai toh tujhe abhi bata na padhega because I need to be updated on my future bhabhi ROFL i already let u know abt this Smile  
I thought i did.. :/ maybe I didn't :/ I think Aish was first and then Divya Di.. even she knows abt this :O:O ok i demand an explanation right now, right here AngryIsme explain karne ka kiya hai LOL Yes, I am a singer.. trained in Hindustani classical. Any other questions? LOL ya.. why i am the 3rd one to know this Stern Smile n i think even much lower than that rank Stern Smile?? jawaap deeeeeeeeROFL
Step bro ROFL I changed the relation ROFL He can't be full blood because I have good looks like him ROFL but he's rumored to be dating Katrina.. and I cant stand her [cause she doesnt belong in our industry.. shes dumb and cant speak hindi ROFL ] i dont think that true Stern Smile that rumour has been lasted since ages [:\] and since I could never make such a selection hes not my full bhaiROFL But if you like Katrina its fine you are still my full bro cause we have other things in common ROFLlike ???Shocked u know bro u keep on saying we got many things in common but abhi tak i have no idea wat u a re referring to ROFL
Acha.... okay you know best bhai ;) ROFL After all you and Sanaya are handling it well ROFL i am not referring to San here Smile i have decided to move on and give my best wishes to her and Mohit.. it was a one-sided love for me Smile abhi i have got my own San of my life Wink
What reason is this? Oh god what is going on why are you confusing me like this LOL theek hai if you want tell me varna raaz raaz hi rahega i guess :/ intezaar intezarrrrrrrrROFL
AHA Aish chal abhi inaam #2 nikhal ROFL Maine dusri shart jeeti.. I knew badey would laugh.. I WON CoolROFL Mujhe abhi kiya milta hai? ROFL [Watch shes gonna say "meri jooti" ROFL ]
woh kya mein dunga tujhe ek aur jooti waise bhi tujhe woh japanese jooti ka pair chahiye nahROFL
OMG yes you have no idea ROFL We talk abt her 'sujhestions' all day ROFL ya i can see that Stern SmileROFL Sumi, tu hai yahan par? Join in we will ring Badey's ears with Nidhi quotes ROFL "Aas ta la vista baby!" ROFL Gosh it never gets old ROFL gawd dont u even dare use that to me :O:O:O i have enough ROFLROFL

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is that u????ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

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