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mn ff...Ehsaas (updated, last part) at page 127 (Page 116)

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heyyy sis plezz continue diz FF na!

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tasu plz update this ff. plzzz

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hey allHug
come on guys be happy tasfia is here with ehsaasEmbarrassedROFL...i know you guys love this ff very much and i just love this fact...extremely sorry for making you guys so wait but as you all know the reason so i am not repeating myself..LOL
and now finally here with an update..hope you all like it..and not to forget...a big hug to amazing comments by you guys are just my inspiritaion..thanks a ton for such amazing comments..really appereciate it..Heart
now pls scroll down for the next partEmbarrassed

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"good work mr Sharma..we are very impressed with you"' that was the only thing mayank was thinking again and again..he was very happy that finally life was heading towards a good part'with a big smile on his face he took the phone to dial nupur's number'he wanted to share this good news with her that how much his work was liked by all..but before he could dial nupur's number his cell rang and it was flashing adhiraj..he happily answered the phone'. "adhi yaar..tune na bare ache time pe phone kiya hai"..mayank said without any hello or how are you' "wait dude! Ye tujhper itni jaldi nupur ka asar hogaya..i am shocked"'he said taunting him' "oh pls shut up ok..acha know I had my first presentation on office..and guess what..every one praised my work very much"'his happiness was clearly visible in his voice.

"ahan! To isliye tu itna khush hai..waise congrats yaar..and I knew ki one day you will become very very successful'waise tune nupur ko bataya na?"' he asked him..his voice changed from serious to teasing type' "nahi batane wala tha..waise thanks..agar tune mujhe bataya nahi hota..aur smahaya nahi hota to shayed aaj me and nupur wouldn't have been together"'he said truly thanking him' "arey yaar..ab thanks mat bol'waise bhi uo larki na tujhe paakar ke hi rehti..use kisi ki help ki jarurat kahan"' they both laughed at this..true nupur bhushan showed her jhansi ki rani avatar in these days.

"acha..mai rakhta hoon..mujhe kuch kaam hai..bye..apna khayal rakhna"'mayank said as he remembered some work' "ok chal bye aur tu bhi apna khayal rakhna"' saying that adhiraj cut the call..mayank couldn't call nupur as he had some work and he had to leave his phone to his table only


"ab ye mayank ka phone kyun nahi lagraha?"'nupur had tried several times to call mayank but he wasn't answering it' "pata nahi kahan hai!".. she was some how getting tensed as mayank and not reciving her calls..she put the phone on the bed and tried to concentarate on the book but alas! She couldn't..until her phone rang and she madly recived it' "hello mayank..tum phone kyun nahi utha rahe the?..maine kitni baar phone kiya pata hai tumhe..tum thik to ho na?..ab kuch bolo bhi"' she asked him angrily' "nahi nahi madam ap apna bol lijiye'phir hum jaise nachiz ka line ayega na bolne ka"' mayank said with a laugh' "haan..bol liya maine..ab bato bhi"' nupur aksed impatiently' "arey uo mai meeting me tha na..isliye phone table pe reh gaya"' mayank told her' "acha..par next time tumharai koi meeting ho tum mujhe bata diya karo..warna mujhe tension ho jati hai"..nupur ordered him' "nupur tum to abhi se wify ban rahi ho"' mayank was rofling like anything with her behaviour..true she was acting like a wife only' "hasne ki jarurat nahi mr you need to tolorate all this..waise tum ghar agaye kya?"'she asked mayank knowing he would be home till now' "haan I know..aur haan ms nupur..mai ghar pohoch chukka hoon..aur isse pehle ki tum phirse mujhe kisi baat me uljha do..i need to tell you something"...mayank stopped her blabbering as he had to tell her

"haan to maine kahan roka hai..batao na"'nupur aksed him'and after mayank told her about his little success..she jumped with id it was not mayank's in fact her success' well it what was mayank's it belongs to nupur too' "I am so happy'muahh"' nupur was surely out of control ' "nupur..control na warna mai ye wala phone pe nahi..sachem lane ajaunga" 'he said mischeviously' "ahan! Mayank..uahain baithe raho chup chap smajhe"' nupur warned him though she knew he is not gonna come' "nupur tum free ho kya?"' he aksed as suddenly an idea hit his mind' "haan kyun?"' nupur asked him not sure' "good..ek kaam karo..apne ghar ke neeche akar mujhse milo"' mayank said' "kya??!!..pagal ho gaye ho mayank'ghari dekho raat ke 11 baj rahe hain"' nupur asked him shocked' "haan I know..par mai hoon na tumhare saath..ab tum jaldi se ajao..abhi nahi adhe ghane me ok"' and without saying or listening anything further he cut the call.


nupur some how managed to come down and saw mayank's car..and got into it' "yea kya hai mayank..raat ke 12 baj rahe hain..tumhe na bikul akal nahi hai"'nupur complained as she had to suffer much difficulties to come out at 12 in the night' "haan akal nahi hai tabhi to warna..mai aaj kahan hota'aur dekho..meri kismat ihan tumhare saath mai"' he said with a dissapointment' "what do you mean?"' nupur cast a angry glare to him' "arey nahi nahi..kuch bhi to nahi"' mayank said showing his dimples' "acha ab ye batao ki tumne mujhe bulaya kyun?"' nupur asked him' "celebarate karne aur kya?"' mayank said in a obvious tone while driving the car' "acha'raat ke 12 baje?..waah! mayank Sharma apka to jawab hi nahi"' nupur said in a taunting tone' "haan na..of course I the way thanks"' mayank ignored her taunt

after some time he stopped the car in front of a "chaat ka thela"' "chalo nupur uthro"' mayank asked her' she looked thorugh the window and seeing the chat she came out like a child' "haa!! Chat??"' her face was glowing'may be a dimond neclace cant bring that glow which a little thing bought' "haan lag to chat hi rahi hai..ab khane se pata chalega ki kya hai"' mayank said and dreagged her to the stall' "bhaia!.chat dena"'but before mayank could say anything nupur interrupted' "aur usme dher sari thika dalna"' she said 'mayank shook his hand in disbelief' this girl is surely crazy.. the shopkeeper gave it to them and without asking mayank she took the plate and started eating it'mayank was in awe'how can she eat so many and that too together..but the next moment he realized that she was looking very cute while eating it'a smiled automaticly appeared on his face' "arey mayank tum bhi lo na"' she offered him' "nahi..tum khao"' except eating he had more important work like to stare at her' "yummy!!"' nupur said while eating' after she was done mayank paid the shopkeeper and they heeded towards their car

nupur leaned against the car'. "thanks mayank..mujhe to bohot maza aya"..she said with a big smile on her face' "aur mujhe bhi"' mayank said genuinely' "par tumne kuch kahay hi nahi..kitna tasty tha uo".. nupur pouted' mayank smiled at her' "mujhe jo chaiye tha mil gaya"' he said and finally nupur got what he meant so she thought it wouldn't be wrong to blush a bit' "waise nupur! I think we should tell everybody now"' mayank took the thing to something serious' he was scared that may be something bad happen..he didn't want to take anymore risk' "haan mayank..mai bhi yahi soch rahi thi'pata nahi mai papa ko kab tak rok paun..tum jaldi se kuch karoge na?"' her voice was filled with so much trust that mayank couldn't deny the fact that nupur was the most precious gift of his life!' he nooded in assurance' "tum bilkul fikar mat karo..i will..mai bohot jald kuch karunga..and then hum humesha saath rahenge"' nupur hugged him' "I love you mayank"' she said knowing that life cant be more beautiful'he responded the hug' "I love you too"' though words were not needed for then to tell each other that how much they love each other but still sometime these three words mean more than anything in the world!

"Waise I have got something for you"' mayank said breaking the hug' "mere liye?..kya?"' nupur aksed impatiently'of course she was a girl and which girl doesn't like gifts and that too when someone special give you that gift' "wait a minute!"' mayank went to back side and got the gift'. "ye lo"' he said hading it too her' it was a small box..beautifully decorated.. she looked at him' "kya hai isme"..she aksed him' "mera sar"' mayank answered her' "kya?"' she gave him a confuse look' "ab kholke dekhogi tabhi to pata chalega na"' mayank told her'nupur opened the box and there was beautiful diamond ring'simple one stoned but was beautiful..nupur looked at him with tears in her eyes' "mayank ye"' but mayank put his finger on her mouth' "ssshh nupur"'he took the ring, bend down on his knees' "mrs nupur bhushan'will you marry me?'will you do the extra ordinary favour to marry me and become mrs nupur mayank Sharma"' nupur was shocked happy and god knows what' she just nooded in yes as she had no strength to describe in words that how much happy she was feeling from inside'mayank got up and slipped the ring on her finger' nupur looked at the ring'it looked so perfect!.. "you know what'you are stupid"' nupur told mayank and put her head on her chest' "I know"'mayank smiled and firmly hold her' "ab ghar chalein?"' mayank asked her and nupur nooded in yes..after dropping her home mayank went to his'with lots of happiness in heart while nupur just twrilled and twrilled in happiness'and after sometime she slept with a new dream in her eyes!


After a pleasant and beautiful day of her life nupur opened her eyes to experience a new morning.. with a big smile on her face she proceed to the dining table' "good morning mom..good morning dad"' she said and sat down.. not getting any reply from them she asked them .."kya hua..aap dono kuch pareshan lag rahe hain"' she asked then as she saw some tension on their faces' "nupur hume pase kuch baat karni hai".. the seriousness was quiet visible in her fathers voice' "papa..baat kya hai?"' "nupur hume nahi lagta ki ap jo yea sab karrahi hain..uo kisi bhi tareeke se sahi hai..apko andaza hai na ki ap ki tarah apni zindai se khl rahi hain"' he said in a strict tone' "papa aap kis bare me baat karrahe hain"' nupur aksed him directly' "hum apki us bachkani faisle ki baat karrahe hain'apko adhiraj se shadi nahi karni..thik hai koi baat nahi par apke paas uski waja bhi honi chaiye'aur apne hume ye waja diya ki ap kisi aur se pyar karti hai"' nupur gave him a confuse look..when already this things were discussed now what was the reason for all this?' "par uo koi aur hai kaun nupur??".. her father's voice was getting too loud' "ek aise insaan ke lliye jise hum jante tak nahi..uske liye hum apni beti ki zindagi barbad kyun karein?!!!!"

"par papa'maine apse kaha tha na ki uo ayega..phir yea sab batein ab kyun?"'nupur was getting irritated and scared too.. "uo isliye kyun ki hume apki batein thik nahi lagrahi'uo ayega..kab ayega..boliye..bataiye hume'kya puri zindagi bathi rahengi aap uske intezar me?!..jawab dijiye hume?"' her father questioned her' "haan..baithi rahungi'aur waise bhi aisi nobat nahi anewali"' nupur looked away' " kya aap batane ka kasth karengi ki uo hai kaun?"' his father asked her angrily' "mayank..mayank Sharma!"' nupur said directly'she didn't need to hide it.. mayank loves her..she loves him..then what was the need to hide it anymore'. "kya?"'nupur's mom who was a witness of all this till now shouted' "pagal hogayi tu'mayank? gharke ek bete se rishta tor ke dusre bete se??'tera dimag thik to hai na nupur??"' nupur looked at her shock'. What kind of a reason that was' "to'kya mai khandan dekh kar pyar karun..ab ye kaisi batein karrahi hain maa"' she said with courage' "NUPUR!!!"' his father shouted' nupur stepped back due to fear!

"aaj tak hume lagta tha ki aap koi galat kaam nahi karengi..humara bharosa nahi torengi'par ye kiya apne?'aise sanskar diyen hain humne apko??'adhiraj ki jaga ap us mayank se??..aur ye bataiye hume'uo hai kaun..kya wajood hai uska uske mama ke begair..arey uske to parivaar ka bhi koi nahi hai"' nupur was about to reply but his father stopped him' "bas kariye nupur! hume apse koi aur baat karni hai'aur nahi sunni hai'ap apne kamre jaiye aur behtar hoga ap us mayank ko bhul hi jayen..kyun ki jaisa ap chahti hain..waisa to hone se raha"' he declared his last decision and went to his room' nupur went to her mother but she also left from there without listening' "ab..ab mai kya karoon?"' she was now scared and was feeling as if her heart will stop to beat anytime!


pls press the like tab if you liked it

and feel free to commentEmbarrassed suggestions are more than welcomeTongue

but pls do share your viewsSmile

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first of all
thnku so much ms tasfia...ap ny yeah ff per nazar karam kiya...
the strt was sooo beautiful...but adi wala part mjhy samhj nhi aya ..kiya kuch mein ny mis kiya hai...
the date...caht..the view..his feelings...he sweetnes...and the propsal waooo/...lovly
bad yeah end mein kiya hua...
uff...lets see kiya hota hai

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Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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AWsome update dude
continue the next part
thnx for the pm xx

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good one yaar

ab kya hoga

plz MN ko alag mat kar dena

continue very soon

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amazing update dear...u stopped it in such a crucial point...

pls dont separate our mayur...

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