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mn ff...Ehsaas (updated, last part) at page 127 (Page 109)

sariska_mnarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Amazing update

loved it

cont soon

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
plz plz plz plz update soon. plzzz

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itzMYattitude IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
sorryyy for being so late yar
m hell busy these days =)
read the last few updates
finally m done
phewww m happy reading the updates together
to read them with consistency without any break is great fun
u dont have to wait much lolx
amazinggg hats off for such a great job
literally all the scnes just perfect
awww my mayank
shooo sweeet innocent boy
loved him yar his every reaction
n nupur full on madam
great master planner
n adhiraj lolx he is cuteee
in short fab rocking ff
plz contiue sooon na =(
cant wait

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_ArTi4ever_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
lovely update..continue soon dear..cant wait 4 the next part

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 2:04am | IP Logged
plz continue soon. cant wait more. plzzz

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valliyah Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
cont soon please...!!!

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
hey guys...i am really sorry that i am updating after ages...but i was not well actuallyUnhappy
plus my pre boards life is like so busy that i dont get enough time to write updates...i a really sorry for thatDead

and also thanks a ton for your lovely comments and waiting patientlyHug

now pls forgive me and be happy as i have updated the next partEmbarrassed
update is on page 110Tongue

love you allHeart

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged

Nupur got up with a heavy headache…she was shocked to see herself in dia's room..she was about to got up from the bed but her head was paining badly…she was trying to remember what actually happened lats night when she was dia entering with a tray in her hand.. "uth gayi aap?"… she said with a mocking smile… "yaar mai ihan kaise?"… she said siting with difficulty… "arey waah! Itne drama karne ke baad..ab puch rahi hai ihan kaise..sukar mana..kal mere mom dad nahi the warna tu to gayi thi for sure"… she said trying to control her laughter… "tu saaf saaf nahi bat sakti kya?"… nupur was getting irritated now..the last thing she remember is that she had drink something and after that everything is blank out from her mind

"haan jarur bataungi…acha sun..uo kya hai na nupur bhushan the great ne….kuch ajeeb sa pee liya tha..toba..aur phir as expected unke hosh ur gayen..aur behoshi ki halat me najane unhone kaun kaun se teer mare"… dia stopped her breaking news and saw nupur's mouth hung open… "mu band aur yea chai pee..etter feel karegi"… "oh no! yaar maine ..kahin maine kuch aisa waisa to nahi kiya na"… she said with an shocked plus scared voice…. "hmm ab uo to tu..mayank se puchna..usi ne ihan chora tujhe"… dia said with a wink..nupur's eyes were huge open..she must have lost control over herself and god knows what must have she had done… "mama papa ko kya bataya tune?"… she said now diverting her attention towards her parents… "hmm..yahi ki barish ki wajar se tu nahi asakti..shukar mana ki aunty ne tujhse baat karni nahi chahi warna tu to"..without saying  anything further she handed her the cup of tea

nupur rested her back on the bed.. "mai thak chuki hoon yaar"… nupur said with a dissapointment… "kyun neend puri nahi hui?"…dia said normally… "mujhe nahi lagta mayank mujshe pyar karta hai"… she said still in the same position… dia for a time looked at her.. is this girl crazy or what ..she is marrying adhiraj and expecting mayank to love her..!… "tera dimag thikane pe haina..shadi karrahi hain na adhiraj se aur phir yea sab kya bol rahi hai?"… she said quiet loudly… "mayank kabhi nahi manega….ab mujhe bhi lagne laga hai ki shayed uo mujhe kabhi pyar nahi karega..kabhi nahi"…she said totally ignoring what dia was saying… "oh god! Don't tell me ki tu yea sab??..tu pagal hogayi hai kya…tera dimag kharab hogaya hai???"… dia was literally yelling at her but she stopped as she felt that nupur's tears in her hand

"oh god nupur! Pls ro mat..acha chal I am so sorry yaar..par tu ro mat"… she said and hugged nupur tightly…nupur laos hugged her back…she was feeling like as if she made a fool of herself…she was feeling so helpless that was beyond description… dia thought for sometime and finally she took the decision that she should tell nupout the whole truth…she broke the hug … "nupur mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai"… she said seriously..nupur also looked at her with questioning eyes…!


mayank was not sure that wheather he should call dia and ask her about nupur or not..his heart surely wanted to do this but then again something was stopping him…he thought to divert his attention… glancing at the paper which was in his hand he smiled….it was his appointment letter… he applied for job in one of the biggest multinational company and having the best results in his accdamic career it didn't took time to get that job…he didn't want to trouble his mama more..true his mama and this family has done a lot for him… if they were not with him, helped him he may had no future at all…they gave him the love of a family…but now it was time for him to acchive something with his own merit

he went to his mama's room… "mama ji mai andar ajaun?"… "arey mayank..aona beta …puchne ki jarurat nahi"… mayank went inside and took a seat beside him… "mama ji..mujhe apse kuch jaruri baat karni thi"… he said hesisatedly.. he somewhere knew that this may hurt his mama..and that was not his intention at all… "haan kaho na kya bata hai?..sab theek to hai na beta?"… "mama".. he said handing him the appointment letter… after reading it his mama gave him a smile… "tum scahme ye karna chahte ho?"… mayank nooded… "par beta..humari company bhi tumhari hi hai"… mayank smiled… "I know mama ji..but..mai apne dum par kuch karna chahta hoon…aur pls ap pls mera satah dijiye..mujhe apke saath ke jarurat hai…aur waise bhi mama ji..i have troubled you a lot..ab mai khud kuch karna chahta hoon"… he said with moist eyes… "beta jo humne kiya uo humara farz hi nahi jarurat bhi thi..agar ap jaisa beta hume nahi milta to uo humari badkismati hoti"… he hugged mayank tight…true he always felt to have mayank as his son… he had no complains no demands…always smiling ..whatever the situation was mayank was the one who could handle everything…. A sensible boy who was a gem for his mama… "aur mujhe us company se ek flat bhi mil raha hai"… mayank said breaking the hug… "kya??..nahi yea nahi hosakta..apko jo karna hai ap ihanhi rehke karenge"… his mama was srtickt with his word… "pls mama ji..pls!"… mayank almost pleaded… he himself was unware why he didn't want to leave ther anymore..may be because nupur was coming as a daughter in law in that house..being adhiraj's wife..may be!

After another session of pleading mayank finally got the permission to do the job and also to shift in that flat..though samrat was highly against this ...actually the whole family never wanted mayank to go…it was like impossible for them to be without mayank..specially for adhiraj… mayank was everything to him..his guide his brother his best friend…after mayank came in adhiraj's house he never needed any other friend.. but finally mayank could make them understand!


"KYA??"… that was the only dialogue nupur could say after whatever dia told her… she was too shocked to react…ofcourse this was a big shock for her…she could never ever imagined that mayank have loved her from long before..before than she knew him… before than she fell for him….nothing can be more shocking then this..she was feeling so angry on dia that she didn't tell her all this before

"dia!! Do you realize tune mujhe ye baat pehle na bata ke kitni..kitni bari galti ki hai??…do you even realize that??!!… dia was ready for nupur's reaction… so she decided to quietly listen all this… "oh god!..mai..mujhe to smajh hi nahi araha mai…mai kya karoon?"…she sat on the bed… she was confuse that what to do… "mai pagalon ki tarah ye soch rahi thi ki mayank mujshe pyar karta bhi hai ya nahi aur tu….agar tu mujhe bata deti….to,,ye sab.mujhe ye sab karna hi nahi parta"….nupur's tears were no wasy stopping… after a couple of minutes when nupur was a bit composed dia tried to explain her… "nupur..mai to tujhe kab ka bata deti..par mayank ne mujhe mana kiya tha….use laga ki adhiraj ki family ki bahu banke you will get what you deserve..aur use laga he cant give you all this bas isiliye…now nupur understood that why mayank refused her that day..she got up with a jerk… "dia I needto do something…mujhe..abhi yea shadi rokni hai"… dia was not sure what to reply… "tu thande dimag se sochkekarna jo bhi karna"…. "haan ..maine sochliya..mai..mai ghar ja rahi hoon..mujhe papa se baat karni hogi"… and taking her purse se disappeared like wind..somewhere dia felt a big relief!


mayank was packing his bags and also trying to notice what actually happening…ginjan, samrat and adhiraj was sitting in a line were casting nagry glares to him as if they can attack anytime…and mayank knew subh aram will be done by gunjan only… "tum khudko samjhte kya ho??"… she said in a toattal angry mood!… "tees maar kkhan samjhta hai ye khudko"…adhiraj said with equal anger… they both were busy in taunting mayank while mayank was busy in pacifying them…but among them smarat was the silent watcher… after a lot of har work finally he was able to pacify them!… "par tu har roz humse milne ayega"…adhiraj said pointing his finger… "ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai"… mayank said with a big smile on his face…he looked at smarat… "adhi gunjan tum log jao..mujhe bhai se baat karni hai"… mayank said as he knew samrat was tensed about him… they both went and mayank came near samrat… "bhai..ap apna gussa nahi dikhaoge?"… he said smilingly… but smarat turned his face… "bhai pls..batao na..kya app nahi chahte mai kuch karoon..apne dumpe?"… samrat got up… "chahta hoon mayank..balki teri is job se mujhse jyada koi aur khush nahi hosakta..par..pat ghar se door kyun?"… mayank had no answer for this question… "mere paas iska koi jawab nahi hai bhai"….he said looking down… samrat hugged him..some tears fell from both of their eyes… "I am sorry bhai..shayed iam being selfish..par..ihan mai reh nahi paunga…agar mai adhi ke …shdai ke baad gaya,,to acha nahi lagega..behta hai mai abhi chala jaun..aur yahi behta hoga agar mai unki zindagi se door rahun..unke liye bhi aur mere liye bhi"….. samrat was unable to reply…what could he say..! he had nothing to say… "apna khayal rakhna..aur..aur hume bhool mat jana"… he said trying to force a smile… "kabhi nahi bhai..kabhi nahi"… he said genuinely..!


"papa..mujhe apse baat karni hai"…. Nupur said with a determind voice… his parents could guess from her voice that she wanted to say something serious… her mother was already getting hyper and also making his father too… but her father decided to listen nupur first…  "kya baat hia beta?"… nupur looked at him with moist eyes… "papa..mai apko kabhi dukh naho pohchana chahti thi..mai janti hoon ki shaye..mere faile se apko bohot dukh hoga..par agar aaj is dukh ke karan mai apki baat man loon to shayed zindagi bhar mai khush nahi reh paungi"… she finished as tears were coming out from her eyes… his father and mother both were getting impatient now… "nupur saaf saaf batayen ki bata kya hai"… after gathering a lot of courage nupur finally said it.. "papa..mai..mai yea shadi nahi kar sakti!"… that was enogh for her parents to be enough shock… "kya bol rahi hai ye tu nupur??"…her mother was totally out of control and who wont be… "pehle tune haan kaha tha na..ab na..aur is tarah achanak se..par kyun??,, kya baat hui hai?…tu luch bolti kyun nahi??"…. nupur was quiet.. she had no answer at all

"shant ho jaiye ratna…nupur beta humare paas ayiye"… nupur quietly went to him..and sat beside him… "ye..achnak se aisa faisla kyun beta?…kya baat hai?..hume bataiye aap… kya aap kis sur se?"… nupur looked at him … "papa…aaj tak meri zindagi ka har faisal aplogone liya..kausa school kaunsa college…kaunsa dress…kya khana kya peena hai..sab kuch apka faisala tha..aur maine kabhi sawal nahi utahaya..ap par bharosa hai mujhe..apke har faisle par bhi…par isbar bar papa..mera dil nahi ma raha…mai is shadi se wafa nahi kar skati….kyun ki…kyun ki..mere dil me koi aur hai"…. She said and cried as much as she could.. her father felt a bit relief that atleats she told him what the matter was!… "hume bataiye uo kaun hai..hum baar karenge usse"… he said as he knew his daughet will never choose the wrong person… "nahi papa..mujhe waqt dijiye pls..bas thoda sa waqt..uo khud ayega..apke paas mera haath mangne…aur..mera yakeen kijiye..mujhe usse jyada khush..koi nahi rakh sakta..koi nahi…apko mujhper bharosa hai na papa?… her father was not sure what she said… "pura bharosa hai beta…par ap hume itna to bataiye ki uo kaun hai?"…. "ap use jante hain papa..par isse jyada mai apko abhi kuch nahi bata sakti..mujhe thoda sa waqt de dijiye..uo khud ayega..khud ayega papa"… shashi bhushan didn't want to bother nupur anymore… "theek hai beta..par sirf thoda sa waqt..humne ap par bharosa kiya..aur hume umeed hai ki ap kuch aisa nahi karengi jisse humara bharosa tute"… he said with a bit of warning… "thanks papa..aur mai apka bharos anahi torungi"… saying this she left to her room to think a way !


mayank opened the door..of his new house..of his new life…a satisfactory smile was in his face… though the house was small but it was beautiful!… after doing the set up with gunjan and adhiraj…he was happy with the set up..whn they left he went to his room and placed a picture of nupur in his side table… it was his hose and while decorating it he only imagined nupur in every corner of it…he wanted her to be with him..he wanted to share this such a big and important thing with her but he couldn't do that!

He glanced his phone and decided to call dia finally… after ringing sometime dia picked it up… "kaisi hi dia?"… he asked her not sure how to aks about nupur… its been three days sice that drunk night but he was still there.. "I am fine aur tum?"… she said casually… "hmm theek hoon…dia..nupur..hows she?"… he aksed hesitatedly… "uo theek hai mayank…hmm..mayank mujhe tumse kuch jaruri baat karni hai"…she said knowing that she will have to bear another anger session… "maine nupur ko..maine use sab bata diya"… she said and closed her eyes… it took some time to mayank realize what dia said… "what! kya bol rahi ho tum dia..and kyun..kyun kiya tmnse ais.a.tumhe pata hai na..phir bhi why??… he was angry confuse and many more … "mayank bare aur baat nahi..mujhe bas batana tha tumhe,,bata I have to go bye!"… she said and hang up the phone… "shit!!"… mayank said and threw the phone on the bed…but problem was still on his door… the door bell rang…and problem was actually in his door..!


pls press the like tab if you liked it
and pls do commentEmbarrassed
suggetions are more than welcomeTongue


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