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~Beautiful Sin~SidShi FF: Chapter 30//Pg 108 (Page 65)

sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 6:32am | IP Logged
So sorry guys!  has been a hectic week with no time at all.....have been writing during whatever free time I can get..........will update soon and reply to all your comments.

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-Aliya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
i will try and catch up as much as i can before ya update again, i'm on chapter 7 now, will comment on every chapter as i read =)

Chapter 7 - Woah what a brilliant update, six years and they are still healing but they have such strong silent connections between them. i loved how SidShi communicate through their eyes in this part, I can so imagine ShiRan acting this out because i have always thought that they both have expressive eyes. There is still mystery as to what happened within those 6 years, Shilpa did suggest Sid to go to Panchgani with her so what happened within that time..from this chapter i'm guessing thier relationship strengthened, well i hope to find out more in the next chapter.. Great chapter Sidra!

Chapter 8 - Aww things are taking a brighter and new side for Sid and Shilpa in this new Sanjeevani for their careers. However it seems Sid has turned into a reserved stone that Shilpa can break into. Sid is so different now, no one can mess with him no more..i especially loved how ya said that his personality was such now that his presence demanded immediate respect and attention..he isn't going to be soft and let people push him over..he's grown strong. hehe the second and much more scarier version of Dr Keerti. But i love how SidShi communicate, there is a cuteness about them and she knows him..well. She will be his reason to believe in love again...aww thats sweet.

OMG noo just when things were all sweet and happy with SidShi, turns out Shilpa has a fiance?! Something went wrong..ah well she doesn't seem to be happy with her fiance so i don't see him as a obstacle between SidShi hehe. ooh can't wait to read the next chapter

Chapter 8 - LOL you must be wondering whether i have an obsession with writing in different font colours? well to answer that, i don't. i don't normally write in different colours but since i'm commenting on every chapter as i read them and it will be a huge comment, i thought why not take this chance to colour separate them hehe..i hope the various colours aren't giving your eyes any trouble ;p

Anywayy moving onto the chapter:

Ok firstly i love how ya describe so well to set an image of the setting, i can easily picture everything.

 eww the name of Vivek just brings about a image of a nasty guy because of the previous character 'Vivek' from long ago memories of DMG so i don't like the sound of her fiance already..hehe. So Shilpa rushed into the engagement because of her aunt...right.. and she doesn't have anymore feelings for him other than friendly ones and its been a year since they were she doubts her fiance as well..because of Armaan. eugh i hate how AR have made SidShi's future so irks me that AR are probably together in their weird 'eternal' relationship while SidShi are still recovering. well if it wasn't for them i guess SidShi would never have taken this route together in your ff..

Shilpa isn't even confident about herself anymore :O Ah well I guess thats where Sid will come in to make her feel beautiful hehe i'm already weaving dreams for SidShi only a few chapters into your ff Sidra ;)

So both Sid and Shilpa don't have the courage or don't want to believe in love again..i see where they will be coming into handy for each other ;p Aww I love how ya wrote how SidShi are living for each other's happiness..Sid is living his life through her happiness and she is only going after happiness for him..thats just so adorable. It has to be one of my favourite chapter endings from this ff so far, well done Sidra!

Chapter 10 - Aww its so cute how Shilpa has already sorta become Sid's wife..making Sid's favourite salad, always finding time to spend with each other, Shilpa insisting that he buy all these kitchen equipments and he bought them..only for her. She's already concerned for him, wondering how his life would be without her because thats how much of an important part of his life she had become
Embarrassed ooh she's already feeling insecure about Sid finding someone like do the little things she does for him, its so cute, thank goodness she realised it even if it is a few months before her marriage, ya know what they say - better late than never

With every conversation between Sid and Shilpa, its so evident that she brings out the 'old Sid'..the one who teases and smiles. Its so endearing how he already loves the little things about her like how she calls him by his full name when she's angry.
He can understand her silence, her moods and nervousness.
its charming how he can persuade her and be just as stubborn to make her share her worries with him. Oh and i especially love that Sid agrees with us on wanting to kill Armaan for the damage he has done to Shilpa ;).
its kinda ironic how Sid gives Shilpa the advice on not letting her past affect her present and yet he can't see that the same goes for him too but he can see that Shilpa and Sid have gone through the same pain of being used and thrown away and yet he can't see that his own advice to Shilpa is the same for him too...
aww i loved Sid's earnest confession to Shilpa - it was sincere and needed for Shilpa to feel loved. And its even more special coming from Sid since he doesn't share his feelings as much anymore. and wooh Shilpa felt the chemistry between her and Sid!

its amazing how your characterizations are smack down perfect, you make Ridhima sound like the confused, regretful, non-appreciating and ungrateful character she is hehe. Uff i love how just the sight of SidShi brings fury and insecurity to Ridhima hehe.

oh and btw i love how easy your making it to imagine SidShi/ShiRan together..i always tended to find that hard since they did have a brotherinlaw-sister relationship in DMG but the way you transformed Sid into this rugged, hard character makes it so much more easier for me to imagine SidShi/ShiRan togetherBig smile I have a weakness for the rugged, hard, mysterious, deep but with feelings men and i love that you transformed Sid into that type of man LOL
Excellent chapter, Sidra!

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-Aliya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Chapter 11 - Firstly i love your writing style, it makes SidShi flow so naturally, you bring their characters to life.
I seriously hope that some creatives find this ff and make a show/movie whatever from it with ShiRan portraying SidShi from your ff =) hehe too ambitious dream?

Moving onto the chapter, Shilpa's bubbly feelings for Sid are tender and fair...she already feels shy for him aww.

OMG how cute is the effect of his close proximity on Shilpa! Its so adorable hehe. i'm literally grinning like a fool when reading the part about her being rigid when being close to him hehe.

yay i was right, Sid was the pne to end up making Shilpa feel beautiful. ah the fairness of the first feelings of love she is feeling for Sid. Just reading this part makes it so easy for me to feel her radiance.

Oh how pure is Shilpa's character - she regrets falling for Sid because he's her sister's ex-husband? Even though Ridhima had no trouble stealing away Armaan by betraying her own husband. its ironic how much the two sisters differ. Shilpa instantly scolds herself for falling for Sid as if she feels she is stealing him away from Ridhima when really Ridhima had tossed Sid away harshly. I don't want this to be the reason for Shilpa to hide or try to be indifferent towards her blossoming feelings for Sid. And as for Vivek, i don't think thats her main reason for regretting her feelings for Sid, i think the main reason is Ridhima. darn that Ridhima.
ooh can't wait to know what happens next... superb chapter!

Chapter 12 - BTW I don't think i told you but the banner for this ff is incredible, i LOVE it!

oh and i also love how your taking revenge on how DMG had ruined Sid and Shilpa and your not letting AR's phorever story go on blissfully after they had ruined SidShi's lives ;)

LOL I love Naina and Shilpa's little banter. I can already see Sid falling for Shilpa during this beauty pageantDay Dreaming aww he used a teasing compliment to convince Shilpa to participate. Yayy finally someone realised if not the very unaware Sid, thankya for making Naina the cupid of SidShi's soon to be lovestory hehe.

It is a relief that Vivek doesn't sound like he is the nasty guy i initially thought of when i first heard of him, i'm waiting for his entry or his interaction with either shilpa or sid or both..i really want to know this guy. Both Sid and Shilpa says he is a good guy..good enough for Shilpa to have easily shared her uneasiness about love with him..

Oh no..Naina is right, Sid's blatant unawareness is a sign that he has completely and firmly shut love out..i don't want another heartbreak for Shilpa especially not from Sid.

Ah shilpa is taking a leave..I can see that she has many reasons to worry about what she wants but I really don't want her to ignore her inner voice..please, Sid better bring out that inner voice within Shilpa.

LOL Break up and make up for AR in your ff, Sidra ;) i likee! Karma as they say it, what goes round, comes right back  around to kick ya in the butt..they deserve it heh.

I admire how ya made Naina the doorway to expressing our feelings about SidShi and AR. The way Naina observes SidShi and AR in your ff and what she thinks and sums up of her observations are very much similar to our thoughts..she communicates to your ff what we fans felt about how SidShi were treated and how selfish AR were..i really like how ya used Naina's character to observe and play cupid.

You desribed Armaan's feelings with so much understanding that for once i actually felt pity for him, for ending up with lost hopes trying to hold onto the crumbling dreams that he came up with the forever lonely Ridhima.
Interesting to read his thoughts on seeing Shilpa..hmm..too late for him! LOL funny how Armaan is continuously trying to convince himself that him and Ridhima are meant to be..pathetic. ah well as long as it keeps him away from wanting to come back into Shilpa's life to confess his realisation of his feelings for her then i am totally fine with AR being miserable in your ff ;) hehe i just realised that Armaan has a notch for staring up at women who are already taken...first it was the married Ridhimaa and now the engaged Shilpa! Haha somebody stop that guyLOL

Chapter 13 - I've realised how much i'm spamming your ffLOL and how much time it will take for you to read my comments hehe so all i can say is sorryEmbarrassed and i'm sorry it isn't helping that my comments are only just getting bigger, i can't help it, its the first SidShi ff i'm reading and its so amazing!

yes! Shilpa's leave is finally bringing about Sid's feelings.
I so adore how together SidShi are.
The part where Sid thinks of how homely Shilpa made his house is sweet =) Every little thing causes him to bring about a old memory of Shilpa and him together.
LOL when i first thought of Sid bot wanting to go these dates I actually thought of how rejected Sid's blind dates would feel on a date with him..there would so many awkward moments ha but i was wrong, he was still a gentleman on the dates =).
Funny how Shilpa would help him dress up for his dates before but if she were there at that moment, i don't think she woulda let him go to that blind date and not because she knew he didn't want to go but because she herself wouldn't have wanted him to go ;) Its so weird how it went from playful to serious when the question of Sid ever finding a woman again rose..Shilpa really had no answer at that time. Aww the irony of Sid getting ready for a date with a smile but not for the reason we would usually find people smiling for a date..;p
That little SidShi surgery memory/custom is soo cute!
oh and i have to note - Naina and Yuvi are married in your ff! woop woop congoLOL

Ohh very smart and thoughtful of you, Sidra, to not let Naina's 'cupidity' do the work but to let fate run its course. Anyway i think meddling with 2 people who are so meant to be and also people who are even more delicate and fragile due to their past would be dangerous and tricky, its best to leave it to fate. I guess we just needed Naina to assure us that atleast somebody has noticed and somebody who could always help make things easier when SidShi may need a push or some reassurance from a friend =)

Its great how Yuvi unintentionally actually brought about some feelings from Sid. i loved the direction his train of memories of Ridhima took to Shilpa. Finally, thankya to Yuvi for making Sid aware. Gosh did Sid not realise that by setting Shilpa up with Vivek he actually booked her flight to Canada with Vivek to leave him without her hehe strange guy..he really has been very indifferent about himself...the idea of her not being around when she's off in Canada never really sunk into his head until now. I think its great how ya showing how Sid and Shilpa need each other..its something they didn't have in their previous love, it was always one person loving for the two but with SidShi they both feel equally as strong and dependant on each other to keep their relationship keep their lives happy and moving!

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 2:59pm | IP Logged


Ok.. I'm going to be absolutely honest here.. I have never been much of a Sid Shilpa fan... I always thought they were an awesome Jija-saali combo but never thought of them as a "pair". For the same reason, when I came across this FF in the Fan Fictions section, I did not make an attempt to read it.. I know, I know.. Was about to make a huge mistake doing that..
So this afternoon I happened to have a lot of free time on my hands and thought I'd give it a try anyways.. I have to confess, I was soooooooooooooo absolutely captivated by this FF - n when I say everything, I mean everything everything, from the story line to the way you write, everything - that I almost forgot to have lunch in my eagerness to read the whole thing!!! My poor hubby had to shake me out of the trance your FF put me into and request for lunch at around 3 pm!! Thats how engrossed I was in your story..
Its fabulous, marvellous and above all sinfully beautiful.. I really don't know what else to say coz this is amazingly beyond words!!! You write like a pro!!!
Every single scene you've described so vividly, the thoughts of the characters, the play of emotions.. Its just so easy to visualize.. You've handled the emotional turmoil each of them goes through with amazing maturity and the story line is just perfect!! Flawless... if I may say so...
I've written so much and I still haven't managed to express what I feel about this brilliant piece of work.. Its a piece of art I tell you.. You should seriously consider taking up writing professionally.. And guess what... You changed me from a hardcore SR fan into a SidShi fan.. That is definitely an achievement coz I am obsessively loyal as a person and I normally never let my loyalties waiver... I thought I'd never be able to accept Sid Shilpa as a pair and even when I started reading this FF, I thought when it came to the Sid Shilpa romance, or close moments I'd stop reading because I just won't be able to visualize them like that.. But the way you write, I was enraptured and now all I can think of is the beauty pageant dance scene, the scene in the lift and the lily scent driving Sid crazy...
Keep up the great work and please do pm me whenever you update.. Wouldn't want to miss out on this for anything ...

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scorpiodreams Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
please update soon...its been long timeCry

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harshita_sahni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
i just love ur ff ur an excellent writer thanx for the update
cant wait for the next update...
and plzz add me and pm meee Smile

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-Aliya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 2:56am | IP Logged
oh and i had to note that i love the choice of chapter titles ;)

Chapter 14 - I love how ya describing and making us understand how hard and confusing these new feelings are for both SidShi and the arrival of Ridhima in that last bit will not help at all to settle their feelings. I can really understand the dilemma Shilpa must be going through since she has pretty much got to the conclusion of her feelings - love. So she will be having a harder time for now and also because Ridhima is her sister, making Sid her sister's thats quite a dilemma she's got to get through for love.

oh and Vivek is a lot better than i had thought him to he is aware of the love missing in their engagement so i have no worries about leaving him all sad and alone when Shilpa does go to Sid =) heh

Chapter 15 - Wow that was such an amazing part, ya have carried the characters on so well that this ff could very easily just be the continuance of DMG 2 in the real show =).

I extremely love the cold shoulder Shilpa gave to Armaan, i had a evil grin on my face while reading pity for that guy! hehe

Oh and I'm so glad Sid is blatantly ignoring and resisting Ridhima's chance to enter his life again, i hope Shilpa could see that.

I feel so bad for Shilpa..she's so aware of the love Sid had for Ridhima and her fears and doubts from the past do not help at all. But the part where Sid grabbed hold of her hand softly and asked about her burn..that was utterly cute and quite a sexy scene due to his instant protectiveness and the way i imagined him grab her hand hehe. the bag of Runts just laying there in his car waiting for her to come back..aww and Sid noticed =)

Ridhima's character is such that she is so used to things revolving around her, she can't seem to see that attention towards anyone else..which is where Shilpa steals her limelight. Thats why she expected Sid to save her, she had took him for granted and thats why she was sad enough to stand infront of a truck coming towards her..what a desperate saddo..i wouldn't exactly be mourning if she did end up underneath the truck...LOL i can't believe she is doing all this just to want to prove the point that she had meant everything to Sid once..but she doesn't anymore and i hope that sinks into her hard.

Armaan hates Sid? Perhaps because of the uneraseable imprint Sid had left behind on both Armaan and Ridhima's lives. But he can't blame Sid for life hitting him straight back in the face for the way he ruined SidShi's lives..

The best part though was the last part, the way in which you described Sid literally fighting to keep control over his instinct and his true desire was amazing to read..superbly written, Sidra!

Chapter 16 - I admire how Sid sets a calming atmosphere for Shilpa even just with his voice..his presence. He has really learnt how to not be read like a book anymore, not letting Shilpa read the ongoing struggle behind his blank face.

LOL i had to share this with ya, ya see the part where someone yells "Ridhima! Move out the way!" At first i had thought that Sid was yelling at Ridhima to move out of his way so that he could save Shipa and i was laughing because of that until i realised Sid didn't yell that, it was thoughts were quite cruel then but Sid wouldn't deject Ridhima that much in the process of saving lives.

The way in which when Ridhima was ignored by Sid she had Armaan to fall back onto really matches her character..she needed both of them to lean on and so she uses them both which was sad when SR were married but now she can't use Sid because Sid won't allow himself to be budged and Shilpa won't allow that to ever happen. You have nailed all 4 characters perfectly Sidra =)

Sid would never regret saving Shilpa instead of Ridhima. Its endearing how important Shilpa is for Sid..i can't really add more to what he felt when he saved her because you've done that for us so well!

Yes i am so glad ya didn't ruin Shashanks charater in your ff, he finally stopped spoiling Ridhima by heeding her every demand and sudden decisions.

And one last thing to the chapter comment, Shilpa has finally..FINALLY gave in and surrendered to being in love with Sid! =)

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Sidra, any update? It's been SO long.

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