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mn ff...Ehsaas (updated, last part) at page 127 (Page 93)

sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Amazing promo

waiting for d update

alishaL786 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
great job!! LOL
loved it!  Heart
thanks for the pm!
please update soon!
c00l_girl Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
lovely update..
thanks for the pm.. sweety!!
do update soon..
drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
wow it was soooo cute......... Smile

.ab aur bhi chaiye"'she shouted on the phone' "arey dhire chillao'haan haan thik hai'sham ko milung'bye!"'he cut the call while on the other hand nupur was fuming in anger'"ullu ka pattha!!"

tht was mindblowing......ROFLROFLROFL

jaldi karoo tsfi update.

_TheJoker- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 12:16am | IP Logged
hey guysHug
i am really sorry for such a late updateUnhappy
but trust me i am actually really busy...otherwise i wouldnt have take so time
but finally i have updated the next partLOL
and thanks a lot for all your love and support...and sorry couldnt reply your comments
but they means a lot to meHeart

and to my writers...if i have reserved anywhere..and if i have not commented till now pls do remind me..its a request...Smile

pls scroll down for the next partEmbarrassed

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_TheJoker- IF-Stunnerz

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Nupur looked out of the window'her face was glowing with a victorious smile ..she knew very well that mayank loves her 'but she didn't know why he didn't want to accept it'never mind she will make sure that he accepts it soon'after all it was nupur bhushan's promise'and if she wants something'she achieve that no matter what happened'"maynk..tum mujhe jante nahi ho..tumhe nahi pata mayank ki mai kitni jiddi hoon..tum mere ho aur mai tumhe hasil karke rahungi'tum chahe jitni bhi koshish karo tum jyada der tak apni feelings chupa nahi paoge"'she was happy'and knew that she was doing the right thing




"nupur pagal hogayi hai'uska dimag kharab hogaya hai"' mayank said roaming around the room'he was hell confused and angry with her behaviour'"has she gone mad or what?"'he said disbelivingly' "I cant believe ki nupur aisa keh rahi thi'I mean nupur bhushan'god! Ab aur kitni musibat deni hai tumhe meri life me'cant you find someone else?"' he said being all irritated'"pata nahi ab age aur kya kya musibat dene wale ho mujhe'itna to mai andaza kar hisakta hoon"'he said looking at ceiling'anyone could see how helpless he was'actually it was fun'mayank Sharma 'solution of all problems'is now helpless and that too because of one girl's threat'ah! That's something really interesting isn't it?!




"adhiraj?"'nupur asked as adhiraj picked up his phone' "yes nupur its me only'kaho kya?"'adhiraj got uo at once' "what?!'tum mujhe keh rahi ho?"' he asked being shocked' "mai tumse baat kar raho hoon na'to tumhe hi keh rahi hoon"'she said scrastily' "acha aaj achanak mere saath bahar chalne ki khwahish baat hai?"'he asked lying on the bed' "hum sham ko bahar ja rahen hain thik hai kaisw jag gayi tumhe?"'he said mockingly' "just shut up'aur haan humare saath maynk bhi chal raha hai"' she said ordering him as if he was her servent' "oh hello! Madam 'mai tumhara naukar nahi hoon jo tumhari har baat manu samjhi?"' he said angrily' "adhiraj! Will you just do what I am saying or not?"' she asked him warningly'adhiraj realized his situation' "hmm thik hai 'par uo manega nahi"' he clearly said' "to tum kisliye ho?"' she asked him' "pehle please kaho mujhe"'he thought of  taking advantage of the situation' nupur wanted to kill him at the very moment but she controlled herself' "ok fine! Adhiraj pls"'she said trying to control her anger which was ready to boiled up any time' "kuch sunai nahi diya' jara jor se"' he was tried to fuel the fire' "pls pls pls!!!'.ab aur bhi chaiye"'she shouted on the phone' "arey dhire chillao'haan haan thik hai'sham ko milung'bye!"'he cut the call while on the other hand nupur was fuming in anger'"ullu ka pattha!!"




"mayank!!!"' adhiraj called mayank entering his room' "haan araha hoon"' mayank said from the washroom'he came out' "kya baat hai yaar?"' mayank asked adhiraj' "sun..uo na sham ko mai aur nupur bahar ja rahein hain"' he said and tried to notice mayank's expression' "hmm good!"' mayank said' "aur ek baat hai"' mayank looked at him cofuse' "aur kya?"' "umm actually tujhe bhi chalna hai humare saath"' he said with a smile' "what?!!"' amaynk instantly shouted' "chilla kyun raha hai..suicide karne ko thodi keh raha hoon"' he said laughingly' "mere liye to suicide hi hai"' he said in his mind' "kya hua ab kuch bol bhi"' adhiraj said coming to him' "nahi mai nahi chalne wala"' he declared' "par kyun?"' adhiraj asked making an innocent face'


"kyun ka kya matlab?..adhi tu pagal hai kya?' har bar jab bhi tu nupur ke saath bahr jata hai'mujhe saath kyun le jana chahta hai"'he said irritatedly' he so much wanted to go'he'll be able to see her, and also get some time to be with her' but whatever she said last night'after that there was no question for mayank to go' he surely didn't want her to get succeed in her motive' and he very well knew if he go' nupur will be successful in her' not so good for mayank challenge'"par problem kya hai?"' adhiraj asked him' "mujhe kuch nahi sunna aur nahi kuch kehna hai' mai nahi ja raha bas! And that's my final decision"' he left the room hurriedly'




mayank was sitting on the swing of terrace'life is playing games with him' he wanted to rum away from all this' he just wanted some peace'which was nowhere close to him'he took a deep breath and rested his back on the back of the swing'suddenly his phone rang' he surely wanted to jump from the terrace right that moment seeing the number' but he controlled his emtions' and picked up the phone' "hello!"' " ahan! Kaise ho mr Sharma..khyriyat to hai na?"' " nupur tumne mujhe phone kyun kiya?"' "-uff! Mayank..tum bhi na'sawal ke badle jawab diya jata hai'aur tum ho ki sawal ke badle sawal karrahe ho'yea to sahi nahi hai na?"' "-nupur mere paas tumhare faltu baton ke liye time nahi hai"'he was about to cut the call' "wait!'phone cutne ki galti mat karna mayank'waise aaj sham ko ane se mana kyun kiya?"' shea sked as if she knew nothing' "mai tumhe batana jaruri nahi smajhta"' he tried to avoid the topic' "kyun nahi smajhte?'kahin maynk skharma ko dar to nahi lagraha'ki shayed usse koi galti ho jaye aur uo apne dil ki baat keh"'she said dramaticly' "nupur will you stop all thi nonsense?"' mayank sid angrily' "chillane se sach to nahi badlega na"'she said confidently' "yea sach nahi hai' mujhe kisi baat se koi dar nahi hai'samjhio tum?"' he was really angry now' "haan smajh jaungi'par ek baar tum sabit kardo uske baad"' she said mischeviously' she knew him too well' "kya matlab?"'he said being confused with her gol gol batein' "matlab yea ki aaj sham ko adhi ke saath ajana'aur sabit kardena ki tumhe dar nahi lagta"' she said normally' "mai aisa hargiz naji karne wala"' mayank said as he could sense her plan' "uff!! Itna attitute mat do mr Sharma'itni hi akar hai na to sabit karo..aur agar aaj sham tum nahi aye to mai smajah jaungi ki tum bhi mujhse'"' and she cut the call without saying anything further'mayank threw the phone on the floor in anger' "bohot hogaya!!'ab mujhe hi tumhara dimag thikane pe lana parega nupur!!"




"mai kya pehnu?"'nupur asked to dia'dia looked at her diverting her eyes from her magazine' she cast a angry glare to her and again back to her magazine' "kya hua?..bata na kya pehnu mai?'yea red wala ya ye green wala?"' she showed her two dresses'dia got up and snachted the dresses from her hand' "tu khud ko smajhti kya hai?'yea sab kar kya rahi hai tu?'tu mayank se pyar karti hai na..phir yea adhiraj se shadi ka drama kyun?"'she said angrily'she was hell angry on her'she was least interested in seeing her getting married with adhiraj' many times she thought of telling nupur the truth but something stopped her'nupur ignored her talks and showed her another dress' "yes blue wala thik hai?"' dia shook his head in disbelief' "tu pagal ho chuki hai kya nupur?"' nupur laughed out loud' "dia tu fikar mat kar'mai jo karrahi hoon sahi kar rahi hoon'tu bas mujhper bharosa rakh!"' "par nupur'"'dia tried to say something but nupur stopped her' "blue thik hai hai na?"'dia gave up' "haan thik hi hoga"'she said scrasticly' nupur smiled at her' "thanks!'mai ready hoke ati hoon ok!"





"chal mayank 'I am ready"' adhiraj said coming inside mayank's room' "hmm'chal"'they left to pick nupur'mayank was really feeling this strange'everytime whenever adhiraj goes to meet nupur he is with them'it was something hell embrassing for him'also it was hurting'but today he had to come'if he wouldn't have come then nupur would have understood that he loved her which is by the wasy true' he had thought wht he wanted to' "ab to tumhe raaste pe lana hi parega nupur'tumhara dimag mujhe hi thik karna hai ab'agar abhi maine kuch nahi kiya to age chalkar yea sab'pata nahi kya roop lega!"'he sigh'and with in no time they were standing outside nupur's house'


adhiraj dialed nupur's number' "hello sweet heart'chalo bahar ajao'I am waiting"' mayank was shocked to hear sweet heart'"nupur has gone mad!'she's using adhi??'what does she want after all!"' they waited some more minutes and nupur came outside wearing a blue dress'like always she looked like an angel'ah! No more beautiful than an angel'mayank was lost in her'and this didn't go unnoticed by her'she smirked seeing him staring at her'


"sorry adhi'thoda sa late hogayi"'she said to adhiraj'but keeping her eye on mayank'mayank felt embrassed on her staring' "yea ladki hai ya kuch aur'sharam nahi ati ise mujhe ghoor rahi hai"'his mind said to him' "acha aur jo tu use ghoor ta hai uska kuch nahi?"'his heart protested' "uo to isiliye kyun ki mai usse'"'his mind left thesentence incomplete' "isiliye to'kyun ki uo bhi to tujhse"'while his heart taunt him a good way'mayank cleared his throat' "ab mai chalta hun"'he was about to go' "arey kahan jarahe ho mayank?"' nupur stopped him' "jitna mera kaam tha maine kar diya'ab meri ihan jarurat nahi"'his meaning didn't go unnoticed by her'she smiled at him' "abhi tumhara kaam kahatam nahi hua mayank'abhi to bohot kuch karna baki hai'I mean humare saath enjoy karna'chalo humare saath"'she said mischeviously' he very well knew what she is trying to do' "haan yaar mayank chalna"'adhiraj also supported her' mayank cast an angry glare to her'while she sweetly smiled at him' "ok fine!"'he said and they heeded towards the hotel!




adhiraj was driving the car as slow as he could'mayank was getting impatient while nupur was just chilled out!'she was looking outside'her hairs were flying due to the wimd'mayank could see from the glass..and adhiraj could see both of them'he faked a cought to get them back to earth'


"nupur you're looking beautiful!"'adhiraj gave her compliment'mayank wanted to praise her but!!'he so much wished that time would be back when they used to be friends''' "kya jarurat thi tumhe nupur yea sab karne ki'humari dosti bhi tut gayi'jo jaisa tha waise hi chalte rehna dene chahiye tha'kam se kam tum meri zindagi me to thi..chae ek dost ki tarah hi kyun na ho"'''mayank thought in his mind'


"thanks"' nupur said with a smile'she wanted to hear this from mayank'every girl loves to hear her praise'but if that praise come from her loved one then it feels more special'and most precious gift!'but to her bad luck'her loved one doesn't bear that much courage to praise her'atleast she feels that'little did she knew how much coursge he's going to show in future!


Nupur never wanted to do all this'never even in her dream she had thought of doing something like this'but she loved him'and she knew he loved her too'she is not a heroien who will sacrifice everything'for no particular reason'she had to get mayank in her life'she had to'no matter what comes in her way!'adhiraj was getting boared so he switched on the radio'and the song boared him more..!


Dill hai ki manta nahi'

Haan'dill hai ki manta nahi

Ye bekarari kyun ho rahi hai, ye janta hi nahi

Hooo..dill hai ki manta nahi


"majboor mat karo nupur mujhe'pls'itni mushkil me mar dalo'door raho mujhse'mere paas kuch nahi hai tumhe dene ko'kuch nahi'mai tumhe uo khushiyan nahi de sakta jo tum deserve karti ho'bhool jao mujhe aur meri sari batein'apni zindaggi jiyo..!! aur khush raho"


Teri wafaein, teri mohobbat..

Sab kuch hai mere liye'

Tune diya hai nazrana dil ko

Hum to hain tere liye'


"meri khushi sirf tumhare saath hai mayank'sirf tumhare saath'mai kisi aur ke saath kabhi khush nahi reh paungi'aur nahi khush rakh paungi'tum mere dil or dimag me bas chuke ho mayank'mere liye tumhe apne ap se alag karna namumkin hai'namumkin..!!


ye baat sach hai sab jante hain'

tum ko bhi hai yea yakeen'

dill hai ki manta nahi'

dill hai ki manta nahi'



the car stopped with a jerk and both nupur and mayank came back to the earth'some tears were gathering in the corner of their eyes but they hide it and got out of the car'a beautiful hotel!'automaticly a smilled appeared in everyone's face' "chalo guys!"'adhiraj heeded ahead without waiting for mayank and nupur' mayan looked at him going'he should have took nupur with him but he didn't'mayank looked back at nupur' "chalo"' he said to her'nupur smiled and strated to walk'

suddenly she stopped and called out mayank's name' "mayank?"'mayank also stopped' "haan bolo"' he said trying to avoid any eye contract with her' "suna tha humsfar uo hota hai jo apke saath chale aur apko thame rakhe'par mera humsfar to age nikal gaya na"'she said tauntingly' "aur jisne thama uo to ajnabi nikla'hai na?"' she said trying to look at his eyes'this time mayank looked at her..directly in her eyes' "jaruri nahi jo haath thame uo humsafar ho..kabhi kabhi kuch insaan ajnabi rahe uahi behtar hota hai"' nupur laughed a little' "tum bhool rahe ho mayank'ajnabi hi sabse bada humsafar hota hai"' "nahi nupur'har ajnabi humsafar nahi hota'saath chlana aur humsafar hona'bohot fark hai in do lafzo mai"'nupur's eyes got filled with tears' mayank kabhi aaknon aur palko ka ristha dekha hai?'mayank gave her a confused look'nupur smilled and said.. " agar palak kuch der na jhapke to aankh ro deti hai aur agar aakhon me kuch chala jaaye to palak tadap uthati hai'shayed humara rishta bhi kuch aisa hi hai'tabhi to jise mere liye rukhna tha..uo age nikal gaya'aur jise meri taraf dekhna tak nahi tha'uo chote se safar me haath tham raha hai"''mayank gave her a pitiful smile' "sapno se bahar niklo nupur'haqeekat ka samna karo"' nupur smiled' "same to you mr Sharma"' and she left inside leaving a helpless mayank behind'


if you liked it pls do press the like tab
and dont forget to commentEmbarrassed
suggetions are more than welcomeTongue

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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resrevd 3 :)
yupi im the first to resreve
kya ho jo im last to comment
kiya tu
meri behan ki tarhan thori story khatam honay k bad coment kerti haiAngryTongue
lovely updatTonguee
ullu k phatta wala part was rocking
but  nt gud with mayank
he is so helpless bechara
na kuch ker sakta hai na kuch bol sakta hai
sab kyun tang ker rahy hai us bechary go
tri tu tu ny sahi ka badla liya hai mjhy se
beta rukh agli ardhangini ki update mein me loo gi
lovely wroing
hope evrything cums in place son
is bar update soon
wasy tu hai kaha aj kal
lova ya jan

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--Neelanjana-- IF-Rockerz

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miss u Mayur....

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