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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (RP):Part 2,pg.6(28/03)

Revolutionbreez IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged

Rohit was was working over a project...he had been working over it since 2 months....

TWO HECTIC months !!! others would have complained about a tight schedule...but not him...

He was happy about it...VERY HAPPY INDEED...

Happy that he didnt get a breather...

And that he was fully that her thoughts wouldnt harass him again...

oh...why was he put in such a situation?

Why him????

He closed his eyes briefly..leaning onto the chair...when her beautiful face appeared again...

His lips twitched a little...signifying a small,serene smile which was just beginning to form,dreaming about her...

When suddenly he opened eyes sensing something....

He turned his head to left to peep out of the glass pane that separated his cabin from his sub-ordinates...

He could see Akash and Shruti fighting...yet again!!!

Both of them had joined the hospital few months back.

They were a couple which fought a lot, but even loved each other immensely...

he found them extremely adorable and lovable...well not more than him and Tejal though...

He smirked at the thought...

As he looked up, he saw shruti bumping a file onto Aakash's head, while he tried to protect himself...

Rohit shook his head and went to them...

" Guys...guys..guys!! justttt calm down okay ! ", Rohit held Akash with one hand and Shruti with another...

" Sir !! aap iss bandar se kehdo....agar dubara usne uss chudail se baat ki toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga ! ", shruti fumed.

" Sir..! Yeh chuhiya mujhehi kyun blame karti hai?? Arey woh ladki mere peeche padi hai toh main kya kar sakta hoon?", Aakash pleaded.

" Ahaha ha ha...kitneeeee shariff bante ho !! Jarooor tumhine kuch kiya hoga, warna aivehi hi kaise woh tumhare peeche pad gayi??"

"Shruti tum.........."

" SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP !!!!! ", Rohit screamed finally.

Both of them instantly kept quiet and looked at him like school kids.

" Main kabse tum dono ko kuch samjhane ki koshish kar raha hoon, lekin tum ho ke...."

" Sorry..", both of them said at once and then looked at each other.

ROhit smiled.

" Dekha? Ek shabd bhi tum dono ek dusre se alag nahi bol paate aur what is all this haan? ", he looked at akash, " What all shruti was it true akash?"

" Woh sir...actually that saniya was behind me...and then i was kinda flirting wid her shruti...."

" Akash..", Rohit cut him, " Trust is the base of every relation.A small mistake can change its entire meaning.Ek relation ko TRUST se RUST banjane mein ek hi bhool kaafi hai."


Finally the project was submitted. Akash, Shruti and Rohit had come to shimla for it.

Now as they were relaxing and having a coffee together...Shruti finally broached the topic.

" Sssiirr..."

Rohit looked at her and saw that she was struggling to ask something.

" Bolo shruti."

" I wanted to ask you something...I mean...this is personal...i mean to say..."

" Shoot."

" Actually...ahmmm....that day i saw a pic on your desktop...i mean..."

" She is Tejal.", he informed in an emotionless tone.

" Tejal?? You loved her?"

A tear dared to drop out of his eyes. But he smiled and nodded.

Shruti was thrilled...I mean she really respected him a lot...!! He had been a greatest support for her and Akash all throughout...Well..she didnt admit, but even she had a little crush on him...

" Where is she? Aapne kabhi milwaya nahi unse."

He smirked, " Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love...Some are born,just to experience the abbreviation of it."

Akash put his hand on Rohit's tightened fist to calm him down. Shruti could feel his pain.

It was snowing outside. Rohit didnt know why, but he felt like sharing with these two sitting in front of him...

It was as if he was sure, these two wont judge him...

That they could understand him....

He began, as Shruti and Akash listened keenly...

" I remember the date well...16th october,2007.....

16 th october 2007

" Mom !!! aapne kaha ki aap mujhe koi surprise birthday gift dena chahti hai ! Aur aap yeh mujhe kaha le ja rahi hai?Why are we heading towards Airport??", Rohit was constantly asking questions. But his mom didnt budge.. He looked at his dad,but he just shook his head, as if even he didnt know...

Kiron Kher 
Rohit's mom
" Hum Delhi jaa rahe hai?????" , Rohit asked surprised as they checked in...

" Oye Chup kar !! " , his mom yelled finally, " tu do minute shaant nahi reh sakta??? Jis din se janam liya hai, bas kaaye kaaye kaaaye...! Doctor hogaya hai toh kaunsa teer maar liya tune?? Apni maa se sawaal karta hai?? Aur woh bhi uss din, jab 28 saal pehle issi din usne itne dukh jhelte huye tujhe janam diya..."

and she went on and on and on....while Rohit and his dad put on their ear plugs.

As they reached a small bungalow ...then only he got a shock of his life time !!!

They had come there to see a girl....well....not perform the Roka ceremony!!!

" Mom !! What the hell !! Main aise hi kisi ladki se shaadi kaise kar sakta hoon? Aur aap mujhe bina pooche..."

" Beta...badi hi soni kudi ! bilkul Perfect hai tere waaste ! Waise bhi tu kisi non medico se shaadi karna chahta tha...kudi M.B.A kar rahi hai..."

" Par Maa...", he looked here and there frustrated, " ABhi mujhe apna Post graduation ka final year poora karna hai..."

" oye padhai wadhai toh umr bhar chalti rahegi...", his dad added as he looked at him open mouthed...His ONLY support was gone !!!

He wanted to avoid this from happening at any cost !

" Main kisi aur se pyaar karta hoon Mom." , He said seriously.

His mom looked at him shocked. A hope began to rise in Rohit when His mom gave him a sweet, exaggerated smile...

" Beta, main bhi teri maa hoon.Maine tere saare friends se enquire kiya hai...tera mobile, wallet, laptop,books, diaries, etc etc sabkuch check kiya hai. Kahise bhi aisa nahi lagta ki tu kisi ;ladki ke chakkar mein pada hai...peechle 2 months se issi kaam mein lagi huyi hoon main."

Rohit looked at her shocked.

" Beta...bharosa karte ho apni maa par?" , his dad asked.

Rohit nodded...

They were welcomed as they went inside... But it seemed as if those people were under some strain....they were giving each other nervous glances...

" Kya baat hai behenji?", Rohit's mom (RM) finally asked.

She didnt know what to say...She was looking guilty...

A young girl finally spoke, " WOh auntiji...aaj di ka surprise test tha...woh avoid nahi kar sakti thi you know...toh woh...i mean..."

She didnt understand how to continue... I mean this situation was really embarassing.

RM smiled.

" Koi baat nahi ji...Maine toh socha tha ki dono ek dusre se mil lenge aur Roka bhi hojayega...Par ab exam ke aage koi kya kar sakta hai...hai ki nahi? Roka fir kisi din ho jayega....waise bahu toh woh meri ho hi chuki hai..."

Girl's mom smiled gratefully. As they all began chatting...

Rohit murmured... " GREAT !!! JUSTTTT GREAT !!! Meri shaadi tai hogayi aur maine ladki ka chehra bhi nahi dekha hai !! Mere dadaji ne bhi dadi ko ek jhalak dekha hoga shadi ke pehle...Aur dad...woh toh mom pe full on line maara karte the 2 saal tak....toh mere saath hi aisaa kyuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!??????WHYYYYYYYYYY????? "

" Jijaji !! ", that young girl called him, on which he gave her an exaggerated smile...

" WOh...Tejal di ki photo hai..."

And he turned in the pointed direction....

 Priyanka Bassi 
Part 1 pg 1

Part 2 pg 6 










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Revolutionbreez IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Guys !
I had this weird concept and thought of a short fc on RAJ and Pri...
Hope you guys will like it....
waiting for your comments...and silent readers please press the " LIke " button.

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Hmm...short flashbak!! Yummy!! LOLLOL Thats actually my reaction yaar.....flashbak me fic padhne ka ek alag maza hai....Wink though I the present state Rohit (my oh so lovely RajBlushing) not fact he is shooooo shad...CryCry....yet I am at least aware of that na...EmbarrassedLOL

The very starting was intriguing...Big smile I liked Akash-Shruti pairing in its gud to find them....and Mana...yaar we actually hav sum common I had been thinking of a fic where I had cast Mishal & Payal...LOL (though I might change thatLOL)...

Anyways...getting bak to my Rohit...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....I loved the way Akash n Shruti respect him...its sweet....and Shruti having a crush...LOLLOL....that just made me laugh at the cuteness of it...EmbarrassedLOLWink

And now the flashbak....well....main date dekh ke hi uchhal rahit thi...LOLLOLEmbarrassed...and well...wat a bday gift!! LOLEmbarrassed And kya Maa hai....wallet, phn....sab check kar knw dat her son is not into any girl....LOLLOLLOL maan gaye matashri ko....Approve she is soooo cool yaar!! Cool And I can actually imagine none but Kiron Kher in the role...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Lovely beginning....though wud be w8ing for Tejal's knw abt her I smell anything fishy?? LOLLOL Donno....tumhe to pata hi hai....main kitni shakki hu...LOLLOL So pls dont ignite the fire of doubt in me anymore....and continue soooooooooooooon!! Big smile

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esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
A nice n different concept Doc.....Well Written Clap........will be waiting for the 'aage ki story' WinkLOL.....waise ek baat kahu....main soch rahi thi ki 'Laagi Tujhse Lagan' Serial jiss mein Mishal Raheja main lead hai,voh uss mein se temporarily gaayab kyun ho gaya....ab pata chala vo yaha tere iss fic mein jo aake tapak padaa hai.....toh uss ke paas time nahi hai shaayad serial karne ke liye.....hai na?LOL... Character Sketch is also nice....waise bataaya nahi Rohit ke Dad koun play kar raha hai?

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lallulal2010 Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
really tejal dead or r they just separated due to rohit said trust se rust in a relationship.............hope to see an update soon...........

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Sweet-Lioness IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged

ab tujh se toh hamesha main ek weird concept hi xpect karti hun...kya karun...tujhe achhe se janti jo hun...

short fic...ka idea achha tha...aur jaise ki tune mujh se kaha is fic ko tu apne sare fics me se BEST bana kar rahegi...toh tujh se umeedain badh jati hai...!!! kyaaa...tujhe yaad nahi ke tune kab kaha tha...??? thik hai nahi yaad hai toh koi baat nahi...par mujhe yaad hai...isiliye tujhe toh ise BEST banana hi padega...
toh hum abhi FB me hain...achha hai na...!!! andhere se ujale ki taraf badhte hue achha lagta hai...!!! par yeh kya...ujale me...matlab present me raj oops...rohit ko itna dukhi kar diya...!!! vaise bhi yeh main tujhe kyoun bol rahi hun...yeh toh teri purani bimari hai...jis ka koi ilaaz nahi hai...
aaksh...Shruti...LS couple...!!! LS ki starting kafi achhi thi is fiction ki...bich me main so gayi thi...phir end hone se pahle jagg gayi thi...!!! kuch samjhi...
rohit ko akash aur shruti baht respect karte hain...!!! karne bhi chahiye...hai koi aur raj jaisa kya...??? vaise Shruti ke crush par hassi aayi...!!! yeh bhi fishli na raj ke cuteness par...
haan...mummy ka role sirf Kiron kher hi kar sakti hain...khaash kar ke mummy jab aisi ho toh...!!! bete ki present past sab discover karna chahti hai...
vaise yeh tejal ki kya mystry hai yaar...!!! kahani ke suru me alag kar ke rakha hai tune...aur naam rakha hai...'hamari adhuri kahani'...!!! warning samjh le...ya phir dhamki...par kahani adhuri nahi rahni chahiye...rohit aur tejal ko milna hoga...aur duet bhi gana padega...aur yeh sab tu karegi...samjhi...
hadh hai...aaj kal bina dhamki ke koi kaam tu karti hi nahi...
ab next ud kab hoga...doc...!!! next month ya phir next year...

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Dhara_s IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Shockerrrrrrr........Dusht kahin ki....main tujhe tang nahi karti fone pe ya anything yeh soch ke , ke madam ke exams hai...jiju kaafi hai distract karne ke liye.....aur yeh ladki updates bhi kar rahi hai aur new fic bhi post kar rahi hai...of course I dont have a prob...lekin tera har PM mujhe surprise kar deta hai.....!!!!

Did you know mujhe RP fics zyada achi nahi lagti...???? mera interest half reh jaata hai when I see character names as not Raj/Naina....lekin tune pehle hi pic dikhadi...and I cudnt just stop myself from giving the new concept a shot.....n I liked Aakash n Shruti from LS toh enjoyed them here as well...!!!

Is it ok if I say update soon...????

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