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#*Devil's Den#* Maan Singh Khurana Ki Jawani (Page 2)

vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Caco - waiting for ur TSD... LOLLOLLOLLOL....
Caco - please do check ur PMs on time.... AngryAngryAngry
Jane and Ben Ten welcome to den
In a total pissed off mood after seeing so much annie-arjun
quick anger venting.... AngryAngryLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Sheela ki jawani not bad..... dance was ok...but i hate the way they try to make it like a VM n mess it up.... VM makers on IF are so much better.... Viji/ashi  - u ppl shud make that mix for them.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Shud i say the body bind dance was offscreen ..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..... they knew they wont be in the shoot frame n hence the offscreen dance.... LOLLOLLOLLOL
I always like how maan connects.... brij..... oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... maan tenu chodega nahi....
Maneet got over.... AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
Annie -Arjun - sooooooooooooooooo much???? i dont like it..... she proved she is dev's sister...she is toooo fast ....... she proposed to the guy....with the ring....haila... whats with these siblings....they never ask before making their partner wear a ring.... maan put ring on geet's funger without her permission during fake engagement time... n here annie dint propose to arjun...she first put the ring n then said ILU.... DeadDeadDeadDead
Well she is dev's sister...very fast...she cant be Maan's sister.... maan is very very slow.....
We wanted Maneet badnami but i can foresee annie-arjun badnami coming.... AngryAngryAngry

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Today's Episode looked more like a filler to me with few interesting scenes in between but the Sheila dance turned out to b a disappointment for meOuch

I was having very high expectations from Sheila dance but well somehow it din't work for me becuase of the following reasons...
  • Shoddy Camerawork and too many light effects with those irritating orange balls which sort of ruins the dance completely because u can hardly see them dancing since the screen had those flashing lights all aroundOuch
  • Editing of the whole sequence was poorThumbs Down;There was no need to divide the song into two parts with that dialogue interruption in between and then suddenly Sheila pulling MSK to the dance floor and Geet too starts dancingConfused...The song should hv been completed in one flow onlySmile.//..even when Geet comes to the party,they should hv continued with the song showing MSK trying to manaofy her in the same song...
  • Choreography of Maan and Geet was poorThumbs Down;I dunno why GC was given no proper dancing steps when he is soo good with western danceConfused;I can understand about DD since Geet is shown to b preggy ,so she was not given complicated steps but GC could hv been given some better steps I feelErmm
  • The scene where those girls carry MSK in their arms upto the dance floor ,was a bit too much and looked rather funny than coolROFLROFLROFLROFL
  • There were certain off-screen moments of slow dance between GC-DD which was edited out and so all had debates on whether its on-screen or off-screenLOL;I will just give free ka advice to CVs and SBS/SBB people that if they want to edit out those scenes or they were suppose to b off-screen,then kindly don't expose those scenes to the viewers before the actual episode or if u expose it then say its off-screen,so that viewers don't feel cheated while watching the sequence and blame the editors everytimeLOLSmile
Few parts of the Sheila dance which I liked are..
  • Shayantani was superb with her cool movesThumbs Up;Her choreography for the starting mukhda part was quite goodSmile..
  • Part where MSK picks up Sheila in his arms and swings around was a cool move and captured wellEmbarrassed..
  • Even the last part of the dance was good and simple where all 3 r dancing freely without a proper choreography..looked natural to meSmile;In fact I liked Geet's approach here,the way she was all cool with Sheila and din't show her insecurity but instead enjoyed the partyWinkTongue;It showed Geet is different from other female leads againBig smile..
Apart from the dancing...There was nothing much today but the best part of the episode was MSK instantly connecting the dots related to Brij as soon as Geet mentions about Brij and DaarjiThumbs Up;GC's expression of realisation and then anger-worry in his eyes were superb in this sceneThumbs Up;Also they showed MSK talking to Adi and company asking them to take care of Geet while he will go back to the house and track Brij was a good logical scene because in most shows they would hv abruptly ended the party and would hv shown MSK leaving the party without informing anyoneLOL,so well logic was maintained hereLOL
I din't like the Girls party muchStern Smile;It looked a bit silly and childish to meConfusedLOL;But I liked Dadi and her modern approach hereSmile;Especially the way she asks the girls to gate crash into the boys partyROFL;I wish I had such a cool and modern dadi in my lifeLOLLOLLOL...
Few dialogues were quite witty today especially when MSK asks Geet that she can breathe while talkingLOL;Barry should give such simple dialogues to Maaneet now rather than always giving them those complicated poetic dialgouesOuchLOL;
Annie directly proposing Arjun with the ring confirms that she is Dev's sisterROFL both brother-sister r extra phaastROFLROFLROFLROFL and this also confirms that MSK can't b their real brother since when it comes to confession,he is extra slow than these twoROFLROFLROFLROFL;But I get a feeling their track is rushed a bit which means mayb CVs want to quickly end up Nikunj's trackTongue...
Ok now the dream promo which was aired last week came in the episode today when Geet tells Maan about how it was her dream to hv this sort of dreamyyy weddingEmbarrassed;Now I think its the time for the second promo to come true which could b MSK's nightmare where he sees Geet getting shot by Brij since now he knows that the person is Brij who is trying to harm GeetErmm;So now there is a question mark about whether Geet's dream will come true or MSK's nightmare will come true ??Ermm..To get the answer watch Geet daily from mon-sat at 9.30pmLOL
My Episode Rating:7.5/10...Like I said Sheila dance din't work for meOuch..but still 7.5 rating because MSK recognised Brij and his brain cells r working in a super fast way againCoolLOL
PS:Last week Geet trps increased to some extent and it got a maximum of 0.8 on wednesday episode which we all bashed for the doctor's dialogue moral of the story is blooper doesn't matter to general viewers..what matters is high voltage DramaBig smile

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Caco, I love ur post!  Very nice...lovely pics!  I will try to dig some up too!LOLLOL

Very short take!

Loved the boys coming to the venue and trying to get MSK to party, but his main concern is only Geet!

Dadi, what do I say about her, she is one modern dadi, the way she tells the girls to go gate crash and then saying to Geet, r u really gonna leave him alone for one night, that was priceless!  Geet's reaction was too good!

MSK at party and the background dancers carrying him to dance floor was just too much!  Well I've always admired GC dancing, he is just too good!  Didnt like the editing for the dance, could have been much better!

Geet crashing and boys trying to save MSK, quite cute, glad she danced and had fun too! 

MSK connecting the neck dots, yeap its Brij, but he only connected after Geet mentioned his name!  Way to go Geet!

NE and Arjun, way too much footage, but man she is tooooooooo phaaaaaaaaast!  This is why I say MSK and NE are not real siblings and Im sure she is Dev's real sibling! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLMUnda MSK is just too slow, if marriage happens let's see if he does anything on SR!LOLLOLLOLLOLI doubtLOLLOLLOLLOL

Million dollar question was that slow dance off screen or on verdict - off screen, enjoy the moment and thank SBS camera man for capturing it!  Yes, its priceless! Many dances from SBS/SBB were missing in today's show!  At times these artists need to have fun and enjoy while shooting, Im sure they were doing loads of masti, but never thought it would be captured! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Caco, Jane, Ben Ten...awesome posts!

Coming to today, the story seems to be progressing exactly as indicated in articles, spoilers etc. Where is the mystery anymore? D'oh

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shadowstreet Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:23am | IP Logged
reserving after a looooong loooong timeLOL LOL
Jane and Mrs BenTen welcomeHugHugHugHug

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged

Caco/Jane/Ben10 Awesome ROFL

Jane and ben10 Welcome Hug


I liked to today's episode in parts.

The Boys:  The bachelor party was good.  I love Adi and the idiots- they are so cute. ROFLROFLROFL The guys trying to get Maan to enjoy the party and spikes the drink, but Maan is too smart for that. Maan is of course worried about Geet. He is always going worry about Geet's safety and he is simply restless if Geet is not in the vicinity. I liked Arjun in this scene. About Arjun's character, what's with him? Is he not taking revenge on Maan anymore? Ermm

The Girls: The Girl's Party was funny. First of all, what's with the decor? Geet is not 5 ! D'oh Maan should leave party planning to Arjun and get back to CEOingStern SmileROFLROFL Once you get over the pink overdose and the gigantic teddy bear, I liked the girl bonding.SillyROFL Geet needs friends and it's nice to see her having someone other than Maan.Embarrassed I hate BDs! But, I understand that with long shoots actors need time off. EmbarrassedLOL

Sheila Ki Jawani: You completely butchered it with weird camera angles and horrible VM making skills. Stern Smile What was that? Why can't you just edit like the rest of the episode. The SBB/SBS looked SO MUCH better than the actual sequence. Why can't you quit with the stupid effects? PinchSorry to be blunt but you suck at it! That's the truth, so please quit using effects, They make the whole thing look so amateur and you are better than that. Stern Smile

Maan and Geet Convo: I loved seeing Geet this happy. She deserves nothing less but we all know trouble is brewing.Ouch Maan connecting Dots about Brij was good; that is very Maan.Thumbs Up FInally he can do something other than plan parties for 5 year oldsROFL ROFLHe can't be completely oblivious to what is going on in his house. Him getting into action immediately is good. Maan is so certain that it is Brij again consistent with his character! He is Mr. "I'm sure about everything"ROFL When it comes to Geet he won't waste another moment second guessing. Maan trusted the guys with Geet's safety, which is good because Maan needs others whom he can rely on. Smile

Arjun and Annie: Annie is officially a loser. Her behavior is disgusting! I'm not going to waste my breath on them. Dead

Note: I think you should cut down on how much is revealed in SBS/SBB and articles. This takes away the surprise factor! Be Vague!!! Release just enough info to  get attention without giving it away.

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Caco, Jane  and BenTen....Bravo....!!!  Great Job!!!  Thumbs Up!!!!

 And Reserve..LOL

My take on today's epi...

What's with the Geet CVs and Song and Dance Sequences in this show??? Is it jinxed in some way?/ Why are they hell-bent on ruining a perfectly nice sequence into a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street....We see much better versions of this sequences in the segments shown on SBB and SBS and might I add with better camera angles....Even certain scenes are shot better by the SBS and SBB guys...I would suggest the PH fire the current editors and cameraman and hire SBS and SBB people....Atleast we will have some paisa-vasool sequences...Not the sloppy one we saw today and have seen in the past too....Till date the only SOng and Dance Sequence which has been par excellence was "Kurbaan Hua" It has been embedded in our memory in such a way that all the others pale in comparision....Why can't that same magic be brought back in the other sequences too??? Is it too much to ask...We sit in our homes waiting for these sequences to air and what do we see...a badly edited version of the original....Why Oh Why???AngryAngry

Well, I have finished venting and now will talk about the rest of the epi

1) I liked Cool Daadi and the Girls party....The girls grooving and having fun was Thumbs Up...And also daadi's idea to gatecrash the bachelor's party was....LOLLOL...Daadi is a chhupi rustam....Tongue

2) Maan's worry for Geet's safety even during his party was EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

3) The security guard's reaction to Brij's approach wasShocked...I guess Maan had instructed them to be tough with anyone besides the girls in the party entering or exiting the room...Then why didn't these guards inform Maan when Geet and the girls decided to gatecrash the party??? And also how come they allowed Geet to go without security to the party venue?? Well, I don't think these questions will be answered but I ask anyways...LOLLOL

4) The guys enjoying at the Bachelor Party was nice....Adi, Pandeyji, Romeo and Manisha bring in the comic relief in the show

5) The Sheela ki Jawaani sequence started off well...I liked Sayantani's moves but after that it went downhill so fast that I couldn't even watch the scene happily (And to top it my hubby was enjoying SG's moves and grooves....LOL)....I dunno why but all the GHSP song sequences seem to have intervals like movies... And these can be in the form of Maahi Chillathi Aatmas, Dialogue Breaks or Ad Breaks....But there has to be something...Why can't we have a simple straightforward song and dance routine without any extra fittings???....Then the effects...don't get me started on that...Orange, red, blue, balls floating in between, scene disintegrating and integrating again, VM effects and what not....God CVs PLease Keep It Sweet and Simple...why so many complications???

6) I have to say I liked the Bheegi Billi version of Maan Singh Khurana....LOL...Kya se Kya ho gaya MSK....Geet.... tere  pyaar mein.....GC was looking so cute in the scene..." Nahin Geet...main nahi gaya tha vohi mujhe leke gayi thi"LOLLOLLOL Bechara MSK...Geet makes him dance to her tunes..LOL

7) I liked Geet being so happy and her talk about her Dream Wedding....But poor thing se doesn't now what drama awaits her...Gawd I just hope they get married and I'll be the world's happiest GHSP viewer ...haan *Fingers Crossed*LOL

8) Now the high-point of the epi...Maan's Eureka Moment.....I liked it how he immediately connected Brij's name from Geet's mouth to the signature movement of Brij and then the scene from yday's epi...SO closure of that loop..Thank GOd!!! Now we have one less loop to rack our brains about...LOLLOL...SO tomorrow we'll see some action....Yippeeee....Dancing....

9) Maan informing Adi and gang to keep an eye on Geet while he checks on Brij was...Thumbs Up...This is where GHSP is different...if  it was any other series than the hero wud have walked off without informing anyone and the villian wud have come and struck the heroine while the hero was searching for him elsewhere....So for that reason....GHSP CVs you get....ClapClap...But I'll not forgive u the debacle called Sheela Ki Jawaani...haan

10) NES ....all I can say is for a non-existent being she is very fast...She put a ring on the guy and said I Love You...All in one go...I hope he end also comes in the same way

Overall an interesting epi...Lotsa things happening and story moving fast and coming to an interesting turn...So, I'm eagerly waiting to see what happens next...Hope its worth the while and not like the disaster that was SKJ today...LOL Today the stars of the show were

1) SG for her amazing dancing skills and
2) MSK's brain for its awesome dot connection skills....LOL

Now tomorrow..."BriMaan Ki Prem Gatha"....Do Bichde hue Premiyon Ka Milan...LOL

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Protagonist - Geet

I hear that the theme of the Den today is Humor /comedy
What else can I share with all of you that is more phunny
than the story of my life, I, myself and Me

I wonder where to start from, maybe from when I was/am 18 years
because all there was before that was agony and tears and fears

Then one day came this handsome hunk who I thought was my knight
He married me in 3 days, got me pregnant in only 1 night
and left me crying the following day, oh imagine my plight

I went back home, hoping to get my family's support
When back home, the verdict for my unborn child was "Abort"
I knew then that I had to fight and not remain crushed

I ran away from home with a bunch of gundas following me
I could only think of one person who would help me - Babaji
But when I turned around to look, the one after me was still Brij Veerji

I tripped, I fell, and thought to myself - oh, what the hell
But someone saved me that night, and cast on me a love spell
I was left thinking All is well that ends well

My story has not progressed any more than it did that day
Tripping, falling and eye-locking this guy with loads of hair-spray
And they are making me do this even on freaking Saturday

I am left with an unborn child and a wedding that may never happen
and all u people ask me why I look disheartened?

And you think you can make jokes of my life, ya ya, very funny
All I have to say to you is - Go get urself a life Honey! 


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