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Memories of Unexpected Love~~~Thread 2~~~ (Page 17)

maan13579 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
aur kitna wiat karo yaar

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rocks.Dhara

Originally posted by Manpreetmann

5mins.....almost done

we r waiting darling...!!!

same here
n im fine pratzzzzz hw r u

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Sonia.KN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Hey this is mine first reply to ur posts coz I never went through it seriously  when I came to know Geet as MSK's saali But once I started I read whole thread one in two turns waiting for next one in this second details given by you that r awesome so much described beautifully update soon waiting eagarly....Smile......Tongue........

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Manpreetmann Goldie

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged


Recap :-

few weeks passed... geet din't step in KC after that day... she daily woke up at office time, leaves on time, went to lake, sat there whole day, gazing at lake with blank eyes n came back in the evening, no one questioned her anything as they thought she is busy with office n all.. she started thinking that there is something going in maan n sam coz even maan din't try to talk to her after that day... maan din't talk to her coz he thought she is again angry with him n thatsy not coming to KC also...

Part 14 :-

a month passed like this.... geet followed her routine sitting whole day at lake, she was blank in her mind but her eyes were in search of someone, may be MAAN, but she herself had no idea "WHO".... 

maan starts getting worried as the days n time passed, a month passed n he haven't seen her yet, he was missing her badly.. it was unlike her to show such a careless behaviour, it was only her decision to work in KC, nobody forced her.. then how could she left like this- he thought
maan got free early today from office work, so he decided to go n talk to geet....he walked in mansion around 6 in the eve.... he straightaway went to her room... she wasn't there..he quickly took a round in whole mansion, but geet was nowhere near to be seen... he again came to her room... where can she go??- he thinks n went into deep thoughts thinking about geet..... meanwhile daadi enters the room n poked on his shoulder... maan jumps up n turns...
Daadi: kya hua beta?? kya dhoondh rahe hain aap??
Maan busy in his thoughts & unrealisingly said: kya nahi daadi... kise!!!
Daadi narrowed her eyebrows: matlab??
maan thinks "she might be in an outhouse.... nahi nahi.... how can she?? she might not even knw about it.... but whats the harm in checking.... she is not here, so its possible to find her there"
Daadi: kya hua beta...?? aap kise dhoondh rahe hain??
maan mummers "daadi ko kaise pata hai, mai kisi ko dhoondh raha hun.."
Maan hurriedly: nothing daadi maa.. i'll be back soon.. he walks off in hurry
Daadi stood there confused, talking with walls: yeh maan ko kya hua...?? geet ke kamre mein kise dhoondh rahe the... geet toh office mein hogi, toh fir woh yahan kise dhoond rahe the .. Maan pakka yahan file lene aaye honge par khud hi bhool gaye..
daadi ignored her pota's silly talk n walks out of the room

maan went to outhouse, searched every corner of it, but din't find her... he became restless...
geet toh kisi se milti bhi nahi hai ab, toh woh kahan ja sakti hai- he speaks
he rushed back to mansion... went to her room... checked the washroom... he was hell worried.. daadi came in seeing him so worried...
Daadi: beta hume bataiye, aapko kya chahiye hai??
Maan: daadi maa GEET kahan hai???
Daadi bit surprised: GEET???
Maan nodes : hmm
Daadi: par beta woh toh office mein hogi na...
Maan shocked: kyaaaaa??? geet aaj office gayi hai..?? par fir mujhe mili kyun nahi...
Daadi confused: AAJ matlab???
Maan: daadimaa woh office kab gayi?? kitne baje??
Daadi: maan beta aap kaisi baatein kar rahe hain?? arey ab koi office time pe kitne baje jaata hai... subeh hi gayi thi...
Maan again shocked: subeh?? par daadimaa geet toh aaj office hi nahi aayi... infact woh toh last month se office nahi aayi....
Daadi shockingly: KYAAAAA??????? maan aap yeh kya bol rahe hain...
Maan bit confused: haan... kyun??
Daadi worriedly: par woh toh daily office jaati hai..
Maan was taken a back: yeh aap kya bol rahi hai daadi...
Daadi even more worried: haan beta hum sach bol rahe hain... geet toh daily office ke liye jaati hai....
Maan got restless: nahi daadi... geet ko office aaye hue pura 1month ho gaya...
Daadi almost crying: fir geet kahan hai... woh kahan gayi... maan dhoondo use... plz beta....
Maan holds daadi b shoulder: aap pareshaan mat hoyie daadimaa.. mai kuch karta hun... 
he calls geet, but her phone was switched off.. he calls adi to get info about geet... to trap her phone, to check whether she is alright, he calls police commissioner n tell him to find geet...
maan was so damn restless, he was walking over n forth in the room.. daadi was sitting on bed, seeing her pota in so much tension n thinking about her bahu...there was so much hassle in the room...

Adi calls: Sir! geet ka kuch pata nahi chala... 
Maan angrily: mujhe 5min ke andar andar geet ki saari info chahiye hai, warna kal apna resignation dene ke liye tayyar rehna...
Adi knew his temper, hurriedly said: y..y...yes sir.. n cuts the call

maan got even hyper n worried, he was helpless...he picks the vase from side table n throws on floor...daadi jumps up with the sudden bang... meanwhile geet enters the room, first she looked at the pieces of vase on floor, then looked at maan , then daadi... daadi's eyes caught her...
Daadi: geet beta
maan turns quickly, he sighed looking at her, thankgod she is fine..
Maan runs to her, holds her from shoulder n shouts: kahan thi tum??
Geet bit scared, knowing his anger, but lost in his eyes: ............
Maan worriedly: tumhe kuch ho jata toh...
Geet tries to read her eyes but failed:...........
Maan: tumne kisi ke baare mein socha... kisi ko chodo, tumne mer................................. he pauses
Geet thinking "why is he worried for me??"
Maan: bolo geet.. kahan thi tum..???
daadi adored her pota, who spoke these many words all together for FIRST TIME in his entire life... n smirks.... daadi somewhere got a idea that geet is avoiding maan coz she must be thinking about sam n maan but where she heads daily- daadi wonders
Maan concerned: geet tum theek toh ho na..?? tum kuch bol kyun nahi rahi ho...
Geet flattered her eyes, thinking what to say:...............
daadi left the two
Maan: plz geet kuch toh bolo.... kya hua tumhe?? kisi ne kuch kaha??
she kept quiet but din't remove her gaze.... maan looked in her eyes... there was love for him, they were twinkling like a star but he was scared of love now...
Maan looked away: geet tum kahan thi??
Geet: woh......................
maan's ears were dying to hear her sweet melodic voice from so long... 
finally he heard it... it was so soothing for him to calm his temper down
Maan very softly: geet tumne bataya nahi tu kahan thi??
Geet's soul touched by his soft voice: woh mai..........
she was afraid of his anger, what if he'll go mad.... then she thought "why will he go mad on me...??"
Maan: bolo
Geet: woh mai....
Maan gets annoyed: woh mai.. woh mai... kya????
Geet nervously, din't knw what to say, kept quite.......
suddenly daadi enters the room with coffee...
Maan got even more annoyed: daadi maa aap yeh kyun layi?? nakul kahan hai??
Daadi: calm down beta... mere dono bache aaj saath mein hain,toh humne socha ke hum coffee le aate hain...
maan left the room at the moment glaring at geet, he was going mad on geet, coz she wasn't uttering the single word....
daadi looked at maan... one moment he was hell worried for her n second moment he left the room, giving glare to geet
Daadi made geet sit on bed, give her coffee: beta aap kahan thi...
Geet knew, daadi must be knowing that she was not in office: woh mai daadimaa......................
Daadi: kya hua beta boliye na
Geet gets the best way to escape from that question: daadimaa mai apni studies continue karna chahti hun...
Daadi looked at her: yeh toh achi baat hain.. aapka MBA ka last year tha na...
Geet noded: ji...
Daadi: par beta aap 1month se kahan thi... i mean mujhe maan ne bataya ke aap office nahi gayi, toh aap daily kahan jaati hain???
Geet got caught again: woh actually 
Daadi finds something weird, why was she fumbling: boliye geet
Geet: daadimaa woh kya hai na, mai apni friend ke saath ek project pe kaam kar rahi thi...
Daadi smiles weakly knowing she is lying: hmm, toh aap kabse aoni studies shuru karna chahti hai,...
daadi thinks she needs time, so she agreed to her
geet caught in her own blunder, she had no intention to continue her further studies, but she thought, this is the best way to keep her mind busy....
Geet: par maan nahi manege shayad
Daadi thinks for a while: woh aap humpe chod dijiye... aap bas apni bataiye, apko kab shuru karni studies
Geet: as soon as possible...
Daadi smiles: thik hai beta

daadi convinced maan, he was never against any of geet's doing...but the thought that "she'll be away from him now onwards, she'll not be in office" was making him upset,...don't know why?? but he already started missing her... 
geet joined the last year of MBA, she made two new friends, Pari n Meera... they were happy go lucky person... both were very friendly....
maan was worried n curious to know "where she was from last 1month".. daadi told him that she was working with her friend on some project... but maan wasn't much convinced with this answer... coz he knew geet can't leave her "Samaira Khan's project" in between like this... on the other side, Samaira was demanding geet.. she was not ready to accept any other designee to do her project... maan told her that geet will not be able to do it n also she wasn't KC's architect ... so they will hire best designee to do her project if she don't want sasha to do it... but samaira was nowhere to listen to them.... she strictly told them, if geet will do this project then only she'll let KC to do it otherwise she'll cancel the contract... & maan knew if she cancels it then KC will face the big loss, n if she do this project then KC will be in more profit ever....

a month passed... hassle was ON in the KC on samaira's project.. but maan convinced her for sasha doing her project...Samaira was hell angry...maan missing geet a lot
geet was getting along with her mates very hassle...nothing... she dint face maan after that... but she started missing him even more...

one more month passed....geet's budding with pari n meera was getting stronger day by day, they became really good friends... one day geet coming back from college n her car broke down in between the road, it was cloudly outside, she gets off the car, they were in silent road, not much traffic, actually hardly car to be seen... driver told her that it'll take time n tells her to wait inside.. she decided to wait outside only but then gets in & waited... hour passed, n nothing has done.... she gets off the car, it started drizzling, geet invited the waterdrops on her hands, it started raining heavily....she was fully drenched n was playing like a kid...suddenly a car on full speed came n was about to bang in her n he breaks tightly to stop the car "CREEEEEECH"... but in no second, geet fell on floor, it actually hurted her...

Precap : geet in hospital

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
shukrya mata ji for the nice update ... itnay din baad update kiya aur itnay thoray se maneet moments... bohat na insafi hai re ...  

chal abhee dosri update bhi de do ... to make up for the loss of the past few days....  verna halla bol team teray peechay danda lekay bhaagnay wali hai   Tongue 

and btw .. ye Maan Geet kay saath masla kiya hai .. ye donon aik dosray ki puri baat kiyon nahin sun saktay .. her baar puri baat sunne say pehlay gi bhaag jaatay hain ... Angry

Sana (Halla Bol Team)

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maan13579 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
awesome update just loved it next part kab update karo gi lolxx

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
arghhhhhhhhhhhh manpreet kya yaar
aise point pe chodi aur ab tho tu 2 din tak nahi ane wali kya yaar
awesome update
hope geet ke accident se maan aur geet thoda bas thoda pass me ayee

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
loved the part......
Maan started to feel for Geet,tats a Gd sign......
njoy nd have lots of fun in ur cousin's marriage

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