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Kripa honked her horn for the nth time while Ridhhima stood in the doorway waiting for the one and only Anjali.


Riddhima: SHHHHH!!! Kyun chillah rahi ho? (yelling upstairs) ANJALIIIIIIIIIII HURRY UPPPP!!!!!

Kripa: (rolling her eyes) of course only you have the copy right to do that

Finally both the girls came out and sat in the car and kripa drove away.

Anjali: Just because you two don't care about the way you look doesn't mean I don't.

Riddhima: Well you see we look good without having to work on ourselves..right krips?

Kripa: Absolutelyyy….what can I say we are just that good! 

Anjali: Whatever!

Soon enough they got to their new college. Kripa parked in the parking lot and the three girls got out. Each one scared, nervous and excited at the same time. They started walking towards the building not knowing that their lives were ready to take a drastic change.

As they walked in many heads turned and jaws dropped.

Random Guy: Oh hey there sweet thang! Can I get ur number?

Kripa: 9-1-1 call me day or night!

Riddhima: (whispering) Uh this isn't US the number is different here.

Kripa: yeah well they don't know that!

Anjali: Where is that office??

Kripa: What office?

Anjali: The main office….we need to get our schedules and stuff….this is a new college remember? People won't be waiting here with open hands for us stupid!

Riddhima: Ok now don't start here both of you. It's already getting late…let's gooooo!!
Riddhima pulled both the girls with her and went to look for the main office. After talking to the counselors and getting their schedules they went their separate ways to their classes reluctantly. 

Kripa still had an hour before her class so she decided to just walk around and get familiar with the campus. As she got to the cafeteria she saw a familiar face waving at her.

Kripa: Bhaiya! I'm so glad I found you!

Kavya: Whats up sis? So how do u like the college? And seriously how long does it take you to get here? We left at the same time!

Kripa: Sorry…my friend was taking a little time.

Kavya: Girls!

Kripa: Bro!

Kavya: Anyways…so when do you have class? 

Kripa: In like 20 mins. I was just looking around the campus…its really nice! I love the gym and the pool!!

Kavya: wait what? You? Gym? Pool? Are you feeling ok?

Kripa: Ofcourse I am! Omg bro the trainers are sooooooo hottttt!!!

Kavya: Oh ok I was about to say u and gy…woahhh…no no no…here are the rules….no talking to meeting guys…better yet no looking at guys!

Kripa: Oh look at the time..gotta get to class…bye bro! see u later! (ran out)

Kavya: Kripaaaa waitttt!! (ran behind her)


"excuse me! excuse me!!!!

armaan turned at once hearing kripa screaming. He almost ran after her, ready to punch whoever was bugging her until he saw kavya running after her. Just then, a brilliant idea popped into his head. This would be the best way to get back at kripa and kavya for making fun of him about the whole plane-hijacking thing.......

Armaan: I didnt hijack the plane....i just told them there was a bomb in there! now my lil sis and big'll pay for this
He quickly ran to his car and then to the bathroom. Coming out 5 mins later he went straight to where kripa and kavya were still arguing. He hid by the corner of the wall so his victims would not be able to see him. He turned his back to them talking and praising himself before he attacked.

Armaan: Perfect….now you both will pay…but waittt….what if they come after me….nahhh its ok I will handle it.

After having the small battle with himself he finally decided to throw the balloons that he filled up with water at his siblings. Without a second thought he threw the two balloons and SMACK! Right on the target….except….that wasn't really his target. He came out from his hiding spot laughing like a maniac only to get a shock of his life….either kripa got taller…or kavya became a girl. 

Armaan: Uh Oh!


A girl yelled loudly at him. And why wouldn't she? She was already getting late to her class not to mention first day of college…and she was drenched! Riddhima Khanna was definitely ready to murder someone.

Armaan: Woah! I am soo sorry! I thought it was my sib..


Armaan: (getting annoyed) Okay lady relax…I said I was sorry…and I mean come on…this look kinda suits you don't you think?

Riddhima: You have got to be kidding me! You are the one who threw the freakin balloon at me and then ur telling me to relax? 

Armaan: Uh yeah! Its just water, it will dry….you know…evaporate?? Basic science.

Riddhima: and its called "sorry". you know…..apology? Basic manners.

Armaan: ohhkkaayyy lady! i've got my manners...where are yours, huh? i already said sorry.

Riddhima: i didnt hear it! say it again....

Armaan: please and thank you.....who's forgetting their manners now...and anyway...Armaan Sharma only says sorry to pretty ladies.

Riddhima: how dare you! are you trying to hit on me?

Armaan: uhh....i said i say sorry only to pretty ladies......are u deaf? or just stupid?

Riddhima: did you not say you said sorry to me already?

Armaan: oh damn..did i? i must have forgotten my're clearly an exception fat woman!

After giving Kripa a long lecture about boys and dropping her to class, kavya walked back to get his books from the library when he saw a lot of people gathered up and heard a commotion. Deciding it was something stupid he kept on walking until a voice caught his attention and he turned around.

Kavya: Damn it Armaan!

He made his way through the crowd to get to the center only to be surprised and shocked at what he saw. Armaan was getting beaten up by a girl….who was oddly enough…drenched. Putting the pieces together he couldn't help but laugh really loud…not at the poor girl who was a victim of Armaans prank…but at the fact that Armaan Sharma was getting beaten up by a girl! He quickly whipped out his phone and took a picture….he had to show angad! But soon enough it dawned on him that he should help and he ran towards the two.

Kavya: WOAHH! CALMM DOWN! (he pulled riddhima away)

Riddhima: (struggling to get out of kavyas grip) LET ME GO! IM GONNA KILL HIM!

Armaan: (finally being able to breathe) JUNGLI BILLI! YOU ARE CRAZY! 


Kavya: (yelling on the top of his lungs) OKAY THAT'S IT BOTH OF YOU STOPP NOWWWW!

Hearing Kavya scream both of them stopped but didn't leave a single chance to give each other deadly glares! Kavya made sure the two were apart and then finally spoke to riddhima.

Kavya: Hey I can tell from your look what went down here…and I apologize on behalf of really sorry.

Riddhima: (softening her tone towards kavya) Why are you saying sorry? Its not your fault…its all him. (giving armaan a glare)

Kavya: Yeahhhhh hes my younger brother.

Riddhima: Ohh im soo sorry to hear that!

Armaan: What did you say?

Riddhima: I wasn't talking to you!!!

Kavya: Okay guys relax (turning to riddhima) do u want me to take you to your house or something? You should really change..or else you will catch a cold.

"Diii!!! Omggggg what happened!!!!"

Kavya looked towards where the voice came from and it seemed as the world stopped for him. A girl came running towards riddhima and started fussing over her. She was beautiful….he had never seen someone like her…it was just amazing…as if he could stare at her all day and night…listen to her talk…her mesmerizing voice saying something…to him? Wait was she talking to him? Well she was looking at him…and saying something. Then finally it rang a bell….he just made a fool out of himself in front of this gorgeous girl.

Kavya: Uh what?

Part 10

Anjali: I said how dare you hit my sister with a balloon!

Kavya: (still lost for words) I..uhh

Anjali: What I uhh? Apologize to her now!!

Armaan: Yeah Kavya Apologize! 

Riddhima: Oh shut up you loser stop blaming your brother! Anjali it wasn't him who threw the balloon at me it was this manner less monkey! (glaring at Armaan)

Anjali: Ohh oopss

Feeling embarrassed Anjali turned towards Kavya and actually looked at him this time and boy she was at loss for words. The only thing that ran through her mind was damn he is hot! His smile was so sweet just like a little boy but at the same time very sincere and manly. It was as if love at'wait what? No. Its just attraction she told herself twice before she decided to apologize to him.

Anjali: Uh sorrie..I thought you hit her with the balloon.

Riddhima: Yeah im sorrie too my sister is a bit dumb at times.

Anjali: (coming out of her little dream world) DII! That is soo mean!! who hit u with the balloon? (looking at armaan) You did right? Good job! Go for it! I give u permission to do it as many times as you want!

Armaan: (smiling like he won a jackpot) Oh well thankss! By the way..I'm Armaan and whats your name pretty lady?

Kavya: (dreamily) Anjali..(coming back to reality) umm Anjali'wow armaan ur deaf'her sister just said her name! And please stop flirting with her'what will Nisha think?

Armaan: I don't need to worry about nisha'our friend is there for her.

Anjali: Who is nisha?

Kavya: Oh that's just..

Armaan: Oh she's just one of our friends really good friend.

Saying that both him and kavya burst out laughing!

Armaan: Anyways'so are you new here?

Riddhima: Tumse matlab?

Armaan: I wasn't talking to you'I was talking to Anjali.

Anjali: Yeah today is our first day'.we just came back from London a couple days ago.

Kavya: Oh London! Nice'actually our sister came from there too.

Riddhima: Oh really? That's cool'whats her name?

Armaan: And why would we tell you? So you can stalk her? 

Riddhima: Listen you!

Armaan: What? Huh?

Kavya: Ok guys stop it'armaan you are embarrassing me! (staring at the crowd that is starting to form again)

Armaan: Oh these people are here to see me'im out'later anjali! (going up to some random girls) hello so what are u doing tonight. (walking away with them)

Kavya: Sorry, my brother is a bit crazy.

Riddhima: No kidding'I feel so bad for you.

Anjali: Di! Stop it'that's his brother!

Kavya: Haha..its ok'I know he's a bit crazy but he is still my brother and I love him.

Anjali: Aww'that's so sweet'di..kuch sikho inse!

Riddhima: Whattt?? I love my brother too (winking at kavya)

Anjali: Diii!!!!

Riddhima: Ok guys I need to go'its almost time for my class.

Kavya: Are u going to go to class like that? You are all wet.

Anjali: Yeah di, why don't you go home and change.

Riddhima: No its ok..its not that will dry up..and anyways'this is my only class for the day so I can just go home after'ok bye guys'nice meeting you kavya (she left for class)

Anjali: Sorry if my sister said too much.

Kavya: And I'm sorry my brother played that prank on your sister.

After staring at each other for a couple of seconds, they burst into laughter.  they'd been apologizing for the people who didn't even care about apologizing.

Anjali: I wish I'd seen her get pranked!

Kavya: Oh I recorded a bit of it'here let me show you.

Kavya shows her the bit he recorded of Riddhima beating up Armaan.

Anjali: Oh my god! Can you send this to me? I might need it to blackmail her in the future.

Kavya: haha sure'what's your number?

Anjali:....thats a smooth way to ask a girl for her number....

Kavya: Oh..I..Uhh

Anjali: Haha'I'm just kidding!!

The both exchanged numbers and kavya sent her the video.

Anjali: So you have class?

Kavya: Yeah soon'how about you?

Anjali: Yeah..umm in room'219

Kavya: Mind if I walk u there? Take it as a little apology'for what my brother did.

Anjali: Well if u say it like that then'yes I do mind! Walk me to class as a friend'not for an apology.

Kavya got a huge smile on his face'woww this girl is amazing he thought to himself. No one had this kind of affect on him before'then why her? He didn't know what it was..but he sure knew that he loved every bit of it. He walked Anjali to her class and then went towards his own class..wondering when he would get to see this beautiful angel again.

He walked into class and saw Armaan and Angad talking to some girls. Typical he thought, these boys are never gonna change.

Kavya: Whats up guys?

Angad: Yo! Where have u been? 

Kavya: Oh I was just saving Armaan's..

Armaan: OHH nothinggg'he was just helping me with stuff!

Angad (turning to kavya) : So whats the real story?

Kavya: Oh you mean the story about Armaan being beaten up?

Angad: What?? Whoo??? Damn! Is it those stupid guys again?

Kavya: Oh sorry'I forgot to mention'.being beaten up'by a GIRL!!!

Angad: WHATT!!! NOOO WAYYYY!!!! 

Armaan: She wasn't beating me up'we were just having an argument!

Angad: Oh is that why you have those scratches on your arms?

Kavya: Dude it was should have been there!

Angad: I cant believe I missed it!

Armaan: hahaha so funny!

Kavya: Well'I can  help you out with that'I got some of it on a video:


Armaan: Kavya I will kill you!

Kavya: That's kavya bhaiya for u'and now I will show it to him.

Professor: Ok guys..quiet down.

Armaan got saved by the professor who walked in and started teaching, but of course angad made kavya promise to show him the video after class. After all this was once in a life time type of situation. 

On the other side of campus Kripa was nearly dozing off in her class. This must be the most boring class on the face of the planet. What was this professor thinking? 2 hours..of monotonous talking'godd please help..she thought to herself. And then she started analyzing what the professor was wearing.

Kripa in her mind: Ok seriously..its ok to have a monotonous voice'but with that kind of voice..wearing plaid? Seriously? And woah are those suspenders? Woww fashion police..where are you? Those pants are so tacky..and what is with that ugly color..who wears green pants? Like seriously? Ur what..50? Be a little classy man! And the shirt!! Why am I not struck by the lightning!! And why is he chewing like a pig'that sound is so annoying'oh wait..that's not him'where is that noise coming from??

She looked next to her and finally found the face to the "pig chewing noise"  and got the shock of her she didn't have anything against over weight people'.its ok to be a little heavy but seriously who brings a three course meal to class? 

The girl noticed Kripa and gave her a big smile. Kripa smiled back awkwardly for being caught staring.

Girl: Hi I'm Nisha

Kripa: Uh kripa.

Nisha: Oh Kripa..nice name

Kripa: Um thanks.

Nisha: You are new here right? Haven't seen u around.

Kripa: Yeah I am.

Nisha: Here you can have some food.

Kripa: Oh uh no thanks'im good.

Nisha: Ok..why don't you join me for lunch after class.

Kripa: Lunch? After Class?

Nisha: Yeah I thought to  bring a snack to class you know..because im sooo hungry.

Kripa: thanks..I have to do things'.but thanks anyways.

Nisha: No problem.

Kripa (in her head) Woww'lunch after this "snack" woww! 

Finally, after what felt like ages, the professor finished the lecture and let the students go'even though Kripa was sitting in the back she was the first one out of the room because she sprinted like no tomorrow. In her rush..she didn't see where she was going and bumped into a strong figure.

Kripa: Woah!!

Armaan: Seriously?

Kripa: What? You should watch where you are going bro!

Armaan: Khud bina dekhe bhaag rahi ho..aur mujhe keh rahi ho'whats the rush? 

Kripa: Oh you have no idea'I HATED this class! SOO BORING! More boring then kavya bro's lectures!!!

Armaan: oh damn then it must be bad'anyways now ur done..and so am I'so lets go home!

Kripa: Oh no'I have to meet up with my friends first..then we can go.

Armaan: Nothing doing'.mom said to bring u home after school so lets go

Kripa: Bro! im not saying no to coming with you'I just need to talk to my friends'they will get worried if I just leave like that.

Armaan: Ok fine'then meet me here in half an hour'until then I will go find kavya and meet my friend and come. DON'T BE LATE! Armaan sharma doesn't wait for anyone!

Kripa: Yeah yeah ' what ever you say!

With that they both left to go find their respective friends. While Armaan went to go find Kavya and Angad, Kripa went to go find Riddhima and Anjali. After going around for 10 minutes she finally found the two sisters arguing'as usual.

Riddhima: Stop it anjali'we are not going!

Kripa: Oh yes we are!

Anjali: Oh there you are! We were waiting for a while you know!

Kripa: Sorry I got caught up'my brothers wants me to go home with them.

Anjali: Oh yeah'your brothers go here too'so does ours.

Kripa: I know! I cant believe I still haven't seen him'heck I don't even know his na..

Riddhima: Ok seriously we are not having this conversation right now'as I was telling Anjali'I Don't want to go to that Abhi dude's party..we wont even know anyone!

Kripa: Oh come on ridzi'stop being so spoiled'this is our first party here!

Riddihma: ok fineeee'lets go'lekin anjali hum bhai ko kya kahenge?

Anjali: That we are going to a party?

Riddhima: You know him'hes gonna make a big deal out of it.

Anjali: Haha no he wont'come on we will convince him..we are old enough now!

Riddhima: Ok fine.

Kripa: Good so its settled..we are going..I will come pick you guys up at 8 so be ready!

Anjali: Lekin tumhari car toh yahin pe rahenge since you are going home with your brothers'then how will you come get us.

Kripa: oh my brothers are coming with me..because they came in their friends car in the morning'but how are you two getting home'I will drop you guys!

Riddhima: Nah its k'our brother is here'we are going with him.

Kripa: oh these brothers..they are all the same..anyways see you guys later'bye!!

Riddhima and Anjali: Bye Darling!

While this was going on here'at the same time there was a conversation going on between Angad and Kavya until they saw Armaan coming over.

Kavya: Where did you go?? You were gone for the entire second half of class.

Armaan: Yeahh I kinda got bored'and then I bumped into our dear sister'who was bored in her class as well.

Kavya: Oh did you tell her to come home with us?

Armaan: You mean we are going with her'since we didn't bring the car today?

Angad: Guys woh sab baad mein! Pehle aaj raat ka decide karein?

Armaan: Aaj raat kya hai?

Kavya: Dude! Abhis party is today..remember???

Armaan: Oh yeah!!! And we are definitely going! Gonna have a blast like last time!

Angad: Hell yeah dude! Its gonna be awesome.

The boys got engaged in their talks about the party until armaan saw his watch.

Armaan: Cool'so then we will see you there? 

Angad: Yup! 

Kavya: Alright then..we will see you later.

Armaan: Uh yeah kavya I think we should go.

Angad: Why? Lets go to the basketball court!

Armaan: Well I actually told my sister to meet me in half an hour'and its been 45 minutes'kavya shes gonna kill you!

Kavya: What? Why me? You are the one who told her to meet you in half an hour.

Armaan: Yeah but when I see her I will tell her you took forever.

Angad: oh shit I told my sisters to wait for me too'im gonna be so dead!!

Kavya: Later Dude!

All three ran off to go meet their sisters'scared that they were gonna get killed today for sure! But lucky for them the sisters were late as well and all of them went home to get ready for the awesome party as the boys put it'unaware of the shock they were gonna get tonight at this "awesome party"

Next part: AK finally it a happy one...well lets see. The girls and the guys go to Abhi's party separately with their respective friends. The boys are in for a shock!

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Part 11

Kripa/Kavya/Armaan: MOMMMM WE ARE HOMEEEEEE!!!!

The three yelled in unison as they walked into the house…Gayatri came out of the kitchen with an annoyed look on her face.

Gayatri: Why don't you go announce it to the entire neighborhood.

Kripa: yeah..losers!

Gayatri: Tum bhi kuch kum nahi ho!

Kripa: But…you love me…..hii mommm….I missed you! And woww it smells awesome…I missed your food so much!!

She came and gave Gayatri a big hug while the other two plopped on the sofa happily watching the mother-daughter bonding. Of course gayatri had to melt in front of her youngest child…after all she was back home…her in front of her eyes.

Gayatri: I missed you too my baby…aur ab main tujhe kahin nahi jaane dene waali…now you are staying here in front of my eyes.

Kavya: Yeah you tell her mom.

Armaan: Please no…let her go…shes so annoying.

Kavya: You are one to say…who was the one..

Armaan: Who hijacked the plane…I KNOW!!

Kripa: Haha…that's right…little cry baby.

Armaan: MOMMMM…tell them to stop!

He pushed Kripa and pulled gayatri over and gave her a hug.

Kripa: heyyy!! Rude much?

Kavya: Come here.
Kripa gave Armaan a glare and went and sat next to Kavya and gave him a hug and then whispered in his ear.

Kripa: Wow he is such a  baby!

Kavya: You are telling me…I had to live with this thing for so many years and no one to help!

Kripa: its ok im here now!

Kavya: yes you are and im soo happy!

Armaan: I heard that!!…mommm they are making fun of me again!

Gayatri: Ok stop all of you…go get freshened up and come down to eat lunch…I will go warm it up.

Saying that she left in the kitchen to warm up the food while the three went upstairs..of course while bugging and hitting each other…well mostly Armaan and Kripa while Kavya as usual stuck in the middle..trying to stop the two. After a little while all three came back down again for lunch which they enjoyed very happily!

Kripa: Oh mom I forgot to tell you…im going out tonight.

Armaan: Where?

Kavya: Why?

Armaan: With who?

Kavya: Why?

Armaan (looking at kavya) : You already said that.

Kripa: MOM…im going out with..

Gayatri (glaring at the boys for being annoying) I know who you are going with….un dono ke alava aur kiske saath jaa ye gi…tu jaa

Kavya: Kaun do! Who is she going with mom?

Armaan: Yeah who?

Gayatri: None of your business.

Armaan: But mom…

Gayatri: Shut up both of you…chup chaap khana khao…kripa beta tu jaa.

Kripa (smirking) Ok…bye mom!

Kripa left to go to Riddhima and Anjali's house while Armaan and Kavya were left behind to listen to Gayatri give them both a lecture about how they should let her be now. Kripa got to the khanna mansion and met Naina. They both talked for some time and then Naina left to go out with Dilip. The girls finally decided on their outfits and started getting ready. Giving all three of them a shock…Kripa was the first one to finish getting ready.

Anjali: Wow…kripa are u feeling alright? You are actually done getting ready and u actually look god!

Riddhima: I know right…is everything okay?

Kripa: Haha Very funny you guys…not! Anyways hurry up and get ready I'm waiting downstairs for you two.

Riddhima: Okay..will be there soon.

With that kripa went downstairs and sat on the sofa reading a magazine until she started feeling a little thirsty so decided to go to the kitchen to get some water. Just as she was walking into the ktichen, she walked into what she thought was a pillar….but since when did pillars started spraying cold drinks? And why would a pillar collapse because she bumped into it? Wait…what? WHY AM I WET..she thought to herself angrily!

angad: what the-- oh...Hello there pretty lady.

kripa: are you blind or something?  cant you watch where you're going?

angad: YOU made ME fall!!

kripa: YOUR drink spilled on ME!  ugh...I HATE YOU!!

Angad: whoa whoa whoa've only known me for a few seconds...and you already hate me?

kripa: yes!  you spilled your damned drink all over me!

angad: you're still looking hot!

kripa: how dare you!....argh!  I hate you!

Angad (finally standing up and winking at her) Not for long 

Kripa: Oh shut up! And who the hell are you anyways? Why are you in this house! Get out!

Angad: Um excuse me but..

Kripa: You are not excused…come on lets go!

Angad: Go? Where? With you…oh I don't mind…we can go wherever u wanna go sweetie.

Kripa: Eww…im not going anywhere with you…you are the only one going and that too out of this shooo!!

Angad: But this is…

Kripa: Nothing doing…get out! Before I call the cops!

Angad: Oh really? Go ahead…call them!

Kripa: Arre…kitne besharam ho! Ek toh kisi ke ghar mein bina soche samjhe ghus jaate ho..aur ab besharam ban rahe ho!

Angad: Listen pretty lady…you 

Kripa: I told you! I don't want to listen to you! You would be the last person who I would want to listen to!

And their bickering went on and on until Anjali and Riddhima came running down hearing the loud noises.

Riddhima: Woah woah..whats going on!

Kripa: Ridzi acha hua tum aa gayi…look at this man..he came in this house without knocking, spilled his stupid drink on me and now is arguing with me! 

Anjali: Krips..he is..

Angad: Yeah tell her who I am!…both of you…why are you talking to strangers..go inside…I will handle this!

Anjali: She is not a stranger…shes a friend.

Finally getting fed up of all three of them talking riddhima decided to shut them all up!

Riddhima: SHUT UPPPP!!!! Omggggg you are alll soooo annoying!! Bhai! This is our friend Kripa…the one we stayed with in London! Remember?? And krips…this is our brother Angad…the one we told you about! And anjali…just stop talking!

Kripa/Angad: Oh

Anjali: So mean!

Riddhima: Yeah…now is everyone clear.

Angad: Oh ive been clear….well hello again Ms. Beautiful!

Kripa: Shut up!

Riddhima: Bhai…leave her alone!

Anjali: Alrite..well bhai we are going out..we will be back later on to you later!

Angad: But..

Riddhima: Bye bro!

Before angad could say anymore or stop them..both the girls ran out of the house…pulling kripa behind them. Kripa was still in shock as to what happened…and now coming back to reality she realized her dress was still wet!

Kripa: STOPPPP!!

Riddhima: Uff what happened now?

Kripa: Ridzy are u blind? Do u not see my dress…its wet..and sticky..and disgusting!! I AM NOT COMING LIKE THIS!

Anjali: Oh oops…ok di..u go and get in the going to go and give her a dress…if we both go in u know how bro will react.

Riddhima: Ok..hurry up though!

Anjali took Kripa back in the house while Riddhima went to go get the car. As soon as they walked in..of course they saw angad sitting on the sofa until he noticed both of them come back.

Angad: Aww Ms. Beautiful you came back…couldn't resist being away from me? Its ok I have that affect on people.

Anjali/Kripa: SHUT UP!

They both ran upstairs leaving a chuckling Angad behind. After about 10 minutes Angad looked up and was mesmerized at the sight he saw. Kripa came down wearing a beautiful knee length blue dress. Wow she looked gorgeous! 

Angad: Oh how sweet of you…you're wearing my favorite color…I'm flattered.

Kripa: Anjali let's go change!

Anjali: NO! bhai stop it! We are getting late. (she pulled kripa and started to walk out)

Angad: hey Ms.Beautiful!

Kripa turned around to look at him and raised an eyebrow.

Angad: you really are very beautiful.

Kripa (scoffed):  Tell me something i dont know!

Angad: that dress really brings out the brown in your eyes

She looked at him…the look in his eyes…it was so sweet. Even Angad couldn't help but stare. Both kept on looking at each other until Anjali pulled Kripa and she realized that she was supposed to be mad at him. This loser spilled his drink on her! And with that she just walked out with Anjali after rolling her eyes at Angad.

Angad laughed as she walked out. Boy was she something. As he was thinking about her, his phone rang bringing him out of his thoughts. It was Armaan.

Armaan: Haaye meri gettting boreddddddd....chalo na date par chalte hainnn

Angad: alright buddy...I dont play for your team. Take Kavya.

Armaan: I'm not that desperate!!!   he's my bro....unfortunately...OWW

Angad: what the...oh....i get it....someone got kicked.

Armaan: whateverrr..lets go partyyyy guys!!!

Angad: Yeah lets! I'm gonna go get ready and then come get you guys! Armaan tell Kavya he only has 20 minutes! IF he takes anymore time…we are leaving!

Armaan: Yeah the girl here…takes forever!

Kavya (yelling in the back) IM NOT A GIRL! NOR DO I TAKE FOREVER!

Angad: Of course not.

Armaan: Alright see you in a bit!

Angad: Bye!

The boys went to go get ready and soon enough Angad came and the three left to the party. Unknown to them…their sisters were already there…and boy were they having fun.

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Part 12

As per a typical club, when the girls entered, the music was blaring out of the speaker.  the fog machine and the disco lights together were creating a magical environment.  a huge crowd was on the dance floor, already partying it up. And as usual, as the girls entered together like movie stars, they turned several heads towards them.

Anjali saw a cute guy sitting at the bar and elbowed Kripa.

Anjali: kripa...check him out!!  he's soooo fiiineeee!

kripa: kaun?  WOH??  ew!!  anjali...your taste has gotten even worse!

anjali: you shouldn't talk about my taste when you're head over heels for Edward cull-

Riddhima: STOP IT YOU TWO!  come on least yahaan pe to ladai mat karo!

Anjali and Kripa rolled their eyes as the girls made their way towards the bar. On their way to the bar, Kripa walked straight into a pillar.  wait.  what the hell.  it was a guy. again. so twice in a day, kripa Sharma had walked into a pillar.

"sorry about that" the guy started until he looked up at a frowning kripa. "well helloo beautiful."

kripa immediately checked her dress to make sure that the earlier scene with Angad hadn't repeated.  nope. it didn't. her dress was dry. thank goodness.

Kripa: who are you??

Abhi: well ms. pretty you're at my party!

Kripa: oh...I'm sorry...I...

abhi: that's're can get away with anything.  where are you ladies headed?

Anjali: if we're going this way...where must we be going? 

she rolled her eyes while kripa and Riddhima giggled.

Abhi: headed to the bar I see?

Anjali: oh darn!  you figured it out!  we thought we were being so cryptic about it!

Abhi wasn't paying attention to Anjali's blabber.  he was staring at kripa.

Abhi: why do you need to go to the  bar?

Kripa: what do you mean?

Abhi: your eyes are intoxicating enough.  that color really brings your eyes out.

Kripa's eyes widened as she recalled angad saying something similar. wait a second. why the hell was she thinking about angad? angad the flirt? angad the "riddhima and Anjali's brother." Angad the...UGH!

Riddhima: if you're done flirting with my best friend...may we go to the bar?

Abhi stepped aside and made a sweeping motion towards the bar.

Kripa replayed it in her head as she walked.

"I walked into two guys that I thought were pillars. they'd both flirted with me. they both
noticed that thing with this damned dress and my damned eyes. my two best friends were there when these two scenes had taken place. they're never going to stop bugging me about this. And im thinking about angad Khanna. well hell."

Before she could think anything else A voice brought her back.

"hellooo beautiful"  imitated Anjali in a manly voice winking at Kripa and then burst out 
laughing with Riddhima.

Kripa: Not funny!

Riddhima: Oh come on kripa'we are just kidding.

Anjali: Yeah let's get some drinks (talking to the bartender) 3 shots of tequila please!

Riddhima: Shots? Already?

Anjali: Nahi toh kya party end hogi tab peena hai?

Kripa: I need one. NOW!

Anjali: That's my girl!

The three toasted to their first party'and drank it up! Soon enough they had downed four more shots and were definitely feeling it.

As the girls took their 5th tequila shot, Armaan, angad, and Kavya entered the club. The guys from the basketball team grabbed a few drinks and went up to their three star players. As if congratulating them by giving them a drink, the entire team passed around bottles of drinks.

Armaan: ABHI! Awesome party dude! I love this club! 

Abhi: I'm glad u guys like it! You know how I do!

Angad: Yeah It's great'.especially the..

All the guys: GIRLSSS!! 

Abhi: Talking about girls'I met these three girls'each one is gorgeous!

Armaan: Oh really? Well where are they?

Abhi: Last time I checked they were at the bar'but now I think they must be on the dance floor or maybe upstairs'you know how huge this place is.

Armaan: Well then what am I doing here? They must be waiting for me..good bye!

Saying that Armaan went to the dance floor which was mega crowded and started dancing. The other two eventually went there separate ways too as they spotted various friends.

As the guys were having fun here the girls were enjoying themselves at the bar when a guy
walked up to Anjali.

Guy: Dance?

Anjali: Me? (she looked at the other two'both giving her the nod to go) Sure!

Anjali went to the dance floor while the other two watched her have fun and soon enough the other two were also pulled into dance by other guys at the club. While one was in one corner of the room'the other was in the other corner of the room.

(The Girls Started Singing)

Bring The Beat Yo Yo Yo'Yo Yo Yo'

Yo! Put Your Hands Up,Ah! Put Your Hands Up! Yeah!
Put Your Hands Up, Pull'em Up There' Ahaan!

Put Your Hands Up, C'mon! Put Your Hands Up! C'mon!
Put'em Up, Like You Just Don't Care' /Ha Ha!'

Hey! We're Gonna Rock This Party'Hey! I Wanna Get So Naughty'
Ooh! I Know You Want My Body'C'mon Now, Get This Started'

Hey! We Gonna Rock This Party'Hey! I Wanna Get So Naughty'
Ooh! I Know You Want My Body'C'mon Now, Get This Started'

Tak Tak Tak Takkna Ve'Takkna Ve' Takkna Ve'
Mak Mak Mak Makhna Ve'Makhna Ve' Makhna Ve'

Tak Tak Tak Takkna Ve' Ahaan!
Mak Mak Mak Makhna Ve' Ahaan!
Dhak Dhak Dil Dhadkaave'Lakk Lakk Hun Tadpaave'

Patiala Peg Lagake' Teri Gali Vich Aake'
Sab Sud-Budh-Hosh Gavaa Ke'
Deewani, Main Paagal, Main Jhalli Ho Gayi'

(All Three)
Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi' - 2

( Tak Tak Tak Takkna Ve' Ahaan!
Mak Mak Mak Makhna Ve' Ahaan! ) - 2
Dhak Dhak Dil Dhadkaave Lakk Lakk Hun Tadpaave'

Patiala Peg Lagake' Teri Gali Vich Aake'
Sab Sud-Budh-Hosh Gavaa Ke'Deewani, Main Paagal, Main Jhalli Ho Gayi'

( Tu Talli, Tu Talli, Tu Talli Ho Gayi'

Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi' ) - 2

Baby Baby, I Feel So High'Baby Baby, I Can't Deny'
Baby Baby, Better Hold Me Tight'I'll Be Waiting For You Just Tonite'
Tonite' Tonite'/ Hey-Hey-Hey Hey-Hey'Hey-Hey-Hey Hey-Hey'
Wo-Ho-Ho Ho-Ho' Wo-Ho-Ho Ho-Ho' Yo! Yo!

I've Been Jigging In Here Like I Just Don't Care'/Hey
If You're Up In The Club, You Can Watch Me There'/Wo-Ho-Ho Ho-Ho'
I'll Be With Mah Ladies'Ahaan
Taxi, Dropping Mercedes'/Wo-Ho-Ho Ho-Ho'

Boy You Know, You Got Your Eye On Me'Ahaan!
I'll Put Up, What You Like, What You See'/What You See'
And I Know, That You're Feeling My Style'A-Aa-Aa' Aaja'

*Dil Tote Tote Karke'Chal Chandni Chowk Pe Chalke'
Whisky Pe Soda Joda, Aa Chadhaayein'

Peeche Tu Aa, Kya Kaake!
Eh Kya Bola Hai Agge?'Pal Do Pal Do Kyun Na Ye Bhool Jaayein'
Hun Dil Te Chale Pataake'Hun Ho Gaye Dhoom Dhadake'
Patiala Peg Lagake'Deewani, Main Paagal, Main Jhalli Ho Gayi'
Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi' - 2

Tu Talli, Tu Talli, Tu Talli Ho Gayi'

Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi'

Oye!'Kaali Kaali Aankhon Wali, Kaali Kaali Aankhon Wali,
Kaali Aankhon Wali'Oye, Kaali Kaali Kaali Kaali Kaali Kaali Kaali Kaali,
Kaali Aankhon Wali'

Hey! We Gonna Rock This Party'Hey! I Wanna Get So Naughty'
Ooh! I Know You Want My Body'C'mon Now, Get This Started'
*Hey! Hey'We Gonna Rock This Party'Hey! Hey' I Wanna Get So Naughty'
Ooh! Ooh!'I Know You Want My Body'C'mon Now, Get This Started'

Oye Balle, Balle, Balle'Oye Shava, Shava, Shava'
Uttowaan Tibbi Javaan Ye Sajaa Hai..

Utte, Khalota Mundaa'Mundaa, Bada Mushtanda'
Nakaara Kaise Zidd Pe Adaa Hai'

Hungama Ajj Machaa Ke'Main Dil Vich Rang Jamaa Ke'
Patiala Peg Lagake'Deewani, Main Paagal, Main Jhalli Ho Gayi'
Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi' - 2

Tu Talli, Tu Talli, Tu Talli Ho Gayi'

Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi'

( Tak Tak Tak Takkna Ve' Ahaan! Mak Mak Mak Makhna Ve' Ahaan! ) - 2
Dhak Dhak Dil Dhadkaave Lakk Lakk Hun Tadpaave'
Patiala Peg Lagake' Teri Gali Vich Aake'
Sab Sud-Budh-Hosh Gavaa Ke'Deewani, Main Paagal, Main Jhalli Ho Gayi'

( Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi'Tu Talli, Tu Talli, Tu Talli Ho Gayi') - 2
Main Talli, Main Talli, Main Talli Ho Gayi' - 2

Kavya had noticed Anjali from far away as he had wandered upstairs meeting friends and she was alone..without her sister. She looked beautiful in that Red dress she was wearing. But he had felt a pang in his heart when he had seen her dancing with a guy which was not him. Not being able to ignore that feeling he decided to stay near her and see what she was doing because she didn't seem to be in her senses until she started singing'and he couldn't help but join her. And as the song ended all his worries were gone as Anjali ran up to him and gave him a friendly hug and pulled him to the dance floor.

It was the same with Angad and Kripa'the last place he had expected kripa to be was at this party. As he watched her he could see that she was kind of out of it'.the girl knew how to have fun. He realized she was kind of tipsy when she didn't make a face or go away when she saw him dancing and singing by her. This girl was definitely something he thought to himself as he walked over to her when she smiled at him and gestured him to come over and dance with her.

While on the other side of the club Armaan was busy dancing with his "girls" until he noticed a girl dancing and boy she danced well. He had excused himself and started going over to the girl but all of a sudden stopped when she turned around. Oh no! not her! What was her name again..oh yeah'riddhima? She was at a club? Dancing? He shook his head and started to turn away when all of a sudden he got an idea. Pay back. Why should he turn away? She hates to look at me but now'she is gonna have to look at me. With a smirk on his face he walked close to her and started dancing with girls around her. And winked when riddhima looked over to him as she was dancing. And the next second he got the shock of his life she had just ignored him. A girl had ignored Armaan Sharma? NO way! That is not happening! Anger and annoyance in his eyes he walked over to her only to be ignored by her again. That was it he would not tolerate this'.so he tapped her shoulder and started dancing with her even though she gave him weird looks.

(yeah man)

So we back in the club
Get that bodies rockin from side to side (side to side)

Thank God the week is done
I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life)

Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up
No control of my body

Ain't I seen you before?
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Keep downing drinks like this
Not tomorrow that just right now, now, now, now, now, now
Gonna set the roof on fire
Gonna burn this mother f**ker down, down, down, down, down, down

Hands up, when the music drops We both put our hands up
Put your hands on my body Swear I seen you before
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Hands up, when the music drops We both put our hands up

Put your hands on my body Swear I seen you before
I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

In the cover of the music
Get naked baby
I'm sorry chica
Better holla at Tyrone
Let him know how I jump through your foot loop
Scolla chico two can
We're from the blocka blocka o polaca
Were the boys get loose like wacka flacka
Oh no man, it's global
Was' up
Colale flacka
I wanna be your giant, no not your dada
Dale abre ai
Papa Nicholas baby
Let me see
Yo soi un Jaunito
Que stato taito
Yo freco, no OK

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life
Gonna get you right
Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again

So dance dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life 
Gonna get you right

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again
Yeah, thank you DJ

As the song went on, Armaan felt more drawn to her.  His hands were lightly at her waist while she put one of her hands on his shoulder and the other around his waist.  He kept trying to get closer to her but even in her tipsy state, she slapped his hands away if he got too touchy.  The more she pushed him away, the closer her wanted to get to her.

On the other hand, Kavya was trying to keep his distance from a completely wild Anjali.  Yeah he'd fell for her when he'd seen her but he wasn't about to take advantage of the fact that she was drunk.  his arms enclosed her tiny frame easily but it was more like a restraint to keep her from getting too close to him, which she would later regret no doubt, or to keep her from getting too close to other guys who were eyeing her.  She was only making it harder for the poor guy as she kept teasing him with her hands at his shoulder, waist, and arms.  She was driving him absolutely insane.

Angad and kripa were a completely different story.  the other two couples were a tamed and a wild while here, we had two untamed people, drunk, on the dance floor, with each other.  The girls kept their distance from Angad and the guys kept their distance from kripa since it was obvious the two were "together" for the night.  She'd completely forgotten that this was the same Angad "pillar" khanna that she had bumped into earlier.  the same one who had flirted with her.  Of course she'd meant to protest, but her nicely phrased diss went out the window as soon as he slipped his arms around her waist.  He'd half expected her to pull away but was pleasantly surprised when she didn't. If he was teasing her, she was teasing him twice as much.

But as soon as the song ended everyone in the club started hooting and continued dancing except for six people who were frozen where they were in the little circle they had made unintentionally. They were so into dancing with their respective other that they had not realized that they had ended up in the center of the club.

Anjali: KRIPA!!! Hiiii!!! Come here let me introduce u to my fri'..BHAI!!

Kripa: Oh no!

Armaan: Angad'.dude'GET OFF MY SISTER!!

Riddhima: Oh'um'hi'bhai'.and you (glaring at armaan) Stop yelling at my Brother!!! do u know'BHAI! UH..HIII!! I was just leaving! (about to run out)

Angad: Don't you dare ridz! Kavya'step away from anjali!

Kavya: Oh boy'.this is gonna be fun! 

Anjali: of course its gonna be fun...we're at a party and i just ran into BROTHER???  Ah hell.

Kripa: Tum dono ko pure club mein mere bhai hi mile the?

Angad: Wait..what? Bhai?

Anjali: Yeah bhai'what are you doing with my friend?

Armaan: Bhai? Friend?

Angad: what's going on kavya?

Kavya: That girl who u are close'to yourself'is OUR SISTER!

Hearing this angad looked down and as it registered in his head what kavya had just said..he jumped two feet away from kripa'.only giving her a chance to grab Anjali and make a run for it..with riddhima right behind them! 

Two minutes later the guys realized that their sisters had run off and ran behind them. The girls ran around pretty much the entire club followed by the guys. A couple drunk people actually started following them thinking it was a new game'due to which the guys fall behind but not before Armaan seeing them running towards the washrooms.

As soon as they made it to the washrooms..Riddhima ran towards the ladies room when Anjali and Kripa pull her and drag her into the Men's room.

Riddhima: What are you two doing!!!

Anjali: Oh shut up di! They'll check the women's bathroom and wait there..but they won't come here!

Before they could say anything more they heard the boys yelling and banging on the door of the girls bathroom'so they put their ears to the door and started listening!

Armaan: Kripa! Get out now! Or I swear we will come in!

Kavya: KRIPAA!!

Angad: Seriously Ridz..out'I mean it'we will come in!!

Hearing them screaming riddhima started worrying.

Riddhima: I think we should go'what if they go in?

Anjali OMG where is my phone..I would have to record that!

Riddhima: wow'really? Now is not a good time!

Kripa: Shh tum dono chup raho! Let me hear what they are say'

Before she could finish they heard two loud screams from behind them'turning around they saw two guys standing in front of them shocked'all three started screaming on the top of their lungs. 

While outside the guys heard the scream and looked towards the men's washroom.

Angad: That was kripa and anjali!

Kavya: And riddhima!

Armaan: Oh damn! I am gonna kill whoever it is that's doing something to them!

Armaan ran inside the mens bathroom with the other two rite behind him'all three thinking someone was misbehaving with their sisters! Without looking the three burst in the bathroom and ran towards the two guys and starting beating them up!

The girls stood wide-eyed for a second then kripa tapped anjali's shoulder and started tip-toeing towards the door.

Riddhima was still standing there with her mouth hanging open.

anjali nudged riddhima, "di move your fat bum!  lets go!!" she hissed.

armaan: abe saale!  teri himmat kaise huyi meri behen ko haath lagane ki?

kavya: are...Angad ne bhi to haath lagaya tha!!

armaan: you're right!!

armaan grabbed angad's collar.

kavya: are yaar par tune bhi to uski behen ko haath lagaya tha!

now angad held onto armaan's collar

now that the other stranger victims werent getting beaten up, they tried to squirm out from under Angad and armaan.

anjali's jaw dropped open.  "is bhai actually sitting on that guy?"

kripa: ahan...and my brothers are sitting on the other guy...

riddhima: and our brothers caught us at the CLUB!!

"damn!" they all said in unison and ran out as soon as possible.

The three guys looked towards the door, shrugged and turned their heads away

Angad: wait a second....did they just...

Armaan: did they just leave?

Kavya: yeah...they just did.

Angad: right..

After another pause of a couple of seconds angad yelled.


Armaan: KRIPA!

Armaan and Angad ran out of the washroom to find the girls.  the two guys who were beaten up by armaan and angad glared at Kavya. Kavya glared back at the two men and grabbed one's collar.

kavya: what do you think you were doing in this club's washroom with my sister?........wait.........did i just.....sister?

When his brain processed that kripa was here in flesh and blood, he got up, and jumped over the other guy to get to the exit. He left the washroom and ran towards the club door to go outside and as soon as he ran out he bumped into Angad.

Kavya: What are you two doing here? Where are  they?

Angad: See that car going? That's them.

Kavya: Seriously? can't even get your sisters!

Armaan: Oh yeah? Where were you when we "couldn't get our sisters"

Kavya: Doing the needful that you both left in the bathroom!

Angad: Yeah well'

Kavya: Wait a minute'this isn't the time'lets go home! I need some answers!

Angad: Me too..lets go!

Armaan: WAIT! Before we go'I need to clear things up with u Khanna! 

Angad: What?

Armaan: You'were with my sister'.that should never happen again!

Angad: Yeah well you both were with my sisters too!!

Kavya: hey I was just trying to protect her.

Angad: Uske liye main hoon'thanks!

Armaan: Fine..lets all make a promise'we are gonna stay away from each others sisters! Kapish?

Kavya/Angad: Kapish!

With that the three walked to their car not noticing that each one of them had their fingers crossed behind their back when they made that promise. 

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They'd taken off from the club obviously wanting to escape their super possessive brothers but they had no idea where to go from here. Khanna house or Sharma house?

Anjali: Sharma house please!!

Kripa: are you kidding me? Khanna house!

Anjali: no no no!  Sharma  house!!

Kripa: I thought you loved me you want me to get killed??

Anjali: oh stop being so dramatic and use your hollow brain. at Khanna will end up being our brother, two sisters and one stranger...that's you by the way

Kripa: Oh jee...thank you.

Anjali: shush...and at Sharma house..its 1 sister, 2 brothers and 2 strangers.  what are the chances that 2 brothers will yell at 1 sister in the presence of 2 strangers?

Riddhima: I say you've had too much to drink.

Kripa: I say I agree with Riddhima.  What kind of twisted logic is that???

Anjali: just trust me!  go to Sharma house! 
Because you know what I said 2 sister 1 brother 1 stranger is more dangerous compared to 1 sister 2 brothers and 2 strangers because 1 brother can  yell at 2 sisters in front of 1 stranger but 2 broth-

Kripa: okay okay!!  I'll drive to sharma house if you shut up...and if you don't...I'm going straight to Khanna house.

After a few minutes, the car came to a screeching halt in sharma house's driveway.  All the girls scrambled out of the car and ran into the mansion as if someone had set dogs loose after  them.  Gayatri who was sitting there reading in the living room got up as the girls started panting heavily and Kripa locked all three locks of the door from the inside.

Gayatri: arre...kya hua tum teeno ko?  why are you running like that?

Anjali: Bhai....after us....we...had

Gayatri: Haaye raam!  Main abhi police ko phone karti hoon!

Kripa gave her mother a confused look and looked at riddhima.

Riddhima: police ko kyun?

Gayatri: arre...tumhare peeche koi gundaa pada hai na?

Kripa: No mom....just our overly protective brothers!

Gayatri: kya keh rahi ho?  im so confused!

Kripa: Mom!!  So...Armaan and Kavya bhai ended up at the same party as us along with Riddhima and Anjali's brother, Angad.

Gayatri hit her forehead in exasperation.  when will Armaan and Kavya learn that kripa is not a 10 year old who needs her brothers to go and get her toys from the bully who stole them.  hell,  kripa wasn't even like that as a child.  instead, her and armaan used to go and get toys from the bully who would snatch them from kavya! If she didn't need their aid at 10, she sure as hell  doesn't need it at 21.

Gayatri: okay...I think i can almost see the entire scene that must have happened after that.  Don't worry.  If they come here, I'll take care of them.  Once i send them to their room, you three go  to Khanna house.  I'll call Naina and tell her.  I will make sure those three monkeys don't leave from here.

All three girls ran up to gayatri and gave her a big hug!

Anjali: aw thank you soo much aunty!

Riddhima: you just saved us the wrath of Angad!  thank you soooo muchh!

Kripa: I love you so muchhh mom!

Just then, a car came to a screeching stop outside.  The three girls exchanged a look and simultaneously said, "uh-oh".

Gayatri: don't worry...all three of Kripa's Listen for a knock.  When I knock on your door, leave as soon as you can.  I'll call Naina right after.

The girls quickly ran up the stairs and into Kripa's bedroom.  As soon as they closed the door, all three leaned heavily against it as if they expected the guys to come and try to break it open.   Actually, they were leaning on it as if they thought they could stop the guys from breaking in if they wanted to.  They all had their ears pressed to the door, trying to listen to the commotion  down in the living room.

One the other hand, all three guys barged in before gayatri even opened the door completely.  All three of them spoke simultaneously, Armaan and Kavya calling for kripa while Angad called for  riddhima and Anjali.

Gayatri: Hey! quiet!  no noise in my house!

Angad: hey girlfriend...

Gayatri: don't hey girlfriend me.  Look, the girls are at home, they're sleeping.  Let them sleep.  Say whatever you want to in the morning.  Go and get to bed. 

Armaan: but mamma I--

"Now." gayatri glared.

Kavya: but mom we-

"In. your. bed. now. or. outside. choose."  She frowned at them.

Armaan leaned towards Angad.  "I say we go to our room before she takes out her Belan."

Kavya leaned towards armaan.  "we'll go into Kripa's room once mom sleeps."

gayatri: Don't even think about it.  I'm going to be in her room tonight.

Suryaban came out of his study.  "arre phir mera kya hoga?"

Gayatri: you can join your buddies for the night.

Suryaban:  what happened to your mood?

Gayatri: armaan, angad, kavya....would you like to explain?

"erm" "no" "what are you talking about?" "we have nothing to explain" "yea" "nothing", they all spoke over each other defensively making Suryaban raise his eyebrows at them.

gayatri: they ended up at the same party as the girls.  the girls obviously ran seeing these three monsters there.  now they're upstairs and I'm sending these boys to their room and telling them  not to bug my girls and you, my dear, are going to keep them in their room.  if they do anything around the girls' room, inke saath saath tumhe bhi saza milegi.

Suryabhan: BOYS! In your room NOW!

Armaan: But dad'

Suryabhan: MOVE IT! LETS GO!

The boys started going up to their room sulking that they weren't allowed to say anything. Suryabhan looked back at Gayatri but as soon as he saw her glare he followed the guys straight upstairs. Gayatri made sure the boys were in their room. She waited for five minutes to make sure the guys wouldn't come out and then went to Kripa's room and told the girls to go to Khanna house. After giving a quick hug and saying thanks to her the girls left to go to Khanna house.

The girls laughed at the boys as they drove out of sharma house all the way till they got to Khanna house. Still giggling about it, they got out of the car and walked to the door which opened before they knocked and a glaring Naina frowned down at them.

Anjali: Hey mom!

Naina: Don't 'hey mom' me. Explain yourselves ladies.

Riddhima: Explain what mom?

Naina: Explain if it was necessary to drink.

Kripa: Uh-oh'

Naina: That's right

Anjali: But how do you'.Angad!

Anjali's accusing tone made Naina raise her eyebrows

Naina: Nope'he didn't tell me anything. Gayatri called. You really didn't think that you three would get away with it did you?

Riddhima: Mom..can we at least come in??

Naina: No. Gayatri didn't say anything to you because at that time it was more important to save you three from the other three monkeys. 

Riddhima: We were just celebrating mom'and we didn't mean to drink so much'we just kinda over-did it back at the party.

Naina: It shouldn't happen next time.

Anjali: It won't! promise.

Obviously, Anjali spoke way too fast giving away her lie.

Naina: You three will be punished for this.

Kripa: anything'promise!

Naina: Great. Be ready to face the guys tomorrow morning'.that is your punishment.

"WHAT??!! THAT IS SO UNFAIR!"  all three girls spoke up at once.

Naina: Should have thought of that before drinking so much.

Anjali: but'..but'.

Naina: but THEY drank too!

Naina seemed to be in deep thoughts for a couple minutes. The girls stood there with their fingers crossed behind their back, hoping that the boys would get in more trouble than them.

Naina: Okay. They will be punished as well. But your punishment stays. Be ready!

 Riddhima: No mom!! That's really unfair'they were SPYIG on us. They chased us all over the club! They should be punished more for drinking AND spying on us!

Naina raised her eyebrow. "They were spying on you?"

"YES!!" all three girls stressed simultaneously.

Naina: Very well then. Tomorrow, you can yell at them for doing that and they can yell at you for drinking. That's an equal punishment.

When Anjali opened her mouth to argue Naina spoke again.

Naina: Don't start with me. This could be a lot worse and you know it.

Riddhima grabbed both of Anjali's hands and Kripa covered Anjali's moth and the two nodded like good girls while Anjali struggled to free herself.

When Naina stepped out of the way, the three girls retired to their respective rooms, mentally preparing them for what they knew would happen in the morning. When naina went back to her bedroom, Dilip giggled looking at her expression.

Naina: don't laugh Dilip.  its not funny.  the boys were SPYING on the girls.  when will they learn that their sisters have grown up too?

Dilip: are bhai..kal unko bhi daant dena.

Naina: I don't have to tell me.  aane do kal teeno ko...unki khair nahi.

Dilip: by the way......what punishment did you give the girls?

Naina: I'm letting the boys loose on them tomorrow....and I'm letting the girls loose on the boys.
dilip; do you realize what you've done?

Naina: what?

Dilip: naina.....those 6....fighting.....all at once.....that's worse than a tsunami.

Naina: pata nahi.....we'll see what happens tomorrow.  and you're going to stay in the house.

Dilip: aw man.  surya and I were planning on leaving for office.

Naina: well you wont be going anywhere...Gayatri is bringing bhai saab here tomorrow.  its about time you fathers helped us mothers with these 6.


Armaan, Kavya and Angad walked into the living room of Khanna house followed by Gayatri and Suryabhan. As soon as Armaan saw Naina, he walked up to her to give her a hug until he registered the frown on her face. He stopped dead in his tracks, waved at her sheepishly and'

"KRIPAA!!" he yelled. Following him Angad screamed "RIDDHIMA! ANJALI! COME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!"

And the next second Angad got whacked on the back of his head by Gayatri who was behind him and Armaan got hit smack on his face with a pillow by naina who was sitting on the sofa. Not realizing who hit them the first thing they yelled was "KAVYA!!"

Kavya who went to get an apple from the table looked back at the two shocked and confused while the girls upstairs who had woken up hearing their name also got confused as to why Armaan and Angad were yelling Kavya's name. Realization dawned on Kripa and she ran down to save Kavya from Armaan and Angad for whatever it was that he did. Seeing her run out Riddhima and Anjali followed her.

Seeing the three girls run down and the guys going towards Kavya, Suryabhan took something out of his pocket.

Suryabhan: here we go'psst'dilip'here'we'll need these.

Suryabhan nudged Dilip and passed him a pair of ear plugs.

Kavya: What? Stop! What did I do!!


And BAM! She ran right into Angad'.well his back! But of course practice makes perfection'she knew who it was.

Kripa: UGHHHH NOT AGAIN!! Whatever I don't have time for this! 

With that she moved and went and stood between Kavya and the other two! When she reached Kavya, he glared at her which stopped her where she was. 

"Uh oh" she muttered and moved around Angad at the same time Kavya and Armaan leaped to get her. Instead of her, they both landed on Angad. Seeing this, Anjali ran towards them yelling at Kavya and Armaan to get off of her brother. Riddhima ran after her too but not to get the two boys off of her brother, but to pull Anjali back.

Kripa also went to help Riddhima. As soon as they managed to pull Anjali off of Kavya, the three ran and stood behind Gayatri and Naina.

The guys quickly untangled themselves and looked around for their sisters. When they found them, charged towards them until they realized that their mothers were standing in between, glaring and frowning.

Gayatri managed to get the girls to sit on a couch while Naina made the boys sit on the couch opposite of the one the girls were sitting on. There was a coffee table between the two couches and the girls didn't feel safe with this seating arrangement at all.

If the girls' couch was north and the boys' couch was south, the fathers sat west and the mothers sat east. Suryabhan and Dilip looked between the boys and the girls, waiting for an outbreak any second while Naina and Gayatri sat glaring back and forth between the boys and the girls warning them to behave.

Naina: Okay'so the girls are in trouble because they drank last night. And their punishment is that they will have to deal with whatever you three have to say.

Armaan: YES! Okay so Kripa I want to'

Gayatri: AND the boys are in trouble because they were spying on the girls AND they were drinking. 

The girls giggled when the guys' jaws dropped and they looked at their mothers. But they shut up quickly when Naina's glare turned on them.

"What?" "We weren't spying on them" "we didn't drink that much" "They shouldn't they're girls"

They all burst out at the same time. But the last statement made Gayatri and Naina gasp out loud and they looked at the girls knowing very well that they will not keep quiet after a sexist statement like that.

Girls: What do you mean girls cant drink? What makes you men so special huh? You all look like monkeys anyways! Male chauvinist pigs!

Guys: Who are you calling pigs? Pigs? Us? You're the one who needs to go on a diet!

Girls: HOW DARE YOU! At least we're good looking. Agar shakal acchi na ho to baatein acchi kiya karte hain!

At this point, both groups were standing and leaning towards each other over the coffee table. Gayatri and Naina sighed and leaned back in their seats fed up of their children's quarrels. Suryabhan and Dilip walked around the fighting group in the middle and headed over to their wives, handing them both a pair of ear plugs. They quickly put the ear plugs back in their coat pockets when Naina and Gayatri glared at their respective husbands. Then they started hearing screaming and cusses. When they turned to look at the group, they weren't there anymore. They were all in the open space behind the couches'..fighting'Literally!

Kripa had a handful of Armaan's hair in her fist ready to kill him while Armaan had a handful of her hair in his hands.

Riddhima was sitting on top of Kavya beating him up while he was throwing his hands all over the place, sometimes hitting Riddhima's shoulders and head and missing the other times.

Angad was trying to hold onto Anjali's hands while she attempted over and over to scratch his face. He managed to save his face but his poor hands would have Anjali's nail marks for days!!

Armaan went to help Angad out while taking Kripa with him since he was holding onto her hair and soon the four were fighting as a group. Seeing this, Riddhima got off of Kavya and ran in, grabbing and pulling Armaan off Kripa. Kavya got up and ran after her trying to pull her off of Armaan.

Suryabhan and Dilip watched their kids with their jaws dropped. Naina watched them while pressing her hands to her temples. Gayatri covered her mouth with one hand while she watched with her widened eyes.

"ENOUGHHHHH!!!" Naina and Gayatri yelled at the same time making even Surya and Dilip jump. All six of them stood in a straight, with messy hair and disheveled clothes. The guys with scratch marks on their arms and neck while the girls' wrist and hands were red because the guys had gripped them too hard.

Anjali looked towards her side and saw Kavya standing there/ She elbowed him and pushed him away slightly, making him bump into Riddhima who pulled her hand back ready to smack him but it hit Angad instead. Angad fell backwards on Kripa, taking her with him and fell on Armaan. Armaan pushed them both off and tried to get up again and fell because Kripa grabbed his ankle for pushing her onto the floor. Angad who was already standing was trying to get back to his place tripped on Armaan's legs and fell on Riddhima. As Riddhima fell, her leg locked with Kavya's making him fall backwards. Anjali tried to catch him but couldn't and fell on Angad's back. Soon the entire fight started again.

Seeing all this again Naina's temper flew out the window and before Dilip could stop her she went into the kitchen and came back with lightning speed. Next thing they all knew'all the kids were getting beat up by Naina and her famous belan! She was just swinging at anything and everything! Didn't matter if it was Kavya's back or Riddhima's hand. Armaan's leg or Kripa's arm. Angad's behind or Anjali's front! The woman was on a roll!

"MOM stop!" "Ouchhh'.aunty" "MOMMYY pleasee stoppppp" 

Seeing Naina and the kids Gayatri made Suryabhan go in to stop them all. But no way he was going alone into that so he dragged Dilip in as well! But of course the group was too busy getting away from Naina and She was too busy venting out her anger and none noticed the two dad's enter the quarrel. Going unnoticed the two were pushed and shoved around like no tomorrow. And if that wasn't enough they also became victims of Naina and her belan. Finally, had enough Dilip yells on the top of his voice!


Hearing him scream'everyone stopped where they were. They were in trouble'big trouble. Dilip never got mad but when he did oh boy. And  this time it wasn't only dilip but Suryabhan as well. Boy were they gonna be in so much trouble! Each one gulped'not ready for whatever it was that was going to come next.

Dilip walked towards Naina to calm her down but seeing her glare he decided not to bother and just looked at Gayatri. On cue she came forward and took naina to the side to calm her down as the two dads talked to their kids.

Suryabhan: I have had enough of all of you and your fights! Now if you want to solve this quietly then sit down and behave. If not you are all grounded for the next 40 years of your life!

Dilip: 40? Make it 50! This is crazy! What is wrong with you guys! Now if you want to behave like mature adults then sit down!

Giving each other dirty looks they sat down on the sofa.

Dilip: Alright. All six of you have made a mistake and all six of you are going to be punished.
Suryaban:  That is, No drinking at all for the next month.

Boys: what????

Dilip: And you three will let your sisters live in peace.  Stop being so over 'protective.  They're adults now too.

Girls: YEAH!

Suryaban: And you girls will at least tell your brother where you're going so that they don't worry too much...

Girls: WHAT??! That is so unfair!

Boys: it is not!!

They were about to start arguing again when Gayatri spoke up.

Gayatri: AND you six will clean this house.

The six: what??  But'

Naina:  Sharma house too!

All six shut up knowing very well that their punishment will be just added onto if they said anything. They glared at each other, nodded tightly and got up to get to work. It was going to be a really long day!

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Part 14

"I am NOT going to do this alone Armaan!" Kripa yelled the millionth time at her brother who was taking forever in the bathroom.

Kripa: Get out right now so we can start cleaning! Everyone is waiting for you!

Armaan who was just sitting in the bathroom playing with his Nintendo, rolled his eyes as he heard Kripa bang on the door again. She was messing up his plan as usual. As planned she was suppose to go downstairs and start cleaning with everyone. But nope'as usual she was there to ruin his plan. I mean of course he couldn't tell her that this was his plan because then she would have never agreed but come on!

Armaan: I am busy!! Gosh Woman! Can't a man be in the bathroom in peace!

Kripa: A man can'yes'but not when he is inside playing games!!!

Whoa! How did she know? He looked around the bathroom to see if she could see him but there was no way she could. After checking himself out in the mirror and fixing his hair he finally came out of the bathroom only to see an angry Kripa at the door.

Kripa: You take as long as a girl!

Armaan: You are just annoying.

Before she could reply back he grabbed her hand and dragged her downstairs with him. As soon as he got downstairs he saw that no one had started with the cleaning'.sighhh'.everyone was out there to ruin his plans.

Armaan: Alright people get up and start working I have places to go and people to meet!

Angad: We were waiting for you'.didn't want you to miss out on anything.

Angad gave him a smirk indicating that he knew what Armaan was trying to do. Armaan just gave him a glare and plopped down on the sofa only to be pulled back up by Riddhima and Anjali.

Anjali: No time to sit! Lets get started!

Armaan: Someone seems excited to work'.come here Anjali let me make your day'tell you what'You can clean on behalf of me''awesome right?

Instead of Anjali, Kripa replied by throwing a piece of cloth at him. 

Kripa: Just for that'you are gonna inaugurate this cleaning day for us!

After a bit more of arguing the six started cleaning the Khanna house. It was going to be a long day and they knew that. So to make things a bit better they blasted the music and cleaned. While Angad Kavya and Riddhima tackled all the furniture and accessories, Kripa Armaan and Anjali started with the kitchen. They did a great job, of course hitting or throwing something at Armaan once in a while when he would stop cleaning and start eating. 

Within a couple of hours, they were done cleaning the huge living room; kitchen and dining room. They were pretty proud of themselves too'of course they had no idea what awaited them upstairs. They headed to Naina and Dilip's bedroom only to find it squeaky clean already so they decided to head to Riddhima's bedroom'.why? Because they all thought that out of the three Khanna kids, she would be the neatest one.

Armaan: Yeah lets finish her room first'I'm sure it's clean already..

Riddhima: Um'guys'I kinda have to unpack'

Anjali: Yeah but you must have unpacked like 2 bags to look for the dress last'.

Anjali stopped talking as she noticed Riddhima's expression. "Oh no di! You didn't unpack at all?" Anjali rolled her eyes.

Kavya sighed. "Let's get this over with then."

Armaan and Kripa being the clever ones went and grabbed the smallest bag. Angad and Kavya picked up the biggest to show how manly they were while Riddhima and Anjali just took the leftover bag.

Armaan's worst nightmare became reality when he opened the tiny and innocent looking bag. It was FILLED with tiny knickknacks'little container of jewelry, make up kits'etc.

Armaan groaned as Angad and Kavya laughed at him. He rolled back to the bed at the same time Kripa reached for one of the million boxes of Jewelry. 

"GET OFF MY BED!! YOU'RE MESSING IT UP!!" Riddhima screamed.

Armaan jumped off the bed shocked while Angad and Kavya looked at Riddhima as if she was possessed. Anjali and Kripa on the other hand just rolled their eyes and gave each other a "there she goes again" look and got back to their work.

Armaan: Uh you okay?

Riddhima: NO! You are going to ruin my bed! Look at the crease! 

Armaan: Its one crease'.here I will fix it.

He reached over to fix it only to be stopped by another scream of Ridhhima.

Riddhima: NOO! You don't know how to do it. Move let me do it. And if you want to sit'then sit properly.

Armaan gave the other two boys a look and decided to just sit on the floor instead. 

After about twenty minutes Armaan had enough of the jewelry and make up'how can a person have so much stuff! This girl was crazy'.his doubt was confirmed. Not wanting to do this anymore he decided to get himself out of it. But he forgot that his sister knew him way too well.

Kripa: Don't even think about it.

Armaan: What?

Kripa: I know you are trying to leave'you are not going anywhere mister!

Armaan: Oh come on! I just want some water!

Angad threw a bottle of water at him "Here you go" while Armaan gave him a dirty look for ruining his plan again.

Kripa: Armaan you haven't done anything'I finished half of the bag and you only got five boxes done!

Armaan: Noo'I definitely did the half'it was you who did like two!

Kripa looked at him shocked! He did not just say that!

Kripa: How dare you! U liar!! I did all these!

Armaan: NOOO I did them!!

Kavya: Stop both of you! Armaan  we all know what you do and don't do. And the fact that you lied'you are putting away all the clothes.

Armaan: But'

Kavya: By yourself!!

Armaan knew not to talk anymore or else they would just make it worse for him. So he got to the clothes that were organized on the floor. Since Angad and Kavya had taken out most of the clothes Angad decided to help out Kripa with the boxes. Before he could reach for a box he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Armaan giving him a look.

Armaan: Hey'you'remember the promise we made at the club?

Angad looked a bit embarrassed while Kripa looked at the two confused. 

Kripa: What promise?

Angad: Oh nothing'we just promised to help each other out'right Armaan? I am just HELPING Kripa out.

Armaan after giving him a look decided to spare him. " Right'just help."

Kripa rolled her eyes at the two and got back to her work while Angad pretended to work on the boxes but in real kept on glancing at Kripa once in a while. Armaan went back to his clothes and started to put them in the closet. But before he had gotten even two pairs of clothes in the closet Riddhima came to him again.

Armaan: What now?


Armaan: There is nowhere else for it to go! Do you want me to put it out in the balcony? Clothes generally go in the closet!

Riddhima: Ugh! I know that! But there is a certain way to put them. Color code them and then categorize them.

Armaan just gave her a wow-you-need-a-life look while she kept on going on and on about how her clothes should be. But he had finally had enough.

Armaan: Wow you need to stop! You aren't the queen or anything and anyways these are all salwars'how much more can u categorize them? Talk about no fashion sense. You my dear need a new wardrobe'something more'young.

Hearing Armaan talk to Riddhima about her clothes Anjali and Kripa laughed only to get a glare from Riddhima.

Kripa: If you think she only wears Indian clothes'you should have seen her in London.

Anjali: Yeah then you wouldn't be saying this.

Angad who had registered Kripa's comment looked at Riddhima and then back at the two girls laughing.

Angad: Wait a minute'what do u mean by that?

Kripa and Anjali looked at each other and just went back to their work pretending they didn't hear him. He gave them both a look and then went back to what he was doing. He reached for a box of jewelry only to see that Kripa reached for the same box as well. As soon as their hands touched they both looked up at each other. He gave her a smile indicating he got it and then whispered to her so no one else would hear it.

Angad: You can take a break if you finished most of it anyways. I will handle the rest.

Kripa: It's ok with both of us it can be done quicker.

Angad smiled back at her and went back to what he was doing. But his heart was dancing when she said both of us. Whatever this was'he was liking it'a lot. While Kripa also thought about what he said. "oh...he's actually nice" she thought to herself. She looked up at him again only to catch him staring at her. Both smiled at being caught and went back to their work.

After about an hour or so Kavya was done sorting out the clothes the way Riddhima wanted them out of the bag. Now Armaan just had to put them in the closet the right way. He checked the list and everything was just the way she wanted. Yeah she had ended up making a list of how she wanted her clothes and had given one to Kavya and one to Armaan.

Finally it occurred to him that he hadn't heard Anjali for a while now. In fact no one had heard her'everyone was so into their work that no one had noticed that she had not talked in a while. He looked around the room finally spotting her. The picture brought a smile to his face. There she was in the corner'dozed off. She looked so beautiful. She had a small smile on her face and she looked so peaceful. There was a piece of hair that was falling on her face which looked like it was annoying her. He forgot that he was in a room with other people'the only thing on his mind was Anjali. He almost got up to walk over across the room and move the piece of hair from her face but before he knew it he heard Kripa yell. She had looked around for a bottle of water and found Anjali sleeping instead'with more then half her bag still full.

Kripa: ANJALI!!! WAKE UPP!!! 

Anjali jumped when she heard kripa. Kavya on the other hand got annoyed at his little sister. Yeah he loved her but god she could be annoying. Way to ruin a perfect moment. But he also kind of thanked her'god knows what would have happened if he had gone over to Anjali while everyone was in the room.

Riddhima: I can't believe u fell asleep! There is so much to do!

Anjali: Ugh sorry! And anyways not like you are letting us do anything.

Before they both could start arguing Kripa got them both to shut up and get back to work. After a couple more outbursts from Riddhima about how everything had to be perfect, the room was finally done. They decided to take a 15 minute break to grab some food and water, after which they headed for the next room'Anjali's room.

Anjali was about to open her door when Kavya stopped her.

Kavya: I'd like to get something cleared before I step in there'

Anjali: Yeah?

"There is no list right?" Armaan asked, giving Riddhima a look.

Anjali: Nope'I don't follow lists.

Kavya and Armaan: Perfect!

"Yeap'she doesn't follow a list" Kripa said walking towards the door. "That's why her room looks like THIS!" She threw the door open and turned around in time to see all three boys drop their jaws at the sight.

Anjali: Whatever'get to it!

The six walked in since Anjali didn't have anything in the bags and everything was on the floor, They divided up in pairs according to items this time. Armaan and Anjali took care of all the clothes. There was no way Armaan was going to deal with jewelry again. This time, Riddhima and Angad took care of Anjali's jewelry while Kavya and Kripa took care of everything else. 

While Riddhima had endless amount of accessories, Anjali had clothes ridiculous amount of clothes. She had every type of cloth in every single color. You name it and she had it. 

Armaan: How can you possibly have these many clothes?? Its like disgusting!

Angad: Tell me about it'and I thought Kavya had a lot of clothes!

Kavya: Hey! Why are you involving me!

Angad: Just kidding!

Kripa: Oh shut up all of you'we can argue about how many clothes she has after we are done.

Kavya rolled his eyes and turned around only to almost bump into Anjali. Anjali looked at him and something happened to her.....again.

Kavya, on the other hand fell into some deep thoughts. "She's so beautiful.....but she has too many what.....she must get bored of the same thing...she likes variety.....hmmm.....I wonder if she'd be the type of girls who's committed to a relationship." Kavya blinked and stepped back when Anjali raised an eyebrow at him.  "wait...what the hell are you thinking Kavya?"

Anjali: I don't tell me...

Kavya: what??

Anjali: how would I know what the hell Kavya is thinking?

Kavya: wait....I said that out loud?

"YES" the rest five spoke who were looking at Kavya.

Angad gave him a glare, looked at Anjali, and turned his glare back on kavya.

Kavya: Christ talk to much...get out of my way

Anjali just stood there with her mouth wide open. Kripa rolled her tongue in her cheek and walked up to Anjali. "Yeah...maybe you don't want to check him out while his sister's here" she whispered to Anjali.

Anjali: PLEASEE....not interested.

Kripa was going back to her work when she caught Riddhima staring at Armaan.

" best friends are checking out my brothers........maybe I should check out theirs...."  she kicked herself mentally but looked at Angad anyway who was staring at her while he put some glass decoration away.......oh no....he was going to drop it.

Kripa's eyes widened in alarm and then--


Her scream only startled him more and he dropped Anjali's tiny crystal teddy bear, shattering it. Kripa and Riddhima gave him a "oh-no-you-didn't!" look. Everyone's gaze slowly turned to Anjali who was frozen on the spot staring at her teddy bear on the floor'in pieces. As if on cue...Kripa and Riddhima ran to Anjali while'one held her the other covered her mouth as Anjali let out a really loud scream. 

It was three hours later and nobody had said a word. Everyone just cleaned quietly'the girls were quiet because they knew Anjali would burst and she needed time and the guys stayed quiet because they were scared of Anjali'.very scared. Finally Anjali looked around the room at everyone and let out a sigh which caused everyone to look at her.. too scared for her reaction. But she surprised everyone.

Anjali: I forgive you.

Everyone looked at each other and the girls smiled. They knew that all she needed was some time and then she would be fine. Thinking of this as an opportunity Angad went to her and apologized and promised her that he would get her one that was exactly like the one that broke. She told him it was ok and then all went back to finishing up her room which they finally completed after an hour.

Not wanting to waste a nice day cleaning the house, they rushed to Angad's room. At the door, Angad stood in front of it blocking everyone's way into his room.

Angad: Behold Angad Khanna's room! No jewelry all over the life-time supply of clothing either....

Looking smug, he swung the door open. The girls actually gasped out loud at how "neat" the room was. Neater than Anjali and Riddhima's for sure but there was still some cleaning left in there.

Kripa: wow...your room is actually quite clean........for a guy.......well' lets do this guys...shouldn't take us more than half an hour.

Angad smiled wide like a goof at her comment....that was the first compliment she'd given him......not exactly what he was looking for but was a start. Everyone followed Kripa in and this time, they didn't need to split up in pairs. They just took everything and put it back in its place. Armaan was on his way to put a bottle of cologne on Angad's dresser when he saw kripa on the bed, using pushpins to fix Angad's Porsche poster when an idea struck his brain.

He put the bottle away, smiled an evil smile, and made way towards the bed. Anjali and Riddhima who saw him going there got the hint of what he was about to do. They quietly got Angad and Kavya to pay attention too. Armaan on the other hand climbed up on the bed super quietly and poked Kripa's waist from both sides making her scream.

Everyone except for her burst out into waves of laughter. Kripa tried to tickle Armaan but he caught both her wrists in one hand and tickled her with the other. She struggled.....oh boy she struggled like no tomorrow to get away from him. She was way too ticklish and the way Armaan was tickling her was just torture. She didn't realize she was at the edge of the bed and the only reason she was still on the bed was because Armaan was holding her hands. She bit his hand.

"OUCHHHH!!!" Armaan screamed as he let go of her hands to look at the damage caused by Kripa. But the next thud stopped everyone from laughing. Kripa fell off the bed, butt first!  They would have started to laugh again if Kripa hadn't screamed so loudly two seconds later. Angad hit his palm to his forehead knowing exactly why she screamed. She grabbed the soccer ball from the pile of junk under his bed and threw it at him.


Angad: Yes...under my bed and it would have STAYED there if you hadn't hit your butt on the floor right next to my bed!

Kripa: Well!!! my butt would still be on your bed if Armaan hadn't tickled me!

Angad took the soccer ball that he'd caught and threw it at Armaan which hit his face because he wasn't looking.

Kripa gasped and grabbed the ball, ready to throw it back at Angad when Anjali, Riddhima, and Kavya interrupted.

Anjali: okay whoa....stop fighting...I don't know about you guys but I'm definitely not enjoying being zip it all of you

Kavya: yeah'what she said!

Riddhima: Lets just bring everything out from under his bed and see how much is left to do!

Kavya: yeah'what she said...

Kripa: but there is SOO much under here'it will take us hours!!  

Kavya: yeah...what she said...

Armaan: okay then'lets stop talking and get to work

Kavya: yeah...what he said

"SHUT UP KAVYA!" the other five screamed at him.

Naina: why is Kavya shutting up?

Kavya: yeah what she--...oh....Hi aunty!

Naina: hi...are you six fighting again?

Armaan: no beautiful'we're not fighting......see?

Armaan grabbed Kripa and gave her a life crushing hug showing "love". Angad and Anjali hugged each other gingerly too, while Riddhima and Kavya put their arms on each other's shoulders. All smiled an exaggerated smile.

Naina: Good! Sooo I saw the house and I must say it looks beautiful. Especially downstairs'.my kitchen looks spotless. 

Kripa: Of course it was spotless aunty. Armaan was very hungry!

Armaan frowned cutely while everyone giggled.

Naina: well then...we've decided to let you off for today---

The six monkeys, as Naina liked to call them, burst into waves of cheers. When they stopped and looked at Naina again...she completed her sentence.

Naina: after you're done this room.

The six sighed but nodded anyway.

Naina: you are cleaning the Sharma house tomorrow. Have fun with this room.

After Naina left, Armaan put his arm around Kripa as if trying to choke her.

Armaan: I was hungry yeah?

Kripa: you bet!

saying that, Kripa pinched his butt.............pretty hard.

"Ouchhh!  dekh lunga tumhe!"

Kripa: dekh lo.....I'm standing right in front of you.

Riddhima clapped three times to get their attention.  "Stuff. Under. The. Bed.  Now!!"

Everyone started taking things out from under his bed and Kripa was right...there was a LOT of stuff under there. Kripa gave Angad dirty looks as she pulled out things from under his bed while he looked at her sheepishly as he helped. They all got up to look at the heap of junk when Armaan giggled. everyone looked at him as if he's lost every bit of his sense.

Kripa: why the heck are you laughing?

Armaan: something's tickling me!

He giggled some more and pointed at his pocket while giggling.  

"I'm....I'm...hehehehe..I'm...something' there!"

Kripa raised an eyebrow and then gasped as she realized it must be her phone. She charged at him, went behind him and shoved her hand in his back pocket to take her phone out while the others, especially Riddhima and Anjali looked at her with their jaws dropped. Kripa looked at the scream, pressed the talk button and literally SCREAMED.

"PHILLLL!!!!!!!!" She completely forgot the hello or hey. Following her, Anjali and Riddhima screamed in excitement too.

"OH MY GOD HOW ARE---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Kripa screamed as Anjali tackled her onto Angad's bed and Riddhima jumped on the two of them'all three fighting for the phone.

Armaan: o my gosh...I have died and gone to Women's boxing ring.....someone pinch me.

Both Angad and Kavya pinched either one of his arms making him scream. Finally Kripa grabbed the phone and started talking to Phil again.

Kripa: OMGGGG!!! How are you?????

Phil: Haha relax girls! I'm great and from what I'm hearing right now you are great too?

Kripa: YES!! OMG PHILLY! I'm so glad I finally got to talk to ---


Kavya's head snapped in the direction of Anjali when she said that. Who is this Phil? And why are they so excited? 

Riddhima: PHILLL!!! OMGGG I cant believe you called!!! Finally!!! Didn't you miss me????

Phil: Of course I missed you sweetie! How are you?

The conversation went on and on with Phil as the girls snatched the phone from each other while the boys looked on angrily, annoyed and confused. They didn't like the fact that this "Phil" was getting so much attention from the girls. As if on cue the phone dropped from Anjali's hand as Riddhima and Kripa were trying to get it from her. Taking this opportunity Angad grabbed the phone from the floor. 

"uh-oh" Armaan and Kavya said in unison and the next second, Angad was tackled by all three girls, Kripa landing right on top of him. Anjali grabbed the phone and ran out of the room, followed by Riddhima who was followed by Kavya and Armaan. They were very curious about this Phil or Philly...whichever. No one bothered to notice that Angad and Kripa were still on the floor with Kripa on top of Angad.

Both were lost in each others eyes. Or whatever it was called. The only thing running through Angad's head was that she looked beautiful. He gently took his hand out from under her and pushed the little bit of her hair back that was coming in her eye. Kripa was caught in a trance by his this action. He was definitely gorgeous. That perfect face. Whoa what?  Did she really say Angad Khanna had a perfect face? Well there was no denying'he did have a gorgeous face. But then he opened his mouth and she came back to reality. 

Angad: You know I would love to get tackled by you like this more often.

Kripa: Oh really? I would love to tackle you hard enough and break a bone or something of yours or something.

Angad: if you're the one injuring me.....I'll take it.....I injure me every time you look at me anyway.

What the heck was he talking about.........clearly the man did not talk as nicely as he looked. "i do?" she asked confused.

Angad: of course you do....especially know....the first time i saw kind of gave me a heart attack.

Kripa: oh...too bad it wasn't severe enough to kill you.

Angad: really now? looking at you right now, it doesn't look like you want me dead...

Kripa: what do you mean?

Angad just raised his eyebrows indicating that it couldn't get anymore obvious. Kripa looked down at her hands, which were on his shoulders. She quickly shuffled around to get up but the first time she stood up, she just fell back into Angad's lap.

Angad: see what i don't want me keep coming back to me...

"You really should keep that mouth of yours shut." She said as she got up and walked out of the room, turning around once in the doorway to give him a glare to which he just replied by a wink. "God i hate him!" She thought to herself as she walked out leaving Angad behind who just laid back down on the floor smiling and recalling all his encounters with Kripa. But his thoughts got interrupted as he felt something hurt his shoulder. He got up and saw that it was bracelet...Kripa's bracelet. A big smile formed on his face as he put the bracelet in his pocket.

Next part: Sharma house cleaning....a bit of bonding...lots of fun and masti.

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Part 15

"This is absolutely insane'I refuse to do this room!!" Armaan yelled the millionth time as Kripa gave him a glare.

Armaan: Stop giving me that look! What in the world is wrong with you??? Just look at this!!

Both Angad and Kavya agreed with Armaan this time. When they had met up earlier they had decided to do Kripa's room first thinking that it wouldn't be so bad but when they walked into her room it was a whole other story. No her room wasn't messy in fact it was pretty clean'but the reason being'she had unpacked only two bags to find a dress for the party. The rest of the bags were still there. Yes the rest of the BAGS! The woman had 4 other unpacked bags!

Armaan: What in god's name did you bring back with you? And wait a minute how did they let you bring all these bags on the plane?

Kripa: Umm'I got them shipped here.

Kavya gave her a I-don't-believe-you look. While Angad just couldn't digest the fact that she had 6 bags! SIX! And no they weren't small bags'they were huge suitcases! 

Anjali: huh....I would have thought you two would know her better...I mean...she IS your sister after does this even surprise you guys?

Riddhima: yeah I mean...According to how much stuff she owned....she hasn't brought us on that one we shared a house with this one for years.

Armaan: Well she was fine before going to London.  

He gave a look to Riddhima as he said this only to receive a dirty look from her. Then he turned to Kavya and shook his head.

Armaan: See I told you sending her to London was a bad idea! But no one ever listens to me!

Kripa glared at them shutting them up. Then she turned back to the boys. "You think this is bad?  wait until you see Armaan's room."

Angad: why?  what's in Armaan's room?

Armaan: nothing...she doesn't know what she's talking about....lets go start working on Her highness's huge suitcases or else we'll never get to my room and I already wasted yesterday doing all this cleaning stuff....I don't want to waste tomorrow on this....

Armaan went and opened the smallest of the four bags (so typical.) and groaned loudly seeing its content.

"No no no Kripa!  You already have ENOUGHHH stuffed animals.  I mean...look around your room sister....where are you going to keep these new fellas now?" He complained.

While he continued muttering about Kripa's girly stuffed animal-fetish, Kavya walked up to another bag and opened it.  His worst nightmare.  Shoes.  Loads and loads of them.

Kripa: oh...bhai...careful with those....those are my most cherished pairs.

Kavya: these??  Its equivalent of junk!

He hooked his finger through a strap of a shoe and lifted it up, raising an eyebrow.

Anjali: That piece of junk you're holding, my friend, cost 200 dollars.

Kavya: 200 dollars for a pair of shoes??? are you crazy kripa...

Kripa: hey...I got those when they were on sale....I got 50% off on those.  Its limited version of --

Armaan: okay...we don't want to know...can we get on with the cleaning.......Angad.....stop standing there and smiling like a up and open up a bag would you?

Angad rolled his eyes and picked up another bag. He froze when he heard metal clinging together inside.

"okay....tell me she doesn't have weapons in this...." he said making kripa roll her eyes along with Riddhima and Anjali

"seriously bhai........some company" Riddhima gave a look to Armaan "has really messed around with your sense of humor."

Angad: then what's in here?

Kripa: open it up and you'll see, Mr. smarty.

Angad carefully laid the bag on its side and opened the locks. The first thing he found was a picture frame, the size of the bag which had a picture of Kripa, Riddhima and Anjali.  Just like yesterday, Anjali and Riddhima tackled him out of the way when they saw the picture.

Anjali: brought these with Kripsie?

"kripsie?" all three guys said at the same time and looked at an embarrassed Kripa.

For the next few minutes, the guys just watched on as the girls pulled out each photo frame and recalled the occasion that went along with it.

Feeling someone's constant stare, Kripa looked up to see all three boys staring at them. She pulled out a picture and held it out in front of Angad.

Kripa: this is what we meant by Riddhima's wardrobe in London.

Angad looked at the picture and back and Riddhima....back and forth. back and forth. then Kavya stood up, putting his hands on his hip.

Kavya: why are you dressed like that Kripa?

Kripa: bhai...its a tank top...and shorts....chill would you?

Armaan: no tank-tops...only turtlenecks.

Angad: I agree.

Anjali: really now bhai....we don't say anything when you roam around in nothing but a pair of shorts at least we have CLOTHES on.

Riddhima: yes....would you like us to follow YOUR style sense?

"NO!!" all three yelled at the same time.

"Great. then deal with this." Kripa said taking the picture back. Then Anjali pulled out a picture of them three and Phil. Phil was lying on the couch on his stomach while all three girls sat on his back.

Riddhima: aww...remember this???  Philly was so hyper that day!!

Kripa: yeahhh and the cake batter fight afterwards!!  what a day!!

obviously at the mention of Phil, all three guys were all over the picture.  Armaan laughed out loud confusing the girls.

Kripa: what?

Armaan: oh man...he's crushed by you three...pfft....some guy...he doesn't look too he gay?

Anjali and Riddhima looked at kripa who just smiled and nodded. The next thing Armaan knew...he was being tickled and pushed around by three girls while Kavya and Angad just sat on the floor laughing.  After Armaan was pushed onto the bed, all three girls climbed up and sat on him.  Angad and Kavya took out their phones and took pictures right away.

Angad: dont look so manly right now either....

"is he gay?" Kavya imitated Armaan.

"okay that's IT!" Armaan said before he rolled over.  Kripa and Anjali fell off of him on the bed but he rolled completely off the bed, taking Riddhima with. He quickly put his hand under her head so she wouldn't get hurt and then both fell on the floor with a thud. Armaan on top of Riddhima, definitely a sight to see. 

He half expected her to yell and scream but she was...........wait a minute....was she blushing??!! A second later, he realized that she wasn't blushing...her face was ref because of anger. She pushed him off of herself and glared at him.

Riddhima: how dare you touch me?!

Armaan: excuse ME!! You were the one sitting on touched me first...that....that was just...revenge touch!

Riddhima rolled her eyes and got back to work and so did Armaan.  From that point till the room was clean, they all worked quietly.  Each one had their own thoughts going on, obviously.  Anjali and Kavya were busy stealing glances and thinking of how great the other was while Angad and Kripa were having a similar interaction.  Angad was looking at her....sneaking in winks when she looked at him and thought how cute and adorable she was while she was coming up with all the reasons she should hate Angad Khanna for.  Riddhima was sneaking in a glare or two every now and then in Armaan's direction while he was making up the perfect prank in his brain......for Riddhima....and of course...thinking about food.

Armaan was about to run off to the kitchen but as usual, Kripa knew the tricks he normally had up his sleeve.  She dragged him back towards his room where everyone was headed.  As they stood there, everyone looked at him, confusing him even more.

Armaan: okay....I understand that I'm hot and all but seriously....the fact that my brother, my sister, and another the way that's you Angad.....staring at me is a little creepy.  

Angad: oh I'm staring at you alright....but not because you're.....I'm air quoting....HOT...but because I, along with everyone else is waiting for you to make the announcement about your room.  You know......any bags full of photo frames like Kripa or particular lists like Riddhima

Kripa: or a whole bunch of junk under your bed like Angad.

Kripa glared back at him.  Armaan put his hands on his hip and tilted his head sideways.

Armaan: well....I am Armaan Sharma after secrets you know.  Everything you need to know is out in the open.

Saying so, He flung open the door.  The next second...Armaan heard a mixture of groans and "Oh my god" from the awaiting crowd.  Kripa hit her palm on her forehead while Kavya dramatically fell backwards feigning fainting.  Angad stared with his mouth wide open.  Anjali had her eyes covered and was peeking from between her fingers as if that would make his room any better.  His room was spectacular..........spectacularly MESSY.  Clothes everywhere.  Books and papers everywhere.   Sports gear.  Cologne bottles. Hair gel bottles.  Shoes.  His closet was empty...of course it was empty...everything was out in the open.

Riddhima: Yeap...everything is out in the open alright.

Kripa: You are sick!!!!! I can't believe you are my brother! This is disgusting! I am not doing this'.no no Nooo!!!

She started to walk away only to be pulled back by Armaan and then pushed into the room. The rest followed her in as she kept on rambling on and on while Armaan imitated her behind her back.

"Don't think I don't know that you're imitating me behind my back Armaan."  Kripa growled as she put away Armaan's shoes.

Armaan was startled for a second....he actually looked at the back of her head to make sure she hadn't developed eyes there! Even yesterday when he was in the bathroom she had known what he was doing. He had to investigate this..but for now he had to start cleaning his room..keeping in mind to check on Kripa later.

Kavya followed Armaan's gaze and knew exactly what he was thinking.  "yeah.....she grew up with us, you know......she knows all about you and your moronic activities.

Armaan: really now...I didn't know you'd still say this after me and Kripa nearly gave you a heart attack a few years ago.......remember....the fridge trick?

Kripa burst out into laughter along with Armaan.  The brother and sister walked up to each other and gave each other a high five.  The Khanna kids just stood and stared at the three.

Angad: wait....what trick?

Kripa: it was more like a prank.....

Anjali: Ooohh....I wanna know all about it.

Armaan: so..haha....we hahahahahha...kind of you know......HA HA HA HA HA.

Riddhima rolled her eyes.  "either finish laughing first...or tell us the story and laugh later......eesh....i don't understand a word you're saying."

Kripa: okay so and dad weren't home....Armaan and I were getting bored so we came up with the prank....first we emptied out the fridge and put everything away in the cupboard and then I yelled for Kavya saying that I put his slice of cake in the fridge and then Armaan yelled right after me saying that whoever got it out of the fridge first gets it  and then he shoved himself in the fridge and closed the door....I was recording for behind the door of the pantry....Kavya came running...opened the door and screamed!

Armaan: the most girly scream I've ever heard in my life.....and he looked like he was about to cry!!

Everyone started laughing again when Armaan imitated the scream and the expression on Kavya's face. Kavya pouted and sat on the bed annoyed. Seeing him Armaan told all of them to shut up and not to make fun of his brother and then went to Kavya and sat down next to him. He looked at Kavya, gave him a hug and screamed really loudly in his ear imitating Kavya's scream again. This time making Kavya laugh as well. And again they all got back to work.

Kripa: Armaan..who is Simran? And why do you have her bracelet? 

Armaan looked at Kripa who had a bracelet in her hand. He quickly grabbed the bracelet from her and put it in his pocket.

Armaan: OH um no one. Just this girl.


Armaan looked at her as if she was crazy!  And this time it was Kavya and Angad's turn to laugh. Obviously Kripa had no idea about Armaan and his various girlfriends.

Angad: Yeah Armaan..why don't you tell your sister about Simran?

Armaan: She is no one. Just a girl'from school. You know'a friend'um'yeah'.what Kripa'don't listen to Angad you know how stupid he is.

Kripa gave Armaan a knowing look indicating she totally agreed with him while Angad gave him a-meet-me-later-and-I-kill-you look. He then looked at Kripa and just gave her an embarrassed smile while she smirked and got back to work. After working for about four hours finally Armaan's room was spotless. It was finally clean like never before. 

Kripa: If this room becomes anything less then what it is right now'I will personally come and murder you in your sleep Armaan Monkey Sharma!

She gave him a threatening look and walked out of the room while he just smiled at her not reacting. After all he knew how she would react when she saw Kavya's room. But all his hopes came crashing down as they all got to Kavya's room. The room was pretty decent'not that bad'just a couple clothes here and there and a couple books around'other then that everything seemed ok. Anjali gave Kavya a smile while he just sighed at how beautiful she was. 

anjali: wow....finally a decent room.....

Kripa: wait a minute.....not falling for this again....

kripa walked to the side of the bed and looked under to find.....................................................absolutely nothing!!  She was so happy she ran to kavya and gave him a hug.

Kripa: oh bhai..thank you thank you thank you!!

Anjali: yeapp....just a few things...Kripa....fold the blanket properly and I'll put these books away and we'll be done.

Kripa: yeap...oh by the way...bhai keeps his books in the closet.

uh oh.  Kavya turned around to look at Anjali who was about to open his closet.  "um DONT --"  before he could finish, Anjali opened the closet and became the victim of a junk avalanche. There was so much stuff in there, that she was actually knocked onto the floor and buried in everything that fell from in there.  everything was quiet for a few seconds as everyone turned to glare at Kavya.  everyone except Armaan.  He was staring at Anjali, sitting surrounded by Kavya's clothes, socks, books, sport gear... underwears even!  He grabbed his stomach, sat on the floor and burst out into a huge wave of laughter.  He was literally Rolling on the floor laughing...

Kripa looked at him disgustedly then back at Kavya.  "I WANT A REFUND ON THAT HUG BHAI!" she said annoyed.

Armaan continued laughing as if he were on laughing gas.

"SHUT UP ARMAAN!"  Screamed the other five

Anjali sat up and started throwing anything and everything she could get in her hand at Kavya. While the other 4 minus Armaan who was still on the floor laughing just moved to the side and let her do what she was doing. He deserved every bit of it. Finally when she was done she got up and went to Armaan and smacked him on his head to make him shut up 

Armaan: but I--

His words came short as Kripa smacked him in the back of his head, just like Anjali had.  seeing him get smacked twice, Kavya and Angad started laughing.  In turn, they were both smacked on the head by Riddhima at the same time. Anjali then turned to Kavya.


Kripa: What she means to say is'you are cleaning this room by yourself'I QUIT!! 

Armaan: Me too!

Kripa: Actually no'make Armaan clean it too.

Angad: HAHAH! Perfect! Alright Armaan get to it!

Anjali: Bhai'just for that obnoxious comment'you are cleaning too.

Riddhima: Perfect'this will teach you three to be a little clean! You PIGS!

She eyed Armaan as she said the last bit and got a sock thrown at her by him. But the girls had made their decision. There was no way they were going to clean this. Not possible! After a lot of arguing and blackmailing the guys finally agreed to clean the rooms themselves. The girls went downstairs as the boys started cleaning. After a couple hours they were finally done. The girls inspected the room and gave their nod. Finally all the cleaning was complete. Now they could relax. Everyone went back downstairs and relaxed while Armaan went to the kitchen to get food. Kripa was about to follow him but she stopped when she heard the door bell and went to get that instead. She smiled as she saw the person. She recognized him from the party and how he had flirted with her. She knew exactly why he had that shocked expression on his face. 

Kripa: Hi Abhi

Abhi: Um'hi'.what are you doing here? Don't tell me another one of Armaan's flings? You refused to be my friend last night and now you re here'that's not very nice.

Abhi put a hand on his heart pretending to be hurt while Kripa chuckled.

Kripa: Armaan's flings? Abhi you and I are gonna be best friends and we are gonna start by you telling me all about his "flings"

Abhi: Oh with pleasure'but why are you here again?

Kripa: Well this is my house'I am Armaan and Kavya's sister.

Abhi: WHAT?!?!


Okie guys'the Character of Abhi is going to be Played by the one and only Vivian Dsena  (so cute) The only reason that we decided to make Abhi a character is because of one and only JOT (Angel-Jot.)  And thank you to Kriya and Natasha for helping me out deciding about Abhi as well! Love you guyssssss......hershi

Alright guys that was all 15 parts....current readers hope u liked reading it again...and new readers hope u enjoyed reading it the first time!!! now i have a request. Please press the LIKE button if you would like a PM from now on and Add this ID to your buddy list that way its easier for us to PM you! Thanks again. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will come back with a new part soon once everything is sorted out! Thanks again!

Lots of Love
Hershi and Katie

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Guys please Press the LIKE button on this post if you would like future PMs for the updates that we write. We are just trying to make things a little easier for us. So please help us out. And keep readingg and appreciating our work. Thanks again!

Hershi and Katie

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yayy :D

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