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*There Is Always A Chance* (Page 61)

..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Awesome promo Manjari..
Adi is so like Sam..LOL..
Haha.. Bechari Gunjan..
Gunjan was in anger.. Sam and Adi don't have any idea that they are in big trouble..
Continue soon..

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
awesome promo
loved it
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Very Cute PROMO MANJARiSmile ADI is just like his naughty father.LOL Poor GUNJAN......LOL Please Update soon.....Thanx 4 PM.

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fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
hey manji
awesome promo
gunji in angerLOLn sam n adi gone
do cont soon
n thanks for the pm

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karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Wndrful promo swty.
plz cnt wid part soon.
luv u

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saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Hahaha, awesome promo!

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
hahahaha love the promo good poor gunjan she is dealing with two master pranksterLOL do continue soon

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Gunjan sat in her room. She was bored. Samrat and aditya were having fun with their XBOX and she was alone. She wanted to be angry. She wanted to show her anger. She was annoyed with them. "How dare samrat called me a geek? And aditya he actually agreed and left with him! That is not acceptible!" she would make them pay for their teasing!

Samrat & adi were having a lovely time playing games. Adi was too good. Samrat lost continuously 3 races and gave the same excuse.. "I am out of practice, You play everyday!" Aditya chuckled at this. He knew his dad hated it when he lost a game. It was almost 9 now. And they still hadnt left the video game. They were feeling hungry now! "Chashmishh!!" samrat called out. No reponse. "Chashmishh!!" again he called. No response. "Woh gayi kaha?" he asked aditya who still wasnt used to her mom being called 'Chashmish'...

"Mom!!" aditya called. No reponse. They stopped their game and got up. They went to look for gunjan. They checked in the room first. She wasnt there. They went to the kitchen. Nah! Not there either. Then they went to the study and there she sat reading a book and eating pasta. "Hey chashmish! Hum kabse tumhe bula rahe hai!" samrat said. "Haan mom.. couldnt you here us?" Adi asked. "Oh! Im sorry, I was so LOST in the book.. I didnt realise." Gunjan said acting like a GEEK! "Mom.. Whats for dinner?" Aditya asked. "I am damn hungry." "Oh God! Whats the time?" gunjan looked at her watch. "Shit!! Its 9! I havent made anything!" she said. Samrat knew this was gunjan's way to show that she was upset. "What? Mom how could you not make anything! Please make something im very hungry!" Aditya said. "Aww.. Can I just finish this book.. then ill surely make something! You know this book is VERY interesting!" gunjan exclaimed.. Adityas eyes widened seeing the thickness of the book! And it seemed as if gunjan had just started. Aditya looked at samrat. Even he knew that gunjan was upset. His mom never behaved this way! Samrat smiled. He took the book away from her. "Chashmish, naatak band karo!" "Naatak? Samrat Im a Geek right? So what else do geeks do?" She said as she finished her pasta. "Mom Im really hungry!" aditya made a puppy face. Gunjan got up and yawned. "You should have thought about this before taking your dad's side!" she left from there and into her bedroom.

"Dad! Cant you do something?" Adi asked helplessly. "I think mom is very annoyed with us!"

"Humph. You think? Im sure she is! We can cheer her up tomorrow.. She wont listen to us now!" Samrat stated.

"Are you sure she wont get angry that we didnt say sorry?" adi asked.

"We were just kidding, why should we say sorry!?? Look as it is tomorrow we will do something so today lets have some more fun with your mom!" samrat said giving his evil smile..

"No No No! Dad.. I am going and telling mom sorry! She will forgive me and make some food! I dont want to stay hungry!" adi said. Simple & easy way. He didnt want to bug gunjan so much! He liked irritating her but this time he could be in for some serious trouble if he did something wrong!

"Abe mom ke chamche! Ruk!" Samrat stopped aditya and spanked him on his head. "Kal holi hai! We will cheer her up early in the morning!"

"Ohh.. But what now ? Im am HUNGRY!" adi said.

Samrat smiled at him. 'Bilkul mujhpar gaya hai! Loves eating..'

"I know.. so lets go out for dinner!" samrat said.

"WOW! Ok ok.. let me go ask mom to get ready.." adi said as he was leaving the room..

Samrat caught his collar and pulled him back.. "Adi.. beta.. abhi hum chashmish ko kuchh nahi batayenge!"

"Dad.. this is wrong!" adi said.

"Ok! Fine. Then you can stay at home. I am GOING!" he said.

"No No.. wait.. mom can wait till tomorrow.. Ill come with you!" adi said. How could he leave the awesome food of the restaurant!

Samrat smiled as he knew his trick would work.


Samrat and aditya went out for dinner. They were continuously talking about just one thing.. FOOD! They were very hungry. That time samrat came to know that aditya was completely like him! He loved chinese, gajar ka halwa was his favourite and obviously he loved ice cream! They waited for their food to come and then attacked. They had a great time and they relished the food. They finished an entire bowl of gajar ka halwa [1 bowl for 8 ppl] They were stuffed. And as they reached home tired and sleepy they saw a furious gunjan standing at the door.

"Where were you'll?" Gunjan asked. Her face was serious now. She was angry.

Samrat was looking more scared than adi was.

"Um.. we.. we went for dinner!" samrat said.

"Why didnt you pick up your phone?" she asked in the same calm & serious tone. This was scaring samrat. Gunjan was not in a very good mood! (( and he knew that 'not in a very good mood' was an understatement))

Samrat checked his phone 9 missed calls. Shit. He was so dead. He asked aditya to go sleep and gunjan too nodded at that. Adi left without any further discussion.

"Look chashmish.." samrat said.. "you werent making anything so we thought we could go out and.."

"So WHAT? I am not angry because you'll went out to eat! I am angry because you guys didnt think it was important to tell me! Ryt. Who m I? Why should anyone tell me? Im not important and why should you pick up your phone either?" Gunjan practically screamed.

"Chashmish, we were just trying to.."

"irritate me. Bug me. Thats ALL YOU CAN DO!" she was very annoyed. She turned around and went inside. Samrat felt guilty. He should have told her. Maybe she took it a little too seriously! He followed her into the room. She was already in bed.

"I am sorry chash.." samrat was going to say but.. " No Its NOT ok samrat! Its not ok!" she said. Samrat quietly went and changed and lay down beside her. He wasnt sure whether to talk to her today or not. But then he heard gunjan sniff. 'She was crying. No.. come on! She couldnt take it so seriosuly!' samrat thought.

He went closer to her. He hugged her from the back. "Leave me samrat." She managed to say in an almost steady voice. Samrat made her turn around. He wiped her tears. She still seemed to be upset but didnt tell him anything. He took gunjan in his arms and held her close. "Chashmish.. I was just kidding. You know we love you! And we love making you angry and irritated as well. I didnt think you would be so hurt!" he said softly. "Your very mean" gunjan said just like a kid. Samrat smiled at her cute gesture and the adorable face she made. He hugged her and she tried to hit him but ended up hugging him back.

"You better not do this again!" gunjan said.

"Aur agar maine aisa kiya?" samrat said with a spark on his face. "kya mujhe tumhe aise phirse manane milega? He asked.

Gunjan ,poking him on his chest, said  "Agar tumne aisa kiya toh tumhe next time aditya ke saath sona padega!" she declared.

And then they both shared a laugh.



I woke up late. I didnt know how. I looked around and samrat and adi stood in front of me. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Oh, No, they werent standing..

 Both of them were on their knees. With two flowers in their hand and making a sad face. I looked at each one of them. Adi was trying to act very innocent and all.. I  knew that expression very well.. he did that when he wanted something! And samrat.. his expression was something I didn't quite understand. His eyes were shining almost as if he would cry. And his lips were the complete opposite. There was a wide smile playing on his lips. Both of them sat there staring at me.

"Why are you two here? Whats going on?" I asked.

Samrat & Adi slowly got up and came towards me. I was now getting out of bed.. they showed me the flowers and I looked at them. They must have come to say sorry..  One had purple and pink flowers the other had red and white ones.

"You'll got flowers for me?" I said with a smile.. "How nice of.." 

But before I could finish the sentence the two pressed the flowers and a stream coloured water gushed out of it and dirently onto my face!

"HAPPY HOLI MOM" Adi & Samrat screamed..

I was furious! I was going to scream that very moment when they got a lot of colour and put it all over my face.. I am NOT going to spare them this time! I thought.

"WAIT!" "COME HERE!" I screamed. They ran outside. My face was red. I chased behind them with colour in my hand. First I caught samrat.. Ok fine fine. He caught me. He hugged me from behind and lifted me in his arms. I was shocked for one second and the next I was sure they were going to do something now. Would they throw me in a tub of colour? No No.. I have to do something.  Samrat put me down right next to a tub of water. It was pretty big.

"I just wanted to show you the preparations. We just invited everyone over for holi! It will be fun!" samrat said. I loved holi! I looked excited but suddenly I looked back to see Adi running towards us..He was going to push me in! I glared at him. Samrat missed that. He didnt see me look back and The next moment he was inside that tub of colour! Instead of pushing me adi had just pushed samrat!

Both me and son Hi5ed and hugged each other! Samrat got up and looked at us. He smiled first and then thought of having some fun. Samrats expressions gave away everything! He picked adi up and dropped him in the water too! I gasped seeing samrat pick adi up! I stood in a corner and saw samrat bug aditya and scream at him for pushing him inside the tub. Adi was giggling as samrat was trying to be rude & angry. I had always wanted a family like this! A happy family. This is the difference samrat made in my life. The gunjan who had forgotten what it was to live life had gone. The older one was back. The gunjan who loved samrat. She loved aditya alot! It was after all because of him that me & samrat were back together. I would have never been able to survive so long if aditya wouldnt have been there. But I missed someone here. A friend who had been with me through my rough time when he himself had lost his wife. We both were there for each other and now I havent even heard about him from a long time. He didnt even come for my wedding! Mohit had promised he would come but he hadnt. I dont know why I suddenly thought about him. My mind flickered to mohit suddenly. Maybe he was a great friend & a superb boss! I was so lost in my thoughts that I was shaken up when four arms encircled me. Aww I love my family! Adi and samrat both hugged me. I seemed like I was both their mothers!

All the anger, all the worries were over. Now life was precious and I didnt want to lose it. Hereafter we had a great day. Di & jiju also came over.. We had a great time playing holi and enjoying the thandai and the food. I had made sure there was no bhaang in the thandai. Later in the evening when everyone had left we freshened up and I was going to make dinner when the door bell rang. Samrat had opened the door. I heard two three voices outside and then i heard adi scream. I quickly went out to see who had come and Oh My God. It was Mohit! I was shocked. Only today i was thinking about him and he was here. In front of me. Samrat greeted mohit and Adi and sameer hugged like long lost brothers.

"Surprise!!" Mohit said as he hugged me. "How come you two are here?" I asked. I was so happy and it was visible on my face because there were tears in my eyes. I couldnt believe it. He had been a great friend. And I missed him sooo much!

"Aww.. Gunjan dont cry! We are here now.. and guess what, Sameer finally got a mom!" he said smiling!

"WHAAT? YOU GOT MARRIED?? That is mean mohit! You didnt even invite us!" I scolded.!

"It all happened only 4 days after you left! And it was all so quick. I was depressed that you left and then she came and my life went upside down! I thought she was irritating first and then it all hapenned so quickly and even sameer loves her.. ryt?"

And he looked around to see no one. Even adi wasnt there. Gosh! I think they were the happiest!

"Where is she??" I asked eagerly. I was so glad that mohit was settled too!

"She's attending a call outside.. wait ill call her.." Mohit said.. "Sanaaayyaaa!!" he called.

"One secondd mohiitt!!! Cant you waiitt!!" she yelled..

And we laughed. Then she came in wearing a pair of jeans and a top. Her hair was open and she looked beautiful..

"Hii Sanaya!" I said hugging her. "Congrats!"

Mohit introduced sanaya to everyone and they had a nice chit chat. Mohit gave another good news to us that they were shifting to Mumbai as Sanaya owned a company here and mohit missed India too much now, when gunjan had left!

It was the happiest day for me! Everyone was here now! Life always gives us a second chance.. The only variation is some people take it &  some leave it! This was just fate which got samrat to Singapore and to work with mohit. If it wouldnt have been that then we wouldnt be here today! My life wouldnt have changed. Our lives wouldnt have changed. In life somethings are just meant to be even if OTHERS try to seperate two people they always end up together.. There is Always a chance!! My mind suddenly filled with anger for bauji.. but I didnt want to let it affect me anymore. I have everything I ever wanted and I want nothing more..!



*The End*

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