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NEW FF RAAT KA NASHA page-18, part-31 (Page 9)

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Next Part-18


Her skinny white legs with water dripping from her hair and she had no make-up! he couldnt take his eyes off her!

Ahem hiding behind his file keeps peeping at gopi and She walks across the room shyly to the dressing table!

She notices a saree on the bed and smiles.

Ahem:Gopi yaha aao.{gopi come here}

Gopi: ji who {hmmm}

ahem:hey come her!

gopi: no I want to get ready!

Ahem:ok come here first!

Gopi walks towards ahem with her towel and stands in front of him! She notices the bindi on his face n starts laughing!

Ahem *confused* : What happened? Y u laughin like a crazy person?

Gopi: Go check yourself in the mirror. U r looking amazing!

Ahem walks to the mirror and spots the bindi on his cheeks! He smiles and takes it off. Comes back to Gopi and put it on her forhead! She lowers her eyes shyly

Gopi: go outside i need to get dressed!

Ahem: Its not like i havent seen anything before, y shud i go?

Gopi *shyly* : But i need to change!

Ahem: You need help?

Gopi:  Noooo

Ahem: I want to help though!

Gopi: No If you dnt want to go out then close your eyes and turn the other way! dont look back till i say im finished!

Ahem:Ok fine as you say Mrs ahem modil

ahem closes his eyes and turns around, gopi quickly runs to the bed where her saree was and put the peticoat on and her choli!. She tries to tie the Dhori's but cant. At the same time ahem decides to peek at what gopi is doing so he opens one eye and turns around! He smiles and walks towards gopi with a naughty expression. Gopi still struggling with her dhori didnt notice ahem!

Ahem touches nakku's back and she gasp!

He tells her how beautiful she is looking. ahem looks down and ahem caresses her back & starts tying her dhoris one by one!

After tying all of them he kisses her neck and turn her to him & kisses her lips (i hope no1 fainted yet!, another intimate scene on the way, WATCH OUT girls)

ahem pulls away and turns to the mirror.

gopi: i need to get ready and you are dusturbing me

ahem: I didnt tell you to stop getting ready, infact im helping you

gopi: okay let me get ready you go take a shower as well!

ahem smiles and take the saree and pin it in gopi's peticoat touching her waist

gopi smiles shyly but doesnt pull away cause shes loving this feeling (im loving it toooo)

ahem wraps it around her and pins it at her shoulder

He then goes infrnt of her pulls her to him, take the sindoor dhabba(box) and fills her maang with sindoor.

ahem: I must have done something very good that bappa has given you to me

gopi: I feel very luck to be ur wife!

ahem: I love you so much, dont ever leave me

gopi: I cnt imagine life without you, i won't ever leave you *tears rolls down*

ahem kisses her tears and goes to the bathroom to take a shower


Scene shifts...

Mani in the dining room calling every1 for breakfast!. jigar comes there with a headache.

Jigar: jai shri krishna, where is bhai?

kokila: Sleeping i guess

jigar: Nooo bhai doesnt sleep till late, he should be awake by now

hetal: No leave him, he must be tired

jigar: Ohhhh okayy thennn

parag and chirag walks in the dinning room and says good morning!

chirag: where is my ahem?

baa: maybe sleeping, leave him alone and have breakfast!


Scene shifts...

gopi putting her jewelleries and shem comes out the shower already dressed up! He's drying his hair with towel and looking at gopi!

ahem: Be quick we need to go down

gopi: look whose talking, I am ready, you aren't!

ahem: No im ready as well, lets go!

gopi: Okay lets go!

ahem: Waiit!

gopi: What happened now?

Ahem comes closer to gopi, admires her from head to toe...

ahem: something is missing!

gopi: What? Noo nothing is missing!

ahem: noo im telling you something is missing

gopi: What?

ahem: Hold up, wait ryt here, im coming back!

gopi: Okay

ahem runs to the bathroom and comes back out within seconds. He runs to ahem and puts her mangalsutra on and kisses her forehead. She shyly looks down and they both walk out the room.


Scene shifts...

Every sitting on the dining table when gohem comes downstairs hand in hand!

Baa looks at them and blesses them in her heart!

Jigar: Good jai shri krishna Bhai & bhabi(Sis In Law)

ahem:Jai shri krishna

gopi takes blessings from baa,kokila and hetal. She stands next to ahem and serve to everyone. Ahem is looking at gopi while she is serving food in his plate, but he is watching continuously to gopi. Every1 looking at them smiling.

rashi: ahem ji ahem ji?!

jigar: what happened rashi!

rashi: Oh shhh

jigar:  Sorry

ahem looks at gopi and gopi signals her to eat and he nods no. She understood that she won't eat until he eats! 

Gopi sits with ahem and says "maa ji I am not feeling well. Can I sit and have something'

Kokila says "ohh what happened to you gopi vahu'are you okay come on eat something sit sit'


So she sits with ahem..ahem pulls her chair near to him. She takes a paratha and he takes one too and starts eating! Ahem holds gopi's right hand under the table and she tries to let go of it but cant. Jigar spoon falls down and he bends to get it, he sees Ahem holding gopi's hand and gopi fidgeting with his. Jigar smiles and comes back up.

Jigar: Looks like the night was short, isnt it baa?

baa: What?

jigar: the night was short, not enough time to sleep!

hetal: Be quiet and eat, i dont understand what you're saying?

Jigar: Yeah me tooo

Ahem gives one of his looks to gopi and then smiles. Ahem lets go of gopi hands and gopi eats. He pours juice in his glass and drinks half of it and pushes the glass next to gopi without any1 noticing him.

gopi then takes the glass and drinks where he drank. ahem sees this from the corner of his eyes and smiles.

Every1 gets up the breakfast table and the mani and rashi takes away the plates.

gopi goes to her room and decides to clean the room as its messy.

While doing the bed, ahem comes in quietly, locks the door and hugs gopi from behind. 

gopi jumps but doesnt pull away as she knows its ahem.

ahem kisses her neck and pulls her closer and closer till he feels her blood rushing in her body. He kisses her ears and takes her earing off and she pulls away.

gopi: What are you doing?

Ahem: love

gopi: its nt the right time

ahem: there is no right or wrong time in love

gopi: But look around you, the room is so messy

ahem: i dont care, i only want you

gopi: let me clean the room first.

ahem bends to pick up her earing and ahem picks her up and puts her on the bed!. She gets angry and goes red. 

ahem kisses her forehead not caring about her anger and continues to go down and kisses her nose then lips then neck and then he untie one dhori and gopi couldnt pull away as she couldnt control her feelings.

gopi lays down and ahem covers her face with his head and the screen blurs.. ( i hope you got it lool, this is for those people who wanted gohem to have a round 2, OMG Im so besharam)


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Next part-19

Recap: Ahem kisses her forehead not caring about her anger and continues to go down and kisses her nose then lips then neck and then he untie one dhori and gopi couldnt pull away as she couldnt control her feelings.

gopi lays down and ahem covers her face with his head and the screen blurs.


The story continues...

Its afternoon already and gohem stayed in their room all day. jigar is getting fustrated as he hasnt spoken to rashi properly since she is working for all day. (aww poor jigar, misses his wify)

Scene shifts...

gohem sleeping still and ahem hand is around gopi's  waist.  Just then someone knocks on the door, this wakes up gopi. She tries to get up but ahem hands are on her waist and they are heavy LOL. She puts his hands on the bed and gets up. Quickly she looks in the mirror and she is a mess. She fixes up and opens the door and sees kokila.

kokila: gopi vahu, were you sleeping?

gopi: Noo maaji  i was just..

kokila: It doesnt matter, maybe you were tired cause you are not well tke rest.

gopi: Hmmm

Kokila: Get ready and make sure Dutta gets ready as well. Here is a saree and some jewelries for you.

gopi:  Y are we going somewhere?

kokila: Noo gopi, did you forget? there is a pooja today and tomorrow is Karva Chaut! Today we will do a pooja at home. And tomorrow all suhaagans are going to fast for their husbands long life. You, rashi, and mota bhabi will have to wake up early and eat something.

gopi*shyly*: Okay  I will get ready right away.

kokila: Make sure ahem gets ready as well, btw where is he?

gopi: Umm he's tired so he dozed off, dont worry i will get him ready, I mean i will wake him up. 

kokila: Okay. Be quick, pooja starts in 2 hours.

gopi: okayy.

Kokila walks off and gopi comes in her room and closes the door. She opens the bag and looks at the saree. A pink saree which was very heavy. It had silver border and it was beautiful. There was also matching jewelries in the bag. Gopi puts the bag on the sofa and goes to take a shower thinkin she will wake ahem up when she finishes her shower otherwise he would want to come in with her and she will take more time to get ready.

20 mins later...

gopi comes out the shower and ahem still sleeping. (WOW he must be really tired, maybe they had a round3 LOOL)

gopi with a dressing gown dries her hair and wakes up ahem with the noise. He looks around furiously cause he's sleep has been broken off. But when he sees gopi drying her hair, his anger turns into a smile. 

the droplets of water from gopi wet hear showering on ahem face as gopi is drying her hair. He can't seem to control his emotions. Just then Someone knocks on the door. Both gopi and ahem turns towards the door.

ahem: Dw i will get it, you carry on

gopi: no i will get it, you go take a shower.

ahem: okay

ahem takes a towel and goes in the bathroom. gopi walks towards the door and opens to find rashi.

rashi: Im sorry for disturbing but kaki ji is calling u and ahem ji'where is he?

gopi: taking a shower? any problem? everything ok?

rashi: yes first class. i jus came to see you as i havent seen you properly'hw is my little angel sis''hmm'''blushing'"

gopi smiles'.and tell rashi to come in but suddenly hetal calls rashi''

Rashi: No you go get ready, i will come later. Oh and make sure you hide your neck when you come down!.

Nakku: Neck? What happened rashi ben?why are you saying like this?

Rashi: you will understand when you will look in the mirror, anyways I am gone, be quick, pooja starts in 1 hour.

gopi: Okay . *closes the door*

gopi thinks about rashi's words and decides to check her neck in the mirror. She looks in the mirror to find a very big love-bite on her neck (ahem kutta ban gaya LOL)

gopi: OMG How am i going to hide this. I have to wear saree. Think gopi Think. Do something!!!!.  *Nakku strts thinking*

Just then ahem comes out in a towel and finds gopi worried about something. He rubs the towel in his hair as if drying and walks towards gopi.

Ahem:what happened? why are you worried? did any1 say anything?

Nakku: No but..

ahem: but what? what happenned? talk!!

gopi: Couldnt you control yourself *gopi snapped*

ahem: huh

gopi: look what you done.. *points at love-bite*

ahem:  Ohhh so what?

gopi: how am i going to hide this now.

ahem: with your dupatta!

gopi: im wearing saree, that wont hide it.

ahem: well then leave it, your married so doesnt make a big deal.

gopi: no what will people think?

ahem: that ahem loves his wife a LOT!

gopi blushes and turns to the mirror.  she then gets an idea. She takes a foundation and strts to cover it up and it worked. She is relieved and turns back to ahem who was still behind her looking what she is doing.

gopi: ok this is sorted, now go get ready and let me get ready as well.

ahem: but i need to use the mirror.

gopi: i was here first, and i need to use it as well

ahem: But how can i get ready without looking in the mirror.

gopi: well i have to look in the mirror cause im wearing saree, i need to see if i got it done properly.

ahem: No, leme help you get dressed then you help me. That way it will be quick.

gopi just walks off and takes the saree out and says ok.

She puts her peticoat and choli and ahem ties the laces at the back. He puts her waist chain on and caresses her waist. gopi pins the saree at the front and does the pleats and then ahem pins it at her shoulder. He puts her necklace on and then her mangalsutra & sindoor. He takes gopi's hand and fills then with matching coloured bangles and rings.

He then puts her earing on and kisses the back of her head. gopi was ready and she was looking gorjus.!

ahem: WOW! 

gopi: what?

ahem: lets not go pooja. we will do it right here, we dnt need to go down.

gopi: shh, now you get ready

ahem: you have to help me.

gopi: Fine

gopi takes out a blue light blue sherwani. she makes his wear it and closes the buttons. He wears his pants and gopi puts his shoes in front of him. Then gopi goes and wear her high heels. Ahem brushes his hair and was ready. He walks up to gopi and says lets go.

They both walk down together and everyone looks at them. There were many guest at the pooja. A lady blesses the couple and says they make a nice jodi just like ram sita.

Then goahem takes Baa, kokila and hetal' blessing.

kokila : this year, Nakku will do the pooja instead of me because she is the Daughter-In-Law of this house.

gopi: Me?

Hetal: yes, come forward and take the taali

kinjal: but i dnt think she knows how to do?

kokila: ofcourse she does. Ahem dikara you come as well and hold the taali with gopi.

ahem and gopi holds the taali and starts the pooja, every1 closes their eyes and pray while ahem looks at gopi who is praying.

He says in his heart to kanhaji "im sorry but i dnt have anything to ask, my everything is next to me! what more can i ask for? but if i have to ask for something then i would  i ask for one thing. I only want one thing in the world, gopi ka saath!, i need her to be with me because i cant live without her. My day starts with her and ends with her. She completes me. I want you to protect her, maybe i wont be here forever, anything can happen, but you must give her strength because she is Gopi Ahem Modi. My wife, My heart, My soul, My everything"

The pooja ends and everyone starts dancing. 

It's a turn of rashi and jigar... they do aarti..Some girls are dancing and they pull rashi and gopi tell gopi to sing and dance. They would love to see her dance. And Urmila had also told her that gopi can sing.

gopi: noo i cnt

urmilaben: go gopi

hetal: please, for us, for ahem

The girls pulls gopi to the middle on the MM. Music starts. *Pairon mein Bandhan Hai* (Mohabbatein)

gopi dancing and ahem gets up. Every1 looks at him and he goes on next to gopi and sings with her. Every1 shocked that ahem can sing. He dances with gopi and looks very happy. Jigar also joins in and paired up with rashi. The celebrations went on all night and finished around 4 oclock in the morning.

The pooja and party was finished and every1 was cleaning up.

kokila: ahem.. ahemm.. ahemmm dikra

ahem: YES,, mom

kokila: wer were you? n wer is gopi? And jigar where is rashi?

ahem: i was with jigar, i think gopi and rashi cleaning , why?

kokila: go call, today is karva chaut, she needs to eat something.

ahem: Karva chaut! Oh okay. i will go look for her.

Gopi and rashi  was in the kitchen cleaning up when ahem comes there.

ahem: gopi and rashi what are you doin?

gopi: cleaning , why?

ahem: stop all this, mom is calling you and rashi to come eat as its KC.

gopi: yes i know. We are going'

rashi went off and nw only is ahem and gopi'

Ahem: wait

gopi: hmmm *turns to him*

ahem picks up the sargi which was on the table and spoonfeed gopi. She blushes and lowers her gaze. He tells her he heard mom saying its good if husbands feed sargi's to their wife on KC. 

gopi: yes

Kokila calls out for gopi and gopi runs from the kitchen. ahem looks at gopi running and smiles to himself. gopi sits at the table and remembers how ahem fed her, her first sargi, she bluses.  

rashi: what happened gopi?

gopi: Nothing

urmilaben: eat something beta

gopi: yes

kokila serves gopi and hetal serves rashi and they starts eating. ahem peaks from upstairs. 

Precap: Karva Chaut Day... 

Every1 waiting for ahem and jigar to come as he has to break gopi's and rashi fast. ahem walks in white Red sherwani matching gopi sarees and winks at her


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arey, kajal ji...yeh kya kar diya aapne...i've completely gone 2 lala blood pressure literally shot up...just gohem, gohem and oly gohem...HeartDay Dreaming
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Someone please pinch me, I am with Madhu in La LA land, such a dreamy FF, please update next part soon.
-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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some pinch me too am over the lala land today
that was gr8 and fantastic.
Spectacular honestly
am with madhu and shilpa

my bp going up really high tonight
all red right now
continue on soon
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Next Part-20

Gopi sits at the table with everyone else and eats while ahem who is standing upstairs peeks at her and smiles. He goes into his room. Gopi and the rest finished eating and hetal tells them to go sleep as its very early.

They all go to their prospective room. gopi enters her heaven (gopi's room lol) and sees ahem pacing around the room awake.

gopi: ahem ji why aren't you sleeping? what happened?

ahem: O when did you come?

gopi: just now, what happened?

ahem: you finished eating?

Gopi : yes, but what happened?

ahem: if you finished then feed me!

gopi: What?

ahem: Yes, look you just had your food and now fasting, now feed me so i can fast as wel.

gopi: But only women fast

ahem: who sed?

gopi: your impossible, you cant fast

ahem: yes i will fast for you

gopi: No wont be good, what are people going to say?

ahem: they wont know

gopi: Noo its ok im fasting thats enough

ahem: If you can fast for me, why can i fast for you?

Gopi couldnt argue any1 and gave it. She went to the kitchen, took out some food and brought it in the room. ahem sits on the bed and gopi sits beside him and feeds him like a little kid.

Atfer she finishes, gopi takes the plate from her hand and goes to put it in the kitchen and come back to find gopi sleeping. He smiles and gets on the bed next to her and sleeps putting his hands on her waist.

Few hours later, gopi wakes up and panics cause she woke up late. She looks around for dutta but doesnt find him in the room, she checks the bathroom and its empty. She wonders where he is gone. gopi takes a shower, gets ready and goes downstairs. She sees jigar..

Nakku: jigar ji

Jigar:yes bhabi..

gopi: wer is ahem ji?

jigar: he's gone out but will be back soon, dw

gopi: what? but he didnt even tell me

jigar: you were sleeping thats y!

gopi: okay, when he comes let me know

jigar: okayy

gopi goes to the kitchen to prepare some sweet for KC. gopi comes and helps her.

kokila, hetal  and mani are helping each other decorating the house while jigar is reading some file on the sofa. Kinjal who was helping  gopi is the kitchen gets called by panna and she leaves. Just then ahem walks in the house and looks for gopi. He sees jigar sitting down and reading something.

ahem: jigar

jigar: hey bro you?

ahem: yes wer is gopi?

jigar: what a world I must say? Gopi bhabi is finding you and you are finding gopi bhabi!, awsomr looks for me!

ahem: stop this nautanki and tell me quick.

jigar: kitchen i think

ahem: okay

He walks away with lots of bags in his hands. He peeks in the kitchen so that ahem doesnt see him and he puts the bags down quietly and runs behind her and hugs her from the back. Gopi jumps and pushes him away with her elbow as her hands are in flour. Ahem continues to hug her.

ahem: you want help?

gopi: noo

ahem: but i want to help

gopi: well if you want to help then go from here and dont disturb me

ahem puts his hands in the flour as well and starts doing it with her getting his hands all dirty. He caresses gopi's hand and plays with the flour. gopi couldnt push him away cause she was feeling too good to push this moment away.

Just then rashi, kokila,hetal and kinjal walks in... (sorryyy i had to bring Kebab mein haddiss)

goehm sees them and ahem pulls away and gopi straightens up.

rashi,kokila and hetal staring and smiling...

ahem: .. Ermm there was something in the flour and i was taking it out!  Could point see it so i thought i would help

hetal: how big was it? that you had to use 2 hands?

ahem: woh.. i used both because there were 2 things.

rashi: was the thing gopi's hand?

ahem. i told you there was something in there.

kokila: its okay, go wash your hands

ahem: yes, *turns to gopi* see cause of you my hands got flour. next time i won't help you.

gopi giggles shyly.

ahem takes the bags which was on the floor outside the kitchen and goes to his room.

He takes out a beautiful red and gold saree and matching jewelleries out of the bag and puts it on the bed. In the other bag, there were flowers to put on hair and then he got high heels for gopi. He takes out a red sherwani out of another bag and puts it on the bed next to the saree.

Scene shifts...

gopi finishes cooking and decides to get ready as guests will soon come. kokila also tells her to go as she will be late. Every1 goes to get ready..

gopi enters her room and sees ahem next to the bed.

gopi: I am going shower, when I am done you go.

Ahem: no lets go together so it saves time

gopi: no!

she runs to the bathroom but ahem gets hold of the door and enter the bathroom as well and he closes the door. Both him and gopi are inside! (we all know what they are doing)

After a little while they both come out in towels and ahem take gopi to the bed and show her what he bought for her for KC. She touched by his gestures and hugs him. He hugs her back!

gopi gets ready and ahem puts the flower in her hair. He also puts her sindoor and mangalsutra.

ahem: as long as I am breathing, i will put ur sindoor n mangalsutra everyday for you

gopi blushes and puts her head in his chest and he kisses her head.

Scene shifts...

Everyone on the terrace waiting for moon and gopi walks in. Every1 praises her saying she looks beautiful. Kokila puts kajal behind gopis eyes to prevent evil eyes (KALA's EYES!)

kokila: where is ahem?

gopi: i duno, he was right here but went somewhere

kokila: its ok he will come.

gopi: yes

kokila: come lets go over there.

rashi walks with hetal and other women and they are all waiting her chand!

They all see the moon and rashi and gopi looks for her other Chand (ahem). Just then he makes his big entry in red sherwani looking dashingly handsome. (between he wasnt dressed when gopi was in the room, he had towel on)

Every1 looks at him happily as he proceeds towards gopi and smiles at her. She starts her prayer, pour water, looks at the chand and then ahem. In her taali, there was two cups of water, she took one and ahem took one, they made each other drink at the same time. jigar who was watching, informs every1 loudly that ahem was fasting for gopi that's why he didn't eat and now he's drinking water off gopi's hands. Ahem looks at him angrily and then blushes.


Will update the next part soon..

i hope you like it

Please comment!

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please continue.
-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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what the? jigar has become soo naughty, totally

continue soon <3

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