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DOTW: Unconditional love?

Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
Sorry for the late posting everyone cannot be helped, but better late than never.Big smileWink


In the last few weeks we have seen Avita love become very intense, soul deep and one of a deep abiding faithClapHeart. People all around them are against their loveAngry, for varying reasons,  yet these two are defying all and cling onto that love of theirsThumbs Up.


So here is a topic I wanted us to all discuss:


Is Avita love an unconditional love?


Avdesh and Arpita love each other very much but are there conditions where their love could not last? I mean is there something that will make one of them stop loving the other one? If so what would that condition be? For example, Avdesh is a criminal and a gunda, so what if an order is given in the future or something that happens, which makes him go and murder a member of Arpita's family or hurt them to the point of death?

Will Arpita still love him unconditionally even after this deed? The same could be applied to Avdesh, is there something Arpita could do to make him stop loving her unconditionally?


What do you say? Please refer to the topic of discussion (Unconditional love) when replying.Smile


If there is a need to divert away from the topic, by all means do so but no spamming please.Smile
Thank you, looking forward to the many, many the responses!Big smileBig smile
(If you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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Vistaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
Hello DreamySmile
Great, thought-provoking topicClapClap
Yoohoo........I am the first to replyBig smileBig smile
OK, now to the serious business of commenting:
Well, I would like it to be unconditional love........certainly. But, and there always is a but, Avi's reaction to BJ's theatrics on his wedding night comes to mind. He made that senseless vow and then refused to even look at Arpi. Even if it was for a certain time only, he did forget his love, his responsibilities and duties as a husband and furthermore, in drunken rage physically hurt Arpi. I know, I know...many would say that these were extraordinary circumstances and he was under extreme mental stress....but.
Having said that, I want to say that the underlying love was not really affected, it was the outward manifestation of it. Plus, I guess his mindset would be that being his wife, Arpi should understand the importance of the issue at hand and not complain.
OK, now that I have thought it aloudEmbarrassed, I would say that yes, their love is unconditional.  With Arpi, there never was a doubt........she has stuck by him through thick and thin....even from the time she was not married to him.
Let me back up some..........when we say love, do we mean the emotion, the attachment, the soul connection or are we talking of the manifestation of love? That is to say: being lovey-dovey, holding hands, (and moreEmbarrassed), smiling, generally being happy around one another: absence of annoyance or anger. Obviously, the latter cannot be the case all the time. There will be occassions when they will be angry with one another, sulk, pout,scream, shout etc. But as far as the underlying emotion is concerned, it will always be unconditional, i.e. to say, no matter the provocation, they will always love one another, though they may be angry with another, disagree, argue etc. Case in point, Arpi didn't want Avi to go about the revenge business, so she tried to change his mind....she didn't just withdraw and say that his man doesn't seem to be the Devta I fell in love with, so I quit. This was pretty serious divergence of opinion and not only that, he was about to murder a man.
Hope people you are able to make sense of my ramblings.Smile
Interested to read what you and others have to say.Big smile

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Sidda8 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
Great DOTW Dreamy. The love of Avita has been doubted by many throughout the serial. For instance, when Avita had first met, we knew that Arpita was deeply in love with Avdesh. However, we were not sure how Avi felt about her because he was a gunda and he may have seen many girls in his life. Even after the second meeting of Avita, I was skeptic of their love but Arpi's action of peeking over the balcony showed that Avi was in her heart. After the third meeting of Avita, Avdesh had realized that he liked Arpi a lot and he was anxious to see her again. Thus, they met at the Mandir and gave loving glances to each other (when one of them wasn't looking). After many struggles, Avita had gotten married twice and Avdesh was always there to save Arpita. When Avita was married, Avdesh had started to think that Arpi didn't love him anymore because she refused to support his profession. She had later exclaimed her deep love for Avi and her urge to do anything to keep him safe. Likewise, during and after Avi's near death situation, Arpi showed her dedication by being persistent in finding her husband medical attention and keeping him out of the eyes of the police authorities. In the jungle, she hid her husband from the cops and nurtured him little by little to better health. She showered him with love and affection and Avi was enjoying his role as the center of attention. During the combat between Avi-RV, Arpi had demonstrated that she would do anything to save Avi by shooting RV. Then she went to a shocked state, and Avi tried to bring her back. The love for Avita grew deeper until it surrounded their entire heart. They began living their life as a normal married couple by sharing loving phone calls and complimenting each other. Furthermore, the arrest of Arpi was a wake call for Avi that he couldn't live two lives at the same time. He fought to rescue her from torture but lost despite his great efforts. When he reached home, Avi broke down and shed tears of agony because he could not stand his love being hurt. Even when his sister arrived, Avi couldn't stop thinking of Arpi and this showed that she had great influence on him (though they knew each other for a little more than a month). He couldn't rest in peace when he knew that his dear wife was still in prison. Avi soon chose to fight against all odds to save his wife from that hell and he stormed into the police station with the need to kill anyone in his way. Avi shot like crazy, remembering Arpi's torture and suffering and these memories made him unstoppable. I have stated what Avita has done to keep their love and how powerful and deep their love is. It is a love that they having been fighting for and they will keep fighting to their last breath.

The love that Avita has for each other is unconditional, they love each other more than their very own gods. They can never dream of a world where they didn't exist with each other. The love that Avita feels for each other is very deep and they admire everything about each other. Arpita now understands Avi reasons for being a gunda and she will support him in every step. The support of Arpi will always give Avi success and the affection they have will always continue to grow because it is an infinite amount of love that can go further and further without stopping. Many of us have said that Avita are soul-mates and thus both souls will reunite in all worlds and continue loving. I don't believe that Arpi will ever stop loving Avi even if a circumstance comes and he murders one of her family member. To Arpi, Avi is her world and god, and deep down she knows that he has a valid reason for doing something. A person will keep loving another even if they are evil, because love has no barriers or restrictions and thus anyone can be loved. Arpi had seen Avi behave harshly with her brothers and father but she kept loving him. I think the only way she will decrease her love for him (not stop loving) is when he changes his character and starts treating women cheaply. It was his character of respecting women that made her love Avi and if he changes from the person that she loves, Arpi will try to bring him back.  Regardless of all the suffering that Arpi was put through for Avi, she continued to love him because she knew it was her right and that he also loved her. She was determined to face anything for her love with Avi even if it was death. Moreover, I don't believe Avi will stop loving Arpi because she is the only person he has ever loved. She was like a spark in his life and he will never be ready to let her go. Avi demonstrated this when he stopped Arpi from leaving him or attempting to suicide. He is so deeply in love with Arpi that he is willing to kill many even if it will be a proof to be arrest him. To him, Arpi is everything and he can't lose her. If a circumstance comes when he will decrease loving her, it would be when Avi starts doubting her character (due to bhauji's words). Even then he will still love her but he may distance himself because he might believe that she deserves a better life. I think Avi will separate himself intentionally from Arpi, if he believes that he can never be a worthy husband. However, he will still continue to love her for being a part of his life and showing him what true love is. Furthermore, even if Avi doubts Arpi's sincerity, he will soon understand how much of a dedicated and devoted wife she is and he will come looking for her. Avi would beg Arpi to reunite with him and proclaim his love and affection to her. Ultimately, these two will always remain together even if they are separated in the real world, but in their hearts and minds, they will be with each other.

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great topic  dreamy  and sidda and vista have said all

let me think and come back later
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
Great topic Dreamy.
I guess that I personally watch the show because I would like to believe that Avita share a love can not be destroyed in anyway, that they will always love each other unconditionally.  But of course that is impossible, there is always a possibility of some misunderstanding, either from one of the parties concerned or due to a third party.

I like that Arpi shows her unconditional love for Avi openly, she constantly tells him she is his wife, and that she loves him. She has stood by him thru a lot of drama in the short period of time that they've been married. 

Avdesh is beginning to realize that Arpi will stand by him always. He also loves Apri unconditionally, but I think he takes her love for granted, that is why we see him being aggressive and unbending when it comes to Arpi.  He feels that because he loves her unconditionally she should understand everything he is feeling and going thru without having to justify anything to her.

Hopefully after they are reunited Avi is more demonstrative towards Arpi, look forward to seeing some great scenesEmbarrassed

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danno IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
superb post
i don't think ki avi kabhi bhi arpita ka pyaar karna chodega
and same 4 arpi
aur avi kuch aisa nahi karega ki arpi ko dukh ho
atleast ab toh nahi

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MonyP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
OMG Dreamy,vista, sidda
you guys are amazing.
all I can do at the moment is
I  too believe that avita loves each other unconditionally. Remember Chirag's kidnapping by Avi? even that didn't stop arpi from loving Avi.
Agree with vista,sidda and Nila's thoughts. They can be mad, disappointed and unhappy with each other. For example, when Arpi  refused to suppoer Avi in killing LS. Avi blamed Arpi for his failure in capturing LS, he was furious when Arpi begged RV for Avi etc. but that didn't affect their feelings for each other infect their love has grown leaps and bounds.
Arpi went through sooooo much for her love and Avi should never ever doubt her love/intentions no matter what, he will be the most unfortunate person on the planet if he does. Avi too loves arpi more than anything but he didn't get chance or didn't know how to express his love. He started to express his feelings after returning from jungle and now it has to get even better since he knows what arpi is going through for him, he saw Arpi's torture with his own eyes.
well thats it for me. don't have any more patience to think and to write more than this( how you guys do that?ClapClapClap for you girls). Will try to come back.

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
look guys i am not a great writter like u all
but simply understand
ager woh do no itni problems ke bavjut sath hai
ek dusre dil me
this unconditional love
arpi dont want anything in retain of her luv
which notice in y days epi while she saying to ranvijay
that hume bhagvan bhi avi se milne se nahi rok sakta

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