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#*Devil's Den*# - Tujhe Dhoondtha Hoon Main.. :'( (Page 2)

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged

Resh and Ann....Wonderful job with the Den themeClapClapClap..Resh lvoed your VM,....too goodEmbarrassed..And Ann very good inputs on mahiiii songWinkLOL Clap

Coming to today's Episode/....Overall I loved the episode...perfect mix of drama...suspense,...curiosity and romanceThumbs UpAlso intelligent and sharp MSK is a treat to we also see the Maaneet baby talk again in a more light way this time..loved itEmbarrassed..NT ka comeback is a good surprise element tooBig smile...
I loved the opening scene of MSK walking in confidence ordering the security guards to search for BrijThumbs Up..thats our,inetelligent and confidentApprove;Only thing which I falied to understand here was how Brij got to know about MSK searching for him and how he managed to escape so easily from the house in the presence of cameras and so many security guards ??Confused;Well I guess we should consider it as editing blooper maybErmm;But dunno if from a daily soap we should expect so much of detailingLOLOuch...
Arjun-MSK confrontation scene was quite strong but I thought use of GC's body double there runied some of the impactErmm;But I understand the necessity of BDs in some of the scenes when u hv such 6-day tight schedule with all the actors togetherSmile;I just hope they don't use BDs in such strong scenes between MSK and ArjunSmile;GC was brilliant in this scene showing his anger through his eyesThumbs Up;One can see how possessive MSK is for GeetEmbarrassed;The way he grabs Arjun's collar but instantly changes his expression in front of Geet to make sure she does not get a hint of all this circus,clearly indicates that right now Geet's happiness and her safety is MSK's top priority and he can go to any extreme to achieve it for his GithApprove;Loved the sharp,intelligent and protective  side  of MSK hereThumbs Up...
Next morning I loved how MSK was doing his proper research on Brij and NTThumbs Up;Also the best part was MSK was quick to investigate about Brij and also was frank in telling Arjun that he was innocentClap;Thats another quality of MSK..he is honest and if he knows that he was wrong in his assumption,he is honest enough to go and confess it directly in front of that person without any inhibition or ego hasslesSmile;But I liked that MSK din't say sorry or anything to Arjun but just said what was the actual truth because somewhere even Arjun was at fault for not enquiring enough about Brij before bringing him to the houseErmm;This is character consistency I can say where they showed the honest,quick,intelligent and practical approach of MSK next day itselfApprove;
Only blooper here was Romeo-Adi telling MSK that NT is out of country which puts a question mark regarding whether MSK had actually withdrawn all charges against NT or not becuase that part was left incompleteOuch;If the case is not withdrawn,then NT cannot leave the country but if its withdrawn and NT had gone abroad,then the question is why MSK never told this to Geet when the case was filed by Geet and without her signature how can one withdraw the case ??Confused;But since NT was shown at the end of the episode,one can even guess that NT never left the country and that Romeo-Adi's investigation was wrongErmm;But then the question arises that if case was not withdrawn and NT never left the country,then how can a intelligent and sharp man like MSK never questioned all this when Adi-Romeo told him about NT going abroad ??Confused...CVs u need to justify all this in the coming episodes about NTAngry....
Maaneet baby talk scene was beautifulEmbarrassed;Best part about the scene was the simple dialogues which were given to both the actors..its just how a couple talks about their baby in generalEmbarrassed;Loved those 3 guesses of MSKROFL;He knows his Gith so wellLOL...He knows that she cannot think beyond 3 is about him..second is about their nok-jhoks and third is of course about their SuperMaan BabyLOLTongue...Also loved the way his eyes were being so naughty that time when he said "I just want a sweet baby like u"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed;GC can really emote flawlessly with his eyes..whether its anger or passion or naughtiness or even emotionsThumbs Up;Loved the way MSK goes down on his kness and touches Geet's tummy to say bye to the was a awwww moment for sureDay DreamingDay Dreaming...CVs with so much of baby talk scene,u'll hv made a strong connection between the viewers and the now no MiscarrageAngry;Baby track can b a strong and powerful track for the future post-marriage...Smile...and since MSK and Geet cannot decide whether their baby will b a boy or girl..I will suggest go for twins, can b superman and another can b spiderladyROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLTongue
Coming to Arjun-Annie scene nowStern Smile;Well Nikunj tried her best to show emotions...she did emote to some extent today but still her voice modulation during emotional scenes and also her facial expression was completely blahhhhThumbs Down;The act din't look natural and convincing ..reason why one cannot feel anything for Annie's characterOuch;Arjun-Annie love track is not working becuase the emotions r lacking here and mayb its the female actor's fault I cannot see that feeling or emotions in her eyes when she says these strong dialouges of how she is madly in love with himStern Smile;A love story can b super fast...u don't need months to realsie love for each I hv no complaints with their super fast love trackLOL..but the only problem here is one actor is badly faltering in such strong scenes given to her and so the other actor too cannot create the impact in the same scene despite acting much better than the girlErmm....
NT coming in the picture makes the next episode interesting now raising many questions like will she manipulate or brainwash Arjun again or we will see Arjun going against NT and so NT joining hands with Brij ?Ermm
My Episode Rating:8/10....I loved the episode but I can't ignore some major bloopers in the episode today like how Brij came to know that MSK recognised him and NT case matter too is not fully clear yetStern Smile..also Arjun-Annie scenes add to the misery of the episodes these daysROFLROFL...otherwise the episode deserved a 9 at leastEmbarrassed

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Music: One of my most favorite subjects to discuss Smile
Ann and Resmi, will read and comment.


Mahi: The Orginial Mahi when it was debuted, actually had a charm about it. It was Maan and Geet's signature tune. I also liked the saxophone, Rock versions. However, given that we have been going through 8 plus months of Mahi it's now sort of annoying. This annoyance is mainly due to the fact that it is over used and volume control is non-existent to at times to a point where the viewers can barely hear the dialogue. BG score is simply there to enhance the dialogue and acting not to overpower it and distract the audience away from the performance. However, even today, I'm a fan of saxophone Mahi. It is very sensual but also it is very emotional.

Tadap Tadap: This is the music for Maneet used during the separation. I hope now that the MUs and separations are history so is this tune. The tune is not bad by itself but the words and the singing are horrible. The "nare nare" segment simply sounds as if the singer forgot the lyrics. This tune didn't really click with the audience and it didn't click with me.

Sajna ve: Why Arjun and Annie have their own music is beyond me. The music itself matches them to a T and is beyond pathetic. The breathing music has a hint of sleaziness mixed with a serial killer- esque vibe. And it does not work.


My favorite Music of GHSP:

BG score: It was first used in the Dargah episode in the thread scene. That scene is one of the most striking scenes ever on the show and the music made it that much better. This is one beautiful piece of music.  0:37-1:33

Song Sequence: Pee loon and Tere Mast Mast at second.  However, Pee loon is EPIC. 



I loved today's episode. Maan was in his MSk avatar with the office staff and his Sweet avatar with Geet. Does anyone still think he is a changed man? He is but only to Geet. I LOVED the baby. talk Baby Maneet just melts my heart. It was so cute, Maan trying to get close to Geet. He is so slow but it's cute. Let's see how fast he is after marriage, he keeps saying that, let's see. But he is a man of his word, isn't he?  I loved Maan saying bye to the baby. He is such a dad to be, it's endearing. 

NT is back. She thinks she has Maan at a checkmate. We shall see! All depends on whether her bro  is a flip-flopper like her hubby.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged

Big set back for me, no matter how intense the scene is, if its a cheat shoot with body doubles, its a total turn off!  First scene was cheat shoot! Cry

Let me put that aside and on to the episode shall we!

Brilliant episode, once in a while we get a good one and this one was awesome!  Thanks creatives!

MSK's instant reaction and coming home and searching for Brij, love his character consistency, he only Maan for Geet, but when it comes to business he is only MSK and I love that part!  Coming home and questioning security, his emotions and concern for Geet's safety was written all over his face.

NE, oh well I like her character, but Nikuj can't act at all!  I wish someone else would do the role cause she just kills it like a stiff board standing there!

Maan blasting Arjun, very apt this is MSK for u, his first instinct and he reacts, yes its justified cause ARjun is the one who gave Brij the work!

Geet coming home and asking why he came alone if he was coming, loved his comeback it was a surprise for you, but it was he lied, but he doesn't want her to know anything! His reaction there changed for her, infact he was trying to smile and did not want her to see him tense...loved this part!

Brij self talk, this must run in Handa family na!  Kya kare khaandani problem haiLOLLOLLOLNow he will attack from front only, ok how was he gonna attack from the back, come on guy she is ur sister!LOL

Maan goin to meet Geet in the outhouse, I totally loved this scene, he assures her nothing will harm her again, even the wind has to face him before touching her!  She is his life and the air he breathes.  Wonderful scene!  Loved the hug, Geet holding his neck, Embarrassednot putting her arms under his and hold him that way! I must say Geet runs and hugs MSK quite a bit now!  Love the comfort level between these two artists, its awesome and the way it should be.

MSK, with Adi and Romeo on security, sorry MSK hire better professionals, ur staff and security has loop holes!  NT is back and u not even informed! Arjun coming there and MSK clearing the air about Brij, loved this part and how he tells Arjun it was not his fault!  This will make Arjun realize Maan is not as bad as NT makes him out to be!  This will change his liking for Khurana family, very important scene here!

Geet's self talk in outhouse. MSK is baby's papa, wow I just love this.  With all this attention to baby and talks, something is not right, CVs love to play with audience emotions and make us cry later!  Im just getting a bad feeling baby is gonna live or not!CryMaan coming there and catching Geet and knew exactly what she was thinking!  Loved their little nok jhok, this is what got this serial to No. 1 spot and this should continue! As Bri said one time its Romance Comedy and I totally agree with her! Maan's warning to Geet, let the wedding take place then I will show u!  Hai Ram Maan, what u gonna show her, we are all waiting for that day!  Please don't disappoint us na!LOLMaan's talk to baby,  I only wished he kissed Geet's stomach, but I guess I expect too much!

Arjun and NE in garden, that scene got me, just like a normal gal her heart fell for Arjun, but he is in denial mode, not a bad scene, again Nikuj can't act!  NT showing up is icing on the cake.  Waiting for her and Maan's showdown, this should be good!

Haldi tomorrow and shaadi after.

To all the fans, just be prepared for an emotional roller coaster! 

Happiness, celebrations = disaster in daily serials!CryCryCryCryCry

Hopefully all ends well! Babji is there naLOLAlso, Baba MSK too! 

Creatives, please Geet can't marry anyone else!!!
Don't kill baby!
Let this wedding take place!

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Writers, writers, writers...D'oh

How on earth is NT in Delhi stalking NEB & NES if the Adi-Romeo investigation revealed she was supposed to be out of the country???? I hope this is an elaborate twist that will receive an explanation later! Stern Smile did Brij find out that Maan had discovered him? Angry

Also, what is with this repetitive style of hug? GC must get some sort of neck ailment from the number of times he is asked to stand there and raise his head unnaturally for a hug! Stern Smile

In case you do not know what I am referring to, I am TIRED of this style of hug! Stern Smile Sleepy

Why can we not get more of these styles...which, I might add, are way more HAWT and NATURAL?

Enough with this already...get it? that I have said that...I have to say I like the Maan in charge avatar that we got to see in the first 10 - 15 minutes of the episode! Thumbs Up


*Taking deep breaths*

I reserved today when I saw that the topic was music! My favorite GHSP sequence is Kurbaan Hua and the scenes that followed the dance! That dance was made perfect by the choice of song! So here's raising a virtual toast to the minds that gave us that scene and rather than break my mind on NES & NEB and lack of storyline...I am going to enjoy watching that immortal dance again!

Jaate jaate, just in case any of you had any doubts...

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Loved the episode. Didn't mind AA. In fact thought NE was showing some improvement in the last scene.  Loved Maan's shrewd mind. He seems to have done his homework well. Had a complete background check on how Brij managed to penetrate the K fotress. Although he accused Arjun at first, he was also quick to admit he was wrong. Shows how principled and upright the man is.

DD and GC were as usual fantastic in their scenes. GC, especially is great in giving that teasing cum seductive looks to DD.  Couldn't help notice Maan hop on to the bed with his shoes on.  That's bad manners besides being unhygienic.  Loved that both thought about the baby and wondered about its gender. Geet had valid points for both a boy as well as a girl. Personally I prefer girls, who, I feel are more affectionate and easier to raise than boys. Would want a baby girl for Maanneet, if they let the baby be born.  Loved Maan bend down and bid the baby goodbye too. Wish he had also given it a goodnight kiss but then, I guess they'll not give us such scenes till the knot is tied.

Precap of the haldi scene looks interesting. GC was super hot in white too.   

Good to see NT back and now Arjun will get back in track and remember his original motive.   Need the drama element. Btw Adi mentioning that she left the country means that Maan has withdrawn the case against her. Now how did he do that without Geet's consent?  Is she aware of this?  Why do they not tie up all lose ends?


The written promo says Brij and Maan's aakri takkar.  Here's my prediction:

Before the wedding, Maan may attack Brij preemptively (offence the best form of defence) and leave him wounded. Brij may die (although a third person would have actually killed him, maybe NT).  Maaneet get married but right after that the police land at the venue and arrest Maan for the murder to Brij.

No SR because Maan is cooling his heels in the prison instead of on his bed with Geet. Geet sheds lots of tears but then rises again. She decides to fight to redeem Maan. Ends up meeting Sameera who is a good criminal lawyer. Begs her to fight the case, not knowing the past she shares with Maan. Sam agrees to do so after some hesitation but asks Geet not to reveal her true identity to Maan for some time.  She also says that she will ask what she wants from Geet later. Geet agrees and we will have a court battle cum drama. By the time Maan finds out who is defending him it is too late to change the lawyer and he keeps quiet because he does not want Geet to know who Sam really is. Once Maan is freed, Sam demands her pound of flesh from Geet.

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
Episode analysis..... well i liked the episode...not in mood of writing .....still koshi kar rahi hoon to write....please dont mind if am not up to the mark today...
Maan looking for brij....not finding him...accusing arjun directly n then saying its ur fault u dint check background.....
Brij comes to know that maan has recognised him and decides to now attack Geet openly... dont know how he came to know... ConfusedConfused
Geet barges back into the house n maan decides no one wud tell geet bout brij.....n kataos geet saying he came home as he had a surprise for her ...but doesnt tell her the surprise....  maan doesnt want to lie to geet but he doesnt wanna see her in pain... knowing bout brij will scare geet n will give her pain n hence maan doesnt want her to know anything bout it....
Arjun thinks maan is right in accusing him of no background check n that annie is doing a big mistake by falling for him... they r opposite banks of a river n can never meet...he gave her back her ring... saying i dont love u.....
Maan goes to check on geet before she sleeps.... n he remembers the night when geet was scared that someone was in the room... n also when she had collapsed in bathroom... he is totally scared thinking bout HP days n also these 2 attempts on her life.... he is scared of losing her... he holds her tightly saying i wont let anything happen to u.... n geet is confused.... asking what wrong with her...y is he speaking like this .... maan yet again doesnt tell her bout brij.,...he wont tell her...he doesnt want to scare her...he wants to see her happy.... but promises that as she has gone thru a lot now he will not let anything happen to her.... the air too will have to take his permission before touching her... geet is touched by his love for her..... i loved this scene.... n the hug as well....  
Maan has resources haan... after all he is Maan Singh Khurana... he got his faithful office staff to get all info..... he got all info bout brij and enquired bout NT's where abouts also.... but how come he dint find out who bailed out Brij???
Arjun comes to tell maan how brij came in the house.....but maan surprises him by telling him the detailed story and says i know u rnt involved in it....
Geet is sitting n thinking bout the baby... gal or a boy.... giving silly reasons y the baby shud b a boy or y a gal.... LOLLOL...finally tossing coin..heads ot tails.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Maan comes  n asks y she is tossing coin.... what is she trying to decide.....
I loved this maneet scene.... Geet trying to lie to maan that she was just tossing the coin just like that... and maan saying u cant lie .... as when u lie u rnt never able to look into my eyes.... geet is trying to prove that she isnt lying n then finally says ok i will tell u but only if u tell me what is my surprise.... maan tells her no he wont tell about the surprise.... n then says chalo i will guess it n u say yes or no... he takes 3 chances.... says u were missing me.... n thinking about me... she says no... then he says u were thinking when will be our next fight...n she says no i dont hv to think bout it...u cant spend ur day without fighting 3-4 times a day...n Maan gets all angry.... saying I fight...n pointing finger at her..n she says see...check what u r doing now....
lol.... well i loved the way they r sitting on the bed n talking.... maan is also trying to get naughty.... but geet is keeping him in check.... n finally he says u were thinking about the baby.... n geet's face brightens n he then says u know i too have been thinking about baby since last or a boy... awwwwwwww.....
Geet saying she wants her baby to be intelligent n strong like Maan...n maan says he wants a gal n to be like geet is sweet in all avatars... awwwwww..... so sweet.... i loved maneet moments today....finally geet is sending him away for haldi n he stops back n touches her stomach n says meet u soon to baby..... awwwwwww..... do i love Maan.... yes yes....
Annie is sitting in teh garden crying over her broken heart... arjun comes theer n makes a bahana to talk to her.... n she tells him she doesnt need his sympathies... they have their moments.... well today i liked their moments... he asks her if she doesnt want him to answer her then y is she wearing the ring in her chain?? she says to remind her that she shud never fall in love again....Arjun tells her not to cry as she doesnt know..but he isnt what she thinks....  he denies the feelings again n she tells him u can keep denying it but i wont.... i am in love with u n thats a fact....
Well well NT is back...she hears Annie speak to Arjun and is happy thinking Arjun has pataoed she will now play a trumpt card... its check and mate time for maan and geet...
So maan u got wrong info..... NT is in country.... n dude has Geet taken back the case??? else whow cud NT get visa to go out of country???? How come Immigration gave wrong info to u??? well if she was really away from India then y dint immigration inform u of her return??? ur sources have some problem...dude go check things again....
Ok.... now bout precap... it showed the haldi rasam.... haay i loved geet..she was lookign so cute...n haay haaye maan in white kurta pajama..... he was looking like the typical punjabi munda.... very nice...
Story - now i think Brij will try to blackmail arjun ... he will come to of annie -arjun kissa.... NT too will try to take faida of this... now lets see how it will play....
Star One said marriage on 13th that means tomorrow...but haldi rasam, mehendi rasam still pending.... donno when n how all will happen tomorrow n marriage will begin...
Episode - well i liked it today..... no cribs.... 9/10......
For the first time i saw Annie act...n hence that 9/10 else i wud hv given 8.5/10...

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sharmishtha01 Goldie

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged

Music...hmmm...wonderful theme.....Will read about it later...Ann and Resmi...I'm sure u wud have done a fantabulous jobSmile!!!

Its going to be a short and sweet take from my side....

First off I liked the epi....for being extremely entertaining...and for having good story progression

I liked the contrast in Maan Singh Khurana's character today.....

He was MSK for the security guys, Arjun and the office staff...Smart, Tough, and Agressive...ClapClap

The moment he see Geet his features soften and he becomes Maan..."Geet ka Maan"Embarrassed...And that was endearing...Embarrassed

Just like their boss, the KC staff are multi-talented...Guys working in a Paint Company, can work in construction, organize events, arrange parties and do detective work too....Whatever their Master aka MSK Commands they Do.....Why can't we be like these people??? We cud have earned so much doing so many different jobs...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Maan and Geet's Sweet Love Tiffs and Talks are really adorable...GC and DD have become masters of such scenes...No one can beat them....They make it seem so easy and it comes out flawless...So for that..ClapClap

Regardless of the fact that I haven't accepted NES and NEB (by association), I really felt for these two characters today....Their condition is like what Geet used to say "Idhar Khayi Udhar Kuan"....

The return of the Great Vamp NT....was awesome....Now the real fun begins....Tongue

The precap looks some more fun and some more "dhan te dhan" moments...its going to be a rollercoaster ride with loads of ups, downs, twists and turns...And in the end we will come out shouting and laughing(hopefully)

My....OuchOuchWackoWackoWacko Moments of the Day
1) Brij knowing that Maan Knows...ESPor LSP(Love Sensory Perception)LOLLOLLOL
2) NT being in India while Adi saying she's not????WackoLOLLOLLOL
3) NES' desperationShockedDeadDead

OK that's it for me...I say short and end up long ConfusedLOLLOLLOL


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