Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

11/01 Ria Ka Adda .: Ye kaisi Mohabbat Hai? :. (Page 3)

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
right mehr
can u include this link dear or think post it in fb
kavya's open one
full to criticism
support her
will have my alternate in it
yeah will open an alternative soon waiting to see respond in adda and lounge

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
I can barely move my arms but I had to come for my dear addainsHug
Ok It seems like I'd be repeating the same things that most of you have already mentioned in your takes.
@Mehr, dittoThumbs Up everything you wrote. And the title reminded me of this beautiful song, "ye kaisi mohabbat hai" by Ahmed JehanzebSmile
@Everyone, good postsThumbs Up 
1.   Danish Pandor improved.Thumbs Up Keep it up!
2.   Both daadi's are good acting wiseThumbs Up
3.   Rashi was sweet as always.Smile
4.   I'm feeling for ArjunDisapprove & I wanna say Hug s to you.
5.   Daddu giving Arjun a second chanceThumbs Up
The rest of the epi goes to my DISLIKE listDead
1.   Someone needs to track down both camera men because it's been more than 50 episodes and they haven't been able to fix their mistakes. Whoshh Whoshhh sound effects are making me bang my head on the table!! and giving me a migraine.
2.   For a second I really thought I'm watching one of the previous episodes when Beeji said "ek faisla.......sari zindagi badal gayi" or something like that. It was exact same dialogue. CVs lets move on, and tell us what's the raaz?Confused
3.   Why is Arjun getting blamed for something he has not done. ONCE AGAIN. and I feel sorry to say that police walays not doing their job right. Daddu is right, how can they blame someone without efficient proof?
--- I felt disgusted when the entire family started blaming him and worst when Arohi stood up to add the spice.
--- I know that Arjun made a mistake by not supporting Arohi at the police station. She felt hurt but why does Arjun have to pay such a big price for that? The entire family bashing himDead are you serious??? I felt sad for Arohi then but I feel horrible for Arjun now.
--- I want to know why Aro is hurt and not willing to give him a second chance? Lets rewind a little and see who Arjun is and what happened in the jungle.
1.   Arjun kidnapped Aro to save his daddy. 
2.   But Arjun was NOT a gangster, or a criminal, or even a bad guy.
3.   He was good at heart and cared for his family more than himself because his family gave him shelter so he could never hurt them or anyone.
4.   He liked to party/dance in clubs/meet girls if he got a chance but he would never break anyone's heart or play with anyone's feelings which means Aro wasn't any different when she came along, it was later that he realised she was different so she was always treated the same way other girls did.....with care.
5.   For as long as Arohi remained kidnapped, she was not touched nor used by Arjun.
6.   Infact it was Aro who attacked him with a chaaku on the first day because she thought he was a bad guy and wanted to run away from him.
7.   Later Aro along with shefali planned out to trap Arjun (his identity still hidden from them) to see whether he's a bad guy or not and eventually found that that she's wrong about judging him.
8.   Arjun made sure she was safe and sound and she was well taken care of while in the woods.
9.   Throughout the entire track, he didn't do anything that proved him a bad guy yet Arohi kept blaming him for being one.
10.   Sometimes he took it all in and sometimes he got furious and that's when he poured his heart out to her and she realised that she made a mistake.
11.   She kept blaming and kept apologizing (remember one flower for each mistake).
12.   Arohi's heart melted for Arjun and so did Arjun's. A unique kind of attraction sparked between them without knowing each other much.
13.   Arohi felt there's something magical in Arjun's eyes....something that only she was able to read, as if it was meant just for her. Whenever she looked in them, she saw love, care, magic!
14.   She started to trust him unknowingly, almost like a young girl does when she first becomes a friend with a guy. A little attraction, a little push and she thinks he is her destination.
15.   She finally overcame the feelings that haunted her for days, Arjun was a bad guy and could harm her.   
16.   He started to speak to her, trust me and I'll make everything right. She believed him.
17.   He still never took advantage of her. He made sure that she was protected from all harm.
18.   He kept having guilt of lying to her about his true identity but he was helpless. It was his father on the other side for whom he had hidden his identity.
19.   He was left with one option to lessen the burden on his heart, to make sure he never played with her feelings, always saved her, and always held her hand in need which he did!
20.   Somewhere in his mind, he had thought that she might forgive him if he loved her truly....if he made sure that he was true to his words.
21.   In other words, he was not really thinking of such a bad outcome after she found out who he really was though he always knew she'd be hurt beyond his imagination but on the other end, he did everything he could to protect her from getting hurt in any other possible way.
22.   They confessed their love for each other. They thought they were finally one.
23.   He was even ready to shoot her to save his father (he was left with no option) but was he actually going to kill her? Never, he covered her eyes so she would never be able to see what he was seeing (her walking towards the edge of the hill, and him pointing a gun towards her ready to shoot anytime). He knew he had to put her in a situation which probably hurt him more but he knew that he will never let her go.
24.   Arohi finally came to know that the one she loved and trusted wasn't someone she thought he was.
25.   She found out everything, his identity, his occupation, his family background. He suddenly changed into being a protective, loving guy to a dangerous criminal.
26.   Arohi was broken, shattered, dishearted. (whatelse do you expect from a young girl who has trusted and loved for the first time in life? Someone like Arohi wouldn't know how to deal with such a terrible truth. She would become lifeless, silent for a little while and then burst into tears with all her feelings pouring out of her. She would even forget the love and trust she once had on the guy and would go insane, as far as insulting, humiliating, bashing the same guy whom she loved. She would see him as a threat to her, her life, her feelings, her surroundings, her entire world as if he came with an intention to ruin her life, to use her, and to throw her. Not for once she would think that though this guy was a liar but she was protected for as long as she was with him)
27.   Arjun got arrested and was taken to police station along with Arohi where she was questioned. She kept crying because she couldn't answer the questions she was asked. For once Arjun kept silent because he was probably as much hurt as she was and still couldn't believe that the girl whom he loves and had been saving since so long was now helpless crying in pain and he couldn't do anything but stand there and watch her shed tears. Not to forget his father was also present at the scene who made things worst by saying that Aro willingly joined Arjun.
28. Once again, Arohi expected Arjun to save her, protect her from being humiliated and say that it was all wrong. But unfortunately he didn't utter a word.
(I might have missed some major bullets but that's all I could recall right now) 
Would you read and see what Arjun actually did to her?
He made 2 mistakes - 1: He hid his identity 2: He didn't support her at the police station
These were his two mistakes which proved that he was a selfish, inhumane guy who could go to any extent to lie and betray, a dangerous criminal who killed and murdered, a man without a heart who liked to use girls and throw them away. He was not worthy of a second chance, he was not to be forgiven, ever, and he was to pay a big price for all his crimes. He was not to be trusted ever again no matter what he did to prove him right. His two mistakes cost him his whole life which he would have to live in humiliation and pain.
The bottom line is & my biggest question: what exactly did Arjun do to Arohi?
He was a dangerous criminal, but he never killed/murdered anyone.
He was from a family of gangsters, but he never took this occupation as his own.
Going to parties, talking to girls, befriending with them was normal to him, but he never used anyone. (example is Gauri)
He had given his whole life to his dad, he would do anything for him even if that meant killing someone to get his work done, but he dealt with the situation in such a way that no one was ever harmed.
He was a mysterious guy with grey shades, but he had a soft heart inside of him which cared for everyone around.
He kidnapped Arohi, but he kept him safe.
He hid his identity but he gained her trust (infact taught her how to trust)
He took her to the jungle for his own purposes but he made sure she never broke her heart.
He hated everyone who came as an obstacle in his mission, but he loved her more than himself.
He was left with no option but to shoot her for his dad but he never let her go, he saved her.
My question remains.............what did Arjun do? How bad is it?
Arohi please open your eyes, wash off your tears, and see the world one more time.
CVs made it seem so pathetic, so over dramatic but seriously it's not that bad after all. Arohi is young and if there's even a little truth to that then CVs must also show that forgiveness might not come easily from young broken hearts but it's never impossible. They learn to easily forget and forgive and move on to bigger and better things. I'm sorry but I don't think the love between A_A was strong, or atleast it was not portrayed in a convincing way. The entire fairy taleish kind of story.......meeting the man of your life when the clock strikes 12 and then going on a search for him. Why do girls always think it's about them? They're the only ones with hearts and tears? the only ones whose "izzat" must be protected. I know what selfless love is.....I know the one who loves truly goes beyond himself to do something for his love but does that mean he must possess a heart made of stone or he must always be ready to give, and give and give and give. One single mistake and girls start to go on and on with their izzat, and pyar, and bharosa, and the list goes on...........................
I was against Daddu or a third party patching up things between A_A but since everyone has lost their senses except for daddu I am left with no choice but to accept daddu's help towards giving him a chance and making him a better person.
Coming to the new article, CVs you're taking a huge risk with KMH2 and butchering the leftover charm and potential of it. Were we wrong when we disliked the idea of Arjun backing Cheeku and Aro blaming him? If only Aro would've been exposed to Cheeku's real intentions it would've been one step forward towards clearing out the MU's. Now I wanna ask all those who approved that track, what did A_A gain out of it? He wanted to save her from being hurt and later would try to win her heart but here we get an article saying "Arohi will be getting married to Cheeku". So it doesn't even matter if the marriage fails later on or Arjun wins her after marriage because Cheeku-Aro would've already tied the knot.
And don't tell me it's gonna be another ghisa pita marriage track where wife is not happy with husband or vice versa....keeps on thinking of the past....wants to run away....gets to see the real of husband....realises she made a mistake....wants her ex back....and so on....or.....husband and wife are married but don't share the relationship/are faking it. Marriage is a sacred thing, please don't ruin it like this. It's not a joke to get married to someone and then divorce or fake the whole thing because you're not happy. Either take the decision to get married happily and willingly or don't get married if you're not satisfied. Infact I don't even understand why Aro is getting married with cheeku in the first place!!!
Arjun becomes a bad boy: So we're back to square one???Dead or should I say we're running in circlesConfused. This track is a big No NO! I have not defended Arjun above for all this!!!Angry CVs if Arjun becomes a bad boy after the MU that someone tried to harm Rashi & her baby then you'd be proven wrong (like many other times when you sketched out Arjun's character and tried to make us believe that he was a gansgter) that Arjun is a gansgter but has a soft heart. He would do anything for his family but not harm a single person. Please don't contradict, it'll make all us go ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused and we'd end up SleepySleepySleepySleepySleepySleepy.!!! you get my point!Angry
Final Note:
I had no intention to take so much of my time and write the longest post I've ever writtenConfused but today I really want to tell CVs that the campaign team worked hard and spent their entire nights not to get something like this in return! Today I'm questioning myself, was it really worth our time and hardwork?
Loads of thanks to all fans espacially the senior members who led this campaign to try to bring the magic back on screens. I feel extremely sad now looking at the quality of Kitni Mohabbat Hai and wonder whether we'd ever have to regret.................
Phew!! I'm doneSmile

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
I loved the scene between Arjun, his grandmother and Raashi. Such a sweet scene.
Chiku just makes me laugh everytime I watch him

Arohi continually disappoints me with her thinking of Arjun, now she accuses him of being a theif some love she has for him! I feel sorry for Arjun, Daddu is right, Arjun has put up with a lot of taunts but that hasn't stopped him from wanting to change for Arohi. I am glad someone can see things for what they really are, Arohi is disappointing!

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Alright...trying to get caught up again LOL! Here are my views on yesterday's episode to start with.

January 10, Monday

Episode started with Aarohi washing her face wondering why is crying over Arjun and trusts him so easily when he plays with her feelings. Now this could have been a powerful scene had Aarohi not been constantly angry with Arjun since she learned the truth. The screenplay hardly shows her giving to her feelings for him at all so when seen from that perspective this scene did not work for me. Ermm

On the other hand, I enjoyed the Chiku - Arjun, DJ - Kartar Singh and DJ - Chiku scenes! Thumbs Up

The DJ - KS conversation gives me a little hope that the writers may address one of my pet peeves about this story line…namely, the motivations of the different characters. Let me explain! Aarohi's going ahead with the plans to marry Chiku based on a belife that it will make everybody happy makes sense. Her mother with her more conservatibve thinking supporting this also makes sense from a chracterization standpoint. But why has DJ not stopped this wedding so far? She is not conservative in her mindset at all…at least in what has been shown so far! I get DJ's character not wanting Aarohi to be with Arjun given his Singhania family history. But not being with Arjun should not mean DJ is ok with Aarohi marrying Chiku, especially when she knows the kind of person Chiku is. So...what is the motivation for DJ's character's behavior? Does she think marrying Chiku will make Aarohi forget Arjun? Stern Smile That is such a cliched reason and one that does not particularly suit DJ's characterization. Anyway, coming back to yesterday's episode, I hope the DJ - KS conversation and self-thoughts means DJ and/or Kartar Singh will at least try to stop the wedding. That would be a nice touch!

Finally, coming to the Arjun - Aarohi conversation in the mall. While I am very tired of this whole angry Aarohi routine, the screenplay & dialogs for this sequence is now, my favorite in this show so far. Star So much of pain and so simply and logically expressed! However, one of the initial dialogs of this scene did not make any sense to me. Why would Aarohi suddenly think that Arjun is there in the mall to find out what she feels for him…ughh! Has she forgotten that Arjun is still Chiku's bodyguard? ErmmThis scene would have been outstanding for me had I not been tired of this story track and/or been able to connect to this love story at all in the first place. D'ohThe repeated camera movements from one face to the other was also dizzying! Stern Smile

Overall: 6/10.

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
Today's episode was good. Thumbs Up

Firstly Karan ... fabulous acting, seriously good!!!!

Kartar Singh (don't know real name) amazing, fabulous!!!

Now, onto the episode...

Arjun slapped by Biji... whoa, that came out of no where. ROFL. That was a tight slap too. LOL

Cheekbutar looked like a monkey today, prancing around by the change rooms... Wacko ok, seriously the dialogues weren't really funny when Cheekbutar went to the change room. I was just smirking. CVs, you know his character is supposed to be hilarious ... I look forward to the funny scenes, make em funny  Big smile

DJ and Biji's relationship is so awesome. really enjoy it. LOL

I can't believe Arohi actually went to Arjun to ask him to stop the playful argument between the dadis. Shocked She just forget all the things she said like minutes ago?

What a great convo between Biji and Dada ji. Waaow. Thumbs Up Awesome. Now the past of Rudra is what's going to help Arjun's future. Brilliant. Thumbs Up

simple, yet the best lines, the decisions that ruin someone's life is wrong, and the decisions that free someone is right. Clap

Creepy Cheekbutar's claws on Arohi tiny shoulders were so eeeeew. Dead Even I was feeling what Arohi was feeling. LOL You could see the anger in Arjun's face. this was awesome. Gouri the fool, grrh forcing Arohi to sit with Cheekbutar. Angry

and then ... OMG, Shocked I'm still shocked and was totally shocked and pleasantly surprise LOL by this part!!! Shefali pulled aside Gouri and questioned Gouri on her intentions about why she didn't want Arohi to go out to that club. Big smile Thank you CVs, either you're reading what we are writing here or we are on the same wavelength, as I recommended that Shefali call out Gouri on this last week. Awesomeness!!!  Star  yeeehaaa!!!!! Please continue to keep Shefali's detective cap on! Big smile

Chote Chuchu has too much adrenaline issues, he thinks he's so macho all the time. Angry Young angry blood. I definitely liked when Dadu stopped chachu's insane faltu macho act.

Arohi's dad. OMG, how typically to jump to conclusions that the file was stolen by Arjun. But I absolutely loved with Kartar saab pointed out the obvious to lawyer dad, how can you accuse someone without proof. LOLLOL Oh I so loved this part. The shock on everyone's face was great. And then Miss Arohi doing the same, jumping to conclusions again, says yes if anyone has stolen anything it must be him. Wacko Must it Arohi? Forget love, but really? Shouldn't we all first know the whole story before making a judgement? Ermm

Now barah chachu is smart, at least he is thinking, but this is also good character consistency as they've always shown him as the more mature of the chachus. Thumbs Up

Arohi's dad is a lawyer, but seems to have forgotten all the lessons he's learnt in law school or though law practice as he's just running on emotion. Again, pointing out character consistency for the most part, showing lawyer dad always seems to act emotionally. LOL

I'm blaffled by Cheekbutar at the exact moment to ask Arjun to bring out the car. Why at that moment? Was he getting jealous that Arjun was getting so much more attention then he was?Wacko

Last scene. Fabulous. Clap Loved the convo between Arjun and Kartar Singh. Star Brilliant acting and expressions from Arjun and Kartar Singh. Thumbs Up Kartar Singh has made the choice to free someone and give Arjun a chance to do good and become a good person. Giving him one more chance. Brilliant.  

You're free Arjun, you're free. CryBig smile

But Kartar Singh giving Arjun the file. Oh no, please please please don't let this file get in the hands of Cheeku. Angry Why couldn't Kartar Singh burn the file? I understand what he wants to do but now this poses as a risk to Arjun.

CVs, please don't let Cheekbutar or anyone else find this file. Please have Arjun burn the damn file, so we can close this off chapter off. Otherwise this will be yet another MU and I do'nt think I can deal with that many MUs. and I don't want Kartar Singh to be found out either. Unless he himself admits. Maybe he should to DJ.LOL

Big smile
Now, up coming episodes, if indeed the file is found in the wrong hands (Angry) I want either Kartar Singh or Arohi to stand up for Arjun. Better, remember how I said that Arohi should over hear dadu and DJ's convo about how Arjun took the blame off Cheeku for Arohi's sake, how dadu believes that Arjun truely loves Arohi and also include how dadu himself stole the file to give Arjun a second chance. Then we can see lots of self thought by Arohi and how she misunderstood Arjun ... all the while this ends up in court, then Arohi at the end should take back the case of kidnapping.  Big smile

Anyway, that's it from me today.

CVs, again, thanks for the Shefali piece, I was all smiles throughout that part!

And on the article, no marriage to the kaabutar Angry I will stop watching. I'm not kidding.

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
My Mehrburry Hug I enjoyed today's episode. Forgot all the garbage from the article once I started watching the epi. LOL

5) Shefali pulling Go-awry & questioning her Thumbs Up Acting wise: Parul and San

LOL I absolutely loved this bit! Mainly cause I recommended this a few days back! LOL

6) Dada g interfering between Rajveer & Arjun Thumbs Up

LOL me liked this too! Thumbs Up

5)       Arohi blaming Arjun Ermm Ye kaisi mohabbat hai? Stern Smile

I know, it's annoying na? Confused

@Sana ... yeah, if that's the route they go...i'm also ditching the show.

@Jaya...hi Jaya Hug great analysis on yesterday's epi! Thumbs Up

Why would Aarohi suddenly think that Arjun is there in the mall to find out what she feels for him…ughh! Has she forgotten that Arjun is still Chiku's bodyguard? Ermm

Good point, like seriously... tsk, tsk. Ermm

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
@Nisha ... ello Big smile ... good shot at an alternative track Clap Agreed with Mehr, I'm sure you can solicite others to come up with alternate tracks and this will give CVs a platter to pick from seeing the sadness in us. LOL

@Nimz ... good take Big smile

--- I felt disgusted when the entire family started blaming him and worst when Arohi stood up to add the spice.

Yeah, like seriously what is happening ... a bunch of police officers and lawyer and everyone seems to think emotionally. what happened to right and wrong, isn't that officers and lawyers first principle to know? Ermm

Fabulous recap! Clap waa waa!!!!  Amazing how you captured all the events.

In Arohi's POV she was betrayed, lied to and felt the love was not real and felt that the love was one sided. Clearly it wasn't. But it seems Arohi is blind and cannot see that first and most important thing ... that Arjun loves her too. He's even said it but she doesn't believe him. secondly, Arjun is willing to go to all the extent of being humiliated by the kaabotar and her family, leaving his family and leaving the underworld all for her. She's just too consumed in her thought about being hurt and being betrayed that she doesn't seem to think about what is really happening. What Arjun is really doing for her to gain her trust and show her how much he loves her. I don't know what else a person can do. Ermm

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Agreed on the point noted by Nimz.
Its true Arjun was never a bad boy, he was just a professional 'worker' lol even if it was on the side of creating fear in people.
Agreed to the kidnap,even forget Arohi, the one he did on the first episode, he did not ill treat the guy but just create the impression.
Now with a stupid outdated way about the miscarriage, the way they are creating the feel of Arjun turns a bad boy is worst than that we know of Arjun. Driven with madness of the betrayal of Arohi and driven with long quest of revenge to the  Ahluwalia on killing th baby, he seems to turn to a deadly criminal.
So hold on for me, I can understand that in passionate love, one can change to the best or to the worst, yet my poin only remains:
Kitani Mohabbat Hai was never a love of obsession and betrayal! Get a real on this bit! Or else I will agree to 100 percent on last time shaan's critical post.
Even still I can bear to understand that in love of innocence, when innocence is gone, if it is full of misunderstanding, the lovers feel sort of betraying each other, not extra marital wise, but it becomes a guilt inside. A guilt tha can't be washed away and whatever steps they are going to take, they will wash their conscience to theextent they will feel themselves as dirts, well the thing is they don't need to go to extreme, misunderstandings make it happen.
Yet if they are going in this theme, Oh guys, there are really lot of ways other than miscarriage and marriage to happen. I mean in one episode they will slap and demean both motherhood and marriage, both things that are so sacred and sacred to girls
themselves,I agree we are more the one  to watch this show.
Hey SumzyWink I posted the alternate in fb page and others are having their alternates their too.

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