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*There Is Always A Chance* (Page 22)

ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
beautifullll invitation...
n i am gona b 4m samrat's syd....Blushing

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Hey Friends..
Well come to the Shaadi Season In My SS!
im trying to elaborate the wedding and show you a full-fledged Indian Marriage!
So here goes the first part of the wedding!
P.S. I have added as many as I could.. and there will be more later.. In this update I showed some of the larke waale..!
Thank you for volunteering for the baaratis!

After Samrat left gunjan went and called adi back.. while walking back to their room gunjan realised that she had spent very less time with adi in the past few days..

Adi quietly sat on the bed unfolded his blanket and laid down beside gunjan.. gunjan just stared at her son.. he didnt even look slightly irritated..



"aajkal main tumhare saath kitna kam time spend karti hun na.."

"hmm.. aapko abhi realise hua?"

Gunjan slowly laid down.. she hugged aditya..


"No mom.. why are you saying sorry? Its your wedding.. obviously you'll be busy!"

"Im So glad i got such an understanding son!Love you!"

"Love you too mom..."

"So your happy with the marriage right?"

"Yeah! Its going to be fun staying with dad.. and the best part is he's a millionaire!" adi giggled..

And gunjan hit adi on his shoulder playfully..

"your dad is not gonna be too happy to hear this.."

"who's going to tell him.." adi looked suspiciously at gunjan..

"No.. i wont do that! I hate complaining!!"

"And mom.. should i tell you something.."

"Yeaaah.. you dont need to take permission.."

"No.. its just that i dont wanna annoy you!"

"No Adi.. just say what you want to!"

"Mom.. I just wanted to say ki you guys love each other so much.. you wont leave me behind na... ?!"

"Kya? Main samjhi nahi.."

"I mean ki like now you are not being able to give me time.. and I dont mind it now.. I understand.. but later will it be the same..?" he loved his mom.. and he couldnt bare it that she didnt give him time!

Gunjan was astonished to hear aditya say this... Adi was feeling left out? But how? Gunjan had to see to it that he didnt..

"No Aditya. It will NEVER happen again! I promise.."

Just then a huge smile appeared on Adityas face that once again reminded gunjan of samrat! His full-fledged smile..!

And she smiled with aditya..



Gunjan woke up at 5 in the morning and had a bath.. she had to get dressed for her Haldi.. before wearing her saree she went outside to check the decorations.. there were soo going too be many guests over.. and the marriage was going to be held at the OBEROI!

The whole house was decorated only some areas left. Gunjan thought of going out for a walk.. when bui stopped her...

"Gunjan!! Kaha ja rahin hai?"

"Bui bas esehi walk par.."

"Nahi nahi.. tu yahi rehe.. uss samrat ka koi bharosa nahi.. shaadi se pehle milna theek nahi hai!"

Gunjan laughed.. "par bui woh toh abhi kharrate le raha hoga.. woh nahi ayega.."

And suddenly gunjan's phone rang.. it was SAMRAT!

"Le.. Neend main tujhe phone bhi karta hai.. chal ander ja!"

"Ji bui.."

Gunjan sadly went back to her room.. she answered the phone..

"Hi Chashmish!"

"Kya hai samrat!" gunjan seemed irritated..

"Kya hua? Maine kuchh kiya kya?"



"Mujhe walk par jana tha.. bui ko laga ki tum aa jaoge.. toh unhone mujhe jane nahi diya!"

"hahahah! Main abhi walk par hi nikla hun!! Bui theek hi keh rahin thi!"

"Achha!! Roz jo tum khidki se aakar mujhse milte ho??"

"Ok ok.. ab meri baat sunno.. tumhe honeymoon par kaha jana hai?"


"Kyun? Honeymoon par nahi jaana..??"

"Samrat we are 34.. nahi ur 35!!"

"So what chashmish! Honeymoon toh kabhi bhi ho sakta hai!"

"Par aditya.."

"Woh bhi chal raha hai! Hum usse yaha akele nahi chhod sakte.. haan yeh honeymoon se zyada family holiday hoga.. but still.. it will be fun!"

"Ok.. kaha jana hai?" Gunjan was happy with the fact that samrat thought of aditya!

"You choose.. par shaadi ke one week baad! Meri important meeting hai next week!"

"haan no problem.. umm.. morena chalte hai!"

"WHAT? No chashmish! Woh holiday ki jagah nahi hai.. waha BUI  rahegii!!! Waha phir kabhi!"

Gunjan had just sed this to tease him! Hahah!

"Ok Ok.. toh tum batao na!"

"theek hai .. how about London?"

"oh ok.. dekha ho gaya decide.."

"Hmm.. par dukh ki baat toh yeh hai ki aaj mujhe tumse milne ke liye shaam tak wait karna padega!"

"Haan. Toh wait karo! Ok?"

"Main soch raha tha ki tumse aakar mill loon.."

"Samrat! Aaj nahi! Aaj ghar pe sab log rahenge!"

"Ok Fine... I wont come.."



"Hi nahi Bye!"

"Haan haan! bye!"


It was 7.. Gunjan had a bath and came out wearing a yellow saree for her haldi.. She went out and saw bui preparing the 'puja ki thaali' for her.. She went and did the puja .. It was to start her fast! On the marriage day the bride was not allowed to eat anything the whole day.. and at night her husband was supposed to make her eat! Gunjan started the puja and also the fast..

After that she went in her room to wake adi up.. Aditya was from Samrat's side..

"God Knows what samrat told you adi.. why cant you be from my side!!"

Gunjan muttered..

"Mom.. Im on ur side as well.. but dad told me that he was going to get the bride at the end.. and if Im from your side I will have to leave you!" aditya said..

Gunjan laughed.. samrat was actually clever! What a nice way to get aditya on his side..

"Come on now.. Go with Benji Uncle to Samrat's house.."

"yeah mom.. just going.."

Gunjan went to the hall to check on the decorations for the Haldi.. it was going to take place at 8!

Gunjan was very happy! It was her day! This was going to be the best day of her life. She would officially become "Mrs.Samrat Shergill.." she blushed at that thought.. Her life was so perfect.. all her loved ones were with her and all that she had bore for 13 years.. the pain.. the trouble.. the betrayal.. it was all over.. Gunjan just felt fresh and happy! She was smiling to herself.. picturing her life with samrat..

After today they would become inseperable..

Aditya left for Samrat's house with benji ... Uday and Dia were from her side. And So were mayank and nupur!

Some other cousins and friends were yet to arrive..

Everyone was waiting for the haldi.. it was supposed to come from samrats house.. and Samrat's mother and suhani were supposed to bring it!


Samrat's House..

Samrat came back from a small walk and came in .. the decorations were all going on..

Sm: Samrat! Jaldi jao tayar hokar ao.. Haldi ki rasam shuru karni hai! Phir humme Haldi lekar gunjan ke ghar bhi jana hai! Chalo jaldi jao!

S: Haan mom... just give me 5 minutes..

Samrat was super excited for the wedding.. He was happy that atleast his mother liked gunjan and aditya.. and now his family would finally be complete.. Aditya was coming!

He changed into a baige kurta and pyjama! Everyone was waiting downstairs for him.. aditya was there too..

Samrat looked at suhani and freaked out.. she stood with a huge bowl of haldi in her hand! She had an evil look on her face.. Samrat hated this..!! why did they have to put haldi he was already so fair!!

The rasam started and the first person to apply haldi was his mother.. she put it is a civilised manner on his cheeks arms andlegs.. But after that what happened.. was terrifying.. Adi freaked out seeing what everyone was doing to his dad..!!

Suhani along with her friends started to put haldi on samrat.. It was as if they were playing HOLI! Especially Tanzeel.. (Tanzeel= suhani's bestfriend) she took haldi in both her hands and put it all over his face as if she was putting cake on his face after his birthday!

Nisha was quite civilised too.. she sat next to samrat blushing and applying little haldi on his hands.. (Nisha= Samrat's childhood friend) Suhani didnt leave his either.. she took a small bowl of haldi seperately and put it inside his kurta from the front.. Samrat was shocked.. ! what were they doing to him.. he looked around for some help.. but instead he could see a shocked aditya and benji and his mom standing and laughing..

Shreya was puting haldi all over samrat's hair! She spiked his hair.. which was by now yellow and black..!

After this session he supposed to have a bath with milk water so that the haldi goes off and leaves a fair and handsome samrat!

After the girls left samrat.. aditya went and sat next to him..


Samrat sarcastically smiled at him..

"Toh.. Mazaa aya? Itni saari larkiyan aapke saath..."

"Tum kuchh zyada hi nahi bol rahe?" samrat sed with sarcasm.. Aditya started laughing..

"No reallyy.. I got freaked out at first! But then it was amusing!"

"HA.HA.HA! Very FUNNY!" Again samrat had sarcasm in his voice..

"By the way why do they do all this?"

"Now how do I explain this.. see.. this is kind of a beautification ceremony. Its a cleansing ceremony in which the bride and the bride groom are covered with haldi.. Its like a facial!"

"You mean the same thing is going to happen with mom?" Adi asked with his eyes wide open.

"Yeah! Now Bua and Dadi are taking Haldi there.."

"Oh! I want to watch all this happen to mom also!!"

"yeah.. me too.. but we arent allowed.. !"

"We could see a video.. if only some one was there to shoot it!"

"Mayank!!" samrat said..

"Masaji would do that?"

"Yeah he would surely do that!" samrat said.. taking out his cellphone..

Before he could call..

"Helloo... its time for a milk bath!" Said a voice..

Samrat looked behind him..he gave the phone to adi to call! Deepti and Richa were standing with their hands on their hips all ready to give him a bath!

They made him sit in a tub in the hall and started pouring the milk.. Richa gave samrat a milk shampoo! Samrat had his eyes shut and was enjoying it! But well adi was intelligent enough.. He took samrats video instead.. He was enjoying with the girls.. Deepti removed the haldi stuck on his hands and face..

Aditya sent the video to gunjan...


Precap: Gunjan's Haldi Ceremony.. Her reaction to the video!

Hi Guys!
Hope you enjoyed it!
Please Rate and Comment!
Love you!

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mohit_rockstar Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
heyy manjari...i jjust started reading ur new ss..and no need to mention
it was fab...yaar i just love was srsly superb
samrat is indeed clever...and gunjan is very innocent we all noe that
and the updt was rily gud with d haldi rasam..lolzz all the gals over sammy..poor him
and adi is rily notty...waiting 4 gunjan's reraction..
thanks 4 d pm honey cont soon dear...

updated my ff-alive just to meet u-

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Wow.......just so perfect.....Sajan's marriage as we would have loved to see........... do continue soon, Manjari.

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rosecutie Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Hey Manji i ' m second yippeee!Dancing
it was really don't have words to say today it was superbDay Dreaming
i'll describe in three words Wowest Awesomest JhakaaaasestBig smileWink
Big smileSuch a nice startThumbs Upand u have included IF MEMBERS  in it that was truely unbelievable. but hats off for ur innovativenessClapStar Manji.The most hilarious part was Shreya  putting haldi over sam's hair n spiked itROFLROFL
Thanks for the pmThumbs UpHug n continue soon
Luv uHeart

Edited by rosecutie - 17 January 2011 at 11:58pm

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 11:59pm | IP Logged

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
hey manjari seriously enjoyed haldi ceremony u described it wonderfully loved adi and gun's convo it was so cute and thanks for pm now can't wait to see gun's reaction on sam's videoLOL

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Joined: 04 April 2010
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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Very Cute Update MANJARI.....Smile Totally 'HALDISH' environment...(My Font Color tooLOL). I liked all the Dialogues...Especially this1 is the cutest-
 "Mom.. Im on ur side as well.. but dad told me that he was going to get the bride at the end.. and if Im from your side I will have to leave you!" aditya said..

I M eagerly waiting 4 GUNJAN Haldi Ceremony Part.Smile Please,Update soon.

-S O H A M.

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