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Kool's Commentary :Jan 11 PR (Page 13)

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Originally posted by Tanyaz

For me , the most important thing about  being in love is to make sure tha tthe person you love is happy and taken care of  .
That is my biggest criteria to qualify for the requisites of beign in love .If that is not there then nothing else means anything ..
That is why I used to say that Archana's love story was one sided because I always felt that it was only Archana who was blindly following what Maanv wanted and what made manav happy ( keeping his words to Girish and Shraavni, keeping sachu at home and keeping his mother happy ) .
Manav did not care enough  about what made Archana happy so that  time for me he was not in love..
Even though she told  hi mseveral times that she would rather die than leave him ....he still just did not care enough ...For me , he was just not in love .....he liked her a lot and was feeling aweful that such a nice person is getting destroyed only to keep me happy ...that's it .To me that was all his feelings for Archana were about ...
But that was before his marriage ...
For me his love story  was in the first 3 months of Pr and then it was finished and now it is slowly picking up again .....
He cares a lot about his wife now and makes sure that she is taken care of ..So I guess he is falling in love  with her again ...
Jaywant doesn't care what makes Archana happy ..he only wants what makes him happy .He has had a memory problem as he just doesn't remember how he was plannign to  dump her after one year ..How come he never talks about that ....He is just angry because Manav won the challenge that was between them ....Manav winning is makign him mad ..
According to my standards jaywant does not love Archana ....
I personally dont believe love exists at all . One THINKS he is in love etc etc . Ones age advances and ones thoughts often change . What one felt at 20 , one doesnt feel at 40 . What one felt at 16 one doesnt feel at 24 .
Similiarly I don't believe in generalisations that TRUE LOVE is this and that .That concept , in reality , varies for different people .If True Love for some like Manav is GIVING UP , for people like Jay or Shravni GIVING UP is the height of stupidity coz one gets only one janam . They believe in going after love .
Each one loves in his own unique way . "Love" itself is such a unique experience , it cannot be generalised or quantified . Neither can it have certified criteria as it is a unique experience for each one .  I believe its an evolving experience ..........a human need .
Archana and Manav cannot be the experts on love or yardsticks to prove TRUE LOVE . They have yet to learn a lot .
Constantly doing what makes Archana happy cannot be defined as 'Love ' either . People ask Should Manav build a monument to prove his love for Savita why cannot the old lady let go of her ego .........I ask , where was this same question when Manav opted to let his old parents starve and die alone by taking the risk of never coming out of jail  by giving Jay a signature that doomed him for life much more prioritisation do Archu fans want from Manav ?Imagine letting your old parents die when they have left one son ...........Aur kya chahiye , Taj mahal Bandhna chahiye kya Archu ke liye ?The monument question shud be asked with regard to Archana , not Savita .
Full day if he sits with Archu alone in that kholi , apologises for no mistakes of his for some silly fake thing , doesn't spend even a day with his mother on her birthday to prove he and Archana come as a package , makes comparison dialogues between his Mom and Archna and says Archna is far far better ..........he then 'loves' Archana , is it ? Why shud love merit a personality change ?
Such conditional criteria cannot be love at all .  Manav shud be Manav and Archna shud be Archna . Why shud Manav change this much , why shud he not even look at Sachus face and only at Archnas sleeping one and only then why shud he be thought of as ' now he has learnt to love Archana fyi' by Archu fans beats me .
For me , It became evident he loved her like crazy when he broke a bottle to kill for her and gave that signature silently . These other things , termed as romantic by many dont mean anything to me at least .
Romance is a very personal state of mind . What is romance to some may not be romance to others . A candle light dinner and roses may be romance to some but a time spent reading a book by putting head on someones lap may be romance for someone else .
Jay loves Archu , he started out for revenge but he ended up loving her . It is she who has stirred the monster or human ...whichever way it goes , in him . She has affected him  and he is expressing it in his own way . All these r steps of falling in 'LOVE" . Love affects , then is expressed , then is acted upon . Jay is currently on second stage , we r yet to see the third . He doesn't really want a personality change , but he is willing to even try THAT for Archus sake . It all depends on Archana now ....only she can calm him down , she has to handle him sensibly , not foolishly by bringing Manav up in his face all the time . She did that once too often in the past .
It doesn't matter to Jay that she is a married woman .It wont matter to him even if she is a mom . Some may call it selfish , some may call it eternal love .No state of the woman changes his feelings .Depends on how u look at it . I know many cases in real life similiar to this thinking .........the womans marital status made no difference . I am not saying its right or wrong .all Im saying is it HAPPPENS .
And so I prefer not to judge but only to sigh .LOLLOLLOLLOL

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Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Originally posted by nikitagmc

Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

My dear Jay is a devil . He has no conscience . Manav is his opposite .
When I said it mattered to Manav about the virgin etc what I meant was precisely what u said in last statement ..........all the yardsticks of society will always be considered by Manav . Womans purity is her virginity , her marital status [ Manav wud be horrified at having the hots for a married woman] , her motherhood status ...........Manav in sab cheezon ka khayal rakhega . Jay won't .He wud care a hang for social yardsticks ..........Archna is now married , is now a mom , etc wont affect him a bit .Yeh Cheezen uske liye maayne nahi rakhti bilkul .

Kools I was talking of LOVE not just having the hots.

If Manav fell in love with a married women etc. he would love her by helping her, not trying to push himself in her life, being happy for her etc. He wouln't cross societies boundaries and make advances towards her but still love her.

Jay will cross it.
Dear  , the 'love' u talk of is Sattvic love . People with Sattvic tedencies love this way [ as Manav] people with tamasic tendencies do not love that way .
There can be a question here tamasic people know the  meaning of 'love' ? Many say NO .........the devil doesn't know to love , period , they say . He only loves HIMSELF .
My views on this one r slightly different , not many will agree . As I look at it ..........for each one , the concept of 'love' is different . It is a very subjective thing , this comprehension of the term 'love' .
Some sacrifice for love [ M]  , some believe in fighting for love .{J }
 Some wud get killed for love [ M} while some wud kill the whole world for their love { J}
Some believe in giving up for love , some believe in grabbing love as it happens only once in their lifetime and they think its foolishness to give it up .
So u see , its merely a thought process ..........this comprehension of the term 'love' and it is individual to each human being .
Personally I don't believe in 'love' at all . The 'love' between a man and woman , that is . Have seen far too many love marraiges failing and turning ugly . What looks like love in the early twenties becomes horror story in forties . Have seen so many marraiges going bad . So many .
I have come to the conclusion that there is a hierarchy of needs in a mans life which needs to be fulfilled bas . All emotions r subject to change and love , romance etc r merely a state of mind and very transitory .
But I do believe in humanity ............that is the highest form of what u can call "LOVE" . Thats the only feeling that is eternal and survives all tests .Smile


I agree with what you said about different people's reactions to things and people they love. It is very subjective and the depth of passion or reaction with ones we love and hate both are based on people' personalities.  People who are generally aggressive or impetuous or "Type A" personalities generally display very visual and vocal passionate response (like Jay) and people who are more cautious and passive tend to respond in a very subtle and less intense manner (like Manav). Does not make one response better or more appropriate than the other or any less sincere.

Generally speaking, I believe in love (between a man and woman)  but I do not believe in love at first sight.  I believe in attraction at first sight (general physical attributes but could also be personality attributes). people often mistake this attraction for love. I won't go as far as calling it lust though.  the mystery of initial courtship does add to the attraction. women fantasize and have expectations of how their partner should behave and this is the experience of "being in love". Again it is not love itself.

When we marry or live together, the mystery vanishes and responsibility and familiarity sets in.  this familiarity kills the attraction or at least mutes it (within a few years of marriage) and it is usually other facets of compatibility i.e. sexual, intellectual, emotional, that "love" between man and wife is based on.  To me love is not really romance. That is actually the temporary phase of "being in love". To me love in a relationship is a respect and acceptance of your spouse or partner. everything else i.e. intimacy, companionship, intellectual stimulation, etc  will follow if this type of love exists.

The romantic phase of a relationship is usually the packaging, the real gift, the compatibility, respect and acceptance which is less glamourous and less commercial is hidden inside and marriages break because quite often people love the package but not the content. this does not mean the content does not exist. Too bad people do not come with a gift receipt or a return to sender policy eh?
Big smile


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Very interesting topic ...LOVE .
I liked your reply Kool, here is what I have to say ........
The most important thing to remember here is that no two individuals are same and that their ideas of love are from person to person ..It is indeed a very subjective matter .
My idea of love ( strictly talking about myself here) is what I told you ...To qualify to be a lover you have to do these two things .
1. make the person you love happy .
2. Make the person you love feel safe  and  secure in the relationship .
Very basic but then I am myself a pretty basic person .For me these two things  are the most two prime things in a loving relationship ....
Archana did not love Manav earlier in  their relationship , she fell in love with him slowly but very very surely ..Her guilt has also played a very big hand in her love for him , that has made her very protective of him ..She  treats that guy like a baby ......
No I don't want Manav to constantly do what Archan wants of course not ..That is  stupid but what was Archana's fundamental need in life  and the way he gave priority to Shravani , sachu , Girish and savita over her and made her unhappy by constatly doing  things   to make savita happy ( like  the sindoor he put on Shraavni , that was only to keep savita and Girish happy ) and the enagement ceremony ..he knew he was killing Archana little by little .Even days before she was about to divorce him , she was begging  him and telling  him that she would rather  die than go through the divorce .He did cry but his answer was always ' well, we still have a few days to be together but after that yo u have to divorce no matter how much it is killing you , you have to go  ...too bad but if you want my respect and you want me to like you then just do it ..and try to do it in a dignified way  please ' .
At that time this is what he was doing ....This was always his indirect message to her  and even you used to comment that he has never ever given the slightest idea to Archana  that he wants  her back was onl yArchu who kept throwing herself at him ....
Tha t is the reason why I say that at that time he did not love her ....
He did not think about her happiness and he cared two hoots about her security or her future .One day before the divorce he was only talking  about Shravani's future ...He just once  casually inquired about Archan future ...Whatever Archu did for herself ....her job and her life was only because of herself and because of her parents support and maybe Vinod financing her education .....
Manav  was at that time only  interested in Shravni's future so how can I assume that he loved her ....
I think  he used to just feel sorry for her that she was a good person and he was unfortunately responsible for destroying a good person ....
I thin kthe Cvs made Manav  pretty negative at one time ( only in terms of how he was with Archana ) and to do that they started making everyone else positive ....even Rasika and Manjusha became positive but it did not work and the show started doing bad .That is when they decided to turn manav's character  and now they are increasing negative  chaarcters to counter balance ...
The first thing they did was that they decided to  show that Manav too would do something  big for Archana .......that is when he did the signing of the papers .Also they introduced this unique characteristic   about their  hero...the very volatile  and dark side of his personality when he almost goes unrecognisable ...he started to loose totally when anyone would say anything  degretroy for Archana  specially if a man would make a sexual sort of remark on her ...this man would just loose it totally .
Kool ,I don't wan tManav to stay with Archana only and only look at her face and cut contacts with everyone else .Of course not .Tha t would not be Manav .He should take care of his old  parents , his nephew, his sister and whatever  that is important ....I don't want him to change his personality  ..But what he was doing before keep Shraavni and savita happy ...that was extreme and that  had started to look stupid .That is why the story line had to be changed .
If they were trying to make a love story with one of the lover acting this way wonder it did not work ..It was not a love  story at all...It was so unnatural .....They were butchering Manav .Thank  God they have stopped .Now I just wan tManav to behave like  a normal man , do things  that normal people do .....
Just take care of his wife like any good average husband does ...simple ....
savita has nothing  to do with it ....Savita and his relationship is a different one...what does that got to do with his relationship with his wife ...
No please , don't sit i nthe kholi all day one is expecting that becaue no one is silly enough to expect that but just give your wife the security and the happy little feelings that every wife should get ... that even includes physical love ....
I don't want Manav to change and become Archana .Archana is differnt .She is this eternally romantic kind of person ....he can never become her .Like Niki says ....he  is more practical ....
I just don't wan thim to go cruel on her again .....
If she did him wrong once , she has paid for it  and much much much more .....I think she has been punished way more than what she deserved ....
Now lets' talk about Jaywant and Archana ...
Jaywan tdoes not fulfil my two criterias so I will not qualify him as someone who loves this girl ..
he is not thinking of what makes her happy .
he doesn't let her feel safe he doesn't love her ( strictly in my books ) .....
Kool that was a very very interesting scene today
For the first time in this show I saw sort of deliberate negative shades in Archana 's character ...I thought Ankita's acting was very good the way her expressions changed .
When Jaywan ttold Archana ....' He was the one who dumped you and I was the one who was there for you then ' , that is when Archu went  a bit negative I think ....You see , truth always hurts and what Jaywan thad said was 100 % true .Manav did dump her and he did the most pathetic thing to try and force her  to get married somewhere else when she killing inside , even thinking about it ...
And she , so hopelessly and foolishly in love did come to jaywant , that rainy night and propsed marriage to him .......
It is something  that she would love to forget ..The thought of Manav dumping her for another woman  and her proposing marriage to Jaywant with folded hands ....
but he brought those painful memories again ...that is why she too decided to hurt him in the worst possible  way .She knows him well and she threw Manav on his face  , with a slight smirk she told  him that he can do what he wants  ...he can never be Manav .
Archana can go to the rooftop and scream herself hoarse that Manav is a devta and he was doing all that because of his goodness but come on ,  who is she fooling ....
She was getting dumped for another woman  and her devta was the one who was dumping her ..Period ...
The sad reality of her life which cannot be changed ....ever ..
And Jaywant  threw that  on her ..Jaywant was absolutley right when he said that he was never like  this and she turned him crazy ...
Where he is very wrong is his amnesia that he has got about that one year plan  he was telling every Tom Dick and Harry about dumping Archana ...Come on , forget Archana , any girl in her place would find soemthing  like  this would never marry , would possibly run away as far as she can from that man ...
So if he wants  to open his heart to Archana and come clean  then he should  first apologise about that disgusting plan he was making .....and then expect any apologies for the way he was treated ,......

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real interesting discussion by everyone so please dnt mind me putting in my two cents..i totally agree wid kool when she says love is sumthng tht cannot be defined as ONE particular emotion..namely coz at each and every point on our lives we ourselves change the definition of love..i said this in the SGP forum loves is a diff way as a teenager,another when an adult maybe in their twenties and yet another whn having spent many years in a marriage..and at each level and each age that love is like a first love..for each person their love is different..for jaywant his love has crossed over to this obssessive need for archu,and sue me for it bt i really think archu pushed him over the edge..he was a fine person till she started parading manav in frnt of him,at the engagement et not justifying him,believe i personally thnk she plays a part in what a wierdo he is today..yes he was a selfish person to begin gimme a selfish,normal guy anyday compared to a devta who wud dump me one fine day coz his mother told him to and thn dump his mother another day to make me happy,widout even looking back at her..manav is a character who goes into an extreme in whatever he does..tht is my bone to pick wid him..he just cnt find a middle road in his relationships..first it was all savita and now all archana..and people like this according to me make good friends,good acquaintances bt bad life again to each his or her own..if archu is happy wid manav thn she deserves to be wid for me,the guy am wid has to be a consistant personality..and its not tht i dnt understand pure goodness and selflessness,my boyfriend is an import frm the 16th century in being decent and selfless..but i know he wudnt ditch me coz his mum told him to..neither wud he try push my alliance wid another guy saying am a virgin..this is NOT being decent..this is just too much to handle..LOL
am real sorry if am upsetting anyone wid all sumhow i see where jaywant is coming frm..his love is the diametric opposite of manav's,bt as real..its what happens to tons of people who just dnt know when to let go..

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Anu rulz nice post...SO with ya...
Actually you did not upset MOI...It is the other way around...U made me happy LOL....Tongue
No one would want man like ULM as their life partner...Atleast I would not in my teens, 20s, 30s, 40s or even my 50s LOL  No one needs Bhags as a husband...Need a real man who uses his brain once in a while and trieis to be the MAN that he is supposed to be...Not holding Momma or WIFIs pallu....Embarrassed  In Kools words their "Sidekick" Approve
ULM = Ullu Lallu Mannu Embarrassed  Manav Fans pls no offense meant...U all know I am so great with names and my own acronyms Big smile

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Manav  was at that time only  interested in Shravni's future so how can I assume that he loved her ....
I think  he used to just feel sorry for her that she was a good person and he was unfortunately responsible for destroying a good person
She was getting dumped for another woman  and her devta was the one who was dumping her ..
I have different views about this . Mind u , I have blasted Manav a lot for fun , I have blasted Archu a lot for fun . Insaniyat Baba and Miss Shakkar and what not .  The truth is I can argue like a lawyer on any character's behalf and I do it for my fun . I decide to pick one and I start my defence . I keep my real thoughts camoflauged .............and people feel but Kools defended Archu then how she is taking Manavs side ? Or .....Kools defended Damo once , how is she taking Savitas side ? I do the defences based on current story tracks , but my assesment of the STORY in general is always seperate from that . I never say my real thoughts . So I will give some food for thought today these sentences of yours Tanya .
And as I see the story ..........I don't see Manav dumping Archana at all . Archna dumped him and went and came back too late is the story . By the time she reached a conclusion that I want to go back to him , it was TOO LATE . I keep repeating , the story is about how a marraige that never took off got snuffed out due to circumtances .
Far too much is made of Archu coming back and Manav not accepting her back with open arms after realising she was innocent and Manju was the real culprit . VERY LITTLE CREDENCE IS GIVEN TO THE FACT THAT MANAV"S BROTHER DIED AND ARCHANA"S STUPID FAMILY PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN CREATING THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT LED TO THE YOUNG MAN"S DEATH . U see A LOVE STORY CANNOT BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A DEATH .
When Archana saw the photos and went off , if u note , I had NOT blamed her was a 15 day marraige and she was NOT THAT MUCH IN LOVE THEN TO TRUST MANAV WITH ALL HER HEART . That was so , so NORMALand I had supported her going back . It was one of my real thoughts , that understanding of that action .
Similiarly , when Archana came back after Manavs brother died after that horrific beating in jail and the badnaami that came with it , Manav had taken on a responsibility of salvaging his broken family and he had now NO TIME FOR ARCHANA AND A LUXURY CALLED LOVE COZ FAR MORE SERIOUS THINGS HAD HAPPENED . QUITE FRANKLY , THINGS HAD SPIRALLED OUT OF CONTROL AND ARCHANA DIDN"T FIT IN ANYWHERE .
Just as Archana was not THAT Much in love with Manav then when she looked at the photos and flounced off with her mom , Manav too was NOT that much in love with Archana to disregard his grieving mom , the baby his bro left behind , the shambles his dysfunctional family was left in and re accept Archana . So where does the question of him DUMPING Archana comes in ? Give me one good reason why a girl he had barely known or observed for some weeks and felt an attraction to shud be THIS IMPORTANT in his life so as to make him ignore a physically torturing Jail beating , a baby , a death , and tremendous financial burden .
When both of them and their so called LOVE STORY was merely in ATTRACTION STAGE THEN why shud Archnas going off with her mom be understood as 'normal as she was not that much in love ' and his rejection of her shudn't be understood as ' normal , he endured too much and he was only attracted to the girl but circumstances kind of nipped it in the bud didnt they ....."
Where does the question of DUMPING her comes here when obviously bOTH were not in love then , but merely attracted to each other and floundering ?
What was he supposed to do so madly in love with her , a girl whose pretty thobda had caught his fancy for some months now .........that he shud welcome her with open arms when that girl's maayka had very much been responsible for his brothers death and for the beating his old mom got in jail ? Why ? Who was Archana , was she some Queen Victoria , who was she ? Why this expectation was there that he shud have prioritised Archana then ...........what had Archana done to earn that kind of prioritisation from a man ?She hadn't even lived with him that much , they didnt even have a marraige together in real sense !  To get this kind of prioritsation from a man .....that he ignores a horrific jail beating and a death in his family and a baby duein the world , the woman shud spend at least 5 years with that man na and do some very special things for him to earn that much respect or love from his end , there had been hardly any interaction between the newly wedded couple , the so called LOVE was in a primary attraction stage and horrific circumstances had taken its toll .........will , in reality , even that bASIC attraction remain ?
Well it remained for Manav , right ? that attraction remained , and that proves he kind of really loved this girl who brought nothing but turmoil in his life . Coz Manav was much happier before Archu came in his life . He worked hard , ate two meals , had a full family .......not a perfect one , but they were all together and they were kinda happy .  The alliance with his dream girls family ..the superior Karanjkars  wreaked havoc on them ..........coz the Karanjkars harboured a snake in their midst ........a viper called Manju , who was given full immunity by the K family as she had given them a grandchild and she wud hence ALWAYS BE THEIR GRANDCHILD"S MOM .  This snake bit everyone in the D family ......she first corrupted Savitas mind , she then took away Sachin's life by destroying his dreams , She took away Shravnis life by destroying her fiancee , she gave Savita Damo a never healing grief of losing a young son . Whats more , she gave little Sachu a horrible future of NO FATHER . To this day , The Karanjkars r giving immunity to this snake . She is very much a part of the baggage with Archu ........she was then and she is now . Do u really blame Savita for being tired of the baggage that comes with Archna after Rasika pointed it out to her when Manav was framed by Dharmesh ? That was the point Savia said enough is enough for this baggage .
What is Manavs life now , after he met Archana ? Two jailings , slaps , a dead brother , insults galore like a kutta , no family any more inspite of having one , no contact with the bro's child whose responsibility he once so dearly wanted to take , incessant threats to his izzat and life by her crooked brother in law or bahu jo HAATH DHO KE USKE PEECHE PADE HUE HAI . Is any gal , in real life worth it ? Howmuchever pretty thobda she may have and howmuchever innocent and personally good she may be , will any man bear this much loss ? Well he has and he is still 'loving ' her .
So I guess its LOVE .
Their real love story started when in that 3 month stay Archna took the decision of  desperately trying to regain his heart and having a mock marraige of sorts with that collection of memories garbage that she pulled in the name of 'MY WAY TO MOVE ON IN LIFE ." Now even here ,
Who had left him and gone and waited for saboots before she came back ......Archna
Who threw herself at him ? Archana
Who thrust trays on Shravni when she repeatedly told her to leave me alone ..........Archana
Who upset the apple cart and never allowed the compro marraige to take off or have a chance by constantly meddling in it ..Archna
Who refused rich proposals like Satish , Jaywant and opted for a poor life voluntarily ...........Archna
Who first told Shravni I am moving out Manav is all yours , welcomed her with aarti etc and then came running on her wedding day to say after two years of waiting by that girl ......No NO I did mistake , now I want Manav .........without giving a thought as to what Shravni will do now ? ..Archana
Who endured the sindoor and enagement and didnt mind Savitas abuse bY CHOICE coz now she wanted Manavs goodwill at any cost .........Archana
Who has , in a sense deprived Savita of both sons today .........a debatable question but I am asking u to see the bottomline alone is dead due to her family , one is alive but now doesnt even spend two minutes with his mom voluntarily on her birthday while she waits and waits for him............Archana
Who has awakened the monster in Jay ? Archna
Manav doesnt spend two minutes with his mom after giving her birthday wishes coz he is miffed Savita doesnt accept him and Archu as a package but Archna goes to Vaishus party coz Vaishus insults of her husband r not that great compared to the deeper relation she has with Vaishu, right ?
This is not an Archana bashing post . I merely point out that Manav did not do any ANYAY on Archana .Archna has not redeemed him by coming in his life , she threw his simple life in a turmoil due to the baggage she brot with her . They went thru attraction phase , teething phase , and r now for the first time in a real relationship . What they had till now was not even real no question of dumping comes in . I see equal progress on both sides . Both have grown , donemistakes my opinion , Archna has done far too many compared to Manav who was always the steady one .
Love after teething stage has now come to relationship stage in PR . Understanding of minds is there , but both r low on passion and seem to have low libidos and sexual appetites . Well , there r some who r that way . This is the way this LOVE STORY has progressed and is now at THIS point .

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Oh God Kools!!! Excellent fantabulous post!!! You spoke my mind today. This is how I have always visualised this story. I still can't believe that after so much Manav bashing for the divorce and three month stay etc. your real thoughts about Manav could be such.

Excellent excellent post and three cheers to kools!! Hip hip hurray!!!

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Just now I had a look at this post .Thanks for  giving a nice detailed answer ...Some points I agree soem I don't ...
The part I agree is definitely the bit about their real love story taking off in the 3 months , even I have always thought of that ..
I am going to answer some of your questions there .And before I do that , let me tell you  that I know that both manav and Archan are offerent people and their take on love is different and that is Ok...
Who had left him and gone and waited for saboots before she came back ......Archna
 Archana sure did leave him but much before she got the saboot she was trying to win Manav back .She said No to a good rishta like Satish , way way before she had the saboot and not only did she say No to the rishat she gave a long speech in front of the whole world how much she loved Manav .She was tryign very hard to convince manav but Manav's hatred towards her kept her away from him ....At that time manav was very angry with her .
It is not that she only came back and started to love him because she saw the saboot she loved him even though she did not have the saboot ...
Who threw herself at him ? Archana
That she did  Embarrassed  ....I agree ( wasn't exactly one sided though LOL )...No contesting this part ..She was desperate for his love very very very badly , Even today she is ..The girl has a Manav obsession ...
Who thrust trays on Shravni when she repeatedly told her to leave me alone ..........Archana
Tha twas an extremely annoying thing she used to do ...hated that about Archana ....To me that was the worst phase of Archana's character ...the Shravani obsession  thing ....
Who upset the apple cart and never allowed the compro marraige to take off or have a chance by constantly meddling in it ..Archna
This part I do not agree .She left Manav totally for one whole year ....Did not even call him or checked on him even once ..One full year and Manav did not take Shravani out even once in that year and did not look once lovingly or tried to work on the compro marriage at all...One year is a long period and Archan left them alone but there was no attraction for Shraavni  from Manav's side and he just did nto try even this little bit blame Manav also for the compro marriage not working  out ....
Who refused rich proposals like Satish , Jaywant and opted for a poor life voluntarily ...........Archna
 Yes , she loves Manav na ...So why would she want to be with someone else ....Confused
Stupid girl even said yes to jaywant only to please manav ....bad  bad  bad move ...
Who first told Shravni I am moving out Manav is all yours , welcomed her with aarti etc
But she did leave them alone for one full year ..It is not her fault if Manav refuses to even try to love Sharavni
And good job he didn't ....LOL
I mean Manav and Shraavn iwere not exactly a very popular couple .....
I am certainly not complaining ...the show is doing good Mnav and Archana get the best Jodi award every year obviously it is their lovestory that has to be the focus ...
I ma just angry with the Cvs that they could have done so much with this wonderful couple but they have messed up on so many occasions .. they really goofed up with the Shraavni track , killed a fantastic character like sachin and now they are tryign to act as if Sharavni's tarck never happend because now they know that it was a bad mistake to show manav doing all that ....and Archaan backing  him up ...
and then came running on her wedding day to say after two years of waiting by that girl ......No NO I did mistake , now I want Manav .........without giving a thought as to what Shravni will do now ? ..Archana
Yes , ethically Archu was wrong ...but I  am happ yshe ran away for Manav ...It's Ok , if tomatoe come  her way ...I will gladly take it with her  
Who endured the sindoor and enagement and didnt mind Savitas abuse bY CHOICE coz now she wanted Manavs goodwill at any cost .........Archana
Yes , she  wanted to win manav's trust at any cost ....even if it killed her it didn't matter to her ...
She loved him , wanted to do what he wanted her to do .She  also wanted his goodwill , yes I agree ...
Who has , in a sense deprived Savita of both sons today .........a debatable question but I am asking u to see the bottomline alone ........
Here I do not agree with you at all .And this part I have always argues with you .Archana did not kill sachin is somethign I will never accept .In fact only sachin and the truck driver are to be blamed , not Archan and not even Girish whose phone call drove sachin crazy ....
this part I do not agree ....
one is dead due to her family , one is alive but now doesnt even spend two minutes with his mom voluntarily on her birthday while she waits and waits for him............Archana
Manav would love to go and live in his mother's house .He is a very good son .savita herself is responsible now for not letting him in ..He is asking for  a very legitimate thing that his wife should also come and live where with him....
As for beign a bad son ....Manav has done so much for his mother right from the age of 15 ..He has always taken care  of responsibilities that he was not even supposed to take care of ..That boy has only wanted one thing  in life and that is this girl....
 If it was any other normal mother son relationship then I don't think manav would have had any problems at all ...I know that Archan will not say anythig nif Manav says that I am goin  to live with my mother for 2 weeks or so   ...
But  whatever has happened in the past ( Savita trying to burn Archana , savita calling and lying and manipulating about sachu only so that Manav cannnot have a hooneymoon with Archana and also the past when saviat was trying  her best to seperate Manav with  the girl he loved so much ...I think  all that has scared manav now , woh apni mother se dar gaya hai  .
Even then he was trying to talk  to his mother today and also when he went to wish on her birthday He felt bad about being  rude to her ...He ws missing her and telling her that please let us live in this  house ...
it is savita who cannot stop spitting venom against Archan ..She is letting  this hate for Archana come  between her and her son ....
But if some  of you still think  that savita  is right trying  to seperate manav from his  wife as his wife isbad luck and all that then I guess you guys  should  suggest this to th Cvs ..
Let's see what they do ....
I am happy that Manav and Archana are  together ,. They look so lovely together...I have been wishing to see tehm married for so long Infact this Dharmesh track is making me angry because I want  to see those two together ...
Who has awakened the monster in Jay ? Archna
 I know , very very bad move .This  is something that is definitely Archana 's fault .If there is one person that Archana has been deliberately bad to then that is Jaywant Rane ...
She was too much in love with Manav .Should have never said yes to him .....In fact the only time I have wanted Archu to push or slap Manav was when he came to convince her to marry Jaywant and when she refused he thrwew the Sharavni thing at her .....
I honestly don't know   how  Archana can go on loving a guy who did this to her , who trated her like  that with no thoghts for her real feelings  .Pushing her in the arms of another man ..Sorry it is these things  that make me strongly question Manavs love towards Archana ....and also the things  that he used to do to keep Sharavni and Savita  happy ..The way he would always look the other way ...
basicaly  that is what I did not like about him and that is why  I  say that he did not really  love  her then ..
But he is trying  to make amends these days and I  am liking it , he has even apologised once or twice  ....
Now Kool I have tried my best to answer  staright from my heart.Some  things  I agree with ..Some I don't .
I hope you understand  ..
I am not saying I am corret or very ethical ...this is just the way I see it .
Manav doesnt spend two minutes with his mom after giving her birthday wishes coz he is miffed Savita doesnt accept him and Archu as a package but Archna goes to Vaishus party coz Vaishus insults of her husband r not that great compared to the deeper relation she has with Vaishu, right ?
Archana  never stpped Manav to go to his mother and  I have told you before ..I am very very happy that Archana  is so concerned for vaishu ..She is her sister after all .If Archu scould do so much for sachin and Vandita  , why can't she do  something for her own sister .Vaishu is in a very very big mess.
Archana will never come between mother and son ..Thye have to sort out their relationship on thir own first ....It's not Archu's fault ...Manav and Savita  have to evaluate their relationship and assess their prioriites .
If savita  wants Manav back then she will have to stop bad mouthing  Archana in fact stop talking  about Archana at all....
Manav too has to evaluate his position ..Now he knows for sure how much his mother hates Archan . he also  knows the reason ( the karanjkars ) why she hates her and if he thinks  that his mother is right then fine ...leave Archana, call it quits with her . ..
But if despte of every thing  ...the postives of being  woth Archu outweigh the negatives for him ,.then he has to communicate this to his mother very very clearly ...
What  else can be done for  taking insults... Archu takes insults fro meveryone all the time .Manav told her that their biggest strength is their ability to take insults ......
he loves her for that LOL

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