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Kool's Commentary : Jan 12 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Jaywant confesses his love in PR
Dhamaka Episode guys but not in the sense we expected. Meaning Archana's grand entry was a damp squib , it seems she had come coz Vaishu had invited her after all ........what brought in the dhamaka was Jaywant Rane's passionate confession of falling hard for Archana .
The Evil Batatawada was having a hard time at his party . First , his infernal saali ,Holy Archu turned up with blazing eyes in his party on the MY SISTER CALLED ME PRETEXT . Then , to top it all , the Kudi Punjaban called up EXACTLY at that moment . And he HADDDD to take the call , or that dratted female wud keep on calling . I need ur sperm I need ur sperm all the time , PHEW . Then , as if this was not enough , The Kudi Punjaban informed him she KNEW he had made Vaishu Pregnant . Batatawada had almost TOTTERED when he heard that . Now the Kudi Punjaban wouldn't leave him , that was PAKKA . CONFIRMED . You gave Vaishu ur sperm na , now I also want , I also want she wud pout for days and days , phoning him at odd hours and eating his head .
Does ...does Vaishu know about us ? Ha ? He managed to ask weakly .
Nope , not yet said Kudi Punjaban in a disinterested way . First tell me if ur gonna be generous with your sperms with me too .
Ya Ya , I will ok .......said Batatawada in panic , wondering fleetingly about how his sasur had managed with so many females for so many years .He had never really thought deeply about that point before .
Then when he turned , he almost got an heart attack . Holy Archu was standing right behind him in VIVEKANANDA pose [ folded arms] with a sneer permitted by the holy scriptures for rare evil occasions like these .
Vaishu will know SOMEDAY Holy Archu warned .
But not TODAY ! So there ! said Batatawada , trying desperately to silence her infernal foretelling mouth .
U better be SCARED said Holy Archu , her voice like clinking ice cubes .
Me ? Me ? Why shud I be scared, Ha ? asked Batatawada , wiping his sweat . YOU are the one who shud be scared coz I will do HALAT of ur sister if it comes to an ugly level .So Don't u dare push me Holy Archu .
Have u told Madhuri ? Does she know ?asked Holy Archu , not giving up .
Its NONE OF UR BUSINESS Batatawada pointed out to her . Really , he thought , Holy Archu needs some lessons in etiquette , she was getting too much of late . Pointing fingers and what not [and once or twice it was co incidentally the middle finger but she was oblivious of it] and SLAPPING Brother in Laws AND listening on  private phone conversations . I mean seriously , Vaishu may be  her business but Madhuri  ISN'T. Batatawada felt quite miffed with Holy Archu . He was so particular about BUSINESS , be it professional or personal .
Vaishu is very much my business said Holy Archu annoyingly . And if u do anything BAD to my sister na , u fat , greedy troll , U just wait and see what I do to YOU .
Then Holy Archu left the party without eating any food or saying Bye Bye . Batatawada felt quite RELIEVED to see her go . Women gave one such a PEEING sensation at times he thought and hurried off to find the toilet .
Holy Archu was walking swiftly to go home when TDH accosted her in the corridor . I WANNA TALK TO U HOLY ARCHU he told her , but Holy Archu was in no mood . BUT I DON"T she said and walked off haughtily .
TDH ran behind her in the corridor and down the stairs .PLZZ , PLZZ he said . PLZZ Holy Archu , gimme a chance to at least TALK .
NOT INTERESTED snapped Holy Archu who was very very miffed with him for framing her BHags as a CHOR .
PLZZ , ONLY ONE CHANCE said TDH desperately .
R U GONNA TELL ME UR NOT BAD ? Asked Holy Archu sarcastically .
NO , NOTHING OF THE SORT said TDH even more desperately . INFACT HOLY ARCHU I AM VERY BAD . But I AM in LOVE WITH U . I did all the BAD THINGS for YOU HOLY ARCHU . To gain YOU . PLZ Understand HOLY ARCHU . I LOVE U .
Holy Archu gasped . She cudn't believe her ears . YOU DID BAD THINGS COZ UR A BAD MAN she told him pointing her finger .
I will CHANGE  for u Holy Archu , TDH said hoarsely , somehow controlling the urge to hold her hand tight and gently suck her pointed finger . She has such lovely delicate fingers , he thought passionately . They need to be SUCKED .
Yes Holy Archu , I will become a GOOD man . I will DO WHATEVER u WANT Holy Archu , becoming GOOD is the most detestable , boring thing in the world but if U want it I will Do it for u .
U can NEVVER become Good said Holy Archu with a confident sneer . NEVVER . Being GOOD is only and only My BHAGWAN"S monopoly . U can NEVVER compete with HIM .
Oh Don't take that Bore's Name said TDH impatiently . That Kameena .
Holy Archu raised her hand like a DEvi in Fury to Slap him . How DARE u call My Bhags a BORE and a KAMEENA ! She yelled , her eyes blazing .
TDH stared at her in fascination . She looks so bloody BEAUTIFUL he thought in passionate desperation . He wanted to pull her by the same hand in his strong arms and plant burning kisses on her upturned face .
Holy Archu , Holy Archu u wanna SLAP me na , he said and caught her hand and tried to make her slap him on the cheek .  { At least that will gimme a chance to feel her fair touch , he thought.]YEA GO ON SLAP ,  SLAP . PLZZ SLAP ME . But Don't HATE me Holy Archu . CAn BEAR the FULL WORLD"S HATRED , NOT YOURS . I NEED U .
You need a SHRINK Holy Archu told him in haughty disgust .You ARE CRAZY .
Yes I am crazy but who made me crazy Holy Archu ? Ha ? asked TDH imploringly . { Muvaaa Jay , Kya Acting of passion .} YOU made me crazy Holy Archu , U used me and flaunted that Bore Bhags in my face ! U were an Unconscious Tease Holy Archu !
Bhags is hundred times BETTER than u , U can NEVER COMPETE with my BHAGS said Holy Archu insensitively .
TDH snapped at that . Here he was , going on his knees for this lovely lady and instead of giving him a chance , she was going on and on about that faaltu Bhags . TDH Held Holy Archu tight and twisted her arm behind her back .
Don't YOU DARE take that sissy's name he said darkly . Don't TEST my PATIENCE Holy Archu .
Just then Slapochana came there with Manohar .She gasped to see this scene and slapped TDH with all her might and expertise .
U CHEE CHEE Man ! She cried . Manhandling my MARRIED daughter like this ! And I thought u were SHAREEF !
YA ! cried Manohar in fear , looking at Slapochana's roop and immediately agreeing with her . He always agreed with Slapochana most ardently when he witnessed her terrific slaps . How HE had escaped them was a miracle , most of the people they knew had got her PRASAD .
I WILL PERSONALLY HAND U OVER TO THE POLICE IF I CATCH U NEAR MY DAUGHTER AGAIN ! He cried even more LOUDLY to please SLAPOCHANA . What a pity , he thought secretly .He had rather LIKED TDH . He Liked anyone who had volunteered to take HOly Archu away from the K home .
Holy Archu Sobbed in her Dad's Arms . TDH muttered his apologies to her parents wanting to wipe away Holy Archu's tears by kissing them gently off her fair face . As they walked away , he ran his hands desperately thru his hair , looking incredibly SEXY .
My comments : Jay has fallen HARD for Archana , it got confirmed today . In his own ABNORMAL way , he has fallen badly for her . Its not just EGO . More complicated than that guys . ClapClapClapClapClapThumbs Up to CVS for this TRACK and keep it up .If u handle it well , TRPS will rocket high . Show Jay bringing Archana to a point of forcing her to sleep with him but NOt doing it at last moment and sending her back home .Big smile Also , show Jay punishing Archus enemies VERY BADLY . MANJU , especially . if Passion in PR resides in the form of Jay , so be it . Just Pavitra Rishta Pavitra Rishta is BORING .
Also , next time show Jay accosting her not so publicly , but privately .Each time she shud escape somehow of course but viewers will be THRILLED .U see Jay aint a fool for doing things so publicly .
Bhags procured a job as a WAITER in that same hotel where Varsha Satish will give a party for anniversary . I can't understand  .........Bhags is part time mechanic , part time waiter and what is Archana doing ?How about telling Sulo Mano Vaishu's real story instead of handling it on her own like an oversmart and then focussing on getting a job to help run the finances ? People said so much about Why Shravani didnt do a jon etc etc and some went far as blaming SAVITA LOLLOLLOL for not doing Papads and PICKLES bUSINESS to support house financially coz Damo is a drunk .............How about Archana moving her butt now instead of pointing fingers to ALL ?
Bhags then took Holy Archu out to eat Pav Bhaji where they met Savita and Damodar . A corny scene was shown where Savita made faces LOLLOLLOLLOL and ordered all the ulta items that Holy Archu ordered . So juvenile of CVS ........cudnt Savita eat teekha bhelpuri and Archna have her dahi puri ? I still didnt get the point ........does giving a treat mean eating the SAME ITEM by all ?Says who ? I mean there is a  LIMIT to showing how adjusting ARchu is and how Bad Savita is ! How BORING !
Holy Archu has hidden from Bhags about TDH 's passionate outburst . Again , very WRONG . In such cases , u must immediately tell your SPOUSE . She has hidden Vaishu's story from parents , Jays story from Manav . I really cannot understand Archana .
Archna looked smashing in the yellow silk sari .
Manav came in and sat near Archna with door open again and they asked each other how their day had been like ROOM MATES . If this is the romance that is being shown why this big seperate Kholi Voli ?Move them back to D house yaar CVS .
In PRECAP  , Archu is showing Finger to Madhuri and telling her UR PATI IS MY SISTERS PATI while Manav looks on like a sidekick . I request CVS to show Manav as an INDIVIDUAL , not Archnas SIDEKICK . This serial isnt just about Archna , Manavs role has immense potential . how him having his own thoughts and own strength please . Also , Archna is not correct all the time , please show Manav correcting her at times .
Batatawada went to sneakily meet the Kudi Punjaban in the hotel where she begged and begged for his sperm again . Ok OK OK said a harassed Batatawada . On Satish Varsha's anniversary day we will DO IT . Vaishu will be busy THERE . The Kudi Punjaban THANKED him for saying YES . Women THANK Batatawada for agreeing to have SEX .LOLLOLLOLLOL Now what I wonder is
Are we gonna see a scene where Batatawada is caught red handed in bed with Madhuri with CHADDAR upto his chubby bare chest with Holy Archu leading all into his hotel room , or is only Vaishu gonna walk in just after Batatawada's AHEM with Madhuri ?Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
Kools signing off for the day . All Contrary coments welcome ! Enjoy the saga of Dharmu's spermatozoa.Big smileBig smileBig smile

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sherma IF-Rockerz

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luved d way dharmesh got scred seeing archu,it was as if he saw a ghost, but i still tink he luvs vaishu and madhuri was a mistke made by him during college days wich he came to know aftr his marriage. it was so very expected from archu,tat she wnt tell manav abt jay. is dis women hav lost it.archu was looking very gud today in yellow as well as white saree wich she wore in d pav bhaji u know wat i really like jay,mahesh shetty is a fab actor,he reminds me of rishab bajaj of kzk. he has a bright future.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Read last point of Batatawada added .

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Excellen tcommentry , mazaa aa gaya ..Agree with everything in Principle ..hated your suggestion about Jay getting  physical with Archu when she was pointing her finger ..EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWDead
And Kool, Archana should not work ..Don't  you know , only bad girls work in PR Land Manjusha and now the new bad girl in   town Varsha ......
Kool, I don't know but I am a little Ok about Archu not telling manav .Manav is usually a very cool guy but if anyone makes a wrong remark for Archana he becomes like Incredible hulk and he looses the power to think rationaly .Have you forgtten the broken bottle and how he smashed Prakash's head against the wall.However , Archna should tell satish about what happened ..Manav  has a very nasty temper and he himself keeps sayign that he can get killed one day or kill someone for something  like this ....
Just when everything is looking better for them , how can she risk telling him ...
The Deshmukh family dinner was a nice scene .Good to see  savita thinking about her son more than her ego .Good to see that damodar got her out and is pampering his wife and also was nice to see Archana dressing up for her escort for her date ....
Dharmesh was so scared was almost funny .Archana was haunting him like a ghost ...

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bhavni88 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
great post Kools..

am getting bored with this dharmesh track..hope it ends soon..

archana shd tell manav about tdh..asap..

cant wait to see the 'angry' manav..Wink

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Mahesh Shetty was  very good  in his scene today ....Ankita too did well in that scene , it was a tough scene as they both were so angry and he was getting physical as well ...all that grabbing and twisting arms ...they both did it well ...
I think jay will frame Vinod to blackmail Archana ...

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harpkaur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
excellent.....i jst cnt stop laughin at dharmesh's spermatozoaLOLLOL

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Lekin Tanya .........How many days will Archana hide from Manav ? This is not a thing that can be hidden , he is doing it in public places now and is quite out of control . And if Manav comes to know from a third party he may end up doing murder .
If u ask me , she is hiding far ttoo many things .All with good intentions of course but ultimately these things will come out like a volcano and hurt people even more .

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