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mn ff...Ehsaas (updated, last part) at page 127 (Page 127)

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part 19
(Last Part)

"papa!"…nupur called out…her father who was quiet shocked and unhappy too with his daughter's such a decision looked at her… but again looked away.. he was confused at what to do… he said that he wont accept her relation with mayank but what about her daughter's happiness.. from nupur's behavior it was quiet easy to guess that she is in love with mayank and that too a true love!

Nupur sat beside him.. "papa.. mai apse kuch kahun?".. she said with voice getting chocked in her throat…his father didn't say anything… "papa…mai janti hoon ki apko ye sab janke kitna ajeeb lagraha hoga..par mai apko samjha sakti hoon.. app bas mujhe ek mauka do"..  her tears were flowing form her eyes.. she never wanted to hurt her family.. specially her father… he has been the most and biggest support system for her… "papa..mujhe ghar gari paisa in sab se koi matlab nahi..mujhe ek insaan ka pyar chaiye papa..mere liye mehenge kapre ya jewar nahi pyar se diya uya ek phool jyada maine rakhta hai…mai janti hoon apko ye sab kitabi batein lagrahi hongi par app hi bataiye mujhe mai kya karoon.. mai apne dil par to kabu nahi pa sakti na..mai mayank se pyar karti hoon papa (she said in a confident tone) par apke ruswai (annoyance) ki kimat par nahi..apko dukh dekar, apke sapne apke armano ka gala ghot kar mai apne sapno ka mehel nahi banaungi..par haan sach hai agar aap mere liye mera dil ho to mayank us dil ki dharkan hai..mai uske begair nahi reh paungi..par apko takleef dekar uske saath bhi nahi rehna chahti".. she finally stopped and take a deep breath.. for the first time in her life she was feeling that she may loose one important person in her life.. if she tries to make her parents happy she will have to loose mayank and if she chooses mayank she will loose her parents!

Her father after listening his daughter and looked at her… he could easily make out what his daughter must be feeling.. but again wasn't his ego and respect coming between his daughter's happiness.. he sigh and took her hand in his… "aap mayank se kahiye..hum unse milana chahte hain"… nupur looked at him shocked.. she was surely not expecting this.. she felt as if some miracle happened and god gave her a second chance… her face lit up with joy and happiness.. her eyes which were filled with tears sometime before was now glittering like a shining star… "par hum use sirf milne bula rahe hain..humara faisla abhi badla nahi hai nupur!.. par hum apke saath nainsafi (injustice) nahi krenge hum use aur apko ek mauka de rahe hain… par sirf ek mauka yaad rakhein".. his father strictly said but still nupur was happy and sure that once her father personally meet mayank he wont be able to reject him


"oh god ye nupur..apna phone kyun nahi utha rahi?".. mayank was getting tensed now… he was trying to call her from past few hours but it was ringing and ringing but no answer.. his mind was saying that something has happened but heart was not ready to accept that.. finally after trying more that 100 times nupur answered her phone… "nupur kahan ho tum?.. mai kabse tumhe phone karraha hoon..tum apna phone kyun nahi utha rahi..thik to ho na tum..nupur?? kuch bolo na".. but no response.. he could feel that she is crying and hiding it too.. now he became more serious and his heart was beating fast in fear.. "nupur tum..sab thik hai na..tum ro kyun rahi ho nupur".. he was getting impatient now.. he cant bear to see her in was killing him.. "mayank uo..uo mama papa ko sab.sab pata chal gaya".. she said trying not to get emotional.. it was time to be strong but still she was feeling scared.. not that she didn't trust mayank or her love it was just she was scared!.. silence took over the moment.. neither mayank was in a situation to say anything nor nupur.. they wanted to tell everyone but surely didn't want things to come out like this..but what can anyone was bound to happen!.. "papa tumse milna chahte hain mayank".. nupur said with no emotion in her voice this time..mayank sighed … "kab?".. the only ward he could say.. "sham ko".. nupur said in a low tone

mayank could sense that his silence is breaking her confidence but he was damn scared plus he wasn't ready for this now..he knew he had to do this but it was totally unexpected..he was fearing that probably today something may go wrong! …. "tum fikar mat karo nupur..mai sab thik kardunga..ab sab thik don't worry..mai hoon na".. mayank said trying to make her believe but he himself was not sure!.. "mayank I am sorry..papa..papa bohot gusse me hain!".. finally nupur broke into tears.. "nupur!! Dekho pls agar tum rougi to mai…pls don't cry..maine kahana..tum mujhper aur humare pyar par bharosa rakho..mai sab thik kar dunga..mai uncle ko mana lunga ok".. now mayank was more determind what he had to do!… "par mayank".. nupur was about to say something but mayank stopped het in between.. "ab sab thik hoga you don't worry".. he said and cut the call!


"kya??!!".. samrat exclaimed with shock.. "par..par aise kaise..nupur ne bata diya".. he said with a helpless look on his face.. "haan uska phone aya tha mujhe".. adhi said in a normal tone.. "adhi tu itna normal kaise hai?..tujhe pata hai na dad already bhushan uncle par kitna gussa hain ki unhone shadi ke liye mana kar diya..aur ab jab unhe mayank aur nupur ke bare me pata chalega..god! toofan anewala hai I am sure"… samrat was behaving like a melodramatic hero.. "arey samrat tum fikar kyun karrahe ho..sab man jayenge dekhna tum…aur na mane to hum unko bhagakar shadi karwa denge".. gunajn said with a big smile.. "hi-5 bhabhi"… adhi supported her too.. "waah!! Kya solution hai..matlab khan se lekar aye ho apna dimag tum log".. samrat said sarcastically..  "shut up samrat! Mera mazak mat banao".. gunajn complained.. "nahi nahi utna time nahi hai abhi humare paas..hum na tum dono ke ye stupid ideas badme sunge.. mujhe ye samajh nahi arha in dono ko itni jaldi kya thi.. thoda wait kar late.. mahol thora shant hota to"… he couldn't complete his sentence .. "bhai bacho jaise sawal kyun puch rahe ho..ab jaldi kyun thi uo apko pata na ho ye to ajeeb baat hogi are married bhai..samjha karo".. he said making a innocent face.. samrat looked at him shocked.. was he actually saying this to him? his big brother.. and worst part was that gunjan was giggling too..they can..after all they are the namuna's … "bahar niklo..abhi ke abhi dono ihan se…mujhe sochne do"… he threw them out of the room and tried to think what could be done!


mayank stood outside nupur's house and looked at the house with a keen eyes.. "hey bhagwan! Pehle larki ko pataya..nahi actually larki ne mujhe pataya..ab mai uske baap ko kaise pataun?".. his throat was getting dry.. "nupur! Dekh rahi ho na kya halat hogayi mujh bechare ki.. ha! Chal mayank..jang ke liye taiyar ho ja..jang?..nahi nahi..shubh shubh bol mayank..jang nahi hogi sab asani se ho jayega..shayed".. he again prayed to god for his safety and finally entered the house, rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door.. nupur's mom opened the door and looked at him as if he had come from zoo.. "namaste aunty!"..but all he could see a blank expression and a pair of eyes which were scanning him from toe to heed.. "yaar mai thik to dikh raha hoon na?".. he thought in his mind.. (Tashu must mention he was wearing black shirt with dark blue jeansDay Dreaming ).. "mai andar asakta hoon aunty?".. he asked with a little bit of hesitation.. "hmm..haan ajao".. he came inside with a smile on his face..though the smile was a confusing one.. he looked around.. the house was big.. "inke living room jitna to mera pura flat hai yaar".. he thought in his mind and this made him more confuseOuch .. he again took deep breaths.. "uncle..uncle kahan hai".. he asked nupur's mom.. "tum baitho mai bulati hoon".. she told him and went to call her husband

mayank was about to seat but nupur came running to him and stopped near the stairs.. mayank looked at her and all his confidence level which was going down was in now high level.. just her sight made him realize why was he here and what he had to do.. nupur took baby steps to reach towards him.. she looked at him with a hopeful eyes and mayank nooded his head in yes telling her that he will make everything alright.. the cute eye lock could have been more beautiful if her father didn't broke it with a fake cough.. nupur took few steps away.. "nupur..hume lagta hai apko ab ihanse jana chaiye.. hume mayank se akele me baat karni hai".. he said looking at mayank from the corner of his eyes… "par papa".. nupur again was in verge of arugue but mayank stopped her.. "nupur!".. and that was can she refuse him.. she went from there with a broken heartBroken Heart.. "arey waah! Ab to humari beti bas aphi ki sun rahi hai".. nupur's father said with a bit taunt in it.. "jee uo".. mayank was about to say but mr bhushan interrupted.. "baith jaiye".. mayank sat infront of him and looked nervous.. "hmm..shuru se sab kab kaise kahan?".. mayank looked at him with a helpless expression but finally he found some courage and told him how he had seen nupur in school days and after that her disappearing and then when he met her she was getting engaged with his brother only.. mr bhushan looked at him shocked.. Shocked.. "nahi nahi uncle maine use kuch nahi kaha..mai to ihan se chala bhi gaya tha.. par finally nupur ko bhi mujhse pyar hogaya".. he said with a big smile but he realized what he said and infront of bhushan looked at him with a are you serious look.. "uncle pls aap meri baat ek bar sune.. kyun kab kahan aur kaise in sab sawalon ka na mere bas jawab hai nahi in sawalon ka koi matlab.. bas ye hai ki mai aur nupur ek dusre se pyar karte hain aur sachwala pyar.. mai apse apki beti ka haath mangta hoon..aur pls app inkar na karein kyun ki humari khushi bas ek dusre ke saath hai".. the ambiance was now filled with pin drop silence!

After a long pause mr bhushan started.. "mayank hum apke jazbato ki kadar karte hain par hume ye batiye kya zindagi jeene ke liye sirf pyar kafi hai".. he asked her with a bit calmness this time.. he was actually impressed with his straight forward nature.. "nahi uncle kafi nahi hai..aur zindagi jeene ke liye sirf ghar ya gari ki bhi jarurat nahi..mere pas jitna jarurat ho utna paisa hai aur age aur kamane ki himmat aur kabiliyat bhi..aur nupur ke liye dher sara pyar bhi..mujhe lagta hai itna kafi hota hai".. he said in a confident tone!Approve.. nupur's father thought for a moment.. then got up… mayank also got up seeing him getting up.. "nupur! Hum jante hain ap ihan hi hain bahar a jayen".. now how can we expect nupur to agree with others.. she has to do what she wantsLOL she was hiding behind the curtains and finally came out seeing her act being caught out.. mayank smiled at his mind.. she is surely a master piece but again he realized that may be ..just may be mr bhushan is going to say.. "bahar nikal jaiye humare ghar se".. he was expecting a salp too!

Nupur came and stood infront of her father with her head down.. "apko pata hai humne humesha apke har faisle me saath kyun dia".. she looked at him with a questioning eyes… "kyun ki hume apne parwarish par bharosa tha".. she again looked down hearing the word "tha".. so as mayank.. he just wanted to hold nupur's hand and tell mr bhushan that "jab simran ke papa simran aur raj ko alag nahi par paye to aap bhi mayank aur nupur ko alag nahi kar sakte budde jee (oldie)ROFL".. but he controlled his feelings and clutched his fist tighly..  "par aaj hume garv hai apki pasand pe"..he said with a big smile..nupur and mayank both looked at him shocked happy and lots of emotions running in their mind.. "papa!!".. nupur just hugged him and winked at mayank.. while mayank was saying sorry for calling him a budda just a few seconds ago.. "mayank..hum bohot khush hain ki humari beti ko apke jaisa jevan sathi mila".. mayank looked at him with big eyes.. "haan ab apne itne pyar se humari beti ka haath manga hai hum mana thori karenge".. he said with a chuckle.. mayank's mom came there with sweets..some tears in her eyes.. though sometime she can be a melodramatic mother but that doesn't meant that she doesn't love her daughter..or doesn't want her to be happy!.. "maa!"..nupur hugged her mother tight finally getting some relieved that her parents agreed with her choice!


"arey waah! Yahan to happy occasion chalraha hai..acha hua hum bhi agayen ab khushi double hojayegi".. adhiraj said loudly to gain attention.. they all looked at them..all of them came samrat gunjan adhiraj mr and mrs Sharma too.. mayank was shocked to death.. how will he make his mama ji understand?..he hdant the strength to again say all the things he said some time before!.. but he went towards her mama and mami.. "nahi beta kuch kehne ki jarurat nahi!..tum bas itna jan lo ki hum tumhare saath hain".. he felt a big relive.. nupur was more than happy.. "finally nupur dekho tumhe tumhara mayank mil hi gaya".. adhiraj said with a chuckle knowing how much effort nupur had to put for this day.. "haan god!".. nupur was super excited and it was clearly visible in her bhushan went towards mr Sharma with a sorry look on his face.. "arey mr bhushan ab ap mat shuru hojaiye..hume to nupur apne ghar ki bahu banke chaiyi thi..ab beta to mayank bhi hai humara"..the ambiance was happy..mayank thanked samrat through his eyes knowing that he is only one who had done this and shorted his a big problem!..and samrat nooded his head telling his "you are my jaan..and I can do anything for youBig smile.. while others were busy in chit chatting.. mayank slowly and cunningly dragged nupur outside

"arey mayank!..sab hain uhan..koi dekhlega".. she complained.. but mayank pulled her and pinned her against the wall and put his hand on her mouth "ssshh".. nupur looked at him with her big eyes.. the intense and passionate eyes were telling her a lot.. she could feel her knees going week with just the look of his expressive eyes.. she cluthched his shirt tighly and he smiled naughtily knowing what was going in her mind!.. he slowly bend down..just a inch gap between their lips..nupur could feel his breath on her face.. she closed her eyes forgetting the world around her!.. mayank slowly placed his lips on hers..shivers ran through her spain..a small peck on her lips and he moved away..(mu band karlo sab..bas hogayaROFL)… "ab lagraha hai ye sab sapna nahi sach hai"..nupur opened her eyes and blushed..her checks were crimson red now!.. mayank smiled seeing his affect on her.. she looked down.. "ab itna mat sharmao would be mrs Sharma"..he said whispering in her ear.. she hit him playfully and hide her face on his chest..he took her on his embrace just to feel the moment of perfection..moment of togetherness!..finally their "Ehsaas" got the recognition of Love!


finally!LOL..guys pls press the like tab if you liked it and dont forget to comment..silent readers Tashu want you guys to comment leats now please..want to your viewsEmbarrassed
and guys again a thanks for being with me through out the journeyHug
pls do tell me your views..about this part / about this FFEmbarrassed
will wait for your comments eagerlySmile

p.s:- I have written an read this fast so that I can update the epilogue tooLOL

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very nicely written. keep it up

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shootingstar27 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Love the ending Tongue Enjoyed reading your FF very much. Can't wait for the epilogue Big smile

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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luved the ending
mayur r finally together
it was all beautifully written
do update the epilogue soon

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nice ending going to miss this ff...

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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omG, u r also ending this, i loved this FF, it was full of fun, masti, Emotions, in short it was complete pakage, and no one can reject mayank, and curtain scene was awesome..LOL
Beautiful ending and very cute little Romantic scene,Waiting for the Epilogue

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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thank god everythings fine.

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perfect ending...but cum soon with epilogue...
bhuda jii was the best part...ROFL
thankd god sab maan gayei...phewww...
gr8 work dear...Hug
do write more...Clap
will wait for the epilogue...
tc dear...

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