Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#*Devil's Den*# - Tujhe Dhoondtha Hoon Main.. :'(

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BACKGROUND MUSIC - Instrumentals, Vocals and SONGs


Light, the music of the day,
making you glow with every ray.
Touch, the music of the wind,
caressing you with its scent.
Flower, the music of Spring,
returning your smile in a fairy's wing.
Each little drop, the music of Rain,
vanquishing your tears as strength it gains.
Dark, the music of the night,
with power to wreck your soul in fright.
You, the music in me
with you i am me.

- The Musical


Kehte hai agar aap kisi cheez ko dil se chahoo
toh poore kaynaath use aapse milane ki koshish karta hai..

Kaun *dundder head* told tat???
(or mayb i didnt want it..coz me is not happy with itDisapprove)

 finally After 7 looooong.. hrs
of uploading
  overcoming the countless plots  of conspiracy set forth against it..
by this Virtual world  (YTAngry) and my bhondu head... LOL

u have...

Geet - The Musical
for you..

Music :

suggested by Bridgette (whoelseLOL)

Ananda Shankar :

Rain and Tears Instrumental :

spl thks to Ashi who stood lik a Ambuja cement ka wall btw it and the villians!
Luv u ashi.. for wht u did.. *virtual jhaapkisses*Hug

Stern Smile now lik nothing was enf..
took 2hrs to upload .. n it doubled the video.. simply Lub YT now!

 yes devils u can chop it down LOL
(but GHSP editors cant.. u hav no right!!Angry HAAN!! LOL)

agn.. som corrections here n there...

Finally Finally Finally... aftr 5 days of non-stop trial n error n banging heads...

#*Devil's Den*# - l: Heart Geet - The Musical Heart :l - HD

is uploaded in YT..

Thank you bri... for nvr giving up on it... n coming out with tis Victory! yes Victory it is.. agnst Conspiracy!! ha ha ha... thks Ashi.. for trying so hard with us for tis.. Love u both... Mwahs!! *squeeeshy hugs*Hug


Why a Musical??

(coined by my Whooping Willow

Doubts i am sure do not exist..LOL

Geet - hui Sabse parayi - 

  the series has by far made use of Instrumentals and Vocals

more than dialogues and monologues.

Or they were used in same proportions, only that the latter was less perceivable.

The main leads locking eyes, falling into each others arms knowingly as well as in highly conscious states have always had a bird crooning  or should i say crying between them.

Though these are the very first thoughts that surfaces on every critics working mind,

Was not each background music as well as vocal developed to emote..

the silent thoughts of the protagonists  for our deeper understanding?

Lets  listen and ponder!

All links here :

thanks to  shawty Big smile

GHSP ' The Title Track.

Music : Punjabi for a Punjabi kudiTongue

Lyrics : Geet still is Sabse Parayi.. be it the character or the showROFL

Maahi ve Maahi ve

 The little heard the better. The little said the better. The composition toh, must say

the instrumental version.. the martial arts version and the lighter versions (with lesser volume on the audiometers) is definitely unique and had brought me to love the Maaneet scenes 

though its over-usage is now pain to my ears... but what oveused not??

Sajna Ve Sajna Ve  

For me these are NE files so i will not comment.. n now that my words are for the topic i wud rather keep mum ( for My opinion.. pls read Ann ' my partner in crime. I agree to her cen percent)Stern Smile

Song and Dance Sequences

O.o How i loved Kurbaan Hua!!! Day Dreaming yea everyone did!
that was the best song-dance sequence ever not just on tis show but ever...
n tat was the first scene i watched of Geet.. so special ! HAAN!!LOL
Tere Deewaani was divine n perfect.
Thn.. Kehna hai Kya..was well used.. again a good choice!
i actually never had a problem with the choices.. except for Behne de when used in Maan seeing Geet in the outhouse.. it did not gel
Rest all songs were ell picked till date.. no doubts!Approve

But i ill say tis here..

But ever since the new editors hav set foot  i see .. nothing but VMsStern Smile
 n u ill know wht i mean if u watch it ,on TV especially.. it is awfulSleepy

n thus U ruined
Tumko paaya.. with its ultra slow-mo
Maahi Maahi with the adds in between
n latest Maahi ve and Sheila with horenderous ( i repeat ) effects.
and yes the latest in the block, orange balls and lately boxes are super duper Annoying!!Stern Smile




Music in itself is complete,

lyrics give it precision

and visuals assist perception


Popular devilishEvil Smile Suggestions :

1. Sholon si - Maneet - Dance of more Passion!Embarrassed

2. Labom ko Labom pe - Song of Love in the makingBlushing

----------------------devils... do add more in your takes.----------------------------

Music is an art, weaved to the content of your heart.
And just like any other art, Music is born in the listeners cart

Here are some instrumentals assembled by Bridgette (ofcourseLOL)

these can cater solace to any listeners soul!

total  50.. go listen CVs.. Tongue

pheew.. n thks Bri Hug and others tooo... who didnt bang  ma lazy bumm with belens.. LOL

Lov ~

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Here I am again with another assignment. This time on my favorite things; Music. YAY! What joy, now that I can write about BAD music. Smile


Music is something most usually listen to for comfort. There are so many genres to choose from. Some types music are appealing to others while some are not. Indian serials use many songs and instrumental music as the background scores. Geet Hui Sabse Parayee, has its own theme song and BG scores. The music usually coincides with the mood of the scene. It allows the audience to feel the atmosphere for themselves, as music does have the power to manipulate mood. So shouldn't this be used wisely? Should the audience be subjected to listen to non-stop and repetitive BG scores? Should it only be used for certain scenes?


Lets talk about some of the BG scores.



I always wondered why anyone would compose such a horrendous composition. The instrumental is fine, but once the chillaying aatma begins shrieking Maaaaaaahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my ears want to bleed. What's worse is that we get to hear it 101 times a week in each episode. How do we fix it? Take out the maahi screeching and make it instrumental only. There is also the option of changing the play back singer, I wouldn't really call it singing since it has no lyrics, but yes someone with a more softer and melodious voice would be better.


Tadap Tadap

Eeekkkks! Now this one sounds like its an incomplete piece. First of the lyrics begin with "tadap tadap key eh dil nare nare dil rota hai..." , then those lyrics disappear in to space. It seems like the singer must have gotten bored and began humming a random tune. This is such a badly sung and composed piece. I hope they do not make the mistake of ever using it again.


Sajna Ve

All of you wait while I get the singer an oxygen mask............................well it seems he/she is having trouble breathing from all the "aahhh's". Is this supposed to be some smooth and sexy tune? Reminds me more of a sleaze ball hitting on a random chick on the streets. It sounds like parseltongue (snake language from Harry Potter)


Here is a video of Harry Potter speaking Parseltongue


And Here is Sajna Ve starting @1:05


Now tell me do you see much difference between that and Harry's Pareltongue? I don't.


Why those two even got their own hissing BG score is beyond me.


Song Sequences

These are usually good minus the bad editing and effects. The effect are harmful to the eye. Sometimes simple does the trick. Trying to make it too flashy is sometimes makes it worse. There should be no orange balls floating in mid air, no orange square frames, no zooming in and out, no screen get the nothing. 


Should there be music in every scene?

It is not necessary for every single scene to have BG music. There is some type of tune in the background in all scenes. They are getting a bit over used and eventually they lose their appeal. Either there be variations of the tunes from time to time, or they do use them so regularly.



Geet HSP has such a great story and in some ways it is fantastical. So why does it not have a theme song or title track equally as great? There are no lyrics with the tunes. There should be lyrics given to Maahiii, lyrics that are meaningful and represent Maan and Geet's relationship. Almost all shows have a theme song with lyrics, so why not Geet? Though it is questionable if they have the ability to come up with it.


Title Track

The title track speaks of Geet and her dreams, basically what she represents. However, it needs to be upgraded. It seems a bit old fashioned. Since Geet HSP is about moving forward they title track should be something with a more modern tune. It has that Punjabi flavor, but lets take Bollywood for example, they have numerous Punjabi songs with modern twist.


Here is a poll I did a few weeks back on which tunes people like most and it is not Maahiii.

And that concludes my assignment on music. I hope no one expected an epic from me. It's no fun writing about music I don't like.Stern Smile

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
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2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

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Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

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All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 


Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT

Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash









Page 1.
mi7chimes aka me.. Ress  ~ PS : giv it a miss, its randomSleepy
Ann.A aka Mrs. ZoolanderBlushing : still res~LOL i was fasterTongue
Cute_Ash aka Ashi : i love her and her emos!Embarrassed
geet.a aka My Patni : Hug main kya boloo.. Literature student hai woh!Approve
Maliha aka my solsissy : still not found peaceStern Smile

Page 2.
Jyoti aka Jyo Maa : on her fav theme, her few hrs still running...Ermm
Marsha baby aka Marshmellow : On music reminds me i totally forgot pee loo..Disapprove
49erfan aka Geets : had a set bk... n wants us to b prepared for EA!D'oh
Darulina aka daruuuuuuuuu : smacks CVs for un-logistics and rpt telecast of hug-stylesThumbs Up
and follows to treat us to Kurbaan Hua!!Day Dreaming
Opti and Gouri are pouring words : must readThumbs Up
sharmishtha01 aka Sharmi : Ponders about Brijs pic MSK gav the police..
                         well  janam janam ka rishta hai... 
Embarrassedhumara! HAAN! - MSKROFL
Panchujun5 aka panchuEmbarrassed : ? Brij has antennas tooLOL and NES is a desperate despo!Dead

Page 3.
Taqdir aka Nabiha (Nabz) : stll in Res~ mode!Ermm
Poli_Geek aka Polki / Polka/ PolksLOL : in double Res~ mode!Stern Smile
starlite7 aka..mmmm.. Ress admits to forgetting t name!D'oh: also in Res~ mode!Broken Heart
Soapoperasrfun aka Pretty Priti Embarrassed
: jo dena tha Diya, saath mein Chappad bhi phaada!ROFL

..... now the rest i heard t den was hit by flood ....
lemme go get my swim suits n O2 mask ready..

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Ann mwahs for wht u wrote..  esp abt Sajna ve/.. Embarrassed

Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee Brij!

Tum AAye toh Main Ban Gayaa..
Tum AAye toh Main Saj gaya
Maan Stalker Kanjoos se
Maan Surumayi Kajal waaliiii!!


Sangeeth toh hua..
Par Dhol Abhi bajne ko hai..
Mujhe tum milne ko hain!! HAAN!


Tujhe dhoodtha Hoon Main Har Jagah
Tu kabhi mili Mujhe hai nahin
Mujhe Tere pyaar mein Hai Yakeen
Jisse sirf MAANse hi pyaar ho
Jo yeh Kehte hi Sharmaatha ho
Suno tum Mera Brij ho - ooyyeee
Oyyyeee Brij tu Hain kahaaan!! Hain kahaaan??!! *echo* Cry

Jaane kaise yeh khayaal aaya mujhe
Ke woh *itchy* kahin tum to nahin!!Stern Smile
Tum mein hain woh saari na-khubiyaan
ab toh tum nahaathe bhi nahiinROFL

Maan lo ki Main Maan Hoon!
Aur mere Khwaabon main Tum hi toh ho
Maan lo, mera arMaaN hai
Ke mere saath (aur paas) hi ab tum raho!!ROFL

- Maan Surmaiyi kajal waaliiiiiiiiii

Loved how MSK is bk to MSK!! with he knowing Brij is was natural!Embarrassed
toh i donno how he ill react knowing tat Brijjy is no more Da Brij!!Ermm
loved GC.. he covered for som bad performance he did yest.
(also loved the dialogues given to him)
DD is alwys good covered up yest..  Big smile
Hug was edited badlySleepy
Loved T baby talk... ( PS : dont dare tak Baby n go in a sentence ever agn!!Angry)
Hated NES ..wht a Non-ActorPinch
NEBs puppy dog eyes were a treat.. oooh!
Rock music.. for NEs..  hailaaaa...!ROFL(CVs chk above pleej
NT fooled the Embassy and AdiShocked!!D'oh
Writers watch where n wht u r writing n read urself b4 u ask somone else to.. Sleepy

tats it  Phewww..


Lov Ress~

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1. I like the speed at which Maan Singh Khurana's brain works. Day Dreaming  He figured out it was Brij without even seeing a face, now that is intelligence. He took all precautionary measures, including checking where NT is. This is one of the reasons I like Geet HSP...the characters are actually intelligent and usually do not jump to baseless conclusions for everything and doesn't lead to misunderstandings. But the sad thing is, Maan can protect all he wants, Brij will attack in the open now. Ouch Ouch
2. Finally, Arjun did something right. He gave Annie back that ring and made me mucho happy because it tells me he still remembers his mission. Thumbs Up

3. Angry/Intense MSK = Very Happy Me. He is on a mission to protect his Geet which has him on edge and alert. Me likey!

4. Maan and Geet scene 1: Maan vows to protect her and that all all danger has to pass him before it harms her. This will definitely come in to play in the future. It's a loop that should be closed. What if Maan takes the shot for Geet one day in his mission to always be her shield? I love the way Maan protects Geet.

5. Maan and Geet/Baby :Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming I loved this scene. After the CV's make us fall in love with this baby like that, they better not take it away. Geet's self-talks are adorable.LOL So the topic of discussion between mommy and daddy is; boy or girl? According to Geet, it should be a girl so they both can stand up to Maan. I agree. Wink Mommy wants a baby like daddy, and daddy wants a baby like mommy, hai rabba! I love this scene! Baby should be like mommy and daddy both. The best part was Maan touching Geet's stomach and saying "See you soon baby". Day Dreaming

6. Maan tells Geet, "ek bar shaadi ho jaane do phir dekhna..." Phir dekhna what?! Absolutely nothing! ROFL ROFL  ROFL  Maan is so slow we will all grow old before anything happens between them. From my serial experience, I predict that there will be no suhaag raat between them till Annie and Arjun has kids of their own. ROFL ROFL Maan and Geet are romantically stagnate, because the CV's need to save some action for later. ROFL

7. Annie and Arjun scene: Stern Smile What was that? Nikunj was so bad at the acting. Very disappointing. Why they hired her is beyond me! Arjun I like. I have hopes for him, I really wish that they do not ruin it.

8. The sad version of sajna ve is worse then the original. o.O

9. High light of the episode: Wicked Witch of the East is back! All Hail Naintara!Dancing Dancing This is what we need.Big smile She will use her own brother to seek her revenge. Annie being such a despo gives her leverage. Now bring Dev back too.

10. Please explain how did Brij know Maan discovered his identity? How did he get out of jail in the first place? How did he find Geet so fast? These questions must be answered for the story to follow a logical path. Simply, flashbacks can shown for this.

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UGHHH MSK&Err-Jun BDs:They were ruining scenes..tried to ignore it but culdn;t..I knw dis BD ka pichwada too wellLOLOuch
MSK's CID Dimaag:Loving how he is using his brains abt Brij..this is wen I enjoy it wen two shateer dimaags collideEvil Smile
MSK&Err-Jun's Face Off: Me was waiting for this Forever..Big smileWill not blame Maan bcoz if I was in MSK's place I wuld hav done the same..Err-jun was standing Chup Chapp..Cmon dude give ur defence..NE was standing there like a statue..why don't u use her BDOuchatleast we don;t hav to see da Face..
NES's Heartbreak: ahhhh Thankuu Err-Jun..wasn't able to enjoy the scene since Madam Stone Faced was just standing theree
Baba Adam Zamana's Hug: Its the same always Maan's chin touching her head..Why do they always do head hugs..I knw his beard will itch DD but we need to get variety wid hugss..but loved the comforting hugs, liked da 2nd one betterEmbarrassed
I'll be ur knight in shining armour forever:LOved those dialoguess DhillonBig smile but no jhappis or pappis coz its bad habit of da team..One day we praise them, next day they are in air and they mess up stuff..Ouch
MSK is Not Kanjoos but Clever: LMAO ppl shuld learn from him..he has used his office colleagues for security purposes, decorating purposes..Free Mein..They get paid only for office
Head Chef's Mudder: Lol sorry can't help it wid da aksentROFLLoved it how MSK said Chupke se I knw you are not involved wid this..he didn't even hav to apologiseLOL
Gith's Bacha Planning:ROFLROFLKurri cracks me up..shoo adorablee..The consequences of baby boy or a baby galLOL
Baby Maan Vs Baby Geet: lol these two's bickeringss are soo cute lol just lyk chota bachassLOLloved the way he was settling himself on the bed..Embarrassed
I always love Baby TalkssEmbarrassedBye BabyyEmbarrassed
NT is BackCool:Karishma Mished you WBHug..NT gonna live for 1000 years..Me was just thinking abt NT wen I saw da promo of 7 khoon maaf where the last line cums: "I'll drink ur blood" NT was in ma mind wen I saw thtLOLbtw NT don;t get too happy coz u don;t knw ur so called Bhai has bcum a majnu for NES which is a disaster..I Pheel it for you Khurana Khaandana's Kurris Snatching Your Loved Oness...Gith Snatched your Dev first then she snatched your beloved Maan Veerji then daadi & now NES is snatching ur Bhai too..This khurana khaandaan behind you haath dho ke..AngryYou will just end up singing
"Lonelyyy I am sooo Lonely I have Nobody"
@CVz BDs are ruining scenes but I guess it was celebration tym wid DD's Bday so maaf kiyaBig smileLOved the episode had all the elements..Romantic,Cute,Action,Suspense,Fear..Big smilebut wait a flaw how the heck does brij knw MSK has recognised him..ErmmThen I hope MSK is informed abt NT's entry back in India as Romeo said the immigration officer will do so, don't mess tht upAngry

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AAJ mere PATI ne DEN khola!!Hug

Hello everyone!
Warm hugs to all!
I'm back after examsLOL
Right..moving on..
Some general comments-

I liked today's episodeEmbarrassed
Good acting; Baby; NT; NEw tune for Annie-Arjun(THANK GOD the hyperventilating person got some air! *phew*) 

Barry- I hope he gives some awesome dialogues now!

Angry MSK is someone I adore..and the cuteness and then the intense..Hayee..I like this kind of romance.

The hug, the baby scenes touched me, I liked how Maan said he didn't blame Arjun and how NT being back opens some more possibility of conflict in Arjun..
I don't want a SOFTY CHUBBY!
But a CHUBBY VIllain!! HAan!

Right- for the details and the masala..hehe

Arjun-Annie scenes can be very convincing IF the actors ACT :(

In front of Maan's intensity...Arjun Annie were no one...

Maan needs to vent..
HE is so angry that this mistake was made and Brij given a chance to attack Geet and Annie innocently gives it to him.

And Arjun faces the Wrath of an Angry MSK
However- GC- the acting seemed a bit this scene..perhaps I was mistaken..but that anger I couldn't see...Confused

He jumps to the conclusion that Arjun has used Brij for his sister

And when Arjun tries to explain- Maan's worry for Geet bursts out
AAh..okay in the collar scene its all back.
I love GC's voice modulation hereStar

Geet's back and he paints a smile..
tells her he's planning for her a surprise

"mujhe yakeen hai Arjun apna kaam bohot achhe se  kar raha hoga"
That must have hit him harder than all of Maan's anger

HE is Maan for Geet and MSK for soon as she went..he became concerned and the security arrangements wala bhaiya again

Arjun feels guilty..
He tells her loving him is a big mistake
"dariya ke woh do kinare jo kabhi ek nahi ho sakte"
Ring removed, I don't love u said and Jaan bachha kar Bhaag gaya Arjun!LOL

Hmmm..wants to meet Maan and get the oh so famous eye lock and twisted arm..
Can we please get a brij maan showdown??Embarrassed
Anyway- links to the promo..He attacks Geet in front of maan..not hiding n all

MaanGeet outhouse
Sees his Life's closeness to death in his mind's eye and his heart contracts with fear and expands with love as he rushes to hold her in his arms...reassuring himself that nothing will happen to her as long as he is here..
Again he will face everyone, and everything that tries to hurt her...he will risk his life to save hers.

She is confused as she has no idea why he's so scared
That is a playing out of MSK's nightmare...He holds Geet to himself..close..reassuring...but in the nightmare- she is far far away...never to be reached again.

About promo-
There is the dream promo of Geet's rajkumar coming on a white ghodhi..Geet's fulfillment of all her dreams
And then there is Maan's fear..of Geet being taken away from him forever...cruelly by her own brother..who has previously not been afraid of killing her...
And then ther eis reality- which combines the dream with the nightmare- struggle for their dreams and striving against the nightmare...there Maneet will find their Reality 

"aaj se har woh mushkil....har hawa ke is jhaunke ko meri ijaazat leni hogi...jinke chhone se tumhe zara si bhi takleef hoti hai"

Remember HP- where he empathises with her pain when she's talking about this cold hawa that links her to her home...

Well- if the past comes back..even as a subtle hawa ka jhaunka as brij wreck havoc..msk won't allow it..

I don't know if I'm seeing all the positive or if it's implied..but oh well.

Good..Sahi pohonch hai MSK ki..Im glad he's sachet now but he won't search his own house..would he?or outhouse...

How come NT is able to come and they don't know?

Anticipating Arjun's apology and telling him it's not his fault

Geet-Coin-ing Baby
LAdka-ladki ...hmm..ghor samasya..
Cute cute scene!

Barry- Khair nahi getting repetitive

So Geet decides to toss a coin to decide GENDER of her baby..HAHA

MAan-geet moment- v cute sc!
Reminded me of the Outhouose sequence where MSk-Geet are fighting..have moments..
I remember that stare moment where Geet and Maan play the stare game..LOL
here too..who can stare and lie

After 2 funny cute guesses..he knows lready...stops kidding around and guesses she was thinking about their baby

I loved this entire convo...teasing, romantic,cute..awww
but..what i didn't like much was the way msk held her by the shoulders...couldn't he have put an arm around her and drawn her to him? or something like that?

It looked like he was giving her hausla or something..

"mujhe bilkul tumhare jaisi baby chahiye"
HAan MAan...I know you want your princess...aww..

Waise thinking of that- I want a girl baby too for Maneet..HAHA

MSK is in extra-romance ka mood kya..
"ek baar shaadi ho jane do..phir dekhna"
Tries to be intimidating but is sent away...

Remember that tub wala dialogue
" abhi mere paas tumhari himmat test karne ka time nahi hai..magar ek din.." and see how far they have come..Geet now can push him almost out of the room playfully

MAan comes back to say bye baby..c you soon

It made me warm inside..and i went AWWWWW

Annie bani Dev daasini...Arjun ke pyaar mein

Kya se kyaa ho gaya
bewafaaa....tere pyaaar mein....

I wish she could have acted in this scene..the music was pretty touching minus the word "sajna"

they are seen by NT who thinks Arjun is a result-what we have here is a chance for Arjun's dilemma...
Please don't make him a full lover boy but show his struggle..its the only thing interesting in this track.

NT thinks he's found the "kamzor kadi Kaun"ShockedLOL and plans to use it to her advantage- to make Maneet cry now and pay for all her tears..

Alas..her check mate...will be unsuccessful even though she is back with a bang

Between BLACK or NT and WHITE or Geet/Maan we have the pawn Arjun...who will be used by  NT ..his feelings,his loyalty etc - who might allow himself to be used by his sister or Go over to the other side and win this game with Maan and Geet..

However- Nt has a masterplan...She thinks perhaps Annie, as well as anyone else,including Brij or Geet could be used to get what she wants..
Revenge for her insult from MSK..a complete destruction of the MAN, and KC...because she always wanted how she plays out her moves now that she's she uses weaknesses as strengths and strengths as weaknesses remains to be seen...

Perhaps she had gone..perhaps she has brought back other characters from Canada..being of such a 'shatir' dimaag..she definitely will outdo MSK at one point..and the lowest lever for the man would be losing Geet and for Geet..losing MSK.

"main tumhari zindagi khushiyon se bhar doonga" is what MSK has promised to Geet
"ab aap aur Geet sahenge" NT to MSK-Geet

Let the game beginEmbarrassed

BAs aaj ke liye itna hi!

Barry- Can we have more 'chess' dialogues? please?

@Gc,DD- great job guys! awesome to see the cute convo, the romance and aggressive MSK back! 

hopes for a fist fight...and more aggression from Maan..Embarrassed

About Music in the show
I liked mahi..but then it became too much

I liked the various instrumental versions of Maahi..they are good!

I like all the songs chosen too in the show!

I liked music of tadap tadap BUT the WORDs were..uhh..incomplete

I hate the Hyperventilating breathing Annie-Arjun music

Saajnaa wala is too loud..the instrumental is good

Since we have Haldi ,Mehendi now...can we have some nice punju beats? 
Rather than the same celebration music??

The best tune is still the original Maneet background score...and the original is the coolest..
I also like the tune that represents longing and deep love- the tune played during dargah sequence, when Geet and Maan are separated by a thread...

Overall- Mahi has been overused..come up with new tracks..
I liked today's Annie-Arjun track..and also the maneet marriage- NEW awesome track chahiye haan!

Anyway- I liked today's episode
I'd give it an 8.5/10

Love to all!

Edited by geet.a - 12 January 2011 at 10:54am

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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 September 2010
Posts: 10654

Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged

to write later in PEAce!!! ROFL


soulieee ann : Hugmoi loVES muSIC!!!!!! 


CommENtin on pROgRESS ::: 

Clapremember cvs : the treat for u all!!! on jan 13!!!Clap

a must read post : hard work by many DEVilsss!!! LOL

okk me runnin to EAT watch & then;ll be back to dissing & dissecting the EPI in roYAL stYLE!!!!Cry 

MAan & his well worked logicEmbarrassed will do wonders today & so does the expected mehendi nd haldi if at all shown!!!! Angry

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