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Broken Strings - A Sajan SS: Part 3- Page 13

XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged

Hey guys! I m Nisha as u all know I write and write but never update properly *sorry* actually my school is kinda strict so I can't update soon but am trying my best to update it whenever I can. And yeah I am back with a SS and I will update next part only if u guys want it too.

This one is inspired from Manjari's OS HEARTBROKEN. I still can't believe she wrote a tragedy. Whenever I tell her about writing a tragedy she tells me to bunk it and she herself ended with one. I was telling her this idea about her OS and she insisted me write it as a SS and here I am. Ok enough of my bak bak. It is continuation of her OS.Lets look into the story. It will continue after THAT NIGHT WHEN SAJAN BECAME ONE.



That night shattered Gunjan's life more than anything. She blamed herself for everything. She took it as her fault. She left a letter saying that she made a mistake. She abandoned everyone even her sister and father. She left to some unknown place to forget all the pain and start a new life.

Five years passed. No one knew where she was. Thanks to Mayank, Nupur felt better. Samrat was back with Sheena. Everyone moved forward in their life. Even Sajan. They moved on. They had to forget it for their sake and they understood it. After that night samrat was not ready to meet her and so was Gunjan. So Samrat didn't search for her.

There is a saying "Somethings are better if they r left unsaid and untouched" and same goes for their situation.

"Welcome to our company! We are really glad to meet you all!" said Armaan, the owner of  Tifa company. He was a handsome guy with a great personality.

"It is our pleasure too!" the person replied.

"Take ur seat! Let us begin our presentation!" Armaan said and he switched on the projector.

"This is a big project. Along with construction works we have to make sure of other facilities like schools and markets so that people will feel comfortable. His eyes suddenly fell on the clock. It was almost 7PM. He became all worried and tensed. His face began to sweat. And adding to this he lost his concentration and began to break his sentences. Everyone who were there were shocked. Hearing a presentation like this from THE ARMAAN MALIK was definitely a shock for them. So they all looked at each other in confusion. At one point he stopped. He didn't care about the presentation but was damn worried about something else. He was just looking but not seeing.

"It also for welfare of kids!" a voice came from the door of the room. Someone was standing near it. Armaan was relieved. He smiled. It was a girl.

"It will also provide facilities for women as there are lot of shopping malls around!" she continued and walked in. As the projector was on the whole room was dark. No one could see her. She just continued to walk telling all her ideas. She joined Armaan who welcomed her with a smile. She smiled back. She was wearing a White top with court along with black jean. She had beautiful and attractive eyes. She was so slim and pretty. She had open hair. She went before the projector and it was''.. GUNJAN BHUSHAN.

Whoever belonged to the company began to talk about her.

"She went to US right?! How is she back to London today?" they were having their talks but one stare of Gunjan brought them to silent tone. The investors were silent and shocked yet amazed. They didn't know how to react. Soon Gunjan completed her presentation. The lights were on. She was looking into the file. When Armaan holded her by her shoulder and turned her before everyone.

"Damn I was so worried!" he said.

"Aww Armaan I am not a kid. I just went to represent our company!" she said smiling.

"But Gunjan it was your first meeting out alone and I was worried. Hope you are fine!" He continued.

"I am" she said and turned. Could life be more cruel than this?!! She stood still on seeing what she saw. Her whole world began to collapse. She didn't know wat to say. She was shocked. Whatever she was trying to forget were before her eyes. She was thinking and thinking when'

"What happened?" Armaan asked looking into the direction where she was seeing.

"They'" she couldn't complete it.

Armaan smiled and " They are our new investors. We have signed a new deal with them. Come let me introduce you to them." He said and pulled her by holding her hands along with him. He went and introduced each and every person.

"This is Mayank Sharma and This is Mrs. Nupur Mayank Sharma!" he said. With lot of pain Gunjan shaked hands with them. Then she moved on with him leaving those two just looking at her.

"This is Sheena Malhotra and this is Samrat Shergill!" he said. Gunjan shaked her hands with Sheena. Then she went near Samrat. He was looking at her. He was just staring. The whole world stopped for him aswell. His mind was empty. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad'..happy because he is seeing his best friend Chashmish again and sad because of THAT NIGHT.

The same feelings were running on Gunjan's mind. She was unable to face him. Especially after him being aware of HER LOVE FOR HIM. Sajan were staring at each other blaming the fate for bringing all the things that they decided to forget.

"Gunjan what happened?" Armaan asked calling her. Gunjan nodded negative.

"So.." he raised his eyebrows asking her to shake her hands with him.

Gunjan made up her mind and finally forwarded her hand. Their hands met. Both just held it and left it.

"Wow Gunjan where were you and look at you!" Sheena said  (She is not aware of THAT NIGHT lolz)

"Well.." Gunjan said.

"You know her?" Armaan continued.

"Yeah she is my friend and Samrat's best friend!" she said.

"Wow that's nice! Gunjan you hide a lot!" Armaan said keeping his hands around her shoulder. Samrat was not happy on seeing this. Somewhere inside he still had that SOFT CORNER for his Chashmish which he can never deny. Gunjan saw Samrat and she felt intense stare. It was the same that he had when RV flirted with her. But now Gunjan is changed. She looked more stronger and balanced.

"So Gunjan wat else?" Nupur asked.

Gunjan just looked at her with tears in her eyes. She was not able to control it. She left the room with tears in her eyes. With Armaan following her. She went inside her cabin and began to cry.

"Gunjan what happened?" Armaan rushed in. Gunjan didn't reply anything.

"Gunjan I thought I m your BEST FRIEND!but if you don't wish to share then I will go!" he said and was about to leave.

"She is my sister Armaan!" she said.

Armaan didn't say anything. He went near her. She held his hands and began to cry.

"Why did this to happen to me Armaan? I came out of my past after lot of pain and again'" She cried.

"Gunjan nothing will happen trust me!" he said. He didn't know how to pacify her. Past years he did so but now things were different because her family is before her. (Guys Armaan knows wat happened to her BUT doesn't know that it was Samrat)

"Armaan I want to be alone" she said.

"Ok but promise me that you will not cry!" he said.

Gunjan nodded and after he left. Gunjan sat on the sofa and was  thinking all that happened to her. She was deeply hurt. Even if she thinks that she was fine the truth was SHE WAS NEVER FINE. The pain of being not loved had always took over her. Soon she closed her eyes and slept there.

Samrat and Mayur were still under a state of shock. Sheena was confused.

"Guys I m sorry about this!" Armaan came.

"Is she alright?" Nupur asked.

'She will be fine Nupur. Don't worry about your sister!" he said.

"How do you know this?" Mayank asked.

"Because she is my best friend!" he said.

Samrat smiled but he knew that Gunjan was not fine. Her tears said everything. Now he was definitely feeling guilt. He was able to see her pain.

"Can I see her?" He asked.

"Well she is tired.." Armaan said.

"I know her Armaan!" he said. He was so serious.

"Her cabin is at the right corner!" he said.

"I will come with you!" Sheena said.

"I will manage!" he left leaving everyone puzzled.

He opened the cabin. He saw her sleeping like a child. She was in a vulnerable condition. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were red. He went near her and kneeled down. He touched her cheeks on which some drops were still lying. He wiped it. Gunjan moved slightly. He took it off. He was lost in her innocent face. She looked so innocent. He was smiling but his face turned sad on thinking about the past. He lost HIS CHASHMISH AFTER that night. She even removed her specs. There were never a day or night when he blamed for that night. He wished it had never happened. He wished they were still friends. For him it was always about HIS CHASHMISH. After she left, he became all sad but had to move on for the sake of his sister and parents. He had his responsibility towards her. As his parents were divorced they always ignored them. So he became strong and now became the Managing Director of Shergill group of Companies. And not to mention Sheena. She is with him because his mother thinks her to be perfect. Samrat lost interest in life after Gunjan left so he agreed atleast for his family's sake. But he has been postponding the marriage date for the past five years by telling reasons. Sheena had no problem as Samrat always took her for shopping whenever she wished. So her life was complete. She and her shopping bag lolz. Mayank joined Samrat's business as he asked him to. Mayank being the poised person he agreed. He brought Nupur along with him even to the meeting as he became more caring about her after Gunjan left.Samrat smiled sarcastically thinking about how his life changed. He was a lot hurt but never showed it.

He snapped out and saw her again. She was still asleep. He longed to call her with that name and he finally called.

"Chashmish.." he said.

Gunjan didn't know how but she opened her eyes. Somewhere they were still connected. She saw him close to her. She got up and''



Wat will sajan do now? Will they run away or face each other?


Please comment and don't forget to hit the like tab.

And tell me if i should continue this one!

Thank you! 


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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 1 - Page 1

Part 2 - Page 5

Part 3- Page 13

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Nisha You Wrote it very very very well...StarStar
Im soo glad my OS came in use!! hehe =))
Im actuallyy kinda obsessed with it!
and now you better UPDATE it regularly warna ull pakka be killedd by me!
Plz Plz Update Jaldi jaldi..
and sorry couldnt edit it yesterday itself!!!
Now coming to your update...
It was soooooo awesomeee...
Gunjans entry! She has actually become very strong from outside...
but from inside she is the same old gunjan!
and when the lights were switched on! I could imagine how everyone must be feelingg!!!!
Really.... You ROCK! Ur ideas are superbb!
and thanks alot for actually writing it down! Its reallyy awesomeeee!!!
and samrat... haaayyyeeee... He was Jealous when he saw armaan with gunjan and all that!
He is still possessive abt his CHASHMISH! and obviously when someone else is her BEST FRIEND! =))
Samrat ROCKS!! I just loved the way you wrote the whole thing!
Thanks for the PM!
See Im Such A GOOD GIRL! I edited my comment! HAH!Wink
And now continue FAST!

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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hey nishu bachaHug,
woooow superb surpriseHugPartyDancingDancingDancing
i loved it.........i really loved it ....i soo wanted the continution of it ...i wanted to get to know from Sam's pov tooEmbarrassedDay Dreaming...thanks a lot u made my wish come trueHugDancingDancingDancingDancing
concept is totally in love with itDay Dreaming
coming to ur update:
rocking update!!DancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing
u wrote it really i always u write beautifullyClap....this ff really suits u Embarrassed...u write  very deep n intense m kinda like u ....i love to read such ffsDay Dreaming....
the first part was amazingClap...aww poor gunjan ..i can understand she has created her a shell outside herselfOuch....i could just feel her pain.......uff this sam is a dhakkanAngry......he still doesn't understand his love for himOuch....i just loved sam's povEmbarrassed...i wa really wanting to know this n u expressed very beautifullyEmbarrassed..the sajan meeting was just soo beautifulEmbarrassed.......n that cabin scene was hayyeeeeee ..i know it was kinda sad .......but i loved the intensity n depth in itDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.....
now i can't wait for the next updateEvil one more thing ...i don't really care whether u take time to update JWM n Vivah ...but do update these two new SS's of ursEvil Smile...n add me to ur pm list ...Ermmdo  need u to tell that i hope notEvil Smile.....
do continue sooooooooon

Luv ya

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XDevilsDesireX IF-Rockerz

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Wowwww Nish amazingggg part Dear Clap ClapYou penned the whole situation beautifully Embarrassed and hope they both face eachother instead of running away SmileThe title is awesome and completely suits the situation Embarrassed.Hope Mayur are not upset with her Ouch.Cont soon  Big smileLove


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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Please.please do continue this SS , Nishi.....would love to read how this turns.......thanks for the PM.

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saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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RES, let me read it first Big smile

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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