Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

12/01 Ria Ka Adda .:whoosh whoosh zoom zoom :.

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Nudgy Hell to all Smile Ya its me again Sleepy Geek LOL

Epi rating:
6/10 *sigh*


1)     Shefali teasing Arjun LOL & helping him Dancing

2)     Mama g: "Meinay isay thappar bhi maara hey" Big smile ROFL

3)     Chikoo-Arjun convo: "Looks like I'm protecting you" Clown Beta chicks chup hoh jaa warna--->


4)     Arjun-Rashi convo Star Good dialogues Star. All the actors were great. KK, Beeji, Rashi etc.

5)     Aro-Shefali convo : "Saaray imp faislay meri family nay liye hein" Disapprove"Chikoo say shaadi ker k acha nahi ker rahi" Approve Acting wise both of them were good Clap

6)     Sangeet decoration'blue theme Thumbs Up The long shot was cool.



1)     Opening scene...lighthearted convo as if nothing happened Stern Smile Memory loss? Just yesterday she accused him Ermm

2)     KK's fake smile during his & Shefali scene.

3)     Camera angles during Arjuhi convo Wacko Is it a slideshow cameray walay bhaiyyas? Angry *nudge* And I-am-sick-and-tired-of-complaining-abt-whoosh whoosh and zoom zoom effect Angry

4) How could Arjun-Beeji even THINK of asking Aro's hand on her Sangeet? Confused Tamasha toh banay ga he Stern Smile

@CVs: This is me--->samjha samjha ker thuk gayee Confused

P.S. Will Rashi talk to Aro separately? Ermm Will they go upstairs? Sleepy


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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Beginning of epi was.......Ermm the light-hearted convo between Arjuhi would've been nice only if Aro didn't bash Arjun the day beforeConfused what inconsistensy yaar!!!Ouch
Ok, sangeet was today toa uss din kiya tha??? I thought that was the sangeet party! I'm so confuseddddWackoWacko 
CVs, why used the same song that was used in KMH1 on Purvi's sangeet???lame!Sleepy
because it reminded me of the game they played and the way Arjun kneeled down to his knees after thatDay Dreaming
Ok back!........................
Arjun-shefali convoThumbs Up. They have great chemistry, the girl is not annoying anymoreBig smile
Beeji is so funnny!LOL where's is Kartar Singh??........I mishhh juuuEmbarrassed
Arjun-Aro scene:
nice, really nice.........thanks Aro didn't bash him again, atleast gave him a chance to speak!Thumbs Up
My concerns:
Am i the only one who thought epi was running 100 m/hrConfused. So many things happened all of a sudden (Arjun out of the blue thought he's finally a good guy, can go to Aro with a proposal, took beeji, Rashi, and the rest along, Beeji told everything to DJ, DJ talked to daddu over the phone, Daddu told everything to DJ, DJ told daddu Arjun is here with the proposalConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused). I could smell that CVs just trying to rush to MC or the shadi track! means something big is defo happening. The way Arjun was talking.....that "surprise".......and even he's gonna get a big surprise the way things will turn up.
Rashi is at the Ahluwalia's house, I can smell MCConfused.
@Mehr, you might be right, Rashi goes upstairs to see Arohi and falls from the stairs.....Ermm Everything will turn upside down from there unless they changed the track a bit.
I don't understand why all of a sudden Arjun thinks he's a imaandar insaan and has everything cheeku has. What's the difference between yesterday and today? He keeps on mentioning "the file"......kuch toa honay wala hai with this file!
Arjun coming to Aro's house with proposal was out of the blue!!! Cmon, it's a bad idea and that tells me proposal will be rejected just when Arjun tells everyone that he has become a good guy and mentions the file, the file would be gone missing........kisi aor ke haath lag jaigiConfused! maybe Aro maybe Gauri......who knows!
Chalo good thing is DJ knows so even if daddu is not present to explain things DJ will....
@Nisha, great postThumbs Up 
and I hope they've changed the track. I thought about it and felt sad for Rashi. What's her fault! and she should not loose baby. First they make Arjun sworn on baby then kill the baby! seems like CVs have memory lose problem. If they turn Arjun evil then what's the point of baby track? Arjun sworn on baby, left his family to get his love back but didn't gain anything because Aro is not convinced at all and the entire family still bashes him. Now the baby dies and Arjun goes back to being a criminal??Confused CVs just trying different tracks to see which one works betterDeadSleepy.
@Smrite, "how can arohi marry to chiku this is suppose to be kitani mohabbat hai but it is turning into kitni marriage hai as ekta's every show suffer from this formula."
ROFL or kitni misunderstandings hain! Don't know when they'll understand the importance of something sacred like "marriage".
@Mehr, "Camera angles during Arjuhi convo Wacko Is it a slideshow cameray walay bhaiyyas? Angry *nudge* And I-am-sick-and-tired-of-complaining-abt-whoosh whoosh and zoom zoom effect Angry"
AngryAngryAngryExactly!!! "slideshow" is what came to my mind when I watched it!

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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@All: Suggest alternative plots in Nimra's thread too:

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Hi guys as u c am gone missing for some days ROFLROFLROFL

that's just because am highly taken with studies for the moments.
Addains, I read the posted message of Angels' and guys congrats to all of us who have contributed to it : I am 100 percent sure they changed the track.posted by one of mohabbatian.

Tum Logo Ko Arjun-Arohi Ke Pyaar Mein Vishwas Nahi Hai Kya? Watch Out For The Major Twist Coming Up Haha..Ur In For A Huge Suprise  Seriously Wait For The Twist,Those Who Were Bashing KMH Yday After Reading Article Will Be Wanting To Take Their Words Back;-) Hail Ekta Maam KMH Is Going To Rock!!

I know the way written is made to see that was always the story but we know it, we did it. We made the news to be a rumour.
Now friends,I know some of you will be confused whether the news were always a rumour or was it really as the news.
I will answer this one too friends.
It has been proven that news create shock waves in any market and here the market is public itself, we are in india forums and we can see the multi reaction of 'mohabbatians.'
We know that news in India forums have been right in the past and few of them did class as rumour. This is not a coincidence of how majority is on the safe track and few of them were of rumours.
It is all react with the people's way of receiving the news. When news were received light heartedly, pretty much nothing has to change in the scene and it goes like this. It is not a coincident of getting news that are for forthcoming track. It all evolves on the way audience receive it.
The news about the aarohi's wedding and miscarriage has created a phenomenon noise in the market (KMH viewers). The impact ws negative. Viewers love the show and this is why they want to save it from first in the business view and secondly from getting all that they have seen. Hence like my poll, we wanted to restore the unique and charm of kitani mohabbat hain. See the reaction of the news have been overnight soaked and the new news became 'buzzing hots.'
When people need to voice out frustration, not all of them can deal with assertion, most of them spit it and nothing is wrong in it.
The shock wave of the news tightened and seeing the way the public made their voice out, they realised it,perhaps they were testing too, that this audience is not welcoming this track, this audience does not want to watch what has always seen and as the posted wall,it can be  clearly seen ray of hopes that we are voiced out.
Once again, friends,the power of pen and the power of unity in a group brought successful result. It may not be 100 percent effective but at least accepted and enjoy it.
As for the news, it will be long forgotten and new news will come out and this one is forgotten,
Yet this news prove to be a great experience for KMHians that most of us will stand together in this journey - whether ups or downs - even virtually, even for a show but still the qualities of a successful team is here. It is a great experience for those who never realised the power of pen and voicing out.
Also in an individual level, there will be a level of attainment feeling, the self confidence increases and know that in whatever challenge life is going to bring,you can face it. I know this is in reel perspective but the emotions we all felt were true.ALso being optimistic for believing in all of us has been part of the successful mission.
In an ending note,mates, a smile back in our face, I will end with a funny comment:
Yaarons, jab dj ne kaha kuch episodes pehle ke wo ek bari toofan ko mehsoos rahi hein, we had least idea that the big storm was on the audienceROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Keep rocking Mohabbatians!

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smrite IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
how can arohi marry to chiku this is suppose to be kitani mohabbat hai but it is turning into kitni marriage hai as ekta's every show suffer from this formula.woh junoon mohabbat kaha hai which was in season 1 it should have been double passion in love this time but theres nothing and now story is turing boring .well loved arohis blue suit today lovely colour but matching with the curtains

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
I rejerved here and posted on pg to2 and then saw that I had reserved. LOL

All in all good episode.

I loved that finally FINALLY the BG music for KMH is back! puts KMH back in the perfect KMH mood. aaaaaah sigh. soookon mila.  Big smileLOL

Did I say I loved the KMH music? hai! Day Dreaming it really makes an impact to the scenes CVs. So thank you. and continue it. LOL

Finally a good A-A scene. without all the fighting and bickering and crying and accusing. Big smile

Arohi's confusion after the A-A convo of her decision. C'mon Arohi, listen to your heart, use your eyes and brains.

Loved Shefali in all scenes. She rocks. Cool and best of all, Shefali says abhi aak din baki hain. hahahahaha C'mon Arohi ... believe in destiny ...but more importantly change your decision.LOL

ROFL at DJ saying yeah, mere bhi laadle ka sangeet hai aaj! ROFL

Great Biji and DJ convo. Thumbs Up

Finally Arjun's clean slate has been revealed to Biji and confirmed by Kartar Singh... but now Biji needs to reveal that Arohi loves Arjun too. Now it is time that Biji reveal this bit.

Looking forward to see what happens next.

Biji definitely needs to reveal Arohi's feelings to Kartar Singh.

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
@Nish LOL excellent Nisha excellent (in Mr. Burn's voice from the Simpsons LOL)
glad to know our voice/pen is heard. Big smile

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
@Jaya, Nimra, Nisha, Sumzberry & Smrite: Hug will reply tomorrow


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