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Memories of Unexpected Love~~~Thread 2~~~ (Page 72)

Bharathi_gurti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=Manpreetmann]UPDATING in 15mins[/QUOTE]thank you...waiting in front of my pc....WinkEmbarrassed

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maansi007 Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
STILL WAITINGGGGGGGG....................................

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
yippie......finally we are going to get an update.....I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy..!!!!!!!!!!!

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Manpreetmann Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
my sis faught with me yesterday for laptop n slapped me on my face in angerCry.... i was so mad on herAngry... n was in no mood to write anything further, so stopped the update... but one good news is maine aaj badla le liya...Dancing... maine uske credit card se shopping karli, use bina bataye....Party...buahahahaha.....

Recap :-

Maan shouts: arghhhh geeeeettttt....
Geet again hits him: hayeeee babaji chor ko mera naam bhi pata hai....
this time maan held the stick, it disbalanced geet's pose, she fell on floor along with maan... maan on top of her.... atmosphere was so romantic, dark room, geet's tempting perfume, maan's maskuline scent.... 
geet now knew who it is... she started breathing maan was....

Part 16 :-

It was the first time, they were this much close, maan's breath fall on geet's collar bone, her body shivered with it, she turned her face on one side, giving his breath more space to fall on her neck, she closed her eyes feeling him on her' maan looked at her innocent face, which was shining in the dark room like a star under the moon rays which were coming inside from the window' maan gazed her for a while, geet turned back her face to face him' she looked into his eyes, they were deep n expressive "Full of Love" they were filled with love for her, she wondered why she have never seen this love ever before in his eyes, why they are different today & how could she see his love in the dark room when she never seen it in daylight or is it just her illusion'. maan looked at her, in her big brown eyes, he wanted himself to drown in them, her cute nose, her perfect M shaped luscious lips'. an unknown urge started to build up in him at that moment, he wanted to feel her, wanted to touch her' maan bent his head down smelling the shampoo from her hair, he hide his face in her hair, tickling on her neck with his nose so gently, geet shied n shivered with his act, she didn't protest' she liked it' maan slide his hand softly on her curves, they were so perfect' geet starts breathing more heavily, his single touch sent 1000volts current down her body' geet's breath hit maan's chest, as she was heavily breathing' her breath made him lose himself, his private part starts getting harder' geet felt something touching her body, it was weird but the more it was getting hard, she started losing herself' they were lost in each others eyes' a tear rolled down her eye, he kissed it before it fell on floor' geet adored his act, is he also in love with her- she thought, may be he is, otherwise he would have never show this much care for her' maan wanted to taste her juicy lips, so was geet, she wanted to taste Her hubby, with whom she is madly in love but not accepting it as well on the same time' maan kissed her jaw-line softly moving down to her neck' geet deliberately turned her face giving him more space, inviting him' maan moved down her collar bone, this time he kissed her passionately' she was feeling all wet, losing herself more' another next move of maan n they will lose themselves and will defo land up do something tonight but before he could move, his phone rang'. {manpreet making face "kis pagal ne phone kiya aadhi raat ko"Angry}
Maan consciously got up, thinking what they were upto & what if geet again stop talking to him' geet quickly got up n sat on bed, feeling conscious about the situation they were in' he looked at his phone n picked it up' it was mansion's landline
Maan: hello
Daadi: beta aap kahan hai?? Aap abhi tak nahi aaye??
Maan looked up at geet: woh mai'
Daadi: jhoot mat boliyega' hume maloom hai aap outhouse mein nahi hai' hume nakul ne bataya'
Maan feeling awkward: daadimaa mai geet ke saath hun'
Daadi smiled: kyaaa?? Iss waqt'
Maan looked at watch n realised it was 00:30 but said with angry tone: kyun?? Nahi ho sakta kya??
Daadi giggles: nahi beta..humara who matlab nahi tha'
Maan rolls his eyes: kuch kaam tha aapko??
Daadi: nahi bas woh dinner kar lijiyega'
Maan: hmmm
Daadi: acha geet ko phone dijiye
Maan passes phone to her '. n sits on bed
Geet nervously took the phone: hello
Daadi: beta maan ne abhi tak khana nahi khaya' aap yaad se inhe khila dena'
Geet: ji daadimaa..
Daadi: good night beta'
Geet: bye'good night
Geet stares him for a while' she gets up to go n get dinner for him' but before she left he held her hand' she turned to see him' maan pats the bedsheet indicating geet to sit' her heartbeat starts running faster' don't know why'
She sits down, avoiding the eye contact' maan wanted to talk to her but din't get enough courage to talk' she looks at him curiously to know that what made him nervous' 
Maan fumbles: geet'woh'mai'..ahh
geet din't get him what he wanted to say' and the most important thing was what made Maan Singh Khurana nervous that he is fumbling
Maan: mai kuch kehna chahta hun'
geet quietly looked at him, tried reading his eyes'
Maan: geet I'm sorry whatever happened between us today' he looked away feeling don't know what, it wasn't guilt, but he wasn't able to face her as well, there was some odd feeling' but i seriously don't want you to again stop talking to me' I can't take ur indifference'
she looked at him in awe, first time ever he spoke up something related to her, her silence really effects him- she thought, inwardly she was jumping in joy, he do care for her'
Maan: I want to say something else also but I'm not sure if u'll accept it or not
geet eminently looked at him waiting for him to say'
Maan oddly: geet I want to give a chance to our marriage'
Geet sat there dumbstruck' her jaw dropped down, eyes widened, din't blink her eyes even for once' is maan really mean it?? Or is this kinda bad joke?? - she thought n got confused
Maan: I mean it'
He waited for her answer...her heartbeat stops for a min then suddenly it starts touching sky' she couldn't control her feeling, she was way happy' what she wanted 3months ago, it came true today' today she even starts liking fakir baba's blessings' was he meant maan as her lover- she thought' but she controlled her feelings halfheartedly' geet its too early to think about anything- she thinks in her second thought' her face expression was blank, she was inwardly happy but din't show on her face' maan was waiting for her reply but seeing her blank face, he decided to leave her to think over it n then answer, to give her some time'.
He gets up n was about to go' geets stops him'
Geet: Suniye..
Maan liked the word "Suniye", he turned back quickly: ummm
Geet: khana nahi khaoge??
he smiled, that was unexpected' he nodded for a yes'
she instantly got up 
Geet: aap bathiye, mai abhi aayi'n ran to kitchen to get dinner for him'
maan smiled seeing her act... 
she immediately gets dinner in room... maan looked at the plate, it was for one....
Maan: tum nahi khaogi??
Geet fumbling: oh..mai...maine kha liya...
Maan mischiefly: Really??
Geet noded: ummm
Maan: mai kaise maan lu??
Geet confusingly: hmmm??
Maan: geet hum last ek month se saath mein dinner kar rahe hai, aur tumhe lagta hai ke mai maan lunga ke tumne mere bina aaj dinner kar liya...
Geet feeling odd:
Maan put his finger on her lips: CHUP...
she stood rooted with his touch, this time it was all different... she looked at his finger n then him.... he pulls his finger away, makes her sit on bed...
Maan: tum yahin ruko, bahar mat aana.... he went out, geet curiously watch him from bed only, to know what is he upto.... but he vanished as he walked out of the room.... she followed him... he came back
Maan: mujhe pata tha... tum aisa hi karogi... chup chap andar jakar baith jao aur bahar mat aana, jab tak mai na bulao...
geet twists her lips... n halfheartedly went inside... 
he rushed down... n came back after half n hour, she was in deep sleep.. he smiled seeing his cute wify sleeping so peacefully... {manpreet raised her eyebrows - his wify??Wink}
he seriously din't want to disturb her but he had to... he whispers in her ear... 
Maan: geet...
she got disturb with a voice, she turned to next side... 
Maan again whispers: Geet...
Geet in sleep: ummmm
Maan: utho...
Geet's ears open at once hearing his voice, she opened her one eye: kya hua??
Maan: chalo
Geet opens her both eyes: kahan...??
Maan: utho toh...
she gets up... stretched her arms n unwillingly hit maan's eye....
Maan: Aahhh
Geet worriedly cupped his face: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry 
Maan: geeeeeeeettttt
she took her duppatta, make a roll from a corner blow air in it from her mouth n put it on his eye.... he was ok, it din't hurt him, he smiles mischiefly.... geet looked at his mischief smile n got irritate... smacked on his arm playfully but gets off the bed angrily... 
Geet: mujhe laga ke aapko lag gayi par aap toh.... turned her face away
he walks to her...
Maan: naraz ho??
she looked down, avoiding him
Maan holds her chin n ups her face to face him: acha baba sorry
she again turned her face
Maan held his ears: SORRY
she looks at him with a corner of her eye n smiles
Geet: acha theek hai.. par next time nahi hona chahiye...
he smiles
Geet: kahan jaana hai...
Maan: ohh haan... he blind folded her
Geet: yeh kya kar rahe ho?
Maan: chup.. tum sawal bohot karti ho...
Geet: par batao toh...
Maan: bola na chup...
she put finger on her lips.... he smiled... n took her to outhouse.... he opened her eyes.... she stood there dumbfounded....
table for two was perfectly decorated with side candles in lamp, sitting system on floor... 

Unexpected Perfect First Date....

Precap : more maneet moments

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
OMG manpreet....u u deaR!!!

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged
wavo m feeling out of the world..maneet wana to give their wedding a chance..(vaise to OUT OF THE WORLD maneet ko hona chahiye na Wink)
love u manpreet for such a wonderful u love u love...
pls update soon...!!
and congo dear for ur shopping that to from ur sis credit card..!!!
so dear aj to pura time hai tere pas..and u happy as well..!!!
TO HO JAYEE EK AUR UPDATE...hehehe...aur vo bhi maneet first date...BANTA HAI YAAR...!!..lolz

Edited by Rocks.Dhara - 20 January 2011 at 8:36am

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SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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That was awesome update as always....really loved it

unexpected it was for sure......

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
wow !! awsome yaar...really maan wanna give another chance sweet of himm..wanna see the next update soon

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