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~Beautiful Sin~SidShi FF: Chapter 30//Pg 108 (Page 56)

nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Lennie, Cess, Sidra and Jenny You really forced me to comment on this topic especially your post Sidra.

Plus I am waiting for MegaVideo time out to end! LOL

Firstly I have to say this out before my explainations I don't hate Riddhima and Armaan - I am some one who can't hate, I can be mad, I can be annoyed but I don't think I can hate someone they become impartial to me, live and let live is my theory because hating someone means you simply care that they hurt you and if I can't hate the person who ruined my life in real life I don't think I have the ability to hate some fictional characters.

Sid, Armaan and Riddhima is this conversation ever going to end. LOL

Like you Sidra I blame Riddhima the most - she gave out the mixed signals, she did not let Armaan move on nor did she give Sid the happiness or the truth that he deserved.

From the beginning of the show I was never a fan of Armaan, he was what I classified as creepy stalker guy LOL Weird it kind of became true but he is the guy you never want your best friend to date and when she is you can't tell her to stop either, he is the sort of guy that destroy's people and he has done it repeatedly in the show be it Riddhima, Sid, Nikki, Rahul you all get my point. But despite it all I prefered him in the end compared to Riddhima, he is never a guy I want in my life but he still has come of as more caring than Riddhima ever did in the show, she has been selfish for a long time.Ok this is slightly unfair on Jenny but from the point she became Riddhima the show went downhill, because with Riddhima before Armaan and Riddhima was a new relationship with KaSh, there is jealously insecurties, fights I mean it is natural, with KaSu the relationship was actually growing but by then I had a bet they wouldn't get married which happened. But by the time you get to KaJen its like you are enganged you don't have such petty issues, you have joke fights or you have full blown fights which you deal with in a mature way it doesn't mean Armaan has to spend a weeks worth of episodes asking for forgiveness! It really made me dislike their relationship, but it was like where is the maturity, so to say I am surpirised about September episodes I shouldn't have been I guess I was wrong to expect something more from Riddhima Wacko because from being proud of her charater to just thinking woman you need to grow up because Sid matured more being in the show for a year than she ever did in three years of the show...

Armaan's jealously of Sid, I hated it it was so noticable and I was like Armaan this is why I don't like you its always about you can't you be happy for someone else, because if the happiness affected him he was never happy for the person like Nikki when she just wanted her friend to support her when she first fell in love with Abhi and he was so out of order and I was like no dude!

Sid well he just caught in the middle of this game between Armaan and Riddhima, it has always been the same pattern, he should have been the change but they failed to see what was in front of them and that is their loss. Sid managed to accomplish everything Armaan tried to do in three years in a mere 9 months without drawing any attention to himself and he done it by being a clean hearted person he would have been happy for anyone, he can smile for anyone O swear he is one fictional character I can cry for because he was innocent he fell in love with the wrong person which now I think about it he can never regret because it gave him an experience he can never forget but I think he can come out stronger!!

Here is my two cents worth probably confusing as hell but to sum it all up couldn't care less about AR I am just happy Sid got away from this whole mess!

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Cess- Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
Sidra and Jens... 

I completely agree with you both regarding Riddhima. The truth is, I haven't seen DMG from the start. The time I started seeing it was when the new interns entered the show. I had nothing better to do, and thought, why not? Everyone was obsessed about the first season...

Now that I think of it - it was more the actor's charm rather than the story line and the script. Quite obviously, DMG doesn't rank in the memorable shows. Even for AR fans, it must be about KaJen or KaSh or KaSu. I don't think anyone actually loves Armaan and Riddhima as a couple. Or maybe I'm wrong... 

But coming to the point; I agree with Sidra's view of what happened with the character of Armaan. For me, I have never been a KSG fan. Neither am I an Armaan fan for that matter. But there was a time when he came back - the pain he went through knowing Riddhima is not his anymore, the understanding, and finally helping out SR. It was selfless, and he was genuine. I had felt for him then. His pain was evident and it hurt me to see that because of SR, it was he who had to go through so much - because even if it was his fault to leave her in the first place, he actually did it for her benefit. 

His relationship with Sid was very adorable. The concern he had for Sid was worthy of love. And then everything fell apart when Riddhima made him believe internally, that what he did was wrong. Riddhima was the one who made him think she loves him. That she still wants him in his life. That she cannot live without him, and Sid is a liability. Suddenly, lights out of nowhere shines on armaan. Suddenly, he can see that his life can have a meaning too. 

So he used Shilpa - first to convince her she moved on, then to check if she still loved him. When I initially saw Riddhima's reaction, i justified it in my mind as concern. But after seeing it time and again, I came with the conclusion that as much as we hate denying it - she was jealous. What do you expect a guy to think when the person he loves is right in front of him, wanting him to be back in her life? I love what Sidra said regarding Armaan and Sid - the will always be in different sides whenever it came to riddhima. 

I am certainly not justifying an unjustifiable character like Armaan. That Armaan that had the power to take away his friend's life so brutally. That Armaan who had it in him to shamelessly stalk his friend's wife when she was on her honeymoon. That Armaan that had the guts to seduce someone else's wife in a place her husband has specially decorated for her. That Armaan who had the nerve to punch Sid, even after the guy just found out the most brutal truth of his life. That Armaan who thought he had the right to ask a betrayed husband to understand his wife and her ex-boyfriend's undying love. And that Armaan that could have the guts to blame Siddhant for coming in between him and Riddhima. 

I will never be able to justify him, even if I try very very hard. He is the most disgusting character I've ever seen. Yet, I still could try and believe he can be revived. Because for me, the difference between Armaan and Riddhima is simple. Armaan acted like a selfish, disgusting, inexplicable human. Riddhima not only acted - but proved herself to be inhuman. Because A person who couldn't care less of what would happen to her husband and was more concerned about her own selfishness and 'guilt'. A person who can stand up and watch her husband go, and feel pity that she wasn't the one to give him divorce. (And I've said this before) a person who can push her own saviour in the darkness from where he saved her. A person who knew how if felt to have loved and lost, and yet be able to push her saviour in that darkness to fulfill her happiness. I really dont know if it's fair to call her human. 

It's brimming hatred and nothing else I have for Riddhima. A character that I had never understood. I never expected anything from her, and when she did it, it hurt much less for me that to so many SR fans. For me, she was never worth Siddhant's love. Actually, neither is she worth Armaan's for that matter. It's so unfortunate they both loved her irrevocably! So clearly, if I had to choose who would most likely be revived, it would be Armaan, because Riddhima for me at times, just ceases to exist! 

And Jens pretty much summed up Riddhima clearly! She is a shape that's not really a shape - no beginning, no end! That made me laugh - love the comparison! LOL

Anyway, sorry for the huge, oversized essay. I just had to let out what i never did in the forum! ROFL

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sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 12:33am | IP Logged
Finally I am back with a,so sorry for the delay.I havent been well the past few days. also There were too many things happening all at once and I wasnt getting time...and what little time I did get I found myself completely unable to's like I had totally forgotten how to write......I had totally forgotten what I had planned to write for this chapter..totally blockage.
A big, big thank you to Nish who helped me so much with her encouragement.........she actually reminded me what I had forgotten......thank you!

But am still not happy with this chapter. I dont think I have done justice here........Sorry it is so one will be a long chapter - promise.

Chapter 19

Riddhima stared at the tiny bubbles in her wine glass, her mood as dark as the wine.
Her fingers tightened around the stem of the glass as her mind tortured her over and over again with images of what she had just witnessed. does she manage to lure every single person who is important to me?
First Sid.
But you dont love love Armaan. So why does Sids's closeness to Shilpa bother you so much?
She wished she knew......
She wished she could understand why.....why it troubled her so much to see them together?
If he was moving on in his life, then she should be happy for him. And she would have been if only it had been anyone else other than Shilpa.
Riddhima sighed and closed her eyes.
Sid holding Shilpa...
Sid and Shilpa dancing in perfect sync with each other....
Sid pulling Shilpa closer.........
The intensity in his gaze as he had looked into Shilpa's eyes.......

There had been a time when that intensity had sparked only for Riddhima..........when he only had eyes for her.
No matter where they had been or who had been around them , she had always found him watching her.
Her eyelids shot open and a vicious anger rose within her.
No it just was not possible, Riddhima told herself. He couldnt love anyone else as he had loved her.
Deep down he still loves me...I know it.
No one could ever take her one.
Suddenly she spotted her father talking to Shilpa.
He was smiling so happily at her as he shook her hand.
All these years, Riddhima had desperately waited for him to smile at her like see that unconditional love for her shining in his eyes.
And finally she did see it today......but not for her...for Shilpa.
Shilpa has no right to take away all that was important to her.
And she would never let that happen.
Riddhima narrowed her eyes at her "sister".


Sid stepped outside the crowded hall and inhaled some much needed fresh air.
It was too suffocating inside............random people kept coming up and praising him for the waltz and he couldnt concentrate on a word they were saying.
Too jarred by the intense emotions the dance had induced within him, he wanted to get away from the crowd for some peace and quiet.
He walked a little further towards the mini garden opposite him reveling in the scent of fresh flowers.
For a strange reason, he felt very irritated with himself.
It was just a dance........a simple dance.
Not some life altering process.......even though it certainly felt like that.
An old memory slowly seeped into his mind reminding of another time when he had felt like this.

He was at his farmhouse and workers were running around him busy in the wedding preparations.
He was waiting for Riddhima and her family.
His friends stood around him teasing him about he had managed to tame the Hitler known as Riddhima Gupta into marrying him.
If only they knew the truth, he thought.
This had to be the most weird wedding ever......neither the groom nor the bride wanted this marriage.
He was only doing it to save Riddhima's reputation...........his actions were making him question himself.
Why was he taking the burden of her troubles on his shoulders when really she was still a stranger to him?
Why did her pain affect him so much?
And then in the midst of so many people, he felt......actually felt Riddhima's presence around him
He turned towards the door even before she entered.
It was the most strangest yet pleasant feeling....this urge to simply see her.
She finally appeared at the door looking around at the decorations being done.
Her eyes found him, a sad look in them as she stared at him.
As she walked towards him,his heart thumped loudly and he felt his whole world was changing, as if he was changing.............he felt as if he had finally found his destination.

But he had realized later that she had never been his destination....she was never meant to last long in his life.......

He zapped back to the present.
He had undergone that exact same feeling today.
When Shilpa had descended the stairs towards him, he had been overwhelmed by that indescribable euphoria again.
Afraid of what that could possibly mean, he shook his head at himself, pinching the bridge of his nose.........there was no need to treat all these things differently.
It wasnt unusual for friends....good enjoy a dance together.
It wasnt unheard of.
And it had been ages since he had danced with a woman.....yes that was it.
That probably explained why he had experienced an odd tightening in his chest the whole time he was holding Shilpa in his arms.
Satisfied with his explanation, he walked further into the garden looking for a quiet place to sit.
Couples and some loners too were scattered here and there.
Turning a corner, his feet automatically stopped as he spotted a beautiful vision ahead.
She sat on a fountain ledge, a wrap around her shoulders, her dress accentuated by the fountain lights, her fingers skimming over the surface of the water.
She seemed unaware of the world around her, her gaze moving over the tiny ripples her fingers were creating.
There was that bizarre flaring in his chest again as he observed the serenity etched across her face.
He stopped himself.
He was not going to go down that road again.
He debated whether to go to her or walk away.
No wanting to disturb her peace, he was about to walk away when she turned towards him as if she had sensed him.
Unknown to him, she had sensed his presence long back.
Knowing he wouldnt be able to walk away, he quietly went and sat next to her.
But he kept his eyes diverted..........just in case they decided to go all moony on him again.
Too much had happened since Shilpa had returned from her vacation............ too many things were still unsaid between regarding the aftermath of the almost fatal accident........and as they sat here now next to each other, all that unresolved tension seemed to loom forlornly between them.
Finally Sid decided to speak up.
"You should have won", he said, his voice low.
She smiled and looked back at the fountain.
"No.....Giselle deserved to win. I wasnt really bothered about winning anyway....I had only participated for Naina's sake."
He nodded quietly and for some time there was complete silence except for the soft gushing of water.
After what seemed like a long time, she said, "Thank you Sid."
He finally turned and found her looking at him tenderly."For what?"
"For saving me........."
She didnt have to explain what exactly she was thanking him for.........he knew she meant saving her life that day and saving her pride today.
It amazed him how words were never needed between them to understand each other..........and it had always been like that even they hadnt been such close friends.
The smile on her face slowly faded away as he caught a glimpse of sadness seeping into her brown eyes.
"Sid....I.....", he saw that she was struggling with whatever she was going to say next, "That day........she was there too.......I mean Riddhima......", she looked down and shook her head.
He stiffened hearing that name but remained silent wondering what was troubling Shilpa.
"But you came to me....maybe...maybe you should have............".
She stopped unable to complete the sentence but Sid understood the unspoken words hanging in the air.
Maybe you should have saved her instead of me..................
And just in that moment, he realized what his silence since the last two days had resulted in.
Deep regret filled him.........she thought he was feeling guilty that he hadnt saved Riddhima.
What had he done?
Of its own accord, his hand reached for hers."Maybe I should have saved her? Is that what you are trying to say?"
She nodded still not looking at him.
"You're right....maybe I should I have", her heart sank as she heard the words she had been dreading," But I could not............I saved the person I wanted to save and I dont have any regrets over it."
The heaviness in his chest, that he had been carrying all these days, seemed to slowly drift away.
She looked up at him, her face perplexed, her ears not believing what they had just heard.
He wondered why.........didnt she know how important she was to him?
Maybe she didnt.........but he knew that he would never be able to express that to her.
Her lips curved into a soft smile and she squeezed his hands, letting him know just how much his words meant to her.
And all the tension, that had been straining their friendship, seemed to disappear slowly.
Sid felt too relieved.........he could actually feel that old comfort return between them .................and that meant all the uncanny emotions he had been feeling for her would probably go away too.
Normalcy had finally returned.
All of a sudden, mischief sparked within him and he felt the old prankster in him,which he had presumed long gone, return after a very long time.
This was too good an opportunity to pass.
For a few minutes, he made a show of trailing his fingers in the water and when he was sure she wasnt paying attention to him, he splashed water on her.
Since that was the last thing she had been expecting, it took her a few seconds to actually realize what had happened.
Her eyes wide, her mouth open in shock, she looked down at herself and then raised her head towards him.
"Wha....what did you......Sid!!"
And before he knew it, the upper part of his white shirt had turned wet.
He stared back at her in disbelief........he hadnt even seen her raise her hand.
And with that they continued splashing each other till it turned into a complete chase around the fountain.
The sounds of their carefree laughter filled the air.
"Stop it Sid!.......Naina is going to kill me if this dress gets ruined", Shilpa squealed running around the fountain trying to escape him.
"Nope I am not yet done with you Malhotra!"
They lost track of the time as they, especially Sid, let go of the tight leash they always held on their emotions.


But her heart was constricting by the second.
She felt a painful tightening in her chest as she watched them run around like kids so freely and without a care in the world.
Why didnt she have that?........why didnt she have that peaceful carefree nature in her relationship with Armaan?
She finally asked herself that one question that she had always avoided........that one question which was always present in her father's eyes?
Why had ever let Sid go from her life?
She noticed how Sid's eyes were actually shining ............the last time she had looked into those eyes, she had only seen an endless darkness.
Was it Shilpa who brought that twinkle back into his eyes?
No!..............she remembered the resolve she had made earlier.
Sid only loved lay somewhere deep within him she knew.

Unknown to her, a few feet away a hurt pair of eyes were looking at her.......watching her watch them.
He felt a bad sense of foreboding seeing that look in Riddhima's eyes.......that same insecure look he used to see in her whenever he was with Shilpa.
But now that insecurity wasnt for was for another man.
The common link between both the situations being Shilpa.
He suddenly felt as if his worst fears had been confirmed.........something he had dreaded and doubted all these years.
Armaan understood now that Riddhima didnt love him anymore....................and the reason for that was her ex-husband.


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EternalKarSim Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 12:46am | IP Logged
yayyy!!! first one to comment!!!! very good update!!! like that ridz realised what she has lost!!!!!! keep up da gud work. and do pm me for ur next upd

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-jas- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged

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Rehanism IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Lovely update Sidra...The best thing about your writing style is that you write in a story format, which is more pleasing (to me at least) than the hybrid Drama/Play format in which most other writers write in IF...But there is one restriction of this form of writing : even if you are writing in third person, you have to stick to one or at the most two characters' perspective...You can not go on to describe the thoughts and feelings of each and every character...Anyway, keep up the good job...

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Reserved for comments as well as I made  anew VM which I will dedicated to you and Beautiful sin which inspired me so I hope you like.

Its rendering in vegas at the moment.:)

Gonna read it now:)

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Riddhima. Riddhima. Get over yourself. You won't get him. Is it possible for her to end up in mental hospital Sidra, with Armaan also moving on in life?

The update was short, but utterly sweet, esp when Sid and Shilpa behaved like normal people. The water splashing was so cute. Are there any pics of them like that in the show? Sid, I mean. I can dig up Shilpa's easily. Thank god she played both roles, cause every scene has a different picture to paint.

My favorite line was : I should have saved her, but I could not. I want to save who I wanted to save. How amazing is that Sidra!

Loved loved the update. plz continue soon and longer this time!

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