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~Beautiful Sin~SidShi FF: Chapter 30//Pg 108 (Page 55)

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged

Tada.. What do you think?

Pls update soon. I am actually going back and re-reading all the chapters. LOL

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-jas- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jenny1000


Tada.. What do you think?

Pls update soon. I am actually going back and re-reading all the chapters. LOL

oh GOD want them as couple in a show...................Day Dreaming
PyaarSe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
First off, let me just get this out of the way.
SID!!!!!!!!!! Hug

OMFG. So last night, for some unknown reason, I delve into the fanfiction forum. It was around 5am and I couldn't sleep so I rummaged through this section and I saw your name..then sidshi. I remember how brilliant of a writer you are from the AM ff you wrote way back when. Thus, I clicked the first page, read the first chapter and my reaction was...Shocked...Clap...Approve...Silly

Too damn brilliant. I continued reading and reading and reading until I had finished all the chapters..and it was almost 6 am. Safe to say that I had awesome dreams last night. Wink This fanfic is absolutely addictive and charming and told with such care and regard for the main characters (not that I except any less from you LOL). It's just...perfect. Yup, perfection. Approve

Ok, so I'm not gonna pester you for an update cause we both know that that would be very hypocritical of me. LOL 

P.S. Goodbye Armaan, the Eternal Aashiq.
Still, laughing over that line. ROFL (As much as I loved Armaan when the character was initially introduced, the creatives turned him into such with an 'a', ends with a 's'.)

Edited by PyaarSe - 21 March 2011 at 2:31am

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged


OMGGGGG!!! i dont know how i missed

this simply awesome and sooo beautiful FFShockedAngryAngryConfused 
*FATAKS to myself*LOLLOL
but OMG i just LOVEEEEEEEE ur FF dear its
sooo beautiful that i dont know hw to describe itLOL
i spent my afternoon reading ur amazing work
and now im sooo badly addicted to it that i
feel like crying right now coz i want
to read moreLOLLOLLOL
you very beautifully wrote down Sid and Shilpa's life
after what happened with both of them
and i just love hw u developped their relationship and slowly turn it into love
i was soo happy when Sid saved Shilpa instead of riddhimaBig smile
i was jumping like an idiotLOL..and i just love hw they understand each other just
by looking into each others eyesEmbarrassed
when Sid was confused about his feelings in Chap 13 i was soo
glad that shilpa left for few least he realised her importance in his life
and OMG the way u used the moment when he opens his palm and its empty
symbolic of Shilpa leavin him..that was really amazing
God i soo knew Sid will be her escortBig smileBig smile
i was dancing while readin that part and my heart was actually
racing while  they were dancingLOLLOL
and not ot forget i LOVE YUNAEmbarrassedLOL
ok now i have to stop with my bak bak
and eagerly waiting for the next updateBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
and plzz can u plzz add me to ur pm list
i dont wanna miss a single part from now as im really in love with
this FFHug

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sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
@Nish : Thank you soooooooooooooo much! I love how you point out all the little important details of my chapters.

Attention to detail is amazing....the first party I didn't have to attend to know the SMALLEST detail of what went on ;) brilliant!

Here is where I played the music, the most beautifully written part I have ever read in my whole life. It's one thing to write it but in order to paint that picture for smeone over a computer screen to visualise is a completely different level in itself!

Thank you! That's a really big compliment and I really am at a loss of words.Glad I got you hooked on to TVD :) *lots of hugs*

@ Cess:  You're right. Shilpa had had her share of pain but at least she still has something left in her to move on......but for Sid...everything...literally everything was destroyed for him. Very few people can move on move on from that. ....I am glad I am able to show that/......that is also why I keep asking you guys whether I am moving too fast for Sid.

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. Means a lot. I really love the way you analyse all the characters in this FF...about armaan still having a chance to revive himself-I liked that point you have brought up and your discussion with Lennie.I am going to get back on that later after I finish all my replies.Big smile

Harshu : ThanksHug

Sidra : Thanks alot sweety! I am glad you like this FF so much.

jaconharry, vidya, Anu, anmol, arpsin, shiranlovers, Zeeni, shirandeewani, docnuss, jasangel : Thnx!!Hug


Seriously, seriously fab work! That coloring is simply doesn't even look like it was red once.Snagging this......

Roz!!!! Oh My! Is that you???
HugHug Where are you girl? I miss you my fellow AM fanatic glad to see you here. How are you??
Thank you so much of reading this FF and commenting........more than  you reading this FF I am just glad I got a chance to interact with you again.
So what dreams did you have? WinkLOL
Perfection....nah. You are just being too sweet! But thank you!!
I liked Armaan too before Riddhima ruined him LOL He was a much interesting person before he fell in love with her...actually another time that I liked his character was when he honestly tried to help SR get together.......but ah well....sometimes I think he had a split personality disorder.

Noorya : Thank you so much sweety! Really happy to see you comment here..HugWill add ur name to the pm list

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Update anytime soon? Pretty please.

sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 September 2006
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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Jenny : Yup most probably tomorrow.Big smile

Cess and Lennie : totally enjoyed reading your discussions....couldnt help putting forward my view also........we all know that had the DMG writers used their brain cells, then AR wouldnt have been such doomed and destroyed characters.But my view is based only on the characters and the events that happened in the show ....not what the writers could have done. Blaming the writers or the characters is one and the same thing because its the writers who create the characters...........

When Armaan had returned from his hiatus, the one thing I didnt like was his anger towards Riddhima that she had married another man.
He didnt bother knowing what exactly had happened and why Sid and Riddhima had to get married to each other.
I understand that he was hurt that he had lost his love but then he was the one who had left her alone so that she could move on from him and not be burdened by his illness....and when she did, he didnt like it. Talk about hypocrisy! He blamed Sid for being mahaan and some more nonsense but what was doing when he left Riddhima?? And he blamed Riddhima too. That was just plain DUMB!
But still later he did sort of try to amend his mistakes when he saw how upset Riddhima was when Sid had given her those divorce papers. He genuinely tried to help bring them together.We all know he wasnt faking it........he really did try even though it hurt him.
And somehow SR started to settle in their life.
Then Shilpa came into Armaan's life like a whirlwind and we all saw that he finally started concentrating on a woman other than Riddhima.He wasnt attracted to her but he definitely was curious about her because she was so different from Riddhima.
Even they fought a lot, we did see that he had developed a soft corner for her probably because she distracted him form his the FE scene where he came across her crying and offered his handkerchief, then when she almost suffocated in the lift and he helped her, when he was upset about something regarding Riddhima and he cane across Shilpa imitating his boxing style in the recreation room-that brought a smile to his face. Later he did become attracted to in JP's birthday party  when he found her attractive in red, that scene where he saw her dancing in the rain and admitted to himself that he had stared feeling something for her.

Coming to his so called friendship with Sid- They had a pretty sweet friendship but it all started going downhill when he started turning jealous of Sid...and I remember clearly this jealousy started when Sid was made the disciplinary officer
He was jealous about little thing Sid did.......and he made that very obvious to Riddhima. When he was the one who brought SR together then he shouldnt have shown his jealousy and pain to them.

Then he saw that his behavior was upsetting Riddhima he decides to use Shilpa to make Riddhima think he had moved on.......his intention to rectify the troubles he was causing in SR's life was fine but his method of using Shilpa was horribly wrong .
So you see Armaan's character assassination had started with this portrayal of the twin sides of his personality....

Now the actual reason for DMG's downfall....madam Riddhima.
Whenever Sid or Armaan supported Shilpa or defended her, Riddhima didnt like it.If she didn't like Shilpa, she wanted them to dislike her too.
Riddhima never approved Shilpa's closeness with Armaan. Not liking is one thing and jealousy is another thing. Riddhima was plain jealous that Armaan's attention was on someone else now......i know many dont agree with this. Even I didnt at first .. in fact I remember justifying Riddhima a lot during those days...but after the tent episode I went back and watched these scenes again and I had to admit she was jealous....
And she very much expressed that jealous to Armaan...just look at this scene.....

The jealous is evident even in her body language. The way she questions him about Shilpa, that look in her eyes.....why, why so much bitterness and restlessness if she was so in love with her husband?
Another hint was when she made cold eyes at Armaan when he performed salsa with Shilpa.........she kept expressing her jealousy every now and then and that in turn made Armaan think that Riddhima still loved him.

And then he was sucked into the vortex of 'forever love' again!

Riddhima was Sid's wife, his love, his whole world.....whatever expectations Sid had it was from her.  Armaan was just a friend and later a rival.
Seeing what Armaan did in the tent was cheap, disgusting but it wasnt unexpected.
But what was shocking was Riddhima's behavior......if she really loved Sid, she would have pushed Armaan away..but noooooooo she was too busy enjoying herself .
I had made a post on the tent episode the day it had aired and I will post it here now.

I know many are saying that she finally confessed her love to Sid only he didnt hear it. But was that a confession?? First of all since her re-marriage she has only been thinking about Armaan.On the HM she suddenly decides that she wants to take her relationship with Sid to the next level.Then when she hears Yuvi's words she thinks about Armaan.Today,she came to the room which Sid had lovingly decorated.She then "realises" that because he loves her so much,she should completely surrender herself to him- What is in her mind exactly? What does she want? Who does she want? How about surrendering yourself to Sid because you want to Riddhima?

Then when she goes and hugs that person behind her,did you people see how she confessed.....eyes closed tight,words coming out in a rush..... God!  That isnt a love looked so forced. Imagine if you fail in a are scared to tell your parents about it but since you dont want to prolong that moment of truth ,you blurt it all out in a rush.I am sorry but Riddhima's so called love confession seemed exactly like that.
Now coming to the main part. She assumed it was Sid because she was supposed to meet him there. But her body knew it was Armaan. Have any of you seen her react to Sid like that?...............No. I am not saying SR havent had passionate moments but Ridhima has never completely let go like this.
The Armaan speaks and she opens her eyes shocked. Well what happened then? She could have walked away then....she could have told him to leave that place since Sid was coming to meet her.

No instead she ALLOWS Armaan to pull her closer. Armaan might have bringing up their old memories but he wasnt forcing her at all.Armaan was
holding her in his arms not clutching her.She could have easily pushed him away ....but no.She allowed him to hold her, touch her and kiss her.
Had that bracelet not been on her wrist,she would have gone all the way.We all know this,it is so obvious..............she needed a bloody bracelet to remember Sid.....not her heart.
What is sick is that AR had their lusty moment right in the place which Sid had so painstakingly and lovingly built for Riddhima and himself.God how sick is that?
Sick, sick, sick!
Last scene : Only to rid herself of her guilt,she goes and demands Sid to hold her....tears opens his shirt so that he would make love to her and she could be free of her guilt.
I am so happy SR havent not consummated yet....................Sid doesnt need that sort of tarnishing.

So yes what Armaan did was beyond sick. He was the worst friend that Sid could ever have but for me Riddhima crossed his cheapness. Sid always gave her  a choice .....she always had a choice. She didnt love Sid....fine. No problem. But she could have least respected his love for her by stopping herself and Armaan.....if she was in love with Armaan she should have confessed to Sid honestly . He would have let her go without a complaint becasue her happiness was the most imp thing to him.But she didnt...Like Cess said, she simply hung between both the men like a coward and let them make the decisions for her.......she hid herself in Shilpa's house and in the end Sid had no choice but to divorce her so that it looked like Sid left her on his own and she wasnt the one who asked for the divorce.

Had the situation been reversed....if it had been Tamanna seducing Sid, would Sid do the same thing as Riddhima...never. Would Riddhima be as forgiving as her husband was to her...never.

Armaan had stopped being Sid's friend the day he had started becoming jealous of Sid.He was unworthy of the love and respect Sid showered on him. And when it came to Riddhima, we all know that  Sid and Armaan would always stand opposite each other......... never together.

So anytime if I have to chose a person who I think can still revive himself it will be Armaan (even though really he is beyond repair).............Armaan wanted Riddhima but she wanted the best of both worlds(Sid and Armaan).

OMG! How did this post turn into an essay??Shocked

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
I am gonna add my two cents as well.

Armaan and Riddhima- two characters that were meant for the butchering table always. Riddhima, the character was butchered from day one. As I watch old dmg, I can see already the warnings of Riddhima's character. Always being goody two shows, being annoying to Anjali and always blaming Armaan/

If you look at the sketch, I cannot really pin point on any place where riddhima LOVED Armaan,. Like can someone tell me where she loved him? If she loved him, she would haven't have blamed him, worked on their relationship and trusted him. that never happened.
In fact, it was one way relationship. Same with Sid. Armaan and Sid loved her, but she just liked the whole attention thing. I bet if some other guy came and gave her attention, she would liked that too. Not to mention, once upon a time, she did like the attention by Rahul, and as well as Abhi when they both entered.

Armaan loved Riddhima, maybe to a point of obsession, and therefore his character lost it's way someplace. the story was about Armaan and his dad who was a doctor? I guess Billy was just treated like a comic role an dthat ended there. The story of DMG was about 5 interns, ended up being about 3 interns - a long love triangle ending in the most ridiclious ending ever.

In KANK, people could never ever figure out why Rani Mukerjee's character left Abhishek's character ? as Abhishek's character Rishi had done nothing wrong but give undoubt love to his wife, cared for her and just because Maya had this urge to do something wrong, same goes for Riddhima.

If she loved Sid, she wouldn't have been tempted to do this. She always wnated to this but she wanted Armaan do it first.

In all aspects, Riddhima's character def lost it's sheel from day one, regardless of the replacements. 

So in math forumula: Armaan could be revived, if you add S one side and another SS on the other side, while Riddhima's cannot be, because no matter how hard you try to make it into one shape, it turns out to be a mindless, illogical shape which has no end or no beginning.

woah, some of this stuff i wrote must be out anger.LOL umm, I am gonna watch John Abhrham on Koffee with Karan. Talk about hotness!

Edited by jenny1000 - 22 March 2011 at 4:28pm

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