Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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hey party people...since im home hands are just itching with ideas and im doing a lot of is something i had originally come up with for Dutta and Nakusha for Laagi Tujhse Lagan...but then converted for Maneet...hope you all enjoy it...

Warning: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! do not come after me with belans, dandas, jootes or giving you fair warning Wink

NOTE: not sending out PM's tonight....will do tomorrow Indian Standard Time...that will be tomorrow evening for you lot Embarrassed...and depending on the comments..i MAY do a part 2 Wink...the longer the comments...the higher the chances Tongue

Pyaar Se Pyaare

Pyaar nahin hai toh kuch bhi nahin, pyaar hai toh saab kuch hai.


Pyaar se pyaare tum ho sanam

Jitna chahoon tumko utna naa hai kaam

Pyaar iss dil mein jagaya

mujhko mujhi se churaya

Ji uthe hai tujhpe marke hum


Pyaar ek se hota hai saabse nahin

Tujse joh rishta hai woh rabse nahin

Koi zoor na chal paye jaan saamne tu aaye

Mujeh hos nahin koi rehta hai

Mera haal behi tera jaisa hai


Maine suni thi teri dhun joh kabhi

Lagta tha tune mujhe awaaz di

Mere dil ke taroon se tere dil ki taar mile

Mujher teri saaz mein dhalna hai

Baas yehi meri tamanna hai


Pyaar se pyaare tum ho sanam

Jitna chahoon tumko utna naa hai kaam

Pyaar iss dil mein jagaya

mujhko mujhi se churaya

Ji uthe hai tujhpe marke hum


The sun was beginning its decent for the day as Maan peddled up to the lake. Getting off of his bicycle he set it aside so that wouldn't get in anyone's way. As he approached the top of the stairs that led to the lake he was pleading to God. However, as he got closer he already knew his prayers were going to be left unanswered because as he approached he heard the distinct sound of payal's. Even before he hand any visual, he knew she was sitting on the platform at the edge of the lake, her feet swinging back and forth as they dangled over the edge. As much as he loved the sounds of her payal's, today they singled his untimely demise. As he took the first few steps down, he saw her familiar body, sitting with her feel dangling just over the landing into the water just like he'd expected, her back to him. Her long, wavy hair fell freely over her shoulders nearly down to her waist. A smile crept up on Maan's face ' there she was, his Geet.


"Maan Beta, aaj toh tu pitega. Babaiji, aaj mera raksha karna," Maan said as he folded his hands and looked up to the sky before beginning his decent.


Today was Saturday, their usual day to meet. Maan always made sure that all his work at the garage was done ahead of time on Saturdays, because he could never risk being late for their special meetings. However, today, just like the previous two weeks, he'd been late. Mr. Rai, the owner of the garage and Maan's boss, had signed a deal with a taxi service company to be the official repair garage for all the cars in their fleet. The taxi's were coming left and right, nonstop. He had one customer come in late and couldn't leave because Mr. Rai had asked Maan to take care of the car personally ' hence the delay.


In his race down the stairs, Maan ended up kicking a rock that rolled down a few stairs making a sound, causing Geet to turn. Maan stopped dead in his tracks, bracing himself for the verbal, and possible physical torture that was about to come his way. He was laying out the excuses in his mind but was rendered speechless by Geet's reaction. She simply turned, look at him and turned back. Where Maan had been expecting a few 'choice' words, he got nothing. He knew it, he was a dead man. Maybe they'd find his body floating in the lake tomorrow morning Maan thought as he quickly closed the distance between him and Geet.


Maan took a seat next to her and sat quietly, waiting for her to rip into him for being late ' her whole lecture about how she hated two things in the world, lying and tardiness. But when she said nothing, he took maters into his own hands.


"Mishti, woh Rai saab ne'" Maan began to say but stopped as Geet stood up and walked away. She must be really pissed Maan thought, because Geet was not to give the silent treatment ' ever.


"Ok ok, no bahana," He said as he got to his feet as well. "Ghalti meri thi. Tum joh bhi saza dogi mujhe manzoor hoga. Aapki haar baath sar akhoon par."


Maan put one hand on his chest and bowed down just a little to add dramatic flair. He figured if he could at least get her to smile, he'd live to see another day. The phrase 'hansi toh phasi' came to mind.


Geet was still quiet.


"Main haar subha tumhare liyeh chai banakar launga," Maan said. "Main tumhare ghaar ka sara kaam kardunga. Main'main phirse khabi late nahin aaunga'" The list went on and on until Geet turned and faced him.


At that moment he saw something he'd never seen in her eyes before ' sadness and pain. His Geet was a happy-go-lucky kind of girl who drove people mad with her lectures on everything and anything.


"Geet kya hua?" Maan asked worried. After she said nothing, he went and took her by the shoulders, repeating the question, "Kya hua Geet?"


Instead of giving an answer, she shrugged out of his grip and walked a away with her back turned.


With her back still turned to him she said, "Meri shaadi tey hogayi."


After a seconds pause, Maan burst out laughing. "Good joke Geet. Maine kaha saza dene ke liyeh, aur tum ho ke mujhe haansa rahe ho."


"Main saach keh rahi hoon" Geet said.


"Aacha?" Maan said. "Tik hai, mera ashirwad tumhare saat hai."


He raised one hand to show he was giving her his blessing. The chuckle that was coming up, died in his throat when he saw Geet's head and shoulders sag slightly.


"Geet, yeh kaisa mazak hai?" His tone was now faintly laced with concern. "Manta hoon ke main dehr se aaya hoon lekin mazak ki bhi haad hoti hai."


Without saying anything, Geet turned to face him. When her eyes met his, Maan knew ' he just knew ' that nothing would ever be the same.


Now that she was looking straight at him, and he stood closer to her, Maan could easily see her red rimmed eyes. She'd been crying.


"Geet?" Maan said. He couldn't quite formulate a full sentence at this point.


"Aaj Malik Uncle aaye the," Geet began. "Bauji ke bachpan ka dost hai. Bees saloon se Canada mein settle hue hai."


Geet began telling Maan about Malik Uncle. He and her father, Mohindar, had been the quintessential 'chaddi buddies'. They had been neighbors when they were young, even went to the same schools together. Malik Uncle inherited his family's business which took him to Canada only a few years after he'd gotten married. Distance may have kept the friends apart, but only physically. They talked at least twice a week. Malik Uncle visited India at least once every two years, and made an effort to stay at their house for at least one week. Therefore, to this day they remained the best of friends.


"Toh, woh toh har doh saal mein aate hai. Iss main kaunsi badi baath hai?" Maan asked.


"Unke saath unka beta bhi aaya hai," Geet said.


Malik Uncle also had a son, who had been only five years old when the family moved away. He was now a twenty-five year old, Princeton MBA holding, business tycoon that was running Malik Industries and taking it to the top of the corporate world.


Geet had to turn away from him before she anything else. "Bauji aur Uncle ne hum dono ki shaadi pakki kardi hai."


"Kya?" Maan said in a near whisper.


He fell silent for a moment


"Nahin aaisa nahin hosakta Geet, aaisa nahin ho sakta," he yelled as he turned her to face him. "Tum kissi aur se kaise shaadi kar sakte ho?"


Tears rolled down Geet's face as she said, "Main majboor hoon."


Maan let go of her shoulders and began stepping away from her as he said, "Mazak karna baand karo Geet. Tumhare iss mazak se mujhe bohot gabrahat ho raha hai."


After a moments silence, it was Geet who finally spoke. "Parso sagaai hai aur ek hafte mein shaadi."


"Nahin!" Maan said, roaring back to life.


He came to stand in front of her and grabbed Geet by the shoulders.


"Main tumse pyaar karta hoon aur main tumhe khabi kissi aur ka hone nahin dunga! Khabi nahin!"


Geet gently pushed his hands off her shoulders.


"Faisla hochuka hai," she said, her voice cracking with emotion.


She didn't want Maan to see her tears so she turned away.


"Nahin Geet, nahin! Iss faisle ko main nahin manta! Main tumhe kissi aire gaire ke saath jaane nahin deh sakta," Maan said.


Looking to the side, she said, "Unka nam Armaan hai."


That one phrase was like a dagger in Maan's heart as he stared at her. When Maan and Geet realized the seriousness of their relationship, Geet had vowed that once they were married she would only address him as 'aap', she'd never say his name. But now, she was giving that respect to another man.


At this point, Maan knew, half heartedly, he'd already lost this battle, but he had to keep trying.


"Geet," he called as he went up to her. "Main jaanta hoon ke tumhe lag raha hai ke hum kuch nahin kaar sakte, lekin aaisa nahin hai. Hum'hum bhag jaate hai," Maan said when he couldn't think of anything else.


"Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho? Main aaisa nahin kaar sakti," Geet said.


"Kyun nahin!?"


"Main kaise bhag jaun tumhare saath?" Geet asked. "Bauji ki izzat mitti mein mil jayegi, unka dil toot jayega aur aaisa main nahin karsakti unke saath."


"Tumhare Bauji ka dil tum nahin tod sakti, lekin mera dil todna tumhe manzoor hai?" he asked.


"Aaisa maat kaho, please," Geet pleaded. "Tum jaante ho naa ke Maa ke guzar jaane ke baad Bauji ne hi mujhe pala hai. Aapni ji-jaan lagadi meri parvarish mein."


Maan recalled the story of Geet's mother, Pammi, passing away when Geet was merely three years old. Mohindar was devastated at the loss of his wife, but he had to be strong for his little girl. Through the years his family pressed and pressured him to get married again but Mohindar refused, saying that with Geet he would never take that kind of a chance. What if this new step-mother didn't love Geet, what answer would he give to his wife after he died? So for all these years, he's raised his daughter. He worked hard so that she could have a comfortable living, so that she'd be a well brought up and cultured girl. Thanks to Mohindar's determination, Geet was a girl anyone would want as a daughter.


"Tik hai'tik hai'hum Bauji se baath karte hai. Unko samjate hai ke hum ek dusre se pyaar karte hai aur ek dusre ke bina nahin jee sakte," Maan suggested.


"Nahin'" Geet began.


"Kosish toh karke dekhte hai," Maan pleaded.


"Koshish ki thi maine," Geet told him. "Armaan ki aur shaadi ki baath Bauji ne mujhse kaal subha ko kiya tha. Raath ko, main faisla karliya tha ke main unhe humare bare min saab kuch baata dungi'lekin main aaisa kaar nahin payi."


"Kyun?! Kyun nahin kaar payi?" Maan asked, as his anger began to build up.


"Shaadi ke baath Bauji ne mujhse kaal subha kiya tha," Geet began.


She told him how Mohindar had brought up the issue about Maan and Geet right after breakfast. Geet was so blindsided by the conversation that she didn't have time to react. Before she knew it, her father was out the door on his way to another day's worth of work. She'd spent all day thinking about what her father had said. She knew she needed to talk to Maan but he was unavailable. She'd called his cell which was off, she'd called his work but they said he was unavailable, she'd even called his home where his mother informed her he was at work. She was at a dead end and had no idea what to do. She had the entire day to think about it and she knew what she was going to do ' what she had to do. She loved Maan and she wasn't going to betray him. Her father was a reasonable man, he'd understand.


However, things didn't go as planned. Her father had come home freshened up, ate dinner and then sat in his favorite chair by the fire place. Geet went and sat at his feet, ready with her speech memorized. Only, she never got to speak, it was her father that did all the talking. Every word of that conversation was seared into her mind.


*~* Flashback *~*


"Geet Beta," Mohindar began as he gently laid a hand on her head. "Jaante ho, aaj mein kitna kush hoon? Barsoon baad mujhe itni kushi horahi hai ke main kya bataoon. Jaabse pichle saal hume pata chala ke mujhe cancer hai, mere maan mein humesha ek daar sa rehta tha ke kahin aaisa kuch honajayeh ke mujhe tumhe chodke jaana pade."


"Bauji'" Geet began but couldn't continue.


"Lekin aaj, pehli baar mujhe daar nahin lag raha hai," Mohindar said with a smile. "Aaj mujhe lagta hai ke kaal kuch bhi hojayeh, tere liyeh mujhe chinta nahin karna padega. Armaan bohot aacha ladka hai, aur mujhe yakeen hai ke woh tujhe bohot kush rakhega."


"Magar Bauji main'" Geet began once again only to be cut off ' again.


"Jaab se teri Maa guzar gayi thi, taab se maan mein ek behchaini rehti thi ke tu ek Maa ke bina badi hui hai, kya tu aur ladkiyoon ki tarha hai ya nahin? Kya tujhe ek aacha paati aur ek aacha sasural milega ya nahin? Kyun iss saab ke mamle mein ek Maa hi kaam aati hai. Baujiji se mera ek hi prathna tha ke tujeh ek aacha jeevan saathi miljayeh take main uppar jake Babi se yeh keh sakoon ke main tujhe ek kushal zindagi mein chodkar aaya hoon." Mohindar explained. "Aur dehk, Bhagwan ne meri sunli. Tujhe Maan ke saath jod kar, Bagwan ne meri har kwahish puri kar di."


Geet sat, speechless ' what was she going to say?


"Jaanti hai," Mohindar said as Geet looked up to him.


"K'kya Bauji?" Geet asked, just going with the flow.


"Jaab se Pammi ne mujhe kahaa ke woh Maa banne wali hai, mere maan mein ek icha tha ke hume ek ladka ho, kyun ke main chata tha ke jaise mein aur KK aache dost hai, vaise hum dono ke baache bhi aache dost banenge. Lekin kuch mahine baad, tu paida hui," he said with a soft smile.


"Sorry to disappoint Bauji," Geet said.


"Nahin, nahin'kisne kaha ke main disappointed tha?" he questioned. "Main itna kush tha ke main bata nahin sakta. Jaab maine tujhe pehli baar dekha toh mujhe ehsaas hogaya tha ke mere liyeh meri beti hi sahi hai. Uss din se main ek baath kehte aaya hoon'" Mohindar's voice trailed as he placed on hand on Geet's face, cupping her cheek. "Sari duniya ki kushiyaan ek taraf aur beti ka baap hone ki kushi ek taraf."


With that Mohindar leaned down and kissed Geet's forehead.


"Lekin aapka sapna adhura rehgaya, main aur Armaan dost nahin bansake," Geet said.


"Kya? Nahin, aaise maat soocho. Tere vaje se aaj humari saloon ki dosti, ristedari mein badal raha hai. Tu ek aaisa sapna pura kane jaa rahi hai jiske bare mein maine khabi soocha hi nahin tha," he said looking down at her lovingly. "Jaanti hai, jaab se tu paida hui hai, mera ek sapna tha ke teri shaadi main Maan se karva doon. Lekin iss sapne ke bare mein maine kissi ko nahin bataya. Maine soocha ke shayad, tu ya Armaan kissi aur se shaadi karna chahe. Issi liyeh jaab KK ne mujhse kaha ke Armaan iss shaadi ke liyeh tayar hai, toh mujhe laga ke shayad'shayad mera woh chupa sapna saach hojayeh. Aur dehk, woh sapna saach hone jaa raha hai, tere vaje. Tujhe toh kissi aur se pyaar nahin hai naa?" Mohindar asked.


Geet could see the fear in his eyes, the fear of getting and answer that he didn't want to hear. She could see him holding his breath for her answer.


"Nahin Bauji, aaisa kuch nahin hai," Geet lied.


The smile on Mohindar's face would be one that Geet would never forget. For the first time in years Geet saw her father smile ' really smile ' from the inside, he was glowing.


"Bhagwan kare ke haar janam mein, tu hi meri beti ho," Mohindar said as his voice cracked and water sprang to his eyes. "Baas, teri shaadi karvadoon, phir mujhe zindagi se koi shikayat nahin rahega, kyun ke teri shaadi se, mera har sapna pura hojayega. Mere jaisa kush naseeb kitne log hote hai? Joh yeh keh sake ke marne se pehle uska har sapna aur har iccha pura hogaya hai?"


*~* Back to Present *~*


"Bauji se main kuch nahin keh paya," Geet said as tears rolled down his face. "Kya kya sooch rakha tha Bauji ne, main kaise kuch kehti?"


"Tum kuch kyun nahin keh sakti?" Maan asked. "Kuch bhi kehsakti thi tum, kuch bhi. Yeh tumhari zindagi ka sawal hai."


"Haan, aur uss zindagi se main samjota karli hai," Geet said.


"Aur meri zindagi, uska kya? Pyaar tum mujhse karti ho, lekin shaadi kissi aur se karogi," Maan said.


"Toh  main aur kya karoon?" Geet yelled in her frustration. "Bauji ko main dhoka nahin deh sakti. Unka dil aur unka sapna main nahin tod sakti. Nahin tod sakti main."


"Aur main, mujhe tum dhoka deh sakte ho? Mera dil aur sapna todne mein tumhe koi problem nahin hai?" Maan asked.


"Tum samajne ki koshish karo, please," Geet pleaded. "Bauji mere liyeh saab kuch hai, saab kuch'unhe main nahin chod sakti."


"Lekin mujhe chod sakte ho." Maan felt that they were just going in circles.


"Bauji ke liyeh main bina mange, aapni jaan bhi dek sakti hoon, aur vahin'vahin main kaar rahi hoon," Geet said as she took Maan's hand in her own. "Tum mere jaan ho, aur Bauji ke liyeh, mujhe aapna jaan dena padega."


What the hell was Maan supposed to say to that? Was there anything?


"But'I love you." That was all he could say.


"Phir mujhe jaane doh," Geet said. "Jaane doh mujhe."


"Kaise, kaise jaane deh doon main? Kaise?" Maan asked as he leaned his forehead against Geet's, his hands on her waist. "Kaise tumhe kissi aur ka hota hua dekhoon? Kaise tumse door rahoon? Kaise tumhe bhool jaoon? Kaise Geet, kaise?"


"Maan please!" Geet yelled as she stepped out of his embrace.


He never thought he'd hate the sound of his name so much. It was the first time in years that Geet had actually said his name. She'd always addressed him or spoken to him by saying 'sunno' or something along those lines. Maan had imagined Geet calling him by his name, he wanted to hear how it sounded on her voice. However, now he wished he never had. There was no turning back, Maan knew that, but he couldn't accept that.


"Magar Geet'" He began only to be cut off.


"Please'" Geet said in a whisper. Her eyes looking at him, as if pleading for her life.


"Main tumse itna pyaar karta hoon Geet ke main bata nahin sakta. Mere zindagi mein tumhari kushiyaan saab se zyada maine rakhte hai'saab se zyada. Kyun ke aagar tum kush ho, toh main bhi kush hoon," he said.


"Meri kushi, Bauji ki kushi main hai," Geet said, unable to look him in the eyes.


"Jaanta hoon, issi liyeh'issi liyeh main tumhe nahin rokunga," Maan announced.


Geet's eyes shot up as if in disbelief to what she was hearing.


"Tumhare liyeh main bhi bina mange aapna jaan deh sakta hoon. Aaj toh tumne sirf meri pyaar ki kurbani mangi hai, yeh toh kuch bhi nahin hai," Maan said, his own voice cracking. "Aagar tumhe lagta hai ke tum kissi aur ke saath kush reh sakte ho, toh phri jaao'kush raho. Baas tumhe kush dekhna chata hoon, mujhe aur kuch nahin chahiyeh."


Geet's eyes instantly filled with tears ' party in pain because this was the end of her relationship to Maan as she knew it, and partly because of the relief that finally he'd let her go so she could fulfill her dying fathers dreams.


"Thank you," Geet whispered as the turned to walk away.


"Ruko," Maan called as he grabbed her arm in an attempt to stop her. When she stopped he turned her around and said, "Ek aakhri baar tumne jee bharke dekh toh loon."


They stood there silently, with just the sound of the winds blowing around them. Maan looked at Geet's red, watery eyes and he knew that she was just in as much pain as he was. He looked at her. Geet was dressed in a purple churidar suit with sliver trim. Her hair let loose in waves over her shoulders. Small silver jhumkas hung from her ears, glass bangles adorned her delicate wrists. She looked beautiful like she always did, simple yet regal. That is what he'd always loved about her ' her simplicity. While other girls were pasting on make up like their lives depended on it, his Geet made do with just kajal and some gloss, nothing more.


As he looked at her, he had one question on his mind ' how was he going to live without her? How was he going to live without her smile, her smell, her laughter? How was he going to live without her tantrums of eating pani puri? How was he going to live without her love? How, how was he going to live without her? Just the thought of a life time without her by his side brought tears to his eyes.


"Ek baath janlo Geet. Main kaal tumse pyaar karta tha, aaj karta hoon aur humesha karta rahunga," Maan said. "Tum shayad meri nahin rahi, lekin main'main humesha tumhra hi rahunga."


At that comment, Maan saw Geet's eyes once again fill with tears, this time spilling onto her cheeks. After a moments pause she rushes to him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. Just like he'd done a million times before, Maan wrapped his own arms around her waist and held her, his heart breaking because he knew this would be the last. She held on for a few seconds as her tears fell and wet his shoulders. It was like she was holding onto him for dear life, and in some way, she was.


The instant her grip loosened Geet said, "I love you too," before untangling her arms and running away.


Maan watched as she fled while wiping the tears from her face. He watched her go up the stairs, her payals making that familiar cham-cham sound that they did. He hoped that she turn back ' once, just once ' but she didn't. He knew that if she did, she wouldn't be able to do what she had planned, she wouldn't be able to leave him. Maan stood there as she disappeared from sight, but he could still hear her. He stood there listening to the sound of her payals ' cham cham'cham cham''cham cham'''cham cham''''''cham cham''''''''cham cham''''''''''''''


He waited until he could hear them no more. Then, as the dark clouds closed in around him, Maan fell to his knees, tears over taking his will power. As he cried in his loss, as his soul cried in its vulnerability and as his heart cried in its emptiness, the heavens joined him. The clouds released their own tears, which drowned out Maan's.


He'd always thought love was the be all and end all of live. He thought once you found love you were set. As long as your love was unconditional and pure, nothing could come between your love and the one you loved. But he'd been wrong. He loved Geet with his whole heart and soul, every fiber of his being but now she was gone. It was like he was waking up from the sweetest dream, but now as reality set in, all he had was the memories of that dream. Love hadn't been enough.


Pyaar hai to saab kuch hai, pyaar nahin hai toh kuch bhi nahin.


Pyaar se pyaare tum the saman

Jitna chaha tumko utna tha kaam

Pyaar iss dil mein jagaya

Aapno se dhoka khaya

Maar gaye tujhpe maarke hum


Dil yeh agar pathar ka hota sanam

Naa yeh toot ta naa hoti yeh aankh naam

Milta naa pyaar mein gham aa gaye kis mod pe hum


Teri khata hai naa toh meri khata

Naa tu bewafa hai naa main bewafa

Dil ko toh tootna tha yeh pyaar ka hai dastoor

Yeh pyaar bhi hai kitna majboor

Tu saamne hai phir bhi hai door


Pyaar se pyaare tum the saman

Jitna chaha tumko utna tha kaam

Pyaar iss dil mein jagaya

Aapno se dhoka khaya

Maar gaye tujhpe maarke hum



Link to Part 2

ps: i told at your own risk LOL...*jaz runs for cover*

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awsome yaar..loved it .. i wish they were together ..

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jaz u did it again loved it... ahem ahem... but it wud have been great if they were together... me did not read it as i now it fully....already lol....i also now the ending...dnt we pester u to join them...i think u got wat im trying to say....

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Yaar Armaan Mallik hi milla tha???
If it would have someone else...
I would not have felt this bad the way I am feeling now!!!

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whats wrong with Armaan Malik...he's hot...i love him!


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Originally posted by jnawaz

whats wrong with Armaan Malik...he's hot...i love him!


My avi says it all Wink

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:33am | IP Logged

hiii jaz...

this was trult marvellous........

plzz do the 2nd part......

plss let the OS end on a happy note.....plzzzzzzzzz

keep writing


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euphoric IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Jaz i like Armaan Malik too but not with Geet.
When love strikes it leads to fulfillment of beings but when people loose their love it leaves everything in ruins and washes off the shore... its so sad when people lose their loveCry
You have narrated it so well that i could actually feel the pain. Very well written. Do we have a part 2 to this where they unite? If no can u please consider oneSmile

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