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~Beautiful Sin~SidShi FF: Chapter 30//Pg 108 (Page 46)

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 3:32am | IP Logged

Apologies for the late reply!!

I didn't like this part very much....


honestly, favourite part till date.....woowwwwww! I was actually in awe, absolutely absorbed by your has this power to entice, the way the story developed from the initial aftermath you gave a little bit more information and a little more....

The fact that Armaan was the one to call out Riddhima's name essentally is the part I'm referring to one knew where that voice had come from, everyone (Shilpa) having their own ideas as to what the sound was! Riddhima realising that Sid had actually pushed her out the way to get to Shilpa (haha, harsh as it seems LOVED tht too!)

The slow build up of Shilpa's consciousness in the beginning, every word is used perfectly, sentence structure is spot on....your so good!!
Loved the vision of Sid and Shilpa rolling down the road "tangled" before Riddhima-honestly nothing spells "Im over you Riddhima" more than that ;)

Vivek third wheeling amused me too-how he can feel something cooking between SidShi (ah i love themm)

Sid in the shower? veryyy nice :P
"It was forcing him to think about the question that had been haunting him all evening..............the one question he had successfully avoided so far.
What exactly was Shilpa's place in his heart? What did she really mean to him?"

Very well written!  A concern for Riddhima but a fear of losing Shilpa! Genius..

Riddhima's reaction was one that I understood the most, the fact that she's still caught up in a little bubble of her own, her disappointment in the resurrection of her relationship with her former lover, she wants out. Deliberately walking infront of the truck to spark those feelings with her and Sid, she wants that excitement and thrill back in her life....
Sid saving Shilpa is the last thing she has ever wanted, she didn't like her with Armaan, she would hateee her with Sid-he's her former husband! It was pretty much a slap in the face for little miss possessive...

I'm secretly hoping that Sid is her escort tonight (as much as I adore Yuvi!)

Ah the last paragraph illustrates the beauty of your writing, the turmoil she faces is so relateable, should she call shouldnt she call? Its a girl in love...
"She couldnt deny it anymore....................that she was hopelessly in love with Siddhant Modi."StarHeart

*round of applause AND standing ovation*


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sidsk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Hello is everyone doing??
Ok I  know some of you think that Riddhima is going to be full on negative or a villain or something just to gain Sid's attention...but that is not the case. I am not planning to make her negative.This is the exactly the way that I have understood her character from watching the show.
She is basically a very insecure person and has a very huge ego.
When Armaan had stared warming up to Shilpa, Riddhima had absolutely hated it much so that Sid had to turn into Sexyface to control her.LOL My point is that be it with Sid or Armaan, Riddhima can never see them loving anyone else because they both have loved her immensely (yes even Armaan in his own twisted way) Instead of being happy that Armaan is moving ahead in life, all she used to do was make big,sad eyes at him making believe that she was still in love with him inspite of being with Sid. She used to give the cold shoulder to Shilpa who was nothing but a sweetheart to her.

Sid, Shilpa (and even Armaan only when it came to Riddhima)have always been the giving ones....but what did Riddhima ever give them in return?

So this is where my perception of Riddhima comes from......

Anyways enough of my love confession for can simply go on.

I would have posted this chapter earlier today but I was busy watching the GR8 Indian Women's awards just to see KW's performance.....he looked damn adorable! Nikamma needs to come back on our screens soon......

Chapter 17
You draw my soul to you

The day of the pageant had finally arrived.
Unlike the other contestants who were frantically rushing around the room doing last minute changes to their dresses, hair and make up, she was sitting quietly in a corner of the room almost ready.
She wished she could feel the excitement and apprehension as the others did.
An unusual trance had gripped her since the minute she had realized how deeply her feelings ran for Sid.
Love.............a word she had given up on.
Love...a feeling that she had assumed didnt like to associate itself with her.
And now that it was blooming inside her, she felt too overwhelmed.
It had been two days since her near fatal accident.......and she still hadnt heard from him.
She sighed softly.
Was he feeling guilty that he had come running to her instead of Riddhima?
She shook her head instantly admonishing herself.
How could she even think like that?........This was Sid.
"Shilpa! Could you please zip me up?'
She looked up to see Giselle, one of her colleagues, standing in front of her.
She got up and pulled up the zip at the back of Giselle's dress.
" do I look? Do you think I need to work more on my make-up? Some of the girls were looking at me and giggling....especially Neha. Do I look funny?"
Shilpa smiled at her and held her shoulders. "You look absolutely gorgeous Giselle.Dont let anyone make you think otherwise. If they are laughing at you that means they are jealous of you."
Giselle squeezed Shilpa's hands." You are the sweetest person Shilpa."
Shilpa just shrugged at her.
"Ok then.........I still have to do my hair...all the best!"
Shilpa waved back at her and sat back in her chair.
But before Giselle could leave the room, Naina came bustling inside.
"Alright girls............ how are we all doing?"
 She ran a quick eye over everyone. "Everyone sober?.......good. Everyone ready....hmm not quite."
"Now lets run over the routine one last all will gather in the corridor above the stairs. As I call out your will descend the stairs ...when I say descend I mean slowly...elegantly not running down in a hurry as if there a fire behind you."
A couple of girls snickered.
"Stop laughing Neha....that was for you."
The grin immediately vanished from Neha's face.
"When you reach the middle of the staircase......stop. I will call out your escort's name.......he will come and stand at the foot the stairs and then only you will proceed further. Then all the couples will proceed to the center of the ballroom in an orderly fashion.....after that all the contestants will stand in a horizontal line facing their partners."
"Wait for the music to start and then the dance will begin. After the dance, your escorts will leave and you all will proceed to the stage. We will have an introductory round and a simple question and answer round.Now remember the sole purpose of this pageant is charity so no need to get too ambitious....this is not Femina Miss India. You all are interns and doctors so no need to get competitive with each other........Am I clear??"
Everyone nodded except for Shilpa......Naina noticed that she hadnt paid attention to a single word.
She mentally shook her head......she knew the reason for Shilpa's distractedness.
I am tired of this cat and mouse game....something needs to be done.
"All right those of you who still need to get their make up and hair done...please go to room B12 and those who need to get changed go to room B13. Hurry up everyone!"


Riddhima stared at her reflection with satisfaction.
Her eyes ran over her white saree draped elegantly around her.
She had specially picked it out for this occasion.
White was his favorite colour. her luck might change.
And what about Armaan?, an inner voice spoke up.
She frowned as guilt creeped over her.
She had not at all been concentrating on him these days........he had even complained that she always seemed distracted these days.
But it was not like she was doing anything wrong.
She wasnt deceiving Armaan...........she was only trying to see whether Sid still had feelings for her or not.
That's all..........
Having convinced herself, she exited the room and walked downstairs where Armaan was waiting for her.


He moved slowly through the crowd stopping here and there to talk to a few colleagues.
Quite an impressive amount of people had turned up for the event.
So far he hadnt spotted any of his friends.
Somebody placed a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Shashank before him.
A genuine smile broke out on his face.
"Sir!......its so good to see you after so long. How are you?".
Shashank smiled and pulled him into a side hug.
"I am fine Siddhant........tell me about yourself."
Sid shrugged casually. " I am good Sir."
They never got to meet each other much since Sid never ventured into the old hospital and Shashank was almost at the point of retirement.
"So tell me is your work going?"
Sid smiled at the 'son' never failed to warm his heart.
"Absolutely great Sir."
"Siddhant I have been meaning to talk to you but I wasnt getting know that conference that is held every two years in London? A few days back I received a call from the organizers and they asked me for your contact number.They want to invite you."
A spark of excitement lit Sid's eyes."Really Sir?.......they want to invite me?"
"Of course! Why wouldnt they? are one of the best."
Sid was going to say something but Shashank interrupted him "Oh I see Mr. Nair there...I need to talk to him... we will talk about this later give me a call."
With that Shashank walked away.
Sid started walking again..............he couldnt believe that he was going to be invited for such a prestigious event .
It had been his earnest dream to attend it and now finally he was going to get his chance.
The thought filled him up with some much needed excitement.
Lost in his musings, he almost banged into a woman making her lose her balance.
He caught her hands before she could fall and was surprised to find Riddhima before him.
He let her go.
She looked lovely as always.......the white saree making her look very graceful.
His mind brought back the memory of their first date after their marriage when she had turned up in a white dress.
She had been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
He recalled how close they had come to having their first kiss that happy they had been....or rather he had been.
But today despite her tempting allure, his heart didnt race at her sight as it used to before.
She seemed just like any other good looking girl.
He noticed that she was staring at him with hurt written in her eyes.
Even without her saying anything, he knew why.
She was upset that he hadnt saved her.
But he had nothing to say that.
If he was supposed to feel sorry or guilty for saving Shilpa and not her ..............then it was not possible.
Yes he was extremely astounded by his actions but he wasnt sorry or guilty for them....never.
And so he simply moved out of her way.


He finally found Naina and Yuvi near the stage.
Naina was rummaging through a cardboard box looking extremely harried while Yuvi ,who was talking over the phone, waved at him distractedly.
"Any thing I can help with?", Sid asked.
Naina looked up at his voice and breathed in relief.
"Sid! Oh thank God you are here!"
She ran her eyes over him, her raised eyebrow clearly approving his perfectly tailoured tuxedo.
"You did wear it.......hmmm not bad Mr Modi.", she said.
He hadnt planned on wearing a tux but Naina had bullied him into wear one...... it had anyway been lying in his closet unused for too long now.
He grinned at her.
"You dont look so bad yourself, Mrs.Oberoi", he commented noticing that she looked absolutely lovely in a emerald green gown.
She smiled widely at him.
"Sid can you please do me a favor?.......I have to go and distribute all these corsages to all the contestants.They are scattered about in various rooms and I also need to help them get ready."
She handed him a small pearl-coloured corsage."Shilpa is the only who is completely ready so could you please give this to her? She is in room B10."
Naina ran upstairs before Sid could say anything. Yuvi rolled his eyes at his wife's not-so-subtle actions.
For a few seconds, Sid looked blankly at the corsage in his hands.
He turned to Yuvi hoping he could give to Shilpa but found that he had suddenly disappeared.
He was not going to escape this, was he?
He slowly climbed the stairs, hesitance obvious in his every step.
He had not spoken to her since the accident, he had not gone to meet her, he had not even called her.
He just didnt want to face the questions that he knew he would find in her eyes........but he also knew he was wrong.
He should have checked on her to see if she was fine.
He should not have stayed away like this.
He wondered what she must be thinking about his behavior.
That he was such an irresponsible friend? That he didnt care about her?
That thought brought him even more unease.......all that wasnt true.
He did care about her........more than he even knew.
Moving through the corridor, he found the room and had raised his hand to knock when suddenly the door opened and a flurry of girly colors and perfume rushed out making him step back.
The giggling girls vanished into another room and there was silence once again in the corridor.
He turned back to the door in front of him.
With a lot of hesitance he knocked and heard a faint "come in."
Taking a deep breath, he opened the door.


In his early childhood days, when he had been about six years old, his favorite activity had consisted of locking himself up in his father's library.
His dad had managed to accumulate an extensive library that held more than a thousand books of all genres and priceless paintings from around the world.
It used to be Sid's favorite room.
As a child he had loved going through all those fascinating books and gazing for hours at those mystical paintings.

As soon as he stepped into the room named B10, he felt as if he had been sucked into one such painting.
Seated in a chair by the window, she gazed outside, a dreamy yet distant look in her eyes.
The sunlight streaming though the window seemed to illuminate her giving her an indescribable glow.
After years of beating lifelessly, his heart actually skipped a beat.
He had never laid eyes on such an ethereal vision ever before.
Has she always been so captivating?

Feeling someone's eyes on her, she turned and looked at him.
Not at all expecting to see him here, she stood up immediately.
She noticed that except for the both of them the room was empty.
Where had everyone gone?
What was he doing here?
She tried not to notice how extremely handsome he looked in his traditional black tux.
She tried very hard to curb the emotions that she knew would be visible in her eyes for him.
But Sid didnt see any such thing as he was lost in his own little much as he tried, he couldnt stop his gaze from sweeping over her in appraisal.
She was adorned in a long, deep violet evening gown that snugly hugged her figure.
Her hair fell in soft waves on her shoulder, covering the halter straps going round her neck, giving her a deep, heart shaped neckline.
His gaze stopped at her neck where a simple silver chain hung with a pearl drop pendant.
That was the gift he had given her on her last birthday.
An inexplicable emotion swept through him.

Her cheeks felt warm and she realized she was blushing at the way he was looking at her.
He had never...never looked at her in such a manner.
They didnt know how many minutes passed as they stood facing each other.
She wanted to ask him where he had been and he wanted to apologize for not calling her.
But words just didnt come to them.
Just then someone knocked on the door and shouted from outside completely breaking their moment.
"Shilpa! Everyone is going to gather outside now! Come out if you are ready!"
He looked at the corsage in his hands and was about to put it on a nearby table when he paused.
He didnt know what came over him as he walked towards her and stopped right in front of her.
Taking her hand in his, he eased the corsage onto her wrist.
Shilpa looked at her hand and then looked back at him.
Before she could react, he turned and walked back to the door.
It was only after he left that she realized that she had been holding her breath the entire time.


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** Unreserved **

Firstly sorry for the late reply........... I reserved this spot a long time back and could not get back to it

Ok .... before coming to the update........ I am the only person whom many in the SR CC rightly say call upon being ragged by himself. So everyone from the CC here is one more opportunity to rag me

When I thought of how you would shape up RIddhima's character this was the last thought that came to my mind ......... Not negative but one with a grey shade but not negative.

She has her flaws. She is very insecure. I did not understand her insecurity cause she was always doted on her father, armaan Sid and lastly Shilpa. Hence I call her selfish also Why because she is one who can never be happy with what she has but always wants more than her share. And here also she is doing the same thing. She cannot digest Sid's attention being diverted from her She cannot handle anyone else in his life Again a human emotion of possessiveness. Riddhima will always remain possessive of Sid. Infact in the serial I always felt she was less possessive of armaan and more of Sid. In case of armaan it was more of concern that he moved forward properly so she can live guilt free. I am extremely sorry I disagree with all who think that Riddhima hated armaan warming up to Shilpa for reasons of jealousy or love or affection. I was again for her own self interest. She just wanted to live guilt free. She is one person who feels she cannot do anything wrong and also does not want to do anything wrong.

But in case of Sid it is just plain and pure possessiveness. She feels and always felt she had every right over him. It was given under the
name of marriage first and by Sid later under the name of love. Also this possessiveness comes to her naturally cause she knows Sid well He is one who always does the right thing he will move forward. Hence her possessiveness comes from her insecurity. Insecurity of losing Sid while he is moving forward in life be it when he went to see a girl for marriage, gave her divorce papers, everytime

What you say about Riddhima is incorrect She does not have an ego She has a real gigantic ego which stands taller than Mt Everest especially when she is offended angry or hurt. And to get her offended angry or hurt it does not take anyone much effort.

Here in your update when she was testing Sid she was actually doing it as she was insecure And Sid by saving Shilpa hurt her ego. Actually crushed it to pieces. And I am proud of Sid for that. (I am sorry this may sound very chauvinistic But way to Sid you are the Man)

But again ........ people evolve and the people around them influence while they evolve. Achi sangat ache vichar buri sangat bure vichar ............Riddhima is a beautiful character who evolved into a miserable selfish person because of the sangat she had ......... I would blame Anjali (one selfish person from the beginning) and then armaan ............

Sid Shashank
and Padma had decent effect on her but it got over ruled due to the tremendous pull towards armaan and anjali during the day of crisis (initially during the adoption bit and later the confidence gained in these people from that incident lead to the tilt during post divorce time)

No I don't say that Riddhima was all nice but I always try to rationalize why a person behaves the way he / she does But yes this is also true that I cannot accept what she did post second marriage Post divorce All things

Ok coming to the update

Shilpa is a beautiful person ....... her beauty comes from within I remember I have a friend any boy would not consider dating her cause she is less than average looking infact one can say she is ugly. But the person who dated her right commented once. She is very beautiful cause her smile is so genuine and warm Her beauty lies in it. A smile can be genuine only when one's heart is genuine Similarly in case of Shilpa her beauty lies her heart

and hence only she can think this way about the man she loves

Was he feeling guilty that he had come running to her instead of Riddhima?

Riddhima encounter with Sid ........amazingly describe ............. and the way you sealed the fate for Riddhima was lovely

If he was supposed to feel sorry or guilty for saving Shilpa and not her ..............then it was not possible.
Yes he was extremely astounded by his actions but he wasnt sorry or guilty for them....

But the best scene was Sid and Shilpa ............. it just drew me in ......... captivated my attention completely so well described. ................ It felt as one could see Shilpa's beauty as Sid saw it and Shilpa she was every bit of a lady in love

awesome updateClap

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-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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nyc update yaar

jst luvd sidshi Embarrassed

n hated Riddhima Angry

pls cont soon


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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
omg! its getting better n better
Can say only one sentence
can u update this one as fast as u can??????

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Rehanism IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
ClapClapIts brilliant Sidra...But what the F is this Riddhimaiyya's problem?? You know after watching DMG all these months, I think there can be 2 possibilities

1. Either she's suffering from dual personality disorder i.e. when she's with Sid, she thinks 24x7 about Armaan and when she's with Armaan, she wants to impress Sid..Angry

2. Or she's a filthy wh**e who can never be pleased by any one man.Angry

Anyway Loved it. Please continue..Tongue

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Sid and Shilpa seems so achingly beautiful - i cant say more then that
Sid does need an life in his life and that is Shilpa
As for Ridz, i am kinda glad that Sid can read her like anything
I hate Armaan for everything and anything, i have never seen a man act like how he has done and in the name of love, thats not love thats selfishness and beyond, and as for Ridz - she is a disappointment that i simply have no words for but i respect Sid's love for her,  right now her mind is only concertrated on one thing and thats Sid right now, just cant let go and needs to know if he loves her still, like you said at the start, she knows that she will never have peace the day he walked out from the hospital - leaving her
I love Shanks and Sid's convo

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