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Written/Video update (12.1.11)

-allizwell- IF-Sizzlerz

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Salaam Namaste my dear SGPians...Hug...Hope u guyz had a lovely week...... It was my pleasure writing this episode today.... cos it is a special day for Sushaan and our forum..Embarrassed.....No more intezaar as u all r bekaraar........Day Dreaming....Let me start

Scene 1

Bedroom Scene continues:Embarrassed

Suhana : Main yeh ghar chodkar nahin javoongi main yahi rahoongi isi ghar mein.(I will not leave this house I will stay here only) All r glad to hear that . All enter in to see the devastation done.......

KK : I have spoken to vakeel also about divorce......! all say divorce? All stunned.

Suhana: Pappa, Aap mujhe baar baar don't make me a bevakoof. U need to hire a lawyer for the case not a vakeel.ROFL

Alok : arrey baba...... in Hindi it is termed vakeel.

Inder: But why divorce?Confused
Dadaji : Koi  fayda nahin....Unhappy...waise bhi tumhaare aur Ishaan ke beech ko rishtha nahin hai(no use as no bond in sushaan/)..... Inder-Elesh stunned, all zapped .

KK : chalo suhana , let us go as they have to go to office ..... get the bag please....Confused... The  ladies pass on the baggage. Suhana sees the passing on of baggage with a worried look.......Confused

KK: Chalo Suhana...... Suhana runs behind calling out dad.

Suhana: But dad main yahan se kyun javoongi? If anyoneshud go  it will be basanti. All say basanti? OuchLOLLOLSuhana says Basanti is Sonali

Meena:Haan Choti bhabhi,  yeh sahi hai.(this is right)

Suhana: Agar main chali javoongi toh Sonali Badimaa ko kabjaa kar legi(if I go sonali will capture BM with love)BM looks at dadaji. WinkLOL

Panna : So u wanna stay only for Badimaa in this house?Shocked

 Disha: Suhana, u like Badimaa so much? LOLIshaan giving a romantic look to Suhana.....Dancing..Suhana thinking..Confused.... Ishaan again giving her a romantic look...Silly...... KK gives a funny stare.LOLWink

 Rajni :Suhana U r sure u want to stay back only for BM and no other  reason?

Suhana: Rajni didi,  If I go back I will need to have Dolly didi's bekhar khana and u cook butter chicken so well.......Ishaan still smiling at her romantically as if reading her mind..Embarrassed....!

Rajni very happy and says "Haina Suhana Thank u" and hugs her.... Wink

Inder: "Don't worry Suhana, Rani will make and send  to your house. Silly

Elesh:I will buy from bazaar and inder says he will deliver.LOL KK says Chicken job done now let's go home?.LOL. Suhana's attempts failed and that shows on her face....OuchOuchOuch....she says noCry

 Dadaji: Suhana beti  do u want to wait for eating only Rajni ke haath ka butter chicken? Wink

Suhana gets thinking again and says: Meena, she has now only learnt to make coffee....... for whom will she make coffee if I go?

 Ishaan continues giving his romantic expecting looks...Day Dreaming....!.

 Dadiji: Suhana,  for BM and butter chicken , u want to stay back? Suhana stuck..... looks at everyone. Puzzled look what to say....Confused... She says  Haina ?.. looks at Ishaan. (awesome background music for their eyelocks)

Suhana finally breaks her silence and says: Meethi ka agle hafte function hai Who will prepare her for that?Disha didi,  u make lovely amazing pakodasLOL

All ask .....Aur? LOLAll look at her curiously expecting her to pour out something else......Yet Suhana thinking....Ermm.... (and addresses to Rano )Maa aap. Rano even more still romantically smiling...Heart..... Big smileSuhana then addresses to Inder-Elesh and all and say:Aap sab....infact.... Kitni masti karthe hai sab, Mujhe aisa masti karna accha lagtha hai?.(I enjoy fun u guyz have)

Inder: For that  Suhana, we will come to your house. masti ke liye hum kahi bhi jaate hai suhana.

Elesh: Haan Suhana, Har Saturday hum circus dikhake aa jaayenge, Uncle bas car bhej dena.

BM: Suhana..bahut ho gaya.Smile....ab u give the right reason else why to wait? 

Scene 2

Dadaji :Beti,  tumhaara aur Ishaan ka jhoota rishtha ke wajah se ek chath ke neeche kaise reh pavoge? Na tum khush rahogi aur na ishaan ?(how can u guyz stay together when u both r not in love?) Suhana sadly looks at Ishaan..Cry....!

Alok : "Sahi hai. After 4 days u will feel u have taken a  wrong decision and will be sad. So better is u need to leave and start life afresh.  " Ishaan  still giving an expectant look......Wink

Suhana moves back with the baggage to her room.All gather around the room. Ishaan peeps from the window . KK rushes and says let us go as car is down.

Suhana:Papa u  and all know my marriage was not a play act? it was really done in front of u all. And all r the evidences for that, right?Big smile

Sanju: par  aap jeeju se pyar nahi karthi ho na.Wink All agree to this. Confused

Suhana :But I can't live without Ishaan ......Shocked.......

Kyun ? all ask......Dancing...

Suhana:  Kyunki main pyar karthi hoon. .........Dancing.....

All ask Kis se??

Suhana:  Main Ishaan se pyar karthi hoon ...Embarrassed..Ishaanse..

All say kya with hand on their ears so as to wanna hear it loud.......LOLLOL.

Poor thing......Suhana mounts on the bed and screams "I love Ishaan" LOL

Traffic stops....... Chawri bazaar hustle-bustle gets still.......flight over the kutub minar goes still.........!Shocked

And our  Ishaan falls...... off the stool...... I love Ishaan says Suhana again.

 Traffic moves..... plane moves by.....passerbys move on...... all  kashyap parivaar members clap.Party Suhana 's look is pleasant she smiles and looks as if said something without her conscience ...Hug.....All r dancing and rejoicing this moment.....all run crazily here and there........ searching for Ishaan. LOLLOL

Scene 3

Ishaan is hanging from the balcony railing. No one notices him. ROFL(He deserves it...LOL)

Suhana : Does he deserve me really? Search for him......He is not even seen here at this moment !Cry

Sanju says that he was there only but now not seen. All searching for him and don't notice him still.  Suhana calls out for Ishaan . Ishaan screams main yahan hoon from there. But no one hears. All think he is gone outside....!.

Suhana :U all feel  na that why my  mood becomes karab ?now see he shud be here. But see he is not here. Ab  mera mood karab ho saktha hai haan... All fear this statement and frantically call out for ishaan...LOLLOL.... Ishaan screams "main yahan hoon." from railing...LOLLOL...

Panna : Ask him why is he latkofying (hanging) there? LOL

Ishaan:  Main...toh....Aisey he.......ConfusedLOL

Alok: Dekha aap sabne... yuhin meri railing ki shikhayat kar rahe they. Dekho kitni strong hai.......ROFL ( wow Alokji.... tussi great ho ji... railing ki shaan nazar aa gayi jab bete ki jaan  hai khatre mein ??LOL?)BM scolds him for being witty at this point...!
Ishika : Ishaan bhai aap suicide toh nahi kar rahe ho na?( no suicide no?)LOL

Suhana :Ishaan....... no.LOL

Ishaan: Arrey u guys get me down from here. Wink

 Rajni :  Suhana u better go back to your papa's house.

Suhana asks Ishaan:what r u doing there ?

Inder: Sholay ke veeru banke tanki pe chad gayeh kya? basanti maan gayi hai.!LOL

Suhana reminds him Basanti is Sonali.ROFL

So inder corrects himself and says" Dhaanno .....sorry....... mausi maan gayi hai."

Suhana: Who is Mausi???
Rano tells Ishaan to come down.Suhana too tells him to be down.... Ishaan sees romantically at Suhana from up. Suhana and Ishaan share a eye lock...Day Dreaming.......

Ishaan:  matlab tum sach mein mujhe chod ke nahin javogi. Suhana smiles and nods no.Embarrassed

Ishaan: Pakka ?? EmbarrassedSuhana just smiles and nods for yes. Embarrassed

Ishaan: Mujhe chooke kaho. LOL

She touches his feet ..and says "ab main kabhi nahi jaavoongi.

Ishaan: Kabhi naraj hoke mere ghar ko chodkar nahin joavogi ?promise karo?. bholo suhana !( Suhana u better go.... Ishaan is really pakaoving nowAngry)LOL

Suhana : promise .....Wink.... All clap.

Ishaan: Yaad rakhha yeh sab all r gawah. Meri ek aur shart bhi hai.(one more condition)OuchLOL

 RB: kaan kheench kar neeche le aavongi...... Ab kya shart hai ?LOL

Ishaan: Tumhe mere saath ek scooter ride ke liye chalna hoga? abhi isi waqt. Sleepy

Suhana jokes that she will go back to dad's house.LOL.... And then smiles and says. Ok chaloongi...... And they share a smile....Day Dreaming.... Neeche utharo all say..... enuf sawaal jawaab says rano.LOLLOL(bahut jaldi khayaal aayaLOL)

Alok: Railing na toot jaaye mera nuksaan ho jayega. Jaldi utharo usse.ShockedLOLLOL

(Alokji pyar mohabbat mein kanjoosi ?Jab dil mil gaye toh jag roote ya railing toote farak painda!.....ROFL)
Inder goes upstairs to help him .....LOL..all run..... They discuss shud the  fire brigade be called. Elesh says let us manage with house hold stuff and then see...LOL..... Half the crowd pull Ishaan from upstairs and half hold his feet and pull him.......LOL

Alok: utharna hai ya batvara karna hai?? (Alok ko one-liners soojh raha hai Bete ki pyar ki lane mein???LOL)

Suhana:  omg .....LOL..decide karo jaldiOuchLOLand tells the folks waiting down to leave him so that he can be pulled up....LOL


Suhana and Ishaan ready to take on  for their ride....Heart....Embarrassed

Suhana: Sab humen goor goor ke dekh rahe hai. (seeing the Kashyap parivaar staring at them)

Sonali seeing them from the terrace and smiling happily....

Ishaan: Humen nahin. Sirf tumhe.....LOL... Antique piece honaROFL

Suhana: main ab scooter raide nahi ever, ever never.....LOL
My corner

A laugh riot confession...LOL....Not to be missed....... Even the aeroplane got an extension footage of more than a second  as was in a frozen state........thanks to Madam's confession...LOL...!

If Veeru of sholay can do it........why not me......thot Suhana and mounted on the bed...ROFL.....!
If Veeru of sholay can do it why not me.....Confused.thot Ishaan and lathkaoed from the railing....ROFL...!
Rajni ka butter chicken, Meena ka coffee, Meeti ka school programme all went for a toss  only to declare her dil ka haal.......ROFL...... Suhana rocked todayClap.. !
Chori hai kitni kamaal......... karti hai bade dhamaal!Thumbs Up
Episode Rombha Super!Big smile

 Shukran SGPians......for being here...... have a good week ahead....... Phir milenge chalthe chalthe.........!Dancing






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SmileSmileVery very nice episode................................
Njoyed a lot ...................................

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coolmimz Goldie

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Thank you so much. Finally we get the confession.

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SomerholicGirl IF-Rockerz

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Thanx for udate di...
I am sooo happy today... EmbarrassedBig smile
And I had to wait more than u guys...
my home had a power cut exactly at 7.30 PM...CryCryCry
It was back at 7.42PM but starplus was not coming...CryCryCry
finally, watched it on YT....
I am very very happy................EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sushaan are the best..
I just love them,....<3

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whoaaaaaaa...............lovely update.........ClapClapClap....i cud actually remember the i ws reading......hilarious it ws 2day.........wht a i hv never seen such a kind before....LOLLOL

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Amazing episode :D
wonderful to read now can't wait to see it! :)

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Thanks for the updates...will be back with my are very lucky to get the opportunity to write the updates of The best episode of SGP till date..even the best episode of the decade....

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