Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

January 11th 2011 YRKKH Written Update!

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(^Credit :: Shikha)

Hello everyone.I'm late, but anyways wishing all of you a  very happy new year.Party
yes yes, you guys have to jhelofy(tolerate) my updates from now onLOL
Star Of the Day-JIMMY and Baisa.. Dead
Cant say much about the episode.Read on....

The episode starts with akshara lying unconsious in gayatri's lap.The ladies tell we have also had children, so this indicates akshara is pregnantConfused (whata logic sir jiLOL)and thy congratulate  gayatri for becoming grandmaConfused.Gayatri and bhabhima look confused and pleasedD'oh.Gayatri asks nandini if she called the doctor, nandu says yes.Rashmi brings water, gayatri sprinkles it on akshara's face, she slowly regains conciousness, still feels dizzyUnhappy. Baisa says once doctor confirms pregnancy, she'll distribute sweetsAngry.(hitlerni is too much)Gayatri and bhabhima say now just doctor has to confirm it.OuchThe other ladies say there's no need for a doctor(haan, doctors toh bekaar hainAngry) , and asks them to celebrateDead.Akshara is dizzy, bhabhima decides to take akshara to her room and asks rashmi to call up naitik and inform him about this.Rashmi all smiles agreesConfused and leaves.Akshara is taken upstairs.

In maheshwari house, dadi is explaining nani that the fast on sunday is very goodSleepy, just then dhaniya comes cribbing abt people stealing guavas frm their garden, rajshri asks dhaniya to calm downLOL(thy actually wasted 5 mins of the epi on guava ka achar, gauva ki bhajiLOL..And i updated itLOL..phew..!!).Nani taunts rajshri saying thy dont hav proper servants to look after.Dhaniya says if bhola was there, he wld hav shooed everybody with dandasROFL.Just then hero (JIMMY) comes near nani, she shouts saying he's come to irritate me again, and asks dhaniya to take it away immediately.Dhaniya does so.Nani wonders wht varsha saw in jimmy?Confused(de taali naniLOL, all of us wondering the sameErmm)

In naksh room, doctor is checking akshara, gayatri and bhabhima discuss about  akshara being pregnantAngry(yeh lo in dono ko).Just then naitik enters all worried and asks gayatri wht happened? Gayatri says akshara fainted, naitik worries and asks the reason.Baisa says now all of us are waiting for the good newsDead.Naitik is confusedConfused.Bhabhima asks naitik not to feel shyLOL,(this dialogue cracked me upLOL) naitik looks super confused, he asks the doctor about akshara's condition.Before doctor could say anything, baisa asks her if ther's any good news.The doctor says akshara is NOT pregnantParty, she fainted cuz of weaknessSmile.All look disappointed except nakshLOL.Baisa taunts saying girls of this generation cant keep a one day fastAngry(no wonder she looks like she's frm ancient genLOL.)Naitik is shocked to hear this, he asks gayatri if akshara too had kept fast.Gayatri nods.Naitik looks at akshara with all angry expressions.Embarrassed(aww, he's so caringBig smile..)

In maheshwari house, nani telling dadi that she wanted to eat guava currySleepy, but your garden doesnt have it.Just then hero (jimmy) enters again, nani scolds him saying he doesnt let her speakSleepy.Dhaniya feeds him milk, nani asks why thy make him eat so much?Ouch As he wld become more strong and make life hell for her.DeadNani continues with guava talksSleepy, and hero barks again.Dead(more screen space is given to jimmy than humansShockedLOL..yeh rishta jimmy jimmy kehlata hainCool.)Nani asks dhaniya to leav hm outside for sometime and tells dadi that one day you people will repent for keeping this dog.Dadi looks worried.Ouch(hint diya kya naniWink)

In naksh room, naitik asks akshara why she kept fast inspite of him asking her not to keep, akshara says she's fine nowSmile.Naitik asks if this is called to be fine?Approve He asks gayatri why she allowed akshara to fast after knowing she's weak, and asks if keeping fast was more important than akshara's healthOuch.Naitik tells gayatri tht thy must have forced akshara to do soStar, akshara defends saying it was her wish to keep fast(kab sudregi yeh ladki)D'oh.Baisa gets all angry and asks naitik why he's questioning them wen thy all just prayed for naksh's well being and says gayatri wld hav felt happy if akshara was pregnant.Dead Naitik is shocked, he asks gayatr if she thinks the same? Gayatri says as akshara fainted, we all thought she's pregnant and not a big deal.Naitik tells baisa and everybody that thy are not planning for a child now and they need timeThumbs Up.All look shocked.Baisa asks naitik how much time thy need, as thr marriage only has happened quite lateShocked(late? someone plz explain this logicConfused) , she taunts asking if akshara'll get pregnant in old ageDead.Naitik replies asking baisa not to worry about them and thy'll let her know wen thy plan for a babyThumbs Up.All are shocked with naitik's reply.He leaves the room.Gayatri follows him.

In the corridor, gayatri is talking to naitik.He asks for forgiveness, gayatri tells naitik tht he shudn have behaved so rude with baisa, naitik asks why is she so bothered abt akshara geting pregnant?Ouch And tells baisa unnecessarily taunted akshara.Gayatri tries to calm him down, she tells baisa is guest for few days, and she cares for akshara, so she thought like thatThumbs Down.Naitik says nobody took care of akshara in this state and rather asked her to fast, and asks gayatri as to why is baisa dictating terms?Dead And why is tht everyone is adhering to it.Gayatri asks naitik to control his anger , as he's not listening to her also.Gayatri says thy all hav a wish of becoming grandparents, and asks if its wrong to wish ?Naitik tries to make her understand, but gayatri leaves in anger.Ouch

In maheshwari house, vishambar,kaka and shaurya walking in, all are seated in the hall.Rajshri asks shaurya if he dropped varsha safely in her maayka.Shaurya  nods and says she's missing jimmySleepy.Nani says she isnt missing family members, but missing jimmy(valid point naniLOL).Suddenly anshu comes all running, everyone ask wht happned? Anshu says jimmy barked and shooed some people who came to steal guavas, all are happy tht HERO did such a fab jobCool.Nani takes full 360 degree turn and starts praising hero for his herogiri and asks rajshri to feed him properly..All look elated.Sleepy(dekha hain kahin, half epi dedicated to heroics of a dog? Na? YRKKH hain naPinch)

Back to singhania house, where baisa is sitting with gol guppa faceAngry, Daddaji and rajbana enters ans ask their respectives wives about akshara's health.Thy say she fainted due to weakness, daddaji says this is not rite to faint like thisConfused, baisa adds fuel and says many things arent riteDead.DJ asks baisa wht the matter is? baisa asks DJ to eat and then she'll spill the beansAngry.All look tensed.Naitik comes and asks gayatri's permission if he cud take dinnner for akshara to the room itself, gayatr nods.DJ senses something is fishy.Ouch

In naksh room, naitik asks akshara if she's feeling fine , akshara nods but says everyone else is working and she's resting hereAngry,(gaye bhais paani mein, hubby is fighting for u, she's worried abt others working in kitchen..god bless her..!!) so it seems a lil weirdConfused.Rashmi comes with food for akshara.Naitik feeds aksharaEmbarrassed.Akshara asks sorry to Naitik and says she needs to talk to him.Naitik asks her to eat first.She says baisa and elders were keepin fast, so i too kept it.Naitik says health is more important and asks frm where the child issue cropped out?Akshara says thy are elders, thy have a rite to do so.Confused

In the hall, baisa complaning saying naitik is talking too much, and says he wasnt like this earlier, maybe tht akshara has changed him nowDead(typicallll).All look worried.Baisa tells gayatri tht she doesnt have a hold of her son now, gayatri feels badOuch.Baisa says DJ never spoke like this with herAngry(tu bolne degi tab na), but naksh seem to violate all customsDead.Baisa says her head is aching, gayatri asks if she can press it. Baisa says no.(Sia says rather strangle her neckLOL)

Back to naksh room, naitik says baisa is way too interfering into ther lives and she shud understand everything wont happen according to her wish.Star
Baisa continues her jaap saying he just wanted the baby for the sake of the family, and asks DJ is she's wrong?Angry And again says naitik wasn like this before.And says akshara might have refused.Dead
Akshara maate convinces naitik telling thy are elders and thy shud try to understand them as thy dont know the actual reason for saying no to the baby nwOuch.
Baisa continues, asks gayatri for reason why naitik loves akshara soo much tht now he loves gayatri a lil less.ConfusedOuchGayatri is standing like a statueSleepy.Baisa says gayatri tht  your control over naitik is becoming less, as akshara is dominating himDead..DJ says with him being around, all this can never happenConfused.Baisa looks happy.Angry

Precap ::: Nandini tells akshara tht baisa was asking for mohit, akshara asks nandu if she spoke to mohit, she says noSleepy.Akshara asks her to talk asap and asks if naitik and she can help themSleepy.Nandu says this is betwee her and mohit, so thy both would sort it out.Star

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thank you.

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Good job...Thanks for updating...!!!

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loved natik good job. love the way his protecting akshara

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thanks for updating

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Hi  Sia Thanks  for  the  update.

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really i lopved y' day's episode. loved naitik protecting akshi. if naiitk told about akshi what doc told her defintely bhaisa will create gr8 problem for kshi. if she comes to know akshi's problem anemic and infection they will make it s a big issue think that as if akshi will never conceive or never pregnant. but he might tell gay3 when both of them talking alone/these old buddiya will make more problem of akshi. same thing i saw in somany families an guy got married to another girl. really it is good naitik support akshi.i want him support always. they both should solve this problem together.

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Thanks for the update, Sia!

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Thanks for the update really naitik is tooooooo good today

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