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mn ff...Ehsaas (updated, last part) at page 127 (Page 103)

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
nice promo Tongue

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Tasfia plzzz udpate soon with long 1

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nice & superb prome...keep it up,
sorry 4 ;ate comment tashu

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wow!!!!!amazing promo

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tasfi cum soon...Unhappy

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hey guysCool
how are you all??...must be fineLOL
yes i am back after my exams...and by the grace of almighty and all your prayers my exams went really well...and i am very happy with myselfBig smile
ok so after a long i am back with update
not at all sure about this part
but still updateEmbarrassed
ok now scroll down for the next partSmile


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"madam..pls sit"..adhiraj said as he took out the chair for her'"thanks"'nupur took the seat so as mayank and adhiraj'"you know yea mayank ki favourite jaga hai..hum aksar ihan aya karte the"'Adhiraj said remembering the memories..he has always loved mayank more than a brother..not because he pity him because he knows that mayank is pure like water'he knows that somewhere he is hurting him..and he never wanted that because him mayank got hurt but still'he has his reasons

nupur looked around and then at mayank'"mayank tumhari choice bohot achi hai"'she said with a genuine smile on her face..mayank also gave her a smile which by the way soon turned into a eye lock'nupur was trying to find so many answers in his eyes where mayank was trying to hide them..somewhere they were playing hide and seek with their emotions nad feelings

adhiraj faked a cough to get them back to the earth '"umm nupur ek baat bato tumne kabhi kisi se pyar kiya hai?"' nupur looked at him shocked ..mayank was drinking water which split because of shock..adhiraj laughed seeing their expression "aisa kya puch liya maine"'nupur smilled' "pata nahi..mera hairan hona banta hai par mayank kuch jyada hi shock hogaya..kyun mayank?"'. she said with a taunt' "nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai bas saise hi"' he said and gave a angry look to her "hmm so tell me nupur"'adhiraj got the talk back in track again' "haan kiya hai na"' she looked at mayank' "mai usse bohot pyar karti hoon..aur humesha karungi"..mayank somewhere felt happy..automaticly a smile crept on his cute face

"arey'tum meri honewali patni ho aur kisi aur se pyar karti ho??"'adhiraj said showing fake anger'  mayank closed his eyes listening those words :hone wali patni' nupur laughed out loud' "haan shadi chahe jisse bhi ho pyar humesha usi se karungi"'she said with mischevious smile on her face'this was going too  much "nupur will ypu stop your cheesy jokes?"'mayank said with anger clearly visable on his face' "you think all this chessy??'you think my feelings arecheesy??"' nupur said with same tone' "just stop all this nupur'don't you think kuch jyada horaha hai?"'he asked her' "nahi..kuch jyada nahi horaha"'.they both were about to say more when adhiraj stopped them' "ok guys..finish it ok"'nupur and mayank both looked away..nupur felt really angry on mayank..where as mayank was hocked with his behaviour..he doest get hyper easily but today..may be luck wasn't in his favor

"waiter"'' mayank called the waiter' adhi tu order de de..he said handing him the menu card' "mai abhi ayi"'nupur said getting up from the table' "kahan ja rahi ho?"'adhiraj asked her' "washroom"' "hmm ok"..and he started ginving the order ' "nupur ruko"' mayank stopped her' "tumhe washroom ka raasta nahi pata..akeli kaise jaogi?"' nupur smiled at him' "don't worry I will manage"'.nupur said' "are you sure?"' mayank said still not sure' "haan baba..don't worry"' and she left'ayank again sat down

"adhiraj looked at him ' "mayank'don't you think tu nupur ke kafi kareeb hogaya hai?"'he said with a smile' mayank looked at him' "aisi koi baat nahi hai"' mayank said slowly' "maynk you know what mai tujhse bohot pyar karta hoon'tune humesha mera saath diya hai'par sach kahun to tu kabhi apna saath nahi de saka'jitni fikar dusro ki hai utna apna bhi kiya kar'kyun ki duniya me sare tere jaise nahi hotein jo bina kisi swarth ke teri fiakr kare samjh?"' adhiraj said to him' mayank samiled' "don't worry I am fine'tu itna mat soch..khush reh ok"' adhiraj nooded'

nupur came back' "by god kitna time lag gaya mujhe yea washroom dhundne me"' she sat down' "maine pehle hi kaha tha..par apko to jhansi ki rani banne ka shok hai na"' mayank said mockingly' "oh hello'dhund to liya maine'uo bhi apne dum par' she said prodly' "tum to aise keh rahi ho jaise washroom nahi balki koi khazana dhunda hai"' mayank said and both mayank and adhiraj broke into laughter' "shut up..!!"'nupur triend to stop them but she also started laughing with them'the whole restaurant looked at them and they stopped as they realize that they were in a public place'.

All three of them were havind their foods when someone came from behind and tappend on mayank's shoulder' "hey mayank..!!"' three of them looked at the sweet voice ..and the girl was as sweet as her voice..she was wearing a green sun dress'a cute girl with a cute smile on her voice' myank instantly get uo so as adhiraj' "ahana tum??!!"' shock was clearly visible on both of them face'. "itna chok kyun rahe ho mayank'mujhe bhul gyae kya"' she said smilingly'. Mayank also smiled' "aisa kabhi hoskata hai mai tumhe bhul jaun"' he said hugging her'this time nupur alos got up'. "mai bhi hoon yahan"' adhiraj said showing a fake anger' "adhi..gosh tum bikl nahi badle"..she hugged him also' nupur was becoming like this *&^%^&*' "kaisi ladki hai..sabko free me hug bate ja rahi hai hun..!! sharam naam ki chezz hi nahi hai"' she thought in her mind' she faked a cough to get the attention back to herself' "oh ahana'meet fiance"' adhiraj said' "what your getting married?'I cant believe this"'. She said disbelivingly' "kyun adhirak ko shadi se allergy hai"' nupur said with rudness' "nahi.. I mean adhi and marrieage'ajeeb sa lagta hai actually"' she said  "nupur yea ahana hai..mere aur mayank ki college ki dost"'.adhiraj got the talk back to the track'"hello nupur"'.she forwared her hand..nupur with a lot difficulty'shook hands with her.. "hello ahana"..she said with a bit irritation..'. "ahana join us na".. mayank said' "umm..ok waise bhi mai kisi ka intezar karahi hoon tab tak I can join you guys"

"so nupur tum kya karti ho"'ahana asked her' "I have completed my BBA"' nupur said with a smile... "oh great..!!( to mayank)'aur aap bataiye janab..apka kya haal hai?"'she said with a bit taunt' "kya matlab?"' mayank aksed being confused'. "arey matlab yea ki kaisi hai tumhari dream girl..mili ya nahi?"' she said with a chukle' everyone on the table looked at him' nupur with shock expression while adhiraj was trying to control his laughter'. Mayank was also shocked'he wasn't ecpecting this at all' "sab aise ajeeb ajeeb se expression kyun de rahe ho..maine kuch galat kaha kya?"'she said with a confuse expression'. "ahana..meri koi dream girl nahi hai"' mayank said' "arey mera matlab tha tumhari ms perfect'adhi jaise insaan ko uski ms perfect milgayi..tum abhi tak single ho??"' she said with a chuckle' adhiraj also laughed  out loud' "yaar ahana..mayank itns sahant hai na ..use koi nahi milne wali.. I mean uo pyar to karlega..par jata nahi payega na"' he said with laughter..but only if he knew how much mayank was hurt'but still it was truth'he can love nupur but he cant show that love' and except nupur he cant love anyone else

suddenly ahana noticed someone' "guys.. I have to go now..mujhe kisi se milna hai"..she said getting up' "ahana hum tumhe darwaje tak drop kartein hain"'. Mayank said' "hmm ok"'adhi and mayank both went with ahana..leaving nupur alone in her deep thoughts' she wasn't feeling good'adhiraj's fianc'..she was feeling disgusted at herself'she loves someone else'she didn't have time'.what will she will she make mayank understand'.she was playing with her life 'only if she win she can get every happiness'if not ..then only god knows what turn will take her life'.. she stopped the waiter and without noticing took the glass and gulped it' "madam..waiter tried to stop her but nupur was nupur' "shut up..!..aur iska test aisa kyun bhi more"' she said thinking it was apple juice'. "but ma'm"'. "kya mam mam laga rakha hai ..jitna bola hai utna karo jao aur drink lake ao"'... the waiter started follw her instruction'slowly nupur sarted to loose her control as she had drank almost 5 glasses'.. meanwhile mayank and adhiraj came back and was shocked to see nupur on the table and everybody trying to get her down..

they both looked at each other'shock was clearly visible in their face'they ran to her' :nupur yea kya kar rahi ho??"'adhiraj said shockingly' "mayank saw the empty glasses' "shit..!"' "ab tujhe kya hua?"'adhiraj said turning towards him' "uo dekh..isne pee rakhi hai"'. He said putting his hand on his head'adhiraj looked at the glasses'. "oh no!!"'. on the other hand nupur was totally out of control' "mai karoon to saala character dheela hai..!!"'she was fully drank and wasn't in her sense' "god..!! nupur neche ajao"' mayank tried to comnvince her' "nahhh..mai nahi aungi..pehle mujhe I love you kaho..uske baad"'.. she said trying to manage herself on the table' "kya?"' mayank and adhiraj both said in unioun..while others were laughing out like hell' "haan..sunai nahi deta kya??!!"' she said with annoying tone' "chalo bolo..nupur I love you"' adhiraj looke at mayank with a smirk on his face..where he loked around to see people making fun of them' "nupour dekho neeche ajao..dekho sab dek rahein hain"' mayank again said.. "to dekhne do na'unki ankhein hai to dekheinge na"' adhiraj burst out with laugh..but stopped at mayank's glare' "nupur tum neeche jaao..uske baad mayank tumhe I love you 2 3 4 sab bol dega"'and again he started laughing' "kya??.!"' mayank said shockingly' "sachi?"..nupur said cutely' "haan haan 100% sachi"' adhiraj said.. "adhi!"..mayank shouted.. "arey chilla mat..use neeche lana hai ya nahi"' "hann theek hai..par pakka na?".. nupur again asked' "arey haan baba..pakka"..adhiraj said and both mayank and adhiraj helped her to get down


adhiraj and both looked at a drank nupur who was sitting on the car seat and singing so many song together' some how tthey got her out of the restaurant'but now the question was that who will drop her home' adhiraj looked at mayank' "yaar agar is haal me mai ise ghar chodunga na to mera to shadi se pehle hi divorce hojayega"' he said making a puppy face' mayank cast an angry glare to him' "mujhse kisi bhi kism ki umeed bhi mat rakhna smajh?"'he directly said' "yara mujhe is jarurat ke time pe dhoka mat de pls..tu hi soch'aur uski halat dekh..mai ise ghar le iske parents to mujhe uahin ka uahin mar dalenge"'he said dreaming the situation' "to mai kya karoon..aur mai le meri to uo log pooja karenge hai na?"..he said tauntingly' "dekh mayank..pls koi jugar laga..aur isko ghar chod..mai to bhag raha hoon bye"'"oye rukh..!!"..but before mayank could say anything he was gone!.."hey bhagwan..!!..apko aur koi nahi milta kya"'he sigh and sat on the car' he looked at nupur' who was blabbering something..he smiled..she looked cute..ok she always look'.the smile got bigger as he remembered her dialughed' "chalo kaho nupur I love you"'he shook his head and started to drive

he was driving when nupur looked at him and said' "mayank!..hum kahan ja rahe hain?"' she said trying to indentify the roads' "pata nahi"'mayank said as he wasn't sure what to do' "kya?..tumne mujhe kidnap kiya hai'matlab..tum mujhse bhag kar shadi karoge?"'.she said excitedly' "nupur tum na pls rest karo..tumhara dimag abhi thikane pe nahi hai"'he said mockingly' "chup! Mere intelligence se jealous mat ho smajhe?"'she said proudly' "acha..par uo to tumhare me hai hi nahi jealous kyun hona?"'and he started lauging' but his laugh stopped as he saw that she's coming close to him'  "gari roko!"' she shouted on his ears' "uff npur itna jor se bolna jaruri tha kya?"'. he said with anger' "chillao mat..!!"'she said with equal rage' "gari roko'bas..!!"' mayank calmed down' "nupur dekho barish ane wali hai'usse pehle hume ghar jana hai"'. He said trying to make her understand' "nahi gari roko..!"' mayank  was helpless so he stopped the car and nupur got down'trying to managhe herself' "mujhe tumhare saath nahi jana..bas..!! maai akeli chali jaungi..tum  jao"'she was falling here and there' "arey nupur meri baat to suno..he came infron of her' "ok baba sorry ab chalo bhi"'. But she still stood there' "nahi!"' mayank also stood there with her' "acha to kya karun mai..batao jisse tumahar yea gussa shant hojaye"..he said smilingly' nupur looked at hi from the corner of her eyes' "ice cream khani hai mujhe"'she said like a 5 year old child' " waqt ice cream kahan se laun mai?"' he said with all confuse expression..suddenly he noticed a ice cream van'he went there and bought three ice cream' "arey waaah!!",,nupur snachted them and started eating the three together..her face was filled with icecreams' mayank admired her'she was truly an angel..

suddenly rain started (ab aur naya kya hosakta hai LOL )'mayank hurriedly went to the car.. but he stopped as he saw that nupur wasn't coming with him'he looked behind' she was enjoying the rain' her eyes closed as if she was feeling every drop of the rain'the rain water make her beauty more beautiful' mayank was watching her as if he never saw her before'she started dancing and enjoying the rain'she has always loved rain but couldn't show..but may be today she wasn't in her sesnse so the inner feelings came out' he unknowingly walked towards her'. As if only he and she were there no one hurdles..nothing'he reached to her nupur opened her eyes as she felt his presence' "dance?"'he asked her forwarding his hand'.and she accepted it with open arms'

Zindagi do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Zindagi do pal ki

She gave her hand on his..and they both started dancing'the sounds of the rain..and the water drops couldn't break their eye contact

Dil mein tumhare chhupa di hai maine to apni ye jaan
Ab tum hi isko sambhalo hume apna hosh kahan
Bekhudi do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala

He twrilled her around and got her back ..she was jam against his chest'though she didn't mind..she wanted to be like this forever'they were lost in there dream land

Ek chota sa vaada is umar se zyada sachcha hain sanam
Har mod par saath iss liye rahete hain ab dono
Dosti do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezar kab tak hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala
Zindagi do pal ki

They were lost and never wanted to come back'close to each other..close to their love..everything seems so great'they had forgot almost everything'specially mayank'but it had to break'they had to come back to their sense' a thunder got them back to earth,'and mayank instantly separated from her..while she was still smiling like a fool as she was not in her senses'

Mayank felt that his emotions were overtaking him so he decided that it would be better to drop her home as soon as spossible'he carefully helped her to seat in the car'and himself also sat..he called dia'and told her everything.. she said that her parents were not at home so he can drop nupur to her home..mayank thanked him and heeded towards her home

The car stopped with a jerk..and nupur got up from her sleep.. "nupur tum aaj raat dia ke saath raho'usne tumahre parents ko bata diya hai'thik hai"' mayank told her' "hmm"'she said between her sleeps' mayank smiled at her and gently shook her' "utho nupur"'she somehow managed to get up' mayank helped her to ge down' "bye"..mayank was abot to go when she hold her hand'and came close to him' "nupur'but befor he could say anything urther nupur placed a ligh kiss on his lips'mayank was shocked ' "tum bohot sweet ho..i love u"'she said and started to go in..but lost her balance but before she could fall dia came and hold her' "thanks mayank..ise ihan tak chodne ke liye"' dia said still holding nupur by her shoulder' "thanks to mujhe tumhe kehna chahiye'waise tum smabhal logi na"'he asked her' "haan don't worry"..she assured him' "ok ab mai chalta hoon'bye ..bye nupur"' "bye bye bye bye"'nupur again started her blabbering ..mayank and dia both started laughing'and finally mayank left for his home..huming'zindagi do pal ki''


ok guys finally updatedLOL
but I am not sure about this partConfused
pls pardon my mistakes I am really exsausted after exams..and had no energy to write it with full

pls press the like tab if you liked it
and pls do comment..suggestions are more than welcomeEmbarrassed


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I will comment later.
Okay so the whole update is really awesome, I love the way you describe those romantic moment.Day Dreaming It is so amazing, Zindagi do pal ki iss my fav song. Nice, Great Job Tashu.

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