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<3 Anjaney <3 (Vampire love story Chapter 3 pg 3)

Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
 HeartHeartAnjaaney HeartHeart
(a vampire love story)


BG music



okay this is my first ff plzzz be nice and this is not on any drama but is a total messed up love story my on idea and my own story plot and my first so plz boost my confidence and press like button prety plz 



1)Mohib Khan


DOB:14th december

race: Vampire

country :indo_Pak (mom indian dad Paki)

Reputation:Bad Boy/Rebel Type

bio:Mohib wasn't born a vampire but was bitten .He had to give up his family from the age of 14 this is why he had a bad reputation because he is still upset about his family and occupies hiss tortured mind by being a rebel and breaking rules 
He loves black and he is quiet the trouble maker bbut he is not bad by heart.
lastly he has a twin named Ahsan but he always fights with him because both are different in nature he is a rebel while he is flirty kind
(portrayed by Mohit Sehgal)

2)Roshni Hayyat


DOB:2nd April



Reputation:the goodie goodie,girly,childish,sarcastic with anger issies crazy girl type a.k.a the complete package 

bio:She is a normal sweet ,innocent and kinda sarcatic kind of a gal she is very childish and extreamly girly and loves pink to the core bcz her cell is pink,her room is pink and even her bag is pink.She luvs teddy's and kitty's and sometimes is too much childish to even bear her any longer but her heart is kind and gentle and is really soft
but that doesn't mean she can't fight her battles but matter of factly she is very confident and can kick any one's but if she wants to but that only happens when you drive her patience out and lastly she loves english literaturre and reads novels as her biggest amuesement especally Jane Austen's collection is her fave

(portrayed by Jennifer Winget but with longer hair till the lower of her back i think)


3)Ahsan Khan


DOB:14th December



Reputation:Flirty /Prince charming type

bio:He is Mohib's twin.He is too much flirty and goes on dates like a calender .He fights with his twiny because he thinks its wrong to be a rebel and do things the wrong way even though he shared the same fate as he did but his mind is still much more calmer than his for him he sould move on and live his life eventhough his heart stops him from doing so and he gets sad too but he doesn't show it and jokes on with a broken heart

(portrayed by Azfar Rehman)

4)Mehwish Kareem


DOB:20th April



Reputation:Angry young girl and adventoures but she is a bit girly

Bio:She is tough a black belt and an adventerous person .She is also a very curious type of girl but mostly she is sarcastic annd doesn't 
truast people easily but she is kind hearted and sweet and she can beat the crap out of people if any one bothers her which happens a lot
because she is very beautiful with brown hait and a very fair complexion but she hates peopple who like her only for her beauty or money as she is a daughter of a millionare

(portrayed by Neelam Muneer

5)Name:Viren Mehta


DOB:3rd August 



Reputation:the Random guy :3

Bio:He likes to joke around and have fun he never thinks about other important things in life .He is pretty random so talking to him 
seems pretty weird because he talks weirdly lol XD .He comes from a long pure blood family of vampires but to him this all means nothing!he cares about his flute
,friends and his life rather than being a pure blood and sucking humans blood! :3


(portrayed by Kinshuk Mahajan)

6)Anjali Sharma


DOB:16th feburary



Reputation:The serious girl

Bio:She is very serious and doesn't talk much but she is not shy.She is a black belt in thaikwondo.She is so quiet that no one knows she is an awesome singer and musician but she sings when she is alone 

(portrayed by Neha Sargam)

7)Azhar Khalid


DOB:10th october


country:PK_Uk (born in PK but brought up in UK)


Bio:He is also from a pure blood family.He is very athletic and plays all kinds of sports: basket ball,football,soccer,cricket and all other kinds of sport you can think of
so he is active  kinda guy and plus he is very lively

(portrayed by Danish Taimoor)

8)Rose Martin


DOB:25th august


country:IN_American (born in India bought up in America)

Reputation: Emo girl

Bio:She is a lonely girl when she was born her mom died and her dad didn't care for her .Her whole life she spend in misery of lonliness and she never had any friend 
She is only a shy ,lonely emo girl :(


(Portrayed by Sanaya Irani)

9)Sanjana Mehta


DOB:20th Septamber



Reputation:secretive/Serious and strict girl

Bio:She is Viren's elder cousin and she is very proud to be a pure blood vampire but she hates humans and she is a very strct Vampire student [rofessor she teaches them how to be cruel and 
un merciful like she is even her cousin hates her for that and mostly all her students :D but from insiide she was always miserable as her family hated her because she was the only girl in the family and her fathers only child buut his dad
always wanted a boy but got hr instead so wants to show him she is a cold blooded vampire son that he always wanted

4 humans got accidently linked with 4 vampires and now thier destinies are linked together too and now their life will be hell as they have to live with people they hate 
 and the human girls have to be the vampires assistant and maid till they die but story gets complicated when they fall in love with each other and even more complicated when 
some vampiers wanted to kill those girls as they are not accepted in their kind especially Sanjana who wows to kill them abut what will happen to SAnjana when she falls in love with
a human too!.....

i know my story is dumb but please like it bcz its my first time!
press like!

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Wow mew loved it do continue soon

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HIMIYA Groupbie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll post yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ..............

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nirjuu Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:42pm | IP Logged
Good start.... Seems very interesting... Plz continue soon....

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
awwww thnx for the comments and the likes sooo thnx a loooot1!!!
aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
I'm sure it's going to be awesome Mew jaanupieHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
Looks like there's gonna be loads of action. Looking forward to moreHug

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
awwwwwww thnx Di *hugs* Hug thnx a lot  you really helped me boost my confidence and i will update today or by 2morow as the first scene iis bigggg!!!
Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 1

Anjali was going to her new school ,she was excited and was waiting eagerly while looking out the window near her school building was an old building which was kinda creapy and she got curious about it but at that time she ignnored it.She reached the boarding school with her mom she stepped out of the car.Her mom looked at her with tears in her eyes and said

"Anju beta are you sure you want to study in Australia?" she nodded and said "....yes i'm sure mom" her mom sadly replied "fine beta well i should go now please call me later at night theek hai aur apna khayal rakhna" "yea mom main call karungi aur appna khayal bhi rakhungi" she smiled weakly 

her mom left and she went quietly inside a girl helped her to her dorm and gave her the keys she went inside and found the room pretty comfortable with pink walls ,pink curtains and pink bed sheets .She looked out of the window it was quiet sunny outside then she heard a sound of a flute being played it was beautiful she closed her eyes and listened

till the flute was stopped being played it was like she came out of a trance she was unsure about what she felt while the flute was played .The door openned and her roomate came in with her luggage .Anjali eyed her and was shocked at the girls appearance she eyed the girls black silky hair with shocking pink streaks in them ,she had a few piercings one on her nose with a nose ring and five piercings on her ears

,her hair were messy and her tee shirt a bit gothic & her jeans were torn .The girl also eyed her and found her pretty but ordinary she didn't say anything and stood next to a wall.Anjali said "hi i'm Anjali" the girl smirked and replied "I'm Rose Mary Martin but  you can call me Ro " "okay Ro" and Anjali then started to unpack while Ro just stuffed her cloths in her wardrobe and was done in five secs 

.Anjali was neatly folding her cloths and placing them in her wardrobe while Ro was lying on the bed listening to her i pod .Then they heard some one outside and Anjali looked outside to see a girl who was pretty but she was dressed simply and her hair done in a choti looking very angry and her parents trying to explain to explain her to live here but the girl went inside her own dorm which looked the same as Anjali's did and sat on her bed and cried even her roomate was afraid of her entry

her roomate was very beautiful actually she was gorgeous and was wearing a tee shirt and baggy jeans  was too much confused even to reply while the girl kept crying and after lots of explanations from her mom she finally agreed and her parents contented left her with good bye hugs after they were gone she just buried her head in her hands and kept crying.Curiosly Anjali came near her and sat beside her and said "Hi i'm Anjali" the girl replied "I'm Roshni" and raised her head to show her beautiful eyes

with tears glittering in them and a tear strained face even her roomate came out of the shock and came near them and sat on Roshni's bed "I'm Mehwish "she said quietly  "hi" was Roshni's quick reply .After talking a while all got to know each other and they found out Roshni was send to Australia by her mom as she got a chance to be in a great school which was good for her but she didn't wanna leave her mom , whhile her mom only wanted her good so did her dad.

 The dinner was annonced and even Ro came with them downstairs for dinner who was sleping the whole day .After dinner the girls including Ro started walking in the school park for about 20 mins which was allowed .Ro was listening to her i pod again while the rest talked.Anjali asked Mehwish who was studying here for about an year "ummmmm... what is that old building near our school" "i dont know but strange things happen there and we are not allowed to go near it since our school park

and the building are near each other so, we should be careful and not go far" but, soon they started talking random things and  didn't notice where they were going.Ro opened her eyes and looked around her,she was shocked they weren't in thier school park anymore because the building was near them!!! .She looked at the others who seemed as if in a trance were talking as if everything was okay ,Ro shaked Roshni and they all broke from the trance .The girls were shocked and suprised at how they reached here? .

Anjali felt as if some one was watching her she turned around to see no one but she felt as if some one was watching her from a window of that building she gulped while Mehwish told everyone to turn back now! and all started running back when the moon got covered with clouds and fog started appearing it was so foggy that they couldn't see each other and got seperated......

Anjali was walking calling others ame as she couldn't see anyone but then she heard the same flute again like when she heard it when she arrived here .She followed the music from where it came from the fog started to clear a bit and she saw a guy not very far off playinng the flute .She looked at him terrified and instead of walking further she turned back and bumped into the same guy (Viren) ...terrified she started walking backwards while she stared at the guy who wasn't playing the flute anymore he came forward to her 

Anjali gulped and stared in his eyes while  walking backwards when she hit a tree and  found there was no place behind her to retreat .While the guy moved further his eyes flashed with a color of red .He came closer that their fore heads were touching but then he moved back and played his flute again but this time the tune was different .Her eyes felt heavy and after some time she fell asleep and he caught her in his arms and smirked ....


Mehwish was also pretty lost even though the fog had cleared she didn't know where to go and she got tired of running around in circles so she rested her back on a pillar to catch her breath .Suddenly she felt some one was behind her she looked back to see no one there .She followed a noise of footsteps but then some one whirled her around and she faced a very handsome guy (Ahsan) who stared at her with his cold brown eyes which turned red and then back to brown .Mehwish gulped as she felt his arms around her .The guy removed a strand of hair from her face and whispered quietly in her ear "What is your name?"  

she gulped and replied "..Me..Mehwish" she spoke with difficulty.The guy smirked and smiled with his arms still sround her and replied quietly "bohot hi khoobsurat naam hai apka bilkul aapki tarrhan" Mehwish blushed with his reply while both of them were staring into each others eyes but then she heard the guy speak quietly "i can't drink your blood! i don't  know why but i can't" and after saying this his hands reached her neck and poked on her pressure point and she became unconsious....


Ro was terribly lost and was very angry when she saw a guy sitting on a bench (Azhar).She stared at the guy while he patted the spot next to him as if telling her to sit beside him .Ro quietly sat beside him after a momment's pause the guys spoke "Don't worry i won't drink from you " at his words Ro was shocked at what was he says she was about reply when the guy cut her off saying "whhy are you always so sad?" .It was like as if he hited her real pain as tears filled her eyes she got the urge to tell him about her as he was the only one to even care about her and she told him everything how her mom died 

and how did dad never cared for her .After telling him everything she felt light hearted and sleepy so she placed her head on his warm shoulders and fell asleep....


Roshni was walking for about half an hour and she got pretty tired but she continued her effort while tears were falling from her eyes but suddenly some one slammed her hard against a tree .She closed her eyes in pain and gently opened them to see a tough but handsome faced guy (Mohib)staring at her with his cold eyes his hands were on the tree blocking her head in between as if he was blocking her from running .She was too shocked to even say a word while the guy moved closer to her .His eyes suddenly turned red like blood and he moved closer and closer.Suddenly,he grew out his fangs to drink her blood and 

smirked .She was just shocked and terrified while she saw his fangs she felt week and her kness buckeled up as sweat started appearing on her forehead.The guy bended his head towards her neck while she wanted to scream but her voice  just died and she wanted to cry but her tears were soaked up.In such a state she didn't know what to do wwhile his fangs reached the surface of her neck and instead of biting her he just grazed his teeth on her neck .She felt pain but she couldn't yell nor scream.The guy then moved backwards still staring at her with his red eyes .He didn't bite her just grazed his teeth .His eyes flashed back to brown

while he disappeared leaving Roshni shocked and after a while shhe passed out..... did you guys like the first chapter? like/comment plzzzzzzzzzzz

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