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NEW FF RAAT KA NASHA page-18, part-31 (Page 8)

HansaN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 4:32am | IP Logged
please update soon love to read more.

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madhu_sridhar Goldie

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Posted: 21 February 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
wow kajal....double treatSmile....i loved it...and in the next chapter pls give some kissing scenes to our ahem, since he nearly missed one this time coz of koki...dear me, he's become so desperateWink....always behing gopi...and update fast if u can...

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love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 6:29pm | IP Logged

Gopi runs from there and comes to kokila..She stands there with kokila and looks at ahem and smiles. ahem looks at gopi and gives angry looks...Gopi sees this and get worried.. Kokila is talking with someone... A woman says

A woman says " hmm toady boys and girls are enough clever... but make diifcult for us to decide who are perfect...either girls or boys...."
Kokila says "yes you are right..but i think all are equal..."

Suddenly ahem comes puts his shoulder on a woman and says 
ahem says "aunty boys are the best...."
rashi comes says "why ahem ji girls are the best they are just perfect..."
ahem says "you girls cry everytime gain sympathy and you people are talking about perfect. ha ha ha ha ha...SmileSmile.SmileSmile"
jigar says "yes bro you are right boys are the best no one can compete them...."
rashi says "no way jigar ji....right gopi..."
gopi says "yes rashi ben you are absoultely right, you people are depended on us for every work and now you says this..."
ahem says "what kind of work gopi...u people are made for this and you have to do...and ya some work is done by us only..{ahem sees gopi with naughty looks and gopi feels shy..}

a music start

Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti{a light blew and ahem comes with boys and start dance by waving}

Soch Thi Hai Zyada {ahem comes and puts his hands on gopi..}
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Soch Thi Hai Zyada
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Soch Thi Hai Zyada {here jigar comes and put his finger on rashi head & sings}
Kham Woh Samajh Thi Hai
Dil Kuch Kehta Hai
Kuch Aur Hi Karti Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti

Pyaar Usse Bhi Hai Magar Shuruaat Tumhi Se Chahe
Khudh Mein Ulji Ulji Hai Par Bhaalo Ko Suljaayein
{a boy come with a girl and preedict on this stanza}
I Mean You' re All The Same Yaar
Hum Achche Dost Hai Par Uss Nazar Se Tumko Dekha Nahin
Woh Sab To Teek Hai Par Uss Barein Mein Maine Socha Nahin
{jigra comes and make commentary}

Sab Se Alag Hai Tum Yeh Keh Ke Paas Tumhaare Aaye
Aur Kuch Din Mein Tum Mein Alag Sa Kuch Bhi Na Usko Paiye
{ahem comes and sings, dance}

Uff Yeh Kaisi Shirt Pehnthe Ho
Yeh Kaise Bhaal Khatathe Ho
Ghaadi Tehz Chalathe Ho
Tum Jaldi Mein Kyo Khaathe Ho
Gimme A Break

Tumhe Badalne Ko Paas Woh Aati Hai
Tumhe Mitaane Ko Chaal Bichati Hai
Baaton Baaton Mein Tumhe Pasathi Hai
Pehle Hasathi Hai€ Phir Bada Rulaati Hai
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Ladki Kyon Na Jaane Kyon Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
{jigar comes and sits on a chair and a girl comes and thinks and sings}

Eh Itna Hi Khudh Se Khush Ho To Peeche Kyon Aate Ho
Phool Kabhi To Hazar Thofein Akhir Kyon Laaten Ho 
{gopi  comes to jigar and mess his hair}

Apna Naam Nahin Bataya Aapne
Coffee Peene Chalenge
Main Aapko Ghar Chod Doon
Phir Kab Milenge {rashi comes to jigar sings and dance}

Bikhra Bikhra Be Matlab Sa Toota Phoota Jeena
Aur Kehte Ho Alag Se Hai Hum Taan Ke Apna Seena 
{rashi mess one boys hair and dance and start walking like a boy}

Bheega Tolya Kahin Farsh Pe
Toothpaste Ka Dakhan Kahin
Kal Ke Mauze Ulat Ke Pehne
Waqt Ka Khuch Bhi Hosh Nahin 
{gopi brings towel and throw on floor, rashi brings socks and throw on jigar}

Jeena Ka Tumko Dang Sikhlati Hai
Tumhe Jaanwar Se Insaan Banaati Hai{rashi comes and comb jigar hair}
Uske Bina Ek Pal Rehna Sakhoge Tum
Usko Pata Hai Yeh Keh Na Sakhoge Tum 
{gopi comes to ahem and hugs him and then suddnely runs}
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti 
{comes to girls and dance looks at ahem {all of them}

Jaane Kaun Kaun Se Din Woh TumkoYaad Dilaayein
Pyaar Ko Chahe Bhool Bhi Jaayein {a girl come and shows calender to ahem}
Taareeqein Na Bhoolayein {ahem thinks}
First March Ko Nazar Milaayee {jigar sees watch and take a board of march}
Chaar April Ko Main Milne Aayee
Ikees May Ko Tumne Chuwa Tha
Che June Mujhe Kuch Hua Tha {pulls dairy from a boy and sees pages}

Ladko Ka Kya Hai Kissi Bhi Mor Pe Woh Mur Jaayein
{a boy come and hugs..}
Abhi Kissi Ke Hai Abhi Kissi Aur Se Woh Jud J
{same boy hugs another girl}

Tumhaare Mummy Daddy Ghar Par Nahin Hai
Great€ Main Aaa Jaon? {rashi brings mobile and gopi sings}
Tumhaari Friend Akeli Ghar Jaa Rahi Hai
Bechari€ Main Chod Aaon
Uff {rashi cuts the ph and says}

Ek Haan Kehne Ko Kitna Dehlati Hai {jigar puts nodes his head and puts hands on his neck}
Thak Jaate Hai Hum Woh Jee Behlati Hai {ahem bends down and start walking}

Woh Sharmati Hai Kabhi Chupati Hai {gopi smiles and shy}
Ladki Jo Haan Kehde Usse Nibhati Hai {rashi hugs jigar}
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti
Iss Liye Ladkiya Ladko Si Nahin Hoti 
{both of them comes and dance with girls...ahem pulls gopi towards him...and musicgoes on rashi and jigar dancing, here kinjal and elesh also joins them..}
Kokila says to everyone "please have dinner all of you..."Everyone goes for dinner... kokila says "ahem and jigar dikra please have dinner }ahem says "mom we wil do together...okay..."kokila nodes his head and goes from there....ahem looks for gopi here and thererashi is with her mom and gives her food....jigar comes to them....jigar says "rashi mom is calling you i will take care of mom..."rshi smilesSmile and says "okay...i will come in a moment..."
gopi is serving water to everyone and suddenly have a splash of water on ahem..ahem looks at gopi and stares her and goes from there...Gopi sees this and  puts tray in a corner and goes behind ahem....ahem knows she is coming behind him and smileswhile walking and enter rooms...gopi comes....
gopi says "what happened ahem ji..."ahem hugs gopi and says "yes everything is okay...wify...."gopi feels shy and says "i have to go ahem ji you no maaji is calling me.. i cant leave guests like this...."ahem says "okay i will let u go in one cause..."gopi says "what..."ahem says "hmm give me a kiss"
gopi sees down and ahem come close to him and pulls gopi towards him..gopi sees ahemand ahem sees gopi....ahem makes gopi face up and kisses on her lips... gopi hugs ahem tightly,,,, and after sometime gopi opens the door goes from the room and ahem smilesat her..........

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-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Gr8 continue soon

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
SmileBlushingClapNeed I say more? loved it
love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Next part-16

Guests are gone and everyone is happy.All of them are standing in a hall. Hetal and koki are smiling and kinjal is also there standing with ahem and jigar..rashi and gopi are also there...

koki says "aaj ka function bahut acha tha, bhai gopi aur rashi vahu ko maana padega...kya intezaam kiya tha....
rashi and gopi smiles...SmileSmileSmile
They all went to sleep and ahem catches gopi hand.... {goahem BG music starts} and took her to room which was decorated beautifully....The bed is round with rose petals on it and candles everywhere. The room is white and red! the curtains were flying as the balcony door was open for fresh air!

The floor was filled with rose petals that made a path to the bed! (you get the image ryt?) Lol

Gopi walks in the room...sees the room and smiles and turns to ahem and hugs him tightly....gopi closes his eyes and ahem also do the same....

 THE NEXT SCENE IS NOT FOR KIDS.... IM WARNING RYT NOW! Dont say i didnt warn anyone! LOL

*Roshni Se Bare Bare*(Ashoka) Music starts....  (just imagine lol)


Ahem lifts her up and carries her to the bed. He takes off her gopi pallu from her head and unpins her hair! gopi  hesitates but gives in after feeling his touch!

Ahem then takes off her jewelries leaving it beside them on the bed. Meanwhile he kisses her forehead and she closes her eyes!

Ahem gives a naughty look at took the opportunity while her eyes r closed, he kissed her lips and she opened her eyes in shock! He smiles and she blushes.

Ahem again kisses Gopi and this time she gives in! she holds the back of his head and pulls him towards her, feeling the response ahem got happy and made the kiss deeper. While with his fingers he starts to untie the dhori's that are located at the back of gopi saree

gopi felt his hands brushing against her back but she was too busy to think of anything so she carried on with the kiss and pull away when she needed air!

Ahem looks at her lovingly! admiring her beauty while untieing her dhori's. gopi was as red as a tomato! He succeeded in opening all her dhori's and she layed down!

He layed next to her and looked at her with a smile, he then put rose petals on her face and she closes her eyes! She squeezes his hands! He felt electric shock through his body! a feeling that he never felt before! He wanted to maker her his right there and then!

He pins Gopi hand to the bed and slightly move on top of her (his face to top of hers, not the body! Relax girls, i hope no1 fainted)

Her eyes closed and he admires her!

Slighty goes in to her face, he kisses her nose, eyes, cheeks forehead and then finds his way to her lips which was light pink! His kiss was full of passion and love! gopi response his kiss with love as well!

He broke the kiss and went down to her neck! He bites her neck and remove the choli of her saree off with his mouth! (he aint a dog lol) gopi feels shy and tries to cover with bed sheet but only if ahem would allow her lol! Full moon shining in the room with candles everywhere made it more romantic! He couldnt get enough of looking at her! She stands up and runs behind the curtain and he gives a naughty smile thinking "Your mine" Lool

They both walk behind the curtain but on opposite sides and runs their fingures through the curtains touching each others fingures (i hope u gt the image)

And then ahem pulls her towards him and then you see gopi sitting on the floor and ahem head on her lap, playing with her fingures! He gets up and she stands up immediately

He slips a ring on her fingure! and lifts her up again! (what to do? hes a macho man)

Puts her in the middle of the bed! Then you see the white silky bed sheets on gopi and ahem still in his sherwani!!

Then ahem holds gopi close and starts caressing her and she moans a little ! He closes his eyes with her voice ecoing in his head! He pins her hands against the bed and she moans in his ears! gopi finally grip her hand to his and they become one!

The wind blows the candles and the room has only moon lights which makes the whole scene natural!

The sun rises and brings a new day, gopi sleeping on ahem chest and their clothes is on the floor!

Her sindoor is messed up and her mangalsutra is the other way round! Her bindi on ahem...........

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love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 5:04pm | IP Logged

precap: The sun rises and brings a new day, gopi sleeping on ahem chest and their clothes is on the floor!

Her sindoor is messed up and her mangalsutra is the other way round! Her bindi on ahem face.


Next part-17'

Feeling the sun shine on his face, ahem wakes up seeing gopi head on his chest and smiles. He looks around and the room seems messy. He doesn't wana wake up and break this moment! He stays still and hugs her, making her cozy!

gopi realise a hand pressing on her wakes up feeling shy She lifts her head up and looks at him, he pretends to be sleeping

She smiles and tries to get up when he pulls her back down and kisses her again! Gopi breaks the kiss. she stares at him...{goahem BG music start}

gopi: Let me go, i was suppose to wake up long time ago

ahem: No, i want you to stay here with me!

gopi: what are people going to think?

ahem: people will think that they are newly wedded couples and they should take their time!

gopi: i need to prepare breakfast and tea…

ahem: no u dont, you will not go anywhere!

gopi: atleast let me go take a shower!

ahem: Fine, Only if i can come in!

gopi: Nooooo  *runs to the bathroom & closes the door*

ahem shouts: you can try as much as you want but i can break the door!

gopi shouts back: you wouldn't if you love me!

Ahem feels defeated and continue to relax on the bed! He feels restless waiting for gopi to come out!

While gopi is taking a shower, ahem gets up, open the cupboard and takes out a beautiful green saree and put it on the bed. He sits on the sofa in the room reading a file!


After 30 minutes later..

gopi comes out of shower with only a towel wrapped around her as she forgot to take her clothes inside! ahem, who was reading a file looked up for a second and was mesmerized by her beauty!

She was like an angel indeed. HIS ANGEL!

Her skinny white legs with water dripping from her hair and she had no make-up! he couldnt take his eyes off her!



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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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yea first to comment, loved it, loved it, loved itDay DreamingBlushing

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