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Broken Strings - A Sajan SS: Part 3- Page 13 (Page 13)

-Kina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
wen r u updating?Angry

XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Dear, my exams are going on thats why. I am really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Will update tomorrow. Plz wait. I am done with half part!

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey girls Hug I am finally updating LOL Thanks for those PMs. They were really encouraging! It means a lot to me! I will update one FF or else a SS everydayEmbarrassed

"I left because of what you said Samrat. Why did you hurt me so much Samrat. You always make me feel happy right? What happened to you that time?" she cried.

"Don't make me to cry Samrat!" she said.

Samrat left her. She left the room. He never knew that Gunjan was this much hurt. He felt so bad. He wanted to make her happy. Even if it costs of him, staying away from her.

"Chashmish I think it is better if I stay away from you!" he said.



Samrat didn't know why but his eyes were filled with tears. The thought of separating from her again scared him. He was so scared. If only she knew how he had been spending his life in her absence, a life like a machine which just does what others tell it to do. After she left, all he had was nothing; Not even her memories because those memories ends at that night. That did pierce his heart always. For past years, he had been doing what his parents asked him to do. He was going to get married to the girl who he hates the most in the whole universe. The funniest part was she also doesn't love him. All she wants is his money. He laughed at his life and took him mobile.

"Hey baby!" came a voice from the receiver.

"Sheena! We are leaving to India. It is time to leave!" Samrat said looking plain.

"But Samrat!" Sheena was shocked. She had so much to do. She wanted to buy lot of stuffs.

"No more discussions on this Sheena!"

"But Samrat! your project'." Sheena tried to play smart.

"I know what to do. You better get ready!" he said and cut the call.

"What's his problem? I hate him!" Sheena said and went to her room.

She called the servant and began to pack all stuffs. She even booked flight tickets.

"Some things and some people never change!" Samrat said stepping out of the company.

"Oh! This is not professionalism. I better inform Armaan about this!" he said and turned. He walked towards Armaan's cabin. The door was slightly open. May be he forgot to lock it.

"Dude,Gunjan is mine!" Armaan said to someone who was in the phone.

Samrat stood there still when he heard this. That was shocking. He never expected such a line from his business partner.

"I think it is better if Gunjan stays with Armaan!" Samrat thought as he knew that Gunjan is happy without him.

"Ah! No dude! I want Gunjan! But I don't love her. I want to make her life miserable. She  slapped me once!" Armaan added.

"Is he is planning to play a cheap game on Gunjan? No'.. I will never let that to happen. Gunjan already had enough pain!" Samrat was fuming with anger. He opened the door and turned Armaan.

"Ouch!" Samrat punched him on his cheeks. His mobile fell down.

"What are you doing Samrat?" Armaan asked. Blood was oozing near his lips. He hit him badly.


"How dare you? How dare you try to play with Gunjan's life?" Samrat got hold of his shirt.

"Oh that's the reason" Samrat looked at him shocked. "Common Samrat you did the same. What's the difference and why are you getting hyper. It is not like you love her and wish to marry her!" Armaan said leaving his hold.

"I don't love her but she is my best friend!" Samrat said looking into his eyes.

"Oh really Samrat, you slept with her, used her and moved her. Let me tell you she is not good. She slapped me when we met first!" Armaan added.

"So you are going to hurt her? How can you?" Samrat fumed with anger.

"Oh I definitely can Samrat! It is not like someone is going to protect her always!" Armaan smiled with evil in his eyes.

"Then you are wrong dude. We are there for her. Her family, her friends and me!" Samrat made it clear to him.

"Oh! Now you come in a separate category. That's interesting!" Armaan chuckled.

"Yes dude! I am her special friend. I was and even if she agrees or not, I am!" Samrat smiled back at him sarcastically.

"It is not like she trusts you Samrat! She trusts me more. So she will hate you more!"

"Who cares dude? I don't care if she hates me, all that matter is her happiness. I will stay and make sure that she stays away from you!" Samrat smiled.

"Good luck dude!" Armaan smirked.

"Aww Thanks!" Samrat smiled with hatred and left the place leaving Armaan standing plainly.

Samrat came out. This conversation changed everything. Now he has decided not to leave. Suddenly his cell rang. Samrat checked the caller ID. It was his SO CALLED GIRL FRIEND Sheena.

"Samrat, where are you? I am waiting for you in the airport since 10AM!" Sheena screamed.

"I am not coming Sheena!" he said blankly.

"What?" Sheena was completely taken back. He was the one who forced her into this.

"You heard me!" Samrat replied.

"Fine! But I am leaving. I had enough of this!" Sheena said.

"Bye Sheena!" He cut the call.

Sheena just got angrier. She left the place silently. But she knew that SAMRAT IS ALWAYS HERS! So she left without any worries.

Samrat became all tensed as he knew that Armaan can do anything to get Gunjan. He was sweating. She was HIS CHASHMISH.  He can't let anyone hurt her. He truly wished to save her. He wanted to protect her from all the pain.

"Chashmish had enough pain in her life. Now it is time to heal all her pain.  I will protect her from Armaan and show her way towards a new start!" he said and moved around.

He was dazzled by what he saw. He saw his innocent chashmish coming out of her cabin. Her eyes were little swollen. She must have cried. She tried her best to hide her pain. She bent her head a little low and walked.  She was holding to the file tightly. She didn't see Samrat. Some wished her. She replied back to them sweetly. Her voice was broken but still it was like a honey, so soothing.  Samrat stood still watching her every move. She was adjusting her hair with one hand and tried her best to stop it from reaching her delicate face. She just walked.

Samrat shifted his gaze and was shocked to see that she was walking towards the door. He ran and held her by her hands and pulled her. Her files fell down and her face hit his chest. She was holding his collar with so much fear and delicacy. Samrat, stood still feeling the moment. They were so close and he liked it .He was holding her hands. The hold was not of pain. It had some protectiveness. It showed like 'She is my chashmish. Don't dare to hurt her'. But soon his emotions disappeared as her words echoed back.

"Don't make me to cry Samrat!"

He realized what he was doing. He slowly took his hands and stood still. But he didn't feel like moving. He was just staring at her. Her eyes were closed. She was scared. Her face only had fear. After a lot of struggle he came out of his dream world.

"Chashmish!" he called her.

Gunjan who was closing her eyes realized who it was when she heard the voice. She can never forget this voice, it was HIS VOICE. She slowly took her hands off. Her face which was filled with fear before a moment was now filled with guilt and anger. The only question rose in her mind was 'How can he touch her and pull her like this!'

She slowly shifted her gaze at him. It had only anger and hatred. She looked at him. A lot of questions were in her mind. Samrat who knew her well decided to make her understand.

"Listen Chashmish.." Gunjan stared at him. "I mean Gunjan." He rose his eyebrows.

"Why did you do this Samrat?" Gunjan was not ready to listen.

"Gunjan, you were going to hit the door." Samrat said feeling sad.

"So what Samrat? It is just a door!" She made it clear.

"What are saying Gunjan! If you had hit the door, you would have definitely got hurt and'" he stopped  'you will get more pain' his mind continued it.

"I will get more pain! That's what you are trying to say, aren't you Samrat!" 

Samrat was in complete shock. Even after these many years, Gunjan knew him. She read his mind. She always captured his thoughts except for one, THAT NIGHT!

But Samrat this pain is nothing compared to the pain you have given me!" she broke Samrat's thought and his heart again. But this time, more. It was shattered.  He didn't know what to say. He was just looking into her deep eyes which were filled with lot of emotions. Samrat feared on seeing those emotions. It had fear, anger, pain and guilt. He was unable to see more than this. But he wished to understand her more from her eyes, but her pain stopped him from reading more. Both their eyes were fighting while one was offending and the other was defending.

"Gunjan!" A voice stopped the war. Both shifted their gaze towards a tall manly figure.  It was Armaan! Samrat's blood boiled with anger on seeing him. He cupped his palm into a fist.

"What happened Gunjan?" he stressed the word Gunjan to show that he cared the least about Samrat.

"Armaan! I was just going to........"

"What happened to your eyes?"Armaan interrupted placing his hands over her shoulder. Samrat unknowingly closed his eyes. It was like his eyes didn't wish to see her in someone else's arms.

"It is nothing Armaan! just common stuffs!" She said looking at Samrat. Samrat opened his eyes. He realized that she wanted to tell him indirectly that the pain he gave her became a part of her life. Samrat was really worried. One side it was Armaan and other side it was His Chashmish.  If he tries to heal Gunjan's pain, then Armaan will take advantage of the situation. If he concentrates on Armaan then Gunjan will break down. He knew one thing and that is 'Both will lead only to Gunjan, HIS CHASHMISH's destruction.'

"Gunjan, do you want to talk alone?" Armaan asked. Samrat didn't like it but he kept quiet.

"Sure Armaan. We will go somewhere else where there is no disturbances!" She said. This hurt Samrat more.

Both Armaan and Gunjan moved away from Samrat and walked towards Armaan's cabin. Gunjan knew that she had hurt Samrat, but she made her mind that she will not forgive him. She slowly walked leaving a worried and tensed Samrat.

"God Help me! " Samrat murmured.



When Samrat interrupts Armaan and Gunjan........


Please comment, even criticize, only your comments encourage me to write!

Do hit the like tab!Embarrassed

P.S Updating Vivaah Tomorrow Embarrassed

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res!  m  first!! :D
widout  PM


Twinnie  tu  kya  likhti  hai  re.........Hug
Armaan!! :O
Now  is  he  actually  EVIL  or  just  pretending  so  that  he  cud  help  SG  PATCH-UP!
Samrat!  mera  darling!  <333 Embarrassed
Bechaara  sheeee  naaaaaah  ka  marra! LOL 
Abhi  bhi  gunji  ki  help  karna  chata  hai!Blushing
Gunjan! :(
Poor  thing.... bohot  bardast  kiya  hai  bichaari  ne..........
Give  us  more  of  this  FF!
Cont  soon

Luv  Adya / Teri  Twinnie! Hug

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haha I love you Twinnie. In between don't judge the book by its cover. You will understand soon Wink

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res :PTongue

ok baba edit karrahi hoon Tongue


yaaaayPartyDancing...u finally updated after sooo long complains i know u were busyTongue
Welcome back Hug
coming to ur update Embarrassed
gosh just amazing as alwaysEmbarrassed
u wrote it really wellEmbarrassed
i totally loved it <3<3

heres comes my vistarse commentLOL
omg i just love the emotionsDisapprove...gosh especially of samratEmbarrassed...i mean i love the way u portrayed the emotionsCry..the pain n the hurt of samrat Ouch...coming to mjht also i loved the part where samrat's emotions were portrayed in S2 i must say it seriously moved me Cry....
aww poor samratCry ..i wanna go n hug himEmbarrassed....

uff i hate sheenaD'oh
y does samrat always have to face this dum girlAngry

armaanShockedStern Smile...i din't expect this from himOuch..poor gunjanOuch
i hate him tooAngry.. i used to love himEmbarrassedLOL

well done samratThumbs Up..i mean u nishLOL..thank god he supported gunjanEmbarrassed..sam with hatred awwEmbarrassed..he will luk so hawtEmbarrassed...i started drooling on him againLOL


aww sam is such a dhakkanD'oh..he is so in love with gunjan....he is so confusedConfused

aww sajan sceneDay was so full of emotions ..u expressed them really wellDay Dreaming
n the word "Chashmish" going crazy here ..think of gunjanEmbarrassed
aww man poor hurt n painfulCry...i could feel their emotionsOuchCry
outstanding job with the emotions nishiClap

n armaan i hate this guy nowAngry..
poor samrat ...i hate it when she hurts him badlyCry

interesting precap Big smile....finally tit for tat ...Angry..before armaan interupted them now he doesWink

totally super duper updateDancing

ab finally i commented na after after soo long ..i hope ur happy with thisStern Smile

do continue soon Evil Smile...warnaTongue
n thanx for the pm

Luv ya 

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Deeps u better comment atleast a word or a two! Warna I won't forgive u Stern Smile

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OMGGGG my fav FF updated Heart
OMGGGG Your FF is getting highly dangerous and addicting Nuke Silly  Firstly I loveeee the caring Nature of Sam towards His Chashmish Heart Heart Ahh nobody can be as caring as him Embarrassed  Then the scene where he came and punched Arman in a full angry mood Day Dreaming Day Dreaming He is one Protective lover Embarrassed and awww armmaan is doing all this to make him realise his Love for Gunjan Embarrassed Sam is such a DUMBO Stern Smile But Armaan will surely succeed in his plan Big smile
Okay now the description about Gunjan..that was written veryyyy beauuutifully Heart Day Dreaming i can easily imagine Sam getting mesmerised seeeing his Chashmish and Omggg the way he pulled her towards him and she hits his chest Blushing Blushing That was one mesmersing and Dreamy scene Day Dreaming Day Dreaming and then that intense scene and the fighting b/w eyes Ahhh U sent me to their Dreamland Nishh Silly and Aunty left ROFL Good now no more interruptions Big smileI als o love that scene where armaan reappeared and Sam again felt insecure when Armaan held Gunjan,s shoulder Embarrassed 
Amazinggggg and Fabulous update Clap Clap But I want the next 1 SOON Smile otherwise...Evil SmileROFL

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