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NivRen: Pyaar Ka Bandhan (Page 128)

aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gmann2010

My random thoughts on today's episode. Aashvee sweetie I am doing this for you today.

Totally ignoring PB today. 

We see our hero doing what he does the best, grabbing Nivi's hand and dragging her (pura apni ma ka asar hai, she drags Nivi out and Viren drags her in)and shows what he got for his wife, (you naughty boy, you never going to change, are you?) 

When Viren was getting closer to Nivi with every step it looked like Lion getting closer to his prey. He has naughtiest expression in his eyes like bachoo ab kaha jayogi bacha ke. And look at Nivi's eyes, for a sec she thought aaj to me gayi. But love Nivi's tolerance yaar, she gets right back and fooled our hero, hero didn't expected that he will lose his prey. 

This was such an awesome part Kettee. I swear these two will kill me soon. And I love how Nivi evades his trapEmbarrassed And his expressions. Oh! you've said this so well jaanu.Hug

And now comes guardian angel of NivRen, she sweetly asked why they are fighting and then announced what we know from pretty long that munda loves mundi a lot. (Wow VD you just told us the biggest secret of CCBM, bigger than even MP, thanks darling for letting cat out.) After giving some motherly advice and concern she says ok now fight. (And I was like oh goody come on yaar let's see some wrestling, I have a ring side seat, what else can I want. Just let me go grab some popcorn.)

ROFLKetteepieROFL Me also wants ringside seat. And wrestling can take the form of long eyelocks, kisses on the ahem...forehead.....Blushing, maybe a million different types of hugsEmbarrassed

CCBM editors made a mistake and I just corrected it edited out HL-PB scene, was causing a disturbance in my mind waves and trying to create a Tsunami of anger. *deep breathe* 

ROFLROFL THis is so hilarious. Am sending you copies of all the voodooo dolls so you can prick them to your heart's satisfaction jaanu

Now back to my obsession. 

Now our chuimui get shy and says she doesn't want to go, gives a bramhgyan about farz (Yaar ek baat batao tumne farz ka thekaa liya hua hai kya. When they don't do their farz why you worried so much, you are too good sweetheart, too much sweetness is not good for health).

As soon as Nivi says we should take family with us too (OMG I just had a heart attack listening to that, she wants family with her on HM, sorry sweetie I understand you never had a mother and that psycho chachi didn't give any attention, but let me tell you sweetie, HM pe sift husband and wife jate hai, family picnic pe nahi jaa rahe ho) apple of Niiv's eye says oh dear how didn't I thought of that, he wants to take dadaji too then remembers he is not well, but then he says we can take ma, tayiji, dadima aur Nandu with us (Yaar Rach, Shova, Aashvee, yeh to Nando ko HM pe le jane ki baat kar raha hai, manjara kya hai, batao batao) then he adds mali, his son and his wife and finally our sweetie's brain tublights lights up (tere se badi tubelight mein nahi dekhi Nivi, CC is right infront of you and you r doubting Sid?) and she understands her darling husband was playing with her.

If Nandu the B hears this he will hyperventilate and die of happiness. As it is he loves to be KMHAngry

Then sweetu sweetly says Nivedita agar mein tumhe nahi samajuga to kon samjega. (sahi bhi hai he has a PHD in reading Nivi's eyes, face, frown, tears, smiles, so on) Nivi is so hopeful that ok he understands but poor thing, he burst her bubble saying he never saw coward and dhabbo like her. Oh god look at timid chuimui transfigure in tigress. And Viren runs from there covering his ears and shouting daboo darpoke (reminded me of my childhood, god this guy is reliving his childhood with his wife pahle statue game and now this)

Another Ketty's expert editing Sidya scene is edited out. My brains barometer goes beyond danger zone as soon as PB comes on screen and just to maintain normal brain function I had to do this.  ohhhhhhhhhhhh *breathe in breathe out*

ROFLROFLROFLROFLKetteepie you are on a roll jaanu, I can't stop laughing. Superb

Chuimui didn't like her husband saying she is darpok, she mumbles that doesn't mean I am coward if I stay quit (Oh dear we all know how strong you are, we are so proud of you), again comes guardian angel of NivRen and gives motherly advise to Nivi (I personally thanks you VD today for saying those things to Nivi, every girls gets those advise from a mother and today you just become Nivi's mother by telling her those things which see didn't get to her from her own mother). she says she understands what is going on with her and she has to move on with life and if she spends more time with Viren, she will likes it and those memory will be stay with her forever. (What a advice VD, I love you for this)

Naughty boy comes back and says I surrender myself (we already know that, your No#1 Joru ka Gulam) and canceled the trip too, na rahega baas and na bajegi basuri and gets a slap on his head from his tayiji (oye Tayiji's viren obsession got changed from ear to head). Nivi gets so irritated (haye she looks really cute when she is annoyed and also so far she addressed VD as chachiji, today she called her tayiji, ky baat hai sweetie, Viren ke saath saath dusharo se bhi relations badal rahe hai) and says look at this  if he behaves like this what will happen? And VD laughs happily and tells annoyed Nivi that her husband is just pulling her legs (sweetheart if you want to live with Viren Sood, please learn to read your husband otherwise you will be in big trouble one day) and he wouldn't have plan this if he didn't wanted to go, Viren today is in full mood to get the beast out of his wife and continue with his tactics and says in mock anger that he doesn't want to go with her. VD got the hint and gets up saying I don't want to be in middle of husband wife fight you take care of yourself, good luck (HL please come and take some lessons from VD it will do a lots of good to your daughter's life and us too)

@Bold: tayiji's Viren Obsession from ear to headLOLLOL Too good Ketteepie

And about the shift from tayiji to Chachiji in a matter of secondsLOL

Viren grabs shopping bags and Nivi asks what are you doing? (kya baat hai tum to full on biwi banagayi yaar, don't miss a chance to ask question now, lage raho). Hottie just gets into his mock angry young man mode and tells his irritated wife that you are not going to wear this cloths so I am going to return them, at least I get money back and then he gets another idea that he can give those to a girl who likes those cloths and him, badamaash likes the later idea better as he can also go to vacation with that girl, (Aashvee, Shova, Mahi, Sanju sun rahe ho) and leaves saying there must be at least one girl in whole city who wants to go with him (kya baat kardi Viren Sood, arre ek dhoondo hazzar bimar milenge, just come on to NivRen thread). Our sweetie is shocked that oh no she might lose him to one you girls. 

(That's why I'm not on the thread. I'm leaving tonight itselfLOL)

Cut cut cut cut.............

ROFLVoodoo dolls got poked quite a bit I think jaanupieHug

Hottiee comes down stair eating chips (kitna khata hai yaar, man na padega he has very high metabolism, dekh ke nahi lagata itana petu hai), and VD as usual setting up BT table (TG first time very cute scene at BT table without those trolls, me likey) Viren asked VD if she called him and she goes on about how he should behave with Nivi, she asked him to behave with Nivi pyaar se (I was wondering that she should have given this gyan to her suputra, he needs more I think). Viren listens to VD's talk patiently and nods and finally says that he is not a fool as he looks like. (Sorry sweetheart VD hi yeh bhool kar sakati hai, we know how shrewd you are). VD smiles at him (oh I love VD today she is just being NivRen's mother today) and Viren let's VD in his plan and says with cocky confidence that now you see how Nivi herself will say Viren Sood I want to go with you and ask VD to eat chips. (kabhi nahi sudharega yeh). Makes a call without dialing a number and asks manager to cancel reservation, Nivi is horrified and looks at VD with pleading look, but couldn't hold herself and grab the phone from Viren's hand as Hawk grabs mouse from ground. She tells manager not to cancel booking and they were coming (dear first check if call is placed or not hawa mein baate kar rahi thi tut tut tut kya ho ga tumhara) Viren was dancing in Jitendra style like he had won a lottery. VD laughs points at Viren and Finally tube light realized her mistake and become tigress again, points a finger at Viren in anger and Viren cutely points with his eyes to tell Nivi that VD is right here (mazaa aagayaa dekh ke) Then our angry young wonan tells her bechara and dara hua husband (just looking like one, waise bechara hai nahi woh) that  Mr Viren Sood i am neither darpok nor dabbo and I will prove that now come and help with packing, and we are going. (Kya change hai yaar, she is asking him to come with her). Viren's shows his smartness smugly to VD and VD again laughs and gives back his chips and ask him to eat it. (VD munda deserve more than chips yaar, ek kiss hi de deti harmari taraf se)

@Bold: I loved all your comments in brackets and also the angry young woman bit.LOLLOL 

Last part I will give you later, I have to run now, see you all later. 



I've gotta rush off for a bit but I'll be back to finish my comments on this awesome analysis KetteepieHugHug

Hey Ketteepie, I finally came back and edited. I loved your analysis jaanupie. I loved the way you ignored certain characters. Awesome stuff. And I hope you got your special express delivery of all voodoo dolls equipped with loads of sharp poison tipped pinsLOL Love youHug

P.S. Oye Hoye kettepie, where is the last bit jaanuLOL

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
@Navz - as usual amazing ,excellent analysis navz, loved it.thanksHug  And nivio complaing to vd about viren - was shoo cute.

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prajee Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Navz.... thanks for that UMTV link dear... million hugs...!!! Smile
don know how many times i watched it.... Rish teasing Neha OMG... so cute...
i think Rish and abhi had been teasing Neha for a long time... thats why she immediately said NO...
poor kinny didnt know how to react..... LOLLOL

i had been a victim like this many times with my frnds teasing.... so embarrassing....

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

Joined: 25 October 2010
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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cutie-NivRen

Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

Rachu, before you say anything, I wanted to write a special hello for you my dearest jaanupieHugAnd I was thinking about you specially because when I saw the luggage, Nivi's bag VS Viren's bag, I thought of you RachupieHug
Hey meri ashvee Jaanu a big huggie today to I will wait for your detail analysis. Today Breakfast table was redeemed by the beautiful masti of innocent and Mastikhor trio (New name for them) Cutie-cutiepie-Janupie (tayiji)  
If you notice Nivi bag was bigger as compared to Viren's bag so logically Nivi required more clothes than Viren and if you check Sidya luggage it looked like they are actually going to stay for year in goa only.Hug.

And Rachupie, why such a small font jaanu?Embarrassed I'll be back in some time. I can't stop laughing. I loved thisROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
@Rach - loved ur analysis too.still reading and enjoying.

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mahix3 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SnehaNivRenFan

Originally posted by mahix3

Hehe thank you Sneha di... but for a second I was confused because I never really thought anyone would want to leave their hotel room on their honeymoon... I mean it is a honeymoon after all. I don't think the point of a honeymoon is to go sightseeing Shocked
(especially if it were me and Viren, he's never want to go sightseeing.... Embarrassed)

Hmm so the producers of serials think we are too dumb to understand if a woman is married or not! Oh I see!!! Lol, I kid. It's like here in America, the only way to tell if a woman is married is by looking on her finger and seeing whether she has a weeding ring or not. 

OMG pls dont start giving me ideas or else i will start imagining U and Viren instead of NivRen. Also i really pity your  would be husband LOLROFLWink U got me right Wink

I'm not giving you ideas!!! I'm just putting my thoughts out there hehe.
And hey, I don't mind you imagining me and Viren instead of NivRen... I bet I could keep Viren more .... occupied Embarrassed

And you pity my would be husband? Shocked Why?

I won't be that bad of a wife ... I hope

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

Joined: 25 October 2010
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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
@navi: What an absolutely fabulous analysis jaanu. I am so thrilled after reading such a fantastic analysis. I agree with every word you've said and when I watch the epi again, this is going to make the epi even more brilliant. Lovely analysis and I loved itHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

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Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by xaviara

I'm not going to worry about DivSid today, I totally ignored everyone except NivRen and VD !! Gosh what an amazing episode !!!!! Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it a million times !!!! Embarrassed I swear, this is one of my favorite episodes till date because of Nivi only !! Viren toh always makes us smile and laugh with his antics, but tonight Nivi stole the show with the way she was fighting with Viren !!! Awwwwwwww bless !! They two are sooooooooooooooo adorable !!! Embarrassed The poor thing was anxious and nervous about going alone with him already, and then Viren just had to pull that western clothes stunt !!! LOL Poor Nivi, she got even more nervous and tells him that she can't go with him, and that is because it doesn't look nice !!! And it would be so much better if the whole family goes !! lolzzzzz !! (Nivi, my baby, you don't go to your HM with the entire family, samjha karo yaar) Embarrassed And then Viren goes wow ! what an amazing idea, we will take everyone, including mali, his son and his wife and Nivi realizes that he is making fun of her !!! Viren loves it when she gets provoked by his masti and gets angry !! But Viren knows how to push her buttons totally !! So he gets straight to the point, that you dont want to go because you are scared of ME !! (and it is true, and she is not scared because she earlier suspected him or is not satisfied with his explanation, she is scared because deep in her heart she knows she has feelings for him too, and that is scaring her, because if with a house full of people he can romance and show his love to her 24/7, then if they for a vacation, they will be completely alone, and she is scared, not because Viren will do something she won't be comfortable with, she is more scared that she will give in to whatever Viren wants) And that is what Viren meant when he says she is daboo and darpok, because he knows she is scared of her feelings for him and doesn't wanna give in to them that is why he leaves from there by keep calling her scardy cat !!! He knows how to handle her because it is so true when he told her once that he knows her as much as she knows herself, so he knows how to make her agree to go with him herself !!

I loved the NivRen & VD scene in the bedroom, because Nivi really needed to talk to a motherly figure, and it was sweet of VD to go to her because she understood what Nivi must be going through at this moment !! But I can understand her fear, hesitation and shyness, because she knows how much Viren loves, desires and wants her, and the fear of the unknown scares every girl !! So I loved their conversation where VD tells Nivi to forget everything that has happened and to get to know Viren because they are married now !! And as usual Viren has to come bacm, can't stay away from his chaand for long can he, but he has come back again to provoke Nivi again and says that he is not in the mood to go with Nivi anywhere now and I love how NivRen were fighting like Kids in front of VD, i was rofling through out myself !!! LOL Smart woman VD, she gets out of the line of fire and tells them to proceed with their fight !! LOL So our Viren ji executes the last  touch of his plan, making Nivi jealous !!! lolzzzzzz LOL Loved how he goes, I will give these clothes to someone who will go with me !! and it worked like a charm, look at Nivi's face, she was so freaking jealous !! loveeeeeeeeeeeed it !!! poor girl, she still doesn't realize what extent Viten can go to to make sure things go his way !!

Then the scene at BT !! I loved how VD explained to Viren that Nivi is feeling shy and hesitant and it is natural for a new bride to feel that way, and he goes like do u think i'm an idiot, i was kidding with her, and then arrives our sweeet Nivi and poor thing is so worried that her Viren is mad at her and Viren is so chalu, he cashes in on it and calls up the manager jhoot moot ka and says to cancel their reservation, only to find Nivi snatching the phone away, and his dance awwwwwwwwww how cute was that, VD was laughing non stop and Nivi realizes he has been had and his look, and the way she points her finger at Viren in anger and he motions with his eyes, Tayiji is standing there, u gonna hit me in front of her !! lolz !! loved how she said with so much spunk that am not a dabbo or a darpok and come help me with packing because we are going !!!!! LOL

Hey Navz, I did want to discuss this with you. This is what I wrote in my analysis of yesterday's episode and you have mentioned exactly that here about Nivedita as well, which helps me confirm, that I was thinking in the right direction.

The last aspect of this terrace scene, of course, is when Nivedita agrees to go on the vacation with Viren. I don't want to dissect this scene much here but just want to mention something about Nivedita. When Viren says that only the two of them will be going, see her first instant reaction. There is this look which speaks a lot about fearing the unknown. I think, more than her being shy by nature, which of course is a factor here, I think she is extremely nervous about what entails once she gives in and confesses her love for Viren. And, which is understandable considering the innocent girl that she has been shown as along with her upbringing and background. I could be wrong here but this is what is really holding her back because I think she now knows fairly well that she also loves Viren a lot, right? Then what is refraining her from taking that step and mind you she does not have to put in much effort at all (which even she knows), all she has to do is just give a small/slight inclination and Viren will take over and take care of the rest, right, hehe??

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