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3 IDIOTS - Heads ya Tails...He Loves Me..or NOT?? (Page 27)

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lovetheserial

SmileTongueSmileVij: I loved your take of the episode again. Its genuine and typically predictable from a mistress-craftswoman with regard to the SHeila K J Dance seq.

Whoaa did not see this coming up.....thanks alot yaar...i am totally floored....Smile

"**"Being a choreographer, i felt the steps given to Sayantani were really Sleek, Simple and Groovy....Sheila ki Jawani is one number which has been overdone on TELEVISION be it stage shows, Award Functions or even other serials.....But what was shown in GHSP was way was fun to watch.
But the transitions and Effects they used, making it look like a VM could have been avoided.....The smoke effect could have been more subtle....
I enjoyed watching the SBS shoot and the UMT Video of Maan's Bachelor Party when compared to the video shown in GHSP....Just because the camera angles were way better in these shows when compared to the EPISODE......For instance  check this Video
The camera works in the first 15 sec is Awesome why??? Because The expressions Maan gives is noticeable here, its not too Zoomed in ya Zoomed out but in the actual Episode one has to strain to see that smirk of his....(Which is strikingly Sexy)
Another thing i did not like one bit was the Interruption from Geet....which parted the song in to two....They should not have bought in the MAANEET+The Boys ka convo in b/w...I dont think that was necessary at all....
Given a chance this is what i would have done (Preferred to be shown)
Till the part Geet came would not be changed......but given a chance i would have have showed inter cuts of Geet/Ani/Pinky and doing her eye makeup, one using the Blush, one using the Gloss,One blow drying etc.....Cut to their entry into the Party hall....and thats when Geet sees Maan and Sheila in that Pose.....Maan not realizing Geet and the Girls are here.....(Pls keep in Mind the Song is still continuing and not stopped or cut) and then Geet comes and pokes Maan(Her usual way of Calling him....and then the Part where Maan manaoify here and continued to the Dance...In short the Gatecrashing could have been better...There could be more Fireworks...But baahut hi blant tha
Me dissapointed Big time
Geet could then tell ki she was angry but she enjoyed being here....etc etc...Gaane ko cut nahi karna chahiye tha.....That kills the essence of the song and execution goes for a TOSS....."**"
VIji, u do have a sharp eye for details and love the way you display good sense, good taste and discretion when describing your perspective of the Dance Sequence.
Thanks Dear Embarrassed

Your smear of the scene made me feel "now thats partying" at the B.Party while theirs seemed like a 'wild, loud, boisterous affair'.  The choreographer in you gets all worked up, huh ! does....Kya karoon...karna padtha hai.....Wink

Btw, I have learnt 'Lambada' and 'Bharat Natyam' throughout my school and high school days. Tough to get the 2 dances in their defined postures and synchronizing various steps in their right perspectives used to be totally taxing. Yeah, the link you gave, gives a perfect conspicuous sensuousness in Maan's face and his body movements. ADORABLEDay Dreaming
Me also rained dancer isliye i get all geared when i see something that was good but could have been betterWink

"**"BRILLIANT and AUTHENTIC characters...But taking into terms the various shades and layers that underwent into creating the character of MAAN SINGH KHURANA, Special mention and salutations to NISSAR PARVEZ for the vision he had in mind when creating MSK, GC has and is doing a wonderful Job inspite of having his share of flaws but had it not been for Nissar we would never have had MSK the way he is......the character sketched is so amazingly beautiful that you look at it in AWE...."**"
I totally agree with you and I tip my hat off to NISSAR - Rich, compassionate, loving, witty and wise -this is the MSK I see, touching the hearts of all good people he connects with. This is Nissars MSK at his best.  And we fall in love with this unique character. A millenium gift for us.
"**"Dadi is surely the rock star of this show...I am confused as to is it the Girls ya is it Dadi who belongs to this era/generation The Stars of the episode were undoubtedly Dadi and Sheila....Loved Anju Mahendra and Sayantani Gosh."**"
Hey vij, do you realize we become dadi-ish and bold as we grow older and the young generation are often at crossroads when it comes to romance or taking a stand on issues. The provocation, the defiance, the disobedience all seemed to have been spelt out of Dadi, all for the thrills and merriment.  On the quieter side, I love this smoking Dadima. 

Hey AK thanks for your response had a great time reading it and when ur suggestion/Idea is appreciated it feels all the more wonderful.....

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Okay Guys me off to Bed...Kal Milthe haiSmile

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--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Okay Guys me off to Bed...Kal Milthe haiSmile

Good Night.........Sleep tight!!  Me too off...gotta go too...have to feed the kids...and get them off to bed too!!

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Helloooo Shelloooo Idiotssssssssssss // Hug
Ahh! I'm yet again in a very perkful and happy mood today so here's comes a very loooong and sugar-coated take from yours truly!
Why am I so happy?
Let's see, today's episode was anything but a filler! It was very densely-packed with many many new tracks about to open and also for the return of the almighty Naintara Singh Rathod! Funny how both Maan and Naintara have Singh as their middle name ... that's as far as we get to similarities between the two! LOL. But anyways, as I said this episode was very intelligently written and planned as it showed us so much in a short span of time. Wasn't bored at all (Oh... can't take the battery pack today only and only because of the >> Stern Smile << face we get to see courtesy of Nikunj ... *sigh* if only she could emote!)
Red Alert: Maan Singh Khurana + Aggressiveness = Me Dead and Blushing ... trust me.. more than his romantic side I love his aggresiveness! I missed it because he was in Love Land with Geet for so long.. our Brijji Boy brought back the attitude and adaein I was tarasofy-ing for for quite a while! Loved the way he just barged in and called security and informed them of getting on Brij Oye's tail and PHAAST! That's what I admire.. this man doesn't leave one second behind and get's right to it... he could've made a whole bunch of bahane and stayed with Geet... put her to bed and then done his work but no... he's not like that which makes him oh-so-much-hotter!! His quick mind works in intelligent ways and I totally understood why he would have his shak on Arjun. I mean at the end of the day he is NT's brother and you can never fully trust anyone. I think he's learned that through two means .. first one is his oh-so-innocent-looking brother Dev and possibly Sameera (whom we will only know of in the future -- I hope!) .. he's had dhoka's too just as Geet has but she feels you don't have to suspect everyone, even if the person is related to someone like NT. Maan on the other hand, won't take his chances even if he has to prove himself wrong at the end. Love that attitude and I hope it stays that way and he always has his 6th sense ready. Him grabbing his collar .. hayye hayye ye ada! If only the BD's weren't there (they are maaf as it was our DD's birthday party so they had to rush and do their scenes to go partaayyy LOL) it would have had so much more masala! But even with them it was hella intense!!!
Har Hawa Ke Jhoke: Awww.. loved his concern once again and him recounting the incidents his Geet has had to face as a result of him not knowing about Brij Oye from the beginning. Each instance she had to face trouble, he wasn't present so of course he would say all those things he said to her out of concern for her safety. He feels he can't do enough to keep her safe and sound.. no matter how hard he tries! This is why he rushes to her and hugs her and the dialogues he says after are just too touching and filled with love and concern. Of course Geet wouldn't know why he sounds so worried but she knows well that the underlying reason is after all.. his concern for her. So she doesn't dig deeper into the reason why. Um .. LOVED the second hug! At least uska haath tau uper aya! Improvement! LOL
Office Staff Bane Security Personnel: I swear Maan Singh Kanjoos koi chance nahin chode ga apni kanjoosi ko aur badhaane ka! Lmao! Using Adi and Romeo as the people keeping security high in check! And even to deal with NT. But jokes aside.. I can only understand one reason for why he'd do keep Geet safe yet not doubtful about why they would be there.. if he starts to bring in all these security men from outside then she would start to inquire why they're there and he'd have to find explanations and excuses left, right, and center. Tau usse bachne ke liye.. use people they both know is the good way to go!
Maan's Shak Door Aur Arjun Khush: Good to see Arjun taking the initiative to come and take Maan's doubts away. If he is not at fault he makes sure that he lets people know of it! But my Maan ji is two steps ahead and has already found out about Arjun's innocence and lets him know. Gives me the indication that at last they will be on better grounds as now all of Maan's attention is on finding Briji Oye! This can also be a danger sign: If and only if NT thinks of poisoning Arjun's brain further.. and he falls for it, then Maan's attention on Arjun .. bhari pardh sakta hai! Gash, it's becoming more freaky as there are so many ways Maaneet are targetted. First Briji Oye, then with the return of NT, and possibly Arjun. Teer har taraf se vaar karne ke liye tayyar hain! Stern Smile
Ladka Ya Ladki: Ok... ADORABLENESS TO THE MAXIMUM ULTIMUM LEVEL! This scene was too adorable! Haiiii I kept saying Awwww! Lol, love how it's not a typical boy-girl fight because usually it's seen the the boy wants a girl and a girl wants a boy. But even though Maan wants a princess like Geet Embarrassed, Geet doesn't mind about the gender. Lol but her reasons are cackle-worthy! I laughed so hard when she was thinking that the boy would grow up to take care of her because Maan would be sitting at office allllll day long! ROFL That was too good! But then Baap-Beta jodi and Geet's kichai? Na baba na! Lmaoo! From every corner she is seeming to think she will be the one who won't be benefitting! Too cute the way she cribs. Sikke se khel rahi thi! Nuh-uh Geet.. you yourself said you know when Maan isn't telling the truth and you think he wouldn't know? The master of reading thoughts and catching lies! Lol! Haha loved their staring contests.. and Geet's phati phati ankhe saying "Ab tau mein dekh rahi hoon na?" .. and as soon as he says to tell the truth her eyes divert. I just loved every part of that scene.. reminded me of their staring battles back in those outhouse fight episodes. Reminiscing old times! Day Dreaming Who else found it adorable how many times Maan kept changing his position on the bed! Gash I just love this jodi. They are so comfortable with each other that they were both leaning on the bed frame all aaram se.. haven't seen that with a couple before marriage yet! So I loved that they showed their level of comfort with each other! I just so happened to remember the "YE SIDE MERI HAI" fight from the outhouse bed fight as well at that moment! Haha...abhi tak tau woh side geeli tau nahi hai na Maan? LOL Lmao Geet tau dhakke dhakke maar kar bahar nikal rahi hai Maan ko! And haila what's that?
"Ek baar shaadi tau hone do" !? Shocked ...... BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing Yes Maan, we're all waiting to see how you test her himmat then!
Bye Baby.. See You Soon: OMGAD OMGAD OMGAD! I always wished for him to talk to Baby Singh Khurana like that and he's finally done it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was too adorable! Hai Hai Hai! Embarrassed Baby must be feeling like a baby now.. not superbaby who has had to sehen so many troubles till now!
AA battery pack: Skip! Yes, that's exactly what I did. I swear I wouldn't if Nikunj knew how to act but I'm sorry! She just can't. And I would be nicer if in tense scenes like these she thought of showing an ounce of emotion, but hunny, glycerin tears are not the only object needed to express your feelings and emotions. Go take lessons from DD if anything. CVs... just why? But then OMG! Naintareeeeeeee is back! With the same motive as before! Oye Romeo whatever happened to the immigration office informing you of this!? They better have and we better see it happening tomorrow. Haan!
Brij Oye Ka Badla Jaari: LMAO! What I love about this man is that he seriously has guts and no sharam-o-haaya! Maan Singh Khurana ne pehchan liya... Chalo Chaddo! Samne se vaar!? What the Hell!? You won't back out will you Brij Oye? No? Good! Because I want some mano a mano and BriMaan chemistry! And woh muhje milke hi rahe ga! ROFL But I am loving his Go Getta attitude and his upfront-ness. Like so what if he saw me and recognized? Makes it easier for me to attack face forward! That's the true meaning of a villain!
Precap: Maan in white kurta.. Day Dreaming gazing at Geet having her haldi ceremony. Awwwww he can't stop staring at her.. not only at her simple beauty but at the prospect of her enjoying her wedding celebrations. It's heart-warming to see him look at her with a content smile on his face.
Alright, I think I've written an essay, so hope I didn't bore you with my bak bak. Comment karo na Big smile

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 5:44pm | IP Logged

the haalat of Boston...

sab...Safaid..hi Safaid..

Rin ki Chamkar se jyada safaid

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Z.....i loved ur essay!!!!!Tongue
Enjoyed reading it .........see when the writer is good.....and gives a fun matter how long it is.....the reader enjoys it....and i loved loved loved it!!!!
U see i like writin takes only sometimes...most of the time i am always talkin bakwas.....but i do at timesLOLLOLLOLLOL
u said everythin that i felt in today's episode....i to was not bored at all in today's episode....i was at my feet throughout...
and i also loved all of maaneet's scene....they were beautiful!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thanks for a wonderful take....

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fahsaad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
hi every1
the episode was awesum
maan acting was awesum back to MSK mood
it was that he found that brij is not at home n protecting geet
saving her from brij a  really gud boss n a husband
undderstands all situations

Edited by fahsaad - 12 January 2011 at 6:41pm

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
hey taiba

Tauba Tauba...kya hoga hona hai jo
jo hoga hota hai jo ho jaane do

aane waala aayega aayega jaane waala
jaayega tum na jaano..toh jaane do

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