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NEW FF RAAT KA NASHA page-18, part-31 (Page 12)

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pls continueeeeeeeeeeeee

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That was a great treat, what's up with Jigar and Nisha?

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Next Part-23

Its morning time and you see everyone running around the house doing the decorations. Everyone is in the hall except gopi. Ahem and jigar talking about the guest list. Hetal and rashi talking about the decorations. Kokila and the servants are talking about the food that will be served.

Just then gopi comes downstairs to see if everything is going well and ahem sees her coming down the stairs. He gives her a look as if he's saying "y cant she just stays in one place????Jigar looks up as well and sees gopi coming down. Ahem walks towards gopi.

Ahem: What are you doing here? You're meant to be resting! Common lets go back upstairs. *every1 turns towards Gohem when they heard ahem speaking*

Gopi: no i can't rest anymore, I am bored. I need to do some things.

Ahem: NOWAY!! Common lets go..

Gopi: No I am not going back upstairs. I can't stay in one room for the whole day

Ahem: who said you have to stay there for a whole day? You have to stay there for 8 months! Until the pregnancy is over!

Gopi: WHATTTTT???? Nooo please.. Okay i won't do any work but at least let me sit here.

Ahem nods and picks Gopi up in his arm and puts her on the sofa. He tells one of the servants to get some juice and fruits for Gopi. After a few minutes, the servant comes back and put the tray on the table in front of the sofa. Ahem picks up the juice and makes Gopi drink it. He cuts apples and peel oranges for her to eat. Kokila and Hetal see this, looks at each other and smiles then they both go upstairs. Jigar goes outside with rashi to check the decorations outside and just then urmila and dhawal and kinjal in laws also comes. Ahem kisses gopi's forehead and goes outside as well. Gopi stands up and hugs urmila and dhawal.Ahem gopi sits there and talks to her belly saying "beta {son} lets me do anything; I'm so bored; now you tell me, what I shall do??" Just then the TV comes on and Gopi starts watching TV and after a little while she falls asleep on the sofa. Ahem walks in looking at some file and tells Gopi to start getting ready as she takes very long but when he looks at her she's sleeping. He keeps his file on the table and picks gopi up again and goes in their bedroom.

Ahem puts Gopi on the bed. He goes to the wardrobe, opens it and takes out a saree for Gopi.

Ahem thinks he should get gopi dressed so that when she wakes up, she can just come downstairs.

Ahem goes to the bed near Gopi and pulls her up and holds her in his arm opening her dhori's at the back while she's still asleep. He takes off her blouse and puts another one on and tie the dhori's. And then he put another petticoat on her and left her saree's pallu on the bed as he cannot wrap it around her as she's sleeping. He makes her lay down again and covers her. He kisses her eyes and goes to the bathroom for shower.

30 minutes later...

Ahem comes out and finds Gopi awake.

Ahem: had a good sleep?

Gopi: I am sorry, i fell asleep

Ahem: y u sorry? Ur meant to sleep!

Gopi: I am not late am i?

Ahem: No.Your saree is on the bed, just wrap it around, i already changed ur choli and petticoat.

Gopi nods. She gets up and wraps her saree and pins it. She sits infront of her dressing table and puts her jewelleries on. Ahem wears his kurta and ask gopi if she's ready. She nods and they go walk towards the stairs together. Just as Ahem was going to go down the stairs, Ahem picks her up in his arms and brings her down. He makes her sit on the sofa and gives her juice. She drinks it and ahem goes over to Jigar.

ahem: jigar, the party is about to start, and i cant see Nisha, did you call her?

jigar: Ofcourse bro, i told her to come on time. Shall i call her again?

ahem: no wait a little bit, if she doesnt come by then, then you can call her!

jigar: okay bhai. Where is gopi bhabi?

ahem: she's on the sofa, go sit with her, I am coming back in a while.

jigar: where are you going?

ahem: dont ask questions, you know where i' am going, but don't tell gopi ok?

jigar: ohhh okayy okayy

jigar goes over to gopi  but hetal tell jigar to call rashi and dhawal comes sits next to her talking to her.. ahem walks out from MM mansion.

Scene shifts...

Urmila and Rashi are in Rashi room.

Urmila: rashi dikra what happened to you. Why are you lying on bed?

Rashi: mummy I am not well. I don't know what happened. U know I am feeling like vomiting but its not coming…I don't know, and this headache…

Jigar comes and sees rashi..

Jigar: Rashi what happened? Let's go for party.. Everyone is waiting for us..

Rashi stands up and says "let's go jigar ji…"

Urmila was about to say but rashi stops her there and nodes her head. Three of them go to the party.

Scene shifts...

Dhawal talking to gopi making her laugh, just then Ahem comes in with a BIG smile. Gopi sees him and looks confused. He stands in front of the MM door and looks at gopi. He walks towards her and 4 men comes behind him with a crib. Gopi looks shocked and happy. They put the crib in the middle of the hall. (its the crib that swings argh you know what i mean.. you got the image ryt?) And kanha ji is in there (their god). The crib or shall i say jhula lol is decorated with red and white flowers. Baa, kokila, rashi, hetal, urmila, kinjal, comes downstairs looking very nice in their saree's (they got ready for party). They get happy to see such a nice crib.  Gopi, kokila, rashi,kinjal, hetal and Baa walks over to the crib and sees Kanhaji's murti in there and gets more happy. Gopi tears up and Ahem wipes them telling her from now on everything will be fine.

Guests stars coming and congratulating Gohem. Dhawal, jigar who is standing in the hall welcoming the guests. Just then nisha comes and dhawal heartbeat gets fast after seeing nisha .Ahem sees nisha coming. Ahem smiles and goes to sit next to Gopi.

Dhawal roams around the door just for Nisha and just then she walks in the MM house in a very beautiful white and silver Chudidar (Anarkali style). Dhawal gives a million dollars smile and looks at her longingly. Gopi sees Nisha and gets very happy, she stands up and Nisha runs up to her. They hug and cry. Ahem sees this and gets happy, Dhawal still staring at Nisha. Jigar comes in the side of rashi and puts his shoulder on her {as she is not feeling well}

Nisha: Gopi, i missed you sooooo muchh, you cant even imagine how much i missed u both, and rashi how are you, hey You both are looking very beautiful yar.. She hugs gopi and then rashi..

Gopi: jhooot. I missed you more

Nisha: kher choro.. Your pregnant.. Sit down and from now on i will be taking care of you as I am your doctor. And tomorrow is you first appointment. Come to my clinic in the afternoon with ahem ji.

{rashi is feeling dizzy but she controls on her. She is not able to stand but she make her balance and stands and smiles}

Gopi: Okay as you say Nishu (Her nickname)

Nisha sits on the other side of nakku and dhawal still staring at her. Ahem sees Dhawal and he walks up to him...

Ahem: Eyyy tujhe kya hua? {what happened to you}

Dhawal *still lost looking at nisha*: mujhe kya hua? Kuch kuch hota hai jeeju, aap nahin samjho ge"

ahem: Kyaa?? Samjho ga.. Main bhi pisla hua hoon.. battao.. tujhe Nisha passand  hai?

dhawal *comes back to sense*: who me? Ahahaha Nooo kya jeeju aap bhi naa

ahem: dont lie to mee.. tell me the truth.. if you do then i can speak to gopi and she can speak to nisha. But now that your saying you dont den i dnt have to speak to gopi.

ahem: Areee nahin nahin.. speak to gopi.. Haan passan hai!

Kokila and hetal bring baa with them and she congratulates gopi. Some women comes to dance and bless Gopi and the Child. Lights goes off. One headlights goes on Nisha and she dances on the song Kangna Re (movie: Paheli) The lights comes on she continue dancing and some other women dances with her. Dhawal watches her with open mouth and imagine himself dancing with her. The song finishes and every1 applauds. Nisha comes to sit and Dhawal comes back to present. He looks for nisha and she's sitting down next to gopi. He hits his forehead and goes sit down next to ahem..

Gopi feels sick and she runs to the bathroom to throw up, Ahem gets scared and worried but nisha tells him to calm down as it's just a symptom of pregnancy and thats normal. She also tells him to bring Gopi with him tomorrow at her clinic in the after, she will do a few check ups. Ahem agrees and goes to see Gopi. Gopi in the bathroom washing her hands when Ahem comes and hugs her. She tells him shes fine and its normal, he says he knows but is still worried. She hugs him back and they share a very light moment.

Every1 leaving as the party is over, Nisha goes over to Dhawal.

Nisha: I am going now, tell Gopi i will see her tomorrow

Dhawal: your going? Why?

Nisha: because it's late and i need to go work 2moro

Dhawal: oh okay. See you tomorrow

Nisha: tomorrow?

Dhawali: yeah I will come with Ahem and Gopi.. After all she is my sister.

Nisha: oh okay then see you tomorrow and tell gopi not to be late. Be there at 6 in the afternoon..

Dhawal: yes we will come in the morning if you want

Nisha: no its okay, come in the everning. It's fine. bye

Dhawal: byeeee


Precap : Ahem, tells gopi that dhawal Likes Nisha! Gopi looks happy. Then you see gopi in Nisha's clinic laying on the bed while nisha doing some check ups. Rashi is having vomiting.. 

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please  update soon. i really like this ff. thanks

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Next part-24

Its morning time and MM seems empty. Every1 in there room sleeping after such a long night. With tired eyes and soul they all slept right after the party. Smile. dhawal and urmila stays at mm house..

Dhawal is at the table eating breakfast and Nisha is serving himSmile He holds her hands while she is serving and pulls her towards him. Dhawal drops on the floor from the bed Smileand realise he was dreaming. (Loool sorry had to do this!! dhawal to gayaaa).

Dhawal smiles and tap his head thinking "I'm such a budhoo". He can't be boverd to walk so he goes back to sleep on the bed with a big smile on his face..

Scene Shifts....

Gohem sleeping very close to each other. Gopi's back to ahem and his left hand on her waist. The sun shines through the window and ahem wakes up. He looks around and then checks the time. It was still 10 o'clock, too early to wake gopi up he thought. But just then gopi wakes up as well and looks at ahem. Ahem smiles at her and tells her to sleep.Gopi gets up and says she's hungry and wants to eat chocolate. Ahem smiles.

Ahem: okay, in the evening when we are going to Nisha for your check up then we will go buy chocolates

Gopi: Noooo i want chocolate now. Please ahem ji, get me chocolates. I need to eat them now

ahem: your very stubborn. Chocolate is not good for you, eat fruits

Gopi: Nooo i want chocolate i said, if you cant get it, i will go get it

Ahem gets up quicky : Noo I will go get it, you rest and i will go get it now.

gopi: Okay thank you

Ahem runs to the bathroom to wash his face and comes out to change. He then runs out to get chocolate for gopi. Meanwhile gopi is pacing around the room waiting for her chocolate. She then goes downstairs and sits in the living room or hall. Kokila and hetal comes there.

kokila: Nakku what happened?Confused

gopi: ahem ji went to get chocolate for me, and he isn't back yetLOL

kokila: don't worry, he will come. Oh you want chocolateTongue

gopi: yes i want lots of chocolate, i've been craving for them since last night.Embarrassed

kokila: Okay you can eat your chocolate when ahem comes but now drink this juice.

Hetal gives Nakku her juice and gopi drinks it happily. (She was hungry lol)

They all sit there with gopi and talking and ahem walks in (bilkul hero style). ahem comes in with lots of chocolates and gives them to gopi.

Gopi: I don't want them anymore

ahem: What?ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

gopi: i don't want chocolates anymore. I'm not hungryLOL

ahem: , you gopimade me get up and told me to get you chocolates and now you don't want them.LOL

gopi: I don't feel like eating them anymoreLOL

hetal: ahem dikar {son}, that's how it is in pregnancy, you want to eat something and then you don't. Its okay. Give the chocolates to the kids.

ahem: okay

He looks at gopi and thinks "Areee Yaar.. 8 months to go like dis.. Main to gaya kaam se"LOL

ahem goes to give the kids the chocolates he brought and brings fruits for gopi who was still sitting in the hall with kokila and hetal. gopi takes it and eat all of it. ahem is happy that gopi ate all and takes the empty plate from her. hetal and kokila are impressed with ahem. They both go away from there to do some work. ahem sits next to gopi.

ahem: Ermm gopi, i need to tell you something

gopi: haan ahem ji bolo.

ahem: gopi woh woh ermm woh dhawal naEmbarrassed

gopi: dhawal? dhawal bhai ko kya hua?

ahem: PyarShockedEmbarrassedLOL

gopi: huhConfused

ahem: dhawal ko Nisha se pyar hua haiEmbarrassed

gopi *SMILES*:  Whattt??? That's greatttt.. im sooo happyBig smile

ahem: yes but maybe you should talk to Nisha about this.

gopi: ofcourse i will.. I will do it today itself

ahem: Noo Find the right time then you do..

gopi: Okay ahem ji, whatever you say.

ahem smiles and kisses her forehead  

Scene shifts...

ahem walks into dhawal room and finds him sleeping still but smiling in his sleep.. (he looks sooo cutee...)Embarrassed

ahem nudge him, but instead of waking up, dhawal holds ahem's hand and puts it under his cheeks in sleep. He smiles and says "Nisha, tum aagaye"

ahem smiles and Nudge him with his other hand, dhawal jumps up shouting "NISHA" and looks at ahem who is next to him. He's embarrassed and looks down. ahem smiles and tells him to get ready as they are going shopping then to Nisha's clinic for gopi's check up.

Dhawal gives his million dollars smile and dahem leaves the room smiling as well. He goes back to the living where gopi is sitting with baa. ahem comes and tells them that they are going shopping then to the clinic. gopi stands up but ahem picks her up in his arms infront of Baa. Baa smiles. ahem takes gopi upstairs (he doesn't want her to go up n down the stairs as she might slip...protective husband hayeee). Embarrassed

Scene shifts...

Raaji in their bedroom. Jigar with rashu on the bed, hugs her tightly. Shee tells her to get ready while he goes to freshen up. He goes to the bathroom and when he comes out Rashi is ready (superwoman got ready fast). Jigar comes to rashi and kisses on her forehead.

Jigar says "are you okay"

rashi says "i am fine now lets go down..."

Jigar says "see if you are not feeling well we should go to doctor..."

rashi says "no no jigar ji i am fine lets go now..."

jigar and rashi goes..while walking rashi feels dizzy but she handle it... jigar sees him but rashi smiles..they both go down where gohem is standing and waiting for dhawal to come..

Goehm turns and finds Dhawal in a totally different outfit looking rather dashing. They look at him shockingly.

Dhawal: i thought i would try something new.EmbarrassedLOL

ahem: , yh yh whatever, lets go. Btw you look nice

dhawal: Haan dhawalbhai this suits you, i think Nisha would like dis too

dhawal gets shock and looks at ahem thinking "how does gopi know?"ShockedEmbarrassed

ahem: i told her and she will talk to Nisha for you.Wink

dhawal gets happy and hugs ahem and gopi.

ahem: be careful, yur sister is pregnant.

dhawal: oh sorryTongue

baa,hetal, urmila and kokila comes there and dhawal tells her they are going. She blesses them and they all leave MM. They get to the car.

dhawal: jeeju, i will drive, you sit with gopi at the backWink

ahem: Okay (he wnt loose this chance ofcourse lol)LOL

Gopi gets in with ahem's help and dutta sits next to her. Dhawal sits on the drivers seat and sings *Tumse Milne ki tamanna hai pyar ka irada hai* (i love dis song man..sorry had to use it)LOL

Gohem at the back enjoying the song and having eyelocks, holding hands, naughty winks...

*Song Finishes* They all get to the mall and starts shopping... dagoehm walks in and goes to see maternity clothes (loool haaha getting carried away lol). Gopi opens her eyes wide thinking "y are we here? Its too early to buy these clothes" she looks at ahem who is proper smiling and dhawal too.LOL

gopi stands there and ahem goes and gets some long dresses for her. (they are hugeeee). Shockeddhawal gets different flat slippers for herLOL. Both dham  (dhawal ahem) teases gopi but they buy it for her.LOL They all have lunch after that and they leave for the clinic. Wink

At the clinic...

Nisha is in her doctors coat thing lol and she's talking to some man about his reports in the corridor when gohem, dhawal walks in. dhawal sees Nisha talking to a man and gets jealousLOL. gopi looks at him and smiles. ahem looks him too and they all walk towards Nisha.

dhawal looks at her with a jealous and angry look while gohem are laughing at him...LOLLOL

The man goes and Nisha sees them, she walks towards them..

nisha: Hii gopi *they hug*..Hello ahemji..Hello dhawalji Embarrassed

dhawal: you can call me dhawalEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Nisha: okay hello dhawal *turns to gopi*LOL

gopi: what's the check up about?Confused

Nisha: don't worry yaar, its a normal routine check up.. it wont even take long.. Come inside..*turns to ahem and dhawal* please wait outside, we wont take long.Wink

gopi goes inside with Nisha but not before looking at ahem who seems to be worried for no reason. The door closes and ahem,dhawal sits down outside in the corridor...Embarrassed

Inside gopi lie down and Nisha checks her bp, heart rate and baby's heart.. All is perfectly fine.. gopi hears the baby's heart beat and feels happy...

Nisha: Maybe ahemji should here this as well

gopi: yeah, let me call him

Nisha: no you lay down, i will call him

Nisha walks out. ahem and dhawal stands up thinking something is wrong cause gopi didn't come out. Nisha sees them worried..

Nisha: don't worry, everything is perfectly fine, infact i came to call you

dhawal/ahem: Why?? (both sed together)

Nisha: We can hear the baby's heartbeat so i thought you would like to listen as well

ahem gives a BIG smile : YES OFCOURSE.

dhawal: Areee Vaahh..

ahem and dhawal both comes in. Nisha comes over to gopi  and puts the volume up on the machine.. ahem stands next to gopi holding her hand and dhawal stands next to Nisha..

They all hear the heartbeat and are very happy... Nisha gives ahem an envelope.

ahem: what is this?

Nisha: Scan of the baby

ahem: scan? I can look at my baby?

Nisha: yes but it's not big yet.

dhawal: i will see my nephew...

gopi: can i get up?

Nisha: ofcourse.. *turns to aehm* :But i have to warn you.. Please be careful... Don't let her do any work, make sure she rest a lot and eat a lot of healthy food. Infact i will give a timetable and give you a list of things that she can't eat. *turns to gopi who is standing next to her* : did you hear me? Now you're going to put on lots of weight. It's normal. Dont go crazy over your weight when it increases. Wear loose clothes so it doesn't suffocate you or the baby, understand?

gopi: yes Ma'am

Nisha: Okay tests are done, when the results come, i will come drop them myself and i will also get to see you

gopi: you don't need excuses to come see me, come anytime.

ahem: yes come anytime *looks at dhawal*

dhawal: The door is always open (loool ahahaahh that's y people get kidnapped easily).

The all say bye and gohem,dhawal leave in their car.

The Next Day...

Nisha gets a call from the lab saying the reports are ready, come to collect it...

Nisha gets in her car, gets the report and heads towards MM house. On the way she calls gopi and tells her she's coming and there's good news.

gopi tells dutta and dhawal that Nisha is coming and she said there is good news. Just then Nisha walks in wearing a beautiful red chudidar with heels. She runs towards gopi and hugs her. (awww cute scene.. best friend forever)

She jumps in excitement and dhawal looks at her dreamingly...

gopi: Areee Kya huaa?

Nisha: You won't believe it!!!!!

gopi *curiously* : Whattt?? Don't beat around the bush, please tell mee quickly

Dutta: Nisha what happened??

dhawal: Jaldi bata naa!

Nisha: You all are going to be jumping with me when i tell you

gopi: Jaldii bata.. i can't bear this suspense

Nisha: gopi ..tu pregnant hai..LOLLOL

Nakku: Haan jaanti hoon..ConfusedLOL

ahem: that's not newConfused

dhawal: kya? Haemin tumse pehle pata thaLOL

Nisha: Areee poori baat to sunleeeAngry

gopi: bata naaLOL

Nisha: Tu pregnant hai lekin ek bache ke nahin Do bacche ka! You're having twins!!!ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

gopi: Judwa!! ShockedShockedShockedShocked

ahem: TWINSSSSSSShockedShockedShockedShocked

dhawal: Haila TwinsShockedShockedShockedShocked

Hearing gohem ,nisdha {nisha,dhawal } shouting twins, every1 comes to the hall including the rashi,jigar,kokila,kinjal hetal and urmila..

kokila: Kya hua? Why are you shouting?

hetal: anything wrong?

ahem: Wrong? NOOO nothing wrong, Infact everything is more than okay... gopi is having twins.

The whole family is shocked!!ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

jigar: congratulations

rashi: wooow so cute na.. do bacche hongee

urmila: badayi ho vivan ji {ahem damaad ji} aur tumhey bi gopi

kinjal: Areee Vah ek tir se do nishana

kokila: judwa? Mere ahem ka aansh.. kanhaji, tera lakh lakh sukar hai, gopi jeethi raho meri bacchii

hetal: gopi, yeh bohut khushi ki baat hai.. main abhi mithai lekar aati hoon, sabka mou mitha karna hai

hetal goes to the kitchen and gets a box of laddoo and distribute to everyone...

She feeds gopi, then ahem feeds gopi, then kokila feeds gopi,rashi feeds gopi, Nisha feeds dhawal as well then jigar feeds gopi. gopi was suffocating with laddoos lool.

And they all fed ahem as well. (without him pregnancy is not possible lol)LOLLOLWink

Some time later....

gopi sitting with Nisha in her room talking about old times. ahem is outside in the garden with jigar,dhawal talking about old times (lool kya timing hai). Wink

gopi thinks its the right time and she should talk to Nisha but first has to find out if Nisha has any1 in her life..

gopi: Nishuu it's been a long time since we gt separated, do you have any1 in your life? Boyfriend, fianc or husband?

Nisha: No yaar,, didn't find any1, and if i do then you will be the first one to know

gopi: what if i tell you i know someone who likes you

Nisha *blushes* : who?

gopi: don't you kno? Or do you want me to say the name?

Nisha: you tell me

gopi: dhawalbhai likes you a lot..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Nisha *blushes*: Ermmm okayEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

gopi: don't you like him?

Nisha: it's not that i don't like him, he's nice but i don't really know him

gopi: the get to know him... that's it, you two are going to go out somewhere together and will get to know each other

Nisha: but where?

gopi: so u don't mind going?Embarrassed

Nisha blushes: NoEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

gopi: great, i will call you tonight and let you know after talking to dhawalbhai, okay?

Nisha: Okay i have to go now. Talk to you tonight! Byeee.

She hugs gopi and walks out the bedroom and goes downstairs. Just then dhawal,jigar and ahem comes inside from the garden, Nisha sees them.

Nisha*to ahem*: im going now, take care of gopi, bye *to dhawal: ByeeEmbarrassed

ahem and dhawal says bye and runs upstairs to gopi...

Precap; rashi is admitted in hospital....everyone is worried..


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mind blowing. next update soon.
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Helllooo people..Thanks for appreciating and reading and commenting and liking lool .. Anyway here's the next part... id idnt want to keep you waiting.. A New entry in the next update..
Naman = Nisha's Brother!!
Dhawal and ahem says bye and runs upstairs to gopi to know what nisha sed, both Dhawal land ahem comes in and gopi is sitting on the bed. She gets up, makes a sad face and walks towards baaji...

gopi:dhawal bhai wohLOL..

dhawal: kya hua gopiOuch

gopi: Nisha neOuch

dhawal: mana kiya na? I knew it, she would never like meCryOuch

gopi: Areee dhawal bhai, usne haan kiyaLOL

dhawal: Kyaa???ShockedShockedShocked

gopi: Haaan,, and your going on a date tomorrow. Don't worry me and ahem ji will do all the arrangements, you just take her ok?

dhawal: Thanks gopi *he hugs her*

Ahem: Yeh toh bohut khushi ki baat hai

dhawal turns and hug ahem. He says he needs to go try some clothes on so tomorrow he doesn't get late..gohem smiles and dhawal leaves. gopi calls Nisha and tells her that tomorrow evening will be hers and dhawal's date. She will call her again in the morning.

Gohem turns towards each other and smiles.

ahem: you're the best, now baaji will settle down as wellEmbarrassed

Gopi: no you are the best, i wouldnt have done it without ur encouragement.

ahem: im so happy, we are 2 now and then we are going to be 4

gopi: Yes what do you want it to be?

ahem: i want a boy and a girl. Boy will be like me and girl will be like you. And then later maybe we can have 5-6 more.

gopi: 5-6?? Do u want to kill me? Isn't 2 enough for you?

ahem: Nooo i cant keep myself away from you so there will be more than 2

gopi blushes: common lets go to bed, im tired.

ahem: okay

gopi: wait change first

ahem: oh yeah

ahem change into a vest and trackies, gopi change into a blue gown. They both lie down on the bed and look at each other lovingly. ahem touches gopi's belly and kiss her on her lips. They hug and then gopi puts her head of ahem's chest and they both sleep.

Scene shifts....

dhawal in his room, his wardrobe wide open with clothes on the floor. dhawal is trying on different clothes for his date. He then falls asleep on the sofa in the messy room.


rashi is serving breakfast to everyone, and gohemcomes downstairs. They sit down to have breakfast but ahem notices dhawal is missing.

ahem: gopi dhawal is not here

gopi: let me go see him

ahem: no you sit i will go

gopi: Noo let me go as i need to talk to him about Nisha, when you finish eating then you come

ahem: okay, be careful, don't run.

gopi: ok ahem ji

gopi gets up and goes to dhawal's room. She enters the room and sees clothes everywhere on the floor. She looks at the bed but it's empty. She wonders where dhawal's went but then she sees him on the sofa sleeping. She goes next to him.

gopi: dhawal bhai...dhawalbhai wake up

dhawal: Nishaaaaa

gopi:Nisha nahin gopi.. Get up

dhawal: Nahin

gopi: okay then if you don't get up i will think that you don't want to go on a date

dhawal jumps up : Shockedno no im awake... I will go wash my face and get ready. You go and im comingLOL

gopi:okay be quick.

gopi leaves and dhawal runs to the bathroom.

Scene shifts...

rashi is talking to hetal and suddenly she  vomits and feels dizzy and faints.. she fells down but hetal picks her up...hetal calls jigar... jigar comes to hetal and sees rashi.. he becomes shockedShockedShockedShocked.. mani calls doctor and kokila also comes comes and checks rashi.. doctor sees something like blood on her lips...

doctor says "jigar come to hospita; with rashi, i will do some test till then take care of her..if she feels dizzy again just call me..."

jigar says "is everything okay doctor"?

doctor says "jigar come to hospital then only i can say something..."

jigar says "okay..."

doctor goes out..gopi and ahem comes with dhawal. gopi sees rashi and feels sad...

kokila says "dont worry gopi bahu everythings gonna be allright..."

gopi says "maaji i am really worried about rashiben, i dont know what happnened to her..."

kokila says "gopi bahu dont take tension, it will be harmful to baby, i told you na rashi will be fine..."

hetal says " yes gopi vahu, u go and take rest...rashi will get well soon..."

kokila says "ahem take gopi vahu to room...and make sure that she takes rest..."

ahem says "yes mom, lets go gopi..."

ahem takes gopi to room..jigar sits with rashi and dhawal feels sad about rashi and urmila crys..hetal console her..kokila also feels worried about rashi...

In the night

rashi doesnt feels good. she feels pains in her stomach and jigar takes rashi to hospital where nisha's brother naman {cezaan khan anurag from kasuati zindagi ki} takes charge of rashi.. He is a senior doctor...Nisha is also there.. they both look serious.. rashi is given injection..she sleeps...naman and nisha comes out...

nisha says to jigar "jigar ji you have to take care of rashi...we have done all the test.. In the morning we will get reports then we will get the results..."

jigar is worried and says "nisha rashi is all right na..."

naman smiles and says "yes she is okay and dont worry, we are here to take care of all can go home...."

hetal says " i will stay with rashi here...."

jigar says "no mom you go i wil stay here.."

kokila says "yes mota bhabi you come with us to home jigar is here and if u say then i can stay here..."

jigar says "no kaki i am here, and gopi bhabhi is also you have to take care of her also na..that;s why..."

hetal says "jigar son, if you need anything just call us okay..."

jigar says "okay..."

hetal and kokila goes home with chirag...jigar is worried about rashi and goes to her..he sits on a chair and looks at her...

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mind blowing please continue.

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