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U&I.....KABHI NAHI!!!!(AR short fanfic) (Page 3)

-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 4:43am | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
keep it up
continue soon
add me to ur pm list

pixie_n IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 5:15am | IP Logged
liked ur concept. do pm me. and i lyk ridzi's bold character here.
dmginmyheart Newbie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 4:54am | IP Logged
*PART 5*
Next Day
at riddhima's apartment...
ri: muskaan chada for the last time...IM LEAVING!!!!!! r u cumin or not????
muskaan was in the washroom for the past 1 hour...
just as ridz was about to leave muski cums out!!!!
mu:itna kyun chila rahi hai??? im not deaf!!LOL
ri: muski we r gettin l8...can we pls go NOW???
mu: ok ok lets go...
they leave... at the parking lot of the building...
mu:r u mad???main tere saath piche bike pe baithungi??? pagal hai kya...
ri: gosh!! c'mon yaar aur koi option nahi hai...
mu: dude main skirt pehni haiLOL...
ri:long skirt muski... tujhe usse kuch lena dena nai hai...tune bike thodi na chalani hai???maine jeans n tee pehni hai vo kafi hai...
but b4ore muski cud say anything ridz sat on the bike...and muski had to sit behind her...
they then went off...
ridz nd muski reach and straight away head for their class...
as ridzz enters the class evry1 stares at her cause of her appearance which was just not like other girls and cause of the ARMAAN thing...
ri:WAT??pehli baar ladki dekhi hai kya??LOL
evry1 get back to their work...
ar: nahi pehli baar iss college mein mujhe takkar dene vala koi insan dekha hai in logo ne...
ridz looks back...and smiles
ri: oh hi mr.GULAAM!!LOL i hope tum puri tayari ke saath aaye ho...just in case u no...
ar: ofcourse sweetheart puri tayari ke saath!!!Embarrassed apka hukam salakhon pe...
ridzz was confused but then understood his acting!!!
ri: oh really baby...then best of luck...
now ammy n ridz wer so close that evry1 was staring at them...

ammy(murmuring): you'll need that more!!!LOL
ridzz sumhow heard it cause of their closeness but pretended not to...
she then looked at him...n he also looked at her they both got lost into each other's eyes!!!
for a sec both of them wer just each other'sEmbarrassed...
they both jerked... and came out of their gaze...
ar: LOLso madam aaj ki aapki pehli khwaihish???
ri: tum class attend karoge...(wid a wicked smile)
ar:wat????  but main kaise-
but then suddenly a professor comes from behind..
pro: ARMAAN MALLIK?? class main?? lagta hain koi sudhar aa gaya hainLOL..
ar: ji sir..
pro:take ur seat now...
ar:yes sir...
goes and sits besides rahul and next to ridz-muski's table...
after the class.... ridz goes and slaps armaans shoulder..
ar getting up after a jerk:h-ha-haan... abe yaarLOL..
ri:canteen chalo follow me...
ar:goes behind her.. kya aafat hai...
ri;mere liye cffee lao...
ar: as u wish madam...
goes and gets a coffe with SALT in it!!
ar: ma'am..
ridz pours it 1/2 in anoder cup and says...:pehle tum lo..
ammy shocked...
ar:main kaise pi sakta hun pehle aap meri mallik hain-
ri; mera ORDER hain!!!!!!!
ammy drinks and spits it out...
ridz laughs as she new itLOL...
ri: u no wat mr.armaan mallik? bahot chalak banne ki koshish mat karo... maine in sab kamon mein p.h.d kari hain...
ar: tum na-
ri:entertain me... gana gao
ar:yaha? R U MAD???
ri: NOW!!!
ar: went from thereLOL...
guyzz this was the part do give me feedback will post a longer part next time!!!!

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Amoon.88 Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:14am | IP Logged
loved it...
riddhima is quite a tomboy!!!
loved it..
thnx 4 da pm..n continue soon
punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
hey,,humarey  great arman ko kya idea aaya?....waiting for it eagerly.....plz.con't soon.....
qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
loved the part
thanx 4 pm
cont soon
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged
Nice one.
Thanx for pm.
dmginmyheart Newbie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
armaan went from there...
ri:hey listen... you-
but b4 she cud say nythin ammy had gone...
ri:  huh..chala gaya!! as expectd... 
she turns around to leave but is blocked by a group of boys and girls who first block her and then start singing & dancing in front of her...
group: Jahaan Vo Jaayegii, vahiin Ham jaayenge (2) 
ridzz pulls herself back and turns, she is shocked to see ammy standing on the table..
ar:Khud Ko Kya Samajhatii Hai Kitanaa akadatii Hai
Kaulej men Nayii Nayii Aayii Ek ladakii Hai
Ho yaaron Ye hamen Lagatii Hai Sirafirii
Aao Chakhaa den Mazaa
coming towards her with an angry expression...
now ridz was full of anger and was walkin bak but was blocked by ammy...and walking with her...
ar:Taubaa Taubaa Ye Ada
Diivaanii Hai Kya Pataa
Puuchho Ye Kis Baat Pe Itanaa Itaraatii Hai
Jaane Kis Kii Bhuul Hai
Ye Gobhii Ka Phuul Hai now she turns to hit him but he bends down...
Billii Jaise Lagatii Hai Mekap Jab Karatii Hai
gaalon Pe Jo Laalii Hai
hothon Pe Gaalii Hai ridzz points a finger at him...
Ye Jo Nakhare Vaalii Hai
ladaki Hai Ya Hai Bala now ridz is all irritated.... she starts singing in anger...
ridz:Khud Ko Kya Samajhataa Hai Kitanaa akadataa Hai 
Kaulej Ka Nayaa Nayaa Majanuu Ye Lagataa Hai holding his face & then pushing him away...
Hamase Ho Gayaa Ab Isakaa Saamanaa 
Aao Chakhaa den Mazaa holding his collar... she didnt realize her action and both of them wer lost into each oher...until the music started playin...
Hamako Detaa Hai Gulaab Niiyat Isakii Hai Kharaab 
Saavan Ke andhe Ko To Hariyaalii Dikhatii Hai 
Kya Isako Ye Hosh Hai Ye Dharatii Par Bojh Hai 
Mard Hai Ye Sirf Naam Ka Aakhir Kis Kaam Ka 
Cheharaa Ab kyon Laal Hai coming in front of him...
Badalii kyon Chaal Hai 
Are Itana Ab kyon Behaal Hai 
Ham Bhi To dekhen Zaraa looking at him in filmy style
Khud Ko Kyaa 
Hamase aankhen Chaar Karo chhodo Gussaa Pyaar Karo coming near him and she pulls herself away
yaaron Ke Ham Yaar hain ladanaa Bekaar Hai 
Ulajhan men Ye pad Gaye Shaayad Ham Se Dar Gaye 
denge Bhar Ke Pyaar Ke Dekho Ye Haar Ke 
Pyaar Ki Ye Riit Hai Haar Bhi Jiit Hai walking towards her in a fully romantic mood.. she gets confused...and just stares at him...
Sabase badh Kar Priit Hai 
Lagajaa Gale Dilarubaa holding her by her waist and pulling her closer...
ridz and armaan get busy staring t each other when the whole gang(rm,aa,an & sapna)come running to the cafe as dey got 2 no about their fite... but dey r hell shocked to see AR so close & lost in each other!!

ra: yeh k-kya h-ho...
mu;raha hai???
an: impossible!!!!
at:chalo acha hai..pyaar ladai se to behtar hi hai i mean...
evry1 glares at him..
AR jerk out suddenly nd r highly embarassed!!
ar to himself:armaan..focus focus...yeh teri duhman hai tujhe apna 7 days ka riddhima ko tang karo plan pe stick karna hai...
ridz 2 herself:dude!!! wats rong wid u!! yeh moron..urggh creepyman..
ri:muski humein l8 ho raha hai chal ghar chale!!
mu: but ridz-
after dat ammy nd evry1 else leaves shocked...
ar: rahul..aaj na hum pure din ghumenge!!!!!
ra: kya hua aaj bahut khush hai???
ar: nai.. bas aise hi... 1 sec hold...
ammy goes to a girl 
ar: hi sexy!!
girl luks at ammy nd holds his hand and takes him aside in a lonely place...
girl holding his shirts collar...
girl:hi hottie!!! tum to kal mere liye free hone vale the kya hua???
ar holding her waist: kya karun agar kal free hota to aaj yeh surprise kaise milta...
girl laughs nd den kisses him on his cheeks...she's about to kiss him on his lips wen sum1 taps ammy's shoulder...
ar:kaun hai- turns back
ar: TUM!! 
leaves the girl... its none oder dan ridzz..
ri: haan main... (she gets a naughty thot)umm vaise mr.supercool apni girl frend se intro nai karvaoge!!
ammy is hell shocked cause he new dat he had been lying 2 sooo many girls dat he was deir BF but he never treatd dem as 1...he actually didnt no d girls name and ridz new dis very well...
ar: ha-haan zaroor... hehehe umm tina yeh hai basket aur basket yeh hai meena!
ridz controlled her laughter...
girl: mera naam tina nai...preeti hai!! u rascal!
ar: to kya farak padta hai mujhe to tum pe tina hi suit karta hain... 
she leaves from der..
ar: suno meena nai teena..urggh!
ridz laughed like hell... ammy looked at her in anger but his anger dissapeard as he saw her laugh...he felt like just hugging her tight at that moment... he smiled..
ridz waving her hand in front of him:kaha kho gaye??
ar: huh kuch nai...tumhari problem kya hai???
ri: tum!!
ar: watever!! im leaving
ri: u cant remembr 7 days...
ar: urggh!!
tha whole day AR wer mostly atteding classes ridz was takin down notes and tryin to wake up armaan during brakes... ammy was usually sleeping and flirtin wid girls...
dey both didnt fite dat day 4 a change and went home peacefully...
DAY 4...
ar: enough.enough!! r u mad??? dis is the 5th time ill get a stupid coffe 4 u...
ri:i want another coffee!!!!!!!
ri: W*H is ur probs???u can hang around and flirt wid weird girls but cant get me a COFFE???
ar: meri personal life ko beech mein mat lao!!!!
ri: tumhari ye personal life ab public life ho chuki hain!!!
ar: f9 haan mujhe na un ladkiyon ki company tumhari company se better lagti hain!!!!!! ye meri majburi hain..aur tumhari khushkismati ki main tumhare saath hun cause of that stupid bet varna main to kabka chale jaata!!!
i mean..just look at urself...tum koi ladke se kaam nahi dikhti... such a bigTOMBOY u are and u to-
ri:BAS!! bahut bol liya mr.armaan mallik!! u r free now!! just go ive had enough of ur stupid nonsense talk!!!(she was red  wid anger and her eyes wet)! 

she runs from der wen she realises dat she is almost into tears!!!
evry1 der(rm,aa,an&sapna) and ARMAAN are hell shocked!! to see a girl so brave cry...does cringe...
mu:rahul!! apne dost se keh dena ladkiyon se baat karne ki tameez sekh le...
rahul looks at armaan and goes from der!!
rm and an and atul go from der!!
an: ammy.. ma-main... forget it!!
anjie also goes...
sapna comes to armaan..
sa:bura lag raha hai na???
ammy nods like a baby!!
sa: to jao aur jake usse mafi mango...
ar: vo mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karegi..
sa:koshish karo armaan... bina koshish kiye tum iska andaza nahi laga sakte ho...
ar:tum theek keh rahi ho!! ill apoligize basket...
ridz in the bathroom,muski comes
next day all in the college shocked to see ridz...
will ridz forgive ammy??
so guyzz do tell me how its was!!!

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