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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by thejazzgal.s

hey manjari wen r u gng to update it!!

tum ne kaha tha ki 23rd ko shadi hai par aj to 26th hai! too late yaar!
waiting to read it!
plzzzzz do cont soon muuuha!
Heyy !!
Im so sorry!
I have been veryy busy these days thats why got delayed!
I will just update in sometime!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hii Friends!
Im back with SaJan Shaadi!!
Im sorry for the delay. But I was very busy with my work so Couldnt update! Hope you can understand! So to compensate I have written a SLIGHTLY longer part than usual..
Many People complain that I write short parts! CryCry
So I really wanna know.. is this short too?
Thanks! Enjoy reading!

Gunjan's House.

Everyone was waiting for suhani and her mom to arrive with teh haldi.. Till then there was music being played and  and Nikki dancing together..

Nupur joined them and all the three danced with alot of energy and then Sonu brought gunjan in and all of them were dancing.. when gunjans cellphone beeped.. It was from samrat.. gunjan went and saw the message.. it said.

'hey mom,

This is for you.. A sight of your husband!

Love, Adi'

Gunjan played the video and at first she was laughing seeing samrat in that condition but when she saw his expressions she became angry! He was nicely sitting in a tub-like thing and enjoying the massage.. she couldnt recognise the girls but she was furious.. She dialed samrat's number right away and went in one corner to talk to him.. Poor Samrat, he didnt even know what was going to happen with him..

"Hello" she said in a stern voice.

"Hi Chashmish! You were mishing me?" samrat said..

"Samrat! Tum waha Kya Kar rahe ho?" she asked..

"Chashmish. Meri haldi ki rasam khatam ho gayi hai.. Aur main abhi abhi nahakar nikla hoon!"

"Achha..! Kisne nehlaya tumhe?" Gunjan asked furious!

Samrat was in shock.. what was she talking about? Why was she so angry and then he saw aditya standing by his side grinning at him.. with the evil spark in his eyes..!

"Oh! Ab samjha.! Adi ne tumhe kya bheja?" samrat asked..

"USSE KYA MATLAB HAI SAMRAT!" Gunjan was angry because now samrat was bringing adi in the middle!

"Achha baba relax.. sorry!" Samrat said.. surrendering!

"Samrat! Jao dekho ki adi ne kya bheja mujhe..!" gunjan sed and cut the line not even listening to his reply!

Samrat approached aditya.. He was looking angry!

Aditya was freaked out as he thought he was in for a huge shouting..

But in turn samrat spanked him on his head..

"You love it na when Chashmish gets angry at me!"

Adi smiled..

"This was fun dad! Seeing mom scream at you!"

"Yeah yeah. Beta aane de teri Mom ko!"

Adi grinned! Samrat saw the video which adi sent gunjan and his mouth was open in awe.. He was almost blushing and enjoying the girls giving him a massage! He just thanked god that adi wasnt there at his bachelor party!

Meantime Suhani and Sam's Mom arrived and gunjan touched their feet and they started the ceremony!

First Bui applied the Haldi and then Sams mom did.. This was much more civilised than what happened in samrats ceremony! Everyone was talking and giggling! Girls were dancing!

Sonu was sitting beside gunjan and they both were discussing about her make up and hair do for the wedding when Ria joined them..

"Hi girls.. what are you'll talking about!" ria said in excitement.. she had been dancing continuously for the past one hour..!

"Hi Dancing Diva!" remarked gunjan.. who giggled at her comment!

"We were just discussing on gunjans make up and hair do!" Sonu answered smiling..

"Oh! That is so cool! So whats the plan?" Ria said..

"Mujhe lagta hai tum apne jiju se bohot hi influence ho rahi ho! Plan??!!??" gunjan said..

(Ria was gunjans cousin sister and was only 17! And Sonu was 32 and a friend from morena!)

"We are planning ki hum gunjan ke baal curl kare!" Sonu said..

Nikki who had been listening to their conversation added.

" I think we should let it be natural after all Samrat likes it that way.." She giggled saying that..

And so did Ria!

"Di.. you know what? Im jealous of you! Samrat jiju is just soo handsome!" Ria remarked..

"yeah i agree.. but even he is lucky! Our gunjan is no less.. she is pure and beautiful!" Sonu said defending gunjan!

Adya added in..

"But Samrat is every woman's dream man!" !! Adya said blushing..!

"I bet if samrat was here he would have married ria and Adya!" Gunjan joked..

"Kaash woh yaha hota.." Ria and Adya said lost in his thoughts!

"ADYA! RIA!" gunjan said spanking then on their arms!

"Hum Gunjan ke Baalon ke baare main decide kar rahe the.! Samrat beech main kahase aa gaya!" Sonu said seriously!

"Haha! Its Nikki's fault!" Ria exclaimed!

Everyone joined in the giggle..

The haldi ceremony went on smoothly and everyone had fun.. Nupur, Ria, Adya, Niki, Sonu everyone put haldi on gunjan...

Samrat's mom gave gunjan the shagun and they left for their house..

Sonu and Nikki helped give gunjan a milk bath. Later gunjan had a bath and started to get ready for her wedding..

It was almost one and gunjan had starte dto feel slightly hungry! But she didnt say a word.. More than hunger it was nervousness and anxiety to get married and be with him.. It was as if she had never seen samrat.. it was as if it was the first time he would look at her and thats why she had to dress up perfectly. She wanted everything to be perfect.. Her heart beats increased tremendously as she wore her joda..

Everyone helped her get ready... bui, bauji and mayank looked after the arrangements.. gunjan hadnt talked to bauji eversince they had that arguement after coming back... She hated him for doing something like that to her and she even crossed her limits by saying that he didnt love her and was a very bad father! Gunjan used to respect bauji alot.. but this was the anger for herself and her child.. Bauji had kept samrat away knowing what his probelms were.. She still didnt understad why? He had kept a father away from his son and gunjan away from her love! He had made gunjan ahte samrat more everyday! But gunjan didnt think about any of that today.. she wanted to be happy today! It was her wedding day! She was goingto get a new identity from tomorrow.. She was too excited..

"Jiju ke baare main soch rahi ho?" Adya said...teasing gunjan..

"aur kya.. jiska hone wala husband itna handsome ho toh sab uske baare main hi sochenge na!" Nikki added..

Gunjan sat there blushing when her phone rang!

Ria snatched the phone to look at the caller..

"Awww Jiju ka phone hai.. thodi der bhi wait nahi kar paye.."

"Dekh Ria usse phone wapas dede!" Sonu said strictly!

Ria was made a face and handed the phone over to gunjan.. all of them were quiet..


"Hi Mom!" said adi..

"Hi Adi!"

All the girls in the room lost interest! It was adi.. not Samrat!

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing Baby.. just getting ready.."

"Oh! Did I disturb You?"

"No no.. tell me?"

"Mom.. I am being forced by dadi to wear a sherwani!"

"Oh! Thats nice.. where it!"

"No Mom!! I cant!! Its suffocating!"

"Oh Adi.. just wear it! Im sure my son is going to look very handsome... common now.. where it!"

"Mom.. are you sure?"

"Hahah! Yeah Adi..! Im even sure you'll look better than ur dad!"

Gunjan giggled and cut the line..

Gunjan wore her lehenga and came out.. She looked extremely pretty even without jewellery and make up.. her hair was naturally open and her red lenega with golden sequences and lining suited just perfectly.. Gunjan had got a lot of jewellery from both Mayank as well as samrat.. Those two had gone together and almost got the whole store saying.. "Everything would jus look so perfect on you!" Gunjan had looked at each and every beautiful set and praised their choices..

Bui called all the girsl down.. They left and gunjan was all alone in her room..

It was as if she was blushing to herself looking in the mirror.. she slowly started to hum a song and then ended up singing and dancing. She went to the window and opened it..

"Yeh Zindagi, Kholle Baahe Khadi.."

"Hawa Yu Chali.. .." (feeling the breeze against her face.)

"Dil Kahe toh bhi.. zara paas aa.." (She imagined samrat playing the guitar..)

"Kal chhoti si.. chhoti yaadon ki ladi.."

"Pal main naya.. Aisa waadon ka silsila.."

"Bheed main bhi kyun lage ki Hum Do akele yahaaa"

(Gunjan shut her eyes, Imaging samrat near her.. she took in the fresh air and just twirled round and dropped down on her bed..)

"Nikle jo ghar se.. chale jab hum tum.. Suhane safar main miley jab hum tum!"

She slowly hummed the tune again in her mind thinking about the wonderful moments she spent with samrat and how lucky she was, to finally be with him!

But the thing she didn't notice was Nupur! Who stood at the door seeing her sister laugh, sing and express her feelings! She had tears in her eyes.. tears of joy!

"Gunjan.. Tu kitni khush lag rahin hai.."

Gunjan smiled / blushed and hugged her sister tight..

"Di Aaj main bohot khush hoon! Aaj mere life ki ek nayi beginning hai!"

"Haan gunjan.. tujhe khush hona bhi chahiye! Aur main bhi BOHOOT khush hoon.. itne saalon baad tere chehre par itni khushi dekh rahin hun!"

Gunjan and nupur did their sisterly hug once more and then nupur helped gunjan put on all her jewellery and get ready.. She looked like an indian princess.. with a heavy lehenga and alot of jewellery and makeup.. Nupur put the kala tika behind her ears and nazar utarofied her!


Aditya was Ready wearing a sherwani.. He looked like one of the handsomest kids ever! He entered samrat's room combing his hair to show him if he looked ok..

Samrat was ready too.. her had his 'Sehra' which is what the bridegroom wears on his wedding.. He was extra excited and was checking himself out in the mirror to which adi thought 'Why is he such a Show Off?!'

Samrat looked Damn Handsome.. He had applied gel on his hair but it didnt show because of the sehra! He wanted everything to be perfect! He was very excited for today.. or well.. tonight also! *wink*

He just wanted Gunjan to be his Forever!

"How M I looking?" Both the men said together! And then both started laughing at their Similarity!

"You are completely My Son for sure!" Samrat said smiling at him.. he was actually very happy to have aditya as his son.. though he got a bit irritating! But still he was a proud father!

After an Hour..

Samrat sat on the Horse to start for gunjans house.. He was half an hour early! But he just couldnt wait .. Suhani and tanzeel were dancing in fron of the horse and benji joined in.. Benji took Shreya with him to dance...

Samrats mom clapped and walked by the side with Aditya.. Aditya was very amused by all the rituals and the horse and all.. 'Dad must be having so much fun on that horse' he thought.  And it was as if Sams mom had heard him she announced...

"Oh Bhaiya! Isse Samrat ke aage bitha do na!" She told the guy was was standing next to samrats horse..

He lifted aditya and put him on the horse! Samrat put his arms around aditya and aditya looked ahead.. It was actually fun seeing the people dance in front..

Nisha was pulled into the crowd by deepti and Richa.. she was too shy to dance!

Deepti and Richa were dancing non-stop..

(Deepti & Richa were samrats school friends and EX- Girlfriends.. who were now good friends!)

Benji took turns with deepti and Richa!

And then came back to shreya!

Samrat was enjoying all his friends and family dancing.. they reached the oberoi and while the baarat entered samrat looked around to see if gunjan could be seen..

Samrat couldnt see her but she could see him.. She stood behind her curtains and peeped out to see aditya and samrat on the horse.. Nupur stood with her and they both laughed seeing adi on the horse too!

"Adi aur Samrat kitne achhe lag rahe hai na!" Nupur remarked..

"Haan di woh bhi ek ghore par!" Gunjan was very happy! Her happiness could be seen from her eyes. They were sparkling and her lips curled to smile.. she heart was full of happiness and she thought that if she were to get anymore happiness she would burst into tears!


Samrat got off the horse along with aditya.. Mayank, Nupur, Bui and Bauji welcomed the baraatis at the door and bui did the arti! She was very happy and she pulled samrat's nose.. Aditya freaked out but later Suhani told him the it was a ritual which was usually performed by the bride's mother!

Unknowingly Adi Touched his own nose.. probably thinking about it being pulled! Samrat was smiling as he entered still looking around..

"Kya dekh rahe ho sam?" Richa asked.

"Umm.. woh.. main toh bas decorations dekh raha tha!" Samrat said.. acting all cool!

Nisha couldnt control her laughter and giggled..

Samrat turned around and shook his head at her..

"Common Nish! Is waqt to meri side lo!"

Nisha nodded and tried to control her laughter but in vain..

"Tum humme bol sakte ho agar tum Gunjan bhabhi ko dhoond rahe ho!" Tanzeel added!

Samrat was going to reply when someone else spke for him..

"yeh baate boli nahi jaati! Iska moo dekhkar hi samajh aa raha hai!!!! By God!" It was nupur who just put her hand on his shoulder giving her one of her *Im-To-Smart-For-You* looks!

Mayank came and defended his friend.. "Tum larkiyan isse chhodoge? Jao gunjna ko le ao!"

And mayank took samrat with him...

There were many guests at the party samrat was meeting his relatives when bauji came to call him for the 'Var-Mala'

Samrat went and stood there waiting for HIS bride to come.. Aditya was by his side.. He was wondering what he's doing there.. but he said nothing.. He wanted to see his mum too!

And there she came.. dressed in her red lehenga with heavy jewellery on.. and loats of make up.. She looked down shyly and was too excited and nervous to face him.. she was very excited to see his reaction on seeing her but she just couldnt raise her head.. She wanted to look at him but there were butterflies in her stomach and she just couldnt gather courage to look up..

Nupur and Adya bought gunjan to stand opposite samrat who was foolishly staring at gunjan.. his eyes were stuck on gunjan and he just ouldnt remove it from her.. She kept looking down feeling his gaze on her.. To Samrta Gunjan looked heavenly.. Her red lehenga was just so beautiful and suited her just fine.. and her jewellery! He ust stared at her.. She had never looked so beautiful in her life.. Everyone was write.. a girl looked the most beautiful on her wedding day! Samrat was just lost in gunjan.. Suhani shook samrat so that he came back to earth!

Bui gave samrat a fake angry look and then they started the Var-Mala ceremony.. It was gunjans turn first.. she avoided looking up and tried to put the garland on him.. but he wanted her to look up.. he moved back..

Gunjan smiled.. She tried again.. but he moved back she couldnt help it.. She looked up at him..

"Samrat!" she said with a fake anger!

Samrat smiled at her.. she was lost to even react.. samrat looked So handsome.. it was as if gunjan could just fall now.. it was like a dream.. They had an eyelock.. no one said anything.. the applause , sound of shehnai, and people talking was all muted.. they could only see each other.. Their eyes were locked and they stared at each other..

Suddenly gunjan felt someone pulling her lehenga.. It was adi..

"Mom.. everyone is staring.. you should make him wear the garland.." she whispered..

Gunjan came back to life and looked around.. Aditya was right.. she looked embarrassed and then made samrat wear the garland.. samrat bent his head and wore it..

"Ab toh samrat hamesha Gunjan Ka Gulam Bankar rahega!" Benji commented..

"Aur kya? Aisa hi hona chahiye.." Suhani Exclaimed..

"What yaar sam! Kyun jhuka??" Mayank said..

Samrat turned to look at mayank standing behind him..

"Dude.. Jo already Chashmish ka Gulam Ho usse hukna toh tha hi.."

Gunjan heard that comment and blushed a deep shade of red!

Mayank smiled ... They were such a sweet couple. Just Made for each other!


Precap ' The Wedding!!

Please Comment and Click on the Like Tab!

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res Disapprove

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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hey manjari ita reallly superb part yarr
u added so many frndsssssss dats gud.......
i loved the part..
do cont soon
coz m  waiting 4 sajan's wedding
n also want sam n adi's convo i mean their bond...

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Originally posted by nishi_sajan

res Disapprove
Hello?? Come on MSN!! Nd you are not supposed to come online before 7!!
Ok besides that.. why are you so SAD?

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ruvy Senior Member

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awesome update Clap!!!everythin was just perfect aww adi soo cute !!!cont sooon 

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Swaatii Goldie

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Thank you for the pm. I really like this ff . And most important is after ending of mjht you still write sajan (my fav.) ff. I like aditya. Want to see more father son bonding . Samrat is still too naughty. He seems to like 20. The way you are portraying the ceremonies is very appreciable.
Well done dear .
Can you please give a list of all your ffs and your fav. ffs you have read. Dont need to give links . Just write there name. I know you will be busy . Its too hard to update and now a useless request . But whenever you get time please make a list. I can wait . No need to hurry .
Waiting for maxt update .
Luv u

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superb update!
just loved it!!
very nice part......cont. soon!!

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