Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 - Dancing with the Stars

Rate/Discuss Performances Jan 10-11

Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
hey guys...didnt really see a discussion topic for this weekConfused so thought of posting...mods please close if already posted

but rate/discuss performances of this week(in random order)

Jan 10th

  1. Salman-Yana
  2. Sushant-Shampa
  3. Mahi-Savio
  4. Daya-Vrushali
  5. Disco
Jan 11th
  1. Chang-Marisha
  2. Ragini-Neerav
  3. Shekhar-Preeti
  4. Ankita-Nishant
  5. Jive

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krutiv100 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Jan 10th-ok so i only watched sushant and mahi's performances and ofcourse the disco relay....so for the others il comment on the disco relays.
Sushant/Shampa-9 (10 for the disco!)
i thought it was really good,loved sushant's get up and the use of the prop was really good too but compared to his other 3 performances it wasn't as good so from me its a 9.
thier disco part was fab i loved it...

Mahi/Savio-7 (8 for disco)
I loved the stage set up for thier dance,but i was dissapointed cos last week they were so good and i was expecting a little more.
I was watching only mahi in the disco she looked pretty and she was enjoying herself...and she was really good!

Salman-Yana -6 for disco
i couldn't see yana cos salman was at the front for most of it...but hats of to yana for doing the lifts....girl power rocks!! but salman did good considering his injury....wish him a speedy recovery!

i thought Daya was pretty good but compared to the mahi and sushant he wasn't as good so thats why i gave 6.

Jan11th-again i only saw the main performances of ragini,chang and ankita

Chang/Marishca-10 (10 for jive)
Wow! chang is improving like anything...i thought it was fantastic,loved it...it must have been difficult to do with out music but they nailed it....loved the hey hey parts....i was like this Shocked when madhuri gave 9! When remo gave 10 i though Madhuri and malika would give 10 too!
he was brillant in the jive aswell loved the lift.....

Ankita/Nishant-7.5(8 for jive)
ok firstly i thought Ankita was good,but i prefered her in the rajasthani folk dance,when malika said to her she was better that sushant..i was like what! noway....she was good but not better than sushant and secondly i can't beilve madhuri marked her the same as chang..reallyConfused...
agreed with remo there wasn't much moon walking and the prop wasn't used much either...and thats down to the choreographer... im not even going to bother saying anything about nishant's excuses.... i thought that was unfair on ankita and she's not the only celeb who does a daily sushant,ragini and mahi all do dailys so he shouldn't say stuff like that.
Ankita for me was better in the jive...why she got 4 i don't know....

Ragini/Neerav-7 (8.5 for jive)
It was ok....i don't no but i wasn't attracted to it so much...ragini's expressions were brillant though...neerav really needs to use her strenghts more...she was much better in the jive relay.... loved it.

when they did the ina mina dika....preeti's steps where much faster than shekher's so i couldn't beilve he got more marks than ankita,although he was much better in the zoobi doobi part of the jive.....

 just my opnion no offence to anyone.....
looking foward to next week...madhuri songs...yay....i really want to know who's dancing to which song...

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Anjaani_Dastaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
haha i honestly think people wait for u post up this topic Tani 
at least i do 

Yaana and Salman- 7.5 okay i can honestly say im super impressed with the amount of hardwork Salman put thru this week even after having a torn ACL. Im proud of him. i also like how he made the story simliar to his with that fake cast. That being said i was looking forward to seeing Yaana be the star this week because everyoen was saying Salman steals the spotlight but she dissappointed me throughly their was nothing wrong with the choreography Yaana just didnt Deliver i hope they get back to being there usual amazing self.

Sushant and Shampa- 9.5 best performance of the week =) Brillant choreography from Shampa once again. both of them had such precision and loved there props. Shampa unlike Nishant says true to her word and delivers. didn't WOW me though

Chang and Marisha- 10 by far my favorite chang performance yet! very very very innovative on Marishas part they totally did justice to stomping amazing job straight up WOWED ME i was in shock it was amazing.

Ragini and Neerav- 9 for the first time ever I LOVED Neeravs choreography and i actually saw him dance for once lol. ragini worked really hard and used there prop perfectly. however i feel liek Neerav makes the dances too long so it tires Ragini out he should keep that in mind but im impressed. 

Daya and Vrushali- 7 O_o im getting more and more dissappointed with Vrushali by the week. the choreography was ok but Daya looked really awkward and he forgets steps that is not okay in my books. 

Aankita and Nishant- 8 Nishant is just strange there i said it in a nice way. he even took a choreography steps from DID for this dance =_= Aankita did good but it didnt wow me either. Remo was right there wasnt enough breaking in it. i expected more it def, was NOT better then sushant in any shape or form Malaika just likes hearing herself talk. 

Mahi and Savio- 7 I feel bad for Savio because ive seen him dance before hes good. great but this season Mahi is kinda pulling him down the concept was cute but the cooridnation was all off majorly 

Shekhar Dadaji and Preeti- 6 Okay call me mean but i have no interest looking at a 61 year olds chest =_= that was terrible lrycal hiphop no ccomment was annoyed watching there performance. 

i have to agree that i perfered the Jive over the Disco dance though just because it flowed alot better then the DIsco dance did. 

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krutiv100 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
@ Taz-A.Crazy.Fan i wait for this topic tooLOL.....its one topic where we openly give our opnions to the peformances....my fav thread after sushant's ATEmbarrassedLOL

thanks for opening this topic every weekClapHug

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
^aww thanks guysHug...

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2004
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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
ok so here are my thoughts of this week

random thoughts

I thought that Govinda was sporting but didnt really seem that much into the performances...even with Ragini-Krushna he seemed a bit thanda....but I did love the way he talked to both of them as a senior judging them and not as their mamajiEmbarrassed. Maduri's dress on Monday was like whaShockedOuch I didnt like it...but her hairstyle was rocking....same with Mona's dress on Tuesday....and FINALLY we saw the wowest awesomest ad for Maggie (but it was blurred outLOL)

anyways I thought this week was quite thanda...some people were overrated(namely Shekhar) but overall no one really made me say WOW that was awesome or anything...not even Sushant

Yana-Salman 8- I thought they were good despite Salman's injury...poor guy I felt really bad for him...it seemed really badCry but I liked the clever choreography that he incorporated with Yana lifting him...

Daya-Vrushali-8 the concept was too cuteEmbarrassed I liked his attitude in it too....he actually seemed like a legit hip hop person.......does that make sense?...I mean with that huge body and the muscles and everythingLOL but choreography wise it was meh- nothing astounding reallySleepy

Sushant-Shampa- 9 best performance of the day...but I thought that he did a good job Gos the way he movesEmbarrassed...concept was good and Shampa is AMAZINGClap but again nothing that took my breath away or anything...I actually thought he was properly scored

Mahi-Savio 6- when looking at their concept and prop I thought this was going to be a fab performance...however I didn't see ANY street jazz at all in her performance...Ermm I thought she was fairly scored as well

ok so the first night it seemed good...I liked the flow but compared to the Jive no way...Disco faltered.....Sushant was the best......and actually I thought Yana did better than Mahi in disco...I would judges overrating Mahi a bit in that one...maybe to give a little confidence boost to her...same with Daya...he wasn't that badConfused I mean  4 really??Ouch

Chang-Marisha- 10....his best performance by far...said this in another topic but judging by the competition now...he is definitely the dark horse.....I thought choreography was really nice and I loved the added sound effects by themClap I would say the only performance that implemented the given form fullySmile

Ragini-Neerav 8.5- Ragi Pie is backParty ok so even though I'm super biased towards her...I thought this was a great performance but not the best...she could have done better if she had not gotten tired....and coordination was horribly off in some places...however (agree with Taz) the choreography was really good and Neerav did ok with his part...just wish he would focus on giving some of that to RagzPinch. Her expressions were amazing as usualEmbarrassed and I love her little "bouncy"LOL and the way she said "yeh sirf mere Chi Chi Mama hai"Embarrassedawww

Shekhar-Preeti 6- 
I skipped his performance like always...I am seirously sick of him...I really dont know why but he annoys the hell outta meAngry lol maybe because my mom absolutely cannot stand him....and I didn't like the way he was giving excuses to Malika about his first performance....I hope he goes out this timeErmm

Ankita-Nishant 7- kyun Nishant.....where is that 30 you confidently said you would getDeadAngry I am seriously not liking this guy....I don't like Neerav but Nishant is taking it a bit too extreme....I loved how Anki shut him up by saying she has no problem with her scheduleClapClapClap anyways to the dance....Anki was good but again it wasn't wow...and it certainly wasn't better than Sushant....Mailika's been on FB high if she thinks thatWacko

ok I know there was a debate going on in the other topic of the authenticity of the dance...I have no knowledge of this dance so this is just based on how I thought everyone didSmile.....I thought Ragini,Chang and Ankita ROCKED IT...Chang did the best no doubt....I thought Ragini and Ankita were equal...both were good in energy both had sync and did a good job....W T H where the judges thinking giving a 4 to Anki??Shocked Shekhar- I had no comments...like always I think he is highly overratedOuch

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EatPrayLove Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
^^Well, I wait for this topic too! :-)  Was there one for Jan 3-4? I think I missed it and so kept posting my analysis in ulte-fulte topics.


Sushant Shampa: IMO, it was Sushant-Shampa ka usual wala excellent performance. But talent if displayed for too long ceases to dazzle ( it's a quote, I don't remember the source however). I guess this is what is happening and going to happen with Sushant and Shampa. Judges will give them full marks only if they improve, but heck, I don't even find the room for improvement. Something similar happened with Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar in NB, I guess. Well, whatever, from my side it's a sure shot 10. I loved their expressions especially.

Salman Yana- They were really good. Even with Salman's injury, they were MUCH damn better than Shekhar, Daya, Ankita, maybe even Ragini. I'd give them 8.5. And I really liked Yana in this performance.

Mahi-Savio: Didn't see it very carefully, I never enjoy their performances, though Savio is really really good as a choreographer.

Daya-Vrushali : Why, oh why, do I find it so hard to get the CONCEPTS of dance performances. I mean I really DID not get why they did that part in the beginning about two students and all that. So okay, they wanted to tell a story but what happened after that? I didn't get it. Vrushali was amazing but Daya really was not. He must try and improve. Also he does not look like he enjoys performing. Time and again during the performance he loses his expressions and forgets his moves. So my rating would be 7.

Disco: Thoroughly enjoyable. I love group performances. I agree fully with the judges rating over here. And Sushant and Shampa blowed my mind totally off. They were dhamakedaar.

Chang -Marischa : OMG firstly Chang was looking so heart-stopping-ly cute in that garage type look ki he got my 10 then and there. Then his expressions. God, I fell in love with him all over again. THE DANCE! Amazing. Awesome. I never expected Chang Marischa to do so well. I loved their performance to bits. The music that they created was too good. "Hey" was weird in the beginning but then I got used to it and liked it too. I give them a huge 10! 

Ragini-Neerav: They were good. But there were coordination problems. And I can never really pinpoint ad state a specific cause but somehow Ragini's peformances never impress me too much. She has wonderful expressions, she dances well, the choreographer is mediocre, and still, there is something lacking which prevents me from loving her performances, even the one that fetched her  a 30. My rating: 8. Neerav REALLY ought to do something unique so that Ragini gets her due.

Shekhar-Preeti: It was a CHEEEEE performance. Unless Shekhar stops wearing such cleavage revealing clothes I CANNOT possibly like his performances. In any case it was not impressive. 5.5, half a mark deducted for the pompous show of an ugly cleavage.

Ankita-Nishant : If Nishant's choreography was faulty and unimpressive, then, well, Ankita wasn't that good either. The hairstyle also really put me off. That apart, both were not at their best in this performance. 6.5.

And Madhuri really gave a 9 to SUCH a mediocre performance! Shocking. She should be more careful. Does she mean that Sushant, Chang, Ankita- all performed EQUALLY well!? huh.

Jive: It was rocking, I really enjoyed it. I agree with Malaika, I found it better than the disco, more so because it had Chang in it, and Chang was dancing superbly Day Dreaming However, 8 to Shekhar! Really STUPID. My rating: chang 10, ankita 8, ragini 6 and shekhar 4.


On a side note, I found Govinda uninterested. He was using the same comments over and over again and they weren't making much sense in the context of the performance. As for what he said to Ragini about some steps being good and others not, to me it seemed like an obvious attempt to ward off rumours of partiality, since he did not offer any constructive criticism to any of the others.

All in all I enjoyed the episodes coz of Sushant, Chang, Yana, Ragini and their group performances.

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
^aww thank you

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