Random Musing-Adi vs Ganda Fool-12th January

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Hola Maryaada Forum,

Welcome to the Random Musings thread! Hug

Please jump in with  your views on the 
episode or the characters by posting analysis, poems,Riddles, vm's siggies, OS's or anything else you feel like!

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Some simple rules: 

1. Follow the IF code of conduct 
2. No bashing of members or the actors 
3. First page will typically be for analysis, poems or anything about the reserve if you want to do that! Big smile
4. If you don't want to analyze, you can still reserve your space for your views Big smile 
5. Have fun LOL

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Cant wait to Watch Ganda Fool vs Adi Dancing
Devyani-Aditya : Kay when Devyani was tellin Him (Priya) the Truth !! Adi's eyes teary Unhappy
Kay I Knw it was me who was pisssed @ Devyani's action Angry ! buh wah she said Today was so touching ! tht this marriege wont just affect ma family buh priya's happiness too ! n she won't take this !! Clap
OMG how can she ask her to forget this rishta like a bad dream Confused !! OMG RaQesh is Fab here Clap !!! Love this Guy !! *ya ya i knw i always do Wink ! buh today is special xP * 
OMG I soo xpected this Unhappy !! no wonder the jerk SSP asked Devyani to Break this shadi ! as people Will BLAME HER Angry ! n see wah happened Adi blamin her Unhappy ! tho goood Angry ! she can see how much Adi loves Priya !! 
thnks CV's for Makin Adi Say What we All Kept sayin y-day !! Devyani DOESNT care abt her son's happiness ! buh she jst have to Follow HER MASTERs order Angry 
Hahaha GO GO GO !! Adi ROFL he is for sure gona get the Zor ka jathka ROFL 

Aditya-Uttara n Co.: just 1 Word 'WOOW' jst by sayin zindagi bhar mein priya ka saath nahin chorunga !! 
Now im sure Adi Will fight for Priya Phoreva Big smile !! Love Yew adi even more Heart 

Aditya-BabuJi : OMG ! can RaQesh get any better Shocked !! he is awesome Clap !! 
and SSP succeeded here Angry !! made Adi Blame Devyani Angry !! 
BabuJi !!! u just Proved Adi' is ur GrandSon LOL !! he is soo like him !! 
Hahahaha I knew BabuJi will Tell him tht its SSP who made her say all this !! Big smile !! Love yew BabuJi! Babuji Makes me hate SSP even More ROFL

Aditya-Babuji: Huh ! Angry !! so He doesnt Jst Treat Devyani As his Dog Angry ! buh Also thinks His son is his dog Angry ! who will break this shadi ! n forget his Love onli IF HE TELLS HIM Angry
Hahahahha I jst wanted to Die of laughter here ! when Adi Kept askin why he has prob by her past buh Not Him n Devyani ROFL !! chor kya bole ga yahan Angry ! when he is the onli reason BEHIND Priya's Past Angry !! Kamina Angry
OMG How could u ! Angry ! Kamina SSP ! How could u Angry !! Yaaar how can he shout @ ma Adi Like this Unhappy !! his face was worth seein Unhappy !! 
Shocked !! 'Woh mare Patni awready Ban chooki hai' Loved This scene AWESOME !! hahahah SSP's xpressions r worth watchin here ROFL ! this was soo touching !! Guyz Now im sure We will Seee Adi standin Wid Priya ! when the truth will be out tht it was SSP who ruined his priya's Life !! 
Loved it !! his Farz n Vadaa Tawk made me 110% Sure Tht Now we will See aditya Wid Priya 4eva !! 
OMG dnt Hug him Unhappy !!OMG Can i jst run n Hug him tight Unhappy !! hope this Love of Aditya Melts this jerks Heart Unhappy n Hope we'll see SSP beggin Priya for forgiveness ! * hahahahah I can just see the Imaghe here ROFL SSP beggin Priya for forgiveness ROFL

Vidya-her mom: Feel so Bad for Vidya here Unhappy !! i can feel her pain Unhappy !! n Now this proved tht even if husband ignores the wife ! the wife will blame her self Unhappy !! I felt so bad when she said whats rong wid her tht he husband doesnt want her Unhappy !! 
Loved how Vidya was givin xample of Relationship !! dnt worry Vidya im sure ur relationship will be better thn These !! *hope so atleast  Unhappy * !! 

Precap : cant wait for tomorz !! OMG wat a heartless father he is Angry ! just standing there wid his ego Angry !! 
Kamina Angry

Hmmm Awesome Epi ! it was perfect !! 

Liked: -the fact tht All the actors playin these characters (RaQesh,Vishwajeet,Vindhya, Indrani n the person playin Babuji) makes their character even stronger Clap ! I cant imagine any1 else playin these characters !! this Show made me believe tht this Show got the Best Cast so far Clap  !! each n Every actor is awesome!! givin full justice to their Role Clap !! 
          - Hmm even tho i hate SSP buh when Aditya was cryin n hugged him !! i felt the pain of a father here Confused ! tho cant ignore the Fact he is the JERK Angry

Dislike: Hmmm for the 1st time i guess i actually LOVED the WHOLE epi !! there was not a part i was like 'OKAY' buh every scene was perfect ! 

Show stopper of Episode: Ofcourse !! Babu ji was rockin as usual Buh Today Aditya was Just OUTSTANDIN! Loved him Clap 

Future Prediction : hmmm Now when we'll see Adi decidin to leave this house, we knw tht SSP will Stop him by sayin tht he was judgin his love for Priya ! n if he can staty wid her ! to win Adi's trust again !! n thn we might see him agreein wid the shadi again  n seein him makin an xcuse n go away frm the shadi ! so this shadi can happen & he'll return once Priya is finally in the house ! as he might feel tht once Priya will come to this house thn she will not do anyfin to ruin her so called Father in laws status ._. ! n im defo Sure Priya will prove him rong ! buh will also end up thinkin tht Adi might have cheated her Confused ! hmm lets just wait n watch Wink

Rate: 10/10 Clap ! i think 10 is reallly less !! it deserve more ! now jst hope CV's continue like this Wink

Sigi i really feel like Usin it even more now afta todays epi Angry 

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Hello Maryaada Forum:
This story about four women
Has captured my attention
I don't agree with some of the characterization
But I still love & watch it without cessation! is still me...ROFL. In a random poetic frame of mind today! ROFL

Aditya - Devyani & Aditya - Uttara

What a terrific sequence
Started today's installment
Aditya was quick to denounce
Devyani's inexplicable interference
Episode started with Devyani trying to explain, to who she thought was Priya, her reasons for wanting to break the upcoming nuptials. Now...her reasoning left me scratching my head...made no logical sense at all and I guess that was the point. Devyani has no reason to want to stop the wedding other than to follow Sasur Pig's orders! What I loved about this scene was Raqesh's expressions as Devyani went on her spiel. It captured that confused "what-the-heck" is she talking about emotion that Aditya's character should have logically been feeling as he started listening to Devyani's words. That initial confusion then morphed perfectly to disappointment and anger as Aditya revealed himself to confront Devyani!

As Aditya stormed out, Uttara stops him. As Uttara ribs Aditya about his not leaving Priya alone for a second after their marriage, Aditya responded firmly that he would not leave her alone life long.

The execution of this entire sequence showed this team's attention to detail. More specifically, I am referring to how the dramatic background music completely died out as the confrontation intensified between Devyani & Aditya to complete silence...well done! This worked beautifully in the transition of this scene in to the next with the Mehndi dancing music. Another Aditya responded to Uttara's teasing,
the screenplay had Aditya  give a strong response knowing Devyani was listening and also change his expression to incorporate a fake smile given the location of the conversation. Thumbs Up Well done!

Aditya - Babuji

As an angry Aditya walked in to the Jhaakar house looking for Brahmanand, he was stopped and questioned by Babuji!

What a powerful conversation. Babuji's love and support of Devyani shone in this exchange. Everything from his asking Aditya whether he tried to understand Devyani's reasoning to angrily reminding him that Devyani was his mother and would never wish him harm to finally revealing that it was Brahmanand who was against the marriage was beautifully portrayed! Star

The best part of this conversation for me was Babuji's response to Aditya's instant rejection of what he heard were really Brahmanand's intentions. Star Clap Again, everything from Babuji's chiding of Aditya about his quick judgment of Devyani versus the disbelief about Brahmanand to reminding Aditya how well he (Babuji) knows his own son was wonderfully shown...simply outstanding! Star Star

Aditya - Brahmanand

Stunned by what Babuji said, Aditya runs behind Brahmanand seeking reassurance that his father trusted his choice of Priya as spouse! Now...this sequence was good... very good even...but the preceding scenes were so good that they completely overshadowed this confrontation for me. What stood out for me the most was RaQesh's fantastic voice modulation at the key moments and the hug at the end of the scene.

Vidya - Mother

This episode closing scene was good but this track needs to move forward immediately. Insom-mia mentioned in her take, I found it to be a major tempo buster in today's show! It would have been far better placed had it been shown earlier in the episode with the Aditya - Brahmanand scene being the closing one instead!

Overall: Good episode! Its a 4/5 for me!


1. The first half of the episode: Simply spectacular screenplay and execution/direction!
2. RaQesh and Arun's acting today! Star Clap Take a bow gentlemen! Watching them together was a pleasure I hope we get to experience again and again in this series.
3. The background music: Today's episode showcased exactly how BG music should be used! Wonderful!


1. The order of the scenes in the episode!

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eek! reserved for today's watching right now [online of course LOL]

okokok. wowow! Today was awesome, just saying.

Hmm the first part, with Devyani and Aditya, I thought it was really well done and I'm so proud of Aditya for holding his patience and not saying anything until the very end, so he actually heard everything, especially the fact that Priya's past is the issue here, and damn Devyani in this one part, although I love her all other times, I mean, she said she wuld take care of Aditya, but woman, be practical, he's your son and you know how much he loves priya, and how he would be unwilling to let her go.

But I think today's episode overall depicted the really strong relationship between Aditya and his father, because Aditya utterly refused to believe his grandfather when he said it was his father that was the main issue, that was pressuring Devyani. And well it's going to all be SSP's fault when this relationship deteriorates as well.

Aditya, what can I say about him, he's simply amazing. ClapClapClap Raqesh Vashist for depicting the pain, the happiness, the emoitions, the anguish everything to damn perfection. And him saying to Uttara that he would never leave Priya, ever,EmbarrassedBig smile He's perfect, and now we know for sure that he won't leave Priya. [well, when the real truth about SSP comes around, the story might be different, who knows?]

Going back to the Grandpa, I love him for calming Aditya down and showing him not to hate n his mother so quickly. Because I think a character like this is always needed, someone to kind of bring everything to peace before everyone goes on blaming one another and pointing fingers. Babuji allowed for Aditya to reevaluate this mother's words and clarified that his mother would never think bad for him, and in Devyani's case it's true. No mother would want the worst for her son, and simply put, neither would she.

The Aditya-SSP confrontation wsa very very meaningful. It revealed everything, but still kept the main point hidden. And Aditya's firm decision to leave, it was necessary.

 And I like how Aditya pointed out that they should respect Priya for fighting against this injustice and standing up for herself. I like how Aditya respects that independent woman, and that he's not like the other men in the show who really just want their women to be subservient, sitting around and doing everything they tell them to.

Overall, it was a good episode. The Gaurav-Vidya...I don't have much to say about. I feel bad for Vidya for sure, but the track needs a slight push before I really have much to say.

Precap: I"M SO EXCITED! Why? Because we see the real emotions, the real face of everyone, how SSP is so stubborn in his resolve, how much of a j*****s he is and everything. But also Devyani's love for her son. I love her character at times, and I hate it at other times, but this is defintiely one of those days when I really just wow. amazing.

That was probs a boring rant, but they were just kind of my opinions about this epi. Hope you weren't epicly bored!

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Edited ma Post ! OMG !! Some Land here Phast !! Jaya !!! 
OMG Todays Epi Was Rockin ! loved it !! 
OMG Aditya-SSP scene was Awesome !! 

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Mana...Hug...loved your take! Cannot wait to watch the episode...sounds awesome!

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jaya every bit of it was Fab !! BabuJi as usual Rocked it !! 
n for the 1st time ! when adi in Pain Hugged SSP... i felt the pain of a father Confused ! tho even tho he is still a JERK Angry
Awesome epi ! MUST watch ! 
im gona this in the title 'Adi vs Ganda fool' LOL

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Sucks that I cannot watch for another hour or so.

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