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CrazyIncredibles--Msk back in action!!!!!! (Page 21)

ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

@ ixu
as for KC going bankrupt... hona hi tha nah... cox cupid's arrow has stuck our great business tycoon Wink  ever since then all he can think about is his lady love... business koh maaro goli... KC will go bankrupt, Maan & Geet will survive on their love alone Wink
I so agree with you Ijjat, you've got that right.....all Maan cares about now is making him wifey dear happy and seeing the strength of their love they can definitely survive on love aloneSmile

On you off topic subject....the rasams are the most fun part of the wedding.......enjoy it to the fullest. hope your shaadi rasams are as fun filled as Maaneet's, without the drama ofcourseSmile

thanx dear... just waiting for my MSK to enter Wink i have a feeling now that every guy i meet wont be good enough... cox of Maan LOL

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

Hey my fellow crazies......just read the greatest news see below:

[QUOTE=manesha76]  The news is like this , " That Geet n Maan ki Shaadi hogi and zarur hogi achche se hogi and Suhaag Raat bhi hogi.  Hold on your breath for few episodes you will get the answer. Geet and Maans marriage will happen ". ?????????

Also see the link........hope this is true.......then we all get our wish
Thank u sooooooooooooo much for sharing the newsHugHugHeart
also thank u for ur comments on my postSmile

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

Originally posted by aarthirajendran

loved today's epi soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh not back from Maaneet land yet...

awe how cute Maan is today .... bet in anger self best dad in the whole world....

Maan's dress changed again how is tat possible....

Ok now to the episode...

Maan asking the security to search for the new cook aka sardarji aka Brij...for kanyadan oops sorry for final rituals...wondering how did he escape... nd ma dbt how did Brij find out tat MK has identified him...Question
Yeah that's a great question...wonder how he did......

Annie asking y wud Geet's own bro try to kill her... was it me r it is just tat Maan was thinking of whtr to tell the matter before Arjun... and Annie letting slip tat she and arjun was the one who chose Brij... and Now Maan's attention twds Arjun and blaming him (hima di this time SBS got it rite...)warning him again to his angry self...Geet cmg and somehow escapes Arjun from being killed by Maan...

Maan giving excuses in the form of surprise.... if she comes to the surprise is Brij back ... poor Maan me wondering wat will be his condition from Geet's reaction...

Adi and Romeo reporting to Maan... as said by Maan has alerted KC people and finds Arjun innocent of Brij being in KM and NT is abroad...

If the info was correct by now Maan sud have known tat NT is back to Delhi.... rite the authorites shud have informed them...
That's what I was thinking, if the CV's show that Maan doesn't know NT is in Delhi then they'll be creating another big blooper, hope they get it right & show us in today's episode that Maan knows of NT's return
Adi said that NT has been out of India for a while now... NT entered without immigration knowing it or had she never left...and let people think that she had???

r u guys feeling the same r is it just me tat Arjun was surprised tat Maan actually told him tat he is innocent of the briji happening...and Arjun wondering is this the Maan actually NT portrayed of destrying her life he changing... me is expecting tat...
Oh I know this gesture of Maan will definitely influence Arjun's final stand which I think will be in the favour of Maaneet against his sis & Brij.....

 Awwe another cutie is playing 

Geet wondering wat baby she'll have and first goes for a boy( Oyee Geet we all in GF are expecting a cute little angle girl....)

she goes for a toss after few confused self talk... of boy being like father aka Maan...

goes for a girl then...

Maan cming and closing on her asking wat was she thinking abt ...Maan guess playing... finally says that was she thinking abt wat baby she'll be having and Geet all smiles... loved it...

Maan teasing her ... finally he settle on a girl say it sud be like his Misthi...

and papa talking to Baby was very cute....

AA scenes sorry not going in details... just im feeling that Arjun is changing....

NT is back as if she was one less...

Now im wondering y she came back...and how

one thing for sure NT - - Brij faceoff is round the corner and brij nowing tat Arjun is Nt's bro and Annie's love will defo blackmail him... but this time i gues he'll tell Maan wat he was going thro... r Maan will find out that Arjun is being blackmailed and will increase security with Geet....

Precap is soooooooo dreamyDay Dreaming
Hi comments in purple.......Smile

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

Originally posted by ix2u

Originally posted by pooja83

new fb pic

OMG Maan's expression ROFL

Manishaaaaaaaaaa get ur hands off him...
Can't stop laughing.......Oh my God Manisha.......what's wrong with you.......Maan looks like he'll kill Manisha........look at Pandeyji & RomeoROFL

Romeo must be checking out Tasha...
Pandeyji is wondering... Maan ke feet mein aisa kya jadoo hai? Manishaaaaa koh yeh kya horaha hain Maan ke feet ko chookar??

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

Originally posted by rajeev the best

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by rajeev the best

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

@ dew n samata=========
i dont think there will be 1 hr spl.warna bahut add dikhate!!!!!!!!!
they how can they will show haldi mendi shaadi murder conspiracy in half an hourConfused
i dont think shaadi is happening shaadi they meant the shadi rituals i thinkConfused
or maybe they will show the shaadi ka day has arrived.....dont kno yaar..........
12 day kasam bhi baki hai!!!!!!!
even i think the shaddi is not hapening tomorrow.......lets see..
That's what I think's the haldi so they might not show the shaadiConfused

dee, what u mean shaadi wont be shown... CV's will have to face my AK47 if they dont show shaadi Wink

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sptrno

Originally posted by ix2u

Originally posted by sptrno

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by sptrno

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Hiya crazies''''..Hug

Hi dil ka doctorLOL
 aaj dr ko hi dr ki zaroorat hai!!.
haha kya kare MSK ka jaadu aur nasha aisa haiWink
So how was ur day??????????Hug
Amazing urs?..good.......watching maan ki jawani a few more times made it betterLOLLOLLOL
LOLrem  aash my lines yest.....MAANEET hue jawaan aur hum sab crazies badna*m.......frm this it means the more times u watch Maan's jawani the more badna*m u bcumLOL but i'm sure u wud not mindWink

Let me make a special mention here for IXU------------- aash luved ur take on the SR'''.dreammmyyyyyy''''''and aash still waiting for DEW to fulfill her promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tu bhi naa aashWinkEmbarrassed................btw i haven't read it and don't want to also.........MAANEET ne muje pehli se hi itni besharam bana diya hai ab aur nahiWink
 ..itni bholi mat ban!!!!!!!!!! u can read it.can u believe it??IXU STARTED WITH A FOREHEAD KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like....Censored
LOL.....mein boli ban nahi rahi hun mein sach mein boli huLOL
agar ix2u ne shuru isse ki toh muje aage ka nah poochna na jaana haiLOL

i'm as innocent as the next girl... (not LOL) *highlight to find the missing word Wink* the missing word 'Spandana?!'ROFL................r u trying to say u r as innocent as me or r u saying i'm as naughty as u?WinkLOL..............plz clear karo meri doubtLOL

i'm as innocent as the next girl... (not LOL) *highlight to find the missing word Wink*

missing words added LOL

i dont have to say it.. everyone knows that ur as naughty as me... and that im as innocent as u LOLLOL

Before todays take special mention---

        Akdu Singh Khurrana''.we all loveeeeeeeeeeeee u'.Heartno doubts about u''''..we love ur attitude and the fact that ur neck is always high up'''(rem even geet noticed!!!)'.we love ur stiff-necked avtar''''BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WHY CANT U HUG OUR GEET NORMALLY FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!Angry We don't like the u-looking-somewhere-high-up while hug!!!!!!!!!Angry I hope u are not by any chance line maroing on some lightman/cameraman who is high up!!!!!!!!LOL

haha kya pata MSK still in hangover so might be thinking them as his GeetLOLROFL..maan singh khurrana ko hadhti nahi hai!!!!!!!1AngryAngryAngry
sorry mein bhul gayi like u said yest mard ko dard nahi hoti waise MSK ko chadti nahinLOL

o   Waha ke employees kaam chod ke sab kuch kar rahe hai'.decoration,investigation,jasoosi,party,masti''AngryAngryAngry

aash shayad MSK ke saath reheke woh bhi multi-talented ban gaye hai yaar.....akhir MSK ka jaadu unn pe bhi chad gaya to hzi yaar...everyone is multitalented..........
o   Did u see the chindi ring annie gave arjun??? Lagta hai usko pata chal gaya hai ke bhai already sab kuch dooba chukka hai!!!!!LOL

        ANNIEs hairstyle sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 whats with the  middle parting'''????????????? Eeeeeeeepppsssssssss'.(aash shudders)Dead

 did not pay too much attention to her so can't commentLOL..good for u!!!!

TODAYS EPISODE-------------

Wow guys lovedddddddddddd it''''''hamara ANGRY YOUNG MAN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! And is he back with a bang!!!!!!!!!! His burning eyes'his scary attitude'...his killing looks''''.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Day Dreaming

Was he hot or was he hot?????? Aash still hyperventilating''Day Dreaming

The way he blasted ARJUN''''..was OMG!!! We all saw his madness today where geets safety is concerned'he will leave no stone unturned to find brijji''rest assuread''Day Dreaming

Dusht Dhanav back in action this time full-on for his MIshtiDay Dreaming
Arjun was seriously shocked to hear about Bro killing Sis'so we are starting to see a change in arjuns attitude.but arjun admitted his mistake n not crime''''.he faced MSK without flinching'shows his characacteral integrity'.he will not shy away from facing reality''..Big smileBig smileBig smile
yea i agree........even i'm feeling he might not be that bad as we all used to think..he ws never bad yaar.i disliked his scenes withNIKUNJ(seee i got it right this time!!).coz she is so pathetic!!!!!!!1
i liked the character described for arjun.but it went haywire somewher!!
i know

Then geet came in her HP mood''''..and instant change of expression for his darling''''..Day Dreaming

dimaag lagaya aur surprise bola.lekin abh MSK phas gaya.geet chodegi nahi surprise ke bina'.what will u d now????Wink
 Ask AASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has lotttttttttttttttssssssssssssss of ideas''Wink
haha aash ur ideas sunke Maan ko ambulance ki zaroorat pad sakti haiWink..haha......and i will be his doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow what an idea!!!!!!!!!
ROFLROFLbechara Maan pe toh koi taras kao yaar.........i can picturise u with him and his reaction to ur naughty mindWink
oh god, aashu has Maan's doctor.... Maan would be as crazy as us by the time u finish treating him


haha good oneLOL.........agar MSK humse kuch seekh saktha hai finally toh Geet ke liye achcha hai na aur hum sab ke liye bhiWinkEmbarrassedROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

definitely.. and who better to teach him all that and more, other than our very own Naughty Leader, AashuWink LOL

Tu bhi khush aur sare crazies bhi khush!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

MSKs warning here that his geet shud remain ignorant.he does want to see even a whiff of anxiety on her beautiful face'.he wants her to enjoy each moment n all her dreams to come true'..Big smile

He will not spare the world for harming even an iota of geets khushi''!!!!!!!!!

This scene was out n out a GC scene.he just excels at this image.loved to see him back!!!Clap

Totally he rocked!!!ClapClapClap

Maan cant over the images of geet in danger in his head'..he needs to see his mishit for himself to assure himself that his heart is ok'''.his promises to geet' usual were hesrt jerking'.making all crazies weep for an MSK clone right???Day Dreaming

About the hug'''''''''even though me crying'me loved it'''.Day Dreaming

We can see that maan will move heaven n earth for  his geet'''nothing will toach her so long as he is there'''''Day Dreaming

 i know yaar that scene was so touchy......made me cryCry and smile at the same timeSmileDay Dreaming..such is the beauty of GHSP.they can make us cry thru our laughter n smile thru our tears...

very well said aashClapClapClap....ab tu bhi full on-shayari moodLOL


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'''''.mommy deciding that beta will take daddys side aur agar daddy jaisa ho to???????????? Are geet sari ladkiya uske peeche hogi'tumko time hi nahi milega ''..LOL

so she wants baby girl''to take her side''''.Confused Geet don't u kno??? Girls are daddys pets!!!!!Tongue
 waise bhi mere bechare maan ko koi to chahiye.tum teen deviya usko hamesha akele chod deto ho!!!!!!!!!!!Cry
i know ab pyaari beti hi papa ko mama se bachayegiLOL..hope so
girl or boy... will be the apple of Daddy's eyes... and so spoiled LOLLOLLOL and just like MSK, would always know whose side to take (the side that would benefit him.her the most Wink)


haha yea akhir woh Geet aur Maan ki beti/beta hoga toh itna hoshiyar toh hogi/hoga naWinkLOL

yeah will be... and he/she will a mixture of Hoshiyarpur express & Dhusht Danav LOLWink


And now a novel piece of scientific invention-----------THE SIKKA MACHINE-TO TELL U THE SEX OF THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ROFLLekin CVs ne bataya nahi humko''

gud oneThumbs Up 

Maan as usual comes to ghooro his mishit''.catches her'.n geet puts ulta on him only.maan maine bola than a.ladki nahi chod newali.surprise to dena hi padhega'''.AASH READY WITH HER LONG LIST OF TO-DO THINGS FOR U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL

They were both sitting on bed so cutely arguing''''''''and my dirty brain thinking"dammit dono bed pe ho''..kuch to use karo uska!!!!!!!!!!!!1.ixu ka PM padhwao kya?????????????"Wink

Then finally maan trying to maro chance.but geet not in mood!!!!!!!!!!!!1 he was trying to come near and me thinking :come on yaar distance thoda miscalculate kar le'.bas thoda aura age''''."

Maan again maroing chance!!!!!!!!!!!111 IS AASH DREAMING WITH EYES OPEN???????????Shocked

Nope mundi went away''''so no dream.kyuke mere dreams me aisa nahi hota!!!!!!!!!!!! Kya hota hai ye to aap log jaante hi ho!!!!!!!!!!ROFL

aash tera kya hoga............jab kudi in mood munda kuch nahi karta aur aaj munda in mood kudi  not interestedROFLROFL..dekh na yaar!!!!!!!!!!! lagta hai dono ko tonic pilana padhega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha yeaLOL....dono bahut ajeeb haiROFL

So cute''''.wud have loved it if he wud have kissed her tummy'.never mind next time'..Embarrassed

 i know it was soooooooooooooooo cuteDay Dreaming


Wowwwwwwwwwwwww cant wait for a twist.she alwaz manages to rock''..

MSk 'Nt faceoff'''''.me loves them'''.kill me but I do!!!!!!!!!Smile

 one more psycho in MAANEET's life.........MAANEET ko in saare psychoes se bachaoLOL



not kill me say kill themLOL ..kill them.ixu has got the whichever u want!!!!!!!


Loved ur replies in red.............u know in my update i haven't focussed too much on 'evil sisters'  usual 'stuff'....u know what right?!Wink but tune toh majority of the post usi ko dedicate kiya hai..............tum kamaal hoWinkLOL
..thank u spee........are yaar tu emotional scenes ko itne acche se likhti hai that i just love to read about why waste my time?????????
and we evil s will keep u entertained...
u make us cry.we will make u laugh!!!!!!!!!!
aww sorry for making u guys cry but i hope u all smile thru tears while reading my analysis like u mentioned aboveSmile........and thannx my naughty crazies for keeping me entertained and for the mastiHug
always glad to help
thannxxxxx dear HugHugHug
my replies in green
my replies in purple

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Originally posted by ix2u

Originally posted by dewdropred

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

Originally posted by dewdropred

Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

@dew---------- not getting enough sleep.coz i'm ol full time after work.........!!!!!!!!!


oye aash me 2 travelling in the same boat as u ...
got to tell u all crazies 1 more thing ...
just now as i kind of predicted wht NT might do in my previous thread today evening ... in the yesterday's one abt the promo 1 girl was asking me if i know wht happens inside the sets ... i said no dear i really don't ahve any clue ...

tu jhooth bolti hai..........
u are a CV spy!!!!!!!!!1
we kno that!!!!!!!LOLLOLLOL


kash ki main jhooth bol rahin hothi ....LOLkash ki main 1 of the cv hothiLOL ... tho soch soch ...
main kya kar sakhthi  hoon .... LOL maannu dear kae samne subah sae laeke raat tak budh kadi rehti ...LOL aur use hi dekhthi rehthi LOL

dew, when u put it like that, im glad that u are not one of the cv's... meaning that dont want to be jealous of u... cox u can watch Maan up close & personal...when we have to do with our TV images and photos LOLLOL

but when it comes to being able to get the kind of scenes that we would want... i soooo want u to be a part of the cv's... ConfusedLOL

yaar ixx how are u forgetting tht u r my friend ...  u can visit him with me ... not only u ... all my fellow crazies can meet him ... as i will take u all 1 by 1 every day over there ... ab soch lo ... tumhe words pae ... u want to see him on tv & his photos & be satisfied or u want ... to meet him personallyWink 
ixx not fair haan ... scenes chahiye tho mujhe cv bana diya ... aur main mere mannuu jaanu ko subah se leke shaam tak na dekhu tho main cv nahin ...
arey soch ... mere cv hone main ... sabse jyada kiski bhalayi hain ...WinkWinkWinkLOLLOLLOLsocho socho ... scene ho ya ... usko milna ho LOLLOLLOLdono kaam ho jayenge

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[QUOTE=ix2u]good morning my sweet craziesHugHugHugHugHugHug
just a little something to make our day brighter... hope u have a great day... HugHugHugHugHugHugHug

Ixx thnks for the photo ... & good afternoon ixx ... i luv him over here sweet & cute ... so dashing ... me in maan land ... not going to come out ...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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