Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

~JustTheWayYouAre-part 9 page 39 16/09~ (Page 34)

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Originally posted by Aymee

Hey Preeti.
I am sorry for not commenting earlier.
I was starting to read your FF when I had problems with my net.
So let me make up for lost times Big smile
Part 1: It is great to see everyone excited to see Arjun and Arohi's new baby.  Preet and Veera scenes were funny.  Preet is so clumsy.  LOL Loved how everyone was teasing Preet finding a girl that will perfect for him. 
Heer's introduction was great.  It is great to see her being a successful lawyer. 
Part 2: Prem's introduction was sweet.  It great to see him excited to meet his niece for the first time and reach home on time to for the baby's name ceremony.
Part 3: Heer getting shy about the boy her parents arranged was too cute.  I could actually picture Heer getting shy and running into her room. 
Prem's family were very excited about meeting Heer.  Before I read the next part, I was wondering how Prem would react when he saw Heer's picture. 
Part 4:  I was surprised like the rest of the family when I found out that Prem wasn't interested to get married.  But I am glad that he realized that he hurt his sister's feelings and at least agreed to meet Heer.
It was a great surprise that Veera and Meher are already friends.  So, Meher and Preet are  pranksters.  It was funny how Preeti is determined to win this competition.
Part 5: Meher's trick to Nihaal was funny.  Poor Nihaal LOL 
It was a nice surprise for Meher and Veera to find out that their sister and brother were arranged to meet each other.  If Prem and Heer agree to get married, not only wil they be friends but they will become family also.  I believe that will make both of them happy Big smile
Part 6: Loved Prem's reaction when he saw Heer for the first time.  It was sad that he was thinking of his parents at that moment but he knew his mother would love a girl like Heer. 
Heer calling Prem, "Prem ji" was too funny.  LOL  I loved Prem response when she called him that.  LOL  It was great that Prem and Heer got along right away.
I also loved how when Prem and Heer went back down to their families, everyone started to move around, so that Prem and Heer will sit next to each other no matter what.  That was too funny and cute.  LOL  I really loved that part.
Part 7: Prem and Heer getting shy around their family was too cute.  I am glad both families didn't pressure them into giving them an answer about their decision. 
Meher and Nihaal teasing Heer was too cute.
It looks like Prem really likes Heer.  I can't wait to see what will happen when they meet again. Embarrassed   Day Dreaming
Preeti, do PM when you do update.  All of your parts were great.  You are doing a wonderful job with this FF.  I am really looking forward to reading your next chapter.   
Its ok Lisa...
Thnx for the comment...u gave me a recap of the whole kinda forgotten it too LOL i know im sucha a bad writer...i forgot my own story but wht can i do Embarrassed not updated for 5 months...long time. Ok im gna update now Big smile so be ready...n thnx for catching up.

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ok waitinggg
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Part 8



Sorry for not updating for sooo long. I wasn't well in had an operation so I was in hospital n then I was busy with exams which I couldn't take due to my surgery. I just got over and done with everything before the end of the school year. Phew.

Once again I'm really really sorry now that my holz are starting next week I shall be updating more often or at least trying to.

Without much ado here's the next part'I know most of u must have forgotten the plot so here it is.


P.S. I shall be making banners for my FF's soon Embarrassed like the ones Grace (Iheartchai) has. =D

Tho I don't know when that will be.

N yuppp I will try to update Saathiya too I have started that sooo it'll be done soon.

Recap: from the beginning.

 1.    Arjun and Arohi had a baby girl and everyone is really excited about it. Also everyone is waiting for the return of their second eldest son Prem Juneja who currently resides in the UK. Then you also see Heer's introduction. 

2.    Prem eager to reach home on time for the baby's naming ceremony and excited at the same time to see his new niece.

3.    Heer's parents introducing her to a lady who arranges marriages. Heer gets shy and emotional thinking about her marriage. Prem's family excited to see Heer.

4.    Prem disagreeing to get married at first but then agreeing after when he realised he hurt his sister's feelings.

5.    Meher plays a trick on Nihaal. Meher and Veera find out that their siblings may get married and they plan to keep them together anyhow.

6.    Prem and Heer see each other for the first time. They speak to each other about their lives. Their families are eager to know their decisions but don't want to put any pressure on the two.

7.    Prem Heer sit amongst the family members who make them sit together. They are eager to know their decisions. Prem and Heer sleep with smiles on their faces thinking about their meeting.  


Ok that was the recap... here's the update

Heer woke up early in the morning. She felt fresh she had had a peaceful sleep after many days. Yesterday was the day she had won her court case and saved an innocent person from getting punished and on top of that she had met Prem.

Her parents had liked Prem she could tell they had and they had many dreams about her wedding. She didn't want to break them in anyway what so ever.

She walked in to the kitchen where her mum was busy making aloo ke parathas. Meher was there too hovering over her head waiting for the parathas to cook.

"How long is it going to take mom?" she asked. "You know I can't not resist food especially when it is aloo ke parathas.

"Meher you have never been able to resist any kind of food," said Nihaal from behind the newspaper.

"Oho can u both stop fighting please," said Heer. "Later on the both of you will be moaning about headaches due to your shouting,"

"Heer you don't know what she done to me the other days," said Nihaal.

"What did I do?" questions Meher. "Tell her what did I do?"

"That I helped you up after you had slipped in the bathroom the other day and that there was no one at home to come and help you up,"

"Meher stop lying," said Nihaal. "You always get away with them,"

"Di have I ever lied to you?" asked Meher. "You're a lawyer you should be able to tell the difference,"

"Don't bring me in to this," said Heer. "Soon you'll both be asking me to take sides which I can't as then one of you will be upset with me and won't speak to me,"

Heer walked out of the kitchen to go and sit with her father who was sitting on the table sipping his cup of tea and reading the news of the world.

Meher and Nihaal carried on fighting.

Meanwhile in the Juneja house all was well. Everyone was up and about.

Kulraaj was busy with the kids as was Veera who was helping her out. Prem was sitting at the table with Kiran, Arjun and Preet they kept looking at him every now and then.

Prem noticed this but didn't say anything about it.

"Ahem ahem, PB I was wondering about your decision," said Preet.

Prem looked at him and have him the hardest glare he could. "You know I need time,"

"Yah, I know that but I thought as you've been awake all night looking at the moon not able to sleep you probably made up your mine," replied Preet.

"Why are you troubling him Preeti," said Kulraaj coming out of the kitchen. " Leave the poor boy alone; it's totally up you him after all it is his life,"

Prem thought to himself. I have such a nice family. They care so much about me. I want to always keep them happy no matter what but that does not mean marrying a girl of their choice.

He was beginning to think. Is it right for me to marry Heer?

I live in London. I hardly ever come to the UK. Ever since Ma, Bauji passed away I have never like it here. I can't separate Heer from her parents it's not right. I have been through the pain of being away from my parents I can't let anyone else go through it too.

"Prem what are you thinking about?" asked Arjun. "I've been seeing that you're sitting in the same position for the last 10 minutes thinking about something. Is everything alright?"

"Haan bhaiya that exactly what I was thinking; everything ok?" asked Veera.

"Don't worry Veera I'm fine it's just that I remembered something urgent I have to finish that before I go to office," said Prem. "Excuse me everyone," and with that eh go up to leave.

"Ok everyone I have an announcement to make and I'm sure just like me you'll all be shocked too," said Veera.

"What is it Veera?" asked Preet. "You know not to disturb me when I'm eating," said Preet.

"Shut up Preeti, let her speak," said Arohi. "Veera go ahead and say what you have to,"

"Yeah bhaiya you and your food. You can't live without it," said Veera with a smirk on her face.

"Ok that's enough of teasing," said Kulraaj.

"Ok di do you know Heer's sister Meher she is my best friend," said Veera excitedly.

"What," said Preet nearly choking on his milkshake? "How did u not know that earlier on?"

"If she's stayed in the Europe for 7 years of her life and I only met Meher 5 years ago how was I going to know," defended Veera.

"You mean to say that you never saw a picture of her or anything," asked Preet. "how can that be?"

" I have seen them but that's when she was younger she has changed a lot now, and why are you asking me all these questions like an officer?" she asked him.

"Why should I not?" he asked. "I have a right to know about my sister in law too,"

"Ok that's enough everyone finish of your breakfast you all have to go to office, college etc. too," said Arohi.

Everyone happily finished their breakfasts off. With Preet teasing and joking around with everyone.

Meher was standing outside the principal's office. Someone had told on her again and she knew who it was. She was cursing them under her breath when she heard someone else do the same. She turned to look at them pacing around the waiting area. They were looking as angry and frustrated as she was. Maybe more.

Gosh what's up with him she thought to herself? He looks as angry as I do. Maybe he's in trouble too or he has got some problems he wants to sort out.

"Hi are you ok?" she asked.

"What's it with you?" he replied back rudely.

"Hey watch the attitude I was only trying to be nice," she said.

"Look yeah I'm already angry I don't want you to aggravate it," he replied. "so for your own good stay away from me,"

"Ok, Mr Attitude," she said. "I never knew being nice can cost you,"

Just then the Principal called her in. she was not in the mood to speak to anyone but for the sake of it she heaved herself of the chair and she walked in.

She looked back to see if he was looking and indeed he was. she knew he was in the same kind of trouble he was. she could always tell.
"Please take a seat Miss Maan," said the principal. " I have called you here to talk to you about the competition that will be taking place and your preperations for it.
Meher looked at his face. She knew who had grassed her up and now she wasn't going to leave her.
"Miss Maan, are you listening to me this is very important," he said. " You need to learn from your mistakes which you never do," he said under his breath.
"Excuse me?" she asked. " Did you say something sir?"
"I just want to say that we have had enough with your pranks and if it carries on like this then you will be disqaulified from the competition and you wont be allowed to take part," he said. "The choice is yours if you want to be apart of it then please stop these childish acts.
"Ok sir, ill try my best, said Meher.
And with this she left the room. she wanted to stay in the competition no matter what and she wasn't going to let other people ruin it.


Heer was sititng in her cabin going through so files. she saw some women comming towards her cabin. At first she couldnt make out who it was but then when she saw Veera she knew it was the Junejas.
She quickly straightened her dress and hair and went to open the door for them.
Arohi, Veera and Kulraaj stood there with big smiles on their faces.
Heer smiled back at them and invited them in.
They all sat at the table with cups of tea in their hands. They started talking and Heer felt comfortable sitting between them. They felt like her own family. Just how she did with her parents and siblings.
"So Heer your a lawyer," said Arohi. "Nice i like this proffession,"
"Yeah so do i," said Veera...but i like fashion designing more,"
" Now we are going to have a doctor lawyer and fashion designer in the house," said Veera.
"What do you mean by that Veera?" asked Arohi.
"Yeah thats exactly what i want to ask what do you mean?" asked Kulraaj.
"Well its like this Arohi bhabhi is the doctor and Heer who will soon be marrying Prem bhaiya is the lawyer and i will be the lawyer after my final year," she said.
Heer started blushing.
"Veera what are you saying?" said Kulraaj. " Think before you say something,"
"Come on di we all know that Prem bhaiya likes Heer, so there is a chance of them getting married,"
They all turned to look at Heer who was blushing crimson red.


 How was it?
I know i wrote it in a i didnt like it...i promise to make the next part better.
Leave u comments n press like.

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Great little update!

So Arohi, Kulraj, and Veera went to have a talk with Heer...hehe...Veera and her mouth but Heer was blushing so.

I can understand Prem's thinking but he needs to talk to Heer and everything because who knows what she thinks.  He can't assume things without talking to the person.  I'm sure they came up with some compromise or something.  Anyways if Heer hears what Prem's been think I'm sure she's going to respect him even more because he's actually thinking about her well-being and her family.

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awesomeee part lovelyyy waitinggg for next asap 
MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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thnx so much for update preeti..!!
was awsum...!!!
update was just perfect...!!!!
PS- i luved ur ArHi Siggies! <33333333333333
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Awesome update...
Loved it ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...
Thnx for pm ...

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