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*There Is Always A Chance* (Page 40)

.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by deepti_mohit

Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by deepti_mohit

lalalalalalala ROFLROFLROFLawesomeClap
u already know my commentWink
Lalalalalala!! Thanks alot! Tongue
{For two secs I thot u edited ur comment! LOL!}
me chanceApproveThumbs DownROFL
I know that! Realised on seeing it onlyy!! {Falso Hopes}Big smile
exactlyWink..ur too gud..u know me so wellWinkROFL

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Originally posted by deepti_mohit

Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by deepti_mohit

Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by deepti_mohit

lalalalalalala ROFLROFLROFLawesomeClap
u already know my commentWink
Lalalalalala!! Thanks alot! Tongue
{For two secs I thot u edited ur comment! LOL!}
me chanceApproveThumbs DownROFL
I know that! Realised on seeing it onlyy!! {Falso Hopes}Big smile
exactlyWink..ur too gud..u know me so wellWinkROFL
Obviouslyy...!! Hahah! Hv known you for almost 6 months NOW! =)
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update na !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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hey wen r u gng to updt!????

waiting for itt!!

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do cont soon

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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@ Nisha & the.jazzgirl -- Will update sooon guys! Just working on the part!
Thank you very much for liking my update! Love you'll!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Guys,

Im not sure how this part has turned out! I just hope I havent disappointed you people! With the Gr8 Magazine being posted today i doubt you'll are gonna find this romantic! Anyway.. I guess this is it then.. the marriage part! Hope you enjoy reading it! Here goes..


Samrat and gunjan were taken to their seats which was in the middle of the hall.. It was time for clicking pictures with the Dulha & Dulhan! All the family and friends gathered around and one by one families clicked pictures.. First it was aditya and Sajan.. Aditya was wearing a turban himself.. he looked extremely cute.. gunjan bent down and kissed aditya on his cheeks.. Aditya hugged his mother and got ready for the picture.. then it was Bauji & bui's turn and they too clicked a picture.. Bauji standing next to samrat and Bui on gunjans side. Gunjan hadn't talked to Bauji properly.. she was in no mood to even look at her father who was feeling extremely guilty for what he had done.. nowadays he said nothing at all.. he stayed quiet and something which no one knew was that his guilt was killing him from inside..

Now forgetting about all this the marriage functions continue.. Suhani and Samrat's Mom got their picture taken.. Sam's Mom hugged gunjan and gave her a compliment saying that she was the prettiest bride she had ever seen! And even suhani said that she would wear the same one for her wedding and everyone laughed!

MaYur came and Mayank & Nupur stood between Sajan! Mayank between gunjan and Nupur and Nupur between samrat and Mayank! They got a picture clicked and then Nupur started to ask gunjan if she was alright.. she hadn't eaten anything and it was almost 6:30 pm now! Gunjan nodded slightly and then Mayank and Nupur left them and carried on with all their duties.. Gunjan was taking care of the guests, seeing the got everything they wanted..

After this, Nupur bought a plate with some food for samrat which he didn't take..

N – Samrat Kuchh kha lo!

S – nahi Nupur bhook nahi hai..

Gunjan who was sitting next to him said..

G – Samrat.. please kha lo..

S – Chashmish, sach main bilkul bhook nahi lag raha!

G – tum mere wajah se nahi kha rahe ho na?

N – Haan.. dekho gunjan ka wrat hai.. tum toh kha lo!

S – WHAT? Chashmish! Tumne wrat rakha? Subah se? Paagal ho gayi ho kya?!! Khud apna khayal rakh nahi sakti na! Chalo Nupur gunjan ke liye khana lao!

N – Nahi samrat.. this is wrong.. har Dulhan yeh wrat rakhti hai! You cant break this!

S – Nupur.. khana Lao! (he said in a strict way!)

G – Samrat samajhne ki koshish karo yeh waqt bacho jaise behave karne ka nahi hai!

S – Chashmish—(he saw Anjali passing by) Anjali.. suno na plz!

Anjali came towards them..

(Anjali – She was a college friend. From both their side!)

A – Hi Samrat, Hi Gunjan! You both look superb together!

G – thank you Anjali! Even your looking very pretty!

S – Anjali.. please go get us some food!

N – Nahi! Anjali.. tum hi batao, your married.. Didn't you keep a fast?

A – Yeah! Obviously... every girl is supposed to keep a fast for her husband!

S – But why? Gunjan will fall ill.. Im sure!

G – Samrat main itni weak nahi hun! Please understand!

N – Samrat! Plz tum kha lena, mujhe aur bhi kaam hai!

Nupur gave Samrat's plate to Anjali..

A – I think you should eat Samrat.. gunjan is alright.. Har larki ko yeh karna padta hai samrat.. you cant change it. Ask gunjan will she break this fast? Does she want to? Its ok.. we girls are very strong. We can manage one day! Just listen to her.. eat little bit.

G – Anjali is right samrat. I cant break this fast!

S – Mujhe bhook nahi hai.. (samrat said in a blunt way)

Gunjan took the plate from Anjali and smiled at samrat. He cared so much for her.

G – Agar main khilaoongi tabhi nahi khaoge?

S – Nahi! Jab tak tum nahi khaogi main nahi khaoonga!

G – Dekho bacho jaisi baat mat karo!

Anjali smiled at their sweetness and went to get her own plate.. her mouth was watering seeing such delicious food!

S – Chashmish.. Please kha lo!

G – Nahi. Main baad main khaoongi!

And she picked up the spoon full of food and got it near Samrat's mouth.

G – Mere liye kha lo...

Samrat had to give up.. he was hungry and Thats why he knew how hungry gunjan would be! Thats why he wanted her to eat! Samrat didn't say anything and just ate.

G – I know your hungry samrat!

S – Chashmish.. even you are!

Gunjan  smiled seeing samrat.. he knew her too well.. she could just eat all the food but she controlled herself from doing so. She fed samrat and they sat and talked.

Nikki, sonu, deepti & nisha came and sat next to them talking..

Nikki – So Jiju, Gunjan ko honeymoon par kaha leja rahe ho?

S – Kyun Saaliji.. tumhe bhi saath chalna hai??

All the girls giggled.. Nikki Blushed.

Nisha backed samrat up as usual..

Nisha – Samrat pakka gunjan ko koi romantic jagah par lekar jayega!

Gunjan looked down and blushed..

Deepti – Nah! Aditya ke saath romantic jagah? Bechara bore ho jayega! Lol!

Sonu – Batayena Jijaji!!

She insisted..

S – pata nahi saaliji.. abhi tak plan nahi kiya!

Nikki – Plan nahi kiya ya phir humme batana nahi chahte?

Deepti – nahi nahi surprise hoga na!!

This way all the girls pulled samrats leg and sometimes made gunjan blush.. samrat tried to shoo them away but failed..

It was sooon time for the pheras.. Nupur helped gunjan and made her sit next to samrat.. The pandit chanted the mantras and soon it was time for the kanyadaan.. Bauji came ahead to do that.. gunjan just wished she could have stood and asked Mayank to do that.. but she didn't.. she didn't want to humiliate her father in front of everyone. Shashi came ahead and did the kanya daan.. he placed gunjans hand slowly onto samrats and prayed to god that no one could ever separate them!

They slowly stood up for the pheras and, Nupur did the gathbandhan and as the pandit chanted the prayers as Samrat walked ahead of her.. he held gunjans hand and they took 3 rounds of the fire..In this the husband promises to take care of his wife and never let her feel like an outsider. He promises to always be there in her difficult times and get her out of it! The husband promises to be with his wife for 7 janams! This was the most important part of the wedding and everyone was paying attention..

Samrat Promised – I promise gunjan, I will never leave you again.. I will be a good husband and will fulfil every wish of yours. I promise to be a good father and will always make you smile. I will stay with you until I die .

Gunjan Promised – I promise to never let misunderstanding weaken our relationship and I will keep you above all people in my life. I promise to be a loyal, strong and good wife and I hope I can give you all the happiness is your life!

Within they both knew.. that if they were there with each other nothing could separate them n that they will always be together!

Hamesha & Forever!

In the second half gunjan went ahead of samrat and took the next four rounds.. in this the wife promises to come ahead and stand up for her husband.. and even if death comes his way it first has to go over her dead body.. the wife promises that she will always stand by her husband in happy and sad times and be a fulltime support system! She promises that she will always look after her husband in a very caring way and will love him more than anyone else..

Once the pheras were done they both sat down again.. and then Nupur came ahead and gave samrat the sindoor and mangalsutra.. samrat slowly put sindoor and made her wear the mangal sootra.. Both looked at each other and smiled. Now they were "Officially" husband and wife!

"Ab Yeh Shaadi Sampan Hui!" Said the pandit.

Both of them stood up. They went and touched Sam's moms feet and then Bauji's.. Gunjan was very quiet.. Bauji looked at her and smiled.

"May you always be happy!" he wished.. She smiled slightly and accepted it.. Then they went and hugged MaYur! Nupur was almost in tears.. Finally her lil sis was happy! And nothing made her happier! Samrat went to look for his shoes.. he asked Mayank..

"Have you seen my shoes.!"

"Oh Shit! I forgot, The girls must have stolen it.." Mayank replied..

"What? Now what do I do?" samrat asked..

".. Jijaji.. I will tell you what to do..!" The eavesdropping Nupur said..

Nupur took samrat among all the Saaliyan who were waiting for their money!

S – Heyy! Uske paas mere joote hai! (samrat said pointing to Ria!)

N – of course hai.. and hum aapko wapas de denge! Bas ek shart hai—

S – Kya? (samrat looked at them with suspicion...)

N – You have to pay for it!

S – what?

N – haan.. hum sab ko neg milna chahiye!

S – Joote churane ke liye neg? Ryt!

Niki – Dekhiye JIJAjeee.. agar aapne neg nahi diya na.. toh.. toh—

S – Toh kya karlengi aap?

Sonu – toh main gunjan ko apne paas rakh loongi!

(pulling gunjan on their side.)

Adya – Haan! humme neg chahiye!

All the girls repeated after her!

Samrat took out a thousand ka note and gave it to ria who was holding his shoes!

Ria – Hum yaha bhikhari dikh rahe hai?

S – helloo.. yeh 10 rs nahi 1000 rs hai!!

Bui gave the girls an angry look..

Bui – Lelo larkiyon aur rasame aage badhne don!

Sonu – Nahi bui.. aaj aap kuchh nahi bol sakte ! Humme neg chahiye!

Aditya was carefully looking at what was happening! He was amused by every phase of this wedding.. his parents taking teh 7 pheras.. The ceremonies were so much fun!

Nikki – aapko kya tension jiju.. 50,000 main aapka kya jayega! Kyun larkiya?

S – 50,000? Ryt.. ab toh ek rupaye bhi nahi milenge!! {he said angrily!}

Adya – thik hai.. toh gunjan bhi nahi milegi..!!

Sm – dedo na beta!

Suhani – haan bhai.. sirf 50,000 hi maang rahe hai! Woh bhi bhabhi ke liye!

S – suhani.. bhabhi ke liye nahi.. mere jooto ke liye paagal!

Deepti & richa were helpless..!! Nisha & shreyaa went home early to decorate their room for the SuhaagRaat!

Samrat had to give up..

S – Fine.. le lo..!! {he took out 10,000 and gave it to the girls!}

All the girls jumped in joy and gave the shoes back to samrat! Atleast they got 10,000! Gunjan and samrat went towards the door.. now was the time for the bidai!

Bui and Nupur hugged gunjan tight.. all of them were very happy.. The surprising part was that gunjan wasn't crying! Everyone was happy and they talked laughed and sang! Bauji was a little teary but he hid it.. Gunjan & Samrat sat in their car and the driver drove off...

Aditya was in that car too..

"Congrats Mom & Dad!" he said..

"thank you!" Samrat said.. "Love you!" gunjan said..

"Congrats Mrs.Shergill!"

"Same to you Mr.Shergill!" gunjan exclaimed.

It was slightly awkward for gunjan.. she didn't know what to say.. even samrat was quiet in the car.. and aditya was plain confused due to the sudden silence after so much noise!

They reached home. Their Home.

Gunjan & samrat were stopped at the gate.

"hamara neg?" Tanzeel and Suhani stood at the gate to ask..

"What? Yaha Bhi?" Samrat said irritated..

"haan bhai.. aur humne dekha aapne unhe 10000 diya! Hum usse zyada lekar hi rahenge!"

"But i dont have any more money!" Samrat said trying to make his way past them..

"Sorry bhai.. phir aaplog ander nahi aa sakte!"

"MOM! Inhe kahiye ki raasta saaf karenge! Mujhe jana hai!"

"Suhanii..! Beta chhodo na! Uske paas paise nahi hai.. woh ander jakar de dega!" his mom said taking his side.

"Ok! Bhai.. Ander jakar sabse pehle aap humme paise denge! Warna aapki Suhaag raat Gayi!!!" Suhani said warning Him..

Samrat gave her an evil smile.. And the girls cleared the way for His mom to come near the door.. first she did the arti and then asked gunjan to come in. Gunjan lifted her leg and Toppled  the copper kalash with her leg. She entered the house and stepped into the plate full of Alta {A kind of red paint especially to welcome a new bride!}. gunjan made her foot marks with it and came in.. the house was beautifully decorated. Gunjan looked around the house. She hadn't seen this house ever! Their  house was in Delhi now.. and the house where samrat lived before was just a small bachelor flat! This house was huge too and fully furnished! Samrat's Mom welcomed gunjan with a warm hug..

Suhani – Mom hum kal subah kyun ja rahe hai? Mujhe bhabhi ke saath kuch waqt rehna hai!

Sm – haan.. I know, but hum phir aa jayenge! Abhi we have to go!

Gunjan looked up at them.. she didn't want them to leave so soon.. but she didn't say anything. She just looked down..

Suhani – Waise bhai ab aapki baari hai.. (to gunjan) bhabhi.. hamare ghar main ek aur rasam hai.. Dulha dulhan ko apne kamre main uthakar lejata hai..!

Gunjan looked up at samrat and even before she could react she was Samrat's arms.. Aditya laughed at this and gunjan shot him a glare!

Samrat started to walk towards his room and whispered in her ears..

"Welcome home, Mrs.Shergill!" he said softly!


Precap: The First Night & some family moments!

Please Give Me Your Comments/Criticisms... And tell me my mistakes.. Will try and improve next time! Thanks alot!



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awesome update
loved it
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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