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NEW FF RAAT KA NASHA page-18, part-31 (Page 16)

love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhu_sridhar

wow kajalSmile.....i'm not sure if we will get to see such happy moments in the show...but all i can say is that, you made my day.....i felt really happy on reading this chapter...superbSmile

                                           really ,madhu.......well its my pleaseure.......
    i just want all gohem fans to be happy and enjy every real track and ff also..
                     thank you so much dear....

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Great update, kajal I updated ff-andhi - revenge why don't u read it and let me knw how it is

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Next part-28

Ahem and gopi comes with babies to MM. kokila and hetal, rashi and kinjal welcome them. jigar is with gopi and ahem... kokila and hetal are smiling...

Rashi goes into a flashback...
She sees jigar and rashi standing with babies, but she comes into the senses when urmilla puts her hand on her shoulder...

Gopi and Ahem comes in..Everyone gather in a hall and sits.. Kokila takes one baby into her lap and other one is on hetal lap...Rashi sees them.. jigar can see pain in her eyes but she is not showing...

rashi stands up...hetal and everyone see her...rashi smiles..
rashi: i am just coming in a second.. she runs from there cryingCryCryCry..
gopi sees this and feels sad for rashi...

rashi in her room lay on her bed and start crying jigar comes...
jigar: what happened rashi?
rashi hugs jigar tightly and start crying...jigar understand...
jigar: rashi dont cry... everything will going to be fine... she bhai and bhabi are happy so we should celebrate this time with them... so dont cry... kanhaji will take care of dont cry and come...
rashi: jigar ji you are enough strong but i am not,  all the thngs was right and even i would stand there where gopi is standing today... but the fact is that i cant become mother abd there is no one to say me mom.. she start crying againCryCryCry

Gopi: rashiben who said this there is no one to say you mummy,,, see this is your son.. take him,,,see how is crying to come in your lap...

rashi sees jigar and stands up...
jigar:gopi bhabi what are you saying this?
gopi:yes jigar ji ahem ji, maaji and all of us decided that from today that this will be your son...he is here or there... {looking at baby}... he is ours and if she shayd rashiben maa or me... this is the same thing...
kokila:yes rashi if lap is changed hw can love decreased? he is yours and take him..

rashi sees jigar and take him and sees him... she kisses her a lot and hugs gopi.. everyone is happy...

After 2 days
everyone is sitting in puja.. its naamkaran ceremony and ahem and jigar is sitting with their wives and their babies... first it's ahem and gopi... baby is in gopi lap...both are smiling and seeing each other...

pandit ji: Since your child birth was born in evening... so the letter comes from "a"... do you know any name? every one is happy...its a for ahem and now his name is from "a"...kokila and hetal are seeing and laughing...chirag and parag are also smiling...

kokila: kinjal suggest any name?
kinjal smiles: i am really confused but i got one name... hmm "ayaan"... is it good...
kokila: wow kinjal nice name "ayaan modi"...what do you say ahem and gopi?
ahem: nice name "ayaan"...

pandit ji: so from today the baby name is "ayaan".. its meaning is "gift of god"..he will get lots of popularity, fame, money... his chances are there to join defence... every one smiles...

kokila: pandit ji my second
pandiji : since he is smaller but i look his horoscope... he will be reserved and polite to others... but he will be discplined... he will stubborn but what he wants he will get it... his name letter comes from "p"

hetal: rashi did you thought any name for him?
kinjal: i got one how about Pulkit...
kokila: no its too old...
hetal: how about pratham...
kokila: ya pratham is nice name... ok rashi
rashi: ji kakiji pratham is nice name...
kinjal makes faces...
jigar: oho kinjal dont sad when you will have one we will put his name pulkit okay
kinjal laughs and feels shy..

everyone is happy they put both babies in trolly {jhulaa} and sees both of them.. rashi comes to gopi...

rashi: gopi thank you word is not enough for you... what you have done for me if  there was my real sister, she will not dare to do this for me... i am so happy gopi.. you made my life happy and promise i will take care of pratham as a mother...

gopi: rashiben i love u so much and i just want this that you should be happy always...

both sister hugs each other...ahem and jigar are also happy...

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love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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The sun rises and the new day start ahem is sleeping...everyone is still sleepinh MM house.No one wanted to wake up as last day was tiring for all {function and all}...dhawal and nisha went to mumbai...Ahem is sleeping so as gopi.Gopi wakes up and seeing ahem sleeping she doesnt want to wake him up...She gets up and goes for shower, ahem also wakes up and see ayaan sleeping. Gopi comes out from bathroom and sees ahem in a deep thought...

Gopi; get ready i will make bed..
ahem * comes to his senses*: okay

He goes to the bathroom and takes a bath to relax his mind. ayaan wakes up crying. gopi rushes to him and holds him. She changes his clothes and feeds him.Just then kinjal calls.

Kinjal: Jai shri krishna Vayhini, how are you?

gopi: Aree kinjal ben you, I am okay, and you?

kinjal: First class. Actually i called to inform you that im going delhi with Elesh tonight. He has some business meeting there and he said to come with him.

gopi: that's great. I will tell maaji  and ahemji.

Kinjal: thanks. Hows ayaan and pratham? And Bhai? And maa?

Gopi: Aree slowly slowly.. all is well dear.

kinjal: ok take care. Byeee

gopi: byee *disconnects*

ahem comes out and sees gopi standing by the window.  He hugs her from the back with his wet body. Water dripping from his hair onto gopi's shoulder.

ahem: I love you

gopi: i love you. Let go of me, water is dripping on me

ahem: So?

gopi: now my saree is wet.

ahem turns gopi to him and kisses her. She caresses his wet body and holds onto his strong arms. She pulls him closer to her with her other hands and caresses his bare back with her fingers.

Rashi is in her room cleaning up. jigar made a mess, his clothes is everywhere.  jigar comes in happily and picks rashi up from the back. She screams and he puts her down quickly and hugs her.

Rashi: jigar ji leave me, pratham is sleeping, if he will wake he will cry and you no he never stops once he start crying?

jigar: so what, he is my son and i am loving his mom only not someone else..

rashi smiles kisses on her cheecks...

rashi: now happy go...i have to do work...

jigar: please rashi listen to me...come on lets sits here...{jigar takes 

rashi sits on the bed}

rashi: okay i will listen to you, okay

jigar: i am planning that you, me, prathama, bhai and bhabi and ayaan all our family should go somewhere out. So i have booked tickets for shimla..

rashi:wow jigar ji nice plan, since dhawal bhai and neha bhabi went to mumabi i was getting bore but did u ask maaji, papa ji and kakiji...

jigar: my dear wife i have a plan, first i will convince ahem bhai and he will convince mom and kakiji also...

rashi: cool we will have fun... now you go i have to finsih my work and see pratham...okay

jigar: okay i am going to meet ahem bhai in his room...

rashi nodes her head...

ahem and gopi are standing near the window hugging when someone knocks on the door. They both look at the door and ahem goes to open it and sees jigar.

ahem: Arey jigar you, what happened?

jigar: haan bhai, sorry to disturb, i want to say something

ahem: come in *they both walk in*

jigar: jai shri krishan bhabi

gopi: jigarji, are you okay?

jigar: Haan, actually i came to tell both of you something.

gopi/ahem: yes speak...

Jigar: ahem bhai I am planning that we all should go for outing. I thought i should tell you about the planning?

ahem: Aree Vaahhh.. but where, did you thought about any place?

jigar: Yes bhai simla?

gopi: its a nice place jigar ji, ahem ji i wanna go there.

ahem: Hmm good idea jigar..

Jigar smilesSmile

ahem: okay you book tickets.

gopi:we will take ayaan with us.

ahem: haan offcourse.

jigar: tickets are already booked bhai...i am going but who will ask kakiji?

ahem: its okay i will ask mom?

Gopi: where is rashiben ?

jigar: may be with pratham or kakiji

gopi: theek hai

jigar and Gopi leaves. Jigar goes to his room while Gopi goes to kokila's room. rashi is was also there with pratham. She told kokila about trip. Gopi comes there.

Kokila: Aree gopivahu, come in...

gopi: Woh maaji, i wanna say you something?

kokila: we are going to shimla?

gopi: how do you know maaji?

kokila: what? you gopi, mad girl?

rashi: gopi, tum bhi na?

kokila: go and do your packing and after that do mine also...

Gopi and rashi leaves. Gopi goes to her room where ahem is waiting for her.

Ahem: jigar has done four days booking, we have to go tommorrow early morning..

gopi: ok, i will start packing.

ahem: okay i am with mom to talk reg trip...

gopi: i have told her, she is ready to go.

ahem: good.

gopi: you take care of ayaan please

ahem: okay.

Ahem sits on the bed with ayaan and plays with them while Gopi starts packing. She had to pack for 3 people. There were so much luggage to carry. Ahem sees all the bags..

Ahem: Gopi so much of luggage.. we are going for 4 days not 4 months...

gopi: ahemji i have to pack for 3 people now and ayaan is too small and in case we need anything then...

ahem smiles...and kisses on her forehead,,,,

Scene shifts:

Rashi is in her room packing. Jigar  is pacing around telling her to hurry up. She gets irritated with him and tells him to get out the room while she packs. Jigar ji refuse but rashi push him out and close the door. He doesn't know what to do so he goes to the hall and waits for her there.

Rashi seeing pratham lying on bed {he is laughing}

rashi: aap kyu hasSmile rahey ho {why are you laughing}..aap bilkul apney papa ki terha shararti ho...bas mumma ko tang kartey rehtey ho {you are naughty just like your father, always making me annoyed}

pratham laughs and rashi picks him up and hugs him and kisses..

Everyone gathers in hall to go with luggage...

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Next Part-30

Ahem and Jigar take luggage and puts in the car, even mani is also coming with them and baa is also there... all of them reach to airport...ahem is carrying in ayaan. and jigar is carrying pratham...all of them do check in...they reach shimla...

Hotel Scene:

Ahem gives keys to all of them...gopi is holding ayaan and pratham is with jigar... all of them goes to there room...gopi put ayaan down and ahem comes in locks the door...gopi sees ahem...ahem comes to him...he trys to kiss gopi...she puts hand on her lips..ahem kiss her palm...ahem bend gopi down... but suddenly ayaan start crying

ahem: what this yaar? you have to cry now only...
gopi smiles and she goes to ayaan...she changes her diper...
gopi:ayaan beta {son}...why you are crying, mumma is here na...{she takes ayaan in her lap, ahem sees gopi}
ahem:gopi when you will love me like this?
gopi smiles: ahemji i always love you...but i love ayaan little bit more than you...
ahem: why gopiji {he teases}
gopi:because ayaan is my good baby, he never crys, he let mumma do all the work...
ahem:ohhh {ahem makes facessUnhappy}
gopi:ohh ahemji i love u too too much..{she hug ahem, and ahem also}

Scene shift:

Rashi and jigar are sitting on bed, pratham is playing on bed...rashi is seeing him...rashi put her head on his shoulder...

jigar: what happened rashi?
rashi: jigar ji did you ever thought when pratham will raise, what he will become?
jigar: oh rashi he is to small and we have lot of time to think...ok tell me what you wanna make him...
rashi: hmm engineer aaa..may be doctor or cricketer...and what about you jigar ji?
jigar: hmm you know rashi i always dreamt to be an airforce pilot...and want to join air force but my papa didnt agree with that and i joined business for their happiness...{rashi sees jigar}
rashi: sometime we have to sacrifice our dreams and its for good deed only..right jigar ji...
jigar: but i will let my son to live as he wants...
rashi hugs jigar:yes i know that...

In the evening:
rashi is feeling pain in her stomach...rashi cannot bear pain but she didnt told jigar about this... jigar come and tell rashi to get ready we are going out...rashi take medicine and get relief... here gopi ahem, ayaan, jigar-rashi, pratham, and all modis including baa and mani...all of them start walking...

kokila: wow ahem shimla is so beautiful...
ahem:yes mom it is...
rashi: kakiji here people walk see there is no car and all in here...
kokila:yes rashi i have read somewhere, people like to walk here and they prefer it in order to be fit and fine...
gopi:maaji lets eat icecream...
kokila:no gopi and rashi you will not icecream...
gopi and rashi see eachother...
kokila: because ayaan and pratham are small, if you will eat icecream you will get cold and it will transfer to babies...
gopi and rashi are sad...ahem and jigar bring icecream for all.. rashi and gopi looks at them...while modis are eating icecream, ahem comes to gopi and holds her hand...
gopi:ahemji what are you doing?
ahem: hmm comeone and have a bite of icecream...
gopi: no ahem ji you listen what maaji said...ayaan will get cold...
ahem: nothing will happen from one bite...common common have it {gopi takes bite}

here jigar comes to rashi... rashi is looking at mountains...
jigar: rashi here i have a suorprise for you?
rashi:what jigar ji?
jigar:first close your eyes?
rashi: please tell me jigar ji?
jigar: first close your eyes?
rashi closes her eyes...jigar takes a cone of icecream in front of her... rashi opens the eyes...
rashi: icecream...SmileSmileSmile
jigar: yes, you want to eat na, now eat it, but dont tell kakiji...
rashi:okay okay but you...
jigar: i have eaten, you eat...
rashi: ohh jigar ji, i love you {rashi hugs jigar}
jigar: i love you too rashi {he smiles}

after having a dinner and a walk.. all of them return.. it was cold, all of them were shivering...but enjoying...

after enjoying in shimla for a week they return to MM house again

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very goodSmile... it would be better if rashi is cured and had a child of her ownDay Dreaming... don't mind thisTongue... i have to ask u a question... i read 2 of ur fanfictions(new in this forum and don't know if u have written more than 2 ff) in both rashi is getting a child without actually consumating. why?Disapprove do u hate rashiBroken Heart????????CryCry i like rashi a lot... i have a request... u write very good rooomaaantic secenes for gohamWink... plz write something for jigar and rashi tooWink... in ur story rashi is good i like it very very muchTongue... plz put some intense romantic scenes for them tooBlushing... it would be more enjoyable for us who likes rashi and jigar moreThumbs Up... it would be good if they get a child of their own in this story u can put some dangerous situations also...

 anyway please put more romantic scenesDay Dreaming for them too like goham

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Missed the last three updates dear...but all three were enjoyable...Gopi did a great sacrifice which very few would do...
Update soon dear

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Hey dear I just caught up with ur FF and luved a lot:)
U r such a brilliant writer!!
Continue soon and plzz add me in ue pm list!

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